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Of course this evening now has become the rush to not completely fuck everything up tomorrow. But in fairness it was probably going to wind up being that anyway.

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do you accept request?

I do, so feel free to drop me requests any time! Though I do have a lot of requests in my inbox and I can only do those that I have plot bunny for, and I’m very slow, so please do understand if you request something and don’t see it right away. 

I really appreciate all the requests that I received though, you guys are very creative and I got a lot of inspiration from those requests, so thank you!

I do not like this sad state of mind.

I do not like being presented with such nice things, such nice people, such nice opportunities and not be able to appreciate them just because somehow I always feel that something’s missing. I don’t want to keep thinking about what I’ve been missing when I already have an awfully nice lot. I have been living better than half of the world, never starved nor beaten nor bruised. And yet I am sad. I do not want to be but I am. Because I’ve been given the things I need to live but I’ve been missing the things I need to feel alive.
—  Me (JNH). Live, Love, Enjoy. Simple.

Every single ship/pairing/otp/brotp/friendship etc in Seventeen💎

2&3: Jeonghan x Joshua (Jihan)


jungkook, Protect Jimin Movement Member™

“Why do you write sad things?” is one of the hardest questions I’ve always been asked.

How could I answer that? How could I tell you that all I have is sadness, and all I can share to the world is sadness? How could I tell you that every time I get a little glimpse of happiness, I always just save it for myself, keeping it close to my heart, memorizing every details and feelings, and not writing it down because writing it down feels a lot like giving it away, like I am letting that little happiness go. How could I tell you that I write sad things to purge it out from my system? That it is impossible to write sad things without sadness consuming you to the core to the point that all you can do is to bleed it out on the paper. How could I tell you that? That I write sad things to let it out, hoping that one day it would never come back, that maybe one day, I will finally succeed in writing all my sadness away.
—  cynthia go // Why do you write sad things?

I have a lot of feelings about Mariachi!Reaper.

  • What I Say: Are you familiar with Jojo's Bizarre Adventure?
  • What I mean: Do you want to hear me scream about Caejose?

Favourite Degrassi character meme: Rasha Zuabi + scenes
 “I’m never going to be Hope. She’s a fantasy and I’m not. I wanted to be Hero because I relate to him. I feel his pain.” 


Commission time!! Woo!

Here are the things I WILL NOT do:
-NSFW or highly suggestive things (no budging on this one, this is a heck no)
-Anthro/animal characters
-Excessive gore (I’m good with a little bit, but not a lot)
-Complicated designs like full-body armor
-Armor in general, it’s not exactly my strong suit
-Complicated backgrounds

Things I might do:
-Multiple characters (add half the cost again)
-Stuff involving blood

Things I am 110% good to do:
-Fan art
-Drawings of someone based off of a photo
-A very simple background

Keep in mind that I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason

Awesome, how does it work?

Send me your commission request with details (the more specific the better) to the email address otterbug23@gmail.com (also I’d like you to include your tumblr username, it helps me keep track of who you are)


USD through PayPal. ½ after we’ve agreed on the commission, ½ when I’m done! PLEASE don’t send me funds until I’ve requested them! PayPal only likes things being done a certain way, and if we deviate from that, I can get in a lot of trouble. So I’ll send you an invoice! I can walk you through payment with invoices if you need me to, don’t worry :D

I’ll send you a non-watermarked image, but if you post the picture anywhere, please credit me! Simply saying “x made by otterbug” is good enough, and an actual link back to my blog is even better! I also might post a watermarked version of the finished product here on my blog.


You can send me an ask, a message, or an email! I promise I don’t bite

If you can’t afford a commission right now, that’s fine! I totally get it! But if you want to get the word out to others, reblogging this really helps!

Sometimes I wonder what you would have done if I begged. What if I got down on my knees until they bled and admitted how wrong I was to love you? I would have grabbed your leg like a child and my muffled cries would have sent chills down your spine. I would tell you how it was foolish of me to think you would stay. I mean, why would you ever stay?
Maybe if I made you think that all of the bullshit you put me through was justified, maybe that’s what it would have taken to make you want to stay.
If that’s the case, I’m glad you slammed the fucking door on your way out. I’m a hell of a lot stronger than you ever gave me credit for.
—  He thought I was young and naïve

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I was reading this post (155218981782/sorry-to-bug-but-you-mentioned-earlier-that-in) and dI kinda wanted to comment on some things (this might be long). I always thought Len went on the trip because he was bored. Yeah, that simple. He was still doing villanous deeds and all but after everything he did on the flash I think it would just get easy and a routine, so when he is offered all of time and space (sorry for the dw reference) he just couldn't refuse. It's one of those things everyone (cont

wants. I also think killing his dad might have had something to do with some of his changed, the time he spent in Iron Heights, after all he had time to think about killing his father and what it meant to him, what roles he played in who he was and stuff. Another thing I thought was about the speech in Russia and I thought about it being pretty OOC but I felt like he wanted to prove Rip wrong, he wanted things his own way and that was like ‘if i have to be touchy, fiine.‘ 

I like to think Len never does things without a plan, that a big part of him showing emotions and stuff is nothing but his way of getting the crew’s trust, shifting it so he could call the shots he had to without arguing with Rip and the others all the time. I think after all the Legend thing got to him and it made me think of that deleted scene with Sara. He might have felt like he was not going to be in the books. 

I mean Sara came back to life and was a known figure in the league, Firestorm, there is no way they wouldn’t be remembered, Hawk couple was fucking immortal, Ray had a company that would probably last for centuries… And there he was, a thief, fought the flash a few times, had a criminal record (later erased from everything and the /internet/ and started fresh), a cool cold gun yeah and a rep but how long would it last? Would he mean as much? 

Seeing 2046, the world literally on flames and shit probably got him thinking. Mick liked it but you can see in the episode in the future that even though Len isn’t really into all the nice and clean things he is interested because it’s technological and the world was fine and it was more his thing, the clean cut future seemed to get him more interested, in my opinion mostly because it presented itself as a challenge to him, a way to up his game. 

My mom also once joked that the change was like “your grandpa’s midlife crisis” and I mean… kinda? Probably totally unralated but he is a 40+ year old man and everyone has existential crisis and identity crisis and I think all of time and space got him questioning it all… Got him going back and forth between what was worth it and what was not.

Oh! I forgot to say, the scene where he’s talking to Ray and Ray says he could have been an engineer or something makes me wonder if he ever thought of that? Specially after his father, I think he thought about what could have been, seeing history change he thought of what it could have been and that gets him thorn between Cold and himself, one who has this instinct of lies and being in control and hiding everything and the other who just wants to be remembered.

I think these were all the messages that went together?
(Link to the post anon is referring to, for reference)

I read all this twice now and I’m still not quite sure what to say, sorry Anon. I think all of that’s a perfectly valid interpretation. I do think he had a sort of existential crisis for sure, starting sooner than Legends but folded into his reason for going on the trip, not that he knew it, and gripping him throughout in a subtle way. Wanting to be remembered? I can see that. I think most everyone wants a legacy of some sort, and it’s rough to hear you haven’t left anything behind to remembered by. And I really enjoy the “touchy feel just to stick it to Rip” interpretation of Russia, not gonna lie. 

Also, I 100% and totally agree that things for Len started to change after he killed his father. Without the shadow of his abuser hanging over him and his sister, Len had a new type of emotional freedom and safety, and the option of change was probably opened up to him for the first time in his life. That’s not a position Mick shared because Len and Mick came at everything from different places, and that’s maybe part of how and why their trajectories in season 1 went so differently.

I’ll say that the conversation with Ray was probably not the first time he thought about that, but it’s also not something he let himself think (until Lewis was dead). Being an engineer was a luxury he didn’t have. Len knows he’s capable and smart, knows he could’ve, but he also couldn’t have, not in this life, and he knows that too. But now he… can. New doors are open. And I think that’s important.

But I’ll disagree in that I don’t think him showing emotions to the team was a means of manipulating them, really. I think that was just him, starting to care about a few of them. Really starting to care about Jax, feeling a genuine connection to Sara. He’s still trying to keep people at bay, he’s just failing sometimes. 

And in thinking about things since I made that post, I respect the opinion of people who just argue that any differences in characterization are down to the “power of the situation”. He’s responding differently to a team of heroes than he would a team of criminals because obviously, these people and their goals are different. He’s in a new position, and if he’s slightly different, that’s only natural. I get that opinion and I don’t really refute it so much. I just found it fast and noticeable and it tripped me up for a bit, that’s all.

Alright. Let’s have a civil conversation about this.

See unlike you I don’t need to call you names or disrespect others to make my self feel better. I knew one day that someone would hide behind a screenshot and post on simsecret to post their rude opinion about me. It was inevitable. 

Now I’m not a “fangirl” of hallowsims and yes I do also have a problem with them in my own way. For the fact they had two adfly links, that bothered me. It was a waste of my time but you know what I did? I GOT OVER IT. There was no need for me to work my self up. You want to know why? The content was still free. Now unlike another site I know of giving others content out and you have to pay for it. But they’re so big that no one bats an eye. They steal content and sell it. Yet the original creator is giving it out for free. I’ll probably get hate for this but clearly it needs to be said.  

Here I’ll use Newsea for an example.

Pretty little hair right? Why not have it for males. 

BAM now you have it for males. Let’s just scroll down and downl….

Oh wait. You cant, cause you have to have points??
Now from what I remember you get like what? 1 point maybe 2 everytime you post or comment? Well then, Why not just click on “quick download” 

OH WAIT?? You have to pay for that. 

And you know what people are going to do? They’re going to take the easy way out, They’re going to pay for it. OH BUT THAT’S OKAY BECAUSE NEWSEA GAVE IT OUT FREE RIGHT?? RIGHT?

No. You guy’s got angry at one creator who was just trying to make others happy, just as Maysims is doing. The only difference is Hallowsims was giving things out for free. Yes FREE. Adfly gives you shit all you’re lucky to make $10 a month. Maysims is taking 2 dollars every month so you guys can have a quick download. But that’s fair right? We can let them slide by but not hallow sims. NOPE

voltron s2-inspired reverse asks

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“Please don’t ignore me.” She says, “please don’t ignore what we had.”

“I know it wasn’t much but it was something and I don’t know a lot but I know you made me happier than I was before.”

“God I miss that.” She says.

“Just tell me you miss it too? You don’t have to come back.” She says, “just say you do.”

—  S.Z. // Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #121 

2/∞ doodle series (x)

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