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  • Me: Dammit, I refuse to get involved in another lesbian fandom. I have enough problems to worry about both with my current fandoms and my own life, and I already spend too much time obsessing over the lesbians I already watch too much of
  • Emily Andras: *Smiles at me from across the room wearing a large button that says "Don't bury your gays!", a Wynonna Earp T-shirt, a rainbow sticker and a Stetson*
  • Me: ... God fucking dammit
First Kiss; Dongmin

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a/n; new arohas who don’t know Dongmin is Eunwoo’s real name also i will fight anyone who doesn’t respect this boi


-so you’re in high school

-you’re not the best at maths

-and you’re okay at every other subject

-but your actual passion was skateboarding

-that’s why you wore thrasher t-shirts under your school uniform and wore the vans high tops 

-even though it wasn’t part of the dress code for school

-you never got in trouble


-your dad was chairman of the school

-and apparently other students had been spreading this rumour to the teachers that if they tell you otherwise when it came to your choice in schoolwear

-that you can get them fired on the spot

-i mean

-your dad had the power to 

-but nobody did 

-and you didn’t have to 

-there was one subtle but large problem

-your maths skills 

-they were bullshit

-so your teacher had another kid tutor you


-he’s like an angel

-everyone likes him

-and i mean every one

-every girl likes him




-and you knew you liked him

-quite a bit

-what you didn’t know was that he liked you back

-quite a bit actually

-but you kind of realised

-once you accepted the fact that you liked this dude

-you were in a competition with everyone from your year


-and you knew you were going to lose so badly

-but it seemed that you slipped your way into his heart

-he even made a nickname for you too!

-he would call you “miss chairdaughter”

-because of your pop being the man with the plan….the sarge in charge….the plougher with the power…the you get the point already

-but it kind of irked you the wrong way

-so one day you speak up

-”hey…i like that we’re friends now….but can you not call me that?”

-”oh…well…if you don’t want to be called that then sure….i don’t mind.”

-and the smile on his face brought some………heat to your heart

-and to your face as well

-you liked the fact that he was spending time with you

-and you liked the fact that you two were becoming closer with every gruelling maths class and after class

-but you soon realised that it was coming up to February 14th

-the day that everyone would give him a present for a chance to hear him tell them that he liked them back


-you were kind of reluctant at first to give him anything

-but you actually made him something

-cue the cheesy anime cliché with the home made things

-you made him a small piece of chocolate!



-it looked like a hershey’s kiss

-but better

-im sorry americans the taste of hersheys is shit stick to the burgers ok

-waking up on the day you felt like there were millions of butterflies in your stomach

-i didn’t know you could hold the whole of the zsl butterfly house in one person

-lotta butterflies

-you got into school and decided to stick the little chocolate in the fridge in the food tech room

-you didn’t exactly think there would be any room

-in fact there was

-a lot

-maybe people didn’t want to give him chocolate

-but at the back you saw a huge box of chocolate for Dongmin with love hearts around his name

-you kind of thought about your gift

-it’s not that big….but it’s the thought that counts

-they day went quicker than expected

-and even though you saw dongmin through the day

-you didn’t actually get to sit down with him to talk or anything

-so when the extra maths lesson came around

-you walked into the little room you two had

-and saw a little silver wrapped thing on the table…


-walking up to it you found it was a hershey’s kiss and under it was a letter


-it was from dongmin


-oh its only



-you were so confused because was this for you?????

-i mean he tutored nobody else and you were sure that he liked nobody!!!


-you took the hershey’s kiss off the letter and started to read

-”t-to y/n”

-oh boy

-”i’m sorry if it’s only small but here! this is for you…”

-oh boY

-”i’m going to be late so i’ll be down in a couple minutes…”

-oh bOY

-”can i repay those minutes…”

-oh BOY

-”by taking you on a date?”


-”i…like you a lot y/n.”


-”happy valentines day! - From Dongmin


-you didn’t know whether to cry or not because he’s so sweet

-he’s so sweet you

-he’s the nicest person you’ve ever met at this school that didn’t believe the rumours or anything about you

-because he wanted to get to know you fiRST


-but you didn’t know if he meant the date thing

-however real it sounded

-and however authentic it sounded just because it was on a piece of paper

-you quickly dashed to the food tech room to grab your little present for him

-and ran back placing it on his chair

-and just dropped your bag in the mean time

-because you forgot your phone in the frIDGE SHIIIT


-walking in Dongmin was a little confused about what just happened

-your bag was on the floor

-and both the hershey’s kiss and the letter were both moved from their place

-he sat down moving his chair next to yours

-and just before he sat down he saw the little sweet on his chair

-he noticed his name on the bottom

-he started to blush

-because you actually gave him a sweet for valentine’s day 

-he placed it on the table next to your sweet

-as a small little cute thing he made the two sweets kiss


-and he wished he could be that close to your actual lips too 

-you came back in with a small blush on your face that turned into a larger one as soon as he looked straight at you

-”hey i’m sorry for being late..i forgot my phone in the fridge”

-”for real? did you leave it there when getting this out?”

-he picked up the little candy you made him

-and you just froze


-ok so don’t panic

-you walked over and sat next to him on your chair

-dragging you bag back to you

-”a-ah yeah….i’m sorry it’s not as extravagant as the other things you got today…i mean you got a huge teddy bear from Gretchen…”

-”it came from the heart…it’s the best one i got today…you read my letter right?”

-”o-oh yeah…it was sweet..”

-that was all you said for about 2 minutes while you worked

-and he just…looked over at you like he was IN LOVE with you

-he was just happy you were here

-he was so happy that he placed his hand on your shoulder

-closing in onto your face to see what you were doing

-your face turned red as hell

-but you continued your work


-”what is it?”

-”about that letter…..and it’s not like i don’t believe your or anything…or im not questioning you at all….i mean you taught me that Pie had two meaning and not just one which is an actual crusty pie…but did you mean what you said? on the letter?”


-and a wave of emotions just flooded your body 




-”oh wow i didn’t know you thought about me like that…”

-”wait is that bad? we can–”

-”no….it’s not…because i like you too……”

-his eyes widened to the size of dinner plates



-”you do?”

-”yeah….i didn’t know you would like me back because of how many girls liked you and stuff and i got worried that if i gave you this you would just not accept it in the way you did and i was also scared that if i–”

-you felt something……soft…..touch your lips

-and it wasn’t the chocolate

-or anything else

-it was his lips

-his lips

-touching yours




-this was like a dream come true for you 

-how was this not a dream 

-you pinched yourself wait this isn’t a dream this was happening as you kissed him this was rEAL ABANDON PLAN ABSCOND QUICKLY 

-his lips left yours and a smile developed onto both of yours as he placed his head on your shoulder

-and lightly held your hand in his

-”oh gosh we’re supposed to do this math….”

-he quickly snapped back to his worker state

-but still held your free hand gently

-after the session finished

-you both ate the chocolate you had for each other and left the class and school with smiles on your faces

-”for this date…we can do anything you want Lee you name it we do it what will it be then?”

“i want you to teach me how to skate”

-”are you sure? i’ve seen you on the balancing beams and your balance is a little off…”

-”well if i fall off then you can kiss my wounds.”

-”i wont kiss your wounds…..but i can kiss you again.”

-”i’ll be waiting”

“okay you’re on the board…i’m holding on to you….i’m gonna slowly start the board and then let go ok?”

“got it!”

“alright….3 2 1 now go! balance!”

“h-hey…i’m actually doing it!”

“he’s doing it—”


“spoke too soon…..”

  • i spent the sunday walking around the sky bridges in downtown la.  this person posted a map that tells you how to navigate around without having to touch the street.  the top picture is of this building with a perfect reflection of another building and the sky on it.  looked at it for at least 10 minutes.
  • caught a drag show in the park.  was awesome.  problem is, it was likely 100 degrees in straight sun + heated cement.  i’m so unsure of how they performed in full makeup + shiny metallic head to toe costumes and a large wig.  i was dying in shorts and a t-shirt.
  • think the all day heat exposure didn’t work well for me because i ended up leaving work early on monday due to dizzy + fever + nausea and then staying home today.
  • bb skipped his 6 pm appt last night and came home and made me soup + cornbread.  it is crispy and wonderful and i will likely eat nothing else all day.
A Bar And A Babe 2

Comments// i uh guess I like this aloT

Pairing// JeffersonxReader


Warnings// mentions of death briefly cursing a lot of it

“Y/N is more than capable of defending herself!” Alex shouted at Thomas

“Yea she can argue her point without this P.R prostitute coming to her defense” Laurens said standing up. You looked at him “what the hell is wrong with them can’t they see that Thomas a decent well groomed man unlike them is trying to make a move on me.” you said to yourself.

“Besides it’s not nice to take the vulnerable ones Thomas just too make yourself feel better!” Alex stated

“So now I’m vulnerable now Alex?” You said turning around to face him. “Poor little Y/N her daddy dies and now she’s vulnerable” you said in a mocking tone.”You’re not my god dammed father! I don’t need your fucking potection from the world! I can mingle, I can find decent men on my own and look one has found me! I don’t need your fucking protection Alexander so stop giving it too me!” You screamed at him as you ran out of the bar.

“Y/N!”you heard Thomas and Alexander yell as you ran out the door. But when you turned you were only greeted by one of them, Thomas

“It’s cold out take my jacket” He said quietly as he put his magenta jacket over your shoulders it smelt like expensive cologne and pine trees.

“Thanks” you said giving him a half smile. You two stood there just breathing for a couple minutes before you finally said “Shit”

“What? What’s wrong? Did you get pick pocketed I saw that guy wandering around aimlessly a while ago.” Thomas said straining his neck too look around for somebody.

“No no I live with Alex were roommates” you saw Thomas eyes flash down too yours “and nothing more than that he’s like a brother too me”

“A brother that wants to get in your pants” he mumbled

“Whatever but the point is I’m not going home too that jackass so I’ll probably go crash at Hercules’s pad since the whole time he kept quiet about the subject.. mostly” you said “but then him and Laf are kinda a thing unofficially of course and I know that their both domin…” You trailed off “I won’t put their clothes out too dry per say” You said “So I’ll probably go stay with Johnny but he was an ass today too”

“Y/N” Thomas said gently

“But he wasn’t as much of an ass as Alex like what a huge dick” You said “Like way too leave my clothes out too dry huh? Who does that he was my best friend and he treats me like this! Psh I would never embarrass him in front of anyone like that not even Eliza and I hate that bitch.”

“Y/N” THomas said raising his voice slightly

“I mean why would I Y/N Y/LN want to sleep with Alexander! He’s a pig I live with him I clean he cooks, if we switched all of our food would be burnt and their would be no clean clothes. It’s not my fault Alex never leaves the apartment besides too go too work!”

“Y/N” his tone was still nice but his voice was raising even more

“Like god Eliza cut the bull shit you and Maria are bff’s but we all know it’s more like” You paused and thought for a moment “bfwb best friends with benefits”

“Y/N” Thomas looked at you desperate for you too just shut up but of course you kept babbling about Maria and Eliza “Alright fuck it” he said crashing his lips into yours. You melted into his lips before he had a chance to pull away “You’re staying at my house fuck Alex I’ll sleep on the couch no funny business” he said. You giggled slightly “Now come on our uber’s here” Thomas said extending his hand. You took his hand blushing profusely as you stepped into the uber behind Thomas.

“When you smile you blush” Thomas said out of nowhere.

“What?” You asked smiling slightly

“You blush and it’s so prevalent on your face, I love it” He said touching your chin lightly with his thumb.

“I-” You were cut off by the uber driver driver saying that you guys had arrived and too remember to rate his service’s. Thomas got out of the car leaving you too follow him up his steps, his house from the outside was big too say the least.

“I don’t live alone Y/N, don’t think I bought this gigantic house and live in it alone.” He said chuckling slightly as he unlocked his front door.

“Who do you live with?” You asked him

“Jimmy James and A a ron” He said simply as if it was no big deal the fact that he lived with two other men and he failed to mention it. When you stepped into his house you noticed a couple of things, one his house had an open vibe there wasn’t stuff filling up every ounce of space it had an open vibe, two Angelica Schuyler on the couch snuggled up too Aaron Burr something in a million years you swore you could never see happening, lastly their color choice it wasn’t mitch matchy it all was neutral tones.

“A a ron” Thomas looked at Aaron “Angel” he glanced over at Angelica “Get a room we have a guest in our presence” He scoffed at the two love birds

“Angel huh?” You asked chuckling at the pair

“Y/N never speak a word of this too another soul or I swear” Angelica said getting up off the couch

“Why can’t she tell anyone? I thought you had told all of your friends” Aaron said a puzzled look came across his face

“Baby we’ll talk about this later” She said kissing Aaron’s cheek before walking out of the house. Aaron sighed as he turned off the tv and walked back to his room sluggishly

“I thought she told everyone I thought we had made it official I thought” Aaron said he continued with the “I thoughts” as he closed his bedroom door.

“Shall we finish the tour?” Thomas asked leading you up the stairs

“So this floor must be where Jimmy James lives yea?” You asked after you got to the top of the stairs right behind Thomas.

“Correct his room is right here” He said knocking on the door in front of you guys

“Jimmy James open up” Thomas said his forehead resting on the door. There was some brief rustling of covers you presumed and then some coughing but sure enough the door was opened

“What is it Thomas I was sleep-. Oh Y/N what are you doing here?” James asked his tone changing immensely from when he was addressing Thomas too when he was addressing you.

“Why did you say my name like that and get so chipper when you say Y/N?” He said frowning.

“Don’t mind him James” you said wrapping him into a hug, you lingered a little longer than normal but you hadn’t seen good ol Jimmy James for a while so it was nice.

“Come on Y/n we still have places too see I hope no more people too meet” Thomas said prying you off of James.

“I’ll see you in the morning James” You said as Thomas whisked you up the stairs.

“I got lucky, I was the one who bought this house so I got too choose the bedrooms.” Thomas said as he led you up a narrow staircase

“So you choose the attic?” You asked sarcastically

“No Y/N I choose the loft” He said opening a door and leading you in behind him. His room was big,it was Aaron’s room and James’s room put together, it looked like a typical teenage dorm but minus one person and adding more stuff. He had a few beanbag chairs in a corner , a king sized bed, a hanging chair,a desk, a couch and a mini fridge.

“Mi casa es su casa” He said plopping down on a bean bag chair

“You know Thomas we could do a little something” You said plopping down on his lap and straddling him.

“Y/N we can’t” He said as you played with his hair

“Why can’t we?” You asked your lips dangerously close to his

“Because love your drunk and I don’t sleep with drunken women”Thomas said pushing you off of him and onto another bean bag chair.

“Wow” You said folding your arms “So now I’m the drunken slut who wants too sleep with you”

“No Y/N I make a point too sleep with sober women because sober women can say no too me if they want” He said standing up

“Oh” you said,how could you know that it was a saying no thing

“It’s whatever” He said walking over too his dresser “I don’t have any pj’s for girls, but i have a t-shirt if you want” He said pulling out a grey large t-shirt.

“I’ll take it Jefferson” you said

“Alright um I guess I’ll let you change I’l be outside if you need me” Thomas said backing out of his room.

“Thomas?” You asked just as he was about too close the door

“Ye-yes” He said almost busting back into the room

“Thank you” You said

“For what?” He asked walking towards you

“For everything Jefferson for everything” You said wrapping him in a hug.Thomas stood for a second before wrapping his arms around you to.

“No problem Y/N no problem” He said kissing your forehead.

Need Some Extra Lovin’

You weren’t a clingy girlfriend. In fact you were the complete opposite, you were an independent college student who worked her ass off to help pay half of the utilities, internet, and electricity each month. You knew it wasn’t much considering you lived with Harry in Primrose Hill.Your biggest goal in life was to be able to provide for yourself seeing as Harry was 22 and could provide for himself and probably half of the world You wanted to be a strong independent woman, so that’s exactly what you were going to do. Somedays, being that woman was difficult. Being in Nursing school is absolutely no joke. 

When H got home from doing the weekly grocery shopping you followed him into the kitchen where you sat on top of the counter and watched him put everything away.

“Petal, is everything okay?” he inquires

“No. It’s been a week from hell.” you reply

“I’m sorry its been so crap, what can I do to make it better?” Harry asks

“I’m not sure, maybe we could watch a film.” 

“Do ya want me to bake you something? I used to be a baker!” Harry exclaims

“H, I just really wanna cuddle and have a cry,” you mumble

“No no no, don’t cry love bug,” he says rubbing your back

It takes just that to push you over the edge. The tears well up and curl into his arms.

“H, uni is so hard. I never ever thought it would be this hard. I just wanna be a good nurse. I wanna make you proud, I wanna make your mum proud, I wanna make Gemma and Robin proud. I want my family to be proud, I just feel like I dug myself a huge hole joining nursing school. I couldn’t get the IV in properly and I really bruised my classmate.” you ramble 

“Hey hey hey, none of that. We’re all proud of you! I remember how hard school was and I only finished year 10. I can’t imagine what you’re going through right now, but I want you to know that we’re all rooting for you! And just think of it this way, you have bruises on your hand from friends trying to start their IV’s on you. You’re all learning and that’s what is most important.”

“I don’t want your family to think I’m mooching off of you. I’ve slowed down my shifts because school is getting harder. I don’t wanna feel like I’m using you. I wanna be independent.” you continue

“You are independent. You’re not using me. I know that, my family knows that. We all love you.” he explains

“Promise your family doesn’t think I’m using you?” you ask 

“Pinky promise,” he says sticking his pinky out to yours

you latch your pinkies.

The two of you put Elf on and snuggle up closely on the couch. You laugh in unison during the funny scenes and pout together during the sad ones.

When Elf finishes, you realize you’re famished and need something to eat.

“H, babe, are you hungry?” you inquire as you retreat to the kitchen

“A bit, what were you thinking of making?” he asks

“I kinda want to make up a veggie stir fry or enchiladas.” you call as you dig out the veggies 

“Stir fry sounds lovely!” Harry replies

You decide to break out the peppers, onions, mushrooms, and cabbage along with brown rice, liquid aminos, and some other mandatory spices.

You get out your Wok and begin softening the vegetables. 

About 35 minutes later, you have two very full plates along with glasses of red wine.

“Harry Edward, the food is ready. Come and get it while its still hot.” you call

His feet patter against the cherry stained hardwood floors and he enters the kitchen to see you in an apron and sitting at one end of the table. Harry sits across from you and you two begin eating.

“Petal, this is lovely. Thank you so much for cooking, even if you were a bit upset.”

“That’s alright, I figured I needed to do something I enjoyed!” you explain before taking a sip of your wine.

“I think that was a good choice after the awful week you had, shall we have a bit of a cuddle after dinner?” he inquires

“I’d absolutely love nothing more!” you say with a wide smile.

The two of you do dishes together singing Christmas tunes. As you dry the last dish you let out a sigh of relief. The chores are done for the evening so it leaves the two of you to enjoy each other’s company.

“H, thats it! Chores are done for the evening,” you say softly

“Perfect. Lets go put pajamas on and have a cuddle in bed!” he replies

You grin widely before jumping on his back and tapping his butt

“Off you go my trusty steed. To the bedroom!” you chuckle

He follows demand and walks down the hall to the large master suite.

He plops you down on the bed and pulls out one of his oversized t shirts and a pair of leggings for you to put on knowing that you’re not in the mood to navigate through your clothes to find pajamas

“Thanks H!”

“Not a problem, petal!” he says as he strips into his boxers and puts on a pair of comfy pajama pants and a long sleeve henley.

“Aren’t you the cutest!” you say bopping his nose with two fingers

“I wouldn’t agree, but I’ll take the compliment!” he replies

“I love you, H! Always have, always will!” you say crawling into bed.

“I love you too, darlin!’ he replies wrapping his arms around you.

Slow Down, Mate *Part ll*

Teen Wolf - Peter Hale

Note: uhhhh, sorry if this is bad, omg I’m such a tease😂I also recommend reading the first one before reading part two, just so some of the stuff makes sense PART ONE
Triggers: this one is a lot more sexual then the first one, but like no sex actually happens because I’m not good at writing smut (and writing in general)cause I get all cringey writing it😂 um idk there’s a bit of dom reader, and sub Peter. Again unless Peter Hale is trigger.

Peter turned around and walked back to his loft, a smile plastered to his face, he messed his hair. It was you he needed in his life, his mate. A sour thought exploded in his mind, how was he suppose to bring a mundane person into the scary, reckless, mess that he calls life. He pushed that thought aside, thinking he could hide that from you as long as possible, instead he thought about your anger and smile.

Derek stood by the door as he waited for Peter to return, and when he did Derek raised a brow at him.

“You better not plan on scaring her off, we could use the extra money to fix this place up” Derek said, he crossed his arms and stared at his uncle.

“Scare her? I don’t think you were here when she ignored you and started yelling at me. She’s not one to be scared quickly… I presume” Peter said nonchalantly, making sure Derek couldn’t see his feelings.

“Peter, you didn’t even stop her, what’s the deal here?” Derek said his suspicions raising.

“Yeah Peter, that was very unlike you, you even ran after her” Scott said his own suspicion starting to peek through.

“Guys, it’s really clear to me” Stiles said, a smirk on his face. He stood as if he were speaking the obvious, but no one seemed to comprehend.

Stiles threw his hands up, “seriously?! Guys it’s obvious Peter likes her” Stiles said rolling his eyes. “Idiots” Stiles whispered under his breath in a room full of werewolves.

“You’re an imbecile, and no I don’t ‘like’ her I’m a man not some whimsical school boy” Peter retorted

“Scott, tell me you don’t see it, the man is clearly all flustered for her” Stiles added

“You wouldn’t understand, human” Peter said, as if it were an insult.

Stiles rolled his eyes at him, the level of annoyance in him was tangible, before he could spit a sarcastic remark, Scott jumped in. “Well, I’m not so make me understand” being the caring and understanding person he is.

“She’s my mate” Peter said

Derek in the corner lightened a little, his arms fell from where they were crossed. He walked over to Peter. “Are you sure?” Derek asked surprised.

“Derek, you’ll know. It’s something you can smell and feel when you’re around them, I’m positive it’s her” Peter said without hesitation.

“So what’s the plan?” Scott asked

“Plan? What? No, you’re all staying out of this” Peter said

“Peter, what’s the plan?” Derek insisted

“There’s is no plan” Peter furrowed his brows

“I got a plan” Stiles smirked

Stiles then commenced jumping up and down and screaming, and Scott joined in. The noise would eventually bring you back up to complain.

Peter growled at the two boys. “She might just come back and slap you upside the head” Peter said.

The boys stopped, “well you gotta do something, significant others don’t just happen” Stiles said, rather eager to help Peter with his ‘relationship problems’ all of a sudden.

“Hey, I got an idea, how about you buzz off and I’ll do the work” Peter said before storming off downstairs.

You had just sat down to continue your Criminal Minds marathon, when a knocking at your door made you get up. You loudly sighed before getting up. “This better be good” you said to no one, since you live alone.

You opened the door and there stood Peter, you smiled thinking of all the things you could say, thinking of all the things you could have worn, but a large t-shirt and sweatpants were your go to.

“Are you here to ask me out for dinner?” You smiled

‘I can give you so much more than just dinner’ is what Peter thought, he wasn’t planning on using the cocky card with his mate.

“No, maybe tomorrow. Right now I just need to get those stupid boys upstairs to quit… disturbing your silence and my peace” he said as he let himself in.

“And how do you plan on doing that?” You said watching him carefully as he scanned your living space.

“By doing this” he said as walked over to you and pulled you close once again. The butterflies in your stomach fluttering, making your tummy feel light, a gasp escaped your lips.

“Damn it, Y/n” he breathed on to neck

“Peter, what are you doing?” You questioned but didn’t want him to stop.

“Marking what’s mine” he said, pressing his lips onto your neck, he trailed kisses up to you lips, he pulled back slightly to look at you.

Your eyes closed, your hands full of his shirt, your scent ever so desirable.

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to stop if I kiss you” Peter said leaning in, so your forehead touched his. You slowly opened your eyes and smiled at him.

“I haven’t stop you yet” you whispered

“If we’re going to do this we have to do this upstairs” Peter said

“But, there’s people up there” you said, tightening your hold on his shirt.

“They’ll only be quiet then” Peter said with a grin, “unless you want me to make you scream” Peter added smirking at you. You hit his chest “Peter!” You said covering your mouth as you laughed.

“How about we just kiss, take it slow, buy me dinner? and then we can talk about how loud you can make me scream” you said in between giggles.

Peter growled slightly, “there’s only a little bit of self control left in me, Y/n” Peter said.

You pushed Peter onto your couch, and sat in his lap. “Put your hands behind your back, if you touch me you’re gonna have to leave” you said, making yourself comfortable.

“Whoa” Peter said as he obeyed, sticking his hands behind him, under the cushions of the couch.

You leaned in and very lightly placed your lips on his lips, and sighed. Peter leaned in and pushed his lips onto yours, starting the kissing, your mouths moving in perfect sync. Your hands travelled down his chest and back up to his hair. You both now breathing heavily as you pulled away and made your way to his neck and place small kisses here and there and when he moaned a little where you lips touched under his jawline you began to suck lightly. Peter no longer able to contain himself he wrapped his arms around you trying to pull you in as close as physically possible. You instantly pulled away.

“You didn’t listen” you said placing one last kiss on his mouth, before squirming out of his embrace. You walked over to the door and opened it for the frustrated Peter.

“You can’t do this to me, Y/n” Peter said from the couch

“Watch me” you said seductively.

Peter growled, “this isn’t over, mate” he said, walking over to you and pulling you in by the waist, you felt his hot breath on your neck and cheek. Both of you stood there frustrated with each other. Peter even more frustrated because he can smell everything: lust, sweat, the mate scent. He can hear your heart racing in your chest. He pushed some loose hair behind your ear.

He reluctantly let you go, “at least you have that to show the boys upstairs” you said regaining yourself, you brushed your finger under Peter’s jawline where a hickey was forming.

Peter laughed, “you’ve got your own to show off too” he said examine his work on your neck.

Peter left, and you couldn’t stop smiling. How could you have such a strong connection with someone you met not too long ago. It’s like you’ve spent a lifetime with him already. It was strange but, it felt so right, like he wouldn’t bring you any harm, only the opposite. He called you his multiple times, and your heart tingled every time, this had to be proof of soul mates, right? Well whatever it was, you want him, as yours and only yours.

Peter was back upstairs once again expect this time, Derek, Scott and Stiles waited by the door for Peter’s return. A flustered smug look was on Peter’s face.

“I have so many questions” Stiles said staring at the purple bruise on his neck.

“Save it, please” Peter said annoyed already.

“Is that what I think it is?” Scott said pointing at Peter’s neck.


“Your uncle got some action” Stiles said elbowing Derek

“That’s disgusting, shut your mouth, Stiles” Derek said

A round of “ohhhh’s” and excited cheering came from the three of them, as Peter held a smirk.

A faint sound came from the floor, and the werewolves could clearly hear your voice “if you don’t shut up!” You shouted. The boys laughed and settled down.

“I’ll kill any of you if you look at her just a second long” Peter said before leaving the three, to talk amongst themselves.

Anonymous requested: “51 and/or 75 for Jamilton, if possible? That would be really nice!!

I wrote 75 (“You fainted, straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”) here.

51“I see the way you look at me when you think I’m not looking.”

Thomas groaned as he stared at his wardrobe in despair. Why didn’t he have anything casual to wear? His wardrobe pretty much consisted of suits in almost every colour of the rainbow (including every variation of purple imaginable). When he had gone shopping for college, he hadn’t imagined that he would want to fade into the background. He hadn’t imagined that until a couple of days ago, when he saw Hamilton staring at him for the fiftieth time with an indecipherable expression on his face. Since then, waves of insecurity had plagued him every time he went somewhere public. What if there was something on his face? What if there was a stain on his suit? What if his jacket and trousers didn’t match? What if what if what if what-

Thomas had been pretty good at shoving those waves down before, but now… it was like a flood. A flood that Thomas couldn’t stop. He couldn’t silence the voices in his head calling him ugly and unstylish and trying too hard.

So maybe it was time for a change of style.

Finally, Thomas managed to dig out a pair of black skinny jeans and a dark purple t-shirt. James looked up from his book. “You’ll be cold if you go outside like that. I have a big black zip-up in my wardrobe.”

Thomas rolled his eyes, although he was somewhat relieved that James had caught onto the fact that his style was what Thomas wanted to imitate today. “Do you really think that’ll fit me?” he asked.

It was James’ turn to roll his eyes. “I know how you think you’re taller than me, Thomas, but that’s just your hair. Besides, I get everything on the large side anyway. You shouldn’t have a problem.”

Thomas shrugged on the cosy black fleece and zipped it all the way up. “Thanks, Jemmy,” he said.

“Anything you want to talk about?” James asked, catching onto the fact that something was clearly up.

“No, it’s all fine,” Thomas replied before slipping out with his bookbag.

He walked to classes with his head down, avoiding eye contact. This was very new to him, as he would normally try to smirk at as many people as possible to let them know that he was definitely better than them. No use doing that now. New style, new personality.

When he walked into class, the only other people there were Professor Washington himself, Gilbert and Hamilton. The first two hardly paid him any notice, but out of the corner of his eye Thomas could see Hamilton staring at him in disbelief. Was that a good thing or a bad thing?

And, Thomas realised, why did Hamilton’s opinion suddenly matter so much to him?

Thomas sank into a seat in the back row, ignoring those thoughts in favour of taking in the lecture room from this new viewpoint.

The lesson passed uneventfully. Thomas avoided speaking up, even when Hamilton said that the Immigration and Nationality Act was put in effect in 1953 instead of 1952. Although the other class members seemed relieved that Thomas wasn’t striking up an argument with Hamilton at every opportunity, he did get some strange looks, which simply made him sink lower in his seat.

Eventually, Washington dismissed the class, and Thomas packed his things and made to leave the room as quickly as possible. This plan, however, was foiled when he heard the one person he did not want to speak to call his name.


Thomas kept walking, pretending not to hear the obnoxiously loud voice of his rival.

“Jefferson, for god’s sake, wait up!”

Then there was a hand on Thomas’ arm that yanked him through the crowd and now, crap, people were staring and Thomas didn’t want them to recognise him and-

Hamilton pulled him into an empty classroom, shut the door and flicked on the light. His face was clouded by… something. That indecipherable emotion that he always seemed to be wearing whenever he looked at Thomas recently. “Are you okay?” he asked.

And that was just like James asking if Thomas wanted to “talk” about anything that morning. “I’m fine,” Thomas said.

The harshness of Thomas’ tone took Hamilton by surprise. “Are… are you sure? Because you look like you’ve been initiated into a criminal gang.”

Okay, that was definitely Not a compliment. Thomas looked like shit. He tried something new and he still looked like shit. He tried to take deep breaths and rested his head against the whiteboard.

“Jefferson?” Hamilton’s voice was much softer now. And closer: he seemed to have teleported right next to Thomas. “What’s wrong?”

“Maybe I should be asking you that,” Thomas muttered, not meaning for Hamilton to hear.

“What? What do you mean?”

Thomas shook his head. “Nothing. Don’t worry about it. Look, as much as I love your company, I really have to-”

“No.” Hamilton stopped Thomas from leaving with a hand on his chest. “What do you mean, you should be asking me what’s wrong? There’s nothing wrong with me?”

“No, I should be asking you what’s wrong with me,” Thomas sighed.

Now Hamilton was clearly confused. His head was tilted to one side and his eyes were wide. He looked like a puppy. “I… don’t understand. I don’t know what’s wrong with you, that’s why I’m asking you!”

“If you don’t know, then why do I always catch you staring? Don’t pretend, Hamilton, I see the way you look at me when you think I’m not looking. And I don’t understand why you look at me like that. Do you not like how I dress? How I look? What’s wrong with me?”

The last question came out as a shout, and Hamilton took a step back, his expression changing to one of… sadness? That couldn’t be right. But suddenly there was a soft hand on Thomas’ cheek. “There’s nothing wrong with you. I’m an idiot, that’s what. I’m an idiot who can’t express his feelings so he thinks he can just stare all he wants. But you? You’re beautiful. You’re so beautiful that I can’t take my eyes off you.”

Thomas couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “I’m not beautiful,” he murmured, the skin under Hamilton’s hand growing hot.

“Yes. You are. Sorry, I don’t make the rules,” Hamilton said with a small smirk before meeting Thomas’ lips.

Thomas let out a small gasp as Hamilton’s lips moved against his before pushing back. He allowed Hamilton to explore his mouth with his tongue as his fingers found Hamilton’s hair. He pulled back suddenly, eliciting a small whine from Hamilton. “Is this… are you… is this real?” he asked.

Hamilton replied with another kiss, this time soft and slow. “I really, really like you,” he murmured against Thomas’ mouth, hot, wet air being shared between the two of them.

“I… think I like you too,” Thomas replied. “I mean, that would explain me trying to obtain your approval.”

Hamilton chuckled. “For the record,” he said, “you look really hot in those jeans. You should wear them more often.”

“Yes sir,” Thomas said before leaning in for another kiss.


so a friend of mine is trans and i want to get him a binder for his birthday. the problem is, i have no idea how in terms of sizing. i want it to be a surprise for him, but the only thing i know about what size i should get is that he wears a size Large t-shirt. he only wears sports bras, so he doesn’t really know what cup size he is, and i have no idea how to tell, though i think he’s on the larger side.
if anyone could maybe direct me to some binders that don’t have a super complex sizing system, or give me tips on finding a good binder (price isn’t really an issue but if there’s good cheap ones that’s ideal), that would be great! thank you so much!


Made for transmen these shirts address the problems I’ve heard over the last year like .
“the neck is usually too big and you can see my binder underneath”
“The arms feel too loose and baggy, like you can see up my sleeve”
“I was told that I don’t look masculine and sometimes people don’t believe in me.”
Here at Thread Damage we address all these problems and more via our shirts that are designed to relieve dysphoria due to ill fitting or over large shirts.
to show the most masculine features of the body we have adapted shirts from scratch to help broaden the shoulders, enlarge/defined bicep, accompanied with a wider cut at the bottom of the shirt to accommodate the hips.
These shirt’s give the illusion of a tapered slim form while having enough room in the hip to not stretch or endanger the buttons.
Handmade from 100% cotton these shirts are made to order and will not be started untill the payment is completed.

XS … Chest 32" - 42"
… Neck 12" - 12 ½"

S … Chest 35" - 37"
… Neck 13" - 13 ½"

M … Chest 38" -40"
… Neck 14" - 14 ½"

L … Chest 40" - 43"
… Neck 15" - 15 ½ “

XL … Chest 43” - 46"
… Neck 16" - 16 ½"

XXL … Chest 46" -51"
… Neck 17 “ - 17 ½”


Title: Extraterrestrial 

Pairing: jongtae

Rating: pg-13

Warnings: aliens

Summary: AU where Taemin is a fallen star and Jonghyun is really confused

Notes: I was super inspired by this picture of taemin (below) and i just had to write something aoehgiosfgn

he was completely naked from head to toe, bare skin glowing just slightly in the pale light where the dirt wasn’t speckled over it. and his hair. his hair was an obnoxious shade of bubblegum pink. jonghyun edged toward the rubble hesitantly, prepared to bail if the naked kid in the hole gave him any trouble. his thumb was pressed against the smooth surface of his phone, ready to dial an emergency hotline at any moment.

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Harry Styles *smutty* One Shot

Background: It’s your birthday and your friend takes you to a club where you have a very heated run-in with Harry.

The bouncer checked our names off the list and stepped aside, opening the doors to this millionaire’s club.  The bass was shaking my body now and I avoided eye contact with the bouncer as I shuffled inside behind Y/F/N.

Holy shit.

And I mean holy shit.

The mass of people was actually ridiculous, and I held back a choke as multiple men grazed my butt in their attempts to pass us.  I could barely even see the floor.  In the flashing strobe lights I made out brick walls with various pieces of modern art, probably worth more than my tuition, casually flung on at vicarious angles. The staircase that led to the roof was metal, and I think I could make out the bar in the back.  Yup, definitely a bar.  The whole back wall was a glass display case of every type of liquor known to man.  It was like industrial meets modern.

And I was like a deer in the headlights.  Y/F/N nudged me.  I turned to her clueless.  She shouted something, but I couldn’t hear over the deafening techno music. “WHAT?!” I shouted.  Y/F/N came closer and put her mouth up to my ear.  “HOW DOES OUR LIL LEGAL Y/N LIKE IT?!” She screamed.


“NOT A CLUB STUPID,” Y/F/N yelled, raising her eyebrows and swaying her hips to the music.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN? WHAT…” I looked at Y/F/N who had the guiltiest and giddiest grin on her face.  

“I MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE KNOWN THIS TO BE THE FAVORITE CLUB OF A CERTAIN” – a man pushed her and she hobbled on you for support – “SINGING CELEBRITY.”

“SHUT UP!” If this was who I thought it was…


“HARRY STYLES IS IN THE BUILDING, I REPEAT-” I cut off Y/F/N’s rant by enveloping her in a giant hug.  

“HOLY CRAP GIRL” Y/F/N laughed at my once again shocked expression.

“MAYBE IF WE GET LUCKY WE’LL BE ABLE TO GET A GLIMPSE OF HIM.” Y/F/N said, doing a little shimmy.

“LET’S DANCE!”  I suddenly grabbed Y/F/N’s hand and we started making our way towards the center of the club, aiming for the huge crystal chandelier that was dangerously swinging in the middle of the ceiling.  On the way there, a sweaty body knocked into us, forcing our hands apart, but when I looked back she was still there.  Y/F/N smiled a reassuring smile, nodding her head forward to keep me moving.  Good.  

I praised the Lord for giving me hips.  Not only because they are ‘sexy af’ (Y/F/N’s words, not mine), but turns out they’re great in forcefully knocking people out of the way through crowds that keep getting denser. I started to feel sweat from other bodies slick itself onto my skin and I tried not to gag, but we were so close.  Eh, close enough.  

I stopped suddenly.  This seemed like a good spot.  And it would have to be.  Because a semi-circle of tall, buff men all had their backs towards me, and they did not look like they were going to be swayed aside with the force of curves alone.  As a plus, their blockade created a little more space.  

“HOW’S THIS?” I shouted and turned to find –

Strangers.  No Y/F/N.  Shit where did she go?!  I used my height to scan over some of the people, but from the top they all looked the same.  This honestly would happen.  Great. Maybe she’d find me? It felt like I’d been waiting for 10 minutes when in reality it was probably just 1, when I saw her.  With a guy. Oh woah, literally with a guy, he looked like he was viciously attacking her neck and by the way she leaned into him with her head back I could tell she was enjoying it.   At least, hopefully.  Should I go over there?  Eh, she can handle herself.  I’ll just keep watch over here.  

A little self-conscious without Y/F/N next to me, I started just swaying my hips a little and nodding to the music.  But then the jam came on.  And it wasn’t as if anybody was watching anyways.

I ain’t got no type

Bad bitches is the only thing that I like

“YOU AIN’T GOT NO LIFE, CUPS WITH ICE AND WE DO THIS EVERY NIGHT” I started screaming the words as I felt myself let go, running my hands over my body and letting my hair fall into my face.  And I didn’t even drink a sip of alcohol.  

“Mm, and what’s your name gorgeous?” hot breath suddenly fanned against my neck as hands from behind grasped my hips and pulled me into the stranger’s toned front.  Hard.  I looked down and noticed several rings on this creepers’ fingers.  What the fuck?  I attempted to get out of his grasp, but he was strong.  Really strong.  I turned around and cringed as my backside rubbed against his front, hearing him let out a low grunt at the action.

“Get off me! I have a-” I stopped mid-sentence when I came face to face with the man I’d never thought I’d actually see.  The man I’d spent hours fantasizing about with my crazy roommate.  “You’re- What?” I managed to breathe out.  This couldn’t be right.  But the emerald eyes, chiseled jaw, and brown curls were right in front of me.  Too close actually where I could see the slight stubble on his jawline and upper lip.  Fuck.  He was real. And taller in person.  I became hyper aware of his hands sliding lower down my back and the fact that my front was now touching his, erm, front.

“You were saying.” He smirked, a dimple tainting his cheek as he clearly knew that I knew of him. How do I respond in a situation like this?? How does anyone respond in a situation with Harry Styles?? I gulped and hoped it wasn’t visible.  

“I’m here with friends.” I choked out.  Why would he need to know that?  Fucking smooth one.

He looked behind my shoulders quickly before his emerald eyes bore back into mine, amusement clearly written on his face.  “It didn’t look like it to me,” he said.  That deep British accent sent shivers down my spine, but I tried to stifle my reaction. HOW THE FUCK DO I STIFLE MY REACTION TO HARRY STYLES.

I coughed slightly. “They’re uh, they’re here.  It’s my birthday.”  This was mortifying.  I squealed a little as his large hands squeezed my ass.  “What are you-?”

“You never answered my question.” His lips twitched as he observed my complete floundering.  If his face wasn’t this perfect than we wouldn’t be having this problem.  My eyes roamed down his face, to the strong veins in his neck, and to the dip of tanned olive skin the plain black t-shirt revealed.  It looked delicious, so kissable.  I wonder what he tastes like… The tip of sparrows’ wings were visible just beneath his collar bones.  He interrupted my staring by lifting my jaw up with one hand.  I felt myself blush in his gentle grip.  What had he asked?  Name?

“Y/N.”  Something flashed in his eyes, his features darkening slightly.  Or maybe that was the lighting.

“You have the most beautiful eyes, Y/N.” He spoke lowly, like a tiger to its prey.  

And I was the fucking bunny.

My heart rate accelerated as he brought his plump lips to the corners of my mouth, dragging them teasingly to the bottom of my ear, stubble scraping my skin in the most delicious way.

“Fucking perfect body,” he was barely speaking, the husky tone making me weak.  He dipped his head lower beneath my jaw and placed a hot kiss there.  I inhaled sharply as he started to painfully suck on the tender skin, and my hands instinctually tangled themselves in his thick hair.  His teeth grazed me and I groaned when he licked a cool stripe over the probably already developed marking.  Just when I was about to tug him closer, he pulled away.  I didn’t even try to hide the disappointment on my face.  Why had he-

“How old are you baby?” He licked his lower lip and I felt heat pool uncomfortably beneath my dress.  Was it bad I was this turned on??  He became impatient with my silence and started to roughly knead my cheeks.  I swore he chuckled as I desperately fought to stifle a moan.  No, no it wasn’t.


“Good.”  He smirked as my jaw fell open and he roughly took my hand, leading me through the crowd.  The intimidating men from earlier had made a path for him and spoke something into a Bluetooth.  I was beyond confused.  Where was he taking me?  I looked at his firm masculine hands enveloping my smaller ones in their strong grip.  Did I honestly care?  

Spend it how I like, sinnin’ every night.  

Push-start the whip, brought it strait to life.

The club was rushing past me, and it was bigger than I thought.  We received multiple jealous stares as he quickly dragged me through the VIP section and down several hallways before coming to a stop before a door. I had no idea where I was.  

“Where are we going?” I asked, slightly out of breath. I hoped he didn’t notice.

“To my car,” he didn’t hesitate as he smoothly opened the door, releasing my hand, but quickly placing it on the small of my back.  

Well shit.

The infamous black range rover was parked right outside, hidden in one of the back alleyways.  

“Handy,” I said. Handy?!  Honestly?!  I felt my cheeks heat up again and I cursed whatever idiot was taking over my body the one time I needed to be collected.

“You have no idea.” He ran a hand through his hair with a cocky crooked smile as if it was the most casual thing in the world to look that beautiful, and his t-shirt lifted a little as he raised his arm, revealing more tattoos and, oh god, a little bit of his happy trail.  My stomach tied itself in knots.  I really wanted to fucking touch him.  

His keys were already in one hand and he unlocked the car.  I stayed frozen in place.  He looked at me curiously and then with amusement, slowly walked closer to me, slowly, ever so slowly.  God I was aching for him.  And he could tell.

He stopped just mere inches from my face, nose almost resting on mine.  “Do have any idea how much I want you right now Y/N?”  He pressed himself into me and it was the first time I felt the hard outline of his cock.  He groaned and tossed his head back as he lightly ground himself into me. “How hard you got me by shaking that perky ass of yours?  You were such a fucking tease,” he hissed the last word as he did a particularly hard thrust.  I felt his hardness twitch against my throbbing center and the rough fabric of his black jeans was only adding to the hot friction.  Holy shit.  

I finally released the moan I’d been forcing down and at that he growled.  Roughly shoving me against the car, I wrapped my legs around his lean torso as he grabbed the ends of the dress and forced the material up to my waist. “I bet you taste so sweet, don’t you baby-girl, just like your fucking mouth.”    He crashed his lips onto mine, battling for dominance until I submitted, his tongue asking for entrance that I more than willingly gave.  My hands met his curls again.  His oxygen was mine and mine was his.  My breath hitched as my underwear was suddenly thrown to the side, the cool air from outside reaching the place I needed him most.  He swiped two course fingers along my wet folds, and I whimpered as he brushed past my clit.

“Fuck me you’re drenched,” his voice was raspy as he continued to teasingly swipe up and down, squeezing my clit before circling the bundle of nerves.  He didn’t even try to hide his smug smirk as my eyes rolled back.  The familiar tingle of warmth was already starting to grow in my stomach.  He was good.  “And who made you this wet Y/N?  Who did this to you?” he demanded.  His actions sped up to unbearable pace when I didn’t reply, my legs beginning to shake at the intensity of feeling.  “You-you d-did, oh my God,” I moaned, throwing my head back.  I gasped as he slipped a long finger into my center, the cool metal from the ring heightening my sensitivity as he slowly started pumping it in and out.  “You’re so fucking tight baby.”  He moaned and muffled my scream with his lips as he added another finger, hitting a spot I didn’t even knew existed and increasing the pace to the point where all I saw and felt was white-heat.  The only sound was the smacking of our lips and the sound of my wet sex.  I was close.  I broke from our kiss and somehow formed words.  “I’m g-gonna cu-um Harry.”  

He froze and pulled his fingers out.  

“What the hell?” I seethed.   Sure this may be Harry Styles, living breathing sex god, but you don’t leave a girl hanging.  He rose his eyebrows in amusement at my wild hair and flushed appearance.  He chuckled. “You’re cute when you’re angry.”  

“Well I’m a firm believer in ‘finish what you started.’”

I tried to shove him, but his grip around my waist only tightened, a smirk on his face as he tauntingly rose his fingers in between us.  Fuck. The light reflected off the liquid that was dripping down his fingers.  

“Oh I intend to.”  He put his fingers in his mouth, sucking, and I was mesmerized as I watched him taste my juices.  He pulled them out with a moan, eyes fixed upon mine.  “God, I can’t wait to properly taste you.”  My center was painfully throbbing again and I swallowed as he effortlessly picked me up, opened the car door, and threw me down on the back seats.

His head lowered in between my thighs, leaving wet kisses first below my knee, then teasingly dragging his jawline up and down my inner thighs.  “Prettiest pussy,” he muttered.  I tried closing my thighs to gain some sort of friction, but his hands kept them in place and locked them down.

“Harry,” I whined.  He shot his head up to look at me, emerald eyes piecing my thoughts, knowing what I wanted, what I needed.  

“Tell me what you want baby,” he said softly, his breath hitting my center.  I blushed furiously at his words.  This was the most vulnerable I’d felt in a long time.

“You know what I want,” I muttered.  His eyes darkened and his grip on my thighs tightened.  “Y/N,” he said lowly, “tell me what you fucking want and I’ll be more than happy to give it to you.”  I opened my mouth to speak, but looked away in embarrassment instead.  Why was he doing this?

“Hey,” his voice softened and his long arm reached over to turn my head, “Look at me beautiful.  I need you to look at me.” He dropped his hand from my jaw and entwined it with my hand that was clutching the leather seat with white knuckles.  He ran soothing circles on it, as he kissed up my thighs for the second time, leaving open-mouthed kisses as his emerald eyes held mine.  “So beautiful,” he muttered in between kisses.  He hovered over my sex, breath hitting it, and I took a deep breath before squeezing his hand.  He didn’t need much more encouragement.  

He licked a long stripe down my sex before nibbling down on my most sensitive nub.  

“Fuck,” I moaned.  He paused, looked at me for a moment, then took a deep breath.

Burying himself inside of me, his tongue delved in and out almost faster than his fingers.  The plush feeling of his lips lightly sucking around me gave me shivers and his nose repetitively hit my clit.

“Mm Harry,” I whined, I was close, again.

He raised his other hand from my thigh to grab my breast, squeezing and kneading it, making my nipples harden with pleasure.

“Oh my God,” I moaned, “Ha-arry I’m c-close.”

He turned his attention to my clit, swirling his tongue around my oversensitive bundle of nerves, sucking gently before biting down and then I lost it, shouting his name. My toes curled from the insane pleasure that shot from my center throughout my whole body, and I continued to jerk as Harry licked me clean.    

“Like a cupcake.”  He licked his lips as I lay there completely spent, and I heard him hum before he leaned over the seat.  He hovered over my body for a moment, observing my face before leaning down to give me a long kiss.  I tasted myself on his tongue and I couldn’t help the moan I released into his mouth. Leaning lower to deepen the kiss, I felt his hard length straining against the fabric and when I glanced down it looked painful.  

“Oops,” I let out a light laugh as I reached my hands down to try and undo the button, but his hands stopped me.  I looked up at him in confusion, but he just smiled, lightly shaking his head.  

“Tonight isn’t about me remember?”  He ducked his head and peppered small kisses along my chest.

“What do you mean?” I whispered, my voice lowering at the feeling of his affection.

He looked at me with a disbelieving face and broke into a genuine smile, dimples and all.

“Happy Birthday Y/N.”


“Oh my gosh there you are! I was about to call the cops where the hell have you been?!” Y/F/N shouted, anger and relief both present on her face.  She was waiting outside the club, cell phone in hand, and she practically tackled me for the third time that day when I stepped outside.  

“Honestly, I searched everywhere, I’m sorry we got separated…” Y/F/N’s voice trailed off as she gave me a sheepish look.  If only she knew.

“Okay, I have to tell you something.  You’re probably not going to believe me.”

And for some reason the only thing I could think of in that moment was

Damn.  I never saw him naked.


part 2

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Battle scar

(A/N): yaaasss, this was such a cute request! :3

Request: Hello! I was wondering if you could write an imagine where the reader has a scar on her breast (sorry if that’s weird, but I had skin cancer from a mole there and I hate my scar bc it’s so big ugh) and she’s v self conscious about it and Bucky is all sweet and curious about it and idk maybe it’s from a much more bigger reason? I feel like he’d be so loving and sweet and stuff with the reader that has a scar there 😩😩😩 thank you❤️

Warnings: None

Originally posted by fvckingsierra

   You had always been self-conscious of the huge scar across your chest; it was big and it was ugly. Not only that but it hadn’t seemed to heal up properly so it was still a redish color instead of a soft pink or skin tone. You often hid it from everyone, refusing to let them see your chest or even get remotely close to it this usually led to problems especially when you needed to be patched up and you refused to let anyone help you.

    You did feel bad for being so adamant in not letting anyone see it, after all they were all just trying to help you and you were straight up refusing their services. You knew that they probably thought you were weird or crazy to not let them help you that way but you couldn’t take any chances, not when you had this giant ass scar on your chest. 

    You hadn’t ever shown anyone, other than doctors when you needed to, and you didn’t ever plan on showing anyone. Unfortunately the universe had different plans for you and your scar. 

   You had just gotten out of the shower after a long mission, guess you had been so desperate to scrub your body off all the blood and dirt that you forgot to lock the bathroom door. In one moment you had been all alone, drying yourself off and the next the bathroom had swung open and Bucky Barnes stood in the doorway. 

   You squeak in surprise, quickly wrapping the towel around your body so there was no chance that Mr. Beefcake could see your hated scar. He has the audacity to chuckle, shaking his head in amusement. 

   “It’s not like I haven’t seen of that before doll,” 

   He did have a point, he had seen everything that your large t-shirts wouldn’t cover. That was another problem with your self-consciousness, you were always refusing to take off the shirts you wore during sex. Bucky had thought it strange at first but when you told him that you were a little self-conscious is all he understood completely and didn’t push the matter further but you were sure it annoyed him sometimes that he couldn’t see all of you, touch all of you. 

   You chuckle softly, hoping it sounded more convincing than you thought it did. 

   “I didn’t know it was going to be you,” You provide simply, shrugging your shoulders lightly. “Tony likes to meander around the tower quite often,” Bucky nods in understanding, pursing his lips as he does so. 

   “Hey (Y/N)?” Bucky questions quietly, his eyes gaze locked on something you couldn’t quite  follow or see. 

   “Yeah?” Bucky takes a step closer to you and you instinctively take a step back. Bucky’s gaze flashes with concern and maybe a bit of hurt and his expression is akin to that of a kicked puppy. 

   “Um…if you don’t mind me asking, what’s with that scar?” He then points to your chest and you realize that your towel was more revealing than anticipated, showcasing a chunk of your large flaming red scar. You bite your lip as you stare down at it, tracing your finger along the exposed part.

    So now Bucky knew, there was no hiding this thing that painted your chest. Tears well within your eyes embarrassment floods through you and then you feel even more pathetic. You sniffle quietly, reaching up to wipe away at the tears that are now coating your lashes. 

   “I-I’m sorry!” Bucky tries to backtrack, hoping to remedy his little mistake. “I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable or anything!” Bucky bites his lip as more tears begin to form in your eyes and your lip begins to tremble. God, you were so sad and pathetic. 

  “No,” you sniffle softly, “It’s okay, I guess you had to find out sooner or later right?” You give Bucky a weak smile, one that doesn’t quite reach your eyes. “When I was younger I had to have a mole removed, it was cancerous and well-” You gesture to the small bit of scar Bucky could see. “I was unfortunately left with this thing and I guess I’ve just always kind of been self-conscious since,” Bucky stares at it for a few moments, his gaze contemplative and thoughtful as he stares at your chest. 

   “Can I see more of it…? T-The whole thing I mean,” Bucky finally looks back up to you, his eyes wide and pleading and you just can’t say no to that beautiful face. You sigh softly, as you nod lightly, your hands going to drop the towel that had so far been keeping Bucky’s line of sight away from the rest of your scar. “Wait,” He murmurs softly, reaching out to grab your hands. “Let me,” You nod your head as Bucky’s fingers ever so lightly trail along your skin, stopping to gently undo the towel you had wrapped tightly around yourself. 

  The sudden cool draft of your bedroom hits your still dripping skin and you shiver, goosebumps rising to your skin. You go to wrap your arms around yourself to keep warm when Bucky’s hands are back on your sides, chest, and stomach, trailing along the skin he had never once touched. His fingers rise slightly and they’re now tracing over the long red scar that took up a good portion of your chest. He does this for a minute or so, just tracing his fingers along the scar, memorizing everything about it and then he leans in, peppering a number of kisses along it. 

  “Beautiful,” He murmurs in between his kisses, “and so strong,” another kiss, “you’re so beautiful,” kiss, “this is so beautiful,” Bucky pulls back to once again trail his fingers along the scar, his eyes damn near glued to it. You sniffle softly once again but this time your tears aren’t of shame embarrassment, they’re tears of joy, joy because Bucky Barnes thought that your hated scar was beautiful. His eyes finally snap up to yours and they’re so full of love and adoration you can barely contain your tears. He gives you a warm smile before he pulls you against his chest, his warmth chasing away your previous shivers. 

  “I think your scar is beautiful,” He whispers as he presses a kiss to the top of your head. 

  “Why?” You chuckle softly against him, sniffling to keep your tears contained. “It’s just this ugly, long-”

   “It’s beautiful because it’s attached to you, my favorite person on this planet and because it shows you’ve overcome something, it’s like your own Battle scar,” Bucky pulls away slightly, only enough to cup your face in his hands and stare into your eyes. “And it’s beautiful, okay?” Staring into Bucky’s wide, puppy dog like eyes was damn near entrancing and you find yourself nodding, smiling widely at the man holding you.  


I Really Do Love You

Character: Thomas Brodie Sangster

Warnings: Heated make out scenes, Alcohol, Fluff

Rating: Mature

Summary: Thomas calls you when he’s drunk and tells you how he feels.

You hated being sick.

When the cast of The Maze Runner asked you to go drinking with them, you unfortunately had to politely decline. You took unhealthy doses of cold medicine before deciding it was time to go to bed. You slip into one of your cozy large t shirts and lay down.

Your phone started ringing at 2 AM. You wipe the grogginess out of your eyes and look at your screen. Thomas? Why was he calling you at this hour? Was there an accident? Is he okay?

You quickly hit the answer button. “Hello?” You answer.
“Y/N! How are you feeling?” You feel relief flood over you.
“I’m feeling okay, thank you for asking.”
“No problem, love. Listen, I have to tell you something.”
“What?” You kind of begin to panic again.
“I love you, Y/N. I love you so bloody much.”

That made a lot more sense. “Thomas, are you drunk?”
“A little. Not so much that I can’t call you to tell you I’m in love with you.”
“No, Thomas. I think you’re just drunk.”
“And you’re beautiful. Let’s go on a date tomorrow, yeah? If you’re feeling up to it, that is.”

You knew he wouldn’t remember, but you decided to play along. “Sure, Thomas. That sounds great.”
“Great, I’ll swing by at 7. I love you, Y/N.”
“Yeah, Thomas. I love you too.”

After you hung up, you realized something. You did love Thomas. Not like you’d have the guts to say it to him when he’s sober, though. With a huff, you roll over and go back to sleep.

You woke up the next morning around 10 AM. After taking all of that medicine and sleeping for that long, you feel loads better. You sit down and think about the call you had with Thomas, and wondered if it was to be taken seriously. He was drunk, more than he was willing to admit, but it had to come from somewhere, right?

You didn’t know.

You were too nervous to text him and ask about tonight, so you decided to try and brush it off. If he was serious, you’d probably know it. You two knew everything about each other. You two were best friends, and you were determined to not let feelings get in the way of your friendship.

At least, you’d thought so.

Around 6:30, you hear your phone go off.
“Hey, we still on for tonight? x”
You stare at your phone with wide eyes. He remembered?
“Yeah xx” Was your simple reply.

You jump up and go get ready. You had that feeling of nervousness and nauseating excitement. You’re glad he actually remembered, but that fear that everything would go wrong still irked you. With shaking hands, you wait by on the couch for him to show up.

He shows up at 7 on the dot, always a man of his word. You open the door to see his perfect, smiling face. “Hey, Y/N.” He greets. You notice him acting a bit shy, which was new to you.
“Hey, Thomas. So where are we going?”
He motions for the car. “It’s a surprise.”
“I don’t know, you may be kidnapping me.”
“Oh for fucks sake, Y/N. Get in the car will you?” He says sarcastically. You giggle at his nervousness and make your way to the car.

You end up going to your favorite family owned restaurant, because Thomas knows what you like. You laugh and joke like normal, but you notice how shy he’s acting around you. You want to bring up the whole ‘I love you’ thing, but you didn’t want to ruin the night.

After you take a walk around the park, you finally work up the nerve. “Hey, Thomas?” You ask.
“So, do you remember calling me last night?”
“Um, a little.” He says with a small blush. “I knew I asked you on a date.” He adds.
“Do you not remember anything else?”
“Nope. I’m sorry for whatever I might have said.”
Your heart drops a little. “Oh, it’s okay.”

He grabs your hand gently and pulls you to a stop. You look at him questionably as he pulls you a little closer. “I do know one thing,” he mumbles. “I really do love you.” Your eyes widen a little.

He did remember.

He cups your face gently in his hands and kisses you. It’s the softest, yet most love filled kiss you’ve ever gotten. You kiss him back eagerly, too afraid you’ll wake up from this dream. He wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you close. You wrap your arms around his neck and get on your tippy toes.

Your kisses became deep. Your tongues were fighting for dominance as Thomas holds your head with his hand. You pull away for air and rest your forehead on his. His eyes are dark, and you know exactly why. Wordlessly, you pull him by the hand back to the car.

You both didn’t even make it to the door of your apartment before your mouths were on each other’s yet again. Thomas opened the door with his free hand and backed you inside. Thomas lifts your legs up to wrap around his waist before carrying you to the couch.

He sits you on his lap and gives your hips a loving squeeze. He squeezes his eyes shut and gives a little gasp as you trail your lips down his neck. “I love you, Y/N.” He whispers in your ear.
“I love you too, Thomas. So much.”

That night, you both proved to each other just how much you loved each other. 

Catcalled at the library

“When I was maybe eleven or twelve, I had a middle age man pull up in front of me in a big truck as I was exiting my local library, effectively cutting me off and preventing me from getting away and petitioned me for sex. Terrified I ran around the back side of his truck to my mothers car, she had been waiting to pick me up. He then speed away. I was so terrified I could not even tell her what had happened. For years I tried to figure out what I had done wrong. The answer, I was born the wrong gender. I was wearing very baggy super wide leg jeans (they were all the rage at the time) and a Large T-shirt with the artwork from the Trix cereal box on it.  That was almost 20 years ago, I still don’t go to that library alone. 

The biggest problem with catcalling is the delusion that men, who don’t see it as a problem have. They see it as a harmless way to hit on women and that a woman who has a problem with its is making a mountain out of a mole hill, that we want to prevent all men from ever hitting on women ever again. They see themselves as Joey Tribbiani, with his “how you doin’ “. But that is not the reality. 

The reality is of middle age men leering and propositioning sex from children. The reality is of women being physically assaulted when they politely turn down or ignore these unwanted and mostly obscene advances. The reality is of women being followed by these men, fearful that this catcaller will become her rapist or murderer. A fear that is not unfounded as it happens time and time again.  

There are no “hello”, “How are you?” “nice weather we’re having” or “you look pretty” calls. What women hear directed towards them are much more insidious than that. “You want to go some where and have sex?” “I’d tap that” “ let me show you a good time” “you should be glad I want you because no one else will” are all standard in the catcallers vocabulary. And, it gets worse. Dressing modestly or masculinely does not deter them, it makes it worse. The presence of parents, children or other males does not deter them, rather it escalates the catcalling, and along with propositioning us or commenting on how “fine” we women are they then proceed to ask our male companions “how much”.

Catcalling is not about complementing women, it’s not a tactic used to break the ice. It’s only purpose is to demean women and terrorize them. In that way it really should be considered Hate Speech. One could even take the extreme angle and argue that it could fall under terrorism, for what does Hate speech and Terrorism aim to do? They aim to instill fear and violate their victims with speech, bullying and verbal and/ or physical abuse, the same thing catchers do to their victims. 

Lets call it what it is. Catcalling is nothing but Sexual harassment, Hate speech, and Terrorism directed towards women of all ages, races, nationalities, social classes and creeds. And it has to stop. Now.”

Submission from Sarah, kamikrolock

“But What Was She Wearing?” is a project documenting what street and sexual harassment actually looks like. Submit your own!

anonymous asked:

Have you ever heard/read the Paul Dini interview on the cancellation of YJ and GLTAS?

Yes. Yes I have. Holy crap. That entire attitude is BS, and you just reminded me how much it pisses me off. » Interview here on [io9] and [IGN] to anyone who needs context.

Basically, the idea is that Young Justice was cancelled not because it was doing badly or getting bad ratings, but because it was attracting too large of a female audience. This is the most blatantly misogynist thing I’ve seen in a long time.

Smith is on point in that interview. CN is worried about girls not buying toys? So sell them something else. It’s your job as a business to market to your audience, not cancel a successful show because it attracted an audience you didn’t expect and didn’t know what to do with.

I mean, half my closet is full of clothes designed for males because most large chains assume that females don’t want superhero stuff. My friend has this exact problem because Wonder Woman is his favorite hero, but he can never find Wonder Woman clothes designed for males. Apparently Wonder Woman is only for females. It’s a stereotyped gender attitude that’s frankly archaic. 

I mean, do you have any idea how much I’d pay for a Nightwing bra? Sell that! Tons of girls would get on board with superhero clothing, whether it’s t-shirts, hoodies, underwear, whatever. Hot Topic addresses this market to an extent, but half my clothes from Hot Topic were still designed for males. It’s rare that I go into Hot Topic and actually buy a product designed for my gender. And I’m sure companies like this just look at their sales and go “oh look, our Batman shirts for males are selling well. Must be only males who are buying them.” Cartoon Network is perpetuating this attitude to an extreme, because not only do they assume girls won’t buy toys, they seem to be assuming there’s nothing else they can sell them.

I mean, females not buying toys? Hahahahahhaha

Right. Clearly girls are incapable of buying toys, and there is absolutely no potential whatsoever for a market that represents 51% of the world population. Like wow, the level of stupidity with this mentality, I don’t even know how to fully get into it. Sorry, CN, you were right, girls don’t buy anything and there is absolutely no money to be made here. Move along, move along.


this is what I wore to school today. when you are dress coded, you have to wear a large t shirt and gym shorts, so I wore them purposely and wrote “dress code is sexist” on the shirt.
the staff made me turn it inside out.
I don’t know if all dress codes are like ours, but ours is definitely sexist. 3 teachers, when asked why we can’t wear certain things, they said that it “would be a distraction to the boys”. what the hell? how is that our problem? maybe they should stop punishing us and focus on not contributing to rape culture and not sexualizing women. if you have any, tag your stories or pictures of sexist dress codes. thanks.


GISHWHES Merchandise for Sale!

It’s been almost 2 years since I was able to leave my family and work on starting a better life for Emma and I, and I’ve finally reached a point where I’m able to get our first apartment. Yay! The only problem is that after paying rent + a deposit, I won’t have any extra money to buy furniture, so I’m hoping to earn enough to buy at least a cheap couch and some pots & pans by selling off my GISHWHES merch. 

I’ve listed an autographed 2012 coffee table book, a 2011 coffee table book, an autographed 2012 flag, an autographed 2012 t-shirt (size large), and 3 calendars. All of these are gone from the GISHWHES store forever so this is a really good chance to snag something if you weren’t able to before!

I apologize for the photo quality - I don’t have a computer at the moment so I’m using my phone. Please let me know if you have any questions! Any reblogs would be super appreciated. Thanks! :D