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Hanamiya realizing hes got a crush? You are so awesome btw

Oh that boy. My eyebrow king <3 I don’t know why but I had to make him a bit derpy. That poor little angry marshmallow would probably not know how to handle positive emotions. lol. Also, you make me blush XD you’re so lovely anon!

Hanamiya knew something was terribly wrong with him. At first, he questioned if he was simply having an off day, but then he realized that what he should really question was his sanity. It started so small, the way you would absentmindedly play with your hair, twirling the strands between pinched fingers. Even now he could smell the sweet aroma of your shampoo, soft and fruity with an undertone of floral. Then it was the way your feet would swing as you looked down in concentration at your school work, toes barely able to skim the floor. Your lip would pout ever so slightly.

 “C-Cute.” Hanamiya murmured to himself quietly. He slapped a hand over his mouth quickly, hoping no one heard him break his well-crafted façade. Luckily no one paid him any mind and he continued to observe from afar. He couldn’t figure out why he was attracted, you were everything he wasn’t. Pure, innocent, and kind-hearted. He almost vowed to stop paying attention to you completely, until he got partnered with you for a class project.

 “Hana-kun, looks like we’re together!” You smiled brightly at him, unaware that your classmates around you were a bit horrified at the nickname you gave him and all decided to sneak away, in case the well-known bully decided to blow up. All Hanamiya could do was blink in confusion at the foreign fluttering sensation in his stomach. He looked up from his seat at your expectant smile, feeling his tongue catch in the back of throat.

 “Ah, we are ____-chan. Where would you like to study?” His voice was a few octaves higher than usual, shocking his eavesdropping teammates. Hara’s gum popped, echoing in the eerily quiet classroom.

 “Wherever! We can work it out over lunch.” All he could do was nod as the bell rang, watching your retreating figure with a soft red hue, dusting his cheeks.

 “Holy shit…Hana-teme, I think you have a crush.” Seto teased while shoving his hands in his pocket and giving a low whistle of appreciation.

 “I didn’t think it was possible. Though you probably have competition-“ Furahashi is cut off by a murderous glare coming from Hanamiya. His eyebrows twitched in irritation and he cracked his knuckles.

 “I will murder any fool who gets in my way.” He hisses, pausing when he hears little footsteps approaching.

 “Hana-kun! I got my lunch. Ready?” You grinned innocently, completely unaware of the tense atmosphere. You just tilted your head cutely and waited for the boy to follow.

 “Coming ____-chan!” Hanamiya’s face twisted into a genuine smile that was a bit unsettling to his team. He whipped his head back to his teammates with a warning glare. ‘Talk shit….you DIE.’

On Problematic Faves, and Why I Stopped Listening.

It’s Ice with another late-night essay, but this time I’m going to do something a little more in-line with what I usually do on this blog, with only a contextual flash of the personal proselytizing I’ve done before. Which is to say, let’s sit down for a bit and talk about trench-coated sass-masters with horrible self-esteem.

Sounds like fun, right?


I’ve talked a lot about Seto Kaiba in the months I’ve had this blog, but there’s something I’ve noticed in my time on Tumblr as a platform. And I don’t know if it’s just that I have bad luck, or if I’m just not finding the right people, or some other reason that I haven’t managed to pinpoint yet, but it seems to me that the general consensus on this kid in the Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom runs almost precisely counter to my own ideas, theories, and emotional reactions.

I see posts about how Seto’s done more bad than good. I see posts about how he’s selfish and abusive. I see posts about how he’s an awful guardian, and that Mokuba deserves better. Yami deserves better, Joey deserves better, the fandom deserves better.

I see posts about how much he needs to have his ego checked. I see posts about how his actions make him irredeemable. I see posts about how he takes the easy way out, how he doesn’t try hard enough, how he needs to learn so many hard lessons — usually from Yugi and the others — before he’s done growing.

I’m going to talk a little bit about why I hate all of it.

Yes. All of it.

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I've been reading your posts on Kaiba and wanted to ask do you think Kaiba is capable of falling in love? From what I've observed and what others have said there's a lot of trust issues for someone to overcome just to be his friend much less his lover.

This one is hard for me because I do play around with theories of him falling in love postcanon, but realistically it would take a lot of growing up and moving on. He’s only sixteen in sub canon and eighteen in dub so there is time for that.

I think the two biggest factors standing in canon Seto’s way are his guarded nature and lack of investment in anything romantic/sexual.

He’s been dealt betrayal by anyone he ever grew to trust, even indirectly. He thought Gozaburo would be a saving grace and he turned out to be a nightmare, he thought when he’d proved himself against the man he had secured loyal employees, but they sold him down the river. He partnered with Pegasus, a man he admired and worked his fingers to the bone to measure up to, only to realize his efforts were being exploited in the most horrific way possible. He was used for his mind, for his brilliance, for his innovation.

All this is to say that he has a reason to be closed off and cold. I have no doubt it’s a defense mechanism to avoid relying too heavily on other people and being hurt or taken advantage of in the process. He’s dealing with a lot of demons and is shown struggling to overcome them. When Yugi defeats him at Alcatraz he asks himself where he’s supposed to go from there. Seto Kaiba is wandering through his own life trying to forge happiness.

Eventually he gets Kaiba Land up and running, things start looking up. It’s not perfect but it’s a step in the right direction. As he walks this path toward stability and steps away from the dueling arena, subsequently putting his emotional unrest on the back burner, we still don’t see him looking to settle down. He’s young, he has other wants, needs, and priorities to fulfill.

Love is an intimate thing in all facets so it makes a lot of sense to me that the relationships Seto focuses on revolve more around mutual respect. It’s a stepping stone. It still requires some vulnerability, as we see in Seto’s outrage at Atem departing to the afterlife, but it’s not as terrifying as offering himself to someone, or freely giving what has only been taken and ripped apart before.

The construction of Kaiba Land shows him opening the doors, literally and figuratively, to platonic love for the children who will call it an escape and safe haven. I think that says a lot about Seto’s character, ultimately gentle soul, and capacity for love, empathy, and compassion.

Seto’s experience has lead him to believe that there’s a time and a place for love. He’s the kind of person who sees it as something to give with care and precision rather than freely and without restraint. It would take someone patient, who understands that Seto has been burned a lot in trusting and reaching out to others, and therefore won’t be inclined to do so right away. But it’ll also take time for Seto to be patient with himself.

To grow.

To heal.

There are trust issues to overcome but he could definitely do it, and I think that sends a great message to everyone who’s been hurt in love. Abuse survivors are worthy of love and can find it, people who have been (repeatedly) betrayed platonically, romantically, and/or sexually are worthy of love and can find it. It may take a while to feel comfortable opening up, but it’s possible.

It’s something I hope for, for him.

Thank you for the ask!