i have a lot emotions

I see all the cheerleader Eddie hcs and I raise you gymnast Eddie

- lil 8 yr old Eddie and Bill watch the ‘84 olympics men’s gymnastics events together and are immediately enamored w the sport
-Eddie develops a lowkey, giant crush on Mitch Gaylord and the first time he ever seriously hits Richie is when Richie makes fun of his name
-Eddie and Bill both decide they want to join gymnastics
-Mrs. K obviously doesn’t like it because, ya know, danger! but Eddie begs and pleads for hours until she gives in
-they both LOVE it
-Eddie’s best at floor because he’s a graceful lil squirt but his favorite is horizontal bar whereas Bill both loves and exceeds at the parallel bars
-Richie debates joining because he’s jealous of all the bonding and also because he really wants to do the vault but he never does. Stan is perfectly content to just watch and cheer them on.
-after a few yrs, Bill starts to really grow and isn’t so much suited for the sport anymore and also decides he’d like to try out baseball
-Eddie’s disappointed but understands and feels better when Bill promises to go to all of his meets and even come to as many practices as he can to watch
-Eddie doesn’t ever really grow and therefore remains perfectly sized but he does start to develop some serious muscles,, like that shit builds Strength
-it doesn’t take long, once the kids at school find out, for him to be made fun of but his friends (esp Bill) always have his back and soon enough the kids learn just how strong the little hypochondriac has become and most people lay off for their own well-being
-Eddie’s always yammering away about this new move or that new flip or his new leo and no one really knows exactly what he’s taking about, except Bill and even then he doesn’t know nearly as much because he quit. but everyone is fine to just let him talk and talk. because once Eddie gets started he can’t be stopped and it makes him happy which makes the rest of them happy
-Bill keeps his promise and goes to a lot of Eddie’s practices just to watch because a) he’s still in love w the sport and b) his best friend is just… Beautiful to watch, so powerful and graceful and all of that compacted into such a tiny form
-the rest of the losers don’t really go to his practices but they always get together for his meets and they all just really enjoy watching and cheering
-they’re all absolutely enthralled w Eddie when he’s competing
-Richie and Bill are the loudest because the latter is his Biggest Fan and the former is just fucking loud
-when he finishes they give him hugs and flowers and Richie will pinch his cheeks and tell him just how “cute! cute! cute!” he is in his leo and how good he did. Eddie will blush and swat him away but is secretly pleased w the compliments
-his favorite compliments are from Big Bill though because while all of the losers have been wonderful and supportive, Bill has always been just the best to Eddie. they started this beautiful journey together and even though Bill stopped, he’s still been right there w him every step of the way and that means so much to him. also, Bill always tell him he’s gonna be in the Olympics some day

marine otters are the most fascinating otters to me because they’re technically river otters but they’re still in the process of evolving to fill the biological niche normally occupied by sea otters. marine otters live extremely similar lifestyles to sea otters - namely, diving for 100% of their food as opposed to hunting it down as other river otter species do. this requires a totally different body type because the swimming motion required for diving is nearly opposite that of chasing. check it out:

sea otters are built for diving. they’re bulkier, their tails shaped like paddles rather than rudders, their rear feet “backwards” so as to form flippers, and they swim in an up-down motion instead of the side-to-side motion of river otters. they can hold their breath for up to ten minutes, and their fur is so thick that when properly groomed, is actually watertight and prevents their skin from getting damp, thereby preserving warmth. 

^ this is a marine otter. marine otters are still just getting their evolutionary start - their tails are still getting flatter, the shape of their rear feet still changing. their fur is not thick enough to avoid becoming waterlogged (although they live in South American waters, so cold is not as big an issue), and they can only hold their breath for a single minute. their diets are almost exactly the same as sea otters, comprised mostly of crustaceans and shellfish obtained from dives to the ocean floor. they spend most of their days on the ocean, but unlike sea otters (instead, like river otters), they do make a den on land to return to at night. 

basically, they’re right there in the middle between the two types, and they work REALLY hard to survive, arguably twice as hard as other otter species. and yet they get on just fine! they’re little powerhouses and i love them.

this has been a ramble on why marine otters are best otters

I was going to respond to that “me too” meme, saying:

Although I have experienced things that would qualify me for this meme, I personally refuse to conceptualize my experiences as sexual harassment or assault. There seems to be an enormous social pressure to categorize things that way, and to condemn them as immoral, but I never perceived them as such. To me, they were always just social interactions – perhaps annoying ones, perhaps complicated ones, but always just ordinary interactions between real human beings with human desires and flaws. Not manifestations of evil or things that could be clearly and decisively condemned.

Except then I remembered the time that I legit almost got raped in the hotel near my house in Harpers Ferry. And I want to tell that story, not for “me too” reasons, but just because it’s interesting.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember all the details. This was during a very serious depression, where I had lost access to my emotional state and had trouble feeling anything. Perhaps for that reason, this event didn’t make a big impression on me, and I barely remember what happened. (A lot of the memories from that part of my life are similarly “faded”.)

But anyway, I’ll tell the story as best as I can. Brace yourself.

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Talking with writers online

Their stories: Amazing grammar, soaring vocabulary, beautiful imagery and prose which flows like a river.

In chats: no capitalisation or punctuation, swears like a sailor, misspellings everywhere, acronyms and abbreviations every five words, idek

I remember talking to someone who said “I can’t handle when kids get so worked up over dumb things, like a papercut is the worst thing to ever happen to them” 

if they’re 3-4, hopefully it IS the worst thing to ever happen to them. out of nowhere there’s hurt, there’s red, there’s BLOOD??? FROM A PAPER?? of course they’re flipping out jesus christ wouldn’t you 

i feel like such a huge part of dealing with and loving the babies is understanding what that post said: everything is new to them. sometimes it’s fun and amazing (seeing snow, touching a baby chick) but sometimes it’s very overwhelming.  imagine a carnival, a mall, a loud crowded place, having never experienced it before. 

a thing I hear in teaching a lot is “little people have big emotions. it’s our job to create calm, not add to their chaos” 

there’s dozens of stories about some kid from our world falling into a different, magical one,  being the chosen one or the close companion of the chosen one and saving the world, and then going home where they’re delighted to see their family again and have a new appreciation of their own life. but what about someone who didn’t miss it? what if you save the world and you’re given your medal and stripped of the magic you learned and put back in a world you never missed? and you’re furious.

maybe you gave up a few years of your life. you have callouses and muscles and a few scars and maybe a missing eye or something. you definitely have some blood on your hands. you might have PTSD you can’t talk to anyone about. and suddenly you’re fifteen again, in a body that’s too soft and too short and too complete. you’re always cold because there’s no magic burning in your veins anymore, and even as you grow up the feeling of not fitting doesn’t go away because when you look in the mirror at eighteen you look all wrong: this is not what youre supposed to look like at eighteen. the sky clouds and you rub at the phantom ache of injuries this body never received. you wake up screaming sometimes remembering the sorcerer who burnt your hand to ashes, or the final battle you almost didn’t make it through, or the moment you felt the magic in you go out.

but here’s the thing: they took you and made you into a weapon that was determined enough and powerful enough to save a whole world. they can put you back where they found you but they can’t undo everything. and there’s this, too: the place between worlds clings to you. you can’t tease fire out of the air but you can feel the pull of the doorways all the time, although none of them so far go to your world.

but you try to make it work for a decade, anyway. you’re dutiful. but one night you leave work late and for the thousandth time you catch yourself searching the sky for firebirds. and you break. of the three portals within five hundred miles, one is a howling, frozen wasteland and one is a deep violet void, but one opens into a misty forest that you step into and don’t look back. it’s not your world, but if you keep going long enough, you’ll get there.

(and maybe much, much later, hundreds of worlds later, you climb through a window, or a door of woven branches int he middle a field, or push aside a curtain, and as you set foot on new land you feel the fire in your veins and sparks at your fingertips and finally, finally, you’re home)

One sure thing that happens when you come out of the cinemas after watching Spider-Man Homecoming is the fact you have adopted a 15-year-old boy with superpowers and you want to love and protect him at all cost. 

Peter Parker tries so hard and it’s just so endearing. This boy is so pure.

Okay I’m usually not one of those “ha I’ve been a fan the whole damn time” people but I can honestly say that being a Sansa fan since s1 has been so damn rewarding as the seasons go on. 

Like obviously the writing isn’t great towards her (or any female really lbr) but what they give to her for successes are so satisfying. Sansa was criticized and hated for being too whiny, defenseless, too weak and ultimately too important. And yet, this “unimportant” character? 

Sansa gets to say the long-awaited “winter is here” line. Sansa gets to kill off Ramsay, arguably the worst villain since Joffrey. Sansa gets to rule Winterfell in season 7. Sansa is the first Stark sibling to get the initial reunion scene with another Starkling - all three times

It’s been years in the making and it sure as hell hasn’t been perfect but seeing Sansa get to do these iconic things after people have been calling her useless is the greatest payoff e v e r

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I finished another re-listen of the whole series last week, and I’ve been legitimately thinking about this a lot since then.

Taako is smart as fuck. Like even from the beginning, his intel stats were pretty fucking decent. When Justin made the decision to start playing Taako as, in his words, a dullard, he made sure to note that even though Taako knows plenty of about magic and cooking (ie book smart), he lacks certain levels of common sense. 

At the time, this character choice was a pretty straight forward play. And, of course, there’s no way in fuck Justin would have known what ended up revealed 2-3 years later, regarding everyone’s lost memories.

But that’s the thing about both Justin and Griffin, and to a different extent Travis and Clint.

Griffin took this story and wove it beautifully. And when he presented Lup to Justin, Justin fucking embraced his knew fictional sister whole heartedly.

Looking back at the beginning of TAZ with the context of Lup being removed from Taako’s story, from his memory, it makes SO MUCH SENSE that he had trouble making sense of the world. Until the IPRE, it was just the two of them for their ENTIRE LIVES. She was central to his survival, to his education, to his career, to who he was and how he saw himself fitting in to the world. 

Without Lup, he was homeless. Because his sister, his twin, is his home.

In the context of Taako forgetting Lup? Taako also forgets a piece of himself. Taako forgets a piece of why he learned magic, how and why he learned to cook, he lost the most important tether to how he stayed grounded, even if he never truly put down many roots otherwise.

TLDR:: Taako in the finale is a fucking genius because he can finally remember everything he’s always known. Taako’s world didn’t make much sense at all when he couldn’t remember his heart, Lup.

things i want from supergirl

give me the first time kara is patrolling the skies and she hears maggie’s heartbeat skyrocket. and look, we all know kara’s probably stumbled in on maggie and alex at least once, so kara knows what /that/heartbeat sounds like.

this isn’t that.

this is faster and different and kara as supergirl is worried so she heads that way,


and maybe it turns out to be nothing, but chances are, it’s not. chances are it’s detective sawyer hauling a little kid behind her, a little boy with a fat lip and a black eye and an arm kara can see that is broken without her x-ray vision. and maybe it’s maggie with her hand protectively on the shoulder of the little boy, keeping him firmly behind her and maybe the other has her gun leveled at the gun leveled at her.

and this was only supposed to be a statement collection maggie will tell kara later - that’s why there was no back up.

but kara worries that she won’t get there fast enough because maggie has a terrified kid in one hand, a gun in the other and her eyes leveled at a man who is threatening to kill her. and kara, well she shows up just in time.

she shows up through a window, skidding through an open door because she used her super hearing and she heard, she /heard/ the way the mans muscles were tensing in his hand. she heard the slightest shift of the loaded gun and kara knew.

so she dove and rolled and skidded and is standing, wobbling, catching a bullet with her fingertips. she’s catching it and clutching it and turning to the man who fired it because

maggie sawyer isn’t allowed to die.

[maggie doesn’t know that yet, but kara will tell her]

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heather fuckin chandler

lemme tell u something about heather chandler

heather was rude and bitchy and a total bully with inexcusable actions but tbh????? she deserves so much more than life gave her

heather chandler had one real friend

veronica hated her and heather duke hated her

heather mcnamara however is the only one that even remotely liked her as far as we can tell

she called heather chandler her best friend, and after giving martha that note, she went back over to the heathers and actually hugged onto heather chandler’s arm (which was insanely cute btw i love it)

everyone else in the school thought she was hot but none of them liked her

and the sad part about it??? i’m pretty sure heather at least somewhat cared for her friends

she had pictures of her and veronica in a photobooth in her locker along with other pictures of her and her friends

i mean, she really did like veronica too

she brought veronica to a college party instead of her other friends, she gets pissed off when veronica talks to other people (ESPECIALLY jd oh god she gets so mad), and according to veronica, heather calls her late at night just to babble and talk about literally whatever

she confides in veronica, she likes her, and chansaw is rEAL just very one sided and repressed

and do u think i’m done bc i’m NOT

tw mentions of rape and sexual abuse below

i noticed something v upsetting while watching the movie about heather at the party

there was a short scene of heather making out with one of the college guys at the party but she pulls away and says she just wants to get back to the party, which he responds with that they will, but she just looks so hot tonight and he can’t help himself

and here’s where it hit me in the feels HARD

heather’s expression after he says those words

she seems uncomfortable, a bit nervous, and it becomes clear that she doesn’t want to

and the fact that it’s not something she wants to do really stands out when the college guy’s hand moves to her upper back and he actually has to move her downwards

shortly afterwards, there’s a very short clip where she stares at herself in the mirror, drinking a glass of water, and then she suddenly spits out all the water over her reflection with this look of disgust, looking at herself the entire time

now i think this scene is overlooked for a specific reason, and that reason is the other girls in the movie

when ram is kissing heather mcnamara, she is very clearly struggling and pushing at him and fighting

when jd kisses veronica when she tries to leave him, she fights him and pushes and escapes

but heather chandler doesn’t fight

she doesn’t say a word, she doesn’t try to leave, she doesn’t fight him at all

here’s the thing about that

heather chandler is a very sensible person who can tell when something isn’t right

we see this when she claims jd should be put in prison for bringing a gun to school because he’s clearly dangerous, while her friends don’t think it’s a big deal

when jd hands her the cup, she immediately assumes that because of what happened last night, veronica did something to the cup to prank her and at first refuses to drink it

she’s smart, she’s clever, and she knows what’s going on

and because she knows these things, i think she’d also know that there are some men who don’t take kindly to a girl saying no

think carefully

they were alone in a room, and if she happened to refuse and he got violent and hurt her, nobody would see or hear it happen

she knows this and knows that for her own safety, it’s better to go along with it, get it over with, and go back to the party

this is all entirely speculation and i’m just going off of little details here but quite honestly, it makes sense to me 

tldr: she was a bitch, but heather chandler honestly needs a protection squad and deserved so much better and i just have a lot of emotions about her