i have a john simm situation

Essentialy I binge-watched all the episodes of Doctor Who with David Tennant and John Simm and caused myself serious emotional pain imagining them as happy little kids, exploring Gallifrey. A few notes on the actual picture: I know that they wouldn’t look like this as children, but since you at best have an idea of what the Master looked like, and no idea about the Doctor, and most importantly since David Tennant and John Simm are two of my favourite actors in the world, I went for this. The things in the sky that apparently look like toes (thanks, sis), are actually old TARDISes, with the Chameleon Circuit turned off. And costume wise, I remember there being a mention of the Master’s family having acres of land, so I decided to give him fancier clothes than the Doctor, though the collar is not quite as stiff as the grown up Time Lords. I also tried to bring their personalities into it a bit, it’s up to you to decide what it is they are actually looking at.