i have a list of quotes i love but will i continue

Dear ex-lover,

It doesn’t kill me anymore to be “just friends” with you, and that makes me think I’m over you, over us. Maybe I am, maybe not, there’s no way to tell. But here is a list of things I’ll never admit to you:

i. In my bedside drawer, I still have the old bottle of deodorant that I used to wear when we had our summer romance because it reminds me of the beautiful beginning of our wild but innocent love. And once in a while, I like to inhale it all in and that puts a smile on my face, just like you used to.

ii. After you stopped teaching me your mother tongue, I fell in love with it. Even though you stopped recommending good movies, I continued on my own because I still craved to learn the language. I’m in love with those movies and the actors and the songs, and you’d be surprised if you knew how better I got at comprehending the language.

iii. I have never ever wished anything bad to happen to you, and even now, I want you to be really happy in life. I’m genuinely happy whenever our mutual best friend tells us you’re doing good, and I still rave about your achievements to everyone I know.

iv. Even though your mom hates me enough to tell you not to talk to me, the respect I have for her is beyond words. She’s one of the strongest people I know of to have survived everything life threw her way with her head held high, and bringing up an amazing person like you, simultaneously.

v. Just sometimes I still hug my pillow tight imagining it’s you as my eyes are closing because that gives me the feeling of safety and security and it reminds me of a time I felt intoxicated in love. It warms my heart.

vi. I haven’t heard your voice in more than three months but I remember the way your voice felt like silk saying my name, and the butterflies I felt in my stomach. I remember a lot of things you said that came straight out of your heart, and I feel lucky to have had that kind of young love.

Love fades and love stories are buried but the things you learnt from them and the feeling they gave you are for life.

Thank you for teaching me everything you did. I hope I too taught you something to remember me by.

Your ex-lover.

😎Late Nights, Early Mornings...😎

1) I no longer have a poker face. My emotions continue to betray me. What I feel will always be displayed on my face. I don’t even try to hide it anymore. You get what you get. To quote Annette Benning as Sylvia Fowler in “The Women,” “This is my face. Deal with it.”

2)Yeah, totally still feels like home. Still does something to me. I’ve accepted that this may forever be true. It still elicits the biggest smile ever. For all the reasons.

3)“You know I just wanna see you smile, right?” Right 😉

4)I’ve been dragging all day. I barely slept. But, it was totally worth it. There has been a running loop of a conversation playing in my head all day. I am NOT complaining about it. It’s a glorious loop though. I’ve been affected by it. Been feeling some kinda way for almost a full 24 hours.

5) As tired as I’ve been today, nothing was gonna stop me from hanging out with my family tonight. It’s always a great time. It’s always needed. They make me happy at all times. Laughed so much my sides hurt.

6) I’m struggling trying to finish watching “24: Legacy.” Corey is so dope. As soon as it’s over, I’m sure I’m gonna pass out. Today has been an incredible Monday. 💜

7) I’m already looking forward to this weekend. Hope the weather is lovely. We’re def gonna have so much fun. Cannot wait.

This photo collage edit is my loving tribute to all of the amazingly creative authors out there who have written and continue to write copious amounts of compelling Bethyl fanfic available online for us fic freaks to devour. LOL! 😜
I did a play on words from the famous Helen of Troy quote for the main text of the edit.
It was so difficult for me to choose only eight fics from my loooong list of faves from which to pull the excerpts from to use in the composition of this collage (it was actually the most time-consuming step of the process of creating it!), but here are the ones that I selected for this purpose–listed in order as they go in the collage from left to right/from top to bottom row…

***ADDENDUM to the initial post of this edit: I was incorrect in my credit to Abelina for her ‘Fall Right In’ fic excerpt. It was actually from chapter 1 of ‘The Hunt’ by Saya087. This was a total mistake on my part and I have made the necessary correction below. Thank you to @abelinajt herself for pointing this out to me. I appreciate it!!! So sorry for the error! It was never my intention to incorrectly credit you for Saya087’s fic.💗***

From chapter 2 of
‘I Bet You Didn’t Know Someone Could Love You This Much’ by @dynamicsymmetry:

From chapter 87 of
'I Will Follow You into the Dark’ by Aireabella @boltthrutheheart:

From chapter 6 of
'Continuum’ by TheWalkingDead69:

From chapter 2 of
'Birthday Cake’ by HappyDirtyCookiie @happycookiie:

From chapter 1 of
'The Hunt’ by Saya087

From chapter 5 of
'Fifty Four Days’ by LemonStar @templeton21:

From chapter 2 of
'All That Remains’ by @swiftsnowmane:

From chapter 1 of
'Prisoner of War’ by @bethgreenewarriorprincess:

2016 Goals!! LET’S GO!

Ok, so I never really listed my goals for this year, and they say that if you write it down, you are more likely to complete them! So here they are! Also, I WILL BE 21 in a few months! AHH its gonna be a great year! I want to make it amazing!

1. I feel like I’ve been posting a lot on tumblr, and I’m pretty happy with it, so I would like to continue on it. I love tumblr! Its really inspiring, and I want to continue posting every few days!

2. READ 20 books. I made this my goal at the start of the year with my blog, but school work was really hard and I slacked, so I will start again! I want to read the newspaper every morning, I want to have a book with me always. I want to write down quotes, and read in a lot of different places. With amazon, I think getting cheep books is a DREAM.

3. Work on my BLOG more. Do one blog update a week, every Sunday! I named it Let’s Learn about Econ, because I really wanted to focus on that since it is my major and my passion, but I would like to also include other topics, and be my normal blog as well. That site is so confusing how to use, it drives me crazy.

4. Work on my PHOTOGRAPHY more. I want to bring my camera more places and film more. I want to remember college years, and film my campus, my friends, my experiences, and just blog more. I want to upload to youtube more and make more cool videos!

5. I wanna go OUT to adventure more, do more things outdoors like hiking, exploring, running etc. I want to go to more cafes, blog there, enjoy early mornings, write a little and work on my photography. I think that is really nice, just the little things in life. I just want to be out of the house more and out of my dorm room more. Even though I live in New England and its cold most of the year, just bundle up and go go go!

6. I want to go to the GYM more, and be healthy! (yes, kinda old but lets start again!) I think posting about it, and going with friends def helps, so I will do that. I will post more photos of when I work out, and my meals!

7. I want to get better GRADES, and this means putting in more time to study, going to all my classes, not even missing one. I want to wake up earlier each morning, at 8am, get ready, do my make up, organize everything, and go go go!

8. I want to apply to some JOBS, and try to see if I can get anything interesting to intern during the summer even though I already have a job being a substitute teacher, I want something in the business world. I am possibly going to Europe this summer, so I’m not sure how that will go, but we shall see.

Hello Friendlings!

I have recently decided to make a favorite/good books to read page. I would really love if you guys could send in some of your favorite books (or all of them)! 


- Must be following me!

- You gotta reblog this, man. 


You send me a message with 

  • Your name (idc if it’s your preferred name, full name, or your full name).
  • A list of the books you like with the authors name(s). 

When I decide that this post has enough notes, I will make the page. You can always keep messaging me with new books you’ve read that you like and I will continue to add them to the page. I will put the books on there in alphabetical order and put the name and URL of the person who submitted it. If more than one person submits the same book I will put both of their names on the book. 

I am SO EXCITED for this! Thank you in advance!

Also, if someone who knows how to make those fan sign things, that’d be really rad cause idk how to make one but I want one for this post. lol.