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You seem to have women all around you. What would make you pick one of them to call yours?

“Just one?”  Edward gave that roguish wink, before settling back.  Large hands came to rest across his stomach, fingers laced as he focused on the question.  “This world is difficult.  Each day could be our last, and I do not want to waste another day feeling undervalued or unwanted.  When I am ready to call -someone- mine, it’ll be because the pieces fell into place and I trust they fit into the situation I need.  I have my likes, and my dislikes, and the older I get, the more choosy I get about who I would settle myself down for.  Perhaps that is why I’ll die alone.”  His face lit up with laughter, clearly not believing that one bit.  “One day, someone will be brave enough to follow me into the dark.”

  • Aries: “Sometimes, when you intensely dislike a person due to something, you just have to take comfort in the fact that, one day, they will be dead.”
  • Taurus: “It's so important to know you should be happy and proud of who you are.”
  • Gemini: "My only regrets are the moments when i doubted myself and took the safe route. Life is too short to waste time being unhappy."
  • Cancer: "I wonder how biology can explain the physical pain you feel in your chest when all you want to do is be with someone."
  • Leo: "You know, people ask me. They say 'Dan, three years later do you really want to be drawing cat whiskers on your face?' but they don't understand. The cat whiskers, they come from within."
  • Virgo: "I'm the living embodiment of 'it could be worse'."
  • Libra: "That’s why I’m here, I’m here for two reasons. To entertain you with stories of my life so , you know, you can find them entertaining. But then maybe compare them to your own lives and not feel so alone with the issues that you go with, go through..."
  • Scorpio: "And the other half of it is me kind of like articulating my own profound observations on the universe, which is really just an excuse to give myself a therapy. Apparently other people enjoy watching it too."
  • Sagittarius: "Actually believe in your potential. You spend all day and all night daydreaming and sometimes talking to yourself... out loud, which people can see by the way so maybe consider stopping that, about all the things you wish you could be and do, but instead you doubt yourself and say its impossible."
  • Capricorn: "This happens all the time with sports results, but — I shit you not — I once got a notification from the BBC News app saying that a character in a show I was watching had just died! I thought that news notifications are supposed to be for impending natural disasters, not for just ruining my bloody afternoon."
  • Aquarius: "You can't expect a kid to be smart enough to realize they can do what they want with their life before they've been pushed through the school system into having an average life.”
  • Pisces: "To me, the meaning of life is to be happy, it's to achieve happiness right now. It's to make sure you're happy in the future and that generally when you look back on your life you're like; yes, that was satisfactory."
How i study languages

A couple of days ago @bonbonlanguage asked if i have a post about what i do in order to learn a new language so i thought i should try to make a post about that.

The beginning

As a beginner i always do the same stuff. I research a couple of apps or i just see if my favourite choices have a version for my target language. Usually i use: 

Fun Easy Learn
9000 words
babbel, busuu (rarely but i still have them on my phone)

+some sites and specific apps only for my target language

I choose a grammar book and i take notes from from it. So far i chose books from 3 collections: Teach Yourself, Colloquial and For Dummies.

How i take notes from a book

I ignore the excercises, in my notebook you will see only grammar notes and sometimes irregular verbs at the end, but you will never see exercises. (i’ll say later what i do with the exercises)
If the book has a pretty good structure, i just copy what’s in there. (when i say good structure i mean that i can’t extract main ideas or just a formula              e.g. stem+ending)
The theory is written in black or blue, the examples are written with a pencil and if there is a keyword, i highlight it. When i have languages with articles based on the gender of the words, like French, i use a pink and a light blue pen so when i study the articles i can see the difference. 
Now, i said that in my notebook you won’t see exercises, true, that’s because i solve them on another notebook or just on a blank sheet of paper. If your book has exercises after the grammar lesson, solve them. If half of them are wrong, you will take a break of 1-2 days (in which you will study the grammar rules) and when you feel prepared, you solve again those exercises. (you are allowed to have mistakes but try to have at least 70% of the exercises correct).
What i do after i finish a book
After i finish that grammar book, i take another one. However, this time i don’t copy-paste like i did the first time. I read what informations are there and if there are new rules/exceptions, i just write them on a sticky note and add it to my notebook. After i finish my 2nd book i usually move on to the next stage but if i feel that i missed out something, i take a 3rd book and do what i did with the 2nd one.
As a beginner i have the habit to read my notes once a week, as an intermediate learner i rarely do that.

Don’t understand that as a beginner you only take notes! Sometimes when i get bored i just study on memrise/vocabulary app and that sometimes can last 1 week, sometimes 2. I even like to use InternetPolyglot with my target language and an old target language. (e.g. I learn new words in Spanish through Danish) 

After i have a proper notebook

Usually when i finish my book and i add all the exceptions/rules that i found in the 2nd book i also have learned 1.500-2.000 words in that period of time so i want to test my skills.

When i feel confident enough, i start using duolingo. I use it as a test tool, not as a learning one! I take the shortcuts and usually in 2 days i finish a tree. (at the last part of the tree you don’t have a shortcut for everything so you just have to take the shortcut of every skill there which gets boring)

Since Duolingo is pretty advanced with his lessons, at the end i can consider myself a B1 learner. (if you have an amazing memory and skills, you can say you are B2, but Duolingo can’t get you further than that)

The intermediate stage

Whoever followed my blog for a while knows that i have 2 nightmares in my language learning journey, the intermediate stage and the irregular verbs.

For how to overcome a plateau in the intermediate stage i made a post here. (sooner or later you will hit a plateau)

Back to what i do. No book anymore, duolingo is done, this is the moment when i start to use my skills. If i didn’t use 50Languages as a beginner, i use it now. It has 100 audios so i use them to get used to the sound of the words in case i don’t know them and i also use it as a resources to learn new words. On Memrise i try to find advanced/intermediate and i use 9000 words and Fun Easy Learn. 

At this level the main problem is the lack of vocabulary so i try to learn as many new words as i can. However, since using apps can get boring after a while, i use the classic method of learning vocabulary, reading.

How i memorize/learn new words

Most of the time i just use apps/sites. However, everyone had moments when we couldn’t remember a word regardless of how many times we tried to memorize it. When i have to deal with this, i usually make a mnemonic. (e.g. afslutte = to finish, to end, to conclude; in order to remember the meaning i think at a key sentence: If you don’t study you’ll END up as a slut. [harsh example, i know, but it stays in my mind])

If my mnemonic method doesn’t work, i write the word a couple of times, sometimes with my left hand too since i focus more then. (i’m right-handed) and if i still can’t remember the meaning, i’ll start making some sentences where i’ll use that word.

How i read in my target language

Just as a side note, if i feel confident with my skills (that has happened only once) i read books, if not, i read comics until i feel confident enough to try books.

I have 2 methods because sometimes the first one doesn’t work. So, for French i just read and try to guess the meaning of a word and if i can’t, then i search it. Why i do this for French? It’s easier somehow and i can guess the meaning very well. Sometimes i even highlight words and search the meaning later just to analyze them more.

However, this method doesn’t work on Danish. For Danish i have to read once the entire paragraph and then see what i understood from it. If there is a certain word that it’s unknown, i’ll search it. Since Danish has a lot of structures, i tend to use HiNative to translate those because normal online translators aren’t good for these. After i have all the unknown words, i will look over the paragraph again.

With all these unknown words, i usually make flashcards on Quizlet and practice them from time to time.

Sometimes when i’m in a hurry or i’m not in the mood for studying new words in big quantities, i use WordBrewery or Clozemaster. When i use these i always write the new words on a piece of paper or i just add them directly to Quizlet.


I mentioned it above so i should tell you how i use it in order to improve since many might not be familiar to it. It’s an app where you ask questions and natives will answer.  I use HiNative mostly after i read, watch a movie or learn something from memrise.

For what i use it?

- ask for differences
- ask for examples with new words that i didn’t find a context for
- ask for translation from target language to English since not everything is easy to translate as a beginner/intermediate

Listening skills

Listening is a very interesting skill because you can combine it with speaking and reading or just focus only on it.


In this category you find movies/cartoon/series with subs. Usually i don’t do anything when i watch series/movies because i guess the meaning of the unknown words but if there is a certain word that i can’t understand, i will write it down and search it’s meaning.


This involves 2 things. I either talk to someone or i just talk to myself/a toy/the cat. I tend to use the 2nd method most of the time. (it’s not that i dislike talking, i just don’t feel confident enough to use my skills until i’m not sure that i know most of the things/vocab i need to know). I start the conversation like “hey, how are you?” and then i ask myself “how was your day?”. For this question i have to make 2 answers, the reality with what has happened, and an imaginary version for my other side who’s “talking”.


Here i just watch videos on youtube, listen to 50languages, a podcast or songs. If i do listen to songs, sometimes i try to find the lyrics and see if i understand everything, if not, i’ll look for the unknown words and after i start to sing too. (disney songs are great because most have lyrics on youtube already)

Writing skills

Here i have 2 choices, i either find someone or i just write in a notebook/diary. The purpose of this is to figure out what vocab/structures/expressions i don’t know. 

Speaking skills

It’s not that i dislike talking, i just focus on this skill at the end usually. I improve my other skills and the speaking one improves in a weird way too. However, at some point i just ask people who i know for a long time and i feel comfortable with to talk to me on skype/on the phone.


Idioms are everywhere in a language. At some point you have to deal with them. If i find them on memrise, i study them there, if not, i’ll look for them and make flashcards. These flashcards have only the idiom in my target language on them and that’s it. I don’t write the translation. I force myself to remember the meaning.

Also, when i don’t know the pronunciation for something, i use Forvo.

The advanced stage

Here i just learn idioms and some advanced vocabulary at the beginning. After these, i stop caring. I consider my learning journey almost done so i just enjoy my life using the language. I read without worrying that i don’t know words, i watch shows without worrying that i don’t understand what i hear, i can sing without worrying that i just say words with no meaning but similar sounds to what i hear.

Note: This is how I learn languages. I can’t say it will work for everyone but it works for me.

p.s. sometimes Fun Easy Learn and 50Languages are set in another language, not my native one or English.

The Labyrinth Finale

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Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU 

Pairing: Reader/Jimin ft. all the members

Length: 4.7k

Summary: Looking back on your past, your life has never been anything out of the ordinary. Although your parents had left you on one mysterious night, leaving you little to no explanations, you live out the rest of your years residing in a new town under the custody of your aunt. That is, until you return to your hometown to investigate the whereabouts of your parents during your senior year in high school. It was that fateful decision that led you to find a boy collapsed on your front porch one night, wounds gaping and life fading when your entire life is spun out of control. Somehow being dragged into a life of crimes in the underground business of his, you discover the twisted secrets hidden behind the world you thought you had known all along. 

1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 Finale

A/N: And here we are! 1 year and 7 months later, we have finally arrived at the final chapter of The Labyrinth. There have been countless times when I just wanted to discontinue this series and quit writing overall because of the lack of an audience, and yet I persevered because this was a story I wanted to tell and it is a work of mine I hold dear to me. But alas, more and more people started to read this massive series, and before I knew it, the reason I continued to write this series was not only for me, but also for you, my readers. So thank you so much, because YOU guys are one of the reasons why I’ve been able to learn the things that I did from writing The Labyrinth. It saddens me that this is where it all ends, but I’d like to take this time to thank you all, those from the beginning, middle, and even future, for the endless support and I love you all so very much. Without further ado, here is the final chapter of The Labyrinth! // 01/29/16 ~ 08/01/17

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[KOR/ENG LYRICS] Intro: What am I to You by BTS (Rap Monster)


Come here
I’m bout to take u higher
We about to set
this love on fire
이런 느낌 처음이야
엄마도 못 말렸으
내 진심을 말했고
결국에는 내가 이겼으
Baby u should know u change all
of my negatives to positive
가시를 세우고 있지만
볼 수 있어 너의 장미를
다시금 날 뛰게 만드는
그 사람이 너란 사실을
아직은 알 수 없겠지만
내가 전부 다 알게 할게 당신을
나 난 되고파 너 너의 오빠
다른 놈팽이들과는 달리
뻔한 영화 대사처럼
들리겠지만 난 식스센스
Yo I’ll be different
I’ll be missin
I’ll be kissin
ya all the time girl
눈을 떼봐도 맘은 뗄 수가 없어
자 이제 시작이야
I’m yo 포켓몬스터
너도 맘을 주고 나도 내 맘 다 줬어
오늘이 어제보다 행복해졌어
근데 왜 근데 왜

죄인처럼 혼자
네게 연락할 핑계를 찾지
만나기 전보다 더해
애인이란 이유로는 부족한 지
맨날 단답 ㅇㅇ 잔다 ㄴㄴ
10 바이트를 안 넘는 메시지
넌 의지를 잃은 키퍼
난 허허벌판을 달리는 메시지
그래 처음부터
이게 공평할 수 없는
게임이란 건 알았어
널 이기고 싶던 건 아니었지만
계속 지고 싶지도 않았어
조금은 달달하게
막 깨가 쏟아지진 않아도
남들처럼 팔짱을 딱 끼고
때로는 위로와 진심을 담아서
서로를 위하는 것
니가 무미건조한 것도
난 항상 너의 밑에 서 있으니까
under stand
널 목마처럼 받치고 있는
난 아무것도 할 수가 없어
어느새 습관이 되어 버린 썩소
넌 또 좋지도 나쁘지도 않다고 해
내가 앞서가니 아닌 건 아닌 건데
내 짝 있는 짝사랑 난 바래
막 하는 막사랑
좀 잡아줘 이건 꼭 상대 없는
줄다리기 같잖아 what you say
Aah baby don’t you play
니가 불길이라도 꿋꿋이 걸을게
그러니까 제발 모르는 사람
보는 듯한 눈빛으로 날 보지 마
자꾸 내가 네게 아무것도
아니던 그때가 생각나니까

What am I to you girl
What am I to you
I do love you crazy uh do you
이랬다 저랬다 사람
맘 좀 헷갈리게 하지 마
자꾸 이딴식일 거면
계약서에 도장 찍자
하루에 뽀뽀 몇 번 카톡 몇 번
그래 그렇게까지 해놓으면
속이 좀 시원해질까
What am I to you girl
What am I to you
I do love you crazy uh do you


Come here
I’m bout to take u higher
We about to set
This love on fire
This is a first time feeling for me
Even my mom can’t stop me
I told you my sincerity
And in the end, I won
Baby u should know u change all
Of my negatives to positive
Though you are raising your thorns
I can see your rose
I can’t tell yet
If you’ll be the one
That will make my heart race again but
I’ll make sure I’ll know all about you
I, I want to be your oppa
Differently from those other scrubs,
I want your affirmation
It might sound like a cliche movie line but
I have a sixth sense
Yo I’ll be different
I’ll be missin
I’ll be kissin
Ya all the time girl
I might be able to take my eyes off you but
My heart cannot be taken away from you
Now is the beginning
I’m yo Pocket Monster
You gave me your heart, and I gave you all of mine
I’ve become happier today than yesterday
But why, but why

Why am I finding excuses to contact you
By myself like a criminal
It’s worse than before we started dating
Is it not enough reason as your lover
Every time the response is mmhmm, I’m sleeping, nono
Messages that don’t go over 10 bytes
You’re a goalkeeper that lost their will
I’m Mesi who is running across a plain
Okay, I knew from the start that
There was no way this would be a fair game
I didn’t want to win over you
But I didn’t want to keep losing to you either
Just a little sweetly
Even if we weren’t a storybook couple
Just to intertwine our arms like everyone else
Sometimes supporting each other
With words of comfort and honesty
I understand
That you can be unaffectionate
I am always standing beneath you
Under stand
I am supporting you on my shoulders
And I can do nothing else about it
Eventually my cold smile has become a habit
You say that you don’t like me nor do you dislike me
Am I getting ahead of myself
What isn’t right, isn’t right
I hope for a unrequited love with my other half
To recklessly have a wreckless love
Please hold onto me, this feels like
A tug-o-war without an opposing team
What you say
Aah baby don’t you play
Even if you are a fiery path, I want to walk across it all the way
So please don’t look at me
As if I’m someone you don’t know
Because it’s reminding me of the days
When I meant nothing to you

What am I to you girl
What am I to you
I do love you crazy uh do you
Stop confusing a person’s feelings
By saying one thing then saying another
If you’re going to keep being like this
Let’s sign a contract
Giving kisses how many times a day, Kakaotalk messaging each other how many times
Okay, if we go that far
Would I feel better
What am I to you girl
What am I to you
I do love you crazy uh do you

Trans cr; Nara @ bts-trans

this is a psa for the dipshits in the hatemobile, your vehicle is about to get toad.

lol you can get salty over my not liking Cursed Child all you want but please tone down the shit in my inbox. 

Also just in case you didn’t realize: you’re not on anon and this is a high traffic blog with nearly 20,000 active followers, your request that I go fuck myself and die for calling Cursed Child shit is a one way ticket to online evisceration and you’re lucky I’m conscientious enough to give a shit about your online safety and not reply to you publicly. This is not a threat, this is a statement of fact. I do not endorse doxxing and I never will. There have simply been times when I have attempted to publicly address certain things, and the person has found themselves roasted alive by my followers, and while I would hope my followers know I would never want them to hurt anyone in that manner, I cannot control what people say or do in reaction to something that is sent to me. I therefore opt not to expose you to that unpredictable element and hopefully save you some level of possible hurt. Even if you do not afford me the same courtesy.

Seriously. We are allowed to like and dislike things without it turning nasty. If you don’t like that I don’t like something or something I have written? Block the post, block me if you want to and move on with your life. xKit me into oblivion if you feel that strongly about something. But in no way did anything I say in that post deserve that kind of visceral knee jerk hatred from you. 

You’re not “defending” your fandom, you’re just a bully who doesn’t like that someone else is playing with toys that don’t even belong to you. And you need to stop, take a breath and think about some things and hopefully realize you can do better.

Meanwhile I’ll be over here writing things that make myself and apparently a lot of other people happy. You should maybe try doing that too.

Scrubs {Sentence Starters}

  • “Ahh. Uncomfortable silences and alcohol. Just like thanksgiving at home.”
  • “You have no chance of being normal.”
  • “Don’t ever be afraid to come to me with stuff like that.”
  • “A person doesn’t have to be perfect to be exactly what you need.”
  • “It’s the kid inside of us that keeps us all from going crazy.”
  • “I don’t dislike you, I nothing you.”
  • “Nothing’s worse than a ninja - they’re masters of every style of combat.”
  • “Have you been in the supply closet, crying?”
  • “It sounds like you’re asking me out on a man date.”
  • “There’s a good chance I’m gonna kill someone.”
  • “The only way you could be more useless right now is if you actually were the wall.”
  • “Gosh, now I’m too proud of you to be mad at you.”
  • “Relationships don’t work they way they do on television and in the movies.”
  • “Sometimes it feels like you’re holding back.”
  • “All you do is bitch about your relationships all day long!”
  • “We’re only four seconds in and I’m already regretting my decision.”
  • “I can’t believe you lost our bottle opener.”
  • “I think we both know there’s a little more to it than that.”
  • “Does this lipstick make me look like a clown?”
  • “Why don’t I ever listen to me?”
  • “Well isn’t that just the pickle on the giant crap sandwich that is my day.”
  • “Come on, what’s the worst that could happen?”
  • “I can’t help but notice you love telling jokes.”
  • “Do you want to be alone?”
  • “You’re telling me that you actually made a decision that had a positive impact on your life?”
  • “Can you get that for me? I can’t reach it.”
  • “Don’t look in her eyes, she might steal your soul.”
  • “I refuse to be judged by a grown man wearing a hockey jersey.”
  • “That was my mistake. I keep forgetting that you’re a horrible, horrible person.”
  • “Why are you so afraid of loving me?”
  • “Do you want to cry a little?”
  • “Why do you have to jump out and scare me all the time?”
  • “What do I know about good relationships?”
  • “Newsflash! You can’t drink and then come to work!”
  • “Why is there a pancake in the silverware drawer?" 
Why I became a feminist

When I started going to middle school, my father told me that I should stay away from boys, because they’re “disgusting and dangerous”, according to him.

I disagreed with this, and thought to myself: “No, men can be good as well!”

So when I was doing some research on my old phone, I found this huge movement called feminism, which strived towards equality for men and women.

“This is it,” I thought, “This is what I’ve been looking for!”

So, I was a liberal feminist for a couple of years, not knowing that there were other types of feminism. I didn’t call myself a liberal feminist either; just a feminist.

When I started posting about it on my little Instagram page, I was being tormented by boys who also knew about the feminist movement, and HATED it; I got death threats, rape threats, I was being ridiculed, all that.

I felt bad about myself, so I started including men more. I posted about bathrooms for men and their children, I posted about men being raped by women, I was a huge trans activist, I have thought about whether I was trans, I called myself pansexual (I was caught in the “hearts not parts” superiority complex), I thought about being “agender” because I didn’t “feel” like any gender… I was the ideal intersectional feminist.

I wasn’t a fan of certain things though.

I hated the makeup industry and the sex industry and the pro hoe culture and the pro-islam/anti-christianity behaviour, but I really didn’t understand why. I started posting stuff about me disliking it, vaguely, because I didn’t get it myself, so maybe someone would be able to explain that to me.

I got loads of hate, again, primarily from liberal feminists this time. They told me the key to equality was freedom of choice.

Then I started to think. Men had asked me very often whether they are able to hit women, since I preached “equality”, and that had me confused. Maybe equality wasn’t the thing I was looking for.

A couple of months ago, in December, I made a Tumblr blog. Everyone told me to do it, because I apparently looked and behaved like someone who uses Tumblr on the regular. After hearing this for a couple of years, I decided the time had come.

I followed some tags, including “feminism”. I’m not sure how it happened, but by the time I found ONE small post about radical feminism, I immediately agreed.

Radical feminists had such a thing for putting things down logically, with sources and all, and I was… impressed. I started to feel less hopeless and lonely.

And after all this time, I let my dad know that I hate men. For some reason, this got him very mad. Wasn’t he the one who told me men should be avoided, and hated? :) Why is he mad that I will never marry or come close to any non-gay man? :)

Mind you, my father was and is very abusive, mentally and physically, pro-patriarchy, and a full on misogynist.

Men KNOW their kind is evil. They don’t want US to know. They only want their close ones, their mothers, their daughters, their sisters, to “know”, but not really KNOW. They want them to believe that men can be very dangerous, but not that men are actually extremely dangerous. They want them to hide and be polite, rather than get mad and fight for their rights. That would be… disadventageous to them as well. That’s why they’re so anti-feminism.

My father is a conservative man, though. Leftist men would be better, right? Wrong.

I once read a post saying: “The difference between liberal and conservative men is that liberal men want women to be public property, and conservative men want them to be private property.”

This helped me so much. I forgot whose post it was, but thank you so much. This is why covering yourself up and exposing yourself both feel so… oppressive. I felt uncomfortable about both, but I always failed to realise.

Thank you, radical feminists, I now understand everything so much better. Thank you.

Function pairs: the stereotype and the goal

Te with lower Fi: 

Stereotype: Te: I MUST CONTROL AND WIN AT EVERYTHING AT ALL COSTS MUAHAHAHAHAHA. Fi: (whispers) But what about morals?

Goal: Te: I have a lot of goals and ways to work towards those goals, and I act based on logic and external standards of achievement. Fi: That’s great! Remember that there are also internal standards of achievement, and that acknowledgement of your own needs is not counter to your goals even if it slows your progress a little.

Fi with lower Te:

Stereotype: Fi: I GOTS TO BE ME AND IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT YOU DON’T GET IT. Te: um maybe do stuff sometimes? If you want to.

Goal: Fi: I have a firm belief in what is important to me and I want to live consistently with that. Te: As well you should. However, you will need to show others why your position is important and why you’re worth listening to in a logical way sometimes. Be prepared to do so.

Fe with lower Ti:

Stereotype: Fe: I love everyone! I hope they love me! I’m happy if they’re happy! Feelings! Ti: (doesn’t exist)

Goal: Fe: I want to engage with people meaningfully and make sure our group dynamics are working out well for everyone. Ti: Did someone say optimization? I can consider people’s likes and dislikes and find a solution that is best suited to bring about agreement.

Ti with lower Fe:

Stereotype: Ti: EVERYTHING IS BLUEPRINTS and I have analyzed all of the deep web time to get started on some elaborate unsolved cryptid puzzles. Fe: How do I people and outside?

Goal: Ti: I want things to make logical sense and to be able to apply the systems I developed to everything. Fe: That’s great! People don’t always work in a predictable way. Perhaps you can think of them in terms of something like chaos theory, and engage with them to make sure your systems are understandable to others.

Ne with lower Si:

Stereotype: Ne: hahhahaha monkeys and biscuits! I’m such a random nerd lol! Si: (narrator voice) But their randomness was only hiding…a haunted past.

Goal: Ne: I have a lot of ideas! Everything gives me ideas and I want to explore them all and see what concepts will develop from each path - it’s impossible to choose! Si: We can get an idea of how things are likely to turn out from our past experience, so that might help you decide which possibilities are likely to yield more interesting paths to follow.

Si with lower Ne: 

Stereotype: Si: I’ve memorized the law spreadsheets and it’s 5 pm sharp so it’s time to go home to my 2.5 picket fences. Consistent is the life I lead. Ne: BUT WHAT IF SOMETHING EXPLODES? I DON’T KNOW WHAT, JUST SOMETHING?!

Goal: Si: I like to approach things with caution and understand how they are likely to play out. To do this I plan, using my past experience to guide my current actions. Ne: Sometimes, though, you inevitably find yourself in an unfamiliar scenario, and I can help either link a past experience that at first glance doesn’t seem related but can guide you here, or help you handle the unfamiliarity if it’s truly new.

Se with lower Ni: 

Stereotype: Se: SEX AND DRUGS AND ROCK N’ ROLL AND SKYDIVING!!!!!! Ni: too bad death is inevitable at all times.

Goal: Se: I don’t want to commit to just one thing when the world is constantly changing - I want to make sure I’m able to fully engage with everything as it happens and appreciate the richness of the experience. Ni: And when you do need to plan for the long term more, I can draw an abstract conclusion from all of those rich experiences and guide you.

Ni with lower Se: 

Stereotype: Ni: I see the future. I see dead people? Maybe. It’s all connected. Se: I am a clumsy, beautiful woman in a romantic comedy! Sometimes I forget to eat because I’m thinking so hard!

Goal: Ni: I have a vision of how things are supposed to be. I like things to unfold as I expect them and I plan to ensure this happens. Se: But occasionally, things don’t occur as you’d expect, and this can be either good or bad. If it’s good I can help you say yes to something you wouldn’t have otherwise done - it could change your perspective! And if it’s bad I can give you the tools to respond quickly.

My thoughts on the new yansim update video

Ok, so, I have a lot to say on the new update video, and surprisingly, it’s mostly positive.

First off I would like to say that this?

Looks cool as fuck.

The newest look of the game is something I actually enjoy very much, it looks like a actual horror game. Also, I really really hope that this game is renamed to lovesick, due to the issues I have with the abielism routed in the y/ndere troupe, and how some people consider it a slur. As someone with bpd, I do rather dislike this word, and am glad that the games name might be lovesick. Even if y/ndere simulator is still a subtitle.

The new title screen of lovesick/yansim is very eerie, and I love it. Not to mention the music was amazing tbh, fit the atmosphere and was creepy. I like that lovesick/yansim is taking steps to feel more like a horror game. I’ve talked about it here some before, and so have others but I want more characters like kokona, ones that make me like them and sympathize. The dev has long said that you’re supposed to feel like a monster, but asides from kokona, if you killed anyone you really didn’t. They’re all blank slates, and it’s harder to sympathize, and feel bad for them because of it. I really think yansim/lovesick could pull inspiration from undertale, particularly the genocide route. That route is gut wrenching, purposes a moral dilemma, and makes you feel horrible. Like a honest to god monster, and not the good kind. And that’s the kind of horror yansim/lovesick needs, desperately. It just wouldn’t work without it, to be honest. The physiological aspect could be a big thing in this game, posing the question; how far would you go for love?

This new update gives me hope that the dev will implement more horror like things, and I’m actually really excited. I love horror games, especially those that delve into the psychological horror genre, so much so that I’m actually making a game myself (though it’s still in its drafting phase)

The atmosphere in some of this is really good!! I especially like the taro customization screen, tbh. Though, I would like the fact that the atmosphere goes down from the original layout to stay, it makes it feel like your actions have consequences, and again, that’s good in horror games. I really hope that the pink light hearted atmosphere stays, at first, until people start disappearing, and then it goes down. I always loved that concept.

I love mai so much and I really!!! Like how she has an actual name now, like thank god.

Unfortunately her description is still the same, but one step at a time I guess.

I love both colors schemes tbh but!! That magenta one is really cool?? This is a really nice symbol for the game, too. (Unlike the yansim side one, like, no. The underwear on heart??? Nothing to do with the game. The dev should just recolor this Symbol to be light pink and stuff I think)

The fact that you can spy on people now and sell the info to infochan is really cool. It’s a great replacement for panties shots, which is, unfortunately still a option to do in game (just take them out completely?? this option fits the game better anyways??) but I’m still really excited about this because!! It’s so cool??

Blackmailing is super cool too. Tbh, I like the idea that you have to figure it out using clues better than just info telling you.

Using clues in the student’s info and stuff is a lot more interesting than just being told what to do.

The main thing I’m happy about is that the dev is actually listening to us! He’s listening to us critics, which is really exciting!!!! Whenever someone says that we aren’t doing anything/won’t change the devs mind, we can point back to this victory, because look! We already did! We’re affecting this game! And that really fucking cool. I still hate the dev and that will never change due to things outside of the game’s development, but the fact that he’s actually listening to us is great. It means we might actually be able to save this game.

I’m super happy with this, although it isn’t perfect, because it shows we’re making progress!

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Shipping sebaciel is wrong u should delete ur page

Greetings! As Lord Phantomhive is quite busy today dealing with people who actually know how to spell, I, Sebastian Michaelis, will have the pleasure of attending to your polite statement.

Originally posted by kinbari14

Firstly, I would highly encourage you learnt to read properly. See, the ask box is actually named: ‘Ask us anything’, and what you sent to us was a statement, an order even, but not a question. Think about that the next time.

Well, to start off, I will talk about the era my young master and I live in, called the Victorian era because of the queen that is currently ruling over England, Queen Victoria. Lord Phantomhive is known to have been born in 1875, and is of 13 years of age, which means the current year is 1888. Yes, there are minor inconsistencies for the sake of the plot such as phones, chainsaws and semiautomatic weapons, but the architecture, the clothes and general behaviour correspond to the Victorian era.

Now, Mr. or Miss. 'I’m so brave that I won’t say my name’, allow me to present the following situation: you are watching a movie set in an era where being homosexual was punishable by death. This movie talks about two men who engage in a secret relationship despite both knowing they could be hanged.

You, as the respectful, open-minded person that you undoubtedly are, go on the Internet and post the following: 'OMG, this movie was so homophobic I literally vomited. It showed gay people having to hide their sexuality! Being homosexual isn’t something you should hide, and it’s what this movie is trying to show, that gay people should hide or they are going to be killed!’ Is it reasonable to do so? Clearly that wasn’t the message the director was trying to get across. As you can see, the setting plays a very important part in this.

Originally posted by scarecroe

So, even though the arguments you provided were pretty solid and you clearly humiliated us with your logic, facts and wide variety of ideas, please allow a humble butler to give his opinion on the subject.

If you check the age of consent in England (where my young master and I live) at the time (1888), you can perfectly see that it is 13 years old. What a coincidence! Lord Phantomhive is 13 years old! Oh, so I guess that if my young master wanted to engage in a consensual relationship with an older man, he would be able to, without it being considered as pedophiliac, right? And furthermore, it also means that you should stick your nose in other matters more important than a harmless ship between two fictional characters, wouldn’t you agree with me? Being informed is a beautiful thing indeed, you should try it sometime.

Friendly reminder that this is the Internet, and people who ship my young master and I are in no way doing harm to anyone at all. If you manage to find one real life case where there has been a pedofiliac relationship caused by someone shipping Lord Phantomhive with me, then I promise you I will close this blog. Not hypothetical cases, you have to bring me cold, hard proof that someone has been hurt physically or psychologically because of the Sebaciel ship.

Why not just let everyone do as they please as long as they’re not harming anyone? Is your life really that boring that you feel the need to censor every little thing that you dislike? If you do not like the fact that my master and I fuck nearly every night except when Grell decides to rudely drop by or Bard sets the kitchen on fire, then please switch to another blog or just come with actual arguments.

Originally posted by samisoffthewall

Well, my darling anon, this has been quite pleasant. Feel free to drop by again, that would be just lovely! Just one more thing, in the future, when you decide to confront the Phantomhive butler, just remember we at the manor are experts at roasting, and I may be a lowly butler, but you, my dear, just got served.

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One of the many reasons why I love the Dragon Age Series is how everybody has a different experience. We all have our interpretations, theories, etc and I enjoy the different perspectives even when they are not in sync with my own. I see no reason to get angry when someone dislikes a characters I enjoy or they enjoy a character I’m not fond of. Its enlightening to share different opinions as long as everybody is respectful and its truly disheartening that not everybody is. When I see people making others feel guilty for shipping, dialogue or plot choices it just makes me not want to share my thoughts about the games. 

Persona 5 AU where the Phantom Thieves of Hearts are just a DnD group, and the plot of the game is their first campaign.

Akira: “Hey, my classmate Ann asked if she could join.”
Ryuji: “Oh, yeah, I know her! Yeah, that’s cool. But didn’t we just start this dungeon?”
Akira: “Oh, right… oh, we could say the Shadows captured her. Then she can build her character while we work on freeing her.”

Ann: “Hey, uh, is it cool if my artist friend joins? I met him at a modeling session and he’s sort of into this kind of thing, so…”
Ryuji: “Oh, dude, you’re an artist? Could you draw our characters and stuff?”
Yusuke: “If that’s the price of admission, then certainly.”

Akira: “So, you know how I see the Student Council President for help with my studies? Well, she saw my dice and we ended up talking so… she wants to join.
Makoto: “If it wouldn’t be too much trouble. I’ve never really been able to spend time with my peers, and Akira-kun made it sound like fun, so…”
Ann: “Oh, um, s-sure thing, Niijima-senpai. Do you have an idea for a character?”
Makoto: “Akira-kun helped me make one!”
Ryuji: “Dude, did you agree before consulting us? You’re hopeless.”

Sojiro: “Hey, since you’re using this place as your little hangout spot, could you include my daughter, Futaba? She could stand to interact with others more.”
Yusuke: “That would be fine, yes.”
Makoto: “Here, Futaba-chan, you can sit next to me. We’re both new at this, so we can help each other out.”
Futaba: “Actually I’ve played online before, so I probably know more than all of you.”
Ryuji: “Oh, good, because we have no idea what we’re doing.”

Makoto: “Everyone, this is Haru Okumura; she’s a fellow student in my year. I had hoped you’d be open to her joining. Not that I dislike you all, far from it, but I would feel a bit more comfortable with someone else my age being in the group.”
Akira: “Fine by me.”
Ann: “Okumura-senpai, huh? I remember seeing you watering flower beds. I didn’t think you’d be into these types of games.”
Haru: “Oh, I suppose that’s understandable, but I actually secretly love them. They’re such a great power fantasy!”
Yusuke: “Interesting reasoning… I see why you and Makoto are friends.”

Futaba: “Okay, looks like we’re rolling to get out of the space station safely before it explodes!”
Ryuji: I swear, Joker, if you mess this up…“
Akechi: “Oh, what are you all up to?”
Haru: “We’re playing a fun tabletop game! Sorry if we’re making too much noise.”
Akechi: “Oh, no, I wasn’t bothered. Just curious.”
Makoto: “Say, aren’t you the detective that helps out my sister at work sometimes? I didn’t know you frequented this cafe.”
Akechi: “Oh, Makoto-san. I didn’t know you were into this sort of thing. I suppose you must have found some merit to it.”
Makoto: “…yes, it’s entertaining to me and helps my creativity.”
Akechi: In that case, may I join you? I’ll admit I won’t be able to spend much time due to my work, but I’d like to see these merits for myself.“
Makoto: ”…what do you all say?“
Futaba: "Well, he is a regular here… don’t want to make things too awkward by turning him down.”
Ann: “A trial session couldn’t hurt, right?”

Akira: “Okay, so following the Akechi disaster from last week-”
Futaba: “I can’t believe he dissed my character! It makes total sense for a hacker to use memes!”
Akira: “-I decided we should rework the campaign a little. Any objections to ‘Crow’ being a traitor that we have to fight?”
Makoto: “None from me.”
Haru: “Beating him up sounds lovely!”
Akira: “Great, then let’s do it. …in the game, guys. Not real life.”
Everyone: “Aw…”

Slytherin vs. Hufflepuff

Alright darlings, I’ve gotten many requests all for this since yesterday and these two are more similar than you think.  It’s pretty common to confuse these two houses.  For example, many people upon meeting me call me a hufflepuff and call a close friend of mine a slytherin, when really it’s the opposite.  We’re just each more stereotypically the other house…. I bake cookies to bring into classes and she is more aggressively opinionated, but, I digress…..

Here’s how they’re similar:  They’re both extremely hardworking and driven, tend to be steady in working towards their goals.  They tend to treat everyone with a certain level of dignity, no matter their feelings towards you (unless you are truly BEYOND terrible for them, in which case they will be passive aggressive).  Both care about what people think of them, though for slytherin it’s more about a general reputation than specific people’s opinions, and they each feel that other people should be able to do their own thing, or think what they like, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone/isn’t pushed on them.  They tend to be very likable and charismatic from the outside, and most people enjoy their company. Basically, they do tend to seem similar from the outside (unlike in the books where slytherins are like performing blood sacrifices and hufflepuffs just sit and cry all day (thank you, Harry, for your Gryffindor bias).  So…. differences:

1. When they don’t like someone: Hufflepuffs tend to dislike them and go no further, like I hate you, you hate me, I’m going to ignore you now, let’s move on.  Slytherins….. well, we’re a bit more petty.  It’s more like, I hate you and I’m going to go out of my way to either make other people subtly dislike you, or I feel like I can’t move on until I have done something tangible with my own life to write this wrong.  Basically, slytherins turn into VERY unhealthy, self-obsessed versions of gryffindors.  They need to prove it to OTHERS that their better, so when they’ve finally completed this big task to do so, they’re looking around to see that no one cared about it as much as they did, and…. well, they tend to be bitter.  Basically, in general, hufflepuffs tend to be more comfortable with emotions in general, and are usually healthier, while slytherins are so obsessed with perfection that they repress their emotions and either become whiny or unable to move beyond the point that they’ve told you TEN BILLION TIMES.

2. Honesty and fairness:  I think I’ve brought this up before, but this is where hufflepuff gets its positive reputation while slytherin screws itself over.  Hufflepuff wants thing honest and fair, even if its at their expense and for the benefit of someone they don’t like.  They are a bit more ‘well this is right, and so this is how it should be, for ALL people’.  Slytherin wants things fair for everyone, as long as they aren’t being hurt, and, well, they really don’t see anything wrong with favoritism as long as they’re on the receiving side.  In fact, though they understand it’s wrong and may briefly feel bad, a slytherin who sees something unfair happening to an enemy accounts it more as ‘karma’ than something they should be stopping.  Example: a hufflepuff and a slytherin both are students of a very frightening and intense professor who grades impossible, everyone hates them, but for some reason, this professor has taken a special liking to the student (and a few others), and treats them specially.  They get easier grading, flexibility with deadlines, basically anything they ask for, freedom to say whatever they want, and do whatever they want.  However, the rest of all the students are still stuck with nearly failing every assignment and being treated…. well, less than you are.  The hufflepuff says ‘I know this is nice, but it’s still wrong, and really, the teacher shouldn’t do that to me’.  They try to talk with the teacher offhandedly about how others are having difficulty and saying things are unfair, even if it means that they lose their spot as a ‘favorite’.  Slytherin goes, no way man.  If they did something to get special treatment, they won’t mess it up, they’ll use it. If one of their friends complains, they’ll tell then exactly how to become a favorite as well, but the slytherin won’t mess it up for themselves, because a little part of them inside LOVES to feel like they are being treated differently.  

3.  Idealism:  Underneath everything, idealism is a big difference between the two houses.  Slytherin sees things exactly as they are, and if that’s the game the world is playing, it’s stupid to play by any other rules.  Hufflepuff has this more dreamy idealism about how things should be and how they could be, and tries to live and maneuver within the self-imposed constraints they have.  Slytherin sets their rules based on how the world works, and how they can play the game more efficiently, and hufflepuff is playing based on their rules, because the world needs kindness and help, not ruthlessness.  Hufflepuff is the most unrealistic house in this sense, and can often overlook the unfortunate state of reality, which means they are either extremely successful because they won’t accept what is, or very unsuccessful for the same reason.  Slytherin is the most realistic house, meaning while they know how to accomplish much, they almost always become depressed and bitter at the state of the world, feeling as if there is no way to change it, and nothing will become better.  

4. Centering in self:  Both houses are the two that make their decisions based on the world, but slytherin is centered in self while hufflepuff is centered in others.  Hufflepuff makes nearly all its decisions based on group dynamics and balance, and peace, calm, all those nice harmonious things.  Ultimately, they want to do for other people and will sacrifice their own wants.  Slytherin knows what it wants for itself, an typically makes the decisions that it thinks will help to get it what it wants, and though they try not to burn their bridges, slytherins can probably count on one hand the people they truly care about.  Hufflepuff wants to save the entire world (again, idealism) while slytherin chooses a few and says screw all the rest (again, unhealthy bitter realism).

5. Openness in actions vs. Actions to serve other ends:  I’ve found this one to be pretty consistent.  When both houses do something, hufflepuff reasoning tends to be very clear while slytherin reasoning only makes sense to them.  Basically, hufflepuff is doing things for the obvious reasons, or for the sake of doing them, while slytherin is doing them for a reason 600 steps later (any means to achieve their ends).  Hufflepuff works at a soup kitchen.  Why?  They wanted to get some time volunteering and also helping other people feels nice.  Slytherin works at the soup kitchen.  Why?  Because they will be accurately able to determine what it is the needy are lacking, how they can, ten years from now work and run an organization to stop homelessness.  No, that makes too much sense; real life example.  Hufflepuff starts a blog.  Why?  Because they maybe want to connect with people who share their interests, and it’s a place of self expression.  Slytherin creates a blog?  It’s because they feel that with this blog, they will get dedicated followers and later have a fanbase to promote a book they wrote even though the things are in no way connected.  Basically, slytherin motivations are usually hard to understand in comparison to Huff’le puff.  

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Do you want Keith to be a paladin again?... because I do and I'm sad.


I believe that the team will, at some point, help Keith through his issues. Whether it’ll be a conscious effort or not is a different thing - so far they have proven to be pretty blind as a group. Shiro and Coran both realized a few times when someone is feeling sad and tried to cheer them up but that’s it. And Keith isn’t the type to mimic Lance and just explain what’s going on in his head, especially since he doesn’t see any fault with his way of thinking. 

I want Keith to come back to team Voltron. I didn’t dislike him joining the BoM this season because he got a lot more experience and we got development for him. No, hear me out, we really did :P Up until now Keith knew that he didn’t belong to the team, that his way of thinking was different. But now that he’s with the BoM they validated his “I’m expendable”-thoughts and we saw that he was ready to kill himself for the sliiiiiiightest chance of saving the team/the mission. (He was aware that he most likely wouldn’t succeed but he had to TRY at least because hey, he is expendable and a slight chance is better than no chance, right?)

Keith is falling deeper into that hole and that’s development. Not the development we might want to see but still development. And that sets us up for an amazing journey of discovering his worth in the future, something that only Voltron can show him. Voltron, that literally can’t work if one of its limbs goes missing. 

Just as I believe that the lion switch isn’t permanent, I believe that Keith will return to the team. And honestly I can’t wait for that :’D I want to see a happy, healthy and at peace Keith by the end of this show sndfbhjdksnf

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Do I have your permission to fight anyone who disrespectively talks shit about you?

(( OOC: Lol, please don’t. ;) If someone has a problem, ask them, politely and honestly, why they feel that way and then have a discussion. They may have reasons for disliking me, they may not. But don’t make an argument out of it… arguments and fighting don’t ever lead to resolution, just more anger. If they’d like to talk to me and express their concerns, I’m totally open to hearing them. :) Not everyone is going to like me, that’s life. ))

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I would love to request a Voltron fic!!! I'm cool with literally anything, but here's an idea if it helps: I've seen a lot of fics where Lance is late to assemble because he's sick, but maybe one where he doesn't show up at all? And so someone is sent to go grab him and they sort of mercilessly pull him out of bed and ignore his protests that he's not feeling well, thinking that he's faking. And something happens while Allura is briefing them--passes out, starts to hallucinate, etc. Thank you!!!

So I wanted to have this done for your graduation, @taylor-tut​, but then life happened. XD

Lance actually isn’t my fave at all, so it was v challenging for me trying to get into his perspective. It isn’t that I dislike him, or that he’s a bad character? He’s just at the bottom of the list of the seven mains, and there are some secondaries I engage with more as well, lol. SO I REALLY HOPE I DID HIS CHARACTER JUSTICE! XD



The curt voice woke Lance so suddenly that he nearly fell out of bed; pain stabbed through his head. The lights came on and he buried his face in his hands as he suppressed a moan.

“Lance!” Allura said again, “did you forget about training this morning?”

“S-sorry,” he stammered. “I must have slept through the alarm. I- I don’t feel very good.”

“We don’t have time for dramatics, Lance. You look fine to me; hurry and get up. You’re putting us behind schedule,” Allura added, frowning deeply

“I—okay,” he conceded. “I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

“Good, we’ve lost enough time this morning.”

Allura strode out, her quick, precise footsteps disappearing down the hall, as Lance dragged himself into the bathroom. The mirror showed him red eyes and flushed cheeks, the rest of his face unusually pale. His head ached fiercely, his eyes, too, and he was dizzy, his body heavy. Lance shivered in the cool air of the bathroom

“Come on, Lance,” he said to his reflection. “You can do this. You didn’t even get blown up.”

Lance pondered a drink from the tap, but the thought nauseated him, so he splashed some water on his face instead, then got dressed, grimacing at the soreness in his body as he did so. He headed down the hallway to the bridge, though he had to steady himself against the wall several times as the hallway moved around him. Lance’s face burned with embarrassment as he came through the door and joined the others. Lance stared at the floor, too ashamed of the delay he’d caused to meet anyone’s eyes.

Allura arched one delicate eyebrow. “Nice of you to join us, Lance; let’s get started.”

Allura launched into an explanation of the training exercise she’d planned for the day, and Lance managed to follow along decently well until she pulled up the holographic space map and starting whirling it around. Even after she stopped manipulating the display, the stars kept spinning in front of his eyes and Lance had to grope for the edge of the nearest console to ground himself. He closed his eyes for a moment but the vertigo worsened, so he opened them again and focussed on the edge of the console under his hand and hoped the room would stop moving. With the rushing in his ears it took a minute for Lance to realise that Hunk was talking to him. When Lance tried to make eye contact he lost the tenuous grasp he had on his strength and balance and lurched sideways into the edge of the console as his knees buckled.

A cacophony of speech made his headache surge, and Lance found himself unable to identify any one voice through the pain and fuzziness in his head. A steady, familiar hand gripped his elbow, then Hunk’s other arm wrapped firmly around his waist. Lance rested his head on Hunk’s shoulder as his friend eased him down to sit on the floor. Another wave of noise made him groan as his head throbbed in time, and with his head on Hunk’s shoulder Lance felt the rumble as he told the others to quiet down. After a long moment the riot of voices subsided and Lance sighed in relief.

Shiro knelt in front of him and the others hovered behind, blurry concern on the human faces and confusion on the Altean ones.

“Hey, what’s going on?” Shiro asked gently. “You’re pretty flushed there, Lance.”

“Dizzy. M'head hurts.” Lance rolled his head along Hunk’s shoulder and looked up hazily at Allura, vision spotty. “Sorry, Princess, didn’ mean t'be dramatic.”

Hunk’s broad, callused palm cupped his cheek and Lance leaned into the cool touch with a faint moan, then Hunk slid his hand up and pressed the backs of his fingers gently to Lance’s forehead. “Shiro, he’s burning up.”

“Oh, Lance,” Shiro murmured, face drawn into a worried frown. “You’re really not feeling well, huh?” He rested his flesh hand on Lance’s knee and squeezed lightly. “You’ve gotta tell us this stuff. We have to take care of each other.”

“Shiro,” Allura interjected, “I fear I am to blame for this. Lance told me he was unwell, but I dismissed his words. I’m unfamiliar with signs of human illness and I scolded him. Lance, I owe you an apology. I’m sorry for dismissing you and I hope you’ll forgive me. I’ll do better in the future.”

“Allura-” Shiro began, but Lance interrupted.

“S'okay, Princess. Y'didn’t know. Humans’re weird f'r you.” Lance smiled weakly, a transparency of his usual bright grin. “C'n I go back t'bed though? ’M tired.”

“Yeah, dude, you need to be in bed. Let’s go,” Hunk said, and stood slowly, bringing Lance up to standing with him.

“Hey,” said Keith, “I’ll help, here.” He slotted himself in against Lance’s other side and drew Lance’s arm over his shoulders.

“Is there some way I can help?” Allura asked.

“He’ll need plenty of water and probably another blanket or two,” Pidge spoke up for the first time. “If you go get that, I’ll get a couple other things for him.”

“I’ll do that, thank you, Pidge.”

“There’s something I want to grab, too,” Shiro added, “so I’ll be along in a few minutes.”

The group dispersed, and Lance stumbled back to his room supported by Hunk and Keith on either side. Keith left as Hunk helped Lance get changed, then came back as Hunk tucked Lance into bed with a bowl of water and a couple of soft cloths afloat in it.

“I know it doesn’t really do anything, but it feels nice.” Keith shrugged, then squeezed out a cloth and laid it across Lance’s forehead.

Lance reached up with a shaking hand and pulled it down a little; the coolness felt wonderful on his throbbing eyes and temples. “Thanks.”

“No problem. Feel better,” Keith added, and the door whooshed as he left again.

Lance shifted under the blankets; he couldn’t get comfortable, back aching, and then to make things worse he started shivering as chills ran up his spine.

“What’s up, man?” Hunk asked as he perched himself on the edge of the bed.

“M'back, can’t get comfy. ‘N I’m cold.”

Hunk made his thinking noise, then there were a couple of low thumps and he crawled carefully over Lance and situated himself in the corner of the bed. Gently—Lance always marvelled at the gentleness in Hunk’s strength—Hunk moved Lance up to lean back against him in a semi-reclined position. Tucked against his friend’s solid bulk, Lance sighed and began to relax as Hunk’s warmth eased some of the chills and started seeping into the aching muscles of his back. When refreshing the cloth prompted another shiver, Hunk pulled the blankets up a little higher and wrapped an arm around Lance’s waist.

“Better, dude?”

Lance hummed an affirmative, then melted as Hunk started carding his fingers through Lance’s hair and scratching his nails oh-so-slightly against his friend’s scalp as he did so.

“Rest, buddy. We gotcha.”

By the time Shiro, Pidge, and Allura came quietly into the room a couple of minutes later, Lance was already asleep.

The first picture was the picture I took the day I decided I wanted better for myself. I was still in the deep pits of being discouraged by my body and hating every inch of myself, but by taking this picture it was decided that one day I would have something to compare it to. I want to point out the way I’m trying to hide my face, the mess on my floor because I didn’t care enough about myself to even clean, the unbrushed dirty hair. I’m still not where I want to be, but everyday I’m reminded of how far I have come. I’m so much happier! Also, this is not me saying your happiness is dependent upon your weight because that’s false, but I do believe it coincides with your self image. I remember disliking myself so much I wouldn’t leave my house for WEEKS. I am a homebody, yes, but that was very drastic. I love going places now, and instead of worrying someone will notice me, I can just enjoy myself! Again, I know I still have a long way to go, but if you’re ever feeling discouraged just remember that it only takes one second and one choice to change everything. Don’t put it off because you think you can’t do it. I promise you can. (Also I’m aware this particular post doesn’t match my blog but it feels important)

honestly? the books I’ve read and loved have literally saved my life, have gotten me through extremely traumatic experiences, have allowed me to compartmentalize my emotions until I’m at a place where I can deal with them and have given me escape when I have needed it the most. And I know that this is the same for many readers. Seriously, books save lives. They make me feel loved and understood and like someone cares and gets me.

Which is why, while you can be critical of books for anything you dislike/want to pick apart, you shouldn’t ever really criticize people for loving the books that they love. Because even if you don’t like a book, for someone else, that book may have literally saved their life or mental state. 

Be critical. Think about why author’s make certain choices. Criticize them for their issues with diversity, for plot holes, for damaging narratives. But don’t criticize the people who have connected to and love the books that you dislike.