i have a headache and don't know what i'm doing

The Daily Fail for January 28, 2015
  • Geoff: Have you ever done acupuncture before?
  • Ryan: No. Is it good?
  • Geoff: I don't know, I was asking you. It seemed like you knew a lot about it.
  • Ryan: Well, I mean, knife acupuncture, sure...
  • Geoff: Do you suffer - What?
  • Ryan: *muted chuckle*
  • Geoff: Do you suffer from headaches?
  • Ryan: Uhhh, once in a while?
  • Michael: I'm getting a headache...
  • Ryan: The occasional headache.
  • Geoff: If I paid for you to get acupuncture and we, uh, filmed it, would you do it?
  • Ryan: Uhhhhhhhh
  • Geoff: Achievement Hunter out.

anonymous asked:

Sea family! I woke up yesterday and I haven't been able to sleep since then, I've also had almost nothing to drink, I'm just not thristy, but its giving me a huge headache. I've tried downing a glass of water but I just can't do it, it feels like it's too much. Whats wrong with me? (I don't have the option to go to a doctor)


(Sea Bear doesn’t know and cannot help you.)