i have a good day today

this is the only other thing i’ve drawn today and it’s just a sketch but i felt like i needed to share,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @hohohomura!!!!!!!!!
I HOPE YOU HAVE A SUPER FUCKENINNG AMAZING DAY!!!!! You’re my best friend in the whole world and I love you so so so much ❤❤❤❤❤
I hope you like this drawing of your wife, I wish it wasn’t so rushed but I thought that my tablet would be fixed by now so I hope this is ok
Happy birthday!!!!

Oooookay Guys,

good and bad news. Since my precious little translator-chan is super busy with college things right now, we will have to wait a few more days for Hidoku. That’s why we decided to publish Harami Bara chapter per chapter instead of the planned ch 1-5 bundle, so you have a little smutty something for the wait. ^^ 
I’m currently typesetting chapter 1 and the other chapters are ready for typesetting as well, so the releases won’t take that long. 

Please hang in there for Hidoku just a little longer. :)
I got the cleaned pages today and let me tell you…. they’re soooo beautiful!!!

And we hope you’ll like Harami Bara. Those perverted dorks <3 


Some help maybe?

Perhaps a bit out of the blue and a random idea, but I’ve been intensely struggling to keep any kind of thought positive, to the point I’m stressed out the entire day, throughout the entire day. Having a heavy chestfeel due to stress and a lack of motivation to do anything.

I’ve taken a real ‘me’ day today to try and de-stress but alas, it has done very little, my mind trails off to bad thoughts instantly when I’m not deliberately forcing myself to think of happy things.

Again, perhaps a random idea.. but I’m considering to ask you guys to maybe leave me some good words.. some happy things, things to motivate me to go on.. I want to try printing these out and pasting them around me in my room and in my sketchbooks so I have a little reminder people are out there that care. To get it through my thick skull that I’m not the worst person on the planet.

Don’t feel pressured to do so, it’s a random shower idea I had that I figured might be a good thing for me since I’m almost unable to think anything positive anymore.

Thank you.


Have you ever watched something again and again and again … without understanding…. AT ALL?
Soo I was just doing this, and then appeared @senator-organa and saved me (thanks for the translation !!!)
interviewer: so today’s valentine’s day, how do you celebrate?

donnie: today’s a big day, and i’m giving half of it to your magazine.
Then donnie says he’s going to go home and cook dinner.  

interviewer: how did you spend your most romantic valentine’s day?

donnie: i’m very romantic every yearand can’t think of one where i was the most romanticand then he goes on about how you don’t have to spend a lot of money or go to a fancy restaurant, you just have to be good to your wife/lover and use your heart in whatever you doas long as the two of you are together.  

Then donnie says the most moving thing he’s done for his wife is the tattoo on his back. Before they got married, he was against tattoos, and didn’t want to mess up the body his parents gave him, but then they talked about how if you really loved someone, you’d be willing to do something to injure your own body for them. And then one day, either her birthday or christmas, he went “remember how you said if i really loved you i’d get a tattoo for you? let’s go!” and he’d prepared everything and then that day he went to a very famous tattoo artist in Hong Kong, the same one who tattooed David Bekham.
And it hurt a lot, 10x more than filming a kungfu movie, and he clenched his teeth so hard they felt tired and like they were about to fall out, it hurt so much. His wife recorded the whole thing, but cried while she was doing it because she was so moved.  
And then the interviewer asks what his wife’s done that’s moved him the most, and he says having his kids, and that women are really strong for having babies.

It’s so sweet and touching… I’m crying… And although he probably exaggerated a little about the pain, it’s ALL so romantic that I just don’t know … I just LOVE HIM VERY MUCH OK???


today started off really shitty but after crying on the phone to my parents and rus, it got really good. i made an action plan. i have a lot to look forward to. and i’m not going to be stuck here forever. plus. honestly, ya need some bad days sprinkled in to make ya appreciate the good ones with your whole heart.

after a rough morning, i met rus at his office for lunch and we walked around and found a nice little spot to have a picnic.
and later, when he got home, we went running. he knows i am sick of the usual routes so he planned a ridiculous one in all different directions, and since i had complained about being tired of standing at stop lights, he had us sprinting across streets in weird places during traffic breaks so we didn’t have to wait at a single light. i found myself eagerly sprinting up staircases and highway overpass ramps, and was reminded that i am still the same runner i was last year - it is not my choice nor my fault that my options here are mostly flat concrete. i still love a challenge when it’s available. my heart still loves to run free. my mom said she felt how i do now when she lived in arizona, and it was boring as heck but made her appreciate connecticut running so much more. i am so excited to feel that. 
we didn’t finish our run till about 7:20 p.m. but it was still light out and we took minnah for a nice long walk (where she encountered her first ambulance - she was not a fan but my god she is a different dog than when we first met her; i am SO damn proud of all of us). and now we’re dancin’ around the kitchen while our veggies roast. 
i’ve been having a really rough time lately. but i have good people in my life, so even if i live in a place that is far too mundane for my soul to thrive, i’m going to be okay and it is going to get better. my headspace needed this night.

I just finished that phone interview and immediately had to take a shower bc I stress-sweated through my shirt.

Why do interviewers ask such vague questions if they’re looking for a specific answer? “Tell me about a time when…” and all they really want to know is “how do you cope with stress?”

Just ask that. Now I have to weed through hundreds of hours of memories to pick one stressful experience to talk about? EVERY DAY IS STRESSFUL IN THE ICU!

He’s supposed to call me back today or tomorrow. 🤞🏻

Gratitude for today:

1. My cough is lessening; it still flares up with activity, but every day is a little bit better;

2. My Thursday morning coffee treat included a gluten free breakfast sandwich;

3. I got called slurs by someone clearly mentally ill (and he was following me) but I was able to get away through the tunnels connecting county buildings, so to him, I disappeared into nowhere. (I’m a magical faerie);

4. I think I look cute today. That’s a rarity;

5. I have a good attorney working with me. She understands the system, as she has been an assistant attorney general, a public defender, and she’s kind, quirky, and radical politically. This is a huge change from my prior attorney, who was nasty to anyone she deemed “under” her;

6. I decided to have lunch with the guy that asked me out. I’m going to explain that I really have zero interest in getting involved with anyone emotionally or physically right now, but let’s be friends and see how it plays out over time;

7. No contentious motions on the court calendar today.


Have a #productive day or good nights rest everybody - I’m going to be #cleaning out all of the people I #follow today , so please don’t be offended if I #unfollow …… I’ll follow you again 😊 This is just some routine maintenance that I can’t avoid any longer lol #instaart #skeletor #motu #vintagetoycollector #80stoys #eternia #villains #mästersoftheuniverse #etsysellersofinstagram #linkonmyprofile #instaartist #horror #followme

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Omg lol I have way more pictures then I thought 😓 lol adding my new number to all of them is definitely going to take a while lol I’m about to hop in the shower 🚿 and get cute for y'all 😙 I’m hoping to add some new pictures and maybe a new video today so definitely check back 💻 as always I hope everyone is having a good day so far 🌦☔️ I’ll be working all day & night regardless of the weather 💦 so if you’d like to see me just text me🙂615-497-3912❤️❤️

I have always said that I am not sure if having a kid of my own is something I want to do. Ever. But today I changed my mind. I have held a lot of babies in the last few years, this year two of my close friends gave birth. 

But today I held my best friends baby and I saw how happy she and her husband are and it made me think about me & my boyfriend…and when I looked up later on and saw him holding the baby so gently something in me just bloomed. 

It’s so weird to think about babies now, we haven’t even been together for a year, we are way too young right now and we are both starting new things/jobs. It’s not the time right now. 

But the tought of having a baby one day seemed a lot less scary when I thought about having a baby with him. And I think if my future looks something like what I have seen today then I am positive that I’ll be good & happy.

today at work i told an older male customer to “have a great day” and he was like “a GREAT day? that’s a lot of pressure. i was shooting for a good day. how about a good day? can i do that?” and like this honestly proves that baby boomers will complain about literally ANYTHING to customer service workers

I have been working hard to make sure depression doesn’t take over my entire day any more.
Last night was rough, and today I can’t seem to win.
I can’t bring myself to do anything today, and that’s not good cause while I don’t work my main job, I may be working my other job. & I am so excited for the future at that job so I need to feel better!

I discovered today (because ppl keep asking for it in the Boyd Holbrook tag) that what we BOFQs used to call self-inserts back in the day are now called “imagines”. Which are a little different because instead of being ultra-beautiful Mhairie who all the X-Folks admire and inevitably bang, it’s LITERALLY YOU in the “imagines”. So being a good fanperson I have decided that I will, in fact, write a few short Boyd Holbrook imagines.

It’s cold on the Staten Island seashore. “Boyd, I’m cold,” you say as you shiver in your inadequate jacket which you will one day miss terribly as you sit high up in the bleachers at some Canucks game some future boyfriend will drag you to. “I just gotta find a couple more pieces of wood,” Boyd says, a chiseled figure in the distance as he scours the beach. “My sculpture of Jesus taking a bath needs a big enough tub for him to sit in, I mean come on.” You smile, admiring his devotion. Jesus is very important, it’s true. You suddenly feel humbled by his artistic quality and ability to sculpt and how he lives with a bunch of other models like Zoolander except instead of mocha orange frappucinos they all love outsider art. “Shit, a crab bit me,” Boyd says.

Imagine you are lying on the sofa while Boyd, your husband, practices his banjo while his dog sings along. His friend Pedro Pascal taught him some songs in Spanish, he says. You listen quietly and intently for every mention of “amor” as he mumble-sings. It’s so warm and cozy tucked up in blankets on the sofa; earlier Boyd gave you a nice full-body massage that he says he learned from Hugh Jackman. Boy, does he ever know a lot of helpful people! Just the other day he introduced something new and exciting to your bedroom games (”Trust me, baby, it’s gonna be funner this way”) and said it was suggested by none other than Liam Neeson! What a life.

You are pregnant and you and Boyd have rented a cabin up in the hills for you to have the baby. Every day is full of comfort – roaring fires in the woodstove, blankets and quilts, reading, eating banana pudding and drinking Ale8 – and you couldn’t be happier. Boyd closes his book one night and looks at you, his blue eyes full of his own happiness, and he says, “Reckon I should get some scissors and hot water.” For a moment you’re puzzled, but then he pulls the blankets aside from your legs, reaching between them, and holding up your new daughter. You were so comfortable you didn’t even realize you were giving birth! Boyd brings the baby up so you can cuddle her, fixing you with an ardent gaze. “I love you, (Y/N),” he says with passion, “and I love our little daughter (B/N) too, forever.” 

I hope these small efforts help fill the void! I apologize if they are unsatisfactory since I, an asexual who balks at putting herself in sexy/romantic situations, would be happy with imagines that looked like this:

You go out to try sushi at Tojo’s because it’s across the street from where you work, and Boyd is there because he’s in town filming Predator, and you sit at the counter eating sushi and drinking plum wine and yammering on about shit and then your lunch break’s over but you call in to work sick and take Boyd to Steveston because you want him to try the desserts at The Sweet Spot and he wants to take a photo standing outside that shop that Rumple runs in OAUT. Also he offers to pay for everything and you make a token protest before allowing it and then the two of you get bubble tea and go your separate ways.

50 days of Eurovision: day 6

Good evening, folks! It’s day 6 on Eurovisionfanblog’s 50 days of Eurovision challenge, and the task today is to share our favourite video from ESC 2010 (or make gifs of it.) There are a number of songs I enjoyed in 2010 - many of which of the guilty pleasure variety, not least my personal douze of the year. Look beyond Milan’s eccentric appearance and you have a true Balkan banger with “Ovo je Balkan.” Few people I know could manage to sing so well - including the traditional quarter tones - whilst putting on such an energetic stage show. And I love the brass band!

My other favourites from this year, for those curious, are the gently plaintive Me and my guitar, criminally underrated, atmospheric Horehronie and the dark, ruminative Sweet people.