i have a dreamcast


Colin Firth as James Potter

Julianne Moore as Lily Evans

Just a couple?


“I’ll go and ask Rouge. Wouldn’t want to go on a wild goose chase for nothing.”

“Let’s go bungee jumping, lads.”

He didn’t even give them a chance to react to the invasion. The Black Arms showed up for ten seconds and that was it, he was already certain. What a prick.


This is a serious game.

“Why do I still look like a Dreamcast model…?”

“So if the wife and kids ask why I don’t have a photo of them on my desk, I’ll have a great excuse.”

That sunset looks radioactive.

I dunno Doom, he looks pretty alive to me, eyes open and all.

“Wish… upon a… star…”

This makes up the entirety of a single cutscene.

The real face of terror.

“Thank god for that then, for a moment I was worried we wouldn’t be able to completely trivialize the threat the villain handed out just there.”

“don’t worry guys it’s only pretend, it’s just a toy gun lol”

“Therefore I joined the organization who actually did it.”

“Why am I in this fucking game.”


Doom’s ten packs a day habit finally catches up with him.

“I just came to terms with the overall quality of my game, of course I’m troubled.”

But Shadow already remembered this part…? We saw it in the intro…?

The real face of sorrow.

“And I’ll get my revenge on that fucking wank!”

“You pop over to Tesco’s, and I’ll meet you back outside the M&S.”

“Oh shit, what do I do. I genuinely wasn’t expecting him to say that.”

“That’s why I’ve been following everyone else’s orders throughout this journey.”

And I bet no one expected the Ultimate Lifeform to talk like a swinger.

Black Doom represent.

“I don’t recall having any presence on the PS1!”

Completely unnecessary.

"Haha, that black hedgehog died, what a loser. Wouldn’t want to be him.”

This is a spinoff of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise released in 2005 for the PlayStation 2, X-Box, and Nintendo GameCube.

“Steal my kill again and I’ll use your corpse as a surfboard, you angst-ridden penis.”

“Sure, if we don’t get killed during this invasion first.”

The wrath of the Black Arms comes with no debris, apparently. Or maybe that road that was clearly torn up by Black Bull’s entrance was made with magic or something.

There it is! There’s the line!

The Tornado just gave up.

“In my defense, I never claimed to work at I.T.”

Even he’s wondering if we really have to listen to this shit again.

“Oh shit, what do I do. I genuinely wasn’t expecting him to say that.”

“I’m taking up English lessons, so I guess that means I’m taking them too!”

How meta.

Quick reminder that this is still indeed a spinoff of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise released in 2005, for the PlayStation 2, X-Box, and Nintendo GameCube.

I would have thought the giant Mola Ram-looking alien floating in the same room would have been the turning point in successfully getting this kid to shit himself.

“Uh, actually, the Space Colony A.R.K. was merely shut down, not destroyed.” *nerdy laugh*

“Well you’ve been doing a shit job at it so far.”


…What’s funny about that?

Really going for gold there, Shadow.

“I’ll just be here if you need me.”

Even Shadow doesn’t know.

How did he get in that room to begin with? Did he have to float in sideways so his horns didn’t get stuck?

“I said I wanted to do Musical Chairs for my party, you idiots.”

“Hope I don’t have to deal with an even worse villain in the next game.”

“Maria, get your fucking face checked. You look like a dead body in a Vincent Price movie.”

A true clash of titans.

“I’ll have the last laugh when I literally conquer the world in twelve years time.”

“I agree, let’s pay tribute to someone who tried to kill us once.”




Jamie Dornan as Tarzan; Felicity Jones as Jane Porter; John Cleese as Archimedes Q. Porter; Tom Hardy as John Clayton

Ruth Negga as Kala; Chiwetel Ejiofor as Kerchak; Danielle Brooks as Terk; Jason Segel as Tantor

Rose Leslie as Tarzan’s Mother; Clive Standen as Tarzan’s Father; Levi Miller as Young Tarzan

i have a copy of phantasy star online episode i & ii plus for gamecube and phantasy star online episode iii C.A.R.D revolution and i just. want to play all of it but idk if it would even be fun offline

This is Luke Pasqualino

this is also Luke Pasqualino

here is Luke Pasqualino again

Now, this is Aidan Turner

more Aidan Turner

and again, Aidan Turner

Nathan and Gabriel.

That is all.

marcusflint  asked:

lately I've been obsessed with the idea of an addams family reboot starring oscar isaac, janelle monae, alfred enoch and amandla stenberg as gomez, morticia, pugsley and wednesday, respectively, I'd love to see your take on that!

oh i love that!! you guys have such good dreamcast ideas


Soul Calibur

(DC/JP/August 5, 1999)

This was a nostalgia trip for me. This was the first game I saw running on the Dreamcast. Like most people who picked up the system day one, my father picked up this as well as Powerstone. This game blew my mind. It was gorgeous, and as far as 3D goes it’s still not too bad for a game pushing almost 16 years - since it’s arcade debut. I remember playing this with my dad and sister as well as this being a benchmark for console games. I can also recall unlocking almost everything in the Museum (unlockables). I love this game. Extremely excited to have this, and again - just like with Shenmue, if this had cost more, I would have gladly payed it.

More Dreamcast

hottokatratzi  asked:

Do you think they will continue Poldark through the end of the series? Have you heard any word of the show's future plans? And do you have dreamcast for adult Jeremy, Clowance, Valentin, etc?

I know nothing beyond the fact that there’ll be s4, which will cover the end of The Four Swans and all of The Angry Tide (though tbh I’m increasingly of the opinion that there ain’t gonna be all that much of Four Swans left to cover…)

If they continued on, they’d have to tackle the time jump, which would either mean recasting - bad idea - or make-up to age up the main characters. Not always a good idea either. We’re not talking ‘old’, but old enough. Ross was born either early 1760 or late 1759, and so in book eight, The Stranger from the Sea, he’s fifty, and Demelza is 39/40. By the end of Bella Poldark, the twelfth book, he’s sixty and she’s fifty. Aidan Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson are fantastic actors, but that’s a hard sell. It really is.

I have no dreamcasts, because I am absolutely appalling at it. I go completely blank. EXCEPT I can never think of Clowance without thinking of this:

Which is a shame, I know, but god, blonde Eleanor Tomlinson in Regency dress is so Clowance.

anonymous asked:

I saw your tags on a sanvers post and I have the same issue with liking alex but wishing we had a different maggie. do you have a dreamcast for her? mine's gina rodriguez :)

OMGGGG I would love her - someone earlier mentioned Sarah Shahi which would also be great but I would REALLY love Stephanie Beatriz to play her. Or Dichen Lachman.