i have a legit crush on this guy~

Dave….Dave plz come back on and tell us tomorrow that we will have two or three more seasons…plz…

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hcs for cuddling with my best boys mirio and katsuki???:)

oh yeah mah boys (lol I say that for everyone cause they’re all my boys)


-          Ok so I’ve talked about this before but…..



-          ALL THAT JAZZ

-          He loves it

-          At first when him and his s/o start dating he’s very ‘wtf why are you touching me in public??’ so they’d have to ease him into it

-          But like once he’s in it, he’s in it

-          Only cuddles in private tho,

-          Like yeah he’ll hold your hand and have an arm around your waist in public but don’t expect any hugs

-          Honestly it embarrasses him like crazy

-          Real cute

-          Still cuddles are saved for only specific occasions

-          When he’s tired he gets really cuddly but won’t ask for cuddles, his s/o will have to just pick up on it

-          Also when he’s pissed his s/o can easily calm him down by holding him

Mirio (he looks like a beefy fucking lucas and it kills me)

-          Big cuddler

-          Cuddles before he’s even in a relationship

-          Def cuddles tamaki and nejire when they’re sad so like if his crush is sad he’s not gonna hesitate to engulf them with his arms

-          Nice beefy arms

-          Have you guys seen his arms????????

-          I would kill a man to be held by them

-          Anyway not only is he a big cuddler but he’s damn good at it

-          Just loves being in contact with his s/o and holding them

-          Could be doing legit anything and he’d be wrapped around them

-          Homework? Definitely!

-          Watching a movie? 100%!

-          What I’m writing makes him seem rly clingy but he’s respects personal space

-          If his s/o doesn’t want to be held he respects that

-          He’s a good beefy boy who gives fantastic cuddles

- D

what the heck winston is such an underated character??? Like can I just talk about him for a quick second.

Winston is a monkey man who loves his friends!! who loves helping people!! and like!! HES THE REASON OVERWATCH IS BACK AGAIN!!! Also he makes a great hype man in the beginning lets be real.

But guys. This scientist is like, such a cinammon roll??? And thing is ive never heard anyone say that about him??? but like? have u seen his dialogue cmon


such a kind soul

lucio stop monkeying around with this boy



Also not to throw some lore at u but he DID escape the moon when all the monkeys killed the scientist and his father figure all by himself. Like, all hes ever known was crushed and thrown in his face and hes still such a kind soul??? like??? the harambe memes are great n all but this guy has a legit character whos awesome and i hope u might end up liking him too

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Hey do you think Jonah will end up with Cyrus or Andi? Or gmw style?

What do you mean by GMW style? Like in GMHS when Riley and Maya both asked to be called girlfriends 😂lol no I don’t think both Cyrus *and* Andi will end up with Jonah.

Honestly idk. I’m like pretty sure of Cyrus’s crush on Jonah, but not as sure about Jonah. But not gonna lie, these past few episodes have made me think there’s some reciprocity.

It would be pretty cool if both end up realizing they’re not straight, but we’ll see.

If it were up to me, I’d have Cyrus be the one who legit just doesn’t even realize he isn’t straight, despite being the one who has the most obvious behaviors so far…plot twist (I’m pretty sure the whole audience of the show has picked up on his crush on Jonah since the first or second episode..). I’d have Jonah secretly be aware that he likes/also likes guys but covers it up in order to fit in the harsh, judgmental world of middle school. I could definitely use canon to support this theory (the whole “don’t want people to think we’re a couple of dorks ” comment, dating and going back to Amber, “let’s just leave it at [cool]”, etc etc)

But my trust in Disney is still fairly low (so even though I’m pretty sure one won’t be straight, I think both might be asking for too much idk), so we’ll see.

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Oh my gosh I thought I was the only one who talked themself into having a crush and I'm actually so relieved it's not uncommon thank you thank you thank you so much!!!

my very first Fake Crush was in elementary school, where i “liked” a guy because my two friends liked his two friends. my memory is shitty, so that’s the only one i really remember, but i’ve Fake Crushed on celebrities too, and various classmates because people refused to believe that i didn’t like /anyone/ so i would just pick any person i didn’t actively dislike and who was passably attractive and who i also didn’t interact with all that much

i have had Real(ish) Crushes since then so i can (mostly) tell the difference now, but up until junior/senior year, i legit thought that was how people “liked” each other, they just picked a person at random and decided to like them without their feelings actually changing and it made things SUPER confusing for me. any followers who want to share their Fake Crush stories?

~Mod Q

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ok more on the intense friendship crush it legit didnt even register until we were texting one night & he was beating around the bush abt how he liked me and i was like Oh. /Ohhh./ Thats What This Feeling Is. i had to have my crush be flustered and embarrassed and admit to my face that he liked me for my dense ass to be like!! ur gay!! date him!!!!!!! ajjsjdkd i was a mess


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Hell yeah they legit think tord is the best. Everyone is so confused because"what?hes terrible??are you ok??" They lowkey have a crush on him to(somehow) tord lets them cuddle with him(he also cuddles back but refuses to admit it) tord uses them as his own personal car, they have like rocket things in their shoes (the guys want to fight him) honestly the boys are so protective of them it's unbelievable at times. Protect robo dude

I think them having an admiration crush is pretty cute, like they just admire Tord and his brilliant mind (they also want him happy so don’t question when he asks them to take him somewhere

Pokemon GO Story Time:

So, I was up early for once. Which is surprising cos I literally sleep my days away. Anyway, I headed up the road to the second nearest gym. I just wanted to go to the Pokestop.  When I got to the Gym there was this Trainer just battling away raising the prestige high enough to have 6 trainers.

I just waited about for the Pokestop to refresh and within say 5-10 mins, more Team Instinct dudes showed up. They then, of course, began adding their Pokemon to the Gym. Slowly filling up the slots. 

I’d already claimed for 2 gyms that day, I didn’t really care for the Gym at this point but then I noticed them look over at me. 

Dude 1: “Is that a Trainer?”

Dude 2: “Seems like it. Can’t be on our Team”

Upon further inspection, they must have noticedI wasn’t.

Dude 3: “ (Laughing forcefully) Guys look, he has a Pitch Perfect phone case. This guy stands no chance”

I mean it’s true. I do. 

I, of course, heard them. How foolish of them to belittle my skill. Mwahaha. All was fine. Until they insulted the great name of the Bella’s. 

Dude 1: “Well we might as well go. No Pitch Perfect loving weirdo is going to be able to take the Gym. Isn’t it for girls anyway?”

They then walked off laughing. But I’d get the last laugh. Fueled with Bella pride! I, using my awesome Team took on the gym. Solely for this purpose I nicknamed my Electabuzz “FeelDa” and named mah 2nd Pokemon Scyther “FatAmyForce” 

I’ve gotta say it felt good battling them with Fat Amy’s inner will, as I watched their Gym prestige drop one by one before eventually getting down to the final Pokemon.

They were stupid to leave the Gym unattended. They could have sniped it if they wanted to. But nope, they underestimated me for I am just a guy with a Pitch Perfect phone case. 

But fear not mah fellow Bellas and Bella bros.

They got…

How it felt so GOOD. To take down that Gym. Whether they beat it again or not doesn’t matter. For they legit got 

Pitch Slapped.

The guy with a Pitch Perfect phone case beat them. With a Pokemon with a name referencing to the film.

I think I win. 

#BellaBro4Life #GuysCanLovePitchPerfectToo

Oh, I got a Medal to. ;)

Crushed It.

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ok so at this point I'm 90% sure I'm aromantic bc i just don't GET romance. i feel absolutely nothing when its portrayed in media and I've had 1 crush in my life when i was 10 and going through puberty so? anyway. for a while i thought i was prob ace too but then i realized that i DO experience sexual attraction to female/XX body types?? but legit not to dudes. ever. but I'm only interested in DATING guys. but i haven't met a guy I'm interested in. but id have sex with all genders. what the fuck

anon: but ALSO whatever the fuck i am i think ill prob hide it my entire life bc i am not that brave. i will be a Straight.

attraction is a really weird thing and figuring out your orientation can be hard. it took me several years and two datemates to figure out I’m aromantic. so while having a word and a community is nice, don’t stress yourself out too much if you’re having a hard time finding the right one. you’re allowed to change your labels as much as you need. you’re allowed to go without labels. you’re allowed to like whoever you like, in whatever way you like them.

and I don’t really know how to respond to that second ask other than to say you are definitely not going to have to be completely closeted your entire life. even if you can’t tell your parents or your current friends, you’re going to meet people eventually who you just know will accept you.

it’s kinda funny how i have a crush on my friend’s (claire) boyfriend’s twin brother! i mean they do look alike (duh they’re twins) but i know and i’m sure who is who! the first time i met ben (my friend’s boyfriend) i didn’t really find him cute at all but he is good-looking guy. maybe he’s just not my type haha i even told this to claire haha! open-minded kami sa mga ganong opinyon pero no malice.

..but when i saw his twin brother for the fucking first time last week.. boiiiiii he was so hot! like legit. they have different face structures and idk parang tinamaan ako pero ayun i have a happy crush this year kilig ako kasi it’s been so long tapos ayun we’re talking gago landi ko yuck

[Totally Confirmed] A new audio recording has been leaked to us from an anonymous source with access to the EXO dorms.
  • Sehun: Baekhyun, have you talked to my therapist yet?
  • Baekhyun: Therapy is for losers. I gave that paper to Chanyeol to burn.
  • Baekhyun: Unfortunately, I think he kept it and is trying to become "science bros" with the therapist. It's embarrassing.
  • Sehun: Baekhyun, I think seeing your groupmates simply as conquests is unhealthy and possibly evidence of a deeper problem.
  • Sehun: At least that's what my therapist would say.
  • Sehun: He has a lot of good advice, but Suho forbid me from quoting my therapist in interviews.
  • Baekhyun: Sounds like dork to me. Anyway, I will be ending my dating adventure today. I have a boyfriend now. And he's like... the corvette of boyfriends.
  • Sehun: Xiumin? Hasn't he been drunk pretty consistently since he dumped Luhan?
  • Baekhyun: Haha yeah. It's awesome.
  • Sehun: Not really.
  • Baekhyun: Shut up, maknae. You're just jealous because Xiumin finally agreed to date me after a very heated argument with Luhan. So yeah, this relationship is pretty legit.
  • Sehun: You're incredibly oblivious.
  • Sehun: And that's coming from a guy who thought his male crush was a girl for two years.

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Oh no, your first genocide end, I am so sorry. -gives you a cozy blanket, some water, and as many soft and fuzzy animals to cuddle and sob into as needed- You are an awesome and strong person for making it thru something soul crushing, doesn't matter if you watched or played it hurts all the same.

Shdjdb this is legit so nice I literally cry X’D

Again. I feel silly because it’s a game and people have like… Real things to be sad and upset about?
But I can’t really change my feelings. Even if they are disproportionate in a relative way.

I’m actually kinda touched to hear people kinda “get it”. I guess I’m really use to getting ridiculed for my emotions.

But thank you guys. You guys are being pretty cool and actually kind of awesome ♥️♥️

In the last few years that I’ve briefly dated, I’m slowing coming to realize that I must be demisexual. It was hard because in high school, before I learned about asexuality and demisexuality, I legit thought I was broken because I never felt an attraction to anyone. I knew I liked females and males but I never had any sexual feelings for any of my crushes. And then I learned about asexuality and thought, “yeah I have to be that.”
Then I went to college and immediately after getting infatuated with a guy I thought, “well I guess I’m not asexual.” After two years of being single, I met someone who I felt no feelings for at work. Until a few months had passed, I realized I was developing a crush on him. I never said anything to him because he had a fiancé, assuming that the crush I had on him would pass. Except it never did. And soon enough I realized I had fallen in love with him and had sexual feelings for him as well. When he resigned to go to another job I missed him and wished I had told him how I felt. It wasn’t because I thought he was going to leave his fiancé and be mine. I just wanted him to know how special he was to me and how rare it was to feel that type of way toward someone.
Then I started dating a girl. We would have conversations for hours and enjoy each other’s company. We wouldn’t have sex though and that was fine because I didn’t feel a sexual connection to her. At that point I had started to realize that I may be demisexual. I simply thought that if we date for a while I would eventually be sexually attracted to her but it never came. I just broke up with her and now I’m not sure what’s up with me.
I think I’m trying to say that it’s okay to still question yourself sexually and be confused.

Friend Dramu

(… do people still say dramu? God I’m so old)

So I have this friend… let’s call her Sarah. Sarah is great. I adore her. I actually have a pretty big crush on her. Found out not too long ago that she actually has a crush on me as well (didn’t know how I felt about her, started dating someone, then found out), but is currently in a relationship so, oh well, missed connections or whatever.


Sarah’s boyfriend is a creep. Like. ‘Gives me the legit willies’ creep. You know how when you see a guy who looks like a foot and acts like a jackass with some great girl and you’re like “.. how the fuck–.” Yeah. Their relationship is the embodiment of that. Sarah loves him… let’s call him Jim. Sarah loves Jim. She adores him. I can’t see why. I actually knew Jim (though admittedly not very well) before they even met, and he’s always weirded me out. Always. He never actually did anything, so I just let it go, but he just gave me a weird vibe that made me super uncomfortable, so I pretty much avoided him.

But, him and Sarah started dating, and I adore Sarah, and she adores him so… we’re kinda forced together. But, like I said, Jim is a creep. And an ass. Who has a probably serious drinking problem. I didn’t know this prior to them dating, but apparently he has a history of getting drunk and beating women. Anyway, long story short, Sarah, Jim and I, along with a few of their friends all hung out for a FriendsGiving in the fucking boonies last year. Sarah got literally black out drunk. Like, had no idea where she was, falling all over herself, apparently chipped a tooth at some point, had zero memory of anything the next day black out drunk. But, Sarah has a crush on me, and wants to diddle me. But. I’m not that girl. If you’re so drunk you can’t walk, don’t know where you are, then you can’t consent. And I’m not fucking someone who can’t give consent.

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So this is cliché but

I honestly feel like I’m going to be alone forever. Like I cannot see someone having feelings for me, because I’m just me. Every guy I’ve ever liked has either had a girlfriend or has been interested in one of my friends. I’ve never met a guy who has feelings for me. And I’m not saying that there isn’t a guy out there because there might be. I’m just saying that if there is he should hurry up because I’m starting to give up on love.

A Place To Call Home (pt 2)

Prompt 30: Peeta trying to impress the girl of his dream buy getting her tickets to see Hamilton : The musical . Only problem it impossible. [submitted by Anonymous]

Dear Anon, thank for this Prompt it actually worked beautifully with the first part of this story.  I hope you enjoy it.

Rated G/K warning un beta’d

A Place to Call Home pt 2 by @mega-aulover

“I found my thrill on blueberry hill…..” Finnick crooned in Peeta’s ears.

 “Awe hell Finn how long have you been standing there?”  Peeta rubbed his face how long he stood by the entrance of the Park staring at Katniss and her younger sister walk away he did not know.  All he knew as that for the first time he didn’t mind living in the Bronx. 

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So River’s finally sashayed onto the pages of Titan Comics’ 11th Doctor series. I am not a fan of the art in this particular series (seriously, River looks like Richard Simmons at times), but the story is just golden. Seriously there’s grade A shipping in here. LOOK AT THESE TWO IDIOTS.

This is pre-”The Impossible Astronaut,” by the way folks. The Ponds are on their honeymoon. Yet in this issue of the 11th Doctor comic …

  • There is so much hand holding. The Doctor breaks River out of prison under the guise of looking at her diary (his true motive is revealed much later on, because he legit had at least three reasons to break her out of prison including billing this all as a date). He immediately grabs her hand and shows off for her and keeps holding her hand whenever possible.
  • River makes a very veiled reference to taking care of her own needs, and the Doctor is so flustered. It’s adorable.
  • River dresses up in Four’s costume, and it’s hilarious.
  • River calls the Doctor’s bluff on the reason why he called her, but then he calls River’s bluff and reveals the main reason he needs her. But he acknowledged he needed the emotional reassurance she provided and her behavior toward him as sweet. Just leave me here to die, OK?
  • But even though the Doctor called River’s bluff, having her around seriously rejuvenated him. He was feeling pretty down before, and now he’s back in full form.
  • The Doctor is clearly crushing on River the entire time.

So yes, grade A storytelling. Just … the art. And she’s in at least the next two issues as well! You can buy it here.

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When Myrtle basically calls Harry hot and an even hotter dad, I just...I live for hot!Harry. He was/is my fictional character crush that I may or may not try to find in real life.

Myrtle is basically me??? First she has the biggest crush on Harry, then she’s Draco’s confident and now this:

Like I said, basically me as a ghost that haunts bathrooms.

I still have a crush on him, because he’s just such an amazing person. And the other day I saw a guy that looked so much like him I legit teared up!