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Nicknames: Juanjo and my family called me Cote when I was younger
Star Sign: aquarius
Height: 1,62ish i suck lmao
Birthdate: January 28th
Favorite Bands/Artists: uhhh holy crap Pearl Jam, Radiohead, Foo Fighters, American Football, Silverchair and Red Hot Chili Peppers
Song Stuck in my Head: Twin Sized Bed (Death Cab for Cutie) and For Sure (American Football)
Last Movie I Watched: I belieeeve it was Dunkirk! Can’t really recall though
Last Show I Watched: Techinally speaking it would be the sitxh season premiere of Arrow, but the last show that I’ve watched is Jessica Jones (currently watching; I’m halfway through) 
Other Blogs: I have a music blog but I haven’t posted anything since 2012 lmao
When I Created This Blog: 2011! the good ole days
What I Post About: animals doing dumb things or being cute, images that I find aesthetically pleasing, vines, shitposts, music, TV shows and videogames
Following: 3.793
Followers: 9.149
Favorite Color: cyan!
Average Hours of Sleep: Usually 6, but if work/university is fucked up i get from 3 to 4
Lucky Number: 2
Instruments: the electric bass!
What I’m Wearing: A star wars t shirt and a short
How Many Blankets I Sleep With: 3!
Dream Job: Veterinarian, Graphic Designer (when i was a kid). Now? idk I just want to win a lot of money HAHA
Dream Trip: Edinburgh, Canada, Australia maybe?, Belgium and the Netherlands
Favorite Food: pizza, pastel de choclo, sushi, burgers, FRIES and completos
Nationality: chilean

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flame decals!

Okay so currently I don’t have enough content on my dash because I only follow about 90 people lmfao so if you post any of the following please reblog this post so I can check out your blog~

- Queen
- David Bowie
- Rod Stewart / The Faces
- Status Quo
- The Jam + Paul Weller
- Joan Jett
- The Runaways
-Kate Bush
- Blondie
- Foo Fighters (this is very important!!!)
- Nirvana
- The Monkees
- The Rolling Stones
- Phil Collins/ Genesis (preferably memes (kidding) )
- Iggy Pop
- Any other good music shit that I can’t think of right this second lmfao thnx!

Friday Friday!

Fire With Fire by Femme - Another old school ditty from my fav Fever Dawg! Femme is consistent with her awesomeness.

Perfect Places by Lorde - And she does it again!!! If there was any doubt why Lorde is the worlds favourite pop star, here’s another reason to set you straight.

Unpredictable by Olly Murs and Louisa Johnson - Ooo la la. What happens when you out two very credible X-Factor alumni together? A wicked tune that’ll have you dancing ‘til dawn.

Run by Foo Fighters - I love the beginning part to this track. It sounds like an early noughties Ozzy Osbourne song, then it becomes veeeeery shouty and a little Royal Blood meets Marilyn Manson. Not as catchy as Learn to Fly that’s for sure.

Down by Fifth Harmony - Whatever Camila can do… well, let’s just say there isn’t much new here from the newly four piece. Are they even a thing over here in the UK? Give me Little Mix any day.

O.D.D. by Hey Violet - Oh, hey Violet! You’ve gone all Lana Del Lorde on us. I quite like this as it goes, it gently leads you in to one hell of a smasher. TUNE OF THE WEEK!

Dua Lipa by… Dua Lipa - My god! Hell has finally frozen over!!! What felt like an age whilst waiting for this debut, it’s finally upon us! Anticipation is cranked up. All eyes on you Miss Lipa.

Hopeless Fountain Kingdom by Halsey - Yaaaaas! Let’s face it, Halsey is the nuts! The girl can do no wrong, so this one is very well received in my books.

Chapter One by Sinéad Harnett - Ever since that dance off against Elmo I have been hooked. Here we have a sublime mix tape full of electro-pop-R&B floatyness.

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hey, do you have a blogroll or know any active foo fighters tumblrs bc i want to follow some ppl but all the ppl i find are like "last reblog 12/4/2012"

Easy peasy! A reasonably active list is below. Following these blogs will no doubt lead to finding even more fine Foo fans (and you really can’t go wrong with any of them) so here’s a starter pack.


Official (only one is semi-active now but i’m including them by reason of presence):

(P.S. If you’re using the app, you can also search tags and it will show you the ‘top’ blogs for that tag, then underneath, you can click for more. Give that a try!)


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Nickname: don’t have one

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 165cm

Time: 12:10pm

Birthday: December 4th

Favourite Bands: Led Zeppelin, Pierce the Veil, A Day To Remember, Anti-Flag, Foo Fighters, Blink-182, The Story So Far

Favourite Solo Artists: Lana Del Rey, Alanis Morissette

Song stuck in my head: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Frankie Valli

Last movie I watched: Muriel’s Wedding

Last show I watched: Charmed

When did I make this blog: Late 2016

When do I post: I add to my queue a few times a day

The last thing I googled: Richmond Merchandise

Do I have any other blogs: I deactivated my first blog riot-reality which I had since 2011 because it was a bit messy

Do I get asks: Very Rarely

Why did I choose my URL: I love the movie School Of Rock

Amount of blogs I follow: 705

Amount of blogs that follow me: 151

Favourite colours: Purple, Red, and Orange

Average hours of sleep: 7-9

Lucky number: 4

Do I play any instruments: No

What am I wearing: A t-shirt and shorts

Amount of blankets I sleep with: 1

Dream Job: Author or a screenplay writer

Dream Trip: All of Europe

Favourite Food: Spaghetti Bolognese

Nationality: Australian

Favourite song right now: Absent by Columbus (a local pop punk Australian band but they’re great! Everyone should definitely check them out!)

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If you walk out on me, I’m walking after you

                     - Foo Fighters, “Walking after you” - [ x ]

Long live the Queen series

  1. Walking after you
  2. Clarisse
  3. River
  4. Nothing else matters
  5. Landslide
  6. If
  7. Caçador de mim (The hunter of myself)

Art © Raposa Branca

(“normal” blog/Commissions)

30 questions tag ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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  1. NICKNAMES: Nuri, Nu, Ani calls me Ri, Val calls me JJ, another friend calls me Nurimon…
  2. GENDER: Female
  3. STAR SIGN: Cancer
  4. HEIGHT: 164 cm last time I checked…like 6 years ago
  5. TIME: 18:01
  7. FAVORITE BANDS: EXO, W1, Green Day, Mcfly, All time low, Fall Out Boy, Simple Plan, Foo Fighters…
  8. FAVORITE SOLO ARTISTS: Taeyeon, Bewhy, Fedez, YIXING!
  9. SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD: Oh oh Opheliaaaa (The Lumineers) 
  10. LAST MOVIE WATCHED: O.o Spiderman? Hidden Figures for the second time? I cant remember
  11. LAST SHOW WATCHED: Vikings!!! Athelstan+Ragnar are more real than ongniel
  12. WHEN DID I CREATE MY BLOG: Believe it was May ‘17?
  13. WHAT DO I POST: Ongnielhwan, the holy trinity  
  14. LAST THING I GOOGLED: problems of Constitutional Court 
  15. DO YOU HAVE OTHER BLOGS: mmm the biggest (”biggest”) one I deleted it, and now I have a random kpop one that I don’t really use and the aesthetic one. 
  16. DO YOU GET ASKS: há! nop
  17. WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL: I was a failed ongniel blog who decide to accept the real strongest brotp ongnielhwan…but it was taken so ongniel-wan…lol 
  18. FOLLOWING: 32 :’) If you want me to follow you just say hi! (if post some ongnielhwan)
  19. FOLLOWERS: somehow, in this parallel universe I’m living in,… 1.8k O.o 
  20. FAVORITE COLORS: Blue!!!!! All tones of blue!!
  21. AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: 4-5 and Tuesdays 3 bc I love to procrastinate and write my stupid weekly essays at night 
  22. LUCKY NUMBER: …it’s not lucky but like almost every unoriginal person I like 7
  23. INSTRUMENTS: at school, we learnt how to play recorder…and I have this out-of-tune guitar that I once tried to play
  24. WHAT AM I WEARING: t-shirt that I got for free today :D and shorts bc Spain didn’t get the memo that we are in autumn and it’s 30 damn centigrades smh 
  26. DREAM JOB: a European Commissioner? hahaha don’t know, work in an Investment Bank?
  27. DREAM TRIP: Easter Island (Chile)!
  28. FAVORITE FOOD: Meat? Cucumber! and Tomatoes!
  29. NATIONALITY: Spanish
  30. FAVORITE SONG RIGHT NOW: these days I keep listening to Kodaline’s All I want and High Hopes? Not on purpose tho 

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Thank you so much everyone!!

I’m very grateful for this as I never thought I’d get this far with the blog (as i just started it to have a reason to draw FF more)Thank you for everything everyone, running this blog and meeting so many new people has been an amazing experience!

So as a thank you i’m planning a big old Group picture!!

(i should point out that it will likely not be related to the winterball)

Once again, thank you for 800+ followers!! I love you all!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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1. Nicknames -bree

2. Gender - demiguy

3. Star Sign - Aries

4. Height - 5′5 unfortunately 

5. Time - 9:49 pm 

6. Birthday - April 17th 

7. Favorite Bands - queens of the stone age,nine inch nails,nirvana, together pangea,deftones,foo fighters,no hope for the kids, aus rotten,the misfits etc the list goes on 

8. Song Stuck in my Head - solo and pink+white by frank ocean 

9. Last Movie I Watched - ???? um i think it was either a horror movie or something anime related i cant remember 

10. Last Show I Watched - ghost adventures 

11. When did I create this blog - either june or September of 2013 ??

12. When do I post - um almost everyday ..?

13. Last thing I googled - a03

14. Do I have any other blogs - yup

15. Do I get any asks - yeah but not alot 

16. Why did I choose my url - its a bands name and it sounds rlly cool 

17. Following - 781

18. Followers -  1,021

19. Favorite colors - Red,black,neon/hot pink and teal etc

20. Average hours of sleep - i rarely get sleep so idk 

21. Lucky Number - dont have one 

22. Instruments - i play guitar (im shit at it tho)

23. what am I wearing -pjs and a black shirt 

24. How many blankets to I sleep with - 3 or 2 depends 

25. Dream Job - idk something music and art related

26. Dream Trip - i dont really have one specifically i just wanna travel everywhere really 

27. Favorite food -fuck ,,uhh,,,,, white rice 

28. Nationality -  black

29. Favorite Song - i cant just choose one favorite song 

so um yeah if u see this ur tagged do it if ya want to

Hi! I’m Kristin! I’m 15 years old and I’m from Maine! I run a simple personal blog called uhfrick! I love music such as 5sos,The 1975,The Foo Fighters,All Time Low,Red Hot Chili Peppers and much much more! x Go ahead and check out my blog,I follow back so just send me a message and I’ll make sure to check your blog out! I love meeting and talking with new people so don’t be shy,make sure to send me a message! Have a nice day/night :) x

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1. Nicknames: Jules, JP

2. Gender: 🤔

3. Star sign: Sagittarius

4. Height: 5′8″

5. Time: 11:08

6. Birthday: December 18

7. Favourite bands: Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Foo Fighters, 

8. Favourite solo artists: Jerry Cantrell, Billy Joel

9. Song stuck in my head: Stay Alive by Jose Gonzalez

10. Last movie I watched: Let’s Play Two

11. Last show I watched: Criminal Minds

12. When did I create my blog: May 2012

13. What do I post: Mostly PJ and lots of Stone, lots of Jerry Cantrell.

14. Last thing I googled: New Dungeness Lighthouse

15. Do I have any other blogs: Nope

16. Do I get asks: Never! And I wouldn’t mind if I did!

17. Why I chose my url: Seemed like a good idea at the time.

18. Following: 505

19. Followers: 1853

21. Average hours of sleep: About 6-7

22. Lucky number: 18

23. Instruments: I played drums for a hot second.

24. What am I wearing: grey yoga pants and a black Foo Fighters t-shirt.

25. Dream job: travel writer maybe? music writer? novelist? 

26. Dream trip: too many to mention omg i want to go literally everywhere

27. Favourite food: pizza

28. Nationality: Murica! 

30. Favourite song right now: Nutshell or Black Gives Way to Blue

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  1. Nickname: don’t have one ^.^
  2. Gender: Female
  3. Star Sign: Virgo
  4. Height: 5, 4 feet
  5. Time: 17:20 
  6. Birthday: September 21
  7. Favorite Bands: The foo fighters, the beatles, the rolling stones, supertramp, led zeppelin, 
  8. Favorite Solo Artists: John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Cat Stevens, Leonard Cohen 
  9. Song stuck in my head: Hallelujah.. 
  10. Last movie I watched: The Drowning 
  11. Last show I watched: Kurt Seyit ve Sura.
  12. When I created my blog: 2011. 
  13. What do I post: Mclennon, Beatles, Art, dank memes. 
  14. Last thing I googled: a tutorial on how to paint clouds. 
  15. Do I get asks: nop. 
  16. Why did I choose my url: ‘cause if you read my url, John Lennon appears near you. 
  17. Following: 600
  18. Followers: 900
  19. Favorite color: White and blue. 
  20. Average hours of sleep: 8. 
  21. Lucky number: 0
  22. Instruments: none 
  23. What I’m wearing: My pijamas. 
  24. How many blankets I’m sleeping with: one
  25. Dream job: Animator or interpreter for the UN. 
  26. Dream trip: Around the world. 
  27. Favorite food: Fruits and mushrooms 
  28. Nationality: Guatemalan 

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10 songs I’m vibing to

Thanks to @starcracked this is the first tag post ive ever made on this blog so thank you :)

Fallen by Florence and the Machines

Riptide by Vance Joy

Little Talks by Of monsters and men

Old Money by Lana Del Ray

Ultralight Beam by Kanye West

Slow Hands by Niall Horan

The Sky is a Neighbourhood by Foo Fighters

For What its Worth by Liam Gallagher

Fools Gold by One Direction

Where do Broken Hearts Go by One Direction

I would tag people but I have no idea who because i literally do not talk to anyone on here 🙈

i was tagged by @fajantas, thanks a lot dear! <3                                                                               

1. Nicknames: one friend sometimes calls me Ninapedia or Ninja, but other than that i don’t have one

2. Gender: female

3. Star sign: pisces

4. Height: 169 cm

5. Time: 4:37 pm

6. Birthday: march 11th

7. Favorite bands: RHCP, Foo Fighters, Dot Hacker, Nirvana, La Dispute, Rise Against, Queen, Pink Floyd, Brand New, Mumford & Sons, Palace, the Smiths, the Police and so on and so forth

9. Song stuck in my head: factory of faith by RHCP

10. Last movie watched: some weird comedy i don’t remember the name of

11. Last show watched: i don’t remember

12. When did I create my blog: a while ago

13. What do I post about: bands, stuff i find important, doofy - jokes,…

14. Last thing I Googled: the homepage pf my uni because i always forget the url

15. Do you have other blogs: one sideblog

16. Do you get Asks: yeah but rarely

17. Why did you choose your URL: it’s from the lyrics of Dot Hacker’s ‘floating up the stairs‘

18. Following: 239

19. Followers: 168

20. Favorite colors: i don’t care about colors

21. Average hours of sleep: it depends, 8-9 at the moment i guess

22. Lucky number: i don’t believe in lucky numbers but i just love odd numbers and prime numbers

23. Instruments: i play guitar

24. What am I wearing right now: grey sweatpants and a blue top

25. How many blankets do I sleep with: 2-3

26. Dream job: idk

27. Dream trip: uhm… Amsterdam, scandinavia, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada,…

28. Favorite food: a lot of stuff no one who doesn’t live in this region knows

29. Nationality: Austrian

30. Favorite song now: uhm… Sunday Rain by Foo Fighters

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Nicknames: sarita
Gender: female
Star sign: aries
Height: 5'9
Time:1:25 pm

Birthday: april 14th, 1998

Favourite bands: phoenix, the kooks, the strokes, the temper trap, the vaccines, catfish and the bottlemen, two door cinema club, the neighbourhood, the doors, foster the people, circa waves, vampire weekend, arctic monkeys, pixies
Favourite solo artists: jake bugg, violeta parra, lana del rey, lp, banks
Song stuck in my head: the sky is a neighborhood - foo fighters
Last movie I watched: bad batch
Last show I watched: portlandia
When did I create this blog: idk
When do I post: everyday
Last thing I googled: ticketfly costumer service
Do I have any other blogs: no just this one
Do I get any asks: never
Why did I choose my URL: it started as a joke w/ friends and now its my handle
Favourite colours: electric blue
Average hours of sleep:  2??
Lucky number: 20
Instruments: guitar, piano, uke
What am I wearing: long sleeve shirt with leggings
How many blankets do I sleep with: 1
Dream job: move to the uk and get a job at a magazine as an editor/photographer.
Dream trip: uk
Favourite food: tacos (the real ones..), subway??, peruvian food
Nationality: chilean-american
Favourite song: yayo - lana del rey

i tag @c00lwitch and any mutual <3

@cheeseandchildren tagged me to answer some questions so here we go!

Nicknames: Mar or Mar Mar (pretty much only my dad calls me that tho)

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Virgo

Height: 5'6"

Time: 9:27 pm

Birthday: September 5th (I share it with Freddie Mercury and that brings me a lot of joy)

Favourite Bands: Metallica, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blur, and Gorillaz atm.

Favourite Solo Artists: Lorde, Harry Styles, and Gerard Way

Song Stuck in my Head: I’ve had the Wham! Rap stuck in my head all night

Last Movie I Watched: Alien

Last Show I Watched: I think it was Cutthroat Kitchen

When Did I Create This Blog: About a year ago.

When Do I Post: Whenever I have free time I guess

Last Thing I Googled: Return of the Native Shmoop

Do I Have Any Other Blogs: None that are active

Do I Get Any Asks: When I reblog ask posts other than that not really

Why Did You Choose Your URL: I found a pin on pinterest that said it and I loved it so much that I used it. I’m surprised it wasn’t already taken tbh.

Following: 122

Followers: 66

Favourite Colours: Mint green, deep purple, all of the reds, and black

Average Hours of Sleep: between 7 and 10

Lucky Numbers: I don’t have any.

Instruments: Piano, Guitar, and Ukulele and I’m trying to teach myself bass. I also sing.

What am I Wearing: A captain America t shirt and really old flannel pj pants.

How Many Blankets Do I Sleep With: 1

Dream Job: Front woman of a rock band honestly. Or a fiction novelist.

Dream Trip: Literally everywhere I want to go to so many places.

Favourite Food: I would sell my soul for cheesecake any day of the week.

Nationality: Canadian

Favourite Song Right Now: Oh god so many. I Wanna Be Adored by the Stone Roses,  Devil’s Dance by Metallica, the Line by Foo Fighters, Disorder by Joy Division, Strobelite by Gorillaz, Blood Sugar Sex Magic by Red Hot Chili Peppers, One by Metallica, Burnin’ For You by Blue Oyster Cult

I really don’t know to tag so if you feel like doing this go ahead.

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1. Nicknames: Usually just my name

2. Gender: Female

3. Star sign: Virgo

4. Height: 177cm that’s like 5′9? I don’t know

5. Time: 20:43

6. Birthday: September 15th

7. Favorite bands: Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Linkin Park, Pearl Jam, Muse, The Black Keys, Led Zeppelin…

9. Song stuck in my head:  I’ve been listening to Frayed Ends Of Sanity a lot lately…got the intro stuck in my head 

10. Last movie watched: The Martian

11. Last show watched: Orphan Black (so good!)

12. When did I create my blog: 2 or 3 months ago

13. What do I post about: Music mostly and other things I find interesting

14. Last thing I Googled: The opening hours of a restaurant

15. Do you have other blogs: Nah, I’m not that organized

16. Do you get Asks: Yeah, a few times since I created this blog and it makes me smile every time

17. Why did you choose your URL: I suck at creating cool usernames so I went with song lyrics that I thought sounded nice

18. Following: 279

19. Followers: Not a lot

20. Favorite color: Green

21. Average hours of sleep: 6-10

22. Lucky number: Don’t think I have one

23. Instruments: No, even though that’s one of the things I would love to learn…I guess I should just get up and and start instead of complaining about it

24. What am I wearing right now: Sweatpants and a t-shirt

25. How many blankets do I sleep with: One

26. Dream job: I don’t have that one dream job, I just want to do something I enjoy doing

27. Dream trip: South America (like Chile or Peru), New Zealand, South Africa and I’d like to visit Scandinavia again someday

28. Favorite food: I don’t like that question because I love so much. My friends really got me into sushi so I’m going with that

29. Nationality: German

30. Favorite song now: Again Frayed Ends because it’s such an underrated and amazing song

If you’re still reading consider yourself tagged :)

Notice! Gone for the weekend!

hey, guys! alex here.

so, i just wanted you guys to know that i will be totally gone starting tomorrow, 7am pst to sunday around 4-5pst. i’m headed to caljam17!]

i’m crazy excited - this is my first ever musical festival and some of my favorite bands will be playing - especially the foo fighters! i am so stoked to see those guys live.

now i know with things going on, especially here in my own state, these things can be scary. but i promise to be safe and i’ll make sure to stay in contact with you guys! i’ll still be free to talk to via im here, or disc/ord (which all my mutuals are encouraged to get from me!)

i will be queing this and some memes, hopefully, so my blog isn’t totally dead haha. but i hope to talk to you guys soon! have a great weekend!