i have a huge amount of love for them

DOOMFIST abilities

with all these caracters creating shields 

  1. Symmetra
  2. Reinhardt
  3. Winston
  4. Orisa

Or absorbing the damage

  1. Zarya
  2. D.va

What if DOOMFIST job..is to freaking shatter them ?!

’’Oh that’s nice shields you have there, would be a shame if someone would break them !! ’’

Cause as much i love protections as a Mercy players…kind of ridiculous how many shield generator Heroes is out there…

Cause so far only Sombra can destroy that many in a small amount of time with Ult. but the hate surrounding her is still huge !

the huge amount of respect I have for dan and phil has truly tripled. seeing their caring and giving nature to those who need it is so refreshing and comforting. it’s nice to see them fight against the hatred in this world with love from themselves and their fans. their good deeds, especially this one in particular, really emphasize that their actions come from their hearts to the hearts of the wounded, and their words reach out across the world to unify all who might hear them in love and solidarity. thank you for your strength, dan and phil.


Some time ago, i noticed a bunch of old and new boy groups with a lot of talent that arent appreciated as they should be. In kpop industry, make success is hard, and sometimes very talented people lose their chance to show their talent, thats means a lot of new groups disband for being underrated.

So i take a moment to make a list of really good groups u guys really need to check:

- VICTON (Plan A Entertainment, 2016)

- Snuper (Widmay Entertainment, 2015)

- VAV (A team, 2015)

- ROMEO (CT Entertainment, 2015)

- Imfact (Star Empire Entertainment, 2016)

- MYNAME (H2 Media, 2011)

- MADTOWN (GNI Entertainment, 2014)

- MAP6 (DreamT Entertainment, 2015)

- KNK (YNB Entertainment, 2016)

- UP10TION (TOP Media, 2015)

- JJCC (Jackie Chan Group Korea, 2014)

- B.I.G (G.H Entertainment, 2014)

- Boys Republic (Happy Tribe Entertainment, 2013)

- Topp Dogg (HUNUS Entertainment, 2012)

- BIGFLO (HO Company, 2014)

- Cross Gene (Amuse Entertainment, 2012)

- HISTORY (LOEN, 2013)

- HIGH4 (N.A.P Entertainment, 2014)

- 24K (Choeun Entertainment, 2012)

- 100% (TOP Media, 2012)

I know theres a lot more but thats the groups i remember at the moment, i know new groups are amazing and wonderful, but please take a moment to listen just to one music of these amazing groups, youre not gonna be disappointed i swear. 

Im not saying um should not love the new groups, theyre amazing as well but open your rice guys, K-pop has a huge variety of groups, do you really want to be stuck in only three or four just because theyre the most famous or they belong to a big companie? Give love to the flops too, u guys have no ideia how its like to see their smiles when a big amount of fans notice them. 

Maybe i do a girl group ver as well. 

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Do you have any fluffy/romantic recs? I've been quite down lately and could use something non-angsty, thank you in advance!

Do I ever! :) Here are my go-to fic when I’m feeling down (in no particular order):

The Lab Down Under by @spaceshipsarecool  This is on my top five list for fic in this fandom of any genre. It is my go to when I need something to make me smile. There are no words for how much I adore it. Overall tone is light hearted but there are several moments of real emotional depth as well. The characterization is perfect and super villain!Cat has just the perfect amount of whimsy.

Afternoon Delight by @jbthegift This is delightful. I have a huge weakness for Alex finding out about Cat by walking in on them fic (which there are a surprising number of in this fandom. Good job people!). I chose this one because I love the glimpses of Cat’s deeper feelings and it’s one of the few fic with Cat and Maggie interaction.

Sweet Sensation by @fictorium/ @damelola. Cat and Kara take advantage of Kara’s loss of powers.  Ok this one is just hot. Cat does body shots off Kara’s abs and that image always makes me feel better. 

Accidental Dating also by @fictorium/ @damelola. Cat teaches Kara how to be a good date. Oddly enough it ends in sexy times. This one is just a lot of fun and the ending always makes me smile.

Plus One by @txnmcky. AU. Cat and Kara meet at Lois and Clark’s wedding. Super confident Kara who knows what she wants and teaches Carter how to pick up girls.

Catspaw also by @txnmcky. AU. Cat’s a witch and Kara is her new neighbor.  There’s an instant attraction. It’s has an actual plot and is charming. Reading this fic feels like drinking a cup of really excellent tea while curled up in an armchair with a blanket.

Messages from Madrid by @supercitycarnival. Cat has to go to Madrid for business. Tiny bit of angst but only because they’re on opposite sides of the globe when they’d rather be less than two feet apart. It’s longish and has an actual plot which is rare for fluff. It’s well written and adorable. 

Flowers also by @supercitycarnival. Cat secretly sends Kara flowers. Really freaking adorable. I smile the whole time I’m reading it.

Fall Festival by @fourtseven. AU. Kara goes the the fall festival at Principal Grant’s school. First is has teacher!Cat which is hot. But also this is just a fun read. It has water tank dunking and face painting and kisses and it’s perfect.

How to Kiss a Crocodile by WrittenSword. Cat Grant in a fluffy crocodile suit. It’s adorable and cute but it also captures a real depth in Cat and Kara’s relationship and how much Cat trusts Kara. Just warm and fuzzy all the way through.

Hope these help! And let me know if you need more :)

I’ve never been a huge Ariana Grande fan but after watching the one love Manchester concert and seeing everything she has done for the victims and their families I have a huge respect for her.

So far she has:
- offered to pay for the funerals of those who died.
- donated $1million dollars of her own money.
- set up a donation page.
- arranged one love Manchester in a really short amount of time.
- donated money from sales of her single one last time which has been in the charts again.
- disabled comments on her YouTube videos and added a prayer message at the beginning of them.
- and offered to video call all of the victims.

Like if this was me I would probably have cancelled the rest of the tour, made a donation to the victims and families and went home to recover from what happened. I don’t think anyone would have blamed Ariana if she did that either but she didn’t. She stayed strong and is doing all she can for Manchester.

She truly is a gift.


Part 1 of 2  (Here’s part 2)

I’ve gotten a surprising amount of Nathanael x Lila (ship name TomatoFox, apparently, lololol) kiss requests, and I’ve been putting it off because, since they’ve never interacted on the show, I have no idea what their chemistry would be. 

I didn’t want to draw them smooching just because. In my brain, IT HAS TO MAKE SENSE.  So I came up with a scenario that would lead up to some TomatoFox-ness.  I wasn’t originally planning to turn it into a comic, but it kinda happened, so… oh well~!

Anyway, I’m not a huge fan of Lila, but I do really love her design.  I’m interested to see what her role will be in season 2.  And I do love the tomato child, so I’m glad I got to draw so much of him.  ^_~ 

Stay tuned for part 2!

Wonder Woman vs The Mummy

Wonder Woman - showed that an action franchise starring a woman (an actor who has only been in a handful of movies, no less) could be a critical and commercial success despite decades of studio insistance to the contrary.

The Mummy - Despite also appearing to be a female-led action film in an established franchise, the studio’s decided instead to keep the focus on Tom Cruise’s Nick Morten, who steals Sofia Boutella’s Ahmanet’s powers and kills her, while other other female lead, Annabelle Wallis’ Jenny, effectively act like a side-character in a bad 1990s action flick. That is, as a useless, flat love interest.

Not saying that the Mummy retooling doesn’t have a huge amount of problems with it already… it just seems a touch disingenuous to make like Ahmanet was going to be the character continuing on to the rest of the Dark Universe movies, when it was Nick “I rob graves and also steal with women after sleeping with them“ Morten who was going to be the “Mummy“ instead.

Originally posted by plumkat

Seriously, he gets all of her magical powers, and rolls off into the sunset with his zombie best mate as the titular monster (despite only being a superpowered undead person rather than… you know, someone who was mummified).

Like, you had points for casting an actual North African actor as an Egyptian for once, AND for starting your new movie universe with a female lead… And you kill her off to replace her with Tom Cruise.

Seems like the kind of studio thinking which took us 75 plus years for us to get a Wonder Woman movie, just saying.

Well, that and the bizarre Michael Bay-ish attitude that people are more interested in the “regular” people than the fantastical stuff named in the title. Why focus on these giant transforming alien robots when you hang around with Sam Witwicky’s family instead? Why have a monster franchise based on the monster in the title when hot white dudes with the same powers are avaliable instead?

I don’t know, just seems like the kind of attitude which leads to, say, a Steven Universe movie shot and told from the perspective of pre-character development Lars. You can probably do something with that, in theory, but it’s not what people are paying to see.

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The complexity of the relationship between Ramsay Bolton and Theon Greyjoy (Thramsay)

The relationship between Ramsay and Theon is dysfunctional and honestly pretty horrible in most ways, yet I find it very fascinating because of its complexity, meaning that I believe there is way more to it than just horror, torture and manipulation.

I have never written meta before, but I really enjoyed the process. I hope you like it!

Word count: 2,009

Ramsay and Theon quite clearly have many differences, but I also find that they have many similarities, which define their relationship. By similarities I mean the similarities in terms of what they both wish to achieve in life and how they cope with their issues. It is my opinion that they both to some extend have an identity crisis going on, which creates a very interesting dynamic between them. To get to the root of that, we have to take a look at their childhoods. Since we get much more detailed descriptions of both their childhoods (especially Ramsay’s childhood) in the ASoIaF books than in the show, that’s where I’ll gather my information from. So let’s start with Ramsay.

The start of Ramsay’s life wasn’t exactly merry and joyful as he was born of rape. Roose Bolton was out hunting one day when he discovered a peasant girl washing clothes in a river. He then decided to rape her and since her husband, the miller, wasn’t too content with the idea, Roose hung him and raped his widowed wife beneath the tree where he was swaying. A year later the peasant girl came to the gates of the Dreadfort with a baby in her arms seeking help from Roose, because her dead husband’s brother had stolen the mill from them and now her and her son had nothing to live of. At the time, Roose Bolton was married to Bethany Ryswell and had a trueborn son, Domeric, and he didn’t exactly want to deal with a bastard son and a useless peasant girl, so he let them into the castle with one single intent: to kill them both. But once he looked at the baby boy he couldn’t bring himself to do it because he saw that the baby had his pale eyes.

Roose let both mother and son depart unharmed and made sure they got the stolen mill back. Every year Roose would send a bag of stars to them, which Ramsay’s mother paid for with her silence; she was to never tell Ramsay or anyone else about who his father was. So Ramsay grew up in poverty with the ‘small folk’, he didn’t get an education, didn’t learn about honor, nobility or about courtesy, which explains his blunt and fearless nature.

But Ramsay was a difficult child and after a few years Ramsay’s mother went back to Roose to get help with raising him. Just wanting her gone, Roose gave her a servant, a terrible one, named Heke. Yet because he smelled so bad everyone instead called him Reek. Quickly, Ramsay and Reek became inseparable. Roose says that he isn’t sure if Ramsay corrupted Reek or if Reek corrupted Ramsay, but honestly I think they had pretty bad influences on each other. “No one could stand to be near him, so he slept with the pigs … until the day that Ramsay’s mother appeared at my gates to demand that I provide a servant for my bastard, who was growing up wild and unruly. I gave her Reek. It was meant to be amusing, but he and Ramsay became inseparable. I do wonder, though… was it Ramsay who corrupted Reek, or Reek Ramsay?” Roose Bolton tells Theon in ADWD (chapter 32). “The boy [Ramsay] is a sly creature by all accounts, and he has a servant who is almost as cruel as he is. Reek, they call the man. It’s said he never bathes. They hunt together, the bastard and this Reek, and not for deer. I’ve heard tales, things I can scarce believe, even of a Bolton.” Donella Hornwood says to Rodrik Cassell in ACOK (chapter 17).

Although Ramsay grew up lowborn he secretly always knew about his father and his right to live in a castle. “She disobeyed me, though.” Roose says, talking about Ramsay’s mother. “You see what Ramsay is. She made him, her and Reek, always whispering in his ear about his rights. He should have been content to grind corn”, he further says in ADWD (chapter 32). So Ramsay always knew he was worth more than everyone around him, he always knew that some day he would be granted the power he deserved. And somehow he eventually came to live with his father at the Dreadfort just like he wanted, where he made sure to kill Roose’s only trueborn son in order to become his only heir (at least that is what everyone including Roose believes, and personally I believe it too) 

Contrary to Ramsay’s upbringing in poverty, Theon grew up on Pyke as a prince until he was 9 years old. He was privileged, but his older brothers used to beat him up for being weak and his father Balon Greyjoy never really approved of him. Under those circumstances Theon became insecure already from boyhood. However, he always had to keep the insecurities concealed to not be perceived as weak. In order to contradict the picture of him being weak Theon had to constantly prove himself worthy to his family. After Greyjoy’s Rebellion Theon was taken away from his family to become Eddard Stark’s ward at Winterfell. With the Starks he wasn’t really accepted either; he was an outsider, not a true member of the family.

So both of them had messed up childhoods filled with disapproval and non-acceptance from the people around them, which obviously affected them and caused massive amounts of insecurities. Disapproval has a huge negative impact on a child’s life, causing their similar identity crisis.

The two of them have equal ways of dealing with their issues; the first one being that they simply deny the horrible facts. Ramsay knows that he was born of rape, yet he has convinced himself that his parents’ relationship was very romantic, that they fell in love with each other instantly when they met. In chapter 32 in ADWD Roose asks Theon, “Has my bastard ever told you how I got him?”, where to Theon replies, “Yes, my… m’lord. You met his mother whilst out riding and were smitten by her beauty”. “Smitten?”, Roose then says, laughing. “ Did he use that word? Why, the boy has a singer’s soul… Though if you believe that song, you may as well be dimmer than the first Reek.” Furthermore, Ramsay denies the fact that his father doesn’t love him. Reek has been with me since I was a boy. My lord father gave him to me as a token of his love”, Ramsay tells some Dreadfort men in ADWD (chapter 11). Obviously that is not true. As it was described earlier, Reek was given to Ramsay and his mother because Roose simply wanted to get rid of them. Also, Ramsay denies the death of his original Reek, which is why he simply replaces him with Theon.

Ramsay also desperately tries to compensate for the fact that he isn’t a trueborn Bolton. Exactly that is why I think he is so enthusiastic about flaying, as it is the Bolton custom. He overdoes it, desperately tries to show his father that he honors and upholds the family traditions in order to gain his accept and approval.

Similarly, Theon has convinced himself during his time at Winterfell that his family back at Pyke missed him utterly. During the years the image of his return to the Iron Islands has become more and more romanticized. When he actually returns to Pyke, he discovers that his father still disapproves of him and barely even sees him as his son. “It is as I feared. The green lands have you soft and the Starks have made you theirs”, Balon says to Theon in ACOK (chapter 11). So similarly to Ramsay, he compensates for the unapproval. Theon has to prove himself worthy to his father, and he attempts to do so by betraying Robb and taking Winterfell.

But Theon’s siege of Winterfell completely backfires on him and Ramsay’s attempt to prove himself a Bolton does not work, at least not for the first many years. They both fail their attempts at gaining their father’s approval. Roose eventually grants Ramsay the Bolton name and makes him his heir after Domeric’s death, but he still constantly reminds him that he is a bastard (meaning that he still disapproves of him) and that he is not entitled to the life he has at the castle. “All you have I gave you. You would do well to remember that, bastard”, Roose says to Ramsay in ADWD (chapter 32).

Another way both of them cope with their issues is through arrogance. It works as a shield, concealing what lies beneath. They both act coldly towards other people and they commit heinous crimes, however there is one BIG difference between the two: Ramsay completely lacks empathy for others and Theon does not. Deep down inside Theon cares for others, Ramsay really doesn’t. Personally I think Ramsay was born with a tendency to psychopathy, DNA has a say in those cases and Roose doesn’t exactly possess much empathy himself. It obviously damaged him even further throughout his life to never be approved of, respected or accepted by his parents. He was always last in line, always just the bastard. In addition to that, Ramsay is also clearly a sadist; he fully enjoys watching people suffer. Theon doesn’t enjoy inflicting pain on others. Those are the biggest differences between the two of them.

As I wrote just before, Ramsay can’t accept, doesn’t want to accept Reek’s death, so he needs a replacement and he specifically chose Theon. I have a theory why: Ramsay is pretty smart after all and he figures out that the reason Theon took Winterfell was to impress his father, so just like Ramsay, Theon does things in desperation to gain his father’s approval. Theon reminds Ramsay of himself and his issues, so Ramsay must change him. It is symbolic. Theon represents the sensitive aspects of Ramsay, the parts of himself that he is in denial about, so he breaks him down, ruins his identity by making him fully believe that he is a worm in human skin and by stealing his name. And he molds Reek into his own twisted version of a ‘friend’ so that Reek can give him the approval that Roose denies him.

I’ve thought about it and I think there is some symbolism in the aspect of flaying as well. Whenever Reek misbehaves Ramsay flays him, he removes parts of him. The skin Ramsay removes is symbolically the masks that Theon has been wearing all his life, he has never been true to himself, he has always pretended to be something he is not. And when he finally escapes from Ramsay he is a broken man, but he is honest. For the first time in his life he is true to himself. This is taking it far, I know, but I think that Ramsay in a twisted way helped Theon truly realize who he is because he brutally broke down his walls and removed his masks.

So Ramsay and Theon have had huge impacts on each other’s lives. Their relationship is based upon horrible deeds and manipulation, I’m not debating that. But it is my opinion that some positive things have come out of it, yet mostly when it comes to Theon. Theon will be able to recover from the terrible things that have happened, but I believe that Ramsay is damaged for good. His lack of empathy and his love for inflicting pain on others as well as his need and love for playing with people characterize who he is and I don’t believe that will ever change.

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Could you do hc for a female s/o accidentally getting spray paint on Pharah/Reinhardt/Genji's armor and (the characters I chose) first thought of their s/o as a sister and now they actually are in love with them

Interesting what spray paint on your armor can do to make you realize you actually have a crush one that one friend you thought you’d liked in a sibling kinda way.



  • She’s a bit upset but it wasn’t a huge amount of paint and you’re super apologetic, so she lets it slide
  • Also, you look cute all embarrassed and smiling and stuff, so
  • Wait, what?
  • Well, those feelings are unexpected but she’s not super surprised
  • This kind of thing happens all the time with people who get close enough with each other
  • See every rom-com ever
  • The question is whether you like her back
  • But that’s for after she gets the paint off her armor
  • So she stops your blathering apology with a pat on your head
  • “It’s alright, (Y/N), I just need to clean it off before it dries. If you’ll excuse me?”
  • “Oh, totally! Sorry again, Fareeha! I’ll make sure to clean off before I hug ya next time.”
  • “No problem, just be careful next time.”
  • Little do you know that she blushes faintly as you grin and wave her off to get paint remover
  • Afterwards, she’ll start her not-so-discreet snooping by asking around your friends about you
  • Friends like D.Va, Lucio, and McCree, who no doubt will tell you eventually


  • Would have pummeled literally anyone else if they’d not it
  • He was actually expecting to get pissed off at you too
  • But when he looked at you’re tiny form, paint-covered, embarrassed, and slightly terrified, he felt something completely different
  • Wait, is this what love feels like? It’s been a while, old friend.
  • “E-excuse me??”
  • He snaps out of his his little revel to see you staring at him with huge eyes and flushed cheeks
  • He’s confused
  • “What?”
  • “You just said that thing.”
  • “What thing? I didn’t say a thing.”
  • “Yeah you did. You said a love thing.”
  • “… What?”
  • Shit he said that aloud??
  • “You were hearing things.”
  • “Yes, I just heard you say something along the lines of you loving me.”
  • “That paint must be going to your head, (Y/N).”
  • He’s trying to hard to feign stupidity but his face is just as red as yours is
  • “I… need to go clean my armor before the paint dries.”
  • “Oh. Okay.”
  • “Um, bye.”
  • “Or we gonna ignore this or…?”
  • “I’ll decide whether I want to retire and become a hermit by the time I finish cleaning my helmet.”
  • “’Kay, have fun. No pressure.”
  • Y’all are awkward like what the fuck
  • “Oh, and (Y/N)?”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “You look cute covered in paint.”
  • “Rein.”
  • “I’m retiring, bye.”
  • And thus the big blushy man scurries off with you staring after him


  • He honestly doesn’t care either way
  • He’ll figure out how to get it off one way or another
  • Anyway, it’s a neon pink hand print on his left tit the left side of his chest
  • Oddly enough, he goes to tell you to be more careful next time and just kind freezes there
  • You’re still giggling, your body and clothes covered in paint and your smile stretching to your eyes
  • God you were so beautiful
  • S h i t
  • “H-hey, Genj, what’s with the stare?”
  • You’re wiping your eyes, smudging paint across your cheek
  • After a minute he just turns and starts speed-walking outta there
  • Like, shit, he got feelings
  • “Wait, Genji, where’re you going? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to!”
  • “It’s fine, (Y/N), I just need to go get it cleaned off beforeitdriesbemorecarefulnexttimeokaybye.”
  • Cue him going to D.Va for paint remover, then to McCree to spazz out about his newfound crush
Yuri on Ice AO3 Fic Recs!

Hi. I am one of those terrible people that consume a lot more fic than I comment on, because I’m a shy and lazy child. So: fic recs. To promote lesser-known authors, I’ll list from least to most bookmarked (I’ve left out some really popular ones, you can likely find those on your own). Feel free to give me recs in return!

If you’re an author on this list (and somehow see this despite my small following) and are like “mothereffer who’re you we’ve never talked” I plan on commenting on all of these this weekend, because #ficrecdays.

Symphony in a minor by Anicaruscomplex: This adorable 2 part drabble was published around Christmas and it’s been with me ever since. It’s a slice of life, but also Yuuri dealing with the temporary nature of their relationship.

what he notices most is the quiet by fishingclocks: Long distance fic. Did you know that a scene about Viktor making blini in the morning could send your heart into conniption fits? Well, now I do.

Nightfall in Osaka by ryukoishida: A perfect and soft date night for Viktor and Yuuri at the start of them being competitors. Also, the author researched actual beautiful locations for them to go to.

Step three: I’m calling you baby by polly_perks: Viktor deals with the fact that Yuuri isn’t the same man he met at the banquet. It’s sweet and crafted so well.

Scents of home by espritneo: This is the best fic I’ve ever read about Makkachin. Have you ever heard of espritneo? NO? Allow me to introduce you to this gift of a human being. Everything espritneo puts out has wonderful characterization of both Viktor and Yuuri and everyone else in their lives. Also, espritneo is versatile: canon continuations, folklore AUs, sex, time travel, and this whole puppy fic. You have no excuse not to check them out.

Seagulls on the shore (that which we grasp) by Gintsuki: Everyone has daemons and this story makes me wish daemons were canon, because it works SO WELL. This story flows like poetry.

Heart Lines by thelonelywriter: Yuuri reads Viktor’s palm, Viktor is ridiculous, and it’s adorable. Thelonelywriter, despite being lonely, has written some very quality fluff, so check them out.

Infinitesimal being by sarahyyy: An Otabek/Yuri fairytale story where Otabek is an immortal goblin, and it’s… written from OTABEK’S POV sometimes. I feel like this is so rare but it’s done so perfectly, and the lore behind it is bittersweet.

Every inch of you is perfect by lazulisong: *fans self* Every inch of lazulisong is perfect and I’ll say it as many times as I need to. Just go read everything. You’ll thank me later.

Again and Again by grayclouds: A reincarnation AU that is heart-wrenchingly beautiful and unconventional. It’s a whirlwind of different forms of Victuuri and some have me turning over in my bed at night—in one of them they don’t even exist at the same time and it still makes my stomach flip.

The road that stretches out ahead by hellodeer: Yuuri and Viktor go on a road trip. THIS FIC. I’ve read it so many times, and it’s just raw and so convincing in its story of how Yuuri finally realizes that Viktor actually loves him and intends to stay with him. It doesn’t get all the attention it deserves.

Undertow by Mhalachai: *heavy breathing* this fic is beautiful and creative and almost made me cry for Viktor Nikiforov. It’s one of the few fics that demonstrates Viktor’s insecurities and doubts and does it by successfully using supernatural Russian folklore. I am so impressed by this piece and it’s still messing with my head—it also has a companion piece that’s Yuuri-centric.

Understand Someday by triste: A wonderful piece of Victuuri family fluff, starring Yurio. You will want to hug the little tiger by the end of it. Triste has other excellent works, too!

Rumour has it by lunaetude: Viktor and Yuuri are at Hogwarts together, and are ADORABLE and very in-character, and it alludes to Viktor’s loneliness softly but emotionally. Lunaetude has multiple AUs for YOI that are gorgeous, so go read everything by that author, even if you don’t think it’s your cup of tea, because you WILL like it.

Of Dahlias and Deadlines by ingthing: have you ever read a fic and been like, this is so cute? Why isn’t this a show all by itself? Well, ingthing has a florist/wedding planner AU series that makes me say this every time they post, and everyone should read it. Viktor was born to be a wedding planner.

Easy on my knees by ineptshieldmaid: A Viktor-centric relationship study that has such a careful and touching path to them getting together, and Viktor trusting and loving Yuuri. Ineptshieldmaid has written other equally squeal-inducing fanfic, too!

High-Flying, Adored by terra_incognita: I’m a sucker for superhero AUs and this is amazing. Everybody has secret identities and it’s a love square between Viktor and Yuuri and their superhero personas—it’s quirky and emotional and addictive. Also, Yuri Plisetsky is amazing in it. You will have to suspend your disbelief a bit though, because Yuuri somehow doesn’t realize that two silver haired Russians arriving in town at the same time ARE THE SAME PERSON.

The measure of the year (the mind of men) by geckoplasm: A fic where Yuuri and Viktor are a real couple with actual communication issues, just like in the show! They screw up and make up and you always get both sides of the story in a way that is personal and eye-opening as to how two people that love one another can still have misunderstandings and cause major damage.

Adoration (noun) by crossroadswrite: pre episode 10, but an incredibly convincing and thoughtful explanation of how Viktor fell in love with Katsuki Yuuri—an AU where Viktor had originally intended to leave Hasetsu after a year.

Chasing Tail by Metallic_Sweet: This is the only fic on my list that I think is probably dead but please read it just for an A/B/O experience that you’ve likely never had before. Viktor has his scent glands removed and he is calculating in a way almost nobody depicts him as, but which I think is true to canon.

From june to September by bigspoonnoya: “This is the summer they fell in love.” This fic is essentially canon to me, it’s so well written.

Body music by fan_nerd: Um, everybody probably already knows fan_nerd because they’re a magical presence in the YOI fandom, but their reverse AU is the best. Viktor looks up to five-time champion Katsuki Yuuri and some things stay the same (being drunk at the banquet) and some things hilariously change (Yuuri actually emails Viktor before he just shows up at his house).

Dear Mama by Ferrero13: Viktor writes letters and emails to his beloved mother throughout the YOI series, and it’s HILARIOUS. Also sweet. Viktor’s writing and drama is spot on, and this whole fic is just well done.

Specks of silver in the evening sky by winchilsea: “Viktor’s kink is taking care of Yuuri” in a way that’s both eros and agape. This fic is breathtaking. *sobs into hands* I love winchilsea. Sometimes I read things by winchilsea that I don’t even know about (I read a Pacific Rim AU of YOI and I’ve never glanced at Pacific Rim) and it doesn’t matter because they are such high quality.

I’ve been up nights making you my god by kevystel: Oh, kevystel. I’m reccing this fic because it’s one of the first I found, but anything by kevystel is golden. It’s a brilliant and gorgeous relationship study.

On top of the world by springsoldier(ladydaredevil): Another superhero AU, where superman Viktor takes on Yuuri as his superhero protégé and Yuri Plisetsky fails terribly in his attempt to be a villain (he rescues kittens, y’all). It’s so, so precious and I love its Viktor.

I have my body (and you have yours) by astoryaboutwar: *UNINTELLIGIBLE SCREAMING* if you haven’t read any of her works, you need to go read astoryaboutwar RIGHT NOW. This is a heart-stopping soulmate AU where Yuuri keeps his soulmate a secret and then everything is emotional and stunningly written. *points helplessly at ‘our doubts are traitors’* Look, she’s writing this too and nobody is worthy of it. Nobody.

Nerve Endings by Phyona: Yuuri moves to St. Petersburg, and they deal with Yuuri’s anxiety. Yuuri has A LOT of anxiety, and it’s depicted at length here in ways that feel real and devastating. Later, Viktor has anxiety too, and overall I was just sitting there clenching my head in my hands, having a lot of feelings. 

Healthy Impropriety by mtothedestiel: Viktor and Yuuri in Victorian times!! Viktor is EXTRA extra, in the most perfect way, and Yuuri is just a normal Victorian guy trying to live his life. The author clearly worked really hard to keep it true to novels written during that time (Pride and Prejudice, etc).

Closer, Still by sciencefictioness: *spits out beer* did you know that A/B/O could be incredibly poetic and full of gorgous yearning and make you feel like you’ve been missing out on someone for your entire life?! Go read this.

The naming of cats by csoru: Another Yuri/Otabek rec. It’s realistic and Yuri is so in character it hurts. It actually spends time depicting their ice skating careers, and doesn’t just focus on their relationship, in true YOI style. Also it’s wonderfully written, so go check it out.

Stargazer by Fahye: No ice skating, just amazing space AU sports. Yuuri is a commoner that gets taken under the wing of space royalty to learn how to ballist.

From Almaty, With Love by BoxWineConfessions: another one that I probably don’t have to rec because if you like Yuri/Otabek, you’ve already discovered it. Yuri goes to visit Otabek for a summer and they fall in love. It captures both of them very well, and its scenes are written out so stunningly that even them lounging around in Otabek’s apartment is like a painted picture in your mind. I’m not even a huge Yuri/Otabek fan and this fic is just… sigh.

Always My Soulmate by Watermelonsmellinfellon: obviously, I’m a sucker for soulmate AUs and compilations and this is a good one. Watermelonsmellinfellon contributes a massive amount to the YOI community, and has done everything: soulmates, an AU where Yuuri is deaf, and time travel, and they actually research everything. So, so impressed.

A glide in your step by Yuu_chi: this was one of the first fics I read that threw me into the pit of YOI. It’s so, so sweet and masterfully crafted and something I always go back to; it’s a beautiful depiction of how Yuuri and Viktor got together in Hasetsu. It’s pining Viktor written before pining Viktor was even canon.

Maelstrom by feelslikefire: Viktor relives the a day of the Sochi Grand Prix over and over. A fic in which Viktor is actually initially a terrible person that gets to do character development, AND the worst day of Yuuri’s life is handled masterfully again and again.

Victor Effing Nikiforov by shysweetthing: so I would like to recommend both the story and the author, who despite being a writing god constantly descends from heaven to grace everyone with reviews and tumblr musings (her tumblr is the same as her author name on AO3). Yuuri doesn’t fail the Japanese nationals after GPF1, makes it to Worlds, and Viktor Nikiforov steamrollers him with love that Yuuri is incredibly confused by. Go read everything by this author and pray that she updates Viktor!!! With Swords at some point.

Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by Reiya: They’re rivals! Do I even have to rec this? It’s so frickin popular and THERE’S A REASON. I daydream about this fic and the worldbuilding for the AU is sublime. The author plans everything out so beautifully. In case you’ve somehow missed it, Yuuri meets up with Viktor as a kid, Viktor is Viktor and is blunt, and Yuuri’s heart breaks, resulting in him ferociously working to beat Viktor in competition. Then, there’s incredibly respectful one-sided hate sex.

Like your French girls by ebenroot: Viktor is an artist, and Yuuri his figure skating muse. Everybody knows this fic. It’s perfection.

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#'thank you for greeting them first alexander i'm pretty sure i forgot their names.' #'i have no idea if that was actually right let's hope they think we're drunk.' #'we are drunk.' 'this is true.' #conspiratorial couple laughter and magnus leaning in to kiss alec softly -- this made me smile so damn much. honestly you're wonderful thank you

you’re welcome

honestly the two of them being like this at gatherings is a huge amount of what i think about. casual banter, hilarious comments, both of them being sassy to each other and to the world.

i love thinking about clave events because really that would be where they would shine even if it would be extremely unpleasant. it would be sneering smiles and cutting remarks to anyone who dared say anything about magnus or about their relationship. it would be this united front between the two of them holding the line together against the rocky waters of shitty situations. defending themselves and each other and refusing to take shit from anyone

and more than that just imagining them all decked out, still matching after all of these years, tucked into a corner of the loft at their own party acting like lovestruck kids. magnus’s fingers at the small of alec’s back and alec leaning in to push kisses next to magnus’s ear as he murmurs something low in his throat. both of them with cocktails, gold flakes floating in them and the flickering candle light lighting them up something beautiful, catching on matching rings on their ring fingers.

magnus turns his head and pushes his mouth against alec’s lips, his trimmed beard grazing his skin as he kisses him soft and slow, and alec’s lips part shifting just a little bit closer.

“are you two with us?” luke calls from across the room and magnus just kisses alec a little bit deeper, alec reaching up to motion for them to be left alone. laughter trickles in between the soft music and they’re just in love and enjoying themselves with their friends.

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Is it possible for BTS to someday reach the level of popularity and status that groups like BigBang enjoy? What would the members and the company have to do to reach that level?

Not only is it possible, but all indications show that they’re well on their way to the top of the top.

For a while there were some minor concerns that BTS were struggling to connect with their domestic audience. They were considered “global” stars first, which is all well and good, but idols can’t really survive without home-ground interest and support. But the Wings album and YNWA has proven that BTS are a juggernaut both in Korea and overseas.

I have never seen a boy band outside of the Big 3 companies to become so huge and so loved in such a short amount of time. They are growing exponentially as they continue to sweep the charts, break records, freeze servers, and make more fans with each new comeback. It’s almost surreal how it’s all unfolding for them. But seriously, they’re legends in the making.


“Speaking for myself and a majority of the people in here, our spouses owe you a huge amount of gratitude. So thank you for that.” (x)

Listen, I’m sure folks have differing opinions about the appropriateness of this comment, but I think we all can agree that Lee and Colin’s reactions were priceless. Between Lee’s gleeful teasing and Colin’s stammering, these two turned a questionable comment into something hilarious.


I love how you just know this isn’t the first time he’s brought that up…

Weekly Voltron Fic Recs #27

Rules: You can find past weekly rec lists here, and non-list recs in my general fic rec tag. This is stuff I like, and I have a huge bias toward Lance, hurt/comfort, and general fluff, in that order. Gen unless otherwise noted. Please comment on the fics if you read and enjoy them!

Finally one that’s pretty much just a week after the last one. There’s a lot of fluff this week, and a gratifying amount of Hunk, though it’s still never quite enough.

Must Surely Be Learning by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
Words:  2,717 IWIP 1/6)
Author’s Summary: 5 things Shiro learned, and one thing he’s still getting the hang of.
My Comments: I just love Boss’s gen fics so much. This one starts off with Shiro doing a sort of low-g dancing/acrobatics. Beautiful imagery, and Lance was adorable and charming, though his small talk with Keith was predictably strained.

The One with a Blanket Fort by isabeau25
Words: 1,485
Author’s Summary: The children build a fortification to keep Keith’s bad day out. Written for Voltron Fluff Week.
My Comments: Continuation of a series in which Shiro is literal space dad and the other paladins are literal children. Utterly adorable, as always. Toddler Pidge is especially spot-on, and the others are as sweet as cotton candy.

comfort food by finaljoy
Words: 3,528 (WIP 2/?)
Author’s Summary: Hunk was fine being the team cook, but he didn’t expect to also become the team therapist, solving problems one bit of advice and delicious meal at a time. He didn’t really mind, though. After all, it was like his mom always said; good food filled the stomach and the soul.
My Comments: Hunk is the best. This is not debatable. I love how all-out he goes just on the simplest requests to help his teammates feel better. Also love the interaction with Lance in this one.

The Meadows of Asphodel by Genesister (papirini)
Words: 21,006
Author’s Summary: Deep in the heart of a mysterious enemy’s territory, some time after their victory over Zarkon, Lance is on bridge duty. As the vargas of the night cycle slowly crawl by, he thinks back to moments during their sojourn in this sector of space - and ponders his own place on a team without their two strongest members. A small interquel to The Garden of Heaven. Tags will be added as the work proceeds.
My Comments: Set in the same period as a previously recced fic. This one shows the rest of the team struggling without Keith and Shiro, with an especial focus on Lance and how he fights to fill their shoes and feels like he’s failing. Lovely character interactions throughout.

Best Friends by Kalira
Words: 1,550
Author’s Summary: Best friends should stick together, and that’s exactly what Hunk and Lance intend to do!(Or: Hunk and Lance built a blanket fort and talk about the future.)
My Comments: Cuuuute. I love Hunk and Lance as childhood friends being cuddly and mutually supportive.

Skin Care or Skin Scare by wingedflower
Words: 4,636
Author’s Summary: One thing that happens when you send both Lance and Allura to a space mall: they buy an entire cosmetics store. And of course Lance has to try ALL the new products he had purchased in search for the perfect moisturizer, even if some of the side effects prove that none of these things was actually meant for humans.
My Comments: Very fun, funny fic. It feels like an episode. Lance is adorable and also should not do that, but no one can stop him.

Night Shift by oldmythologies
Words: 1,873
Author’s Summary: Shiro wakes up in the middle of the night. Like usual.
My Comments: Shiro has a nightmare and Lance comforts him. I entered this fandom on this dynamic and I’ll always be happy to find more of it.

A Higher Form of War by windscryer
Words: 2,966
Author’s Summary: Pidge has a plan to combat Lance’s homesickness, but it’s going to take a team effort. After all that training and bonding and focusing they’ve done though? They’ve got this.
My Comments: Aww, fluffy teamy goodness! Complete with blanket fort and pillow fight! Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts. I especially loved how Allura and Coran joined in.

A Hunk of Hugs by Purplecoconutsmine
Words: 1,520 (WIP 1/?)
Author’s Summary: Hunk is the best at hugs, not so much at logical comfort.
My Comments: Hunk is the best. Have I mentioned that? Because he is.

Guardian (Princess) of the Forest by windscryer
Words: 2,376
Author’s Summary: Pidge doesn’t regret anything that led her to this place in her life. She couldn’t have planned it better if she’d tried.Well, there is one thing she regrets.
My Comments: Garrison Trio! Hunk and Lance both go all-out to make Pidge look and feel like a Disney princess, as she deserves.

die but once by againstmygreeleaf
Words: 20,035
Author’s Summary: There’s no art to being armor. It’s more of a discordant knee jerk of an instinct. Four times Hunk takes one for his team, one time he takes one for the cause. Essentially a collection of gratuitous, self-indulgent Hunk whump.
My Comments: OMG, OMG, OMG, the absolute BEST Hunk h/c I have read in the fandom, ahhhh, it’s so good! The author does a great job of escalating the stakes from chapter to chapter, and also an excellent job with the other character, especially Lance, but everyone. Please please please read this and comment, so the author will feel encouraged to write more for this fandom. I WANT it.

Soul of a New Machine by StygianLotus
Words: 3,170 (WIP 2/?)
Author’s Summary: Lance had been living the same cycle of events over and over since he got captured by the Galra. After seven months with Haggar, the other Paladins finally manage to save him. However, they soon realize that Lance’s wounds run much deeper than they had hoped.
My Comments: Hmm, yes, another Lance torture fic. What can I say, guys. I still like ‘em, even if I’m embarrassed about writing my own. This one is well-written, and I’m in.

In the way knitting needles love yarn by Veto_power_over_clocks
Words: 8,869
Author’s Summary: Messing up and fixing things in three stages:1. Lance, Blue, and the art of hurting others through self-deprecation.2. Lance, Keith, and the Anatomy of Apologies.3. Lance, Blue, and pointing out the obvious.
My Comments: Pretty much the only fic I’ve read and liked with the concept of lion swapping, mainly because this one doesn’t go through with it, haha. I love Lance’s relationship with Blue, so so much .Sometimes, like any other relationship, it takes work. I also really liked Keith teaching Lance how to apologize.

The Sun is Rising Without you by Qpenguin98
Words: 3,252
Author’s Summary: Lance wakes up with a headache pulsing behind the eye mask. He walks late to breakfast still dressed in his pajamas, somehow feeling less rested than he did before he went to sleep. He’s not quite sure what he dreamt about, but he knows it wasn’t pleasant.
My Comments: Aw, poor Lance .Sometimes everything just gets to be too much. I’m glad Shiro was there for him, and everyone else in the end as well. Supportive team showing Lance love for the win.

Previously Recced Fics That Updated:

familiar by achieving elysium (Ogygia)
The Garden of Heaven by Genesister (papirini)
Handbook of Demonology by squirenonny for Pechat (now complete, cannot recommend it highly enough)
Taking One For The Team by ShiningRegalia
Gate Keeper by MoonlitPaladin (MoonlitStardust) for cupcakelevi
As Color Fades Away by IcyPanther
Beautiful Minds by PotatoBender
Shifting Sands by Cardigan_Quincy
Mini Lions by Eastofthemoon
Masks by TiedyedTrickster
Weekend Guests by TheBeckster
Someplace Like Home by squirenonny
A Dream Away by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
This Is New by TheHomestuckWhovian
Truce by kyanve
Playing Catch-Up by 5557

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so biophilia, if done with enough background knowledge on animal behaviour, is a good thing?

Biophilia is an innate human experience - it’s not good or bad, it’s just part of who we are. It’s how we choose to engage with it that matters. 

This blog was created because I believe there’s a huge amount to be said for learning to understand why animals do what they do on their own terms - putting ourselves into their heads as much as we can, rather than interpreting them through our own schema. We can love and value them just as much when our empathy is accurate to how they live, and honestly, I think it’s so much more powerful to look at something as alien as an octopus and have some semblance of an idea of it’s internal state. 


   I love tattoos. I love piercings. I am the sicko that really enjoys the feeling of getting them. The first one I got was when I was 18. I was in Byron Bay and I woke up one morning with the idea, and walked straight over to a tattoo parlour called Sharky’s and that was that. It doesn’t have a huge amount of sentimental value. It says Balance. The last one I got reminds me of a friend I was close to when I was younger. It reminds me that life is short and to live every day with gratitude and positivity. It’s my handwriting and it says ‘Joy’.

These are my bunnies, Bonnie and Clyde. Clyde is the brown one, a British Giant Rabbit, and Bonnie is the tan one, she’s a Flemish Giant. They’re not siblings but they are bffs. They also have cost us more than 100 dollars in replacement charger cords lmao. My fluffy pretty babies.



Ok thank

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Felicity has repeatedly brought up her various reasons for falling in love with Oliver. She's done it at least twice since they broke up even. She knows why she loves him and she's not afraid to tell him. Meanwhile, Oliver has never really said what he loves about her, apart from his vows which were at a desperate time. And she knows he doesn't really trust her. It's all so sad. Her love for Oliver has caused Felicity so much pain. It shouldn't be like that.

Loving someone is painful, Nonnie. Loving someone gives them a huge capacity to hurt you. People you love always hurt you, hopefully not intentionally, but it just happens by the nature of love. It doesn’t necessarily mean that love isn’t right. Children hurt their parents so many times over, but the love is still very real. Children cause pain to their parents because they are underdeveloped and don’t understand the power of their words and actions yet. Olicity were a lot like that. When they first got together there was a juvenile undercurrent to their relationship where neither side really understood themselves or each other. 

And that’s why we’ve gone through all of this. Adversity introduces a person to themselves. Oliver has been introduced to his true self, or at least who he believes he is, and now that can be worked on. Felicity is going through the same. All this pain and suffering will give them more empathy for each other and make them better at loving one another. They will be better people and partners because of all of this. 

As for Oliver not saying ILY enough, well, here’s the thing, we all have different love languages. There are 5 of them in actual fact. 

* Words of affirmation (I love yous, you mean so much to me, you look beautiful today)

* Acts of service (cooking a nice meal, doing work around the house, planning a surprise vacation)

* Quality time (singling out special time for just one on one time together, no distractions, going on dates, doing activities that have significance to you both - like going hiking or boating)

* Gift giving (enjoying surprising people with thoughtful gifts like flowers or breakfast in bed)

* Physical touch (holding hands, back rubs, touching shoulders, sitting close)

One of the big challenges for any couple or relationship is identifying not only your love language but your partners/friend/relation. Your love language is what you will equate to being loved, and it can get tricky if the other person doesn’t share the same love language. For instance, if your love language is quality time, and your partners is gift giving, then him getting up to make you breakfast in bed could come across as slightly annoying to you, even if you appreciate the effort, because it’d meant so much more to you to just lie in bed and snuggle and talk about your plans for that day or what you were thinking about. Both have different love languages and aren’t recognising what the other person needs. 

Here’s another example, my Dad and me. My Dad is a gift giver. I don’t recall him ever telling me he loves me, but I know he does because I have gift giving as my love language too. So, to say I love you, my Dad will do things like go out and buy me a 3 pounds of cheese, because he knows I love cheese. lol Interestingly enough, my mother is all about acts of service, so she tries to be appreciative when he brings her back chocolates and various gifts, but honestly, she’d prefer if he just mowed the lawn. That feels like an expression of love to her, not chocolates. But, you know, 49 years of marriage, they’ve worked it all out and accept and recognise how the other person shows love and devotion. 

From your comment, I’m thinking that one of your love languages is words of affirmation, Nonnie. It’s important for you to hear the words, have the reason for loving someone out there, spoken for them and all the world to hear. So, when looking at other couples, you look for that love language to feel like it’s real or equal. BTW, there is no wrong or lesser love language. They’re all valid and equal. It’s just that we don’t tend to have them all. One or two is usually the limit for most people. 

Oliver’s love language is not words of affirmation. That’s not how he expresses his love for people. How many ILY’s has Thea gotten? Or Diggle? But do you doubt his love for them? Both Oliver and Felicity share physical touch as a love language, and I would say that Oliver’s other LL is acts of service. He protects. He serves. He shields. It’s how he shouts out his love to other people. Him not saying ILY as often as Felicity doesn’t mean he’s lagging in the love race. It means he’s showing it in a different way. I definitely think Felicity’s other LL is words of affirmation. 

And that’s one of the reasons Olicity is in a bit of a pickle. 

Felicity needs words of affirmation from Oliver - I trust you, I see us as equals, I have your back - that’s how she shows and understands love. 

Oliver is showing his love by acts of service - don’t do this, let me shield you, let me protect you from pain and all of the same mistakes I’ve made in my life. 

It’s not about trust or lack thereof. It’s about different love languages working at cross purposes. Felicity understood Oliver’s love languages for a long time, that’s why they got together and she didn’t run screaming from the room from the tangled mass of man pain. But her own pain has clouded her understanding of Oliver’s ways of expressing love these days, and that’s a good thing, because it means Oliver is having to ask more of himself and really examine and understand for himself what went wrong between them. You can’t fix what you don’t understand. 

So, no, for me, Oliver doesn’t need to say ILY or the reasons why he loves Felicity. To me, the reasons are self-evident and don’t need expression. But then, my love language isn’t words of affirmation. Our family is lucky to say the words ILY once a year, but we all know we love each other deeply. ILY’s don’t mean a huge amount to me, but I appreciate and understand they mean a lot to others. It just depends on the writers and what love languages they want to give to Olicity. But just remember, just because it might not be one of your LL’s, doesn’t mean the love isn’t real and equal. :)



The list of swimmy babies I would like keeps growing, because nothing I want is compatible with anything I have.

TANK 1: Axolotl. My biggest freshwater tank will house three or four axolotl, all different colors. I want one so bad.

TANK 2: Dwarf pea puffer. I love their little tiny bodies and huge eyes and downright betta-ness. I would name her Penny.

TANK 3: CRUSTACEAN TANK. I am dying to convert the frogs’ tank to a crustacean tank once I upgrade them. Orange sakura shrimp, Amano shrimp, ghost shrimp, Thai micro crabs, and freshwater pom pom crabs.

TANK 4: I don’t even care if anything else goes in their tank or what that anything else is, I just want kuhli/dojo loaches. I love the noodles.

NOT PICTURED: Koi. I would love a koi pond, if I ever got a house with enough land.

These animals fall under the category “when I start making a lot of money, have my own house, and have a huge amount of space,” because they are all saltwater fish, they all require a lot of space, and their care is more specialized.

TANK 5: Seahorses. I love seahorses and always have. These delicate tiny babies have been a dream of mine since I was a little girl. They do not always do well in captivity, so they will surely test my “good with animals”-ness.

TANK 6: Snowflake eel. I love the little noodles. I know they’re a popular wish fish on here and one of the users here even has one.

TANK 7: Epaulette shark, aka walking shark. One of my LFS has one and I always drift towards the saltwater section to watch her. This tank straddles the line between wish fish and pipe dream - I would need a lot of time, space (in my home and in the tank), and money to make it work.

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Any books you'd reccomend on the Roman Republic?

ok so first i need to say……i’m awful and read mainly historical fiction so there’s gonna be Mostly That in this list, also i’m on mobile so pls excuse the shite formatting

My Fave, robert harris’ cicero trilogy!!! imperium (https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0099527669/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_DqUQyb83AZNMZ), lustrum (https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0099406322/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_lsUQybYTC99XX), and dictator (https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0099474190/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_TsUQyb9RSPNDK)
they’re about CICERO and they get the atmosphere of the end of the republic spot on, they’re really sympathetic towards cicero and they’re narrated by MY FAVE, tiro, which offers a Different perspective. if you read these Please talk to me abt them i Love them

steven saylor’s roma sub rosa series is also Good but there are like 12 so i’m only going to link the first, roman blood (https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1849016054/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_AxUQyb296B08R), which is abt the pro roscio trial. the books favour the populares more than the boni/optimates which is Interesting after reading the robert harris books, also they’re full of long historical interludes which give everything more Context. the third book, catilina’s riddle is GOOD especially if you read it after lustrum bcs it’s just SO DIFFERENT to usual interpretations of the catilinarian conspiracy……..it also has weird naked moonbathing???? this series is the Gayest of all the rome books i’ve read AND oh man it has a great caelius AND book four is amazing

@pythionice recommend benita kane jaro’s the key (https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0865165343/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_KEUQybTGWH6HP) which is abt catullus, narrated by caelius. idk how historically accurate it is but it has such an Aesthetic…..such nice translations of the poems……Is Caelius In Love With Catullus???? a good book. it also has two sequels, one abt cicero and the other abt caesar, but i haven’t read them (yet). they look good though!!! would recommend.

i’m Currently read the masters of rome series by colleen mccullough and it is the Most well researched, detailed historical fiction i have Ever Read but it’s also So Long….. the first man in rome (https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0099462486/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_EJUQybA6JHTYS) is the first one but there are seven in total and they cover 111BC to 27BC in Huge amounts of detail. they start a lot earlier than other fiction set during the republic so you get gaius marius and sulla and the social war! which is interesting. i mean later on they don’t really look favourably on Anyone except caesar but……..they’re still Very good

my primary nonfiction book on the republic is from the gracchi to nero: a history of rome from 133 BC to 68 AD (https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0415025273/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_qNUQybKSW5EJ1) which is fuckening Huge but good it has a timeline and a glossary and a list of consuls and can also be used to keep doors open. if you want Details then read this. also tiberius gracchus is there

i haven’t read it but my dad says rubicon (https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/034911563X/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_VPUQyb1DPA0KG) is good

i Do Not like cato the younger but i’ve been reading rome’s last citizen (https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0312681232/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_7QUQybF5MME16) which is a good biography of him and the dude was Obsessed w the republic so is an interesting perspective to read abt it from

finally and not really abt the republic specifically, vox latina (https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0521379369/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_vSUQybHFQGQJ5) is just my fave. read this if you’re a nerd