i have a feeling i'll be doing that a lot


…and that’s the story of how the Princess fell in love with the Pirate. (x)


musical theatre female character meme ♀ a lead female character in a musical

the baker’s wife // into the woods

“Sometimes people leave you
halfway through the wood.
Do not let it grieve you,
no one leaves for good.
You are not alone.
No one is alone." 


Every single ship/pairing/otp/brotp/friendship etc in Seventeen💎

2&3: Jeonghan x Joshua (Jihan)


One time he was 7 years old and we were driving him to a very important game and I noticed he was so quiet. He was sick; he had a high fever. I said ‘We’re turning around, you’re not playing hockey.’

He started getting so mad he said, 'No, I’m going to play.’ Most kids would be in their bed but he wanted to play, he was so dedicated. 'I have to be there for my team, I have to go play.’

And he did and they won. So amazing, his dedication and his strong will to win, to give everything he has. He’s been like this since he was very young.

—  Daily Herald interview with Andrée Toews,  5/29/2010

lolix college roommates AU holy shit

sometimes an AU overtakes you so suddenly and which such intent you are physically incapable of doing anything you should be doing until you have let it run its course

i wanted to draw locus in a hoodie

that quickly morphed into a full blown unfortunate college roommates/relationship partners AU where the two are antagonistic roommates/life partners but without the myriad of pent up problems, criminal death count, and homocidal tendencies we see in canon

still, they’re sickening and everybody on campus judges them for many different reasons

I took a midday shower with the thought that I had to draw Locus in a hoodie and walked out with… a whole story in my head. I’d write it but I’m not much of a writer. Also, don’t really have time for that I have a million drawings to do.

I had time to think up a whooole lot of detail about this shit, so if you’re interested in knowing more about this AU besides what I’ve doodled here and stuffed in the individual picture comments, please go [here] because I wrote a novel summary about this AU already just from rambling.

Okay, i’m done, it finally rains on sunday, i’m all out of lolix, it’s time to finish the facecanons i’ve received for facecanon week in my inbox and work on les fleurs du mal.

american colleges though

oh, you wanna simply accept us just cause we’ve admitted you? you’ll need to pay the $300 fee even though we know that you’ve paid that $70 fee just to apply to our school

and wait, you trying to submit a housing contract? you’ll have to pay this $300 fee, and wait, are you a freshman? let’s had this extra $50 fee to the pile

are you ready to apply for classes? yeah, let’s go, it’s orientation time! but hey, you know you’ll need to pay $102 right? since you’ll be staying for ONE night and we’ll be feeding you

oh, and for a year at our school, you’ll need $10K for tuition, $10K for room and board, and don’t forget the books, that be another like $1K, and of course you’ll need to eat…that requires money, so good luck!

heyyyy guess what

i’ve run into a bit of a bind! yet again!

i desperately need to restock my zip pouches on my storenvy, and also get them restocked for an upcoming convention in may. the problem is, it’s going to cost around $400+ for a complete restock. more if i’m doing a new design (i can cover that bit if i decide to do a new one)

but yeah because of the cost of tuition this semester and the amount of books/supplies i had to order plus table fees for conventions i’m tabling at, i haven’t had quite enough sales on my various art platforms to cover it.

what are some ways you can help me, you ask?

you can help me out by supporting my storenvy! i have lots of cool junk for sale there (including buttons and other fun stuff). also friendly reminder that i ship fridays/saturdays only since i am in school full time

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thank you for your time~

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Could you be any further up bravevulnerabilities' ass with all those recs? Jesus.


happy halloween from the power couples of Solitaire !

Predators giving tiny prey tender, affectionate kisses before slipping them into their mouths and getting their delectable flavor running rampant on their tastebuds before letting their lovers slide down their throats~

clarke draws while she’s on her own because she has nothing else to do, and while at first she draws nature and landscape it eventually becomes the 100 and all the people they’ve lost. finn, wells, anya, maya, fox, sterling, and everyone else. she just draws them one by one. and then she draws the mount weather massacre. she puts all of her time and energy into drawing them, the kids and the adults, all of those who lost their lives, innocent or not. she releases all of her pent up emotion, fear and sorrow, and eventually, one day, she has drawn all the faces from that night that she remembers. so she starts drawing those who survived. she draws raven, jasper, her mom, octavia, monty, kane, wick, and bellamy. she draws them laughing, smiling, and she realizes all the people she left behind. she has so many people there for her and she just left them. she returns eventually, having forgiven herself without even realizing it. she isn’t whole again, but she has started picking up the pieces of herself, one by one, bit by bit. she is clarke griffin, co-leader of first 100 people from space to step foot on the ground in 97 years. she is strong. she has survived bombings and massacre after massacre. and she will survive this. with the help of her people. together.

Is this what madness feels like? Walking around hoping that one day you’ll be fearless enough to come up to me? It’s driving me crazy being without you; it’s driving me crazy acting like strangers but exchanging glances like lovers.
—  (via fraagmented)


(i have lots of feelings, this episode emma left hook behind twice

  • to protect belle
  • to guard neal

and then next week she’s going to leave him behind with henry and do you see what this is

this is hook settling in to a role as a protector (just like charming, prince charming, the father the true love the hero)

and look at the escalation, it’s emma trusting him with people that mean more and more to her; she’s not even asking she’s telling because she knows he’ll do it and she needs him to do this for her and he does)