i have a french exam tomorrow

this joke has been made approximately 19873207 times already in this fandom but you know what? here’s another variation


23 Avril
Back to school tomorrow!! I’m in bed at ten, I’ve had my sleepytime tea, I’ve finished two essays and almost a full French exam paper! It was actually very lovely to just study for the day, and I kept on moving around to different areas so that I didn’t get too comfortable and sluggish! I have two home economic tests tomorrow so I’m up early to study!

I’ve missed The Great Gatsby so much! Out of all the texts I’ve been studying it’s undoubtably my favourite.

Wish me luck for tomorrow!


Monday the 15th of May 2017

Getting back on track: day 6/?

So I finally finished my exam/UMAT study timetable and honestly I have so much to do. I really need to get started. I had a full day of classes and by the time I got home I was exhausted and didn’t have the energy to force myself to study. It’s worrying me a bit since it’s like the first day of this plan and I’m already falling behind.

What I achieved today:

  • Finish planning exam study
  • The rest of the to-do list is kinda based on that plan so TBD
  • Study french vocab wasn’t on the list but I did it.

What I want to achieve tomorrow:

  • Watch Chem Wk2 Tues
  • Notes Chem Wk1 Mon
  • French Tutorial Prep
  • Science or Fiction Meeting 1pm
  • Watch Chem Wk2 Wed
  • Notes Chem Wk1 Tues
  • Watch Bio Wk2 Fri
  • Notes Bio Wk1 Mon

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I have to study for a French exam tomorrow, but I'm falling asleep on my bed rn... Aide moi!! Je te serai éternellement reconnaissante! Envoie-moi du courage!



[19/100] Sunday 29.01.17

Started my day with some practice problems about sine and cosine rules right after staying in bed till like 2pm reading fanfiction…. should probably sort out my priorities. And then I tried tackling some higher degree inequality problems that I haven’t even looked at for months…

I managed to outline the structure for my biology essay even though I haven’t properly taken any notes for it and I have three days to write five pages and I kinda cried yesterday because I didn’t have any idea what to write about. But things are a bit clearer now and my aim for tomorrow is to have a rough draft ready.

My history exam is in three days and I still have a lot to read. And tomorrow’s my French exam and then maths on Friday and everything is overwhelming. I can’t wait until the exam week is over next Tuesday so I can finish reading all the books I haven’t opened in weeks and also catch up on tv shows, and getting back to learning Norwegian! I’m also thinking about redecorating my room even though I’m too attached to the way it is now. Let’s see.

Wednesday 24 May 💪

👑Day 2/100 of Productivity!👑


Yes I haven’t done this since Saturday and no I have no finished that essay 😂

I have a French oral exam first thing tomorrow morning that I am stressing over, and an Irish test on a story we studied months ago that i have no recollection of! Worst of all, I have a history exam on Friday which I am not ready for. Best buckle down with coffee and George my cactus and say goodbye to sleep until Friday…

My dad bought me two new notebooks, which I will most likely be using to jump start my learning for Russian and Norwegian (pray for me I will fail)

This week has been kind of dragging on and not a good week for me, but I’m hoping I can survive it, or turn it around!

My desk arrangement is weak I know I apologise!


Days until summer holidays: 9

Favourite blog at the moment💕: @graystudie

So this was my day, woke up late since my alarm didnt sound, bearly had breakfast, had to run to somewhere my mum was, before going to class but since I was wearing a type of boots my feet got skin scraped off the bone, after I got to that place my mum wasnt there, my brother took me to class. I looked terrible for class my clothes was summer type when its a rainy day but I didnt know that, my latin teacher was accusing me for trying to escape school when i was clearly not, had a surprise exam, then had my french exam, was going to talk to the director but she wasnt there so I was going to go but then I noticed it started raining, so I got very wet wearing light clothes going away from school and back home. Now I have to study for an exam tomorrow of two chapters of history

Even tho my day was crap, my feet hurt like hell, I looked at the nice things my friends bought me food, some girls shared their umbrella and let me in front of the door of my house with the car.

I cant help but feel happy, when people would normally be mad and sad after a morning like this, but got me to think why be mad if its not going to help me, so why not smile after that and move on.

So yeah just wanted to share that for some reason and leave this song here im enjoying the animation and lyrics alot, now Im back to my studys bye guys✧

1/100!! Now that I’m back at uni for my final semester of my first year (eek!) I realised that, not having any lectures, I need something to hold me accountable if I don’t do any work for my upcoming exams. I have a French speaking exam tomorrow, so today I wanted to prepare for that a bit more. In the exam, I have to describe an image I get given, so there’s not much I can do. However, I wrote up a quick template of all the points I need to pick up on. Then, because I’m a chronic procrastinator, I colour coded with some highlighters! I also managed to get out for a run this morning and organise my drawers, so I’m feeling pretty positive! (Excuse my messy desk! That’s next on my to-do list.)

Thursday 25 May 2017 🌞

Days of Productivity 3/100:


French oral: 87% 🙏

Yessssss i passed my oral exam i cannot believe it! About to start studying some history then some Norwegian and Russian excitingggg

Exams start tomorrow so i have to brush up on my history which should be excruciatingly painful.

This week has so far been long and hard but i am so happy that tomorrow is Friday!

Been drinking lots of water and feel pretty good so this feels nice. Wish me luck on my exams please!!!!


Days until summer holidays: 8

Favourite blog today: @graystudie (yet again ily and your blog omg thank you for existing) 🌺💕

A voté!

For the first round of the elections, I queued for 2 hours to vote in London.
Today, I didn’t even queue for 5 minutes because the booths were empty.

What the fuck! London French people, all french people, go vote. Your vote apathy is literally making a huge fucking difference. We are such a large source of votes, you can’t do this.

All I saw at the booth was such a large majority of non-white French people, who definitely all showed up to vote. Don’t do this, man. Votez, votez. Get up and go vote. I have an exam tomorrow. I was ready to study in the rain if I could go vote.

The booths are empty and the sun is shining In London. Votez!

I’m almost done with junior year FINALLY! Finished all my exams expect one, and did well on them all surprisingly! Tomorrow i literally have 2 classes and one of them is a party. Tuesday is my last exam (and last day of school) and it’s a french essay, which should be too bad. Hope you all are doing good on exams!

Taking a break from exam preparations! Tomorrow at 11:45 I start my French oral exam. First a 3-4 minute presentation about realism as a historic movement. If anybody has any tips, help or information, just message me and I’ll love ya forever! After the presentation I have a spontaneous conversation about everything we learnt this year (while speaking French of course) and then playing out a random situation, which we don’t get to prepare because we don’t get a description of it before 2 minutes before we’re supposed to do it. Yay, lucky me, huh? I need motivation and virtual hugs, guys.

Also, today I learnt that while an alligator can close its jaws with a force sufficient to break a person’s arm, the opening muscle of its jaws are so weak you can hold the mouth of a full-grown alligator shut with only one hand. The more you know!

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Hey dad! Good luck with your maths exam, you're gonna do great! I have my final french oral tomorrow and I'm terrified!!

ooh good luck my bro i am gonna keep you in my thoughts you can do it!!

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i have my first actual GCSE exam tomorrow, and the other half on wednesday. wish me luck?


In France, it’s bad luck to say “good luck” (yes fuck logic, it’s french), so instead we say “merde” to wish luck, so :