i have a leonard nimoy problem

Well, I’m writing a book about him, about Leonard and friendship. And he might have been my dearest friend, and we had a lot of – I guess the word “fun” applies to it – in living our lives alongside each other. His background is not unlike mine. His marital life was very much like mine. He had children. I had children. And we had many of the same problems and advantages. And so we had a lot in common. And we made each other laugh a lot. And that’s what my book is going to be about: about friendship.
—  William Shatner on Leonard Nimoy and his book
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In light of recent events I wanted to share this with you. God knows William Shatner isn’t perfect, but I wish people would leave him alone at the moment. I’m sure William being unable to attend his funeral would not be a problem to Leonard so why is it a problem to everybody else? Right now I much prefer honoring Leonard Nimoy’s thoughts and feelings on the man than bashing him for something Leonard wouldn’t have a problem with. LLAP  \//