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Hello everyone! So! Tomorrow morning, I will be leaving for BMT. For those of you who don’t know I have been enlisted into the US Air Force, and I am going to be at basic training for at least 2 months. I will not be able to be on the internet or on my phone during that time, so I wanted to make this post to tell you all about me leaving and I want some specific people to know how much I love them, and I won’t forget them while I’m away! And I will be back, I promise! I’m not leaving forever, I will be back as soon as I can! My entire blog will be on queue after this lmao. Also! You can always shoot me asks and messages, I’ll read them when I have access to my phone <3 

Anyways, If I somehow don’t mention you in this, just know that i still love you and you mean a lot to me !! 

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So instead of explaining why I don’t have a queue today I decided that it’s probably about time to officially go on my hiatus-ish-thing. 

Next week is move-in, and the week after that classes will start up again, so it will be a lot more difficult for me to post consistently since I’ll have work, class, clubs, ect. I will still be on tumblr, liking posts, keeping up with legacies and trying my best to keep up with asks I get. And there may be times where I’ve got a full week of posts and others where I may not post for weeks at a time. I won’t know how busy I’ll be so I won’t be able to make any promises. 

There should be some posts for later this week. I’m going to be starting my final round of moving this weekend and hope to be finally settled by Monday. But then some of my friends are moving back and I’ve been making plans with them to make up for the months we’ve spent apart. If I can get enough posts done in the next few days that would be great. And I may be surprised with some downtime. My days are never planned out, and I just kind of go with the flow. 

As for streaming, I’m probably going to do a stream tomorrow night, and once I get a feel for how my weeks will be playing out, I can maybe set aside a night to do my Not So Berry streams regularly. I’ll keep you all updated on that. 

I hope you all have a wonderful day :) 

LuLu || Luke Hemmings

hehe, this should be fun

I M A G I N E 

“You’re going to love my brothers!” Luke begins to muse as you guys were in a car, riding to Luke’s house. The boys had a weekend off the tour, which was always put to going back to Sydney to see their families. And so, being Luke’s girlfriend, you were going to stay with Luke and his family for the next 3 days. So he’s been gushing on and on over how hilarious his brothers are. 

“You brothers seem pretty peachy,” you say, giving Luke a sincere smile. He nods vigorously before anxiously looking out the window. Giggling at his excitement, you see the other boys also a bit jumpy. Its quite overwhelming to see your family after so many months, so its understandable that they’re all excited. 

“This is us! Yes!” Luke cheers 20 minutes later when we approach a house. The car stops, having Luke practically throw himself out. You say goodbye to the boys and the management for the both of you before grabbing you and Luke’s things, exiting the car, and trailing after Luke. You slowly go up the porch as Luke giddily knocks on the door. 

“Oh god, I haven’t seen Ben and Jack in ages, Y/N!” Luke whispers in excitement before his door is opened and was introduced to a tall, fairly old, man. Luke rushed up and hugged him, getting a hug back from the man. You shyly stand there, unsure as to what to do or really say. Luke breaks the embrace and shoves you right in front of the mysterious man. “Dad, this is my girlfriend, Y/N. The one who has been on tour with us for months. Y/N, this is my dad.”

“Ah, this is Y/N!” The old man says, opening his arms for an embrace. You go to hug him, feeling somewhat awkward but accepted in the embrace. “You are much prettier than that Arzaylea girl everyone pins with my son, haha!” 

“Thank you so much, Mr. Hemmings,” you say with a blush. Luke grabbed your shoulder and squeezed it, seeming very happy that his father approved of you. 

“Please, Y/N, you can call me Andrew,” Mr. Hemmings, or rather Andrew, urged, making you nod and smile. He then turns around to look into the house and places his hand by his mouth. “Ben, Jack! Your brother is home with his girlfriend! Come say hello!”

“Wait, LuLu is home?” One of the boys chirped from the top of the staircase. Another boy popped up next to him, giving Luke a devilish smirk. “You hear that, Jack? LuLu is home!”

“LuLu! It’s been so long, little brother!” The other boy cheers, the two very tall brothers. You watched as the two grown blondes rush to Luke and shove him in a sandwich hug. “We missed you, LuLu! How’s the tour been?” The one who seems to be the oldest cheered. 

“You guys are seriously calling me that in front of my girlfriend?” Luke asked in irritation, blushing like a mad man in the embrace. The two boys snap their heads towards you and you blush. You weren’t sure how to react, since this was the first time meeting the rest of the family after Liz. “Y/N, these are my brothers, J–”

“I’m Jack,” the younger one with messy blonde hair says as he lets go of Luke. He offers his hand and you give him yours, receiving a kiss on the top of it. You blushed as Jack looked up and winked. “My my, aren’t you a lovely creature. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Y/N.”

“How did our little brother manage to get someone lovely like yourself?” The older brother asked, chuckling a bit as he let go of Luke. He offers his hand, and although you were hesitant, you took his hand and received a firm shake. “I’m Ben, the oldest of them. And can I say that you are very beautiful?”

“And you’re gonna flirt with my girlfriend as you guys embarrass me in front of her?” Luke exclaims, squeezing through between the two and showing up beside you. He firmly grabs your waist with his hand extended fully. You blushed at the sudden, yet familiar, gesture. “I’m a rockstar who just got back from a tour for a temporary vacation.”

“So?” Jack said as he rolled his eyes. “You’re still our little LuLu! Have you seen any baby pictures of Lucas, Y/N?”

“No, actually, I haven’t,” you say, smirking at Jack.

“Oh god please don’t–” Luke moans but his father interrupts. 

“He had the cutest little face, Y/N,” Andrew comes around with a baby album, making you giggle a bit. As they flip through pages, they point out all of Lukes photos. And you guys were still in the front porch, too. 

“LuLu was such a cute baby, Y/N,” Ben commented as Luke slapped his forehead with his hand. “He had this soft, cute little butt that was just–”

“Ben, please stop!” Luke groaned but you were ecstatic. “I’m just trying to have a nice family time back with my girlfriend. You guys are sort of ruining it…” He begins to pout, making it the queue for the other boys to leave. You close the front door and stay outside with Luke, smiling up at his hung head and sad face.

“Hey,” you whisper, smiling at your boyfriend lovingly. “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I think your baby pictures and nickname are very cute.” You tell him as you give him a light peck on his lips. 

“Babe, it’s so awkward,” Luke sighs, shaking his head while giving you a dumb smile. “Plus, I’m not LuLu! I’m Luke Hemmings, punkrocker with a want for a flower crown.”

“Well, how about this,” you began, smiling at those blue eyes of his. “We’ll only be here for two days so tomorrow, we can go get metal wires and tape, right? We’ll pick some flowers and make those flower crowns. How does that sound, LuLu?”

“Amazing,” Luke says as he plants another kiss on your lips. “The way you say LuLu isn’t that bad, actually.” You lean up again to give Luke another kiss. Luke pulled you on his body, having his hand on your waist and somewhat on your ass. But you didn’t mind as the kissing got heated. But, it was interrupted by a yelling from the house.

“Y/N, do you wanna see Luke’s naked baby pictures?” Jack yells, making Luke flush as you giggled at him. 

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A quick Kallura one shot based off of this post (x)

Rating: Gen | AU: Coffee Shop/Modern AU of sorts

Keith groaned as he woke up to the sound of his 6:00am alarm. How was it possible that the weekend was over already? Once he had turned off his alarm, Keith rolled back into bed and sighed as he stared up at his ceiling. Did he really have to go in today? Surely Kolivan wouldn’t mind if he missed one day. It wasn’t like a lot of people visited the Blade of Marmora antique shop anyway. Then again if he took today off it wouldn’t take him long to fall into the habit of taking a day off whenever he felt like he couldn’t be bothered. Sighing once again Keith dragged himself out of bed and towards the bathroom, for a shower.

After his shower, and after he’d gotten dressed, Keith headed for the kitchen to make himself some breakfast and a cup of coffee. It didn’t take him long to realise that he was out of coffee. Keith huffed. ‘Guess I’m going to the cafe for breakfast.’

As Keith walked into the cafe the first thing he saw was a long queue. He rolled his eyes ‘Today just keeps getting better and better. At least I have time to decide what I want.’  Twenty minutes later he was finally at the front of the line.

“Good morning. What can I get for you today?” asked the barista.

“Good morning-” he peered at her name tag “-Allura. I’ll have a venti coffee please.” he replied.

“Would you like cream or milk with that? And your name?” 

“Milk, please and it’s Keith.”

“Okay Keith. anything else?”

“Uh, yes! This as well.” Keith said as he placed the BLT he’d grabbed from the refrigerator earlier.

“Alright and that’ll be $6.02.”

“Here you go.”

“Your coffee will be ready in a few minutes.”

As Keith waited for his coffee he felt his phone vibrate. It was a text from Antok.

Antok: You’re late. Where are you?

Keith: At the cafe getting coffee. I’ll be there in ten.

Antok: You’d better be otherwise Kolivan will have both of our heads.

“Keith, your coffee.” Allura said, placing the cup on the counter.

“Thank you.” Keith was about to leave when he’d noticed that she’d given him a trenta instead of a venti. He wasn’t complaining. More coffee to see him through the day, but he didn’t want her to get in trouble or anything so he went back to the counter to point it out to her in case she wanted to switch it.

“Umm, excuse me, Allura? You gave me a trenta rather than a venti.” he said.

Allura looked him straight in the eye and replied. “I decide what you drink now.”

Keith chuckled. “Is that so?”

“Yeah, that is so.”

Before he could reply his phone vibrated again.

Antok: Remember how I said Kolivan would have our heads? Well if you’re not here in the next three minutes he’s having your head, not mine.

“Sorry about that, it’s work. I’ve got to go, but maybe I’ll see you again tomorrow, around the same time perhaps?”

“Mmmm perhaps.”

“Okay then. I’ll see you tomorrow.” As Keith left the cafe his phone rung. He didn’t have to look at the caller id to know who it was. “Stop overreacting, Antok. I’m nearly there alright?”

Wu Yifan ; Kris

In January 2013, it was like endless haze. SM company turned down Kris’ all personal activities without apparent reasons, they only let him participate in endless long-intensive business activities. During that time he quickly worn thin, everyone was able to see that his condition was very bad. Although he had said he’s alright to his fans, “Don’t worry I’m fine.” But his cover up was getting more and more powerless. Even when he was alone in the dorm, SM also did not allow him go to the hospital, resulting on his illness delays. I cannot imagine the days he spent to be alone in his dorm room, watching other members participating in their activities, only he himself had nothing to do. I would like to ask the young boy, when you looked out of the window, what were you thinking?

January 27, 2013, I thought it would be the last time I saw his face.
Now think about it, we were miserable when we couldn’t see him for two months; but this kind of life, he lived through for five whole years.

January 29, 2013, This was just a beginning. After that, more than two months of defaming had kicked off.

Obviously he was expelled by SM, but rumors were saying that he did not go back and wanting to quit. Malicious comments like waves rushing towards him, his future has been shaky, but even he was in the most center of the storm, the most wronged and sad man had not once defended himself. He just quietly give Nini (his fans) a New Year blessing.

[Fanqin-s Happy New Year~ Always be together]

Those who used to keep saying that they like him, in order to protect their own idols, they chose to attack him. Using most vicious words to slander him, passing by his Baidu bar every day to wash the board there with more than a dozen of negative posts. No one defended for him. Everyone was waiting for the game, which was to compete who was the one who gives him the deepest stab with their knifes,to start. Nini’s all clarify were all useless, the moment they tried they would be submerged in the avalanche of negative sound.

During that time we almost couln’t sleep well, everyday we were worried for him whether he would encounter any misfortune. On that day, he updated Renren at 6am. I wonder if this little koala who loves to sleep late at that time was like us keep staying awake? 

He put in all his blood and dreams to contribute to this team and this company, he never a wrong thing, why should he suffer these?

[I miss you very very much, I really do. Waiting might be painful but it might be joyful too. Face every tomorrow with courage. My dear, I am always here. Good morning.. You who I always adore and the one that I couldn’t give up on.]

March 13, 2013, the company did not respond to him. Because he was worried that he might delay the group’s schedule in Thailand, he decided to buy air tickets back to Korea with his own money. That day at the airport, someone said to him, “Kris, please don’t ever disappear again, okay?” He said nothing and kept silent.

A whole 17 days after his return to Korea, SM didn’t let him back to the dorm. He and his mother were living in a hotel. Just because he had no rights at that situation, or he’s a foreigner, he was trampled upon as everyone pleased, and let the higher rank people to control him like a puppet?

During this time, SM spread wanton rumors on the Internet, controling public opinion. In fact it was the company who wouldn’t let him come back, but to the public, he claimed that it’s he himself didn’t come back, causing him be hated by everyone. They even asked other members pretended to be recording new MV to put pressure on him. Using experienced PR on a young man who had no background, no back up and he who never defend himself, what’s the conscience in this?

March 30, 2013, after he experienced hardships, he was back with unhealed wounds.

No matter the people are cold or warm, you still have to grow up. What you did will sure be exposed one day to prove to be worthwhile.

Some of the new fans do not understand why are we so inconsistent and sensitive over some jokes. It’s because he never cared about the pros and cons, always tries his best and always put himself in the end. However, what he did wasn’t paid off well.

It has nothing to do with other stars, it’s only because he suffers too much losses, we just want to protect him, love him, dote on him. Those new fans do not know what was deliberately ignored were his good sides and his kindness, all of these should not be forgotten.

[Caption: “Why are the group photos only has 11 members, where’s Kris?” “He went to buy entrance tickets for them……”]

The one who was having fever, carried luggage for his other teammates ; the one who’s always generous in treating everyone ; the teenager who cooked for his Chinese members to cure homesick; the one who’s always at the front or at the back of the group; the one who always reminds the members to beware of the escalators ; the one who silently holding the table for the members who are dancing on the table while some of them are dancing in front of the cameras; the one who tried to negotiate with customs with manner when his members had problems with their luggage; the one who never forget to comfort his other members when he was the one who’s sobbing;

[He was buying smoothie at surf city. He drank a bit and then he saw his members and managers were coming over, so he used his own money to buy them drinks. I remembered he said in Korean that this is tasty~]

[This guardian who’s always silent and hides from the crowd; This guardian who’s always at the front or at the back of the queue when they are in airports; This guardian who’s not good in pouring his heart out to his members; This guardian who will be in dazed when the members thank him; This guardian who always uses his own way to protect his brothers; This guardian, he’s actually just a young man born in 1990…..]

[At Hong Kong, he spent his last few dollars on buying bubble tea for his brothers. He had no money to buy one for himself. In the end, he was too thirsty so he took one sip from theirs.]

[It was raining that time and he isn’t waterproof. However, he let out the umbrella to other members, leaving himself to hide from the raindrops with his own hand]

He still had his silly smile on even after being beaten with gas sticks severely on his head. When he were recording a show, he was worried that someone would be dangerous so he lent his hand to that person. He used to see him as his own younger brother. However when he was having his crisis, he was indifferent and when termination case came up, he only stood out to spit out his ‘disappointments’;  he even liked a few negative Weibo posts about Kris, and in the end, this ‘good brother’ made the decision, Kris has never cancel following anyone of them.

[Kris bought a lot of snacks for the members on his way back to SM. At the entrance, Tao walked up to Kris and opened the bags. He then found a box of sushis. He took it and just walked away back into the practice room.]

[There’s a female grabbed Kris, leaving red scratching marks. Luhan came out first, Kris protecting the others and let Tao to come out next, then Xiumin, Chen and Yixing. Kris was protecting them so strictly…. In the conclusion: It was messy and Wufan was injured.]

[Kris is like a big brother.. He became bodyguard for Junmyeon. Without assistance from the security guards and managers, he walked with junmyeon to the outside.. junmyeon was hiding behind him, looking very happy. There was a lot of fans at the airport, a lot of people fell down too.]

Wu Yifan, from now on, my eyes and my heart will only recognize one person which is you. I’m still grateful to have all of the goodwill and companionship from you, yet I still cannot be as open-minded and tolerant as you.

May 2013, During WOLF comeback, his reticent, silent and quiet side does not seem to exist. We couldn’t guess what he was suffering. On stage, his movements were vivid, completed with his few parts, just like a stubborn young wolf.

Behind the stage, he always stands in the corner, with only few words.

On radio program which is more than an hour , he will patiently help people who don’t understand the Korean manuscript to explain the meaning, from beginning to end, he only said, “Hello, everyone, I’m KRIS.”
Fans were distressed but can’t do anything for him, they can only go to Korea, just to tell him that baby don’t be afraid, we are here with you.

In June 2013, he returned China to record a program, after more than a month, this was the first time to see his smile from the heart.

July 2013, Growl comeback. The album’s presale surpassed ten thousand pieces but what’s in return was less than one minute of his voice (including the background vocals). When “There is a Place” released, someone joked that this three minutes of the song add up is much more than what he sang in the past two years.The bitterness in this, only he could understand.
In the Korean version of the MV, it retained the other 11 individual shots, only Kris’ individual shots was cut off.
TV station logo blocked his face 42 times ……
He rejected a lot of movies invitations and high-end fashion solicitation cooperation which are not group related works. In the name of Wu Yi Fan, he offended a lot of great people and the media.
He faced malicious news indifferently, but the company obstructed his pathway to movies for 6 years. While other members joined filming for movies, the company issued a declaration saying Kris will not accept any invitation for movies.
This is what we get after all the contributions. Ridiculous, pathetic.
We decided to fight back. But when other members’ fans got the company’s response, what we got was SM intensified suppression and exclusion on Kris.

In fact, he knows no one will speak for him, the company that he devoted six years of youth and even his health will never say a word for him, he has always been alone, he only has groups of upright silly fans, just like him. That night he saw the light board lighting up all over the place for him, he choking back tears and said, “Thank you for staying, meigeni.”

November 6, 2013, his 23rd birthday. It was a recording day for Showtime. Since before that they celebrated the other members’ birthday on the show, and the company planned special episodes for them, he also even bought valuable birthday gift for them from his own pockets. So we were sure that they will give him a birthday special episode. On November 6, that day someone saw him holding a dog plushie, the fans thought it was his birthday gift. But after broadcast only we found out from the beginning to the end no one mentioned his birthday, not even a simple happy birthday. The doll was bought by himself.

He said dog are the most loyal, and they will not betray and abandon you.

We know he likes eating cakes, so the fans bought dozens of cakes for him. However, SM blocked all the cakes and gifts without a sole reason, and he was not allowed to give fans a message on the official website. This had never happened before in the other member’s birthday. Each member will hold a birthday party with fans, except for him. His party was inexplicably canceled by the company, even when he had no schedule to attend. Our patience only ended up in exchange for the SM intensified malicious treatment. But we were in the passive position, we didn’t even have the courage to interrogate. Wronged, distressed, uncomfortable, yet we could do nothing, because we were worried that it will make his situation even more difficult.
No blessing and a birthday cake, no love letter mail, it was the second birthday we accompanied him through.
After more than a month, he finally allowed to update the fanboard; 

April 2014, other members’ fans light boards were everywhere, but there was a signboard for him. Other signboards were alright, only his fans’ signboards were forced to be taken down without reasons, rudely ripped off by security and confiscated. 

May 11, 2014, during 365, no one noticed him that he was holding back his tears.

During the end of the stage, he bowed down for a long time. Later I came to understand that he was in the name of Kris to bid goodbye to us. He knew that when he made that decision, someone will choose to leave, so that night, perhaps that was the last time he sang to those people. 

However, after Kris’ termination of contract with SM, SM had claimed all these China’s commercial activities are not subject to Chinese law. Wu Yifan filed the lawsuit in May 2014, while the SM and Media Asia China were prepared signing in September. So SM has no right to interfere in Wu Yifan’s works in China, but now they falsely accuse him and sue him because they know might lose, they just want cause troubles on his acting career in China. 
However, even faced with such people, he only responded with “Thanks for all the voices, bless everyone,” and no other words and any explanation.
After termination, he never bad-mouth anyone. Including the “brothers” that he treated well with his heart, but during the time that he needed them the most they only stabbed him from behind. As for SM, even if they used dirty tactics on him, he’s still grateful. “Anyway, thanks for bringing me up.” He said, “No matter how people are, I wish I could treat everyone with my kindness.”

Everyone says how lucky you are, everybody says that being your fans give you more peace of mind, but how difficult the pathway you go, we know everything more than anyone else. All you’ve got now are of all your blood, sweat and hard work, not a shred of luck.

In August 2014, his first appearance after returning home. That day he was firm with sharp eyes. Like soldiers, wearing armor, running on the front line full with blood. He was like the noble Dragon, even if there’s deep swamps, rivers of blood, he’s still proud raised up his head.

November 6, 2014, another year of birthday, the mood has long been different. Although it was his most difficult time, his schedule wasn’t full and the cash flow was not easy, he has no contacts and no professional team, they don’t what to do, he did all on his own. He was always smiling to us and said that I’m fine, thank you. When he was watching the blessing video from fans all over the world, he choked back tears while had his back facing us.
The host asked fans what words to say to him, the audience shouted “Happy Birthday.” This simple sentence, we owed you for the whole year. From now on, we’ll not allow anyone to bully you, insult you.

A lot of people think that he is very lucky, a young man with high popularity, rich, handsome and with impeccable appearance, has a rising career and a group of diehard fans. But in fact, he actually has no confidence that he ought to have.

He had put all his passion and sincerity on SM, and even bet on on his own future. Since his debut, he more than once begged the company to believe in him. The result had hurt his heart, also hurt everyone who loves him. So this time, he is more than willing to hold his destiny in his own hands, although his future will be harder than others, but at least he can control his future direction, by himself.

As he said, life is not easy. So no matter how many difficulties and obstacles in the future, please give him a little more encouragement. Tell him how good he is, tell him how much he makes you feel proud. 
The one who uses goodwill to face with malicious people; The one who put all the burdens on his shoulders, this little silly who laughs like a kid. 

The future is still far, please stay with him all the way.
We made a promise, and “always be together.”

The way to go is not easy, finally time to say goodbye. Kris, you did well, and now the rest, please leave them to Wu Yi Fan.

May 11, 2014, we promised you a light board sea, it belongs to him and each of you, the perfect curtain call.

Goodbye, Kris.
Thank you.

So apparently, I started this just over a year ago...

And I’ve learned some interesting things. One: I need to get more done during the summer because during the school year, I’m just *barely* keeping up. I will say, having done *so much* last summer, it was easier to get back to something resembling that state, especially knowing the deep-down cleaning was done. Two: I probably need to do the pantry again. And the freezer. Did I even do the freezer last year? Who knows. Three: I vastly prefer living in a clean and organized space, but once it starts to slip, it GOES FAST, and I get overwhelmed and can’t think or deal and then, wham, back to messy chaos. Which I hate. Four: “Just fucking finish it” has become my mantra this year. [Note: I started this post on the 18th, but couldn’t upload pictures due to being an old, outdated browser.  Fixed this situation, photos now working.]  So first, I’ll note, this was the process from last year:  here and here

So, all that being said, my bedroom had become a total disaster site again. REALLY BAD.All that stuff on the floor?  Clean laundry that I did not put away.  Hangs head in shame.  A fair amount had to be rewashed.  *sigh*  

And now, my side of the bed.  Oh man, it’s really bad. A bunch of that is the various sewing projects that have accumulated over the year.  And just crap.  That laundry basket off to the right?  A whole bunch of papers that I’ve needed to sort through for a few weeks now.

Top of the wardrobe is still horrendous.

A bunch of clutter accumulation under the ironing board: 

Same for my bedside table:

Friday was a fairly cool day, I don’t work and we had nowhere to go, so I decided to just put on my big girl undies and start dealing with it.  I will confess, I did come back to Tumblr and read some UFYH posts for inspiration, and to remind myself that I can, in fact, do this.  I didn’t end up needing my timer to structure myself, and I did take breaks.

So, ironing board is better, still has crap on it, but some of it actually needs to be, you know, ironed.

Husband’s side of the bed:  Now our main three laundry bins were living in the closet, but somehow they kept coming out and have been living out in the bedroom. I don’t love it, but I need to do another purge of my closet before I can get them back in.    Two of those loads of laundry were getting into the queue to get done, and have gotten done! That oval bin is full of unmatched socks.  Which I still need to deal with.  Once I get completely caught up on laundry, I need to purge some of our bins.  I like the pink ones for the transporting of dirty laundry down to the basement and clean laundry back up for folding, so I think the rest can go.

This definitely falls into the “better not perfect category.”  Those books need a home, but I have to do a massive book purge upstairs before I can home those guys.  The bin and the laundry basket are projects to be finished and dealt with, which I obviously need to do.  Top of the wardrobe, still bad.  But, the floor is clear and clean, and I can walk to and from my bed without stepping on anything so I call that a big ole win.

Bed made with clean sheets.  And all piles of papers gathered to be dealt with.

After:I know, it doesn’t look much better, but it really is.  All that paper crap was sorted, and  two of those paper grocery bags are recycling.  The other is trash, ha ha!  Everything else sorted for filing, dealing with and then filing, or just figuring out what the hell it is.  Okay, I’ll confess, I haven’t finished that part, because I did get distracted, I mean inspired, by the upstairs.  Since I know that because Monday is my long day at work, I won’t have any energy for cleaning tomorrow, so I’ll finish the paperwork then.

I can’t tell you how truly amazing it feels to be getting back into the swing of this.

Who Do You Love?

For NaLu Week

Prompt: (Personal) Feelings

Summary: A late night inquiry leads to late night confessions.

Rating: K+

Author’s Note: I probably should have posted this tomorrow, however, I have an eye appointment tomorrow among other things, so I’ll be gone all day. 

Anyways, this and my other submission I posted earlier today are my own original prompts due to the fact that I couldn’t think of anything else for the Week’s actual prompts (I have a couple of ideas for for the “Happy” prompt, though. I just gotta start on them). I have a couple of other ideas for the week, but considering I’m practically booked for the rest of this week plus next week I may end up uploading them late. Not too sure though.

Anyways, enough rambling. Here is another fic for you guys. I hope you like it! ^^

“What would you say if someone told you they loved you?”

Natsu turned on his side of the bed they were sharing to look at his blonde partner. He, Lucy, and Happy were on their way to a job, and after much pleading from Natsu, the other two decided to spare him a long, grueling train ride and walk to the village their client resided. It would take a day’s journey, so the three stopped at a small inn to spend the night. The money they had on hand was only enough for a room with one bed, leaving Natsu and a reluctant Lucy to share with Happy lying peacefully at their feet.

“Depends. Who loves me?” was his reply.

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You Look Good In My Shirt


Summary: Or the Bartender!Bellarke series you didn’t realize you needed.
Rating: T (for language) — later installments will definitely hit the E mark

Author’s Note: Not beta-ed, all mistakes are mine.  And thank you for everyone who sent such love over part one!

Night Eleven & Twelve: A Moscow Mule & Tom Collins

“So you used to play for the university, right?  Before grad school?” She’s elbow deep in glass duty when she yells across the bar at her partner for the night.

Bellamy looks up from the register, counting off their tips for the night and finishing up with the deposit so Miller can take it to the bank in the morning.  He gives her a confused look and then she practically sees his ego double in size as his chest puffs up against the worn flannel of his shirt.

“NCAA champs of 2010.  Still hold the scoring record for a single game.”

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Daddy 5SOS: Paternal Instinct (Michael)

“Can you write one where the wives get mobbed by fans or paparazzi when they’re pregnant and the boys get really overprotective? Thanks!”

A/N: I hope you enjoy this one! I didn’t make this one explicitly in the Daddy 5SOS Universe, but you can read it either in the ‘verse or not. Totally up to you. Let me know what you think!

You loved being a part of the spot light, and you had ever since you and Michael had started dating. Now you were two years into marriage and expecting your first baby. From the very first sonogram, you and Michael had gone public, making sure that people were informed. Because you guys had learned from past experience that being open with the people meant that they left you alone, figuring you’d give them information as it became available.

For the most part, that worked. Michael would answer any questions that interviewers of fans asked – within reason, of course – and you were happy posting weekly pictures in which you did the entire “this week our baby is the size of this fruit” thing.

It was fun, you had to admit. Twitter was constantly full of congratulations and questions of people asking what sex the baby was and was there somewhere the fans could send gifts? It was like having a huge extended family all over the world. It was really, really cool.  

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"When did it become ELF protecting Super Junior? Super Junior should protect ELF?"

“When did it become ELF protecting Super Junior? Super Junior should protect ELF?” I keep on reading posts of some ELF, stating how happy they were that after 10 years, Super Junior has finally learned how to stand up for themselves. To be honest, I was also proud and happy at first, but looking back at what happened, I realized one thing - Super Junior never really stood up for themselves. 🔹“So even if I’m tired, I have to pretend that everything’s okay…”-Leeteuk 🔹“Only when no one was noticing me did I secretly cry…”-Sungmin 🔹“In the end, it still hurts…”-Heechul 🔹“We talk about it and we may laugh about it, but when I go home I cry.”-Eunhyuk “🔹It’s hard…”-Kyuhyun 🔹“I was doing well holding it in. It’s too hard… Really… Truly…”-Leeteuk Do something wrong to Super Junior, no matter how big it is, they will feel bad, post a thing or two about it then shrug off their shoulders, let it go and pretend like nothing ever happened. Yesterday, the most pitiful fans were ELF. (The statements below are just excerpts from the fan account of rainy527@weibo, translated byfayerielf. About 4 years ago i know is old but still hurt untill now. Click link to read full article.  http://fayerielf.tumblr.com/post/15016308334/29dec2011-sbs-gayo-dajun-fanaccount) 🔹“There was the news of SBS having already recorded Super Junior’s performance and there were only about 10 fans present as no one received any information. Neither the SBS or SM staff released any information.” 🔹“The staff ignored us and just said “Just wait here, we’ll tell you later.” but they never told us where we should queue. They even chatted with other artists’ fans until all the other fans have finished queuing then they told us to queue at the back.” 🔹“According to SM’s allocation we have 40 spaces less than that fan base with the most seats. Eventually ELF were all separated and were allocated into the little holes with other fan bases.” 🔹“They already handed out fan support items like towels, balloons and headbands to other fans except ELF.” 🔹“You can say that ELF stood there for 6+ hours and that doesn’t even include the queuing time and we only saw about 8 minutes worth of performances.” 🔹“I can see the reaction of the fans from a certain fan base. All pointing at ELF and laughing.” 🔹“Because we were all separated, and we don’t have the lighted hairbands, which don’t even needed to be held up, nor the balloons which are easily recognizable nor the official towels and it was so crowded in the “holes” they allocated to us, we can only scream like crazy just hoping that they can see. Even if there were only 1 ELF there she would give them full support.” 🔹“When it all ended it was late. But we have not eaten nor drank anything for the whole day. Many ELF were like this. And it was cold outside but there isn’t a train back” 🔹“When I heard the total quietness (no fanchants) clips I really cannot take it and cried myself into a mess.” But do something wrong, even so remotely small, to ELF - and all hell breaks lose! 🎈“If there weren’t ELF then Suju wouldn’t even be able to breathe and wouldn’t even be able to sing.” Donghae 🎈“Any way.. you look at it, there isn’t a group more hard-working than us, and there can’t be a group more pitiful than us..damn it! if we’ve done anything wrong, it must be the crime of working too hard, don’t you agree everyone? well just forget it.. what a long day..”-Siwon 🎈“This year-end doesn’t mean anything without our ELF… so frustrated!!!!!! Eat food, eat food twice.” Eunhyuk 🎈“Eat thrice~^^ kekeke,” -Leeteuk “Keep eating.”-Siwon☆☆☆(‘Eat food’in Korean also translates to f.uck you if you pronounce wrong)☆☆☆ And you will know that things are actually truly bad when even Siwon started cursing. Without even thinking about their reputation, without even thinking about what other people might think or say about them, without even thinking about the consequences of their action - Super Junior stood up. But they didn’t stand up for themselves. 👑Super Junior stood up to protect their ELF.👑 Some people say it is over reacting, rude and immature. But who are they to speak? They just read the posts and comment on it. The truth is, they never really know anything at all. “This isn’t right… They should’ve put up notices beforehand, no? I’ll apologize on behalf of them~”Leeteuk “Sorry ELF~”-Donghae And why should Super Junior apologize for something that wasn’t even their fault? Since the beginning, it has always been Super Junior and ELF, ELF and Super Junior. And though sometimes Super Junior and ELF go together with DBSK and Cassies and/or SHINee and Shawols, and/or other fandoms but at the end of the day, it is still just us - Super Junior and ELF. US IS ALL WE HAVE. Can you blame us for wanting to protect each other? Can you blame us for reacting and fighting back when others hurt those whom we love and treasure the most? I bet you don’t even understand why we are part of this Sapphire Blue Ocean. Because Super Junior is the most goodlooking? Biasness aside, there are other idols who are far better looking than they are. Talented? Other groups can also do the things that Super Junior can do, maybe even more, maybe even better. Because they are the best? Well, now we all know that that’s not really true. So why? “When no one acknowledged us, when no one helped us. To the best fan club that made us feel the ‘mightiness’. Our ELF, I sincerely thank you again.”-Leeteuk “I love you, ELF!”-Donghae “ELF, who stood by us even though we are still lacking.”-Sungmin “We couldn’t receive this award if not for ELF.”-Leeteuk “Thank you all 40 thousand ELF! Let’s rock again tomorrow.”-#Yesung “Thank you for being ELF!”-#Kyuhyun “We are nothing without ELF.”-Leeteuk ELF: Is there such thing called love? #Leeteuk: Then what are we made of? THIS IS WHY. For all the 7 years that I have been a part of this fandom, never, ever did they make me feel that I am just a mere fan. What they always made me feel is that  ‘I am an ELF’ - the Ever Lasting FRIEND of Super Junior. Where will you ever find idols queuing for a cup of coffee at their own cafe? Where will you ever find idols treating almost 600 of their fans to a warm cup of coffee after watching their performance on a chilly night? Where will you ever find idols dancing and playing peek-a-boo with their fans at the airport? Where will you ever find idols taking pictures of their fans, posting it in their (cyworld/twitter) accounts with the captions ‘Thank you’ and ‘I love you’? Where will you ever find idols asking fans to have dinner together with their family because they are thankful? Where will you ever find idols treating one another as brothers even though they are not really of the same blood? Where will you ever find idols composing, making and dedicating songs especially for their fans? Where will you ever find idols wanting to donate a ‘golden disk’ that was gifted to them because they feel that it could help people more? Where will you ever find idols running back during a race competition to help his fellow racer who tripped? Where will you ever find idols asking songwriters and composers to change a song that’s supposed to be a tribute to them to one that will be a tribute to their fans? Where will you ever find idols praying and crying for their fans that died? Where will you ever find idols protecting their fans? Where will you ever find idols personally helping search for a fan who went missing? Where will you ever find idols giving chocolates to their fans at their concerts? Where will you ever find idols commenting on a fan’s video telling him that he did a good job with his own cover of their song and that they’ve enjoyed watching it? Where will you ever find idols treating their antis to dinner? Where will you ever find idols saying sorry to fans because they are in a hurry and couldn’t chat with them a longer more? Where will you ever find idols treating their fans ice creams during summer? Where will you ever find idols thanking their fans profusely as if there is no tomorrow? Where will you ever find idols including their stylists, designers, PD’s, managers, etc. in their thank you speech? Where will you ever find idols waving and making heart signs inside their hotel room window just to show how much they appreciate the fans that are waiting for them outside? Where will you ever find idols asking fans if they wanted to go up the hotel room because the air outside is pretty cold? Where will you ever find idols continuing to sing and dance under the rain without any protection just because they know that their fans are watching them? Where will you ever find idols asking fans to take care of their health? Where will you ever find idols giving their own drinks and foods to fans? Where will you ever find idols performing and doing their best even though they are really sick just because their fans deserve only the best? Where will you ever find idols bowing down and shaking the staffs’ hands to say thank you? Where will you ever find idols giving a deep bow at the red carpet? Where will you ever find idols tightly shaking the hands and hugging their fans after a performance? Where will you ever find idols staying on stage a little bit longer, even though they are already tired and sleepy, because they feel that the people who took time to watch them deserve all the thank you’s that they could get? Where will you ever find idols bowing 90 degrees for almost 10 seconds just to show how grateful they are? Maybe for other people, Super Junior is just another K-Pop group. But if they just look a little closer, then will they realize that Super Junior is much more than that… So why am I an ELF? “In the end, all the performers left the stage except Super Junior. Only Super Junior bowed down to all directions. Leeteuk, Hyukjae, Sungmin, Shindong and Ryeowook all came to bow and shake hands with people. My tears almost fell and all these is worth it. They understand us and their hearts hurt for us. Their gazes as they did their bows and handshakes cannot lie.”a fan 🌟I am an ELF.Because that choice would never be wrong.🌟 🌟I am an ELF.Because Super Junior is all worth it.🌟 🌟I am an ELF.Because being an ELF is such an honor🌟

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Sometimes (I Wish) [1/6]

Tomorrow is my bestie’s birthday and you should all go send her your best wishes to Nicki ( oncertwice ) because she is the most wonderful, kind, sweet, considerate and funny shipmate and friend that anyone could ever have! She’s my best friend, a friend that I love so much and I don’t know what I would do without her! 

I’m posting it tonight since tomorrow I’ll be at work and I don’t feel like putting it on queue since well, I prefer hitting the post button myself as I give this gift instead of the queue!

I’ve written her this story (based on a prompt she gave me) as a gift, which will have at least six parts and will be updated weekly (fingers crossed).

Thanks to neverlandspirate for proof reading it and helping me brainstorm on the story and to navykillian for being such a nice and wonderful beta!

Summary: Emma is a fashion designer who specializes on making wedding garments despite the fact of not believing on finding true love. When a handsome man enters her shop, she starts questioning herself on what is true love.

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The familiar ringing sound echoed through Emma’s bedroom urging her to wake up. A half asleep groan escaped her lips as her hand went to tap at her nightstand in search of the origin of the horrid sound. Her hand made contact with her phone as she lifted her head, and pressed snooze. She looked quickly at the time and her eyes widened when she saw that it was already seven o’clock. She must have slept through her other alarms.

Emma got up from her bed and walked to the other end of her small apartment to get to her bathroom and wash up. She had been living in this place for a year now, ever since her ex-fiancé broke off their engagement a week before their wedding. When Walsh had told her that he couldn’t see a future with her despite his feelings for her, she felt her world crumbling down realizing that no man could love her, at least not in the way she thought she should be loved.

She convinced herself after she had gotten her heart broken that there was only a handful of  people in this world who might be able to benefit from a fairy tale love where the couple would live happily ever after and have lots of kids. Her sister Mary Margaret, for instance,  was one of the few who had the chance to experience that kind of love and happiness. She had met David in college, and it was love at first sight for the two of them, their relationship starting off like the perfect fairy tale. It was not always easy, but they loved each other so much that they had made their way through their issues as hard as they may be, together, which at times could be nauseating for Emma.

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