i have a large t shirt problem

So I’ve wanted to point something out for a while, and I believe this artists name is Mist XG.
The art and coloring in itself is amazing, and the piece is still lovely; but my problem is the fact of body types and clothing. (I’m just using this as an example)
See, Junkrat himself is not scrawny, he is actually really toned in muscle! I agree with the fact that as a genderbend she probably still wouldn’t wear a shirt, but usually if you get muscle, you lose breast size (meaning she’d probably only be around a B cup if she were to have “large” boobs in the first place, and they wouldn’t be perky since she doesn’t wear a bra).
In Roadhog’s situation…. HE’S FAT. He has this massive gut and an outie bellybutton. Again in the clothing situation, she probably wouldn’t wear a shirt, but her boobs definitely would not be perky. Sizing could be understandable as a DD or larger. Since fat can tend to go to the boobs.
The straps holding up her gear would also be squishing her boobs, which from my knowledge, really hurts. Same with Junkrat’s design. She carries around a tire!
I’m not meaning to sound aggressive, I’m just wanting to point out that if an artist is going to draw genderbent characters, it would be nice to stick to a realistic interpretation of the character(s). Rather than… Y'know… sexism?
Women can look disgusting and ratty the same way men can.

Cal’s dramatical-sexy gaze :o) 

Gamzee - me :o)

Karkat - princess

 P.s.: hi guys! Pls read following!

 My name is deadBatter and I want to ask for your N64-help :)
 Today I got huge luck - in some second-hand store(come there to find smth for cosplay like Raoul Duke shirt) but by a strange and awesome coincidence I’ve found there NINTENDO 64!
 I’ve bought it for 10 bucks and later checked at home - it’s in working condition! But there is a large problem - in Russia I can’t find anything good (like games or accesories) and all what I can find cost tons!
 So here is my pray - if you have any unneeded n64 stuff like gamepads,memcards,rumble,memory expansion packs or even more cooler - eur games or sd card adapter - you can send them to me, I’ll get them with huge joy!
 My biggest wish - play “the legend of zelda:majora’s mask” and you can help me with it)

I just need to be grumpy for a moment so here I go-

I work at a grocery store in a town FULL of elderly. I have buzzed hair, metal in my face, and 00g holes in my ears. I know 100% I’m going to get comments, there is no way around it. that’s fine, I get it, but like there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t hear about something now. My shirt is a size too large for me and it’s so common for people to ask me why I look like a boy or w/e. I’ve been told it’s ‘rude’ for me to have piercings and that I should take them out for good. Or how people need to voice to me how I don’t want kids [which I had one convo about with a friend at work a while back and now everyone knows????] is just awful and I’ll regret it.
I just can’t.
The best has to be how many people openly bitch to me about, and I quote, ‘The gays’. I’m not straight or cis, and I am pretty open with these facts and with how gossipy some of my coworkers are I am 100% sure if you’ve been in my work more then like, twice, you’ll be told about that 'kinda gay kinda not a girl’ coworker, and yet these people still flock to me to bitch about how the city is flying a pride flag.

In 3 years of working where I do I’ve never once caught shit from someone under 35.

Old people need to fucking eat me.