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My Golden Age Hollywood Bombshell dress

We had so much fun with the last costume photoshoot that @mysunfreckle and I decided to make it a series.

So here is the utterly dramatic Bombshell dress, which I designed with Jessica Rabbit and Marilyn Monroe in mind. It’s meant for schmoozing at glittering parties and outshining everyone while you’re there

More pictures to follow…


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im so sorry for being v late lol, im shit at keeping up w tags :( and i finally had a decent pic to match w this angel… (dont we look cute ajdhsja but hes cuter)
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hidetheremote  asked:

15) why did you start writing? 20) do you write in long sit-down sessions or in little spurts?

15. Why did you start writing?

I’ve written and had aspirations of being a writer since I was very smol, but some nonsense went down when I was a teenager and threw me off my game for the better part of a decade. After finishing grad school, I was languishing away in the job market - basically waiting for callbacks - when I read Seven Suitors for Shirayuki and I was like “I could… write? again???” The impulse lasted for a couple of weeks before I gave into it and then I was like a woman possessed. I cranked out two fics in less than 24 hours and really haven’t stopped since.

(Also, I discovered it helps me manage my anxiety SO MUCH)

20. Do you write in long sit-down sessions or in little spurts?

It depends? I basically fit my writing in whatever nooks and crannies it’ll fit in. But I do like it when I have an hour or more uninterrupted to get myself worked in a good immersive emotional lather. (Yes friends, when I write stuff that makes you cry, I have likely cried writing it.)

Thanks for asking!

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Nicholas Hamilton from IT is totally Aden

K but how about this: I’ll take your Nicholas Hamilton…

…and raise you an Alexander Ludwig because he has the Clarke blue eyes, blonde hair, as well as the butt chin AND…

…the Lexa sharp jaw paired with funny grounder haircuts? I mean, the boy has everything he needs to be a Griffin-Woods man. 

BUT like…significantly less ripped. Aden doesn’t have a GQ body. He has a cute dad bod. The six pack is hiding beneath a few rolls lol. He isn’t chubby because he grew out of that in high school but he’s just not fit??? Y’know what I mean? If you ever ask him if he lifts the answer is “definitely not” lol. He has the body of a dude who works in IT haha. Think Chris Pratt before he was an A-List action star. Just like…cute average bod. 

Alexander’s head on Chris’s Parks & Recs body. That’s the perfect CFAU!Aden frankenstein monster lol