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Adore U (Live)
  • Adore U (Live)
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These days, I have a lot of thoughts
These days, I have a lot of things to say

I feel strange, I’m losing my words
All my friends are worried about me
My heart pounds if I just stand in front of you
Sorry I’m so awkward

I still can’t get used to it
Stop playing around with me
Why do you keep putting up a front?
I don’t know, I don’t know, what should I do?

So what I’m saying is, I want to know everything about you
You sing U Hoo, you sing U Hoo
Even if my lips are dry I have to tell you baby
I adore you, I adore you, to the point that I’m dizzy

I adore you
These days, I (These days)
I adore you
These days, I (These, these days)

How are you so dazzling
With your selfish appearance and modest character
This isn’t a joke
Tell me the truth about your charm

Do you smile at me because you like me?
Or do I just look funny?

Yeah, if you’re looking for a place
Yeah, you look good right beside me
Yeah, I’m interested in you
All the way down to your shoe size

Ah, now there’s a fire burning because of you
It’s impossible for me to cool down
Ah, now there’s a fire burning because of you
I don’t know, I don’t know, what should I do?

So what I’m saying is, I want to know everything about you
You sing U Hoo, you sing U Hoo
Even if my lips are dry I have to tell you baby
I adore you, I adore you, to the point that I’m dizzy

I adore you
These days, I (These days)
I adore you
These days, I (These, these days)

You can lean on me
You can leave your pain with me

Call out your inner feelings
No more reading the mood
Can’t fake it no more
Pick up the pace
Stop playing hard to get
Now call out to me

Baby you’re my angel
I want to know everything about you
You sing U Hoo, you sing U Hoo
Even if my lips are dry I have to tell you baby
I adore you, I adore you, to the point that I’m dizzy

I adore you
These days, I (These days)
I adore you
These days, I (These, these days)

translated by camera-seventeen // take w/ proper credits

headcanons abt reid’s purple scarf:

  • it’s mostly a security thing. having his neck covered keeps him from feeling so exposed
  • it’s weighted. the pressure helps him think, helps keep him grounded
  • it’s rly good for subtle stimming
  • it’s a private ace pride thing. it’s the wrong shade of purple, yeah, but he knows what he’s referencing, and that’s all that matters. (also it’s more subtle than a black ring, so it gets him fewer questions)

10 selfies tag!

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AAAAAAAAAH I can’t believe I’m actually doing it—- I was out of selfies too!
Thank you Pearie- I really hope that nobody is actually on Tumblr right now, I don’t want to kill innocents. And I also put some cosplay selfies because I don’t have enough “normal” selfies, and I feel more confident with a wig on my head.

So, I’m not going to tag a lot of people: allu-chan because she is my beloved waifu in the crazy pic (YES) And rocktqueen because I want to see your facee
and sorry-

Small Hiatus

Things have been kinda rough the last two weeks

Happy Meet the aro day

(So Its possible that I just haven’t found someone yet (but I don’t even want romance so meh)). but here are five facts about myself:

.My family has a pet parrotlet (small parrot) called Poppy:

.I really want to design or program games when I’m older.

.I talk way to much about cake. 

.I like to draw, needle felt and program (although I’m only learning it)

.Music I like : Coco and the Butterfields, Urban Folk Quartet, karine polwart and game/film/anime music.


so my skin is really soft rn and i was like MOM TOUCH MY CHEEK ITS SO SOFT and she rolled her eyes and brushed her hand against my cheek and then she was like “you’re so full of yourself you know that right”

and i was like …. “uh yeah because i’m great?” kinda laughing it off and then she just said “and that means everyone else has to be obsessed with you too, right?”

like fuck you you’re the reason i spent the first eighteen years of my life hating every inch of my body you don’t get to decide how and when it’s appropriate for me to NOT HATE MYSELF

steverogiers asked:

hello friend do u have any stevetony fic recs?? ive been wanting to read some lately B)

HELLO FRIEND!! yes i have B) brace yourself there’s a lot of fake dating here

reciprocity (1k) — There are still some things Tony can learn about Steve.

of all the things (2k) — It was a shirt that was Tony’s undoing, of all things. Well, it was completely Steve’s fault for wearing it in the first place.

auld lang sine (4k) — Steve and Tony are in separate timezones, yet manage to spend New Year’s together. Of course, they’re totally not a couple. Nope, not at all.

revenge is sweet (love is sweeter) (2k) — Steve and Tony are stood up by their respective friends. As revenge, they decide to start fake-dating, hoping to shock and annoy their friends. It works surprisingly well. The dating part, not the annoying part. (Well, maybe that, too.)

take another little piece of my heart now, baby (27k) — “I think we should get married,” Tony announced as he let himself into Steve’s apartment, plopping next to him on the couch.

love among the hydrothermal vents (26k) — In which Namor has a thing for Steve, an octopus has a thing for Tony, and Steve and Tony eventually have a thing for each other.

wednesdays are awful (except when they’re great) (15k) — Steve and Tony despise each other, so Nick’s natural solution is to force them to spend one hour a week together in a mandatory bonding session no amount of shouting, swearing, or physical violence will get them out of-though they certainly try. Also known as that time Steve and Tony did everything as ass backwards as humanly possible.

out of order (19k) — Look, Steve wants to like Tony, but the man is impossible. Frankly, Steve’s kind of a mess, too. Hatesex, pining, some angst, a little fluff, friendship, more sex, and even a little plot (a very little). But not in that order.

if through a door (44k) — Tony is accused of murder on an alien planet; Steve marries him to bring him home.

tony stark and the super sleeper, or actually, soldier (8k) — The one where Steve keeps falling asleep on Tony.

if it’s (fake) love (wip) — In an attempt to avoid the annual Stark family retreat, Tony may or may not accidentally blurt out that he’s bisexual, and he may or may not accidentally make up a fake boyfriend that sounds an awful lot like someone he already knows. Getting Steve to pretend to be his boyfriend for the weekend is surprisingly easy; remembering that they’re pretending turns out to be a lot harder.

and i’m also gonna rec maggie’s reclist (as always) because it’s huge and i trust her with stevetony so

hey guys! it’s time to announce the members of the keen2 network! we’re a relatively small group of fans, but damn do we have a lot of feelings.

thank you everyone for entering! i wanted this community to be smaller, but it ended up being a bigger group than i expected! 

it might get a little chaotic given the size, but hey, the more the merrier! i’ll be messaging you all tonight/tomorrow night for emails to be added to the chat. listed below is our member list.


it would be awesome if you guys could all open up your ask boxes so that i can message you for emails to be added to the chat! also if you guys could, it would be great for us all to follow one another! it’s always nice to be a close group, so let’s all be mutuals. 

please add the network blog somewhere on your blog and track the tag #keen2network for your edits/selfies/things! once you’re added into the chat the rest of the info will be in there!

sehrenefudgemuffins asked:

I know I should probably get off your blog but I physically can't let myself do it so instead I'm going to sit on the train and cry because stucky. Also your blog is beautiful and you're the only person to correctly sum up how I feel about AOU.

omg, bb, this was such a nice message to wake up to ;_; <3

And if you wanna cry about Stucky, you definitely came to the right place. I have a lot of feelings about these two; both separately and together. A LOT.

AOU is…yeah. It’s AOU. My inbox is def available for ragequitting if you need someone to vent to. XD 

DAMN I NEED TO MAKE A DEDICATED NUDESTUCK BLOG, there are so many good nudestucks that make such good sets but they’re a little too on the racy side for me to feel comfortable putting them on my main blog but I love leaving nice comments on good sets and I just can’t do that with likes!!


Wow I actually didn’t realize until today how much I was affected by my guilt about my past relationships wow

Like I knew I felt bad for dating people I had no romantic interest in because that just wasn’t fair to anyone. I also recognize that it wasn’t my fault, because I was 14 and I didn’t understand that there’s a difference between romantic attraction and sexual attraction + friendship.

But if I’m honest knowing that it wasn’t my fault doesn’t change much. I think a lot of my commitment issues have to do with that. I don’t want to commit to something if I’m not completely sure that I want it. When I was dating the guy before my last boyfriend, it wasn’t fair for me to be with him and want someone else, even if I did end things soon after I developed feelings. It wasn’t okay to him that I dated him not understanding what I wanted and then spent half of our very short relationship with real feelings for someone else. And it wasn’t fair to me to be in that relationship and want someone else. It wasn’t fair that I had to have an awkward conversation with that boy and tell him I didn’t want to be with him and it wasn’t fair to either of us that I couldn’t give him an answer when he asked why.

So I guess a lot of my fear of getting into relationships at the wrong time or for the wrong reasons definitely comes from that and from having to break up with someone I’d known for 10 years and to not be able to come up with any reason other than “I’m bored” because I didn’t understand that what I meant was that I was never romantically attracted to him.

I guess when romantic attraction happens as rarely for me as it does, I just really want to be sure so I don’t hurt people.

And here we all thought it was “daddy issues”


Been working on trying to revamp the Carters, ft. Jonah and Rochelle. I changed Jonah a lot more so far than I have Rochelle, but I’ve been trying to keep to their original appearances a bit. Not sure how satisfied I am :U

Ugh, I feel so whiny lately and I don’t even know why. I am somehow displeased with my current state of being, but I can’t tell what’s actually wrong? I have technically done better recently, in regards to every day life (like meeting old friends, try making new ones, feeding lots of pigeons) so it’s very frustrating that I don’t feel more content. But then I do have a test on Thursday and I’m feeling kinda sick and I’m cranky. So…who knows.

On the other hand, the 20 bucks I forgot at the ATM (don’t ask) got back onto my bank account again, so that’s neat.