i have a feeling i'll be doing that a lot

So y’all know that I’m never a believer.

But it seems pretty clear that MMB and NR are both on set today, filming together.

Do you know what that means, regardless of what else it means?

It means we get the real Carol. 

Omg, I’m tearing up just thinking about having the real Carol back. For over three effing years, she’s only really been herself around Daryl. And yes I know it’s all shippy and wonderful and I’ll get to that eventually in my heart. But right now what I know is that they’re each other’s person and she’s the real Carol when Daryl’s there and I just AM GOING TO GO PUKE SOME FUCKING RAINBOWS OKAY?


Dear future love,

I would like to apologize in advance for my attitude. My bitterness towards love is not in spite of you, but because I feel I have waited too damn long for you. My heart has been through the absolute worst, yet somehow it kept on beating with hope that you would be walking into my life soon.

I would like to apologize in advance for my past. There have been a lot before you, but do not think that they are in comparisons with you. It was always something missing with them. Something my heart starved for. You are the one that I was made to love.

I would like to apologize in advance for the pain I will bring upon you. I will make you think I don’t admire your presence. I will doubt every action of affection you try to preform, and I will bring you to the brink of giving up. You won’t believe me when I finally tell you I love you, but God damn it I will prove it to you.

I would like to thank you in advance for the happiness you will bring me. You will brighten my life, and I will love you each and every day we are alive. You are my biggest blessing, and I will remind you how much I appreciate you with all my sappy love letters. Thank you for loving me.

Sincerely yours, your future love.

—  a letter I’ll never send // #012
Submissions Open!

Thank you everyone for your patience and respecting my decision to close submissions these past two weeks. I will now be taking submissions again!

Sorry I haven’t been very active things have been tough and I haven’t felt any motivation to play any video games recently. I recently got Style Savvy Fashion Forward (you guys might not know what that is it’s not really popular but I love it such a cute and happy game) so I finally picked up my 3Ds. Maybe I’ll be able to get into ACNL again I have some old HHD screenshots to upload. Anyways for those of your starting your fall semester term tomorrow or next week I wish you good luck! Eat breakfast, stay hydrated and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you are lost or confused.

sweettxlker  asked:

🔺((closest I got haha. Pokemon pokemon OCs))

Hm. Do you mean ocs of Pokemon? As in characters like Pikachus and more? I don’t really have many unpopular opinions about them. I love seeing Pokemon. I get so tired of the canon humans, of trainers, that it’s nice to see people bringing in Pokemon instead.

Oh, I guess my biggest qualm is when people roleplay a Pokemon but do it as a joke. They don’t attempt to world build or develop. I’m not saying they have to but many Pokemon don’t have  a lot of info on them. Pokedexes, plus the anime and other things, only give vague hints. I’d love to see more wild Pokemon roleplayers, even trainer owned ones, delve into their anatomy and lifestyle / group habits.

Also I’d love to see more not just jump into roleplaying a Pokemon for some PMD thing. As much as I love PMD it’s tiring to see most Pokemon blogs are that. I want wild Pokemon. Wild Pokemon in the regular human-filled world.  I get it’s more appealing / fun I guess but? i love WILD mon. Show me how you delve into the character! Show me your headcanons for their lifestyle, eating habits, etc, etc, I loveee that stuff! That’s one of my reasons for making Elysia ( my Pikachu OC ) because I loved the idea of a Pikachu group and I got to expand that over there. I’ve made lifestyle / eating / social hierarchy / more headcanons. it’s so much fun???

Like I’m not saying don’t do PMD! Do it! Make yourself happy. I just get discouraged when I want to see more wild blogs but all I see are PMD and people being more excited for PMD than the Pokemon in their natural wild habitats lmao.

I’m so tired, someone please come and give me cuddles. My bones are aching so bad, can someone talk to me. Or just send me a nice message bc Im so down, it’s horrible.

I honestly hate having so many things wrong with me, they drain any energy I get. If I was an iPhone id be at 1% rn when normally I’m at 75%.

Dan’s Daily Doodle: Day 133

So I’ve recently been talking to a 3D artist on tumblr and she’s really nice and really friendly, so I wanted to make her something as a gift

This is my first foray into using Paint Tool Sai to paint with, I feel I have a lot to learn but with some practice in this program I can imagine i’ll have a lot of fun!

@ladywinterlight @a-nerdy-kat TWFBY Snuggles

Okay… so um… confession: I kind of gave up on this one? It’s nowhere near where I usually like my stuff to be, but, in my defense, I also don’t usually do things 100% digitally and really, honestly, I have no idea what I’m doing. But don’t worry guys! I also did a traditional one (that also has Wanda in it) that I’ll have up tomorrow, so it’s not too bad, right? 

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Omg pls write the pre teen wolf Peter hale adventures I would literally die and go to heaven!!! Ur my favorite author and he's one of my favorite characters and I feel like not enough R people write quality fic about him like u do!!!

what I really want is someone to do fanart or graphic of Peter Hale as Indiana Jones because that would be awesome XD


I can feel all of my teeth! I didn’t know that could happen ? Do we have nerves in our teeth ?

When I was in elementary school, life for me was a rather… unhappy time. I doodled a lot, and I made up a code for myself that I would write on everything and pray that somebody would figure it out. Nobody ever did, obviously, why would they? I’m really not that interesting and why would anyone think I was writing a secret code and what would I have done if someone had figured it out anyways? Nothing. I would have denied it and hated myself for it.


If you want to refer to your ability to manage your emotions despite how your brain sometimes tells you to act as recovery, do that. If you want to ‘fight’ your mental illness, do that. If you want to use certain terms to describe your illness or your approach to getting well because they feel right to you, do that. If it helps you, do that. Your wellness is your personal journey. Don’t let anyone tell you how you have to describe your experience just because it doesn’t align with their views. And don’t tell someone how they should word their approach to their own wellness.