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The Perks of ADHD

Work in progress: Utah, Late Cretaceous.

Separated from the herd, a Gryposaurus has found itself dogged by a pack of Teratophoneus. The chase reaches its climax in the surf of the Laramidian coast.

So, I really didn’t intend to be painting this at 3 AM a few nights ago. As an ADHD'er, usually when I get distracted and stay up late going down a rabbit hole I come out the other side depressed and frustrated at myself for not having the control to keep the schedule I know I should. Sleep is important, it enables control of focus during the day, and I’m working on it. Every once in a while though—A random idea captures my consciousness and won’t release me until the wee hours of the morning, and when I finally tear myself free I’m angry. I had plans. I have responsibilities. And now I’m running on next-to-zip sleep, and it’s all going to be so much harder. I go to chew myself out for being ADHD, but before I can open my mouth it holds up the fruits of my distraction and says, “Look what I made!” And I have to admit, I wouldn’t have created it if I had been strictly sticking to my intended itinerary. And much as it is NOT what I was SUPPOSED to be doing, it’s pretty neat. Ok ADHD, you did good. This time. I’ll hang it on the mental refrigerator. And maybe someday when you can’t sleep and you want to make some more trouble, we can get out the colors and finish it.

It’s 3.30 am and i still dont know if im going to have classes. Either way, i need to sleep at least a couple of hours. Tomorrow im going to try to finish some sketches i have been working on and then i will try to write: there’s a part of the dialogue on the first scene that is not working no matter how much i think of it. Maybe later i can finally work that out.

One More Day, or alternatively, END OF THE ROAD

I’ve been playing FFXV for the last two months because I recently acquired a PS4 and did not expect to enjoy it/be emotional over it nearly as much as I did… I’m embarrassed…

anyway the post-game Umbra mechanic always makes me incredibly sad

lyrics from Too Much Is Never Enough

{Wonderland AU} - W i i s h u I n W o n d e r l a n d

Signe is just getting settled after a lengthy move-in with her boyfriend, Sean, when a mysterious dream creeps up on her–and refuses to let go. Becoming more of a waking nightmare and less of a dream, she finds herself stranded in Wonderland, a war-torn country ruled by the ruthless King of Hearts, a man who beheads all those who oppose him.

While there, Signe encounters plenty of movie-trope oddities–from potions that make her small, to tea parties full of what may or may not be lunatics. This is where she meets the charming yet insane Jack, the Mad Hatter who shares a striking resemblance to her boyfriend and Ethan, the lovable door mouse who never seems to stop laughing, and a mysterious voice with a sickening smile, reminding her to keep her name secret if she wants to survive.

But before long, Signe is forced to confront the King of Hearts himself, Mark. He seems to be all fun and games, accepting her into his court with an elegant grace, until he stumbles upon a white rose in his gardens. In a pure moment of horror, King Mark murders the gardener right before her eyes, splattering the rose with his blood. This isn’t the first time, and the flowers aren’t the only thing he’s determined to see in red.

With all the odds stacked against her, will Signe ever be able to get home?

“I feel like I’ve lost my mind.”

“So has everyone else. After all, you won’t need it when you meet the king.”

Have This

Sometimes, the heart demands feel-good smut with feelings (Probably the sweetest stuff I’ve written in a while). I just need for them to have some tender moments, okay? ;). Takes place post-4x05 

Also on AO3 [Part 3 of the Appropriation Series with @bellohmyblake

Clarke isn’t sure the dust will ever settle for life on the ground. The piercing scent of burning rubble hangs thick in the air as the orange glow finally begins to fade, swallowed up by the blackness of night.

After hours of treating inhalation injuries and burns, the stream of patients has finally trickled down to a halt. The makeshift med-bay is completely full of recovering patients, but by some miracle, none of them are in critical condition.

Harper gives Clarke a tired smile as she makes her way over. “I think we’ve got this covered, Clarke, if you need to go take care of other things.”

Clarke squeezes her shoulder with a grateful nod, “Thank you, Harper.”

She takes one more glance around and spots Bellamy on the far side of the room, speaking in hushed tones with Miller. As if he can sense her gaze on him, he meets her eyes with a barely perceptible nod. She fights the urge to squirm under a stare so intense it feels like it’s physically holding her in place.

With one look, she’s transported back to the quarry. She swallows back a bolt of nausea at the vivid memory of the wind being knocked out of her as the bag was pulled off Bellamy’s head. She reminds herself that he’s safe. He’s here. He’s still with her. He wraps up his conversation with Miller and makes his way back to her with slow, steady strides that contrast the erratic rhythm of her heart, not once taking his eyes off her.

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A Far Away Infinity

Sorry for the delayed update, especially with that cliffhanger. But exams are the worst. I am really going to try and finish this story up in the next few weeks. I intended for it to only be like five parts, but I think it’s going to be a few more than that! Anyway, finals are coming, so I am going to try really hard to write it all before I have to go back into exam mode. I hope you enjoy and as always, let me know what you think! Also, thanks again for all the love for this story :)

Part 1 2 3

Part 4 // I carry your heart with me ( I carry it in my heart) //

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  • Sabine: Ready your jet packs and target those gravity well projectors!
  • Ezra: Hey, I don't have a jet pack...?
  • Sabine: You have those little...thrusters.

So I finally peed my pants on purpose. Everything played out right for once in awhile! 😜 So I was wearing light blue skinny jeans with the pink and white stripped underwear from an earlier accident, (I posted that story) that has yellow stains on it from when I peed trying to get my pants off at school. And you could probably see my panty line, I’m not sure. Any way, at school I decided to stop going to the bathroom before I went to lunch. That way I’d have about 3 and a half hours to hold it and I would have lots of water during lunch. Normally after 3rd block, which is the class after lunch, I really have to pee so I knew I would be desperate after 4th. During 3rd I felt my bladder filling up and I slowly became more and more uncomfortable, the usual for 3rd block. But I made it through and made my way to 4th block. Throughout that class my desperation was growing and I was squirming in my chair, occasionally crossing my legs with my hand on my crotch. Doing whatever I could to hold it in. Then my friend made a joke about something and I burst into laughter which caused me to pee for like 4 seconds before I could stop. I look down to see a noticeable dark spot on my crotch. Class finally ends and I think to myself, “oh boy. I really have to pee. I think I can make it to the car..” Bell rings and I bolt out the door running/walking painfully to my car. Almost there, I feel more pee escaping and running down my leg. I keep going, hoping I can stop and that no one saw what happened. Once I sit down in my car, I see that there was a visible dark line down my leg…someone probably saw that happen I say to myself. None the less I am excited to finally pee my pants when I want. I head home with out peeing anymore, but I could feel my bladder muscles getting weaker and weaker. When I got home and hurriedly got out of my car I pee again for maybe 5 seconds. I bend in my legs and feel my butt getting warm and wet. I run inside and head upstairs to my bathroom, wet and desperate, clutching my crotch in extreme pain and jumping up and down. Unexpectedly, I sneeze and let go for 6 seconds, soaking my crotch and butt, pee running down my legs. I stop and grab my warm, wet crotch. Thinking to myself, “let’s have some more fun and lay down in bed. Not go now but keep holding and push myself.” So I go to my bedroom and lay down on my bed. I manage to keep holding for like another hour or so. My pants were mostly dried by now and there were some faint pee stains, more like an outline of the wet spots. Laying down with my legs crossed, I watched YouTube and getting so desperate I was shaking and whenever I moved, even a little bit, I would almost start to pee. But then something happened in a video that caused me to start laughing, and as I laughed pee started escaping into my pants, down onto my butt and on the bed. I immediately stopped laughing, sat up and grabbed my crotch, jumped off the bed and went to the door. As I “fumbled” with the door knob my bladder was slowly giving in and I felt short bursts escape into my pants. After a while I gave up trying to get out of my room and gave in. Pee exploded into my pants. I bend my knees and look down at a puddle growing at my feet. Pee was running down my legs and up my butt, darkening my pants as it went. Still peeing and shaking I slid down my door and sat in my puddle. I was on the floor peeing for probably 2 minutes before I finally stopped. I was soaked in pee, warm and sitting in my own pee puddle. I stand up and turn around to look at my backside, which was totally soaked. From my butt all the way to my ankles, my pants were shiny, wet, and dark blue. I Iook at my front and see lines of pee running my crotch into all different directions down my legs. The wet spot I had left on my bed was about the size of a text book and the puddle I had made was probably 2ft by 3ft or something like that idk. I then decided to keep those clothes on for the rest of the day, so I began to clean up my mess. As I write this my pants and underwear have dried. My pants have stains outlining the wet spots and my white, pink and yellowish stripped panties are now pink and yellowish stripped panties. I’ll probably keep the panties on till tomorrow. Why not😝. Hope everyone liked the story, I had a blast.

Creepypasta #1078: I Found Something Impossible In My Backyard

Length: Long

In my backyard, we have a koi pond. It’s been kind of a never-ending project of mine and my wife’s, something we’ve put a lot of time, effort, and money into in the 3 years we’ve lived in our house. A few weeks ago, we decided to extend it some, and I finally got started on what needed to be done to do that last week. I started digging. After about 3 hours I’d dug a good amount of the area I needed to out, and was about 4 feet down in this particular spot when I hit something. Whatever it was, it was metal.

I continued digging, looking for an edge of whatever this was, and I found it. I followed the edge around as I kept digging, and it turned out to be a square with a handle on top, and two hinges on one side. I pulled up on the handle, but I couldn’t get it open. I figured it was a chest or case of some kind, so I dug around the sides of it, but no matter how far I dug, it just kept going. I finally came to the conclusion that it was a hatch of some sort, perhaps a bomb shelter. When we bought the house, there had been no mention of a bomb shelter there, nor had there ever been mention of it in the history of the house.

I dug an area around the hatch so I could more easily get to the top. After a few hours, a night of sleep, and a few more hours the next day of blowtorches, drills, and hammers, I finally got the hatch open.

As soon as I pulled the door off, I was was hit with a wave of foul odor. The smell was stale and putrid, and was like a mixture of rotten eggs, spoiled milk, and a group of dead skunks. After taking a moment to catch my breath, I finally was able to hold it while I looked inside. There was a ladder that led downwards probably about 20 feet, and I could just barely make a out a floor with the sunlight provided. I went to my garage and got a dust mask, hoping it would at least mask the smell some, and grabbed a flashlight.

I began my descent down the ladder while my wife stayed up top, curiously observing. The smell only worsened the further down I got, and the mask was doing next to nothing to offset it. I stopped several times on the way down, warding off the urge to vomit. Finally, I think I just got used to it enough to not gag with every breath I took. I made it to the bottom, and there was a small corridor to the left, past which was a large room.

Just as I had suspected, it looked like a fallout shelter. There were two rows of shelving units that once held non-perishable foods, almost all of which were gone. I found a light switch on the wall next to me, which I turned on. To my surprise, rows of fluorescent lights lit up, allowing me to see the entire area. 

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Day 29: Magnus + being the High Warlock of Brooklyn

His day began with three quick knocks on the door. Even as the third hit landed, he was off from his bed, hands reaching for his robes, magic the last thing on his mind as he hurried to get to the door in time, well aware that his early morning visitor only gave three chances before she would disappear and he wouldn’t see her in months. Three successive knocks repeated three times, and that was the only warning he got before she pulled off her disappearing act.

He got to the door just as she the last knock landed and pulled open the door, pleased to see that he caught her just in time. She had one leg extended, ready to walk away, her big gray coat way too big for her skinny frame, and she hugged herself, as if bracing herself against the dangers of the world.

“Miss Corinne,” he said and gave a little bow, gazing up at her with a smile that she slowly returned.

She gave a little curtsy, “High Warlock,” and when she rose to her full height, all four foot nine of it in her flat sensible shoes, her hands flapped about, her anxiety kicking into full gear.

Magnus pulled his door wide open and gestured her in, closing the door with a snap of his finger and then walking towards his pantry, throwing his hands in the air reaching for all the ingredients he needed to make her bones ache just a little bit less and have her heart just a little bit lighter.

Those brown eyes, slightly dimmed with pain but no less intelligent watched him and when he gestured at her, the old wolf took her seat.

Magnus took the seat across from her, and hummed as he added some dried helichrysum to the mix and ground it in, working with smooth motions until it was all blended in. He then poured a generous helping of vinegar over the mix and bottled up the jar. He snapped his fingers and another identical bottle appeared. “For the first six weeks,” he said to her, noting as she nodded at him. “The fresh batch will be good six weeks from now.” He waited until she gave him a quick nod, and then walked her out of the loft, a quick snap replacing the quarters in her pulse with several bills—all twenties because Corinne tended to have a problem with the larger bills. That should take care of her groceries for the three months it would take before she visited him again.

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If you have a pet undergoing a surgical procedure please have your phone on you and answer if it rings. If you are waiting for lab results ensure you gave the vet working numbers, that your voicemail box isn’t full, and call us back. The number of life threatening lab results or surgical finds I am unable to discuss with owners is alarming. This morning I saw a cat that I diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma 3 months ago. I called daily for about a week and could never get in touch with anyone. We had to put her to sleep today because the cancer had gotten worse.

I found a splenic tumor in a dog during an exploratory once and called the owner while in surgery. They never answered. I left the spleen in and closed up. Finally, hours later the owner called back and told me to remove the spleen. Unfortunately it was too late and we would have to put him under for another surgery which the owner couldn’t afford. Frustrating.



The moment of sudden clarity when feelings are finally recognized, or are made aware for the first time.

It hit you while you were sitting in a random cafe on campus, sipping on an americano while you attempted to study during the 2-hour gap you had in between classes. You knew you had to prepare for the discussion you’d be having that day in your English literature class but you were awfully distracted by the bubbling laughter coming from the table diagonally across from yours. Not that you minded, you’d much rather be distracted by the contagious sound than focus on preparing for your Socratic seminar. The laughter sounded so familiar though, something you’d definitely heard many times before, and you confirmed that fact when you finally lifted your head to find its source.

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more like fuck being a manager

I’m assistant manager at a really kick ass local chain and my management team puts almost a stupid amount of effort into making sure everyone is always on the same page, gets shifts covered when they need, gets the amount of hours they want (if deserved) and overall we’re super generous about understanding that people have lives outside of work. All the teenagers that work for us take it for granted so much and complain constantly about ANYTHING. More recently that were open an extra hour for summer, meaning they have one less hour nights they work to do homework/other teenager stuff. You work two days, NINE WHOLE FUCKING HOURS PER WEEK. I THINK YOU CAN HANDLE IT. They’re all great but at this point any other unsympathetic manager at a chain restaurant would have fired them or not given a fuck for being sick, having finals etc. on top of this, we pay them above minimum wage PLUS the tips they earn. None of that $3.25/hour poor wage bullshit.
I am not under any circumstances obligated to place as much emphasis on caring for my employees especially with everything else that comes with running a store, but it’s important to us. Lack of appreciation is really getting to me.

Ecoline paint and brush markers, faber castell polychromos and fine tec metallic paint on A5 fabriano artistico cold press cotton.

Character/Final Fantasy belongs to Square Enix.

So while i was spending those gazillion hours into this i fell more and more in love with this character….just his design is so brilliant <3 I’m almost sad i am done now :( But i guess it wont be the last time i’ll art mister fedora XD

I may have to draw him together with another favourite of mine, Gabriel Belmond, they have so many similarities as *SPOILER*** both were heroes fallen from grace, tricked into eternal life and becoming a twisted monster full of spite, but i suppose they do differ from day and night with their personalities XD

*Also they are both very pleasant looking middle aged man e..e*