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Things I didn’t know Desmond could do 1/? - Mah boi pulling some John Wick style right here

Heyy, it’s Cassie!  A few days ago i reached 3k, so i wanted to show my appreciation to you all. I really don’t know what to say, but just thank you. My work is far from perfect, yet you all for some reason still support me. Words can’t express how thankful i am for that. I produce gfx/art/gifs for my enjoyment,   however, the best part about it all is your feedback. I’ve received many compliments on my work and it really benefits me since i always have the mindset that my work isn’t good enough. Your feedback has such a huge impact on me and encourages me to continue.

When i hit this milestone, i wanted to make gfx based off of your archive, but school is approaching now which leaves me with not much time. I really wish that i could do more, but maybe i can contribute to you in some way in the future? Ahhh anyways, this is my way of saying thank you for now. 

Below is a list of people who make beautiful content/lovely people who i enjoy following. I know i used a heart, but everyone here is special. Thank you again to my followers, love you all! ^;;___;;^

bold - mutuals
💗 - talk on a daily basis, occasionally, or i’m mutuals with who i’ve talked to once that sent me really sweet messages

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The promo and the GIF/photos inspired me…also on AO3 http://archiveofourown.org/works/9621602

Sharing is trusting

Alec’s hands are griping Magnus’ shirt backing him up towards the bedroom, leaning down to kiss him passionately as they go, lips crashing together as he’s pulled against the hard lines of shadowhunter body.

 Magnus is loving this turn of events just days after their first date but can’t help wonder why Alec suddenly seems so forward when something dawns on him. Quickly he breaks the kiss, gasping for breath with a hand on Alec’s chest to try and keep some space between them.

“Alexander…wait a moment please.” Magnus smiles at Alec and takes a small step away, hoping to slow things down a little.

“You do know just because I told you about the 17,000 doesn’t mean I expect to add you to that list right away. I think you and I could have something really special here and that means that I want to treasure every moment with you.

We don’t have to rush this, you only get one first time and you need to be sure you’re ready. And then, when you’re sure we’ll make it special, meaningful. Most of the others I don’t even remember their names, they were just a way to pass the time on lonely nights. A quick bit of fun, you already mean way more than that to me already, you know that right?”

Alec blushes and looks away, unable to hold Magnus’ gaze.

“I…I…I just want to make you happy. I don’t want you to find someone else Magnus, someone who knows how to do this, who can give you a proper relationship with everything that involves. How can I compare to all those other experiences you’ve had when I’ve literally done nothing! ”

Magnus slides his hand from Alec’s chest up to the front of his shoulder and rubs small comforting circles with his thumb until the shadowhunter looks at him again.

“Alexander, you don’t have to compete. You have my full attention and there is no one I want to spend time with more than you. I love just talking to you, I’d love to snuggle with you while we chat, kiss you some more but only if you want it too. It’s ok if we take this slow, just try not to overthink everything. You’re not the only one that feels vulnerable. ”

Alec searches Magnus face trying to figure out why the beautiful, confident man in front of him could possibly feel vulnerable.

“What are you worried about Magnus, you’ve lived forever, had so many experiences. You must know how handsome and wonderful you are, how attractive others find you.” Alec says, no heat behind his words just feeling confused still.

“Well, I try…” Magnus chuckles gesturing at himself, drawing attention to his make up and jewellery before looking a little more serious when he continues. “But there’s things about me you don’t know yet. I’m hoping you’ll get to know them eventually but let’s just say not everyone over the years has been as tolerant of warlocks as you are. Not all experiences are good ones.”

“You know that how I feel has nothing to do with you being a warlock or not. It’s you as a person that I like.” Alec reassures.

Magnus smiles up at Alec before taking a deep breath, his face now reflecting his inner insecurities and doubts, deciding if he really wants to continue with what he’s about to do.

“What’s is it Magnus? ” Alec asks as he notices not only the expression change but also the way Magnus whole body seems to have stiffened slightly.

“I want to show you something Alexander, I think it’ll help. You’ve told me about your insecurities and fears tonight so it’s only right I share a big one of my own. ” he tries to smile at the taller man but it feels week even to himself.

“Only if you’re sure…” Alec repeats back Magnus’ earlier sentiment.

“I’m sure…its just…I’ve lost people who I was interested in before over this, I don’t want to lose you but I don’t want to hide from you. I trust you and it’s important to me that you know exactly what you’re getting into before you decide if you want us to go further.” 

“Er…okay?” Alec says as he watches Magnus closes his eyes, take a deep breath and seems to steady himself for a moment. He takes both of Magnus’ hands in his, interlacing his own fingers with the other mans ringed fingers trying to reassure the man in front of him.

Slowly Magnus’ eyes flutter open and Alec’s breath catches at what he sees. Gone are the deep brown eyes that he’s used to seeing Magnus with, the expressive eyes that always give away what the warlock is feeling and now in their place are honey gold orbs with narrow almond shaped pupils. They seem to sparkle in the light and Alec can’t help but stare. 

Magnus looks away blinking as he puts the glamour back up, sadness reflected on his face as he tries to turn away and Alec immediately realises he’s not said anything yet and had just been examining the warlock marks, his gaze intense and emotionless as he tried to take in every detail. He quickly lifts his hand to cup Magnus’ face in his palm and guides it back towards him.

“You’re beautiful” he whispers, his voice breathy and low “seriously Magnus, I got a little lost looking at them and I’m sorry if that made you doubt my reaction but your eyes are just mesmerising.” Alec leans in to gently place a kiss on Magnus’ lips before pulling back to smile at him.

Magnus lets out the breath he hadn’t even realised he was still holding and smiles up at his boyfriend, his heart squeezes in his chest and he’s pretty sure it’s the last fragments of the walls he’d built crumbling and falling away. 

They stand like that for a few moments, neither one saying anything just looking at each other and smiling. Alec is the first to break the comfortable silence.

“Don’t feel like you ever have to hide from me Magnus, I love your real eyes and I’m honoured you felt ready to show me them. Now can we get back to where this night was originally going. I might have started with all the wrong reasons but I’m sure now. I trust you Magnus and I want to spend the night with you.”

“Alexander, you never cease to amaze me!” Magnus whispers as he reveals his cat eyes again and this time it’s him who reaches up to wrap his hand around the back of Alec’s neck, pulling him down to kiss him deeply as they slowly start walking their way to the bedroom again. 


Magnus stirs early the next morning, the rising sun shining in his eyes where he forgot to close the curtains last night. What catches his eye though is the perfect form laying next to him, the sheet covering Alec’s lower body but his torso is bathed in sunlight and Magnus reaches out to trace the runes across the muscled sholders and back. 

Alec yawns and groans as he slowly wakes up, rolling over to smile at the warlock as long fingers slide from his back, across his ribs to land on his chest as he moves.  

“Morning sweetheart” Magnus whispers as he places a chaste kiss on Alec’s cheek.

“Hi,” Alec breathes “so last night really happened.” A blush spreading on his cheeks. 

“You don’t regret it do you?”

“Of course not Magnus, it was wonderful, you were amazing. I just wish I could have made it as good for you as it was for me” Alec ducks his head, avoiding Magnus’ gaze.

“Darling, you have no idea how good it was for me too. Being your first was an honour but it was my first time too. The first time I got to be with you, a memory I will always treasure. It’s something I hope to repeat often though.” Magnus chuckles and gives Alec a fond look.

Alec just smiles and snuggles close and rests his head on Magnus’ chest.

“I think I like that idea…very much!”

“You know Alexander, I think I had to kiss a lot of toads first but I finally found my prince in you.”

Alec just rolls his eyes at the cheesy comment but suddenly every last doubt he ever had about not being able to compare to everyone in Magnus’ past has gone. They might have got to have a small taste of this magical man but Alec is the one who gets to keep him.

i actually reached 10k followers since like the beginning of june but i was literally drowning with homework and exams back then so i didn’t have time to post this earlier. so yeah this is my first time doing one of these and i wanted to thank you all for following this blog for so long!!! i would have never imagined that i would have this amount of followers and i’m really happy that there are so many people out there who enjoy this blog enough to follow it. ♡

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@tobumi for being my first mutual ever ??? like wow??? 

@pastel-blaster for being extremely sweet and making me an edit on my birthday :) thank you for everything!!!

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i’m sorry if i missed anyone… i’m pretty dumb ok ;o; but yeah that’s pretty much it!! i love you all! <3

let me start this by saying what i usually say: MY CHILDREN, ARE YOU ALL LOST??? hence my choice of edit for this post, as well, because, just like Kit says, the cat that’s doing that is the only reaction i have for this madness. how are there so many of you, how why when where for what motive?? i spend half my time on this blog writing crack and non-sense and crying about Jon Snow and all of this has only gotten 5x worse after s07 started — and yet. look at all of you. i want to keep you all forever, and forever safe and cozy under the Lord Commander cloak. 

 because it is long overdue, then, here is a list of the ones who’ve made and are making my experience on this blog the best that i could have ever hoped for. let it be known that i love and appreciate you all so much. and that, even if you are not in this list, it is no different — because every single one of the 1200+ of you are what makes this blog worth having and what makes each single of my days better and more enjoyable ♥ ♥ ♥ 

@1000liveslived​ & @abetterclaim & @abloodywoman & @aboyforthewatch & @agirlingrey & @agirlofwinterfell & @akingslayerx & @amidalc & @apurekindness & @anarchywithin & @arcusignis & @ashesri & @astatheloner & @astrainfinitude & @atrabilicus & @aureatehand & @aurerum & @balerios & @bearmaiiden & @benjenstcrk & @bird-dove-wolf & @blackmage-lulu & @boltxnbastard & @boywarg & @breakercfchains & @briidunviing & @byers-willbyers & @cagcdbird & @cantfrightenme & @cerseilionesslannister & @coldhonovr & @corcillum & @davosshorthand​​​ & @dawnryse​​​ & @dcllparted​​​ & @dcvaogedy​​​ & @decreedlore​​​ & @demonixfrost​​​ & @dissolvedshadows​​​ & @distrcss​​​ & @dornishdrxgon​​​ & @dracaesanguinem​​​ & @durnaar​​​ & @dxdger​​​ & @emcraldscales​​​ & @epheemere​​​ & @eversoblack​​​ & @fatecarrier​​​ & @fatherofmachine​​​ & @fifthbornforrester​​​ & @firstxfhernxme​​​ & @flame-of-ostwick​​​ & @flxbber​​​ & @foolofajonquil​​​ & @foreignaccent​​​ & @forsakingonevow​​​ & @fyrsol​​​ & @georgerrrmartin & @girllorn & @godveiined & @goldenngore & @goldenhaircd & @griffinshand & @gulldrengur & @halvbjorn & @handofhonor & @harborplayed & @heavynlymuses & @hecantbekilled & @hiddensteel & @honnleathrose & @honorwinning & @honourofwesterling & @hyperionknight & @iarainn & @informaticn & @ircnbcrn & @ircnreigned & @ircnvictory​ & @kcrsi & @keepfcith & @khaaldrogoooo & @kingslaying & @kingwhocared & @kolhearted & @ladybcar & @lcrdcrow & @lightperks & @liifegambler & @liittlehound & @littlcscribe & @littlealinabolton & @littlefiinger & @ljosmodur & @longmayshereign-cersei & @longsilvcr​ & @madecfstars & @madeofwildfire & @maegtig & @mairghread & @meleabra & @missppxtts & @mistressmxleficent & @mithraiic & @moonoverbourbon & @motherofwolvcs & @motherstarkling & @mothertrgryen & @motherviper & @multusxcastalides & @mxdam & @mxncipium & @mybigfatcock & @myrces & @ncglect & @needlcd & @neitherknightnorlady & @nivallis & @northernveined & @oathbreakcr & @obuljagon & @ofblackfyre & @ofgoldenwit & @ofironandbeauty​ & @oftarth & @ofthewhitehands & @onceasmuggler & @onceporcelain & @onlywhores & @outlawerofbeets & @padshiy & @pcnurnbra & @phoeniiixia & @podstye & @poweriism & @powershout & @predative & @princessbcrn & @qceenmother & @queenxcersei & @queenxfthorns & @queenxmargaery & @rainbowguard & @rcsedknight & @rcseheir & @rcsethcrn & @reekcd & @reodwulf & @rhaegxr & @roseguided & @royalsadist & @rxdpriest​ & @sadisticwiitch​ & @saltveined​ & @sansavis​ & @secxndstark​ & @sermountain​ & @serursus​ & @seulerose​ & @shaenc​ & @sheisthesxnlight​ & @sheloppe​ & @shewolfheart​ & @shieldarmed​ & @showmaxter​ & @sifshieldmaiden​ & @silregina​ & @skylinesentinel​ & @snarkofstark​ & @starkmatriarch​ & @stcnequeen​ & @stillcominback​ & @stxaling​ & @stxrmurdottir​ & @sunofdorne​ & @taintedblccd​ & @tanriisal​ & @tardisinhumanflesh​ & @tasspace​ & @tcmbraider​ & @temeraaires​ & @tethereddivine​ & @thcbull​ & @thecodekeeper​ & @thedragoninthesnow​ & @theeldestsun​ & @theeternalsun​ & @thefirststorm​ & @thelostwildwolf​ & @thesellsword​ & @theusurper​ & @timpazolka​ & @tireure​ & @tragiclycan​ & @trickstercaptain​ & @tridentdemon​ & @twiicetheheart​ & @tyrelliae​ & @tyricnlannistcr​ & @unburntxqueen​ & @unscorchedqueen​ & @unseenmockingjay​​ & @valadhxfndr & @valyarys & @valyrianflame & @valyriansilver & @vclvety & @viridisyreni & @voguerps & @watchdeserter & @watcherandshield & @wclfwild & @wiingedwolf & @wildmoored & @wildncss & @wildwclf & @wineinthewidow & @wintercrowned & @winterhelled & @winterskraken & @winterswhcre & @withanarmy & @wolfdreamt & @wolfqueennamedstark & @wolfsouled & @worserthoughts & @worshipsonlydeath & @xaedificare & @yngwolfrobb & @yunafied & @zaldrizesx & @zaldrizotala & @zokliitsos

A new update is here! (finally…. :D) <3 I also made a little gif to go with my list from now on :D Find the complete list HERE

New additions to The List since last time:

Multichaptered Love

  • In Need of an Outlet by blj2007 - this started as a meet-cute in a coffee shop, full of innuendos and went to become so much more <3 I love this so much <3
  • What’s It Gonna Be by lemonoclefox - Pride and Prejudice inspired AU <3 Magnus is a talented baker at Fairchild’s bakery, Alec is an insufferable prick - or is he? This is so lovely <3 Better than the movie imho :D
  • STAR WARS: A Search for Justice by Ketz - This is epic <3 I love Star Wars and I love this :D Alec as a (soon to be former) stormtrooper and Magnus as a Jedi, fighting for the Downworlder Resistance against the Circle…
  • Eyes On Me by clockworkswan - When a new same-sex dancing rule is made, Magnus is determined to prove this is a good change. All he needs is a partner for ballroom dancing… <3 I am SO IN LOVE with this fic :D It’s fluffy and perfect, and I have a weakness for dancing :D
  • The Way You Move Me by blj2007 - When Alec takes his little brother Max to go roller skating, he didn’t think he’d end up meeting someone so intriguing at the rink. He can’t really skate himself, but ends up coming back to the rink - only for his brother of course :D I love this story <3
  • Appassionato by Chonideno - Alec likes to play the piano for himself, until his upstairs neighbor, whom he’s never seen before, starts slipping notes with song requests under his door. Hauntingly beautiful descriptions, full of feelings, even if you know nothing about music <3

Cute little Oneshots*

  • It’s a Yes from Me by Ketz - reclusive singer Alec Lightwood gets roped into being a judge for the Angel’s Voice. And there’s one contestant that’s especially talented as well as intriguing…love this so much <3
  • Flirting With Death by AllOfTheFanfic - Magnus gets hit by a car and meets his soulguide Alec, while staring down at his body. Major character death, but in a nice happy end way…it’s very interesting <3
  • never again left unsaid by hufflebee- Magnus realizes Alec never leaves the loft without telling Magnus he loves him. Short, cute, fluffy <3
  • I’ll Write You A Fantasy by theloverneverleaves - technically this is a series of currently 2 oneshots, decided to put it under oneshots though^^ Alec gets dragged to ComicCon by his siblings and ends up falling for a fantasy author… <3
  • Belonging by iloveyoursmile - Swimming AU with Alec as a swimmer and Magnus as a diver. There’s fluff <3 and drama. Enjoyable even if you don’t like sports (like me :D)

*actually not so little in some cases :D

as always: please send fic recs whenever you like! I sometimes forget to mark stuff I have read, and then am really annoyed with myself, would be great to find some of those again…., and I also always want to read new stuff! I will read anything you recommend and decide whether it’ll be added to the list :)

Authors included in this update: @blj2007, @lemonoclefox, @sweetillusionketz, @clockworkswans, @warlocksass, @hufflebee, @isabellebiwoods, @lolguess

btw - since this list has grown enormously, I will soon establish a system to mark my absolute faves, that I re-read all the time - and will make a post with those special fics. I’m gonna limit them to…idk, 20-ish?

First of all, a big thank you to all of those who have changed their urls for Halloween, it made it all so much easier for me to do this follow forever lmao. Now I just wanted to say thank you to all the people who follow me, if I don’t follow you back it’s not because I don’t like you, I love you, I may just not be in the fandoms you’re posting about. Also I tend to follow people who post original/creative content. Here we go, the lovely and talented people who make my tumblr experience so much fun are listed below.

Bolded; favorites

A - C @atouchofmagic @alexander-izzy @alexanderspumpkin @abloodneed @alecsplushpillow @alec-magnvs @alberto-rosende @acuite @andrewminyards @alecsizzy @alecblushed @archerwarlock @alexandersbne @alinepenhallow @alectightwood @alexandargideonlightwood @amorverus @blushyalec @booberrybane @bane–lightwood @blackcanarysource @belovedbane @b8gdanow @chylersleigh @captndawn @cyantists @canislytherinthings @completeresources @claryfraydaily @catirinaloss @clacedaily @claryfightwood @capstevierogers @capheus @corlgrimes @captainandor @claryfire

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So I’ve passed both a milestone and my one year anniversary recently. I’ve reached 1k + and let me say, I didn’t expect to have that many of you here. The scene where Mike is showboating about his tv sums it up. Not only are there fellow roleplayers who have taken interest in my blog and writing, but there are personal blogs in the fandom who frequently show their support by liking and reblogging my posts. I appreciate you all! You help make my experience as a roleplayer that much more fun, which is what this is all about: having fun. So thank you. Anytime somebody takes the time out of their day to praise my portrayal or writing is a welcomed surprise. Still can’t believe it’s been a year! In that year, I’ve met a lot of great new people and made even more friends. And now we all have Season 2 of ST to look forward to.

Mainly I want to say thanks to a list of people for being there for me, whether it’s been willing to write with me, or sharing random and supportive messages. I hope you all can have as much enjoyment during your time on here as much as I have been able to. You deserve it!

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this is a friendly reminder that it’s always important to spread our bughead love to the twitterverse! we want the people who work hard on this show to know how much we love and support our sleuths– so i’ve put together a small list of people to send our love to


@WriterRAS* @SarahSoWitty  @GBerlanti


@BrianEPaterson @_RossMaxwell @CohenJulia @brittashipsit @RiverdaleWriter


@TheCW @CW_Riverdale


@lilireinhart​ @colesprouse

if you’re able, i implore you to tweet your support tonight. you don’t have to @ anybody if it makes you uncomfortable, but i encourage you to use #bughead in your tweets. it would be awesome to get our detectives trending tonight! we can’t control the amount of hate our ship receives, but we can make sure our voices aren’t drowned out by the hate :)

*as always, if there’s anybody i missed on the list that you feel should be added, let me know

— i was dulcetyeoll ; hello sunshines! I’m here with my first follow forever and to announce that i’m changing url. i have been dulcetyeoll for two, almost three years now and i think it’s time to change; so let’s celebrate! it’s not that i don’t like the url anymore, i just like mochichans more now eheh; besides, now me and jelly have couple urls ; u ;
i wanted to thank all of my followers, mutuals and senpais for everything. you babies are the main reason i’m still on tumblr and i wouldn’t know what to do without you; there was so many times i was down and feeling sad and people here managed to cheer me up and made me feel so special, so a huge thank you to y’all and here’s my mini-mini follow forever ❤️

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I am beyond overwhelmed to have hit this milestone. I don’t even a little bit deserve so many wonderful people, and honestly it just makes me wish that I could know even more of you amazing people better.

I have so much in my head to say, and some of it isn’t just incoherent crying, but I can’t verbalize it to save my life. But know that this, and everybody who is constantly so sweet and supportive of me, absolutely makes my day. I wouldn’t have stuck around here as long as I have if it weren’t for you.

I believe that it is customary to make a list of faves, so I want to take the opportunity to thank some lovely people in particular for talking to me, making me laugh, and impressing the crap out of me with your work. I was going to try to write something for everyone, but if I did that I’m afraid I might be here all night. Just know that I love you all, but if you still need a hype-woman I am all too willing to provide the service 

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Sammy’s Gotcha

gif is not mine

Title: Sammy’s Gotcha

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Word count: 1,078

Warnings: injured reader, fluff

A/N: This was requested by three different people (all anon). I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

For the past week you had been incredibly stressed.  You never gave yourself time to relax.  There was no time to relax, or so you thought.  Realistically, there was time to relax, but you never did.  You wanted to keep going.  You were afraid that if you slowed down your thoughts and feelings would catch up to you.  The thoughts that stopped you for a whole week only two months ago.  It was as if your whole world as going to crash down around you once again.

Sam was always there by your side through it all.  He never failed to see the signs that things were getting bad again.  Sam saw the way you blocked them out.  Sam noticed how you didn’t sleep at night.  He could see that it was only a matter of time before you would snap.

Unfortunately, that day happened to be today.  After the three of you returned to the bunker, you went straight to your room.  Sam and Dean watched you with concerned eyes.  Dean thought it was best to let you work it out yourself, but that’s not how Sam felt.  Sam kept a reasonable distance behind you as you walked to your room.  Sam could hear your sniffles as they echoed off of the hallway walls.  

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It’s been a week since the mid season finale and the first Shadowhunters AU Monday is finally here! We promise that there will be a wide variety of prompts in the following weeks (less mundane and generic ones), but we decided to start off with a familiar, much beloved au to make sure no one gets overwhelmed before we even get started. So without further ado:


But fear not! This theme does not only include coffee shops, but also bakeries, cat cafés, and any sort of quaint little coffee place to get your daily caffeine fix. And whether it’s in the middle of New York, in a small town somewhere, on the moon, or placed in the 1920′s is entirely up to you!

Remember to tag your work with #shaumondays (one of the 5 first tags), and make sure to make it clear if your work has any triggers. It would also make things a lot easier, if you could somehow try to indicate which main characters, otps and brotps are involved in the work, especially if it a piece of writing. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the tags or somewhere else in the post. 

Also a quick reminder that these prompts are meant for all sorts of fanwork and we can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! Inspiration can be found under the read more if needed.

As always: Be respectful, have fun and get creative!

Love,  the SHAUMondays squad

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hey there! ever since I remade, I’ve been meaning to make a follow forever, but I wasn’t able to get a stable connection and whatnot to make one, but here I am today! I just want to give a little shoutout to all the people on the list for making my dash and time on here enjoyable! you’re the reason I stay on this hellsite, so continue being awesome! ^^

also to all the people who have supported my edits and as of recent, my crappy gifs, I honestly wanna say thank you. making edits is something I honestly enjoy and one of the reasons why I like staying on here. I hope I can continue bringing edits and gifs your way and I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed making them!! 

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 BECAUSE  THAT  TOTALLY  JUST  HAPPENED  .  8475984  threads  and  four  months  later  ,  here  we  are  .  i’ve  had  a  blast  playing  adam  ,  and  though  i  (  as  well  as  the  fandom  )  have  had  my  ups  and  downs  ,  i  can’t  say  i  regret  every  picking  up  prince  adam  as  a  muse  .  i’ve  grown  to  love  him  ,  and  i’m  really  ,  really  passionate  about  him  ,  honestly  ,  and  all  he  is  .  he  makes  me  proud  ,  even  though  he’s  a  fuckboy  most  of  the  time  sjdkfhlskjdh  .    this  list  is  going  to  be  relatively  short  ,  since  i’m  a  bit  lazy  and  there  are  people  who  i  feel  so  passionately  about  and  i  want  to  thank  with  my  entire  soul  for  everything  they’ve  ever  done  for  me  .  i  know  i’ve  forgotten  a  lot  of  people  here  ,  because  i  follow  a  lot  of  people  ,  but  please  don’t  think  i  meant  it  on  purpose  !!!  honestly  ,  i  will  probably  be  continuing  to  add  people  jlsdhgkjsh  .

first  of  all  ,  i’d  like  to  personally  thank  🥀  dan  stevens  aka  丹丹龙  🥀  for  existing  .  i  smile  every  time  i  see  him  and  he  makes  very  me  happy  .  please  ,  like  ,  adopt  me  .  thank  you  .  please  get  this  message  to  dan  stevens  .

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Luci’s Tattoo

gif is not mine

Title: Luci’s Tattoo

Reader: Lucifer x Reader (Soulmate AU)

Word Count: 921

Warnings: Fluffish and slight angst

A/N: I hope you all enjoy some Lucifer <3 <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I hope you all enjoy this, I love you all so much!! <3 <3

This was requested by an anon: Hey can you do a Lucifer soulmate au where they have matching tattoos of his wings and make it angsty then complete fluff

Ever since you could remember, you had this tattoo of wings on your back.  Your parents used to tell you that one day you would see a tattoo that would match the one on your back.  That person was your soulmate.  

You were getting ready for a party and you heard a knock on your bedroom door.  You were having trouble getting the zipper the rest of the way up.  “Come in,” you called over your shoulder.  Perhaps the person on the other side of the door would help you with your dress.

Lucifer poked his head into the room, almost surprised to see that you were still getting dressed.  “Are you trying to seduce me [Y/N],” Lucifer asked as he entered your room.  

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this is a friendly reminder that it’s always important to spread our bughead love to the twitterverse! we want the people who work hard on this show to know how much we love and support our sleuths– so i’ve put together a small list of people to send our love to


@WriterRAS* @SarahSoWitty  @GBerlanti


@BrianEPaterson @_RossMaxwell @CohenJulia @brittashipsit @RiverdaleWriter 


@TheCW @CW_Riverdale


@lilireinhart​ @colesprouse

if you’re able, i implore you to tweet your support tonight. you don’t have to @ anybody if it makes you uncomfortable, but i encourage you to use #bughead in your tweets. it would be awesome to get our detectives trending tonight! we can’t control the amount of hate our ship receives, but we can make sure our voices aren’t drowned out by the hate :) 

*as always, if there’s anybody i missed on the list that you feel should be added, let me know

hi there!! because i recently hit 1.7k and because i miss editing i’d like to make some url-inspired edits ;) 


- you don’t need to be following me, but maybe check out my blog

- look through my list of fandoms

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That’s it ;) (if you want a different edit, just send me a message with your character!) I’ll try to comlete every request, but first, let’s see if this doesn’t flop. 

Have a wonderful day! xx

Hawkeye Gough lets loose on the competition!

The four knights of Gwyn are reunited at last!

I’ll have to make something with the four of them in it…

I kinda have an idea for who I want to make next, but as usual the list of characters still to be made can be found here: http://azure-gaia.tumblr.com/post/127338253040/lists-and-lists
If you see someone on the list and you want them made, give a shout!

I Want You Here

gif is not mine

Title: I Want You Here

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 1,059

Warnings: angst, attempt of suicide (KIND OF, but also not really???)

A/N: This wasn’t requested, but I was listening to THIS song and I had an idea.  You can also thank Spotify lol. So I wrote it and I hope that this doesn’t upset anyone. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

Ever since the death of your soulmate Gabriel, life was never the same.  The Winchesters checked up on you every now and then, but they stopped coming around after awhile.  They would call you from time to time.  Dean wasn’t even the one who called; Sam was the only one who called anymore.  Perhaps you weren’t worth their time anymore.  That seemed to be the case for Castiel too, but you figured he was busy.

Dean and Sam once told you that the pain would eventually fade away and that you would move on.  They didn’t know what it was like to lose a soul mate, let alone have one.  It was stronger than any bond known to mankind.  There was only one Gabriel.  No one could possibly compare to him.

On many days, after a rather exhausting hunt, you would collapse onto your couch.  There was always a bottle of liquor on your coffee table.  You thought about how Gabriel would jokingly tease you about turning into a Winchester.  Those thoughts only made you more depressed.

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