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headcanon where harrison and jacob love to cockblock tom and his s/o lol


  • lol ok so tom usually loves jacob and harrison with his whole heart 
  • key word: usually
  • the exception is when they like to interfere with your intimate moments with tom
  • it all started out one evening when everyone was gathered at your flat for a movie night
    • everyone meaning: jacob, harrison, and of course tom
  • tom had made his way over to sit by you on the couch, eager to snuggle with you
  • harrison had other plans
  • he saw where tom was headed and immediately shot up from his spot on the opposite couch
  • he hurried to sit directly next you as tom approached the couch 
  • “harrison, what the hell are you doing, mate?”
  • “just getting comfortable” he’d say this with a grin and pat the spot next to him that was still open
    • “i’m a better cuddler anyways, you know this, tom” 
  • “harrison, mooooooove” 
    • *cue tom’s whiny voice*
  • “why don’t you go sit next to jacob? he looks lonely. i’ll keep y/n company”
  • you’d just be watching the exchange, trying not to laugh at the frustrated look on tom’s face  
  • “you idiot, i’m supposed to keep her company” 
  • harrison would just shrug and sink further into the couch, resting an arm behind your head 
  • tom would huff and puff as he made his way to the couch with jacob
  • “TOM!!” 
    • jacob outstretches his arms to welcome tom 
  • “you’re not y/n, jacob, be quiet” 

  • oh gosh and then there was the time you had visited tom on set
  • you met him in his trailer in between scenes when he had a little down time to himself
  • he ushered you in quickly and his lips were already on yours from the moment you stepped into the trailer and after he locked the door 
  • the two of you would be in the middle of a very heated kiss, tom’s hands resting underneath your shirt, impatient to take it off
  • as if on cue, harrison came barging through the door
    • the damn assistant had a key 
  • “hello, my favorite people!” 
  • “harrison, we’re kind of in the middle of something.”
  • “right, sorry, mate” 
  • he’d throw a hand over his eyes dramatically and try and navigate himself to the couch in the middle of the trailer 
  • “hARRISON” 
  • “you may carry on” 
  • you were fighting a giggle while tom was fuming 
  • “yes, thomas?”
  • “go find jacob or something and do something” 
  • “excellent idea, tom” 
  • he’d pull out his phone and dial jacob’s number 
    • “hey, jacob! tom invited us to the trailer to hang with him and y/n!!” 
    • tom is literally hitting his head against the trailer wall 
  • let’s not forget when you were accompanying the boys on a press tour 
  • you had rested your head on his shoulder while flying on the private jet with the rest of the sm:h cast and harrison and a few other various crew members 
  • his hand was mindlessly stroking your hair as you drifted in and out of sleep 
  • someone please tell me how this boy got turned on during this flight
  • he woke you up once he was sure everyone else was asleep or completely distracted
  • “darling, wake up”
  • “what, tom????”
  • “can we join the mile high club”
  • you would perk up instantly, amused by his proposal 
  • you’d just nod rapidly in response and the two of you would get up and head for the bathroom near the back of the plane 
  • you thought ya’ll went unnoticed 
  • you two got into the small space and tom hoisted you onto the counter, his body resting between your legs that were spread across the surface
  • your hands would be in his hair as he started to run his fingers over your clothed core 
  • just as you were getting irritated with his teasing, you demanded for him to take off his pants and get a move on with things
  • he took off his pants hurriedly at the moment an impatient knock rattled the door
  • “tommmmmm, i have to pee.” 
  • “hARRISoN, NOT NOW” 
  • “but i really have to pee”
  • “hold it, you ass” 
  • “can you resume fucking y/n after i pee?”
    • if you’ve never seen tom angry with his best friend, now you have
    • harrison was all giggles as you two exited the bathroom a few moments later
    • jacob high fiving harrison in the process 
  • to say tom had been aroused by your look that night was an understatement
  • since the two of you left the flat, his hands were on you almost every second
  • especially when you two sat down
  • your dress was short enough for tom to have his hand rest dangerously close to your underwear 
  • when he thought no one was paying attention, he slipped a hand up your dress making you shift in your seat
  • jacob noticed the small gesture but stayed quiet, nudging harrison and shifting his eyes to the two of you, tom’s eyes still lowered 
  • harrison noticed your facial expressions and the lack of one of tom’s hands from its previous position on the restaurant table 
  • jacob “dropped” his fork 
  • “hey, harrison, can you please pick up my fork?”
  • since tom was still listening, he removed his hand from your underwear just as harrison shimmied under the table, a fake cough leaving his mouth 
  • jacob watched the two of you, your eyes anywhere but the boys 
  • “look, mate, if you wanted to get it on, i hear the bathrooms here are exceptional” 
  • “hARriSON” 
    • your cheeks have never been redder
    • tom really can’t catch a break 
Established relationship AUs are my kryptonite I JUST WANT THEM TO BE HAPPY OKAY

- I came home early from work to find you singing to the cat with a spatula as your microphone

- truth be told I only vacuum so I can slide around the hardwood floors in my socks

- you like naps. like, really like naps. and you take them everywhere pretty sure I saw you lying on the kitchen floor one time

- I know it’s our anniversary and we’re all dressed up and everything but I’m not really feeling this fancy restaurant, want to hit up the food truck? (bonus: I got food poisoning from said food truck and I’m puking my guts out but I’m still wearing my fancy clothes so at least I’m still classy)

- people always say to get a pet to see if you’re responsible enough to have kids but we’re still at the stage where we got a houseplant to see if we could get a dog

- you’re in my phone as “that loser who keeps texting me” and I’m in your phone as “how about no”

- we don’t call each other’s names when we need each other anymore we make dolphin sounds

- I have a goldfish named Prince Bubbles and I love him and when you made a commitment to me you made a commitment to him

- you have terrible taste in furniture no you don’t get to make these decisions alone anymore I hate that couch so much and now I have to look at it every day

- your mom came over while you were at work with some stuff she wanted to give you and it included your baby album and oh my god you were so cute (alternatively: you were such an ugly baby I’m so glad you grew out of that phase)

- we’re pretty sure we need hazmat suits to clean out the bathroom

- you don’t like it and I don’t like it but you need to take a bath now, kitty

- I bought a squirt bottle so whenever you do something obnoxious I can spray you with water

- you keep coming up with the worst possible names for any potential children we might have someday no I’m not letting you name our son that

- the water’s getting freezing cold but you’re warm and so we should definitely stay in the shower together a little longer

- we’re brushing our teeth and we both went to spit and you spit on me guess who’s living on the couch for the next month

- I’m always cold at night and you’re always too hot so we built up a little pillow wall so I’d get all the blankets but it’s 2am and I still can’t sleep because I miss snuggling with you

- you went through my stuff and found the ring I was going to use to propose and how dare you go through my personal stuff that’s so rude and invasive but more importantly will you marry me?

- you used up the last of the shampoo and didn’t tell me what am I supposed to do now

- we went to a bar and yes I signed you up to sing karaoke can’t back out now

- we both decided it would be a good idea to have a parent at home to raise the kid but I definitely thought it was going to be you what do you mean you thought it was going to be me

- we rock-paper-scissors or flip a coin for every major decision and you know it’s worked out pretty well for us

- you SAY you didn’t eat in bed but these crumbs say differently you’re not nearly as sly as you think

- that’s my shirt you’re wearing and usually I’m okay with that because you’re so cute in my clothes but I wanted to wear it and it’s mine so I get priority

- it’s ridiculously hot this summer and we’ve started just hanging out naked and it doesn’t really affect me anymore (most of the time) (bonus: someone’s coming to visit in like 10 minutes can you PLEASE put on some pants)

- you finally met my parents and they absolutely hate you but I love you so I hope you stick around


Tonight’s ridiculous gothy DIY question: should I sew small weights (yes, fishing weights) to the bottom front of the lace dickies, or should I sew the fronts closed to about mid- sternum?

The problem, you see, is that I am busty enough that the bottom hem of the dickies rides up, and doesn’t lay smoothly under the tank top and lace dress. I suspect the solution is going to be the weights, because I don’t want to still have to safety pin it to the front of my bra.

FANCY SUMMERGOTH TIP: a fancy dickie (yes, really, that’s what they’re called, go ahead and snicker, get it out of your system) is a fast way to add an antique look to whatever dress/jacket/vest you may be wearing WITHOUT making yourself die of overheating. 

BONUS TIP: if it is really sweltering out, and you still want to look fancy, soak the back of the dickie in cold water. It will help cool you down as the water evaporates.

The Happy Couple

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Request: You have no idea how happy I am you have requests open! I love your writing so much. Could I request one where dean and the reader have been dating awhile but recently they were arguing a lot more but then on a case they have to dress up and act like a happy couple and it makes dean remember everything he loves about the reader?

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,600ish

Warnings: none

A/N: The angst is strong with this one…

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Today | park jimin

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Pairing: jimin x reader (ft. Jonghyun from Shinee)
Genre: one-shot, neighbor!au, can’t go alone to my ex’s wedding!au, fluff, angst
Length: 15.2k rip me
Warnings: strong language
Summary: It was hard for you to live in the present when all you could do was look back in the past where you were happy with the man that had fallen out of love for you after a significant amount of time together. It seemed almost impossible for you to open your heart again, but somehow, he came into your life. He taught you how to live in today, not yesterday.

A/N: THIS TOOK ME 3 WEEKS TO WRITE, SO I DIDN’T CHECK FOR ANY ERRORS. D:< This is missing a part that I decided wasn’t very important for the one-shot and also bc I was just done and wasted enough time on this but if you all want to read it anyways, just request it and I probably will do it~
By the way, YFN = your full name :)


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Void Stiles Imagine- Costume Party

Everyone wanted to date Y/N, the fact you had no interest in dating any high school boy only made it more of a competition for their stupid egos. It wasn’t that you thought you were too good for them, you just wanted to save yourself the heartbreak and embarrassment after everything goes sour. You just wanted to go to school and have a laugh with some friends, that didn’t make boys a top priority on your list. Well that’s how it used to be anyway. There was something about Stiles Stilinski’s goofiness that you adored, how he took the blame for his friends all the time, how he didn’t care to embarrass himself in front of the class as long as he’s protecting someone else from doing it.

You had a free period so you decided to do some extra studying in the library, your friends were all going for something to eat but they were bringing their boyfriends and their friends. So In other words it would be you having a bunch of guys hit on you, while your friends moan at you for being too ‘prude’ or ‘high maintenance’. You were recapping your knowledge on stem cells when you heard the library doors swing open. You briefly glanced up to see Stiles walking in, you followed him with your eyes until he looked back at you. He then suddenly covered his face with the folder he was holding and scrambled to sit on an empty seat at the back of the room. You shook your head and smiled, looking back down at your work. It wasn’t until ten minutes later that you felt the chair opposite you be uneasily pulled out. You heard a loud panting and books being slammed down on the desk. “It’s about time, I thought you’d never get the balls to come over” you claimed, still reading your textbook.  “You knew I was going to come over?” he asked, finally catching his breath. “No. But I knew you wanted to” you replied, finally looking up at him. Catching his brown eyes reflect the glare of the light. “Did you want me to?” he interrogated, leaning forward. “Did I want you to what?” you asked sarcastically. He gave you a questioning look, while trying not to laugh, “So where’s your friends?” he asked, looking around. “You sure love asking questions” you grinned. “And you sure love giving short answers” he fired back. “They’ve gone for something to eat” you finally told. “They left you here?” he questioned, like it was the most unjust thing he’d ever heard. “No, I just didn’t feel like going” you shrugged. “ I was going to say, because you are way too pretty to be alone” he said, clearly on accident.“Are you flirting with me Stilinski?” you smirked. “Yes, I mean only if you want me to be flirting then I am, only if you want me to be-” He began rambling, before stopping himself after realising you were trying not to laugh. “Oh god, that was embarrassing” he said, rubbing his neck. “No, it was kind of sweet” you reassured. “Well, I think I’ve took enough humiliation to last a lifetime. See you.” he picked up his books and began to walk away. “Stiles, wait!” you shouted, getting up and running over to him. “Hey erm, my friend’s having a fancy dress party later and she said I could bring someone” you said, sounding somewhat nervous. “And you wanted me to ask Scott if he would go with you” he said out of routine. “Actually, I was wondering if you would go with me” you smiled. “Seriously?” he asked, looking up. “Seriously, unless you don’t want to-” you began. “So, ill see you at eight?” he said, almost immediately. “See you then” you replied, walking back to your seat. You couldn’t help but watch as he beamed out of the library, you also couldn’t help laughing when you saw his victory air pump when he thought you weren’t looking.

“Guess who landed a date with Y/F/N” Stiles said smugly, sitting down at his lunch table. “Don’t tell me it’s Greenburg, he’s been eyeing her up all year” Allison said, shaking her head. “No, guys it’s me, I did” he announced, like they all should of known. “No you did not, she’s way out of your league” Isaac smirked. “Says the guy in the scarf. I’m picking her up tonight for a costume party” he beamed. “I dont think that’s a good idea” Scott said fermly. “Why not?” he asked. “Maybe because you’re possessed by an evil spirit that can take over at any second” Lydia said bluntly. “I have it under control! This is my one chance and I’m not screwing this up!” Stiles raised his voice. “You need to cancel!” Scott demanded. Everyone glanced over at your lunch table, you were laughing at some joke one of your friends told. “Y/N’s a sweet girl, if you liked her you wouldn’t put her at risk” Allison shrugged. “It’s going to be fine, I know what I’m doing” Stiles said, picking up his lunch and throwing it in the bin. He stormed outside, putting one of his backpack straps in his mouth, a clear sign of his anxiousness. ”There is no way in hell we’re letting him do this” Scott stated. “We haven’t got a choice, he seemed pretty determined to me” Lydia said, opening a bottle of water. “If we cant change his mind, maybe we can change hers?” Isaac suggested. “You heard him, he’s liked her since forever. We cant ruin it for him completely” Allison said. “Well what other choice do we have?” Scott asked. “Well I’m down for a costume party” Lydia hinted. “No way on earth” Isaac shook his head. “That doesn’t sound so bad” Scott agreed. “Great, I’ll get us all invited by the end of the day, tops” Lydia smiled, picking up her tray just as the lunch bell went.

You looked in the mirror one last time and brushed down your dress, removing any remaining creases. For once, you weren’t met by the normal self consciousness you usually got before a party but a radiating happiness. You knew Stiles wasn’t going to judge or rate you, like the normal idiots your friends set you up with. When you heard his jeep pull into your driveway you didn’t feel the urge to wait a few minutes before letting him in, you actualy got that butterfly feeling and were excited to see him again. You grabbed your phone and clutch, picked up your heels and ran down to open the door. “Heyy” you said smiling wildly. “Hey you” he grinned, surprised by your eagerness. You opened the door all the way and leant against the frame to slip your heels on. “You look stunning” Stiles said gawping. “Thank you, you look very handsome yourself” you laughed to stop yourself from blushing. He opened his jeep door for you and helped you get in, before walking over to the drivers side. Before he turned the engine on, he sat there still staring at you while you topped up your lipstick using his wind view mirror. “Sorry I didn’t have enough time to get a costume” he said, gesturing to his usual plain top and jeans. “It’s ok, you look fine” you assured, clipping your seatbelt in. For the journey you both sat there, having sassy conversations and lip singing to songs on the radio. He was practically the male version of you, he just had friends that accepted him for him.

When you arrived you took a deep breath, you weren’t prepared for everyone to ask you why you were with Stiles. But as soon as he opened the car door for you and linked your arm, all of your doubts faded. When he was around, you couldn’t help but smile. He walked you in with a proud expression after seeing the crowds of jealous boys staring at the pair of you. What you didn’t understand was why girls weren’t falling at Stiles’ feet, sure he’s socially awkward but also hot as hell. He walked you over to a corner and you spoke, while people came and greeted you. You were talking to one of your friends and their date when you noticed Stiles kept looking around. “Are you ok?” you asked quietly. He stared at you blankly for a second, before nodding his head and smiling. Later on, it was just the pair of you leaning against the back fence chilling. He looked over your shoulder and then suddenly ducked. You furrowed your brows and began to turn around before he grabbed your shoulders quickly so you were still facing him. “What’s going on?” you asked confused. “Erm nothing, I’m just going to the toilet and maybe you should get us someee… drinks for when I get back” he stalled, before disappearing into the crowd of people. You stood there, before hesitantly going to the drinks table which was in the opposite direction. ”What the hell are you doing here?” Stiles hissed, approaching his friends that were all gathered in a corner. “And what are you supposed to be, mentally retarded?” Isaac asked, referring to his non existent costume. “We came to make sure everything was ok” Allison claimed. “No, you came to check on me” Stiles retort. “We’re just doing what’s right” Scott told. “Just make sure she doesn’t see you!” Stiles demanded. “Make sure who doesn’t them?” you asked standing next to him, two cups in hand. “Oh god” he jumped. “Hey, I’m Y/N. I’ve met Allison and Scott but I don’t think I’ve met you guys” you smiled. “I’m Lydia and that’s a really pretty dress. I can already see us going shopping together” she greeted, you handed Stiles the drinks as she pulled you into a hug. “And you’re Isaac, right?” you asked. He nod and kissed your hand rather than hugging you, causing Stiles to mumble under his breath. “Just one question, Stiles hasn’t done anything strange yet has he?” Isaac questioned bluntly, causing the others to glare at him. “Not particularly” you answered sceptically. “Well as great as this little get together was, I think we’ll be off” Stiles said, gesturing you to follow him. “You can stay here and talk to us, I’m sure Y/N would like to get to know us better anyway” Allison said quickly. “Well it’s our first date so I think we should get to know each other first” he said guiding you away before they could say anything else.

You and Stiles walked out the back gate, to get some privacy so you could talk without having to shout over the music or be interrupted every 5 seconds by one of your friends or a drunk boy trying to hit on you. It was a cold night, you wouldn’t think it in the back garden with all the dancing people and bonfire but as soon as you took a step out of there you were hit by the breeze. You turned to look at Stiles who was holding his head. “Hey, are you ok? Do you need some water?” you kept asking, not knowing it sounded muffled to him. He stood up and turned around, giving you such a weird look, it was like a whole different person. You backed away slowly to the gate but he grabbed your wrist before you could go any further. “You’re hurting me” you winced. “We’re going on a walk” he stated, dragging your arm down the empty street. “Scott what’s wrong?” Lydia asked as the four of them walked through the crowd. “He’s took her” Isaac answered. They burst out of the gate, ”They’ve gone” Allison panicked. “If he’s gone void they could be anywhere” Lydia paced. “Cant you catch a scent?” Allison asked. “Of him yes, of her no” Scott stated. “Wont they be together?” Isaac queried. “The forest, it’s a 5 minute walk from here” Lydia claimed. “That’s where he’s taking her” Allison run her hands through her hair. “Then we need to find them, fast!” Scott exclaimed.

“Y/N!” Stiles called mockingly. “Leave me alone” you cried. By now you had already took your heels off and thrown them at him, only for him to dodge them and laugh. You ran through the trees, as twigs snapped under your bare feet. Your chest was pounding, not only out of fear but out of the exhaustion and bitter air. You turned around, noticing he was no longer a few steps behind you. You’ve seen how this goes, it’s on every Tv show. The second you stop running or hide he’ll be there so you had no other choice but to carry on even when you physically couldn’t anymore. He stopped calling your name and you stopped hearing his footsteps. You knew your feet were bleeding, you knew you wouldn’t be able to wait it out until the morning. The only option you had left was to find your way out of the forest, but you didn’t know it as well as Stiles. The only way you knew was going back past the old burnt house, but you had no idea where to find it from where you were now. You ran down a smaller trail on your left, your legs and arms being stung the whole way, you checked to make sure he wasn’t following. When you turned back around you bumped into something, into someone. “Y/N” he smiled, like it was some twisted game. You glanced down at his hand to see him gripping a thick branch, you then saw him swing it towards you. You fell hard onto the ground, hitting your head. All you could see was the blurry figure towering above you, “Please, Stiles don't” you murmered, trying to drag yourself away. “Such a waste, especially on Stiles. Pretty, but stupid enough to believe anything anyone says” he said, kicking your arm so you stopped moving. “Why are you doing this?” you grovelled. “Always the same questions, no one has any originality” he said, lifting the branch again. “Stiles” you whispered crying. “Stiles!” someone shouted. All you saw was the shadow of two bigger forces knocking him over. “Are you ok?” someone asked, lifting you up. “I don’t, I don’t know-” you slurred, before passing out.

“We need to tell her” a low voice said. “How are we supposed to do that?” another one asked. You opened your eyes, to an unfamiliar location. “Y/N, don’t worry, you’re in Scott’s living room” Allison spoke softly. “What happened?” you questioned nervously. “Don’t be scared, nothings going to happen to you” Lydia smiled sympathetically. “You didn’t answer my question” you stated, sitting up and moving the blanket they had put on you. “I’ll tell her” Stiles mumbled walking in. You tensed up in fear, until you were met with a nod from Scott, you trusted him. You relaxed slightly and crossed your arms. “I’m possessed by an ancient spirit that tried to kill you last night but I promise it wasn’t me” he rambled. “I thought you were different, but you really are one big joke” you snarled, standing up. “Scott’s a werewolf” he added quickly. “You were only supposed to tell her about you” Scott huffed. “Well it didn’t work” he bit back. “We’re not insane, I promise. Just hear him out” Allison said, before you walked out of the door way. “You have five minutes” you said with an eye roll. “We can prove it, you just have to trust us” Lydia intervened. You nod your sighed. You looked up to see Scott’s eyes glowing red. “What the fu- how did you do that?” you asked, mesmerised. “I’m an alpha” Scott smiled. You learnt a lot that morning: Hunters, Werewolves, Werecoyotes, A Nogitsune, Oni and a possible Kitsune. You didn’t want to believe them, but you were ready to. You knew there was something strange about Beacon Hills but you just shrugged it off. After what you heard you were scared, but happy to be in the know of everything. “I promise i’ll do everything I can so I don’t hurt you again” Stiles said, standing next to you. “I know you will” you said quietly. He squeezed your hand and rubbed it with his thumb. “I was wondering if we could maybe start fresh if I make it through this” He said, staring at his shoes. “It’s going to be ok, ill be with you every step. Now I’m going home for shower and Scott’s picking me back up later for my very first pack meeting” you claimed, standing up. You began to walk out before quickly kissing him on the cheek, “And yes, we can start over” you winked. You beamed out of Scott’s house, excited for the new chapter in your life. Not knowing the events that were soon taking place, that would soon change your life forever.

Send me your requests, I need inspiration. Apologies for the crappy ending x

My Little Princess

♚ MobFell Papyrus X Reader, it’s gonna be straight up textbook Yandere with a little Tsundere if you’re picking up what I’m throwing out that window.

♚ You befriend a tall, edgy, rich skeleton. Everything is great… Until he starts getting pushy. Now bad things are happening to you, and you don’t know why. Why is this happening? Will trusting him make it better? 

♚ So I was reading some headcanons from @skelltales and there was THIS GEM. I loved it so much, I had to write it out.

♚ It’s prolly only gonna be 2 parts.

♚ Just like how Mobtale!Papyrus is more mature than Papyrus, Mobfell!Papyrus is more mature than Underfell!Papyrus.

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Mr. Hemmings

Pairing: Luke Hemmings x Reader

Word Count: 1,509 

Summary: Your’re mom set you up on a blind date. With your boss…

Warnings: Literally none, I was thinking about the ‘Hey Everybody’ video when I wrote this so yeah. But i have like no ideas at all someone help me - em

(not my gif)

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You knocked on the door gently nudging it open to see you boss, Mr Hemmings sitting there packing his stuff for the day about to leave. In your hand was the last file you had to give in before finally heading home to get ready.

You gently cough to make your presence known, “Mr. Hemmings? I have those papers you asked for.” You said nervously walking up to the blonde man. He wasn’t much older than you maybe a year or two, but he still radiated authority and commanded respect with his presence. He was very handsome too, which didn’t help the whole being nervous around him thing.  

“Oh, Hello Y/N.” He looked up from his computer to glance at you. His blue eyes tracing over your form, before he motioned for you to walk towards him. You swiftly walked over to his desk and handed him the paperwork, “Thank you this is excellent!” He complimented your work causing a light blush to dust your cheeks.

“Thank you sir.” You responded trying not to sound too happy about his words, also trying not to notice how he had ditched his suit jacket and loosened his tie along with a few of his shirt buttons exposing a small amount of his chest. You quickly averted your vision to his name placard, trying to focus solely on the engraved letters ‘Lucas Hemmings, Marketing Executive’  reminding you that he was you’re boss not eye candy.

“Are you heading home?” He asked taking notice of your bag and coat also officially snapping you out of your reverie. He moved the computer mouse on his desk, moving his attention back to the screen. You nodded in response, too nervous to speak afraid he would be angered that you’re leaving early. Instead he said lightly “Good. Go home (Alexander, that’s an order from your commander) you’ve been here late every night the past week, go have fun!” He flashed you one more award winning smile before beginning to type an email to someone probably very important.

With that you briskly walked out of the office and to the elevator.

“Mom. I already said I was going to go you don’t need to keep reminding me.” You told your mother through the phone as you anxiously tried to find a proper dress for the date. You mother always saw herself as a incredible matchmaker, always trying to set you up and this time you’d finally decided to humor her. “I was just wondering if you could tell me more about this ‘mystery man’?” You asked holding your phone between your shoulder and your ear as you tried to get dressed while talking to her.

“Well, sweetie he’s Margie nephew. You know, Margie from D.A.R. He’s a business man, very successful.” She lingered on the word 'very’ as if it would be a selling point. “He also devilish handsome. His name is Luke.” She finished and although you couldn’t see her face you could hear the smug smile she was wearing. “Now I have to go, but remember you’re meeting him at the restaurant. I love you, bye bye.” She hung up before giving you a chance to say goodbye.

You put the finishing touches on your makeup, giving your self one last once over in the mirror. You were wearing your favorite little cocktail dress, it was formal but still casual enough to be date worthy. You nodded in approval before slipping on your heels and grabbing your keys to drive to where you were meeting this 'Luke.’

You arrived at the address, recognizing  the fancy Italian place you could never afford, your mom was right he had to money to be able to afford appetizers  at this place. You parked and walked in letting your eyes assess the room, looking for someone who might seem to be looking for someone else when you hear your name called.  

“Y/N!” You heard a familiar voice call from the bar area. You turned towards the noise and no one other, but you’re boss sitting there will a drink a in his hand a large smile across his face. He gestured for you to walk towards him, and of course you obeyed. He looked different, not as intimidating. He looked younger, happier, free of the office confines. He didn’t look like your boss, he looked like a young guy you could have a drink with. He had ditched his tie and wore only his button up shirt and work pants, still looking handsome as ever.

“Mr. Hemmings.” You greeted him with newfound confidence and a smile. “What are you doing here?” You asked taking a seat on the stool next to him. You quickly ordered yourself a drink before turning you attention back towards him.

His eyes raked up and and down your body taking in your dress that was very different from your typical work attire. “Well,” he started “I’m actually here.” And he leaned in as if it were a secret “A date.” He confessed before laughing. “What about you?” He returned the question.

“I am here on a date too actually.” You admitted. “Speaking of which, it’s a blind date so you haven’t seen anyone named Luke here have you?” You asked him looking around the room for what your mother described only to land back on Mr. Hemmings. This time not failing to notice that he fit the bill perfectly, but he surely doesn’t need to go on a blind date, not with those looks.

“You’re on a blind date?” He wondered astonishment in his voice. He began to chuckle when you nodded in reassurance. He suddenly held his hand out to you as if he expected you to shake. When you did began to shake his hand what he said made your jaw drop. “Hi, I’m Luke.”

You didn’t even try to hide the shocked expression that came across your features. (You’re sure it wasn’t very pretty.) “Margie from the D.A.R.’s nephew, Luke?” You asked feeling as though this was some kind of prank, expecting a guy with a camera and a microphone to come out yelling 'You’ve been pranked!’ Yet no sleazy TV show host appeared as Luke nodded in clarification laughing at your characterization of his aunt.

“Oh my God!” You stared laughing. “I’m so sorry. I can’t believe my mother set up on a blind date with my boss!” You apologized, but Luke doesn’t laugh with you he just smiles and ever so smoothly he says.

“What if tonight I’m not your boss.” He suggested, watching your reaction closely. “What if I’m just the guy you were set up on a blind date with. Maybe we could just see how things go.” He smiled looking proud of himself and his idea.

You returned the gesture smiling back at him. “I’d like that.” And so that’s what the pair of you did, and honestly it was one of the best dates you’ve ever been on. Sadly all good things must come to an end.

“Listen I had a really good time tonight, and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t always found you to be very beautiful.” Luke confessed at the end of the night as he was walking you back to your car, his words taking your breathe. “So while we’re still living in denial of me being your boss, I was hoping I could kiss you?” Luke asked when the two of you finally reached your parking space.

Not trusting your voice in that moment you simply nodded, looking into his ocean blue eyes as he took a step towards you, lifting up one hand to cup your cheek as the other pulled you against him and wrapped around your waist. He stared at you for a moment as your faces were only inches away from each other, each breath dancing across the others skin. His light blue irises studied you, and he didn’t move. Eventually you couldn’t take it anymore and placed your lips upon his, the contact sending a shiver through you all the way down to your toes. The kiss was short, and you quickly pulled away to look at Luke. Yet you didn’t get much of a chance to look, because he quickly pulled you back to him reconnecting your lips in a more heated and needy kiss. His lips were pillow soft and tasted like the wine you shared and God, you were already addicted to them.  

When you finally pulled away for good this time, you were the one to break the silence. “What now?” You asked hating to break the peace, but knowing that you had something to talk about. Luke just smiled at you and gave you one last kiss.

“Now I say goodbye. Thank you for the wonderful evening Y/N.” he bid you goodbye before walking to where he was parked, left you standing there staring after him with hundreds of questions racing through your mind. Most important of them all. What would happen at work tomorrow?


Heyooo!! Who wants to make their own seashell runes!? I did. Look at them. They’re fancy. Even got a fancy ass bag.
Steps to make them?
🐚Wash your new friends to make sure they’re ready to go. These little guys had glitter on them, as well as some other lint and stuff. So I washed them in some eclipse water I’d made earlier that day. Y'know. During the eclipse.
🐚Make a connection! What I did with mine was kiss them each after they’d been dried off, and then set them on the plate I was going to paint them on. One at a time.
🐚Nice! They’re ready to go. There’s a few ways you could get the runes on there, but I just used nail polish. This was the color I really liked and it just so happens it came from a dollar store. Nice, right? Two coats of polish for those suckers.
🐚Seal them. There’s like 8000 sprays you could use, but clear nail polish works great and I just happened to have some fancy stuff on hand.

The bag!
I’m lucky enough to have gotten a fancy ass sewing machine as a graduation gift. But the materials here were of the ‘I literally payed nothing for this’ category. An old blue t-shirt and the rope belt from a maxi dress I had ages ago and no longer wear. In fact I have literally no idea where that dress is. Where did it go???? Mystery for another time. Sewed this guy and then glued on this one shell I had that has a barnacle. (I filled the shell with hot glue first, to make sure it would have decent surface area to hold to.)

There we go! Fancy seashell runes and a cute bag! Now who wants some free one-rune readings? Gotta get in touch with these fellas. 🦋

Disney References

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A/N: Okay, so, I moved the smut to another fic that I’m currently writing. I can’t taint this fluff with ya know … thigh riding and stuff like that … 

Request: Could you do a super fluffy RSJ x reader where the reader is an actor and they’re at a con

Pairing: RSJ x Reader

Warnings: Dash of anxiety

Word Count: 2198

Tagging: @annoyingobsesivechick @fruitiplierq @jack-of-all-arts @peteachu666 @overcastmisfitkid @thewhiterabbit42 @lenawiinchester @magpiegirl80 @mija-novella @feelmyroarrrr @thatone67chevyimpala @lumenella @crushing83 @laffytaffyhumor @super–who–locked @paddy1219 @riversong-sam @yo-ho-yo-ho-thefandomlifeforme @tas898 @sdavid09 @moonstar86 @jelly-beans-and-gstrings @multi-fan-dom-madness @thebookisbtr @beththedemonhunter @bloodstained-porcelain-doll @dont-hate-relate-pls @lamthetwickster @quinnthepanpin

Originally posted by pepperwoodatnight

“Hey, baby. Baby. Baby. Baby.”

You tore yourself from signing posters, the familiar voice coaxing you away from the task. “What?” You shouted across the green room, eyeing your boyfriend of six months, Richard Speight Jr., who was standing with Briana, Ruth, Rob, Misha, and Kim.

Rich reached into one of the plastic bags on the circular table he was near, pulling out a large takeout box. “Want some of mine?”

You immediately smiled at the offer, holding up your forefinger to signal you’d be over there in a second. You had arrived to the convention later than everyone else because your panel was later in the day and Rich had encouraged you to sleep in since you had tired yourself out at his side during karaoke last night. Since you came in late, you had missed when they took the cast’s order for lunch.

You finished up signing the posters they were going to give away to some lucky fans, your hand moving in automatic swirls and motions. Once you were finished, you tossed the silver sharpie onto the table and bounded over to where everyone was busy chatting and eating takeout from the local Chinese restaurant.

Rich extended a hand out to you, inviting you to sit on his lap, lips meeting yours in a soft touch.

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No One Knows Part 3

Pairing: Eggsy x Reader

Warning: Swearing, sexual themes, cuddling

A/N: This is shorter than I had hoped but it was 1 am when I finished it so…



Part 1, Part 2

Originally posted by danniejgrayson

Two more weeks went by before she saw Eggsy again. It wasn’t because she needed a babysitter, but there was some men causing a bit of a ruckus out in the performance areas, grabbing the dancers and being obnoxious. Even the bouncer hadn’t been able to get them to stop. There was too many to throw them out and they were harassing the other patrons now. Y/N had moved to the back to get her phone out and the note Eggsy had left her. First she called his phone, but he didn’t pick up. She wasn’t sure if he was asleep or not, but he wasn’t a very heavy sleeper to begin with. She dialed the next number that he had written down, staring down at the little phrase to say when they asked.

“Customer complaints. How may I help you?” a woman’s voice said through the phone. Y/N gulped.

“Um… My name is Y/F/N Y/L/N, I was told to call this number in case of emergency by a friend. I’m uh… There’s these guys at the club I work at harassing everyone and-”

“Sorry, ma’am. Wrong number,” the voice interrupted.

“Wait, wait!… um… Oxfords not brogues?” she said once the line went quiet. It stayed silent for about a minute.

“Your complaint has been duly noted and we hope we have not lost you as a loyal customer.” Then the line went dead. She stood there for a few minutes, trying to calm herself enough to go back out there. Once she did, what she was not expecting was to see Roxy there, in her very fancy pressed suit and two other people dressed the same. Neither of the other two were Eggsy, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t glad to see them.

Roxy ran up to her as soon as she saw her, wrapping her up in her suit jacket. The men were being escorted out in what looked like handcuffs while the bouncer waved to them smugly.

“Are you okay, Y/N?” Roxy asked, looking her over. Y/N nodded, sighing gratefully. She wasn’t expecting much out of that phone call, but it had somehow brought Roxy here.

“What… How did you get here? What are you doing here?” She asked, looking Roxy over.

“Well, that’s not something I’m allowed to talk about, but let’s say that we aren’t only tailors where we work. We technically are private security,” Roxy replied. She lead Y/N outside to get some air while the men are hauled into a cop car before she looks at the young mother.

“So… Eggsy does this too?” Y/N asked, pulling the suit jacket tighter around her. Roxy nodded, giving Y/N a small smile.

“We all do this. It’s a pretty big private security company,” Roxy explained.

“So… why isn’t Eggsy here?” she asked.

“Oh, Eggsy actually stayed with Tilde in Sweden this last week. He was supposed to be back last week,” Roxy stated, though she didn’t sound too happy about it. Y/N tilted her head at Roxy curiously.

“Oh, I guess that’s why he didn’t answer when I called,” she said, pulling out the phone.

“You called him?” Roxy asked, eyebrows raised in surprise. Y/N nodded, confused. “Oh, you might get him in trouble with Tilde.”

“What do you mean?” She asked quietly.

“Tilde doesn’t like women calling him. I’m not even allowed to call him. I have to have Merlin call him,” Roxy replied. Y/N bit her lip, hoping she hadn’t gotten Eggsy in trouble. Her boss poked his head out the door.

“Y/N/N, I need you back in here please.” She handed the jacket back to Roxy and gave her a hug before turning around and going back into the club. She only had two hours of work left, so when she finally got home, she was exhausted. Y/N made it to her bed, but not willing to change out of her work outfit.  

The only thing that woke her was gentle knocking on her bedroom door. She sat up confused. Noticing her outfit, she quickly changed into her pajamas before opening the door. Her mother was standing in the doorway looking very uncomfortable. Y/N looked her mother up and down, confused.


“Eggsy’s here… He said he wanted to see you,” She said, clearly uncomfortable. Y/N groaned and wandered out to the living room to see Bean showing Eggsy his school work. Eggsy was smiling at him with pride in his eyes. He was wearing that suit again and those eye glasses.

“Look at you. You’re so smart yeah? A real genius,” Eggsy said, looking over the homework. He looked up when Y/N sat next to him on the couch, her make up from work still on and slightly smudged from her sleeping. Bean took this opportunity to crawl into her lap. She rested her head on her son’s, wrapping him up in her arms. She closed her eyes tiredly.

:Mum… don’t fall asleep. Mr. Eggsy’s here,” Her son said, squirming. She just hummed and pulled her knees up, trapping him. She didn’t see her mum enter the room again, Eggsy did.

“You called last night. Sorry, I couldn’t get here in time to help,” Eggsy said, nudging her until she opened her eyes.

“It’s okay, Eggsy. Roxy was there. Plus she told me you were with Tilde. I hope I didn’t get you in trouble,” She said, stroking Bean’s hair. Bean squirmed until she let him go and he slid out of her arms. He ran to his room to get ready for school, Y/N watching him leave. She turned back to Eggsy who was smiling at her.

“You get me in trouble? Never.” She rolled her eyes and got up to get herself some coffee. Eggsy stood and followed her.

“You want some?” She asked as she poured herself a mug. Eggsy shook his head, pulling out one of the dining room chairs to sit on. She joined him at the table.

“Are you okay? Roxy told me there were some guys harassing people at your job,” He said, crossing his arms. She nodded as she sipped her coffee.

“Yeah. They groped a few people and were causing a big disturbance. It’s against company policy to touch, so the manager will file it to the owner, who will most likely sue them.”

“Did you get groped?” He asked, looking concerned. She debated on whether or not to tell him the truth.

“No, they weren’t in my area. They would have gotten punched,” she said truthfully, sipping her coffee again. Eggsy chuckled, shaking his head. They sat in silence for a couple minutes, him just watching her as if she wasn’t actually real. It had been so long since he saw her. Maybe he could take her out after she dropped her son off at school.

“What time does Bean go to school?” he asked.

“He’s got twenty minutes to get ready. Takes an hour to walk there,” she replied softly.

“I got my car. We can take him to school that way. Maybe we could catch a movie?” he asked, leaning his crossed arms on the table with a hopeful look in his eyes. Y/N set her mug down to stare at him.

“What is with you Kingsman Tailor’s with wanting to treat me to things?” She laughed softly, shaking her head.

“What do you mean?” he asked, smirk tugging at his lips.

“I mean, Roxy took me to lunch a little while ago and now you want to go see a movie. She didn’t let me pay, and I know you. You definitely won’t let me pay. It’s like you both enjoy paying for things,” Y/N laughed again, running her thumb over the mug.

“Well, maybe we just know when someone deserves to be treated,” He retorted. Bean wandered into the kitchen with her mum behind him. Her mum didn’t seem too excited at seeing Eggsy, but she also didn’t say anything because she didn’t know what to say. Bean slipped himself into Eggsy’s lap this time, who was all top happy to bounce the boy on his knee.

“Mummy, is Eggsy going to babysit me again?” Bean asked. Eggsy looked at Y/N hopefully. She smiled at her son, but her eyes flicked to the man holding him.

“Maybe. If he isn’t busy,” She said. Eggsy grinned at her before looking down at Bean.

“Not all the time,” The man responded. Bean smiled happily before sliding away from Eggsy and tugging on his mum’s elbow.

“It’s time for school,” he said, little hands holding on to her arm. She stood up and looked at Eggsy expectantly. He stood as well, grabbing the boy’s backpack and leading the way out to his car. Bean held Eggsy’s hand while he walked, but Y/N stayed behind to tell her mum that she was okay to leave. She made it down to his car a little while after them and sat in the front seat. Eggsy already had the car started and was ready to go with her son buckled into the back. The drive to the school was quiet despite her giving him directions on where to go. When they got there, she got out to walk Bean to class. Eggsy exited the car to follow, hands in his super expensive suit pockets. She looked at him surprised. Bean grabbed her hand like he always did.

“You’re… coming with?” She asked. Eggsy shrugged.

“Waiting in the car would be boring,” He said, taking Bean’s other hand. She slowly lead the way to the classroom, thinking way too much about how he probably looked like Bean’s father. Not that he wasn’t. But was this how it was to be if she had told him so long ago that he had gotten her pregnant? She wanted to cry. This was too much. Eggsy didn’t seem to notice though.

Y/N bent down to give Bean a tight hug and a ton of cheek kisses as a way to say goodbye to him. Eggsy ruffled the boy’s hair and waved when Bean walked into his classroom. They walked back to his car quietly as Y/N thought about telling him that Bean was actually his son.

“Let’s get you home so you can change,” he said, startling her. She looked confused for a moment before she remembered what he was talking about.

“Oh right. The movie. Yeah, let’s do that,” she responded, getting in the car after he opened the door for her. She yawned and sunk in her seat while he drove her home.

“We don’t have to go to the movies if you don’t want to,” he said when they pulled up. She unbuckled and looked at him.

“A nap would be nice first,” she said, offering a smile. He smiled back before grabbing a bag from the backseat.

“Alright well then I’m gonna join you in the nap. I was on a plane since you called the complaint line,” Eggsy said, getting out of the car. She followed him and was glad to see her mum had left. She went to her room to take her makeup off and went back into the living room.

She wasn’t sure why, but she didn’t think she would ever see him in a T-shirt and pajama pants ever again. Yet here he was, lounging on her couch without leaving her room. Eggsy looked up at her before moving over, despite the fact that he was a broad human being. She was going to be crushed against him. With a sigh, she got on the couch and her back was pressed to his chest.

“Been a long time since we cuddled huh?” he asked, voice teasing as he wrapped an arm around her waist.

“Are you even okay with this? You have a girlfriend.”

“Yeah, as long as it doesn’t go much further than this, we’ll be fine.” Y/N rolled her eyes and turned on the TV. Eventually, she drifted off with Eggsy holding her tightly, it almost felt like old times when they were still together.

Higher (pt 4)

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Member: Exo Suho/Junmyeon

Type: Fluff/Angst/Slight Smut/Future Smut

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

You had been sitting on the same couch for what seemed like years. The place was a mess; the assistants were pale from Junmyeon’s orders, there were dresses strewn everywhere from his constant rejections, and he himself was rubbing his temples, groaning at the sight of another seemingly imperfect dress. 

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I really like how they are all dressed like their characters in this photo.
Katie has a sweet flowery dress, smart looking enough but nothing too fancy.
Dan do what you’re supposed to do as the headcharacter and puts on a suit (even though he didn’t want to).
Emma also dresses a little “fancyer” and has a nice dress proper for her age and really nice shoes. And she doesn’t put on a jacket even though it cold, because you’re not supposed to have one with this dress so I will freeze.
Rupert doesn’t seem to care that much (or know) that you might be supposed to wear a suit, or maby he just doesn’t own one.
And Evannna. Evanna doesn’t really give a fuck about the dresscode and puts on comfortable clothes and vans, and if someone asks she just shrugges and answer “I think I look pretty”

Pressure - Josh Dun

Request: “Hey can you do a josh imagine maybe where people think you are with him just because of money and fame? idk you can take this wherever you want. Thanks :-)” 

Word count: 1,160

A/N: Sorry if this wasn’t exactly what you were looking for. Let me know if there is any trigger warning I should have on any of my stories :)

Dating Josh had it’s perks. Sometimes you could fly out to his concerts, award shows, or just adventure around random cities with him. However, it also had it’s setbacks. Dating the drummer from Twenty One Pilots meant that your life also got thrown into a spotlight. One minute you were a normal girl with a couple hundred Instagram followers, and then you gained thousands upon thousands in a matter of days. This wasn’t necessarily always a bad thing but you weren’t the kind of girl to love being the center of attention. You weren’t with Josh because he was in a very successful band. You were with Josh because he is your best friend. Josh knew that, but that didn’t keep a lot of people from believing that a normal girl like you could only be with him because he is “famous.” You had grown to hate that word. “Famous.” It took a lot of substance away from who Josh is as a person. 

Josh was the type of boyfriend to constantly remind you in little ways of how much he cared for and absolutely adored you. He was the guy that hugged your broken pieces together and restored your faith in modern day relationships. Josh told you how much he loved you in little ways:  By bringing you lunch to work, by massaging your tired shoulders after a long day, by grabbing your hips when you step off the curb a little too soon, by rubbing his thumb over your knuckle when you held hands, by kissing your forehead in front of his friends, and when he’s gone, by constantly checking in to make sure you are okay. None of that involved fame. But of course, rumors start small and then snowball into his fans being extremely skeptical of you. You loved the clique and definitely understood that they wanted the best for Josh, but the hate still got in your head. 

Recently you had attended a very formal award show with the boys. You obviously did not have any gown that was elegant or fancy enough for this kind of event, so Josh hooked you up with a popular L.A. stylist and got them to make you a gorgeous dress. To be honest, you felt like a million bucks and all the photographers on the carpet thought you looked like it, too. You could not have been more thankful towards Josh. You spent the whole night at the show whispering to him. “Really Josh, you didn’t have to… thank you… I love it, I really do… I can’t believe you had them make this for me.” But you always got the same response from your dear boyfriend: “Y/N, you deserve it. You look absolutely gorgeous. Now quit thanking me every minute. Don’t worry about it.” Inevitably, fashion editors from various magazines took note of your outfit. Some experts tried to estimate the cost of your unique gown. You had never really asked Josh how much he payed, but you knew he wouldn’t have told you anyway. The prices that people were guessing were well above your average clothing store purchase, and it was pretty safe to assume that you hadn’t paid for it. 

The stylist had posted an Instagram picture of you on the red carpet:                   “So happy with how the @y/insta/n dress turned out! Per request of my good friend @/joshuadun.” 

@/faninstagram: So y/n makes Josh pay for her expensive clothing? That’s ridiculous.

@/faninstagram: I wouldn’t make Josh pay for my outfits… because I obviously wouldn’t date him for his fame.

@/faninstagram: @y/insta/n, pay for your own stuff. Work for your own money.

@/faninstagram: this is no ordinary boyfriend/girlfriend gift. An expensive dress for an award show? Don’t make him pay for that, @y/insta/n.

And so they went. Now it seems like everyone thought you were bathing in Josh’s dollars and cents. Now three days after the show, you were getting pretty tired of all the hate comments about the dress. Your brain also couldn’t help but adopt these doubts that were presented to you. Maybe it was wrong of Josh to spend more on you than you were willing to spend on yourself. Maybe you should find a way to pay him back. On pure impulse, you made a plan. You would work extra hours during the week as well as Saturdays until you could at least pay half of the estimated cost. That was reasonable, right? Or was that still too little?

Josh’s spare key clicked in your apartment door and his familiar yellow head of hair peered into the entry way. “Y/N! I’m here!” Quickly, you formed a half hearted smile and welcomed him in. He smiled back.                                     Good. He won’t notice my internal state of panic, you thought. 

“Y/N, I was thinking we should go out with Jenna and Tyler for brunch on Saturday. They invited us to this really great spot that we have to try.” 


Crap. Crap Crap. This is the fault in my plan. More time working means less of the already minuscule amount of time I get to spend with my boyfriend.

“Umm… errr… I actually… I work saturdays,” you mumbled. Josh raised his eyebrows in a shocked but adorable way and tilted his head to the side. “Since when?” It was now extremely apparent that you had not prepared an explanation for Josh. “Since now.” He still looked beyond lost, and reasonably so. “Y/N. If you don’t want to go… We can make up a more believable excuse for Jenna and Tyler… I’m sure they would understand if-”

“No. Josh. I’m serious. I’m starting to work Saturdays from now on. Your fans know. It’s too obvious that it was a gift. I didn’t pay for the evening gown. I feel guilty Josh… I don’t know what you payed that lady to make my dress, but I feel awful that I didn’t help pay for it and now the clique hates me.” You just let all those words spill out of your mouth. You probably surprised yourself just as much as Josh to hear the direct explanation out loud. 

Josh paused and then he chuckled lightly. “I don’t think you get it. I don’t think these ‘so called fans’ get it either to be honest. I think I’m a big boy that can budget his spending accordingly. I’m not telling you what I bought your dress for, I’m sure you know that, but please know that I’m not blowing my life savings. I promise.”

You exhaled the breath that you suddenly noticed you had been holding in. “Oh good… now that I think about it, brunch sounds way better than the coffee in my office.” Josh was by your side in a second, wrapping his arms around you. “You were my guest to the event after all. You are my most prized possession. If i want to treat you once in a while, so be it.”

pretty face | michael gray

anon requested tatiana’s sister and michael

block of italics means speaking in russian fyi

Tatiana had woken you up early, at least for the night you’d had, throwing your curtains open.

Wake up. I need you today”

“Ughh…to do what?”

“Keep someone company”

“Sorry, I can’t. I’m keeping my bed company today”

You flopped back to the bed, tucking your head as deep in between the pillows as you could. You felt the movement of the covers by your feet and grumbled in advance of what you knew was coming. Tatiana’s favourite way to get you up since you were children. She crawled further up and you braced yourself.

She grasped at your hair, pulling your face up, and dotting a kiss to your cheek.

Get up before I drag you down the stairs by your ankles”

“Tania, why must you be this way?”

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Dress Up

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 640 

Warnings: fluff fluff fluff.

**More stupid, late night fluff. Enjoy.    (Not my GIF)

Cas was having a really hard time adapting to life as a human. He had no sense of style whatsoever. Bathing was something he still needed to perfect without injuring himself. Oh, and the food intolerances… He was just having a hard time all around.

Cas dangled his feet over the edge of your bed as you cleaned out the old clothes from your closet. You needed something to do as you all waited for another job. In the meantime, Cas glued himself to you, mainly for guidance. Your maternal instincts were really coming in handy.

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I’m here!

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Charlie

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: smut!

Wordcount: 3400ish

A/N: So I know, I know! This wasn’t on my too do list. I should have been working on one of my series or my requests, but I just couldn’t get this one out of my head. It doesn’t take place on any specific time but I guess it is somewhere between end s08 and end s10 considering the characters and the settings. It is not based on any request or song. It just popped into my head and begged to be written. I was listening to Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran while writing though. It is really fluffy and cute (guess I needed a break from the bit more angsty stuff I been doing lately). Anyways hope you enjoy. As always feel free to tell me what you think! My ask is open.  Also tagging @harley7509 cause I told her I would :)

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***


You slowly came too. Smiling as you felt Dean play with the ring on your finger and draw circles on your back. You didn’t open your eyes you just moaned and snuggled up to him closer and you felt him squeeze you tight. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you,” his voice was still rasp from sleep, “but you do look incredibly beautiful this morning Mrs. Winchester.”

You giggled and bit your lower lip before opening your eyes and tilting your head so your chin rested on his chest right next to his tattoo. “You don’t look too bad yourself Mr. Winchester,” you said and smiled as you saw the sparkle in his emerald green eyes. He looked young. Happy and unburden. You rested your head back down and ran your hand across his stomach hugging him and he hugged you back tightly. You closed your eyes again smiling as he whispered “I’m here,” into your hair before pressing a kiss against the top of your head. “I wanna wake up like this every day,” you mumbled against him making him chuckle, “yeah that would be nice!”

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