i have a leonard nimoy problem


On William Shatner’s bravura performance in Star Trek’s final, thoroughly embarrassing episode, “Turnabout Intruder,” producer Fred Freiberger said: “I was, frankly, a little concerned when Gene Roddenberry came up with a story where Kirk changes place with a woman. When I originally read it, I had said to Gene, ‘I wonder what Shatner is going to say about this,’ and Gene said he wouldn’t have any problem with it. He was right. When I mentioned it to Shatner, he just loved the idea.” (x)

Leonard Nimoy on the same episode: “My recollection of the script was that it was something of a one-note joke, rather gimmicky, but Bill approached the challenge with typical zest and energy, which I admired.” (x)

Myself, I wish that Shatner had shown a Janet Lester that was more thoughtful and strategic in her occupation of our favorite captain with fewer screeching outbursts and hissed threats. 

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can i ask a q about carrie fisher and judaism? i've been talking with a friend who feels talking about fisher's death in any sort of religious way is inappropriate since she was agnostic. what i've seen is people saying not to talk about fisher's death in a christian way (i.e. 'she's at the pearly gates') because she was jewish. i'm struggling to understand why i agree that you shouldn't speak for another's religious beliefs, but don't have a problem with the news calling fisher a jewish woman.

I am an agnostic Jew. Being uncertain about whether or not G-d exists doesn’t make me not Jewish. Carrie Fisher had a mixed religious upbringing and has described herself as “half-Jewish.”  I don’t think it’s really appropriate to police how people mourn her at any rate. 

Part of the problem here is a lot of people were really Christian in how they mourned Leonard Nimoy. Except Nimoy had a much stronger and more visible connection to Judaism in his public life than Carrie Fisher appeared to. It’s a gray area, but I would avoid policing this in one direction or the other. 

In light of recent events I wanted to share this with you. God knows William Shatner isn’t perfect, but I wish people would leave him alone at the moment. I’m sure William being unable to attend his funeral would not be a problem to Leonard so why is it a problem to everybody else? Right now I much prefer honoring Leonard Nimoy’s thoughts and feelings on the man than bashing him for something Leonard wouldn’t have a problem with. LLAP  \//

Well, I’m writing a book about him, about Leonard and friendship. And he might have been my dearest friend, and we had a lot of – I guess the word “fun” applies to it – in living our lives alongside each other. His background is not unlike mine. His marital life was very much like mine. He had children. I had children. And we had many of the same problems and advantages. And so we had a lot in common. And we made each other laugh a lot. And that’s what my book is going to be about: about friendship.
—  William Shatner on Leonard Nimoy and his book