i have a feeling this blog is going to get more active in the months before 2014

frequently asked questions:
  • what’s ur name? daphne, but i’d rather you call me prim!
  • why do you have two names: prim/daphne? when i started this blog, i use prim as my pseudonym because i was simultaneously writing stories on another website and for privacy reasons, i had to keep my identity a secret.
  • what’s your mbti? i usually take the personality test once a month and although it changes like every single time, i am usually either an enfp or esfp.
  • where are you from? im from the pilippines, i live and grew up here and yes full-blooded filipina.
  • how long have you had this blog? i made this 2014 i believe but i only started posting stuff and being active in 2015? so that’s approx. 2 years i believe.
  • how old are you? i recently turned 18, my birthday is: 10th of april, yes year of the rabbit and yes, an aries.
  • can you please be my pen pal? i would honestly love to become your penpal but unfortunately, i still have no frigging idea how it works, how to send them, how much and all the exhausting details about it.
  • what do u use for the doodling on photos and the circle thingy (palette?) on your driving lessons photo? for the doodles i usually just use photoshop (on pc) and the app you doodle or sketch (phone). as for the palette, you can use adobe color.
  • i can’t save my adobe colors picture! that is normal! i usually just screenshot mine but im still not sure if there’s a better way of saving pics.
  • why didn’t u answer my question? i am usually bombarded by heaps of questions every single day to the point that i even overlook some messages. i’ve been really busy as well because of my CETs prep and school works. i try my best to respond to your messages around 1-2 days after you sent them. thank you so much for your kind understanding!
  • why didn’t u respond to my message in tumblr messenger? the thing is, i also get way too many messages on that feature so i decided to shut it out for my non-mutuals. i get too overwhelmed when some people that i am not entirely close with consecutively message me there too. it’s just a little different and difficult to respond using that feature. so i suggest if you have something to say, please contact me using my inbox.
  • advice? music suggestions? playlist? movies? can u help me with sumthing? url suggestions? blog style etc?? i love doing this. 100% down for cute stuff, suggestions, etc. feel free to hit me up.
  • check out my blog? i will!! but i don’t auto follow back because it’s either we don’t have the same blog style or maybe i just dont 100% like your content. there are special cases of course. i also dont follow back on demand esp if you’re rude or post pornography, etc sorry :^(
  • can i tag you on my posts? sure! i love reblooping + liking your things, go tag #peachisty.
  • are you in a relationship? IDK WHY THIS IS frequently asked hahah but NOooOOOooo way lmao.
  • can u suggest some new blogs to follow? check out my blogroll and faves page.
  • how many followers do you have? it changes everyday tbh if you’re curious, feel free to ask me!
  • how did you come up with ur url? it’s primarily because i love peaches (as in 🍑) unfortunately, using peaches as a url is obviously unavailable so like, i reevaluated and thought of good suffixes that would compromise. i then worked with +isty bc words ending with those are super cute like majesty (altho it’s e instead of i idk)! so i thought i should deffo make it peachisty and then viola. plus it sort of sounds like peach iced tea and i love that drink way too! there ya go.
  • sex advice? okay im sorry but this topic makes me v uncomfortable.
  • what’s the sunshine club? it’s a facebook-based network that i made to mainly promote self-love and positivity! more info on our blog.
  • what’s your sexuality? i still find it uncomfortable when people ask me this question because i feel like labels are very constricting. however, i really am down to dating anyone tbh although i must admit that I’ve never really been ~sexually~ attracted to anyone, just romantically. so i guess i am asexual but most definitely not cis-het. currently, i consider myself either queer or panromantic? i am still finding myself out tho, so pls bear with me!
  • i don’t often respond to tumblr-messenger!
  • i try my best to respond to all questions but once it gets overwhelming, i may overlook some.
  • i dont usually respond to hate messages
thank you ♡

Today marks two and a half years since I first stumbled into this wonderful fandom - between 2x05 The Hen in the Wolf House and 2x06 A Fractured House, in late October 2014. I missed out on my two year anniversary last year because I wasn’t very active then, so this is a post to make up for that. I love our fandom so much, and wanted to thank everyone, even those who aren’t still around, for the experience.

But here is a special thank you, to some very special people:

@melliecoulson : emma, you’ve been here with me since day one, and i couldn’t have asked for a better beta, writing partner, someone i call a friend.
@ddagent : kelly, you are most talented writer i know, and i’m so lucky to have you in my life. 
@non-stopjess : jess, i love you, i have loved beta-ing for you. you are so sweet and so kind
@suallenparker : su, thank you for always being welcoming, and running the fandom’s main blog like a champ!
@philinda : liz, you are amazing at everything you do, and everything i aspire to be
@nessnessquik : ness, you write the fluffiest fics, and always support me when i’m down. i’ll always be here for you too. 
@sunshine-and-the-catsuit : sunshine, i still think fate paired us together in that secret santa way back in december and i’m so happy to have met you
@arthurconan-doyle : blessy, the most amazing artist i know 

to the awesome people who i don’t get to talk to much, but are still always there:
@righteousnerd @sarahastro84 @kitlee625 @hanorganaas @crazymaryt @lola381pce @14hpgirl19 @mclinda-may 

to the writers i’ve always admired:

@valanthaliadon @katalizi @b00k-freak

to the amazing creators of art:

@aelliots @badassblackwidowcavalry @isabelle-le-fanult @loudestdork 

to the awesome peeps in the philinda chatroom:
i know it’s only been two months since we started talking, but i love you all! i also don’t have all your urls saved so if you’re not listed i still love you :)

@anarchycox (amanda, the awesome writer) @timmac-andtheattack (jette, the cutest accent) @qiaolianmelindamay (sophie, the amazing vidmaker) @acciopeggy (yasmin, the always supportive) @philindaisreal (bettina, the always positive)

@agentsphilinda : stef, thank you for creating the chatroom, and teaching me how to gif. you’re an amazing friend.
@fyeah-philinda : laura, i feel like we know each other so well even though we barely know each other. here’s to many more nights of chatting!
@marcuskaen : melanie, you talented sun of a gun. thank you for all you have taught me and all you have shared 
@tonksiefea : macks, someday i’m going to see you on the silver screen and i’ll be able to say, hey, i knew that girl way back when. i know you’ll go far
@studiocapsicum : clairebear, my fellow aussie. you’re a pain in my ass and i love you for it. 

to two superstars:
@carolineaquino73 and @the-eh-team

and to everyone out there:

i don’t know all of your names and i haven’t spoken to a lot of you before but i’d love to get to know you all :) to every person who has kudos/commented on my fics on ao3, to those who have reblogged my work on tumblr, to the philinda fandom, i give my thanks. 


As of today, it’s officially been one year since I seriously decided to do something about my weight. 

Age: 17

Height: 5'8"

Starting Weight (1/10/2014) : 252 lbs

Current Weight (1/10/2015) : 195.2 lbs

Weight Lost: 56.8 lbs

I lost 3.5 inches from each arm, 4.25 inches from each thigh, 8 inches from my hips, and 6 inches from my waist.

Last January, I started off counting calories and posting a daily food journal on tumblr (on a different blog), then for about 2 months I just ate without keeping track. I wanted to start rebuilding my relationship with food, because I’ve never been able to go any length of time maintaining my weight. It was always back and forth between “right now I’m losing weight” and then “I’m done losing weight so I’m not gonna think about what I’m eating and whoops I’ve gained 60 lbs”. 

I think that’s why I’m most proud of this, I’ve lost this weight and am keeping it off. The two months of maintenance might have kept me from having lost a larger number this year, but it was a success! I continued to weigh myself once a week and I never had my weight go up or down more than 3 lbs from the weight I started maintaining from! I strongly suggest people who have bad relationships with food try this during their journey to get healthy, and maybe before you reach your goal weight. It’s a nice break from the strictness of trying to keep a calorie deficit and it becomes a preview of what your future will be like once you finish losing the weight and instead get to maintain it in a healthy way!

Now, as I go in to this coming year, I am back to keeping a food log but I am no longer counting calories. I take a picture of everything I eat and post it on my blog. I’ve found that it really makes me aware of what (and how much) I put in my body and makes me put more effort in to everything I eat. I eat more colorfully than ever! But I do still indulge in takeout every once in a while and chocolate a bit more than every once in a while. 

In 2015, I plan to lose my remaining weight (somewhere between 30 and 40 lbs, I’m not strict on a goal weight and I don’t know how much muscle I will gain), run at least 4 5Ks, get more flexible, and continue hiking as often as possible.

Thank you so much for reading and I am so thankful for this community on tumblr :D I’ve only had this blog a few months, and have only been active on it for about one, but seeing you guys on my dash always motivates me and inspires me so much. 

Feel free to ask me any questions if you’d like!

Also, in the first picture I’m wearing an XL tshirt, and in the second I’m in a medium!

please read through my gem tag before sending me asks pertaining to this post involving how i handled the situation/am being mean/am hating on gem or anything like that

so something really bad happened today and i need to get it out and i really don’t want to make this post but i kinda want people to see what gem (sxlveons on tumblr, formerly kawaiilwhitegirl, officialgemmifer, gemmifer, moderatelyoutrageous, and officialpancakejunketsu - her RP blog is cutiekamui and it’s where she’s most active) did over the course of a few weeks

this is kind of going to be long and it won’t seem like a big deal but i’m really upset and stressed so please bare with me because it gets worse even though at the beginning it may seem trivial

tw for rape, sexual harassment, emotional manipulation, guilt tripping

also i changed my mind you can reblog this idc anymore (i cleaned it up a bit to have more info)

edit 2/23/2016: there’s a much better callout here as this one is old now and her behavior only ever got worse (up to and including transmisogyny, stalking, more gaslighting, harassing sexual abuse victims about their abuse, and a lot more) after i initially posted it. i might clean this post up at some point due to its length and how outdated it is but for now i urge you to check the newer callouts here and this one here.

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Phanfic needs new admins!

We are looking for one full admin to join the 6 of us and a whole list of temporary admins to be members (not full admin rights) and help us reblog and find fics. Below the cut is (hopefully) everything you need to know about applying if this is something you’re interested in! (we rly hope u are we need u guys okay)

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Lellyphant/Cishetfoleo is my abuser

I’m writing this as an explanation post.  Felia/Luca (Lucaiah) aka, tumblr user cishetfoleo (aka Gracen lellyphant) is my abuser.  

EDIT 10/15/15: I added some details about him lying about his race. They’re added at the end of the post.

EDIT 10/23/15: He’s now deleted but I know for a fact he will remake. [Here’s a post talking about him] and what to look out for, for when he does.

EDIT 11/19/15: I forgot to mention this earlier.  I did not read Felia’s callout post (simply because I didn’t want to give him the time of day) but I have had people tell me a few ridiculous accusations in it that I feel I need to address.  They’ll be addressed in [this post]

EDIT 6/23/16: I should’ve posted this earlier but Rocco has made a couple posts addressing Corrin’s lies about it [here] and [here]. Also I did a bit of trimming to the introduction of this post

EDIT 10/19/16: I decided to put testimonials from other users in an easy to access post [right here]

EDIT 6/17/17: I simply updated the intro line and added a title. This isn’t much in the ways of a callout post but really an explanation as to what actually happened and why things between me and Corrin ended up the way they did.

If you’re unfamiliar with him, here’s the past few URLS he used:

cishetfoleo, cometlucifers, ranpokitan, nyctolovely, lucaiah, ugeyudi, pupfierce, lellybirb, lellyphant, and marshmallowknight. 

He also ran the blog intersexcharacteroftheday (but it seems to be under new ownership) and was Mod Pika for ask-an-antisocial.

He changes his name often and past/current names include: Felia, Lucaiah, Corrin, Lovely, Nill, Henry, Rose, Ellie, Dove, and Gracen. 

Here’s a post that goes into more detail about him and past aliases: [Right this way]

And finally, another link to another callout made by another of his victims:  [Here]

Luca has abused me sexually, mentally and emotionally. He’s extremely manipulative, racist and ableist and frequently uses my disabilities and trauma and how it intersects with my race in order to demonise me. He is not someone to be trusted and I would suggest avoiding him at all costs.

This post is really long, but I’d appreciate it being reblogged to get the word out about him.  I don’t care what he or any of his friends have to say about this.  I don’t want to even interact with him anymore.  When we broke up, he said he wanted to forget I existed but he insists on beating a dead horse which is why I’m typing this out. I wish he’d hurry up and forget so I and my friends can move on with our lives.

I’m going to be honest and say that I don’t have screenshots.  A lot of what I’m talking about in this post happened/was said while we were together in real life so I can’t have screenshots for it.  So it’s a he-said/it-said situation and I’m gonna ask people to actually try and read what I have to say before saying I’m demonising my ex or something.

Trigger/Content warnings: #rape, #sexual assault #unsanitary #racism #antiblackness #transmisogyny #transphobia #misgendering #abuse #murder

TL;DR: Felia/Luca is sexually abusive (taking away my ability to properly consent to sexual activity), emotionally abusive (consistently put me into situations where I felt uncomfortable and kept me in a relationship I didn’t want to be in), racist and ableist. (uses my mental illnesses against me and how they intersect with my race) All of this is expanded upon below the cut.

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Health Reevaluation and Reboot

As my 24th birthday grew nearer (Did I not do a birthday post?!! It was Dec 13th) and 2014 came closer, I decided I need to check where I’m at. I went to Student Health and had appointments with a doctor, nutritionist, and psychiatrist.

At this time, I was in a rut of all sorts…I hadn’t lost any weight (goal has been to lose 5 lbs since June 2013), I was having a tough few weeks in school, and negative thoughts about myself were destroying my focus. I wasn’t in the worst of shape, but I felt like everyone around me was achieving their goals and I couldn’t even make any headway with mine. Anyways, I learned very crucial information from my check-ups! 

Doctor’s appointment/Physical check-up: 

Me: Dr., I’ve been a strict vegan for a couple years, and am concerned about my Vitamin B12 levels.

My Vitamin B12 levels were low! The normal range is 200-1000 pg/ml. Older adults can have symptoms from deficiency at levels 200-500 pg/ml. I was sitting at 250 pg/ml! It’s not a huge surprise because I’ve been vegan for a couple years and don’t take regular supplements. But this was so crucial to know because if I had kept going, I would have become deficient. So now I take a Vitamin B12 pill 4x a week. Vegan-friendly sources of B12 include nutritional yeast and apple cider vinegar. Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to anemia, and chronic deficiency damages nerves (I was not anemic).  So please please, if you are also vegan, request a Vitamin B12 blood test next time you’re at the doctor’s!

Nutritionist appointment:

Me: I’m vegan, and I haven’t been losing weight. 

The student health nutritionist told me that, “Vegan is not her favorite diet,” and “she was vegan for a while and gained a ton of weight.” She looked at my food diary and basically told me I was eating too many carbs. She didn’t emphasize counting calories or anything because fats, carbs, and proteins do entirely different things in your body. Basically, all calories are not created equal. She advised me to focus on proteins and healthy fats. For example, I could give myself a big serving of peanut butter and a piece of toast for breakfast. Or a salad with beans and a whole avocado for lunch. 

She also said that I was working out too much. I work out 5-6 days a week with a day of yoga. She advised me to take a couple rest days which allows your mind and body to relax. If you’re working out constantly, more cortisol (stress hormone) is released causing you to feel anxious and tense. 

Although I found her difficult to talk to, I still took most of her advice. Since December, I’ve been eating A LOT more healthy fats. I feel less bloated, a little weight loss, and feel full for longer. Some easy changes I’ve made include eating nuts for snacks instead of crackers, bread, or crisps. I’ll have nuts twice a day, about 200 calories each serving. I also avoid putting grains in my salad. and instead flavor it generously with avocado, olive oil, and sunflower seeds. I also can eat dark chocolate as a snack too! Try flavors that only have around 5g of sugar per serving. I eat SO much peanut butter and almond butter, it’s great. I literally go through a jar in 7 days. 

Psychiatrist/Med Student Well-being counselor: 

 Me: Dr., I keep comparing myself to other people, have cried 4x in the last month, and need to focus and study for Step 1 better than I’ve been doing.

He basically told me that I needed to indulge in relaxing activities more. But I was like, “No Dr, I can relax fine…I need to FOCUS and WORK more!” Funny concept…relax more, to get more done =). The take home messages for me were:

  • When I start thinking self-defeating thoughts or start comparing myself to others in way that makes me feel down, I should engage in an enjoyable activity for a few minutes. For example, sketching, blogging, or reading the news.
  • Continue meditating even if only for 10 minutes a day before bedtime.
  • Make time for all my “Basic Maintenance” needs (i.e. sleep, exercise, and the crucial hobbies and activities I need to be happy and productive).
  • Change up my study place so that I don’t see the same people over and over again who stress me out.
  • If there are recurring thoughts (for me, it’s “She’s focusing so much and getting so much done, I’m being very distracted and not accomplishing much”), think of them like a tape recording and “turn down the volume.”

I’m really glad I took the time to meet with all these professionals who helped me determine my baseline for mind and body health as I move forward. I have more direction and tools handy to deal with stress and to make better decisions.   

Have you had your regular check-ups or check-ins this year? 

All the best,