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Top 10 Anime Couples

Tagged by @rays-of-fire-and-ice​ Thank you once again! 😘 I’ve never done this one before! Alright let’s start! This one might prove to be more difficult as I’m somewhat particular about ships. Honorable mentions: Renruki, Ichihime, (Bleach) Rivetra, Levihan,(Attack on Titan) Sanami, (One Piece) Gajevy, Nalu, Jerza (Fairy Tail), Edwin (FMA), Izuocha (BNHA)


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I’ll admit I’m really new to this ship and I need to catch up with BNHA but they seem cute together. That one moment where Momo opens her uniform to use her quirk and Todoroki quickly looks away bad boy having pervy thoughts made me laugh.


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There’s a bunch of moments that make me catch my breath with these two. I love how their relationship begins as the whole, “ What’s she plotting?” deal with Zorro being highly suspicious of her to “ You got carried away and said too much” when Kuma had stated to Zorro that she “had to die.” She didn’t by the way. Lots of good moments like this where he comes to her aid and she also comes to his. 

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A very cute ship. Also another pair where each party saves the other on numerous occasions. I’m a sucker though for the whole protective-guy-makes -sure-the-girl-doesn’t-get- hurt sort of thing.

That forehead tap we get asdfjkl; 

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It still makes me mad to this day-why?! I for sure thought that they were going to kiss! 


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This one ship is probably the oldest ship I have on this list. Naruhina I’ve followed for a longtime because Naruto was the first legit anime (I don’t know if you want to count Pokemon but at that time I didn’t really ship anything) that I watched and read. It was just a classic to me with the shy girl crushing on the loud and somewhat obnoxious boy. Polar opposites from each other. For years I followed Naruto always getting excited when they’d have a moment together. I never expected Naruto to end the way it did though so I throughly pleased when I found out they had been married with two kids! 

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6. Gutsca 

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One of the most romantic pairings I’ve ever come across. Very lovely to see this ship blossom into what it has become. Basically tsundere guy meets tsundere girl who basically dislike each other mainly Casca hating on Guts for having Griffith favor him instead.

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 Not until they sit down and talk to each other heart to heart about their history do they start to fall in love. That moment where Casca lets herself fall off the side of the cliff and Guts going tumbling after her is where I fell for this pair. 


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Another one of the older ships on this list. Royai has been with me for a longtime. I feel like watching Full Metal Alchemist was almost sort of a rite of passage for me into the anime community so it goes way back. 

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The moment that Riza screams at Lust, “ You bitch!” when she learns Roy is probably dead is something that sticks with me and gives me chills. However when Roy made it back alive I cheered and it was then I realized I shipped them. Plus Riza has saved Roy’s ass on more then one occasion haha

4. Rinshi

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Oh my god this ship is so pure. Shiemi starts off not trusting Rin because she realizes that he’s part demon. His attraction to her at first is extremely obvious to me. He blushes almost every time he talks to her or when she’s asking a favor or something of him. 

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However on the other hand, she starts out thinking that she is not even worthy to be his friend but that all changes quickly. Opposite personalities as well here. Poor Rin thinking that she “friend zoned him” I think it’s much more then that though. 


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SO many moments with these two get me, ugh. I can’t get enough of mom/dad Hiyori/Yato with their fluff ball son Yukine 💖 haha The moment that Yato showed up for the FIRST time was when Hiyori was saying that there wasn’t anyone that she liked in her life as a s/o. From there on out I was hooked.

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Their story is so good and even though Yato is a total goofball most of the time he is protective of her. Also when she regained her memory and he’s leaning over her concerned the way she cupped his face in her hand left me in tears. 


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Gruvia has been with me for a bit. When I first watched Gray fight her I thought, “Well she’s clearly obsessed with him even though she’s trying to defeat him. I don’t know how this one is going to turn out.” So I kept on watching. In the end, when he caught her hand as she was falling it made me catch my breath. He did care about what happened to her even though he didn’t really let onto the fact during their fight.

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Now with the end of Fairy Tail, I can see the culmination of their relationship. Gray’s attitude of brushing off her affections has nearly disappeared and he would clearly do anything for her even if it meant dying -and Juvia the same- as we saw in the recent manga chapters. These two genuinely care for each other.


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*sigh* What did I do to deserve Hitsuhina? Honestly… This is my OTP and OTPs but perhaps one of the most underrated in Bleach. I knew from the moment that Toshiro was fighting against Gin how angry he had been that Momo had been turned against him. 

The words he spoke took the breath right out of me:

“You made her grip her sword so hard that her hands bled!” and

“I told you I would kill you if you made her bleed!” 

These words where spoken by a boy who truly cared for her and would protect her no matter the cost. I fell deep unlike I ever had for a ship before and ever since. After that I couldn’t see enough interactions between them. It never was enough. I fangirled every time they made it onto the screen. But of course, I can’t forget the angst. It may sound strange to say this, but the suffering they went through made me care more for both of them to the point where I just couldn’t tolerate it to see something bad happen to them. 

The moment where Toshiro stabbed her fucking hurt. The sorrow and pain I saw in his eyes at this tragic mistake shook me to my core. This reinforced to me just how special she was to him. 

To be honest, I could go on and on about these two but everything I would type would just never be enough to explain how special they’ve become to me.

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Dave….Dave plz come back on and tell us tomorrow that we will have two or three more seasons…plz…

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If you're willing to talk about your LGBT+ Titans headcanons, I'm willing to listen!


let’s go one at a time

Robin: headcanon as bi. at least biromantic, perhaps bisexual as well. there doesn’t, obviously, have to be an “explanation” for someone being bi, though robin (being dick grayson) is so full of love for so many people (in a lot of universes) he just hides it. also his interactions w/ speedy in TT can be easily seen as lowkey flirting, and i don’t doubt they would be the same w/ Kid Flash if KF was as big a deal in the TT show as he was in the comics. 

Raven: I sortof explained my headcanons for her as ace, partly because of her demon heritage and being super unwilling to continue the bloodline + give someone, consciously, the same problems she has. most likely panromantic, since she might consider herself apart from the “normal” gender binary – demigirl, perhaps – so panromantic as she would most likely feel a skewed form of guilt for “judging” based on gender (or something like that..). in short, asexual panromantic. 

Cyborg: well i headcanon him as straight, but he’s here bcuz he’d be the best ally in the goddamn world (s’cuse my language)

Beast Boy: okay but what if… he was trans. part of the reason he feels the need to joke all the time (other than the fact that he’s a natural joker and that well, his parents). yeah . and he’s straight too (originally he was gay , until he realized that he felt more like a boy after exploring his identity–he was rich, he had the resources). i also headcanon him as polyamorous , though he would have a few complexes that he would need to discuss with his partners. 

Starfire: she’s highkey pan. pansexual panromantic panspecies she don’t care. as long as you got a good heart and sense of justice she’ll love you. also she’s the best to talk about identity with, since she’s so open-minded (arguably the most open-minded of everyone on earth tbh). you ask her to call you a different pronoun? boom she’ll very seldom mess up. have a completely different name you wish to go by? starfire’s there to violently politely remind anyone who “accidentally” messes up. also polyamorous (lots of love to go around)

Titans East: 

Aqualad: being atlantian, he’d definitely be panromantic, mayyyyyyybe pansexual (or bisexual). Just form being around the many different couples of atlantis would help him figure out his identity, even if it is a bit unconventional. also, i can see him exploring being androgynous or a demiboy. 

Bumblebee: blatantly bisexual. i don’t even feel the need to explain this. 

Más y Menos: straight i guess?? I don’t know much about these two pff, i’m not gonna force headcanons. if y’all think they’re nonbinary, go for it, sounds legit. 

Speedy: headcanon homosexual. possibly demiromantic. he’s trying to figure it out with few resources give the guy a break he struggles with his sexuality for a bit, not knowing who to trust. After getting in a safe environment, i can see him and cyborg having a talk, with cy explaining what he can and pointing him in the right directions. also has an unspoken competition with robin: who can act more gay in public. it’s hard for robin since he’s crushing on a girl lol

obviously, these are all my headcanons, take them for what you will, they’re open for interpretation. I’m down for a lot of different ideas with these guys, and I might have missed a few. If anyone wants to add something and/or ask me about something, feel free! 

what the heck winston is such an underated character??? Like can I just talk about him for a quick second.

Winston is a monkey man who loves his friends!! who loves helping people!! and like!! HES THE REASON OVERWATCH IS BACK AGAIN!!! Also he makes a great hype man in the beginning lets be real.

But guys. This scientist is like, such a cinammon roll??? And thing is ive never heard anyone say that about him??? but like? have u seen his dialogue cmon


such a kind soul

lucio stop monkeying around with this boy



Also not to throw some lore at u but he DID escape the moon when all the monkeys killed the scientist and his father figure all by himself. Like, all hes ever known was crushed and thrown in his face and hes still such a kind soul??? like??? the harambe memes are great n all but this guy has a legit character whos awesome and i hope u might end up liking him too

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hcs for cuddling with my best boys mirio and katsuki???:)

oh yeah mah boys (lol I say that for everyone cause they’re all my boys)


-          Ok so I’ve talked about this before but…..



-          ALL THAT JAZZ

-          He loves it

-          At first when him and his s/o start dating he’s very ‘wtf why are you touching me in public??’ so they’d have to ease him into it

-          But like once he’s in it, he’s in it

-          Only cuddles in private tho,

-          Like yeah he’ll hold your hand and have an arm around your waist in public but don’t expect any hugs

-          Honestly it embarrasses him like crazy

-          Real cute

-          Still cuddles are saved for only specific occasions

-          When he’s tired he gets really cuddly but won’t ask for cuddles, his s/o will have to just pick up on it

-          Also when he’s pissed his s/o can easily calm him down by holding him

Mirio (he looks like a beefy fucking lucas and it kills me)

-          Big cuddler

-          Cuddles before he’s even in a relationship

-          Def cuddles tamaki and nejire when they’re sad so like if his crush is sad he’s not gonna hesitate to engulf them with his arms

-          Nice beefy arms

-          Have you guys seen his arms????????

-          I would kill a man to be held by them

-          Anyway not only is he a big cuddler but he’s damn good at it

-          Just loves being in contact with his s/o and holding them

-          Could be doing legit anything and he’d be wrapped around them

-          Homework? Definitely!

-          Watching a movie? 100%!

-          What I’m writing makes him seem rly clingy but he’s respects personal space

-          If his s/o doesn’t want to be held he respects that

-          He’s a good beefy boy who gives fantastic cuddles

- D

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So I can't find this amazing comic I saw like a year ago...I was hoping maybe you'd know. Keith and Lance are fucking. And right at climax Keith says Shiro's name. And Lance's face collapses and he walks out and Keith looks broken. And it was amazing. And it's just disappeared. I need to find it again. And any fics anyone's ever read built in Lance getting his heart crushed when he thinks even the guy he loves sees him as second best. Shance or klance.

babe Imma b real, I legit searched an hour for this shit and I can’t find it like I know!!!!!! I also saw this somewhere !!!!!! But I think the artist might have deleted it… I’ve been in the voltron fandom since the start before discourse and shaladin wars but I don’t think I could find it even within my own memory even now, I’ve seen so many comics, even the klangst ones which I tend to avoid, so like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

SORRY HUN I KNOW THAT FEELING WHEN YOU FIND GOOD ART AND CAN’T FIND IT AGAIN, it sucks. Please if anyone knows where you can find this comic send in an ask and I’ll post it! Thanks lovelies <3

- Sam

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hey im a little confused and im not really sure if im gay or bi? i know ive suppressed my feelings towards girls for a while but every time ive had a "crush" on a guy it felt really forced and engaging with them sexually was very uncomfortable. i cant tell if i just dont like sex/am just anxious about sex or if i really am just gay? like legit i get turned off seeing my bfs naked. but im so diff about girls can you give me advice?

If you said you’ve felt more comfortable having sexual encounters with women and totally forced and uncomfortable in sexual encounters with men you very well could be a Big Ol Lesbian (atleast that’s what it sounds like to me because you sound exactly the same as I did when I was figuring it out) and that totally awesome!!! Though if you’re still a little shaky as calling yourself a lesbian that’s okay and ily and were here for you when you’re ready!!! But if this helped you Realize Things then welcome home babe

A Thousand Books pt.2 Peter Parker X Reader

Summary: Peter is studying in Midtown High’s library for a upcoming quiz, but what he doesn’t expect is to see is that the same girl is there everyday. After attending Liz Allans party one night he finally gets to know Y/n but he falls head over heels for her and so does Y/n.

Warnings:  cursing,fluff, harm :( and some other stuff like under-aged drinking

Requested: Yes part 1 was but not pt.2 this one was planned

Song?: also this reminds me of the song Good Girls by 5sos bc thats my main shit lmao

A/n: Hey guys, I don’t know what to say but this just makes the into longer ahaha also I didn’t proof read this like usual i mean what else is new

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(Not my g.i.f)

                 You were sat at your bay windows attached seating area, deciding whether or not to attend your distant friend Liz Allans party tonight. “Y/n! someone is here for you!” Your mother called out with a suprised tone in her voice, you sighed and left your ginger cat to go walk down the stairs to the front door. “Who is it now..” You mumbled as you walked out the front door to greet the stranger, “Oh hey Y/n I-I just wanted to-uh” Peter spat out quickly as he looked at your body completely. Why would he be doing this, you were only wearing a pair of black Nike shorts and a white tank top. “No, no you’re not going to turn this into something sexual Parker” You said as you were about to call out to your mom because of him randomly showing up at your house but Peter interupted you. “Y/n please don’t just- oh my god- Just are you going to the party tonight?” He asked as his doey chocolate eyes looked at you with hope, you sighed and took his hand to lead him into the house. “You know your really lucky for me to be letting you in here since I legit just met you two days ago” You smirked knowing that he could maybe possibly have a tiny crush on you but eh almost all the “Geeky” guys were like that. “Yeah” he mumbled as you let go of his hand when you were in your room. He started to blush rapidly like this was going to lead to something, “go out in the hallway so I can change” You motioned for him to leave. “Mk” He spoke as he left your room and closed the door over. God I bet that boy would be a peeping tom if he could. You quickly changed into a pair of ripped skinny jeans and your favorite band shirt. 

                  You had dragged Peter into Liz’s house because he was scared anything would happen. “Oh come on Pete! This will be fun!” You called out as you drowned into the dancing the music the complete action of a teen party. “Okaay so I already lost Y/n so what now Ned?” Peter asked as he was standing in the foot of a door way. “Go have fun? Dude you should know what to do, don’t be so uptight about these partys!” Ned said as he took a red solo cup and filled it with some type of juice. (Or drink, you can decide lol) “Hey you should sooo use your Spider-man suit as a party trick! that we be crazy! Then you could impress Liz! Or even better Flash, he would loose his shit if he saw you like that!” Ned exclaimed as he used his hands while speaking. “Or Y/n” Peter said as he walked off, “Hey Ned!” You called out obviously somewhat drunk from who knows what you were drinking. “Nice hat” you snorted with laughter as you took his hat and placed it on your head, “See ya!” You said as you ran off to go dance with someone. “Dude, she is so wasted” Ned said as he walked over to Peter, “Where is your hat? Oh my lord please tell me she didn’t take it!” Peter called out as Ned put his hands up in the air “Not my problem” Ned walked away yet again to go talk with “Heeeyyy Petey” you said as you took another drink from your third red solo cup filled with some type of alcohol. “No more” He chuckled as he took the cup from your hand.”Heey! why did you do that Petey boy?” You called out as you got dangerously close to him.

                      “Hey look! Penis Parker got a girlfriend!” flash called out loudly on the microphone, you were mad at his stupid actions. He was acting un-called for and childish. “Hey! Hey Flash! why don’t you shut the fuck up and leave Peter alone! Oh wait I just remembered, you can’t since you have a serious and idiotic talking problem. Go eat a bag of dicks shit head” You yelled at him. Great.This.Is.WONDERFUL. Why do I have to act so freaking stupid, you heard almost the entire crowd start loosing your shit because you “Roasted” that dumb ass. Then all of a sudden Peter’s face blew up with the red tint, shit, then he ran off when you heard a gun shot.

                 After a hour or two you saw your crush dancing with Liz in a different way ( ;] ya know what im saying m8 lol) you tried to fight back any feeling for him (or her). This was the worst feeling, but you just walked out of the house feeling too over heated and drunk. 

              You were walking down the street when you felt a stranger walk up to you and hold your body, with a knife to your neck. “Give me everything you have” the strange man said but suddenly you felt him fling off of you. You looked over to see Spider-man webbing up him then he grabbed your stolen wallet to return it to you. Then the denial hit you, this is just a dream, nope its not you guessed wrong! He ran up to you as if he knew you since the day you were born, “U-uh are you okay? Do you need-” You cut him off by saying a poliet, “Thank you but I-I’m fine” You smiled weakly. “I-I’m just gonna walk you home, Ya know just to u-uh make sure your safe” He said as he took your hand softly. When you felt his gloved hand it sent shivers from the cold night of Queens, ‘Thanks’ you said quietly. “Ya know I feel like I know you…” you said as yours and his hand swung back and forth. “Also isn’t this not good for people to see you walking a complete stranger home?” You joked and smiled as you looked up at him. “Well not a- you know have you hear of that new coffee shop?” You giggled but then suddenly your feelings just poured out. “So there is this guy, he obviously likes me but now that I think about it-” Slight pause”- I-I think I’m falling for him. I know blech typical teenage love storys, but no seriously he is cute and he has these perfect brown eyes and brown hair and the freckles just I know..sorry I know that was kind of personal and wow I keep rambling on” You had a rosy blush on your face when he looked down at you. “O-oh..” He said softly as you walked up to your door step with him.

             You pulled his mask up slightly only so you could see half of his nose and his lips, you gave a soft peck on his lips “Night Peter” You whispered as you walked into your house. And the moon wasn’t the only thing that was shinning bright that perfect night in Queen’s.

 my heart is melting from my own fan fiction k bye lol <3

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Hey do you think Jonah will end up with Cyrus or Andi? Or gmw style?

What do you mean by GMW style? Like in GMHS when Riley and Maya both asked to be called girlfriends 😂lol no I don’t think both Cyrus *and* Andi will end up with Jonah.

Honestly idk. I’m like pretty sure of Cyrus’s crush on Jonah, but not as sure about Jonah. But not gonna lie, these past few episodes have made me think there’s some reciprocity.

It would be pretty cool if both end up realizing they’re not straight, but we’ll see.

If it were up to me, I’d have Cyrus be the one who legit just doesn’t even realize he isn’t straight, despite being the one who has the most obvious behaviors so far…plot twist (I’m pretty sure the whole audience of the show has picked up on his crush on Jonah since the first or second episode..). I’d have Jonah secretly be aware that he likes/also likes guys but covers it up in order to fit in the harsh, judgmental world of middle school. I could definitely use canon to support this theory (the whole “don’t want people to think we’re a couple of dorks ” comment, dating and going back to Amber, “let’s just leave it at [cool]”, etc etc)

But my trust in Disney is still fairly low (so even though I’m pretty sure one won’t be straight, I think both might be asking for too much idk), so we’ll see.

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I had the most like, deja-vu, out of body experience tonight over such a small thing. There was this guy I had an embarrassingly big crush on my freshman year of college (I’m now a 5th year). Mainly because he was legit a doppelgänger for Harry Styles. Anyway, I used to low key make it a point to take my friends on thursdays to see him play at this coffee shop on campus. But he graduated at the end of that year and nothing ever came of it. We’re friends on Facebook now and have been for a...

…while. I see his posts from time to time and from that I know he’s done some traveling all over the world and he’s a yoga instructor now. But other than hay he’s been pretty much completely off my radar for a long-ass time. So. Imagine my surprise when homeboy shows up outta FUCKING NOWHERE in the lobby of my dorm tonight for a yoga program my residents were putting on. I was shocked I didn’t even say anything other than, “hi!” And then proceeded to walk to our staff office and…

..only realize who the fuck that was after I had closed the door. I was like 😳😮

omg that is super crazy. the world is fricking small man

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my favourite character: Maria Reynolds (sorry :///)

a song that reminds me of my favourite character: No by Megan Trainer (idk it just reminds me of her tbh)

a character that deserved better: Philip and Eliza :(

an unpopular opinion about one of the characters: THEY LEGIT OWNED SLAVES STOP (you know what I’m talking about) 

the character that has the best development: Aaron Burr (goes from the patient good guy to the villain who wants it all?? amazing)

my least favourite character: lmao like all of them (they were real people guys, they were p bad to begin with)

the character that I relate to the most: Mulligan (I’m the parent friend) 

the character (if any) I have an inexplicable crush on: Angelica (get me a babe like her)

my favourite version of my favourite character (which production? who played them?): I like the obc tbh

a random headcanon about one of the characters: Burr was fucking insane (look at what he tried to do - light a candle with a gun, his umbrella knife, trying to take over Texas - what the fuck)

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Ok so I have this huge crush on this one guy in school he is honestly the cutest boy that I have ever had the honor of being in the presence of, I legit froze up and nearly stuttered something about loving him when I saw him giggle, but I have no idea if he's gay or not or what to do. Do I ask? Do I just ignore it? Im so lost he is amazing and I still panic whenever I see him and I can hardly focus on class because he looks so amazing all the time and djsisnerdktnrheurksnrufkfhslalnfhd

Hey! I’d say that you should strike up a friendship with him! There’s no real smooth way to figure out someone’s sexuality if you’re not friends with them first. Plus, a friendship sets the foundation for a further relationship if that works out! Once you’ve established the friendship with him, he might mention a crush naturally or if you come out to him he might bring it up. If you feel too anxious to talk to him, maybe ask around with his friends, but this will make it pretty obvious you like him so I don’t know if that’s the way you’d want to go if you’re already not up for talking to him directly. The friendship route is much more subtle and natural, and hey, if it doesn’t work out boyfriend wise, you still have a super great friend! Good luck, anon!
-Mod Gaby

Pokemon GO Story Time:

So, I was up early for once. Which is surprising cos I literally sleep my days away. Anyway, I headed up the road to the second nearest gym. I just wanted to go to the Pokestop.  When I got to the Gym there was this Trainer just battling away raising the prestige high enough to have 6 trainers.

I just waited about for the Pokestop to refresh and within say 5-10 mins, more Team Instinct dudes showed up. They then, of course, began adding their Pokemon to the Gym. Slowly filling up the slots. 

I’d already claimed for 2 gyms that day, I didn’t really care for the Gym at this point but then I noticed them look over at me. 

Dude 1: “Is that a Trainer?”

Dude 2: “Seems like it. Can’t be on our Team”

Upon further inspection, they must have noticedI wasn’t.

Dude 3: “ (Laughing forcefully) Guys look, he has a Pitch Perfect phone case. This guy stands no chance”

I mean it’s true. I do. 

I, of course, heard them. How foolish of them to belittle my skill. Mwahaha. All was fine. Until they insulted the great name of the Bella’s. 

Dude 1: “Well we might as well go. No Pitch Perfect loving weirdo is going to be able to take the Gym. Isn’t it for girls anyway?”

They then walked off laughing. But I’d get the last laugh. Fueled with Bella pride! I, using my awesome Team took on the gym. Solely for this purpose I nicknamed my Electabuzz “FeelDa” and named mah 2nd Pokemon Scyther “FatAmyForce” 

I’ve gotta say it felt good battling them with Fat Amy’s inner will, as I watched their Gym prestige drop one by one before eventually getting down to the final Pokemon.

They were stupid to leave the Gym unattended. They could have sniped it if they wanted to. But nope, they underestimated me for I am just a guy with a Pitch Perfect phone case. 

But fear not mah fellow Bellas and Bella bros.

They got…

How it felt so GOOD. To take down that Gym. Whether they beat it again or not doesn’t matter. For they legit got 

Pitch Slapped.

The guy with a Pitch Perfect phone case beat them. With a Pokemon with a name referencing to the film.

I think I win. 

#BellaBro4Life #GuysCanLovePitchPerfectToo

Oh, I got a Medal to. ;)

Crushed It.

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I have a crush on this guy who is one of my best friends and I literally have gotten lost in his eyes before. They are like yellow and green colored and I legit stopped listening to him talk because they distracted me. He also scaled my raised porch once because I forgot my keys to let me into my apartment and then sasses me about not locking the backdoor. He's a butthead but I'm into that.

wow this is cute! 

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