i have a downs sis so i find this friendship just so beautiful

fic: four times alex danvers almost kissed a girl (and the one time she did)

rated R, ~3,000 words, alex danvers; alex/maggie.   read on ff.net

i -

Vicky was terrible at Chemistry.

Once, before a test, they’d stayed up until 3am so she could memorize the whole periodic table and even then she got a B-. Alex thought she’d never really get it, but she kept helping her because that’s what friends were for. In turn, Vicky would help her with English and the whole 18th century literature. Jane Austen, Jonathan Swift and the likes, they all sounded the same to Alex and she had no idea why they were so important in the first place.

Chemistry, the elements, they were the basics of life, they showed her how and why everything work the way they do, they were a sure fire way of understanding the world around them. The words of Ann Murry weren’t helping her to figure out anything, in fact, they were making everything harder and more complicated.

But they had a system and it worked. By the time they were freshmen they had perfected the system and it was actually fun to study. Vicky had a really interesting way of breaking down the books they were studying by themes and the stories always sounded richer coming from her. The way she talked, Alex couldn’t pinpoint what it was, but it never failed to captivate her.

When sophomore year rolled around, Alex started to get restless. She didn’t know why, but she could just feel something was different and it was driving her mad not knowing exactly what it was. That was the year she had a huge falling out with Kara and they spent almost a week not talking to each other; the year she dated Matt Stevens for two weeks and when he tried to feel her up under her shirt she punched him in the groin and he told the whole school she was a frigid bitch. That was so not an easy year for her.

The only thing that made it worth was Vicky and her friendship. They became closer than ever and they had constant sleepovers, which lead to them basically sharing each others beds on a regular basis.

That night they were studying for a chem test, so it was a given it would be a long night. At some point they feel asleep, dead tired from all the actual studying, and when Alex woke up she felt at peace. Vicky had her arm around her, a hand resting low on her abdomen, and that was the first (and only) time Alex realized how soft her friend’s hand was. Vicky was so close she could smell her shampoo and, unconsciously, she buried herself deeper into her friend’s arms for the total of five second before she heard a yawn.

“Morning, Al.”

When she turned around to reply her good morning Vicky was so close she could feel her breath on her face and for a split second Alex thought they would kiss. As soon as that crossed her mind she jumped out of bed and said something about having to take a shower so they weren’t late to class and their test.

(Later that week she went on a date with Vicky’s ex boyfriend and she told herself she was in love with him, that it was real; but, every time he kissed her, all she felt was guilt.)

ii -

Stanford was amazing and her lab partner was awesome!

In her second year at college Alex was finally feeling at ease and enjoying the experience, she wasn’t the new girl anymore, she knew how to go from her dorm to the library and from there to the cafeteria in record time, she didn’t feel the need to prove herself to anyone, she was at home. Finally.

So, when she met Allyson, it felt natural and normal and it had been a long time since Alex had made a friend so effortlessly.

Soon enough they started to hang outside of the lab department, going to the movies and stopping to grab lunch together whenever was possible. At first she thought it was weird that Allyson never talked about guys. One night, they were at the library working on their presentation for the next day and when they took a break the conversation migrated to past experiences with boys but it was mainly Alex talking about all the terrible dates she’d had, and how all the boys she in high school only wanted to sleep with her, nothing more. She spent a good hour talking about herself and, even if Allyson seemed genuinely interested, she never disclosed much about her own experiences.

Later that night, alone in her dorm, Alex told Kara on the phone how nice it was to finally find someone who was as bad as her on the dating game. She could almost her her sister’s pout when she said she didn’t have the dating game down at all either so she could talk to her anytime. “But you’re an alien, sis, so you get a free pass.”

One night, they were at this pub and she could tell she was a little drunk, but then again, so was Allyson, and it was the end of midterms and they deserved to celebrate. A guy was hitting on Allyson pretty hard on the dance floor, trying to grab her waist so Alex acted on pure instinct. She swooped in between the two, turned to Ally and shouted close, really close, to her ear, “Just follow my lead, okay?” her friend nodded and she looked back to the guy, “She’s with me! Get lost!” Allyson got the hint and put her arms on Alex waist, swaying their hips together with the music. The guy looked shocked and almost ran away from the dance floor.

“Ha!! That was awesome!” Allyson shouted as she threw her arms around Alex’s neck and held her close, “We’re sooooo doing that now every time an annoying guy comes our way!” and then she pressed her whole body to Alex’s, she could smell Allyson’s perfume mixed with the scent of tequila they were drinking before and when they parted she could see the most beautiful smile on her friend’s face and they were, again, so close. If she moved about five inches their lips would touch. It would be no effort at all, she thought.

But just as quickly as she was on Alex she was off her and dancing towards the bar to get them another round of beers.

(When she’s asleep that night she dreams of kissing Allyson and when she wakes up with her sheets drenched in sweat her friend asks if she’s okay so she comes up with a story about a recurring nightmare she’s had since she was a kid, but she can’t look her in the eye for a week after that.)

iii -

Brooke is the first openly gay woman she meets.

Quantico is fucking hard and there’s barely time to make friends, and she keeps telling herself she’s not there to make friends, but Brooke is her roommate and she likes to talk so they end up getting to know each other pretty good. Alex tells her about her ex boyfriend and how he cheated on her, Brooke tells her about her last girlfriend and how she’s still in love with her but the FBI has been her dream since forever so this is the time to prioritize and hope to God that after all this training her girl still wants her.

Alex doesn’t say it, but she’s jealous after that first night. She doesn’t have someone waiting for her, at the very least she has Kara, she’s the one for whom she’s doing this whole thing in the first place, but that’s very different for the kind of waiting she wants. And that’s why she doesn’t like those romcoms Kara keeps insisting they should watch on sisters night. She doesn’t want to be reminded of what she never had.

One night, after a particularly gruesome training session, Brooke brings out the booze and that’s the first time Alex drinks whiskey. It burns in her throat but the after taste is worth it and she decides she likes it. They’ve had a few glasses when Brooke tells her she got an email from her girl saying she’s dating this guy now, how she thinks she’s in love with him and how she didn’t want to hurt Brooke so she thought it was better to come clean with her now rather than later, when she’s out of training.

The look on her roommate’s face is devastating, she’s close to tears and Alex doesn’t know what she should do so takes a page out of Kara’s book and hugs her, “Oh man, I’m so sorry, Brooke… For what it’s worth, the loss is all on her.” when her friend just keeps crying she continues, “Guys aren’t even all that great, believe me.”

That’s what it takes to make her laugh and Alex feels her chest expand with pride, see, she can be a good friend, she can maintain a healthy friendship with another human being that’s not her sister (and even then that’s debatable since her sister is, in fact, not a human being).

“It’s a crime that you’re straight, Alex.” It’s supposed to come out as a joke but the air gets thick in the room as soon as the words are out and Brooke gets up from the place where Alex was holding her with this horrified expression on her face that Alex isn’t even sure what’s it supposed to be about. “Oh my God, Alex, please, it was a joke. I was joking, I swear! I drink and stupid comes out, I’m so sorry.”

Alex always liked to think she had a pretty good poker face, she knows for a fact that she works well under pressure and, see, she’s been getting trained on how to lie on the spot for a living so she puts all the things she learned to good use. She laughs and waves a hand towards Brooke, beckoning her back to the bed where they’re seated, “I’d be the worst lesbian ever. I suck so much at being straight, can you imagine what I would be like? Just terrible.”

“Oh God, Alex-”

She pulls Brooke to her side when she doesn’t come willingly, “We’re fine, relax…”

She lays her head on Alex’s shoulder and hugs her arm close. They stay that way for a little while, just being together. “You’re an amazing friend, Alex. Seriously. Sorry about that.”

Alex kisses her head and say everything’s fine and she will be fine eventually and she’ll make some lucky girl out there very happy someday. Brooke lifts her head and looks into Alex’s eyes, they’re shining with unshed tears and for a second Brooke’s eyes flicker down to Alex’s lips.

As soon as they lowered they came back up and she’s lifting herself from the bed and going to her vanity on the other side of the room claiming she still has some things to do for tomorrow and Alex gets up and goes to the shower.

As she showers she tells herself she was being a good friend. Consoling her broken heart, that’s what friends do. Friends. Her comments about Alex was a joke and they were friends. They hugged and talked as friends. Nothing more, nothing less.

(She goes home that weekend and she tells a squealing Kara about this really cute guy that she wasn’t sure, but she thinks he was hitting on her and when she describes him to her sister she could tell he looked a lot like a male version of Brooke in her head.)

iiii -

Life sucked.

It was the anniversary of her father’s death, her mother had a convention she couldn’t get out off in New York and Kara was on a plane to Paris to meet Cat for God knows what reason and she was alone.

The worst day of the year and her family was scattered around the world and in that moment she’s never felt so lost. Adrift. Floating.

She left the house otherwise she’d end up crying again and she was tired of crying today. So she went to the bar with the good, expansive booze, a good place for her to wallow on her sadness without disturbing anyone. Yeah. Awesome idea.

Alex orders shots. Three to be exact. Tequila. The devil’s drink. That’s how pathetic she’s feeling tonight, she’ll be doing shots of tequila alone. God, her life is a mess.

The bartender, a woman that looks like she’s her age and, wow, she’s really pretty you know, for a woman. Is she already drunk? The bartender looked at her funny, probably because she practically inhaled the shots she was given. She asks for another shot, but the woman doesn’t look like she’s all that willing to help her drown her sorrows.

“How about something lighter? A beer?”

Alex snorts, “Please, I came here because of the good booze. C’mon, at least one more and then a beer.” The woman stares at her like she’s unwavering in her aid to make her not so drunk but today is not the day for games. She’s not in the mood for this, “I’m paying and I’m okay. Please, just serve me another shot.”

The bartender shakes her head but serves her nonetheless, “I’ll only give you another shot after this one if you either eat something or give it a rest for about half an hour.”

Alex nods but she sees the woman left a beer next to her and that’s good enough for now.

She stays the whole night. It’s almost 02:30 when the woman tells her they’re closing. She spent the whole night watching over Alex, seeing if she was okay. She listened when Alex told her about her dad. Alex almost could see the pity in her eyes, but she wasn’t really in any state to complain about pity looks. She was the drunk at the bar that refuses to leave even when they’re closing. Really, she was so pathetic. She just wanted to forget this day ever happened.

“Let’s go, Alex… I got a cab waiting for you outside.” The bartender, Lyla was her name, went around the counter to help her up and out to the cab, she got an arm around Alex’s waist and suddenly all she could see was Lyla’s face. Fuck, she was really pretty. Her hair looked soft. Could hair be soft? It sure looked like it.

(She was so drunk, that’s what she told herself when she was inside the cab thinking about how Lyla’s hair really was soft when it brushed against her shoulder and how her hand was firm on her waist and how good it was to have someone to help you carry the weight.)

iiiii -

She hated airports, but today she was making an exception.

She didn’t bring flowers. That was so cliché. She didn’t want to be a cliché, even if sometimes they were fun and sweet, today was not a day for that. She also couldn’t stand still she was so nervous. She shouldn’t be nervous, there was no reason for nervous. She just wanted her here already.

Maggie’s cousin got married three days ago in Nebraska and, apparently, the Sawyer family had all sorts of celebrations when it came to tying the knot, because Maggie was there for a week. She got a leave from work, she really liked this cousin, she said she couldn’t miss her wedding.

She invited Alex to come along, but she knew things with Maggie’s family was not easy, the stress of a wedding was enough to make people go crazy and she didn’t want to meet them (the good part of them, the part that mattered and had helped her girlfriend when she needed the most) with the possibility of things going sour. She wanted them to like her. She wanted to make a good impression. She wanted them to call Maggie after they’d left to tell her how amazing her girlfriend was and how they approved of the whole thing.

So Maggie went alone to Nebraska to stay there a whole full week while Alex stayed in National City. It was actually kind of good because she was in debt with Kara and some sisters nights were in order to make Supergirl not want to kill Maggie for taking all of her sister’s time. Of course Kara was happy for her, but they needed their own time without other parties involved. She knew that. She missed spending the night at her sister’s place after binge-watching whatever was new on Netflix, too.

But now her girlfriend was coming back and the board told her the plane was not delayed so she should be seeing the dimpled smile she loved so much any minute now.


People should not look good after coming out of a plane. It wasn’t normal. But shit, her girlfriend looked beautiful. Her smile light up Alex’s heart in ways it had never been lit and she couldn’t believe how much she’s missed her.

Maggie was trying to make her suitcase go in the direction she wanted it to go so she missed when Alex almost kicked it away while trying to get to her. “You’re back!”

She was about to reply but Alex’s hand were already on her face bringing her lips down on Maggie’s and she tasted sweet, and fruity, like she was having a cocktail while waiting on her. It was supposed to be a chaste kiss, a welcome home, but Maggie parted her lips and Alex waited no time to dive into the kiss with all she had, tongue and lips and teeth.

They heard a throat clearing around them but Alex would be damned if she’d let anyone ruin this sweet, sweet moment; but she did tone it down, let it cool while she was still kissing the hell out of her girlfriend because she wanted to, because she could.

“Wow, and I was gonna ask if you’d missed me.” Maggie joked as they held each other in the middle of the arrival’s lounge, nothing more important than this.

“I love you.” It wasn’t the first time they’d said it, but it was special. It always was with them.

“I love you too, babe.” And when she looked in Alex’s eyes she could see it, she was home.

Min Yoongi - Absolution

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Character : Yoongi x BTS

Genre : slight angst/fluff

Summary : Self-forgiveness was all he wished for on his birthday

| He wanted to turn 25, here. In his studio. In his little haven, the little home he built for himself. He wanted to turn 25 as Min Yoongi even though he supposedly killed Min Yoongi long ago as stated in one of his song. No Vapp broadcast this year. That was one of his request. Every year since they debuted, he celebrated his birthday with Army. Every year since 2013, he celebrated his birthday as Min Suga. However, this year when the member asked if he wanted to do another Vapp, he firmly rejected the idea.

Because I forgot who is Min Yoongi. Ever since we debuted, I have celebrated my birthday as Min Suga. As much as I love Army, as much as I love all of you, let me celebrate my 25 by myself. Let me find Min Yoongi again. He was me before I became Bangtan, before I became Agust D and before I became Min Suga..

Jungkook walked up to him, Ok, hyung. We respect that. We will see you back at the dorm later tonight and eat cake.

So here he sat, in a place where he shed tears of joy and pain. Where he gave up half of his teenage years for. He took the time to look around. To gently skim his fingers lightly over his sound mixer, to appreciate the 2 trophies standing proud on his shelf. Album of the Year (Melon) & Popularity Award (GAON). Those were the two awards he requested for. He still remembered what Namjoon said when he asked for it, It has always been yours hyung.

Min Suga never shows his emotions, Min Suga is strong. But right now, sitting here, with all this accomplishment, Min Yoongi broke down.

With the gentle flickering light from the burning scented candle that he always light, the clock strike midnight. Happy Birthday Min Yoongi.. Its been a long journey have it not? I’m sorry for abusing you all these years, I’m sorry for all the physical pain I have inflicted in this shell and soul. Most importantly I’m sorry for wanting to forget you, to leave you behind.

Yoongi sobbed onto his hands. Sobbed for the life that was once almost stolen from him when he tried to kill himself. Sobbed for the pain and uncertainty that he went through, for what the members went through. Sobbed for finally accepting that Min Yoongi, Min Suga & Agust D is really him. All of him. But most importantly he cried for finally being able to forgive himself.

He didn’t hear the door opened. He didn’t hear the clattering of footsteps but he did feel himself getting wrapped up and hugged from all sides by 6 warm bodies. He looked up and he saw all the members looking right at him. Tears either brimming on their eye or already streaming down their cheeks.

Happy birthday, Min Yoongi.. All of them whispered it out in unison when they let him go.

He stared at each of their faces. The magnae line crying the hardest. Jungkook who defiantly trying to wipe his tears off his face but failing to do so. The youngest of the group. The one boy he brought up. He saw him grew from day one. When he came walking into the studio and sat at the corner, watching his hyung trained. The little boy have grown into a man. A man Yoongi is really proud of. Thank you for letting me in your life. Thank you for giving me a reason to live again. The moment you walked through the door at 14 years of age, uncertain and awkward was the day hyung realized that you need me more than I needed myself.

He turned to look at Jimin who is holding on to a birthday cake with tears running down his face but still smiling. Not once has this younger boy forget any of their birthdays. Not once has this wonderful young man disappoint him. You saved me. Your infinite love for the members, for helping me overcome the darkness that wanted to swallow me whole. Thank you Jimin. That’s what hyung always wanted to tell you.

And then there’s Taehyung. Sweet Taehyung who have silently went behind Yoongi and wrapped his arm around his back. He could feel the wetness from his tears seeping through his shirt. For all his strangeness, Yoongi have always hold a soft spot for this particular member. Because in some ways, Taehyung reminds him of home. Warm and never judging. Hyung promise to never let go of your hands ever again. Let us fly together Taehyung. Let us finally find that beautiful moment in life cause hyung will be beside you for as long as you need me. I will be your home too.

He stared into Namjoon’s eyes. Mouthing the word Thank you. A thousand meaning hide behind those two words. Thank you for choosing me all those years ago to be part of this amazing team. Thank you for choosing me to be your hyung. You can finally lean on me now, Namjoon. Release some of your burden and share it with me. Hyung will carry it with you.

His gaze then settled onto Jin’s hyung face. Nothing is needed to be said for Jin. He just nodded to Jin and he received a smile in return. Thank you for being the person I come to when I got tired of being the older one in the group. Thank you for being my hyung and accepting me for who I am and what I have become.

He saved the best for last. Yoongi know he is not suppose to have any favorites within the team but Hoseok, he is his soul partner. His Yin to his Yang. Releasing himself from Taehyung backhug, he walked to Hoseok and pull him into a hug. Thank you for being who you are. For always being there for me. For showing me that there is still light. That hyung can be Yoongi, Agust D and Suga and yet I can still come home from training, from performing and from wherever I’m at and know that I have my guiding light, guiding me back home.

Namjoon once said “There is definitely, definitely certain things in this world that happened out of our control, So we.. Let’s us just forgive ourselves”

On March 9, 2017, 12:17 a.m. Yoongi finally did.

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Ok, but secretly married Tony and T'Challa. Tony is literally the only person on Earth with dual citizenship in Wakanda. Iron Man and Black Panther ass-kicking on the down low on their honeymoon. Tony helps capture the vibranium thief the Avengers later encounter in Age of Ultron and he has to make up some excuse after saying he knew the guy. T'Challa laughs for days when he hears the story and uses "There are conferences" to tease Tony all. the. time.

*cracks knuckles* Alright! I’ve been so eager to write this since you sent it, but finals, and then just too tired to write much, and then, you know, stuff, but it’s been a pretty good day and I’m feeling this prompt so hard! ;D

I didn’t really get to… all bits of it, and it kind of is angsty tbh, sorry. Not at all sure if this is what you were looking for, but damn it one day I will write the happy version of this prompt! lol

Timelines are wack, just go with it here.


Tony’d gotten used to not having any kind of private personal life when he was a small boy. Howard hadn’t seen the point of keeping Tony out of the media; Maria had surrendered to his decision on the matter. Since Tony could speak, it was like his life had been on display, he’d been on display, nothing too sacred to the press.

Tony got used to being hounded everywhere he went, all his mistakes displayed for the entire country - and eventually world - to know. All his worst moments observed by outsiders.

He’d gotten used to… belonging to the public, instead of himself.

And then he met T’Challa.

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Temptations (M)

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“Nothing lasts forever. Forever is a lie. All that we have, is what’s between hello and goodbye.”

Summary: Sometimes when you have everything you asked for…. it’s never enough. You have a fiance you are about to get married with soon and life is good, until that one guy changes it all… He’s that something that you need to have a bit excitement in your life… He was full of surprises and brought you feelings you haven’t felt in a long time… But was he just a temptation or someone worth the trouble to get involved with?

Previous Parts:

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“Food’s here!” You shouted as you stepped in the kitchen Youngjae and you shared.

He walked in the kitchen and you opened the plastic bag right in front of you and one by one you began to pull one of the boxes with your food in it on your table. However you felt a pair of arms behind your waist and a chin rested on your shoulder.

“Who has the best girlfriend in the world?”

You wanted to say you.. but that wasn’t close to true.. You were probably the worst girlfriend in the world… You cheated on Youngjae and broke Jinyoung heart… and for some reason you feel incredibly guilty.. There was a side that wanted to go back to the dorms and fix things back with Jinyoung..

But what’s the point in that?

“I hope you’re hungry,” You said avoiding the question that was asked by your fiance and he kissed your cheek and walked over to a near by chair.

“I’m starving.”

You just simply smiled and sat down right next to him and watched Youngjae dive in his breakfast meal.

After meeting with Jinyoung.. you felt nothing but depressed. Why were you so upset?

You sighed and glanced at Youngjae..

Everything is going to be okay…

You ended things before you started them right?

You sighed and looked at your phone and hoped a sudden text would appear from Jinyoung… instead nothing…

Was this really it?


“Babe…. I’m going to go shopping with Lisa. I’ll be home later.”

“Alright babe..”

Youngjae and you pulled each other into a kiss and you walked off not saying another word. After eating with Youngjae, Jinyoung kept floating in your mind. What is wrong with you?

You couldn’t help but to text Jinyoung to meet you at the park to talk…

Maybe if you spend time with Jinyoung and show that you two can be friends and get along without kissing and cheating behind Youngjae’s back… You two can go back to normal and you can live your life…

You took a deep breath and looked up at the sky.

Let’s hope this works out..


I’m here.

You began to wander around the park looking and hoping to find Jinyoung in sight…

You walked to the playground and nothing… 

Was he not going to show up?

You sighed and looked over at the fountain and at the couple that were there holding hand and hand smiling as the water rushed out of the fountain. 

Youngjae and you used to be inseparable… You were madly in love with Youngjae, but what’s happening? Why can’t you continue thinking this way? 

You used to be happy… once a upon a time.. Now here you are thinking about Jinyoung instead of Youngjae.

You were so lost in your thoughts you didn’t even notice someone next to you till you felt someone gently pat your shoulder. You looked up and your eyes widen.

Jinyoung was here… He actually showed up…


He looked over at you and just continued to stare at you without saying a single word..

“You actually came..”

He just nodded and you sighed. Was it suppose to be like this all day? Were you suppose to put the effort in talking to him and him probably ignoring you?

What’s up with this boy?

“So why did you all of sudden call?”


“You have 5 seconds to talk or I walk off.”

Was Jinyoung really pulling a you move right now? You wanted to scream at him and just make him listen to you.. But Jinyoung was going to act stubborn and complicated on purpose… Two can play this game.

“Jinyoung, you have every reason to be mad at me but if you are going to count down while i’m talking…there was no reason to come here in the first place…” You said as you looking in his eyes and he sighed and looked down.


You noticed that he stopped the count down and you couldn’t help but to smile.

“Look… I know you told me that I was dead to you… But I don’t want to lose you completely… Just give this one day for us to hang out, and if we get along just being friends.. then why not continue this friendship?”

Jinyoung was staring right at you and something about his stare… you could tell he wanted more but you just wanted to have him as a friend rather than lose him completely.



He nodded and for some reason a rush of excitement ran through your body and a huge smile spread across your face.


You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him into a hug without realizing what the hell you were doing. As you two hugged you finally snapped back to reality and that’s when you realized you were already crossing the friend line. You quickly pulled away and looked at Jinyoung.


Jinyoung eyes were widen and he cleared his throat.

“It’s… okay.”

Great you already made this awkward.

“So… do we get going?” Jinyoung asks avoiding eye contact, but you couldn’t help but to giggle. 

You grabbed a hold of his wrist and pulled him out for an adventure.


(Listen to Someday, Somewhere by Sung Si Kyung while reading this) 

“Where are we going?” Jinyoung asks as the two continued to walk down the street and you looked at him and smiled.

“I have no idea.”


“Shut up and just follow me.” You responded and you noticed the way Jinyoung eyes widen when you said the word shut up but you continued to giggle and walked to the nearest street stand that were selling Twigim. 

Jinyoung just looked at you and then at the stand.

“Annyeong, 2 twigim please?” you asked the man behind the stand and a huge smile spread across his face and he nodded.

You slowly glanced at Jinyoung and noticed the way he stared down at the Twigim admiring the beauty of the food in front of the two of you. You couldn’t help but to giggle at how adorable Jinyoung looked.



He kept staring at you and you looked foward and you looked back at him and he quickly looked away but a huge smile spread across his face…


“Nothing,” he responds exactly how you did and you nudged him and the two of you began to laugh.

See.. you two could be friends after all.


You grabbed a hold of Jinyoung hand and pulled him into a random store that seemed to catch your eyes.

“Was hanging out with me an excuse to shop?”

“Is that wrong?” You questioned him and he stood quiet but smiled.

You grabbed a hold of his hand and pulled him in front of a rack of sunglasses.

“Come on, lighten up.” You said as you grabbed a pair of black shaded glasses and gently placed the on Jinyoung.

He looked at you confused but you spun him around and made him face the mirror.

“Hm.. Not right.”


You spun him around and continued trying sunglasses one by one and at last you found the perfect shade that went exactly with his face structure. 

You grabbed his hand and walked over to a hat section. You were about to grab just a regular snapback hat, but you noticed a cowboy hat catching your attention. 

You smirked and grabbed the cowboy hat and placed it on Jinyoung’s head.

“Woah calm down cowboy gangster.”

Jinyoung stared at you giving you a poker face and all you could was smile. You couldn’t help but burst of laughter watching Jinyoung making no expression while you continued dressing him up.

“Fine. No hat.”

“No wait.”

You looked Jinyoung confused and you noticed him walking back to the section and selecting another cowboy hat just sitting there, waiting to be used.

He walked over to you and the next thing you know, you felt a hat above your head.

You looked at yourself in the mirror and giggled.



Jinyoung placed his arm on your shoulder pulling you closer to him. You looked at him and without even noticing, Jinyoung snapped the picture of him smiling and you smiling in return but look directly at him.

“I like it,” Jinyoung says as he stares at the picture and you couldn’t help but to smile. 

“Let’s go.”


“YAH!” You shouted as you felt Jinyoung wipe whip cream on your nose and you began to chase him around. 

“I will get you back for this!” you shouted and you began to hear Jinyoung laugh from miles away.

How were you suppose to get someone who was faster than you? You stopped and sighed. 

Time to act.

You suddenly began to run but you stopped and slowly and gently threw yourself on the ground *as if you fell*


“Y/N!” Jinyoung shouts as he runs your direction and you smirked but quickly wiped the smirk away. 

You grabbed a hold of your ankle and continued to wince in pain as if your really did hurt yourself. Jinyoung got down at his knees and looked directly down at your ankle and noticed the way you were holding onto it with full force.

“Pabo.” Jinyoung mumbles and you looked at him and he slowly looked up at you.

“Why would you continued chasing me if you knew I was faster than you?”

Jinyoung looked back down at your ankle and just as he was about to get a hold of your ankle, you saw your chance to put ice cream on Jinyoung face and run. 


You lifted up your ice cream and made sure it hit his nose. When it did you noticed Jinyoung freeze and you quickly got up and began to run again.

You glanced back and noticed Jinyoung slowly getting up from the ground.


and the two of you continued to run and chase each other.




You continued to look at the sunset in front of you and you slowly looked up at Jinyoung.

You were always adventurous and always went out your way to explore Seoul… You brought Jinyoung to an abandoned old building that you used to go to, climb up to the roof top and just sit there and look at the beautiful view right in front of you. 

You would go to that specific spot whenever you wanted to avoid conflict at him. No one knew about that spot besides you.. Now Jinyoung.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Hmm” he hummed and you sighed and looked at the city in front of you.

“Have you ever wish that you could go back in time and change certain things in the past?” 

You could feel Jinyoung’s staring look directly at you and you looked at him.

“Well have you?” You asked again and instead of answering Jinyoung looked forward again and you sighed.

Too personal?

You probably just ruined the moment. 

“I have…”

As you heard words slip out you were so quick to look back at Jinyoung, but he didn’t look at you.

“oh.. do you mind.. maybe telling me what… you regret?” You couldn’t help but to ask and Jinyoung slowly turned his face to your direction.

“Losing you to Youngjae.”


The next thing you know you felt your heart beat out of your chest and butterflies appearing in your stomach. Why do you feel this all the time when you’re around Jinyoung..

What is wrong with you.

He gently placed his hand on your chin and as much as you knew what you were doing was so wrong… You really wanted to kiss him…

“Tell me to stop if you don’t want me to kiss you,” Jinyoung whispers as he slowly brings your face closer to his but instead of rejecting the offer you brought your face closer than you should have and your lips touched his.

What can you say… Jinyoung was tempting…



Our Deal Ch.4 (Trixya) - Tati

A/N: So sorry it’s taken me so long to update this! I hope you guys enjoy this chapter and haven’t forgotten about this. Thank you to all that read and leave some love, ya’ll are the best. Although this has taken me a month to update, this chapter is longer than the others, I hope that somewhat makes up for me being shitty at updating. Shoutout to that hooker Alex for being my beta, love ya sis!

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I don’t even know how to title this, so I’ll just get right into it. I usually do this after both eps are out each week, but as I was watching episode 9 of Weightlifting Fairy and I had a lot emotions. 

While I am watching other dramas also at the moment, I find myself being drawn to this underdog of a show that seems to be overshadowed by all of the offerings that are also airing. 

What I also admire about this show is its ability to showcase characters that feel very real to me. The writing always feels organic and it makes every single character breathe and come to life. I find myself caring deeply about the struggles of these characters, and none more so than our Kim Bok Joo. But then as I watched this episode today, I found myself biting back tears, not knowing where it stemmed from. I sometimes cry when I watch stuff, but not often. It has to be a combination of a many things, but the general criteria, is probably angst ridden tragedy, or hopeful, It’s A Wonderful Life sort of moment. But that wasn’t the case as I watched the scene on the beach. I genuinely felt a number of things and still can exactly pinpoint what it was that made me feel the way it did. My reaction to it was visceral, and powerful. I watched as Bok Joo allowed herself to be playful when she was feeling crappy I loved watching Joon Hyung anticipate her needs and act on and all the while just happy that he got to make her feel better. Theory whole relationship can be basically summarized in this one extremely cute and thoughtful episode. I also love seeing the character of Joon Hyung continue to unravel before my eyes. I’ve noticed that he not only does harbor a lot of pain that he can’t exactly really share, but which are struggles nonetheless. I like that he can be quiet at times but completely opens up and is a completely different person when he is with Bok Joo. I like that she brings that side out of him, just like she did all those years ago as the young JH decided to become more outgoing as he took note of the lovely girl that saved him, to be like her, and subconsciously I do not doubt that that mentality sunk into him in at some point as he grew up to the person that he is today. 

I like that while some stories like to write couples in ways that are opposites, where one is bright/sunny, and the other can be cold and closed off. I like that we don’t get that here at all. That they both seem to take each other out of their shell in ways that matter most. I like that JH trusts her enough to tell her about a past he’d much rather not talk about. I doubt that he talked like this with Si Ho. While I totally believe that they truly did care about one another, I don’t think that Si Ho ever shared much with him, and in turn he didn’t either. That was why their eventual break up was inevitable. In the end they just weren’t suitable for one another. I like that every time JH tells BK something about himself, she never pities him. Not once. It actually makes her step back and see things from another perspective, and ultimately makes them closer. She begins to understand him more, and becomes truly comfortable with him even when she is clueless about it half of the time as to why that is, not knowing how much she actually enjoys his company and his friendship. That is also why the scene by the sea is so important to me. Their relationship really does feel so natural. It’s a kind of supportive friendship that we rarely see these days anymore because its almost always is being sacrificed for a romance that’s being forced down our throats instead. I love that JH sees her for who she is, that beauty comes in many forms, that beauty never truly encompasses fully anything, that one can have many, and  different, yet all beautiful aspects about them.

Another thing that I can get enough of is the way that Joon Hyung clearly cares about Bok Joo, so freaking much, I literally want to either cry or die or both when he kills me with his respect/admiration/adoration for Bok Joo. Another part that I definitely cried a bit too much was the scene with the lunch. I could literally see BJ’s insecurities light up like a billboard sign, and JH knew it as well. I hate that the doctor-nim is probably the equivalent to beauty in her eyes. It breaks my heart to a million pieces, more than anything  I want to tell her that that is only one type of beauty when there a numerous of other forms that beauty can come in. I reassure myself when I feel too emotional by reminding myself that this part of the journey for BJ. It also reassures me a bit that JH will be there to guide her the right direction and that she will get there in a matter of time, as he also tells her in the ep. Also in that scene, it made me realize just how young BJ is. That despite overcoming undoubtedly so many obstacles to be the top in weightlifting, that she is in fact still a woman with her own insecurities, and sometimes you can tell your heart something, but your heart just won’t believe it, no matter what you tell it. It’s also painful because, this is her first love we’re talking about and honestly I think that BK is one of those people that feels too deeply for their own good sometimes. I hate that she’s not over it, but the monologue at the end gives me hope.

Mad finally that scene in the end was when the water works really began for me. I watched as Bok Joo, whom I care for so deeply, in ways that imagine that she’s even real and that she’s like my friend or something. I see the way that she is confident in herself, and all her preparation for that very moment in front of the judges…and to have all of that fall apart at when she should be feeling the surest…to feeling “ugly” makes me want to cry forever. It really is just so sad to even think about, because the moment felt so real and raw to me. And while everyone else was cheering her on for her victory, she was battling with an internal war that she was having with her own insecurities. And like me, Joon Hyung saw right to it too. That she was in fact not alright. I know that she’ll come to equate her strength with beauty at some point, but for now, I ache for all the young girls out there that feel “ugly,” hoping that they’ll find their own beauty someday soon.

**special shout-out

Honestly, if we don’t get more of Coach Choi, I’m gonna riot. What I love about her is that she really is the mama as well as papa bear to this team. I love that no matter what your struggles her, you can trust that she’ll understand and be sympathetic and offer to help in any way she can even when you know as a viewer that it’s also not easy for her either. I love that she will always go all out for her students because not only is she responsible for them, but she also deeply cares about them and wished them well. You could literally count on her to move your ass and at the same time, will also be the shoulder to cry on, if you need it. I love these little glimpses into her character and I seriously just need more. Every time she does something, it literally moves me to tears. I also love that she puts all the burden on herself. I still remember the scene from few eps ago when the budget was tight and she couldn’t even afford fresh ingredients for the kimbap. And yet this is the same woman that will help out on a settlement fee. The true MVP ya’ll.

REQUEST: Sebastian x Reader idea coming right up … The reader is a journalist in Paris and she interviews him in a small and cozy cafe not too far from the cathedral Notre Dame… Thy end up hanging out all day, he ditches the promo… And he’s got no date for the premiere so he tries his luck with her? Aahah



The cafe that the interview was going to be held in was one of your favorites. It was not far from the Cathedral of Notre Dame. The cafe was quant and cozy and had some of the best coffee in Paris. You consumed copious amounts of it on a daily basis so when you found a cafe that made great coffee, you felt like Paris was finally your home.

After residing in California for the first twenty five years of your life, you desperately needed a change. You felt like you were stuck in a rut working at a local newspaper in your small town. You felt like you needed a new start so you traveled abroad. You packed up just the essentials that you would need before going to Europe.

When you made it to Paris, you felt like you belonged.

The beautiful historical sights, the art, the people astonished you and made you feel like you were meant to be there.

Paris was beautiful and you were still in awe that you now called this place your home. You were learning French so you could fit in even more.

Sitting down at your usual table, you took out your phone and recorder as you waited for the man you were interviewing to arrive. You had the opportunity to interview Sebastian Stan for his role as Bucky Barnes in the latest Captain America film. You were a huge fan of marvel movies and had seen every one of them multiple times.

A waiter came up to your table, “Bonjour.”

“Bonjour.” You smiled.

“Ce que je peux vous obtenir?” (What can I get you?)

“Je vais avoir une tasse de thé s'il vous plaît.” (I’ll have a cup of tea please)

He nodded and went to get your drink while you pulled out your black leather notebook and pen. You checked your watch and saw that Sebastian should be arriving soon.

Just as you were placing a new tape in your recorder, the door to the cafe opened.

Sebastian was relieved to get out of the same stuffy interview settings. He thought it was refreshing to get out of the same room where multiple interviews were going to be held. The interview that he had in the cafe was the first of many he had that day.

He glanced around the cafe and saw you sitting down. He saw the recorder you had on the table and figured you were the woman he was supposed to meet.

Sebastian made his way towards you, “Excuse me? Are you (Y/n)?”

You looked up from what you were doing and saw Sebastian standing beside the table.

Standing up you held your hand out for him to shake, “Yes, that’s me. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Sebastian was surprised at your accent.

“Is something wrong?” You questioned.

“I just figured that you were from Paris since you work for a magazine here. If I’m not mistaken, you seem like you are from the United States.”

“I used to live in California, but now I live here. Have a seat please.” You gestured for him to sit in the seat across from yours.

“Do you speak French at all?” Sebastian questioned as he took his coat off and placed it on the back of the chair next to him. He wore a black sweater underneath that showcased his muscles.

You looked away from his chest and back at him, “J'apprends. Si vous souhaitez intégrer, vous devez apprendre la langue , non?” (I’m learning. If you want to fit in you have to learn the language right?)

“I have no idea what you said but I love it.” Sebastian chuckled.

“I said that I am learning.” You felt the heat rising in your cheeks at his laugh. It was super adorable and you couldn’t stand it.

Reaching over, you clicked the recorder on before you began speaking, “First I wanted to thank you for meeting with me today.”

“Of course. I’m glad to be here. May I ask if you conduct all of your interviews here or am I special?”

You laughed a little, “I try to but I understand that some people would rather be interviewed elsewhere but you are one of the firsts.”

Sebastian placed one of his hands over his chest, “I truly do feel special.”

The beginning of the interview went well. The two of you talked about some of his childhood before moving on to when he knew he wanted to be an actor.

The more you spoke to him, the more at ease you felt. It was like talking with an old friend you hadn’t seen in a while.

“So, what would you say to a person who has never seen a Marvel movie? How would you get them to go and see Civil War?”

“First I would ask if they’ve been living under a rock,” he laughed and so did you, “But seriously, I would tell them that they should catch up with some of the movies and then go see this one. It’s more than just the action. It involves friendship and family and love. It goes deeper than just the surface.”

“How do you maintain close relationships while filming with such a crazy schedule?”

Sebastian smirked, “Is that a fancy way of asking if I’m in a relationship?”

“No! I wasn’t asking–”

“I am single.” He smiled.

“I’m sure our readers will be thrilled to know that.”

“Will they be the only ones?” Sebastian leaned a little closer to you.

You could feel yourself getting nervous around him which never happened to you when interviewing someone.

“Uh–” you didn’t know how to respond to his question. Thankfully, the waiter came back to refill your teas.

“Merci beaucoup.” You told him before he left.

Sebastian enjoyed making your flustered. He thought it was adorable how easy it was to make you blush. You checked your notes and saw that you had asked him all of the main questions that you wanted to. He didn’t have much time left so you figured it was time to wrap it up.

“Thank you again for meeting with me. I’m sure you have a packed schedule today. Will you have time to check out the sights while you are here?” You asked him as you turned off your recorder.

He shook his head, “I wish. I’m booked up until the premiere tomorrow.”

“You must find some time whenever you are free and be a tourist. You’ll kick yourself if you don’t.”

“Why don’t you show me around?” He suggested.

“I thought you said you were booked until the premiere?”

Sebastian shrugged his shoulders a little, “I can blow off some stuff. How often does a man get a chance to be guided around Paris by a beautiful woman?”


“I cannot believe that you’ve never seen the Eiffel Tower at night.”

“I haven’t had the opportunity to before.”

You spent the day traveling around Paris with Sebastian and you hadn’t had so much fun in so long. He was the perfect companion making you laugh and smile.

It was nice to get to know him as just Sebastian and not the guy that the media would make him out to be. He was so sweet and hilarious. You couldn’t remember a time that you laughed so much in someone else’s company.

The two of you were waiting for the Tower to light up like it did at night. There were people roaming around and taking pictures of the historical landmark before moving on.

You were shocked that Sebastian completely blew off his interviews for the day. His phone went off but he just ignored it.

“Have you had fun today?” You asked him. You had been wondering if he was enjoying himself as much as you had.

Sebastian smiled, “I really have. It reminded me of being back in school and playing hooky. I’m sure you don’t know anything about that.”

You pretended to be offended, “Excuse you. I have played hooky in my day.”

He laughed, “In your day? What are you eighty?”

“I was having a fun day until you called me eighty.” You joked.

“I’m kidding! You don’t look a day over sixty.” Sebastian winked at you and you rolled your eyes playfully.

The Tower lit up and even though you had seen it like that numerous times, it still took your breath away.

“Wow. That’s incredible.” Sebastian breathed out as he looked up.

“It really is. When I moved here, I made sure that my apartment building had a view of this so that I could see it every night.”

“I would too.”

Sebastian looked over at you and watched as you were in awe of the Tower. He thought that you were beautiful and he didn’t want to be anywhere but exactly where he was in that moment.


You looked over at him, “Yeah?”

“I was wondering if you weren’t busy tomorrow night if you would be my date to the premiere.”

You froze a little, “What? You want me to go to the premiere with you?”

He nodded, “I don’t have anyone to accompany me and I would really like it if you were to join me.”

“Wow. I’ve never been to a premiere before I wouldn’t know what to do. I would probably be so awkward.”

“It’ll be fine. I promise that I will be there with you the whole time.” He smiled.

You thought about it for a few seconds before answering him, “Then I would love to.”

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My Favorite One

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,896

Warnings: Canon divergence, character death, language, angst, fluff. But really nothing too extreme

Summary: Reader recounts her history with Dean after someone close to the Reader finds something of his…

A/N: For @one-shots-supernatural Supernatural Hiatus Writing Challenge. Prompt for Week #3 was: “There’s an interesting story behind that.” 

Tags: @unadulteratedstorycollector @callmesweetheartifyoumeanit  @winchesterenthusiast @aprofoundbondwithdean @sometimes-iwritee @marenbrowwn @heatherallison89  @faegal04 @winchesterr67 @poemwriter98 @torn-and-frayed @sis-tafics @waywardlullabies @deanwinchester-af @priestly-winchested @salvachester @16wiishes 

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Originally posted by saltnburned

You bent down, picking up the box, your muscles and joints aching in ways they didn’t usually ache. Setting the box on the stack you had going in the corner of the room, you turned, the bare walls and surfaces making you wistful of the memories that were held there. Memories of sadness, happiness, first steps, first words, and sleepless nights worrying.

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AU: Pidge is Alice Roosevelt

ShiroPidge Week 2016 - @shidgeweek Day 3: Alternate Universe
Historical AU re-imagining Katie Holt as the infamous Alice Roosevelt, daughter of US President Teddy Roosevelt during her 1905 diplomatic peace delegation to Hawaii, Japan, China, the Philippines, and Korea. We blame @osheamobile and @walkwthoutrhythm for encouraging this concept.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2703
Characters: Katie “Pidge” Holt, Matt Holt, Sam Holt, Lance McCain, Hunk Garrett, Takashi “Shiro” Shirogane, Shay
Notes: no Lions, not fully researched and thought out–just a fun proof of concept, female pronouns for Pidge, romantic Shiro/Pidge
AO3: [link]

She swept into the room again, a sheaf of papers in hand. “In hand” was too gentle a description actually. A sheaf of papers brandished dangerously above her head, already being shaken in time to the tirade– impassioned speech they were surely about to be subjected to. 

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Otgw/GW Transcendence AU: Teraphix [1/?]

Retrouvailles. [French. meaning: rediscovery] The joy of reuniting with someone after a long separation. (unrelated to: reincarnation)

“Once upon a time,” says the demon, head in hand, the wind making Jesse’s hands and ears burn with cold. He smiles, and every fang is pronounced, even in the sharp shadow of the forest. “Once there was a boy, and his pet, and the saddest story that ever got told.” He pauses. “Is that really all you’ve got?” The demon starts to shake with laughter, his shoulders of his sharply tailored suit and his gleaming cat eyes. 

“Just stop thinking. Stop asking questions. This is your new town, Jesse. Don’t you like it? You couldn’t ever ask for more.” 



Proposed reforms include… heavier training in anti-supernatural measures… witches have agreed to share basic charms in shielding harmful magic… those who believe they have had a non-human entity in their family line may register for check ups… we now announce the formation of Curse Regulation Agency branch…. if you believe you know of a haunting hotspot, a victim of subliminal messaging or a curse inflicted on yourself or someone you know please check the list of omens below… it is recommended those without internet shielding stay off the internet or any other wireless connections to a satellite and only listen to protected radio and television broadcasts… technology is a viable conduit offset of lesser Teydine sprites… it is recommended to buy anti charm locked programs from a trusted retailer… potatoes in the lower California are subject to government recall, physical class anti-human magic contamination… viewers are advised to stay away from areas with heavy shadows… three disappearances this month for Larix Hayes, Aspen Hayes, and Jesse Deans… eclipse approaching this Wednesday, please ward your yard, close wells, and if you are unable to, stay quiet and inside or with a friend…



Jesse Deans was born on a Wednesday. He knew this because the scientists with red flowers that his mom invited over always patted his head and called him ‘Wednesday’s child,’ softly, and his mother would beam and draw him closer and kiss him on the forehead. 

This was in stark contrast to his school. 

Jesse Deans was born on a Wednesday and an eclipse, and out of all the babies born on that particular eclipse Jesse was the only one with a shadow curse. It was a sort of dimensional beast wrapped all around his legs that appeared when he tripped into a puddle when he was three, and set off all the supernatural alarms in the area. 

From then on, the supernatural alarms had trouble categorizing him as anything but 'contaminated,’ even if all the scientists said he was human and it was only his shadow that was not. The problem was, his shadow never moved when other people were watching, and he would run into misfortune after misfortune, and once when he was out in the woods and tripped over a dead body, following a sad grown up who turned out to be invisible to everyone else. 

When Jesse Deans was six, he didn’t like the supernatural anymore. That was alright, the supernatural never liked him back. 

That was before the first war, but Jesse Deans wasn’t around for that. You see- they had figured out a way to seal off the supernatural for people like him. Cursed people.

When Jesse Deans was six, he made friends with Larix and Aspen Hayes, twins. 

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First Kiss
  • Ashton: Another party thrown at your house. Another night of your brother dragging you into everything even though all you want to do was leave and find somewhere away from your house where you could read in peace. Not tonight. Never in fact. You are pulled out of your book by your brother calling your name. You look up and see the bottle in the center of the circle pointing at you. "I'm not even playing," you tell your brother. It wasn't a lie. You are sitting on the very edge of the whole party, curled up with a book in your lap and your headphones on, trying to drown everything out. "Rules are rules, sis. And you're at this party. Into the closet you go," he tells you. You start to protest, but he's so much larger than you and just drags you to the closet, shoving you inside. You don't even know who you're in here with. This game was some hellish mixture of Spin-the-Bottle and Seven Minutes in Heaven, just what you needed. You feel a hand reach out to you, settling on your arm. You jump at the sudden contact. "Hey, hey, relax. We don't have to do anything if you don't want to. I'm Ashton, by the way," the guy says. Your breath catches in your throat. Your brother had shoved you in here because he knew you had a massive crush on Ash. You stutter out your name and he chuckles. "Figures. Your brother knows I think you're pretty," he tells you. "You think I'm what?" Your voice cracks at the end. "Pretty. I think you're pretty and different. You've always got a book in your hands and your cute little glasses on and you're never actually part of our parties. You just, you fascinate me and I never thought you'd ever speak to anyone, let alone me, and I'm rambling now, so I'll stop." You don't know how to respond to his confession. "Ashton?" you ask, deciding on a response. "Yeah?" he responds. You reach out for him, finding his neck in the dark, pulling him close to your body. He understands and his lips find yours in the dark, your first of many, many, many kisses.
  • Calum: Your head is on his lap as a stupid movie plays in the background. Your best friend is finally back from months on tour and you both are too busy catching up to watch a movie. "So, any new guys I need to beat up?" he asks casually. "Or are you still into that guy you said wouldn't give you the time of day?" You laugh and sigh before saying, "Still into that guy." Calum rolls his eyes and tells you, "Either man up and tell him or let it go. He's definitely too thick. You're great. He'll definitely go for you." You bite your lip, thinking if you should actually take his advice. After all, Calum is the guy you are hung up on. If that's what he'd want, you figure you should do just that. You sit up, facing him on the couch. "Cal, I love you," you say simply. "Love you too," he chuckles. "Do you want to restart the movie? I mean, neither one of us were really watching it." You let out a frustrated groan before saying, "No, Calum, I'm in love with you. You're the guy I'm hung up on." His eyes goes wide as they move to look at you. He swallows hard and whispers, "You're not serious." Your breaths start to become shaky because you're sure you just ruined over ten years of friendship in two sentences. "I'm serious," you say. Without hesitation, his lips crash against yours. You gasp in surprise, giving him an opportunity to slide his tongue between your lips. He pushes you back on the couch as his tongue moves expertly against yours. He's now hovering over you on the couch as your hands run up and down his chest. "I've wanted you to say that for over a year," he whispers against your throat where his lips now rest. You laugh, running one of your hands through his hair. You gasp in surprise when you feel his teeth dig into your skin. "Calum," you breathe out. "You're mine now," he whispers in your ear. "I'm making sure everyone else knows that."
  • Luke: You laugh at Luke attempting to sing in falsetto to the song playing on the radio. He laughs when he hears you laugh. You can't wipe the smile off your face when your laughter dies down. This has been the best first date of your life. A drive-in movie with a beautiful, funny, talent boy who knew to bring Sour Patch Kids and liked cuddling. Dates didn't get much better than that. You, despite your mother always telling you to never, ever, ever kiss on the first date, hope he will kiss you when he drops you off. You know you're falling for this boy, dangerously fast, but you're not going to stop yourself and you're pretty sure he isn't stopping either. When he pulls up to your house, he surprisingly gets out before you and opens your door for you. He walks you to your front step, still making you laugh with his bad jokes. "I had a great time tonight," you tell him as you reach your front porch. "Really? Good, because so did I," Luke tells you. "Can I see you again tomorrow?" You laugh at his eagerness. "Tomorrow? Aren't we rushing things?" He hesitates before he starts rambling, "Do you not want to see me tomorrow? I mean, that's okay if you don't, but I want to see you tomorrow. Hell, I don't want to stop seeing you tonight. You're just really pretty and funny and smart and so damn amazing and I'm not good enough for you, but I just don't care anymore. I really want to kiss you too, but I know I shouldn't since it's only our first date-" You cut him off by grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and pulling him down to your level, your lips connecting with his for the first time. He doesn't hesitate to pull your closer, his hands on your hips. You part when you hear the front door open. Your dad is standing there with a disapproving look. You knew he wouldn't like Luke: skinny jeans, lip piercing, in a band. He was your father's nightmare, but he was your dream that was quickly becoming a reality. "Call me?" you tell him. "Oh, definitely," he smiles at you. He nods and waves awkwardly to your father before retreating to his car, your lips still tingling where they met his.
  • Michael: You are sitting next to Michael, Wii remote in your hands and another in his. "Let's make a bet," he tells you. "You win, I have to do something you want me to do. I win, you have to do something I want you to do." You frown and say, "My clothes are staying on, Clifford." He laughs and says, "I promise. It won't be like that." You sigh and give in, making the deal. It's absolutely no surprise when he completely destroys you in Mario Kart. You're terrible at it anyway, let alone playing Michael, who is pretty much the master of Mario Kart. When he wins, you turn to him and say, "What am I doing, Michael? What terrible thing do I have to eat or tweet?" He sighs as he takes the remote from your hands and sets it on the table with his. "I'm not going to make you doing anything. I'm going to ask," he says. "May I kiss you right now?" Your eyes go wide in shock. "You're actually asking?" you choke out. Michael nods softly and says, "I don't know, okay? I'm bad at this romantic stuff. You just, you mean a lot to me and I don't want to screw this up at all." You can't stop the smile forming across your face as you lean in closer to him before pressing your lips to his, shocking him with how forward you're being. He immediately takes over control of the kiss, but doesn't take it too far. When he pulls away, you pout softly. "What?" he asks you, a chuckle in his voice as he speaks. "Why did you stop?" you reply. "Because I'm an idiot," he sighs before kissing you again. This time he deepens the kiss, making you tangle your fingers in his crazy hair as he wraps his arms around you, pulling you into his body. "My girlfriend," he mumbles when you finally pull away. "That wasn't a question, but I say yes anyway," you laugh, making him laugh with you.
More About You

A Romantic Comedy by Bridgette Irish

Inspired by a Headcanon from @widdle and was given sweeping permission to “Do The Thing”

Here is Part One of “the thing”

“Do you think she bought it?” Winn asked, the morning after Kara Danvers and Supergirl miraculously appeared in Cat Grant’s office at the same time.

“I have no idea,” Kara admitted.

“In any case, she’s pretending to have bought it, which, for now, seems to be the most important thing,” James chimed in.

Kara looked at him dubiously, unsure if she agreed.  She was about to open her mouth to protest when…

“James!  Kiera!”

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Orphans - Part Seven

Summary: Your parents died on a tragic car accident. Though you were lucky and survived. Depending on how one would describe lucky since you were now an orphan and had to live in an orphanage where you didn’t know anybody. But that quite blue-eyed boy, seemed to become a closer friend than you first expected.

Chapter Summary: You visit Castiel at work because he had something to give to you. Though something neither of you expected happened. Will it affect your friendship or will you just go on like you used to?

Words: 1225

Pairing: eventual Castiel x Reader

Originally posted by youngdazzlingandlost

Warnings: angsty?

A/N: So guys, Monday I’m gonna start school again which means I won’t get to write as much as I want to anymore. I hope I can still regularly update this series, but I can’t promise anything. Feedback is as always appreciated! (this part sucks I’m sorry)

Orphans - Masterpost

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Leave a “Wed Me” in my ask, and I’ll write a drabble about a character under the subject of wedlock [be it characters proposing to or marrying another, feel free to specify.]

Authors Note: For my wonderful lamperougesoph :) Queued this for when I’d be away, so I’m sorry that this is super late! This turned out to be sickeningly fluffy, but I hope you guys like it anyways!
Rated: T (Because Rin has a potty mouth)

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Follower Forever

Hi everyone 😝 So I literally just reached my all time follower goal which I set when I first started my blog, which is 777 followers. I know to some people it may seem like a miniscule number but I’m truly grateful to every one of my followers as well all the wonderful friends I’ve made through these short 7 months. I hope that we continue to be close and continue to fan girl over whichever group you may Stan, whether it be Got7 or any others. I love you all with my poor markjin obsessed heart, please be well and healthy everyone! 😣💕

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Falling In Love Part 9 (Cameron Dallas)

“I’m glad you’re alright.” He whispered while his head rested in my neck. “Of course I’m fine. Nash was there to help me.” I said. He pulled away and looked into my eyes. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there.” He said. I smiled and connected our lips. It was passionate and slow at first. But as we kept kissing the kiss depend and I felt his hands travel down to my legs. I could feel his hands go up my shorts and then there was a knock at the door. I pulled away from him and groaned to myself. “It’s Nash.” I whispered to him. “Acting time.” He said. I smiled and nodded. “Acting time.” I said and walked over to the door. I made it so I looked angry and he did as well. I swung open the door and looked up at Nash. “Have you seen Cam-” He started to say but then saw Cameron. “What’s going on?” Nash asked looking down at me with concern. “Nothing’s going on. Cam was just leaving.” I said anger in my voice and turned to Cameron and winked at him. “Nash can I talk to you actually?” Cameron asked. I looked back up at Nash and I could see shock in his eyes. “Sure.” He said. The two of them left my room. A part of me wanted to be with the two of them while they talked, but I really didn’t want them to talk at all. It made me nervous not knowing what either of them would do.

I stayed in my room just looking out the window for about two hours. It was almost time for us to go out on stage for Magcon, yet neither Cam or Nash have come back to my room. Just then my door opened and I turned to see Nash. “Hey.” He said closing the door behind him. “What happened?” I said walking up to him. “Nothing happened. We just talked and everything’s all good now.” He said making me smile. “So Cash is back?” I said. He laughed and looked at me. “Cash is back.” He said. I gave him a hug and finally everything was right between everyone. “Now come on we better get downstairs.” Nash said. I nodded my head and grabbed my phone before leaving the room. We got out in the hall and walked with all the other guys down to the backstage area. Bart introduced me out first as the temporary DJ and then one by one I started introducing all the boys. This was actually pretty fun. Now I knew why Mahogany had so much fun all this time. Hours passed as the crowd screamed and we all performed doing random stuff out in stage. Magcon was getting better and better for me.

“Alright everyone, we’re all going to take a quick break and we’ll be back in about 15 minutes.” I said through the speakers as our break time came around. Me and all the guys walked backstage and got drinks and rested for a few minutes. I went around the corner into the hallway and called Andrea real quick. “Hey sis what’s up?” I said as she answered the phone. “Kayla! Oh my god how are you? I heard you’re the DJ this week.” She said in excitement. “Ya something came up with Mahogany so I stepped in.” “Well that’s great but can I ask you a question?” “Sure Andrea.” “How are you doing with Cameron there?” “Oh, well you know, we aren’t really talking much at the moment. I’ve been avoiding him.” I said and felt someone wrap their arms around my stomach from behind. I smiled to myself and listened to Andrea talk. “Well make sure you talk to him at some point. It’s not good to just avoid him.” She said. “I know Andrea, don’t worry I’ll talk to him.” I said. Cameron made it hard to act like I was mad at him as he kissed along my shoulder and my neck. “Alright good. As long as you talk to him.” She said. “Well I gotta go now sis I’ll talk to you later.” I said and we hung up.

“You know you make it really difficult for me to act like I hate you.” I said putting my hands over his. “But you know you love me.” He said kissing my neck again. “Cameron stop someone’s going to see us.” I said laughing in between my words. He spun me around and pinned me against the wall. “No ones going to see.” He said smiling at me. “Your such a loser.” I said. “I’m a what?” He said. “Your. A. Loser.” I said slower. He smiled at me and crashed our lips together. He slipped his tongue through my lips and our tongues fought together. He wrapped my arms around his neck and his traveled down my sides. I didn’t really want to do this here, but I kind of had no choice. “Told you they made up.” I heard someone say. Me and Cameron tore apart from each other looking at where the voice came from. Matt, Nash, and Taylor stood there with their arms crossed. I knew it was Taylor who said it, he always did. My cheeks blushed red at the sight of them and I dug my face into Cams chest as he hugged my waist. I looked up to the three boys who were looking right at Cam. “Come on lovebirds we got a show to continue.” Matt said. I saw Nash smile and he winked at me once we made eye contact. “We’ll continue this later.” Cameron whispered to me as the guys left. I smiled and took his hand before walking down the hall.

I walked over to my area on stage the boys soon following. I looked for the track to play for Jack and Jack and felt someone behind me. I turned my head and saw Cam once again. His hand was placed on my lower back and I laughed at him. He was risking showing the fans out relationship just to be close to me. How sweet. “Find it yet?” He asked. “Just did.” I said and looked over at the Jacks. They gave me a thumbs up and I started the music. Flights was first. I always admire the two boys friendship and their voices. All the guys were out there on stage dancing behind Jack and Jack. Nash dragged me out from behind the DJ table to dance with them. I did a little until I felt Cameron place his hands on my waist. “What are you doing?” I whispered to him. “Dancing with my girl.” He said and grabbed my hand spinning me around to face him.

I smiled and pecked his lips. We danced together for the whole song and I felt like a princess. He made me special. The rest of the show consisted of Jack, Jack, and Shawn singing their songs. It was a good way to end the show. The two of us went back to my hotel room after everything was all picked up. I closed my door behind me as Cameron walked over to my bed and laid down. “Tired there Dallas?” I asked walking over to my dresser. “Very.” He said. I laughed and changed into my shorts and a tank top. I brushed out my hair in the mirror and saw Cameron turned over and looking at me. “What?” I laughed. “How is it possible for someone to be so beautiful?” He said making me blush. I put my brush down and walked over to him. “I could say the same thing to you.” I said. I crawled up to him and connected our lips. Our kiss got heated pretty quickly but before it could go too far I stopped it. “Not tonight mister. We both need sleep.” I said. I laid next to him as he wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me into his chest. Sleeping in his arms was the best thing in the world.

A/N-So not quite sure on how I like this chapter…It’s kind of just a filler I guess. Let me know what you think. The next few chapters are going to be pretty awesome though! Wednesdays should be better I hope. I got a few surprises mixed in so be prepared everyone! ;) Anyway I love you all and as always come get to know me in my ask!!!

Arrangement 004

“Okay, so there’s a flight attendant,” Draco looked up from his coffee, confused. “Sorry, Leo, what on earth is a flight attendant?” “Sorry, dear. A flight attendant is a person who works on a plane, taking care of the passengers.” Draco shook his head, even more lost. “What is a flight?” Y/n rolled her eyes, “Did you pay any attention in Muggle Studies?” He looked at her, as if she just noticed his hair was blonde. Leo continued, “Anyway, so this flight attendant is taking care of the captain, right? She tells him they’ll be landing soon, and to give the announcement to the passengers.” Draco whispered to Y/n after almost every sentence, ‘I’m so confused.’ She would shush him, trying to hear the story. “So, the captain goes on the radio, and says ‘Alright, passengers, we’ll be landing in Hawaii in twenty minutes! Hope you enjoyed Pacific Airlines!’ But what the pilot doesn’t know, is that he’s left the radio on! He continues talking to the copilot and says ‘You know what I could use right now? Some hot coffee and a nice blow-” “What is a radio?” “DRACO!” “The flight attendant, who’s in the kitchen, hears that the captain left the radio on, and starts running to the cockpit to let him know.” “Is a cockpit what I think it is?” “Draco if you don’t shut up right now,” “And as the flight attendant is running to the captain, a passenger shouts out, ‘HEY, TOOTS! DON’T FORGET THE COFFEE!” Leo, Veti, and Y/n erupted into laughter while Draco stared, baffled. Helvetica stood up, grabbing Leo. “Well, this breakfast was fun, but we have some business here in Paris. You two enjoy your honeymoon! Breakfast tomorrow?” Y/n nodded, sipping her tea. “Of course! Goodbye, you two!” They exited the cafe, leaving Draco and y/n. “So, what do you want to do today?” Y/n frowned, “I don’t really know. I was thinking of shopping, maybe visiting a museum.” Draco bit his inner cheek, “Am I included in any of those things?” She looked at his puppy dog eyes, and rolled hers. “I suppose a museum is big enough for the two of us.” He smiled, dragging her out of the diner. “Come on! There’s something I want to show you!” He took her towards the back of an alley, and apparated them to the outside of a short, but large building. Y/n couldn’t see the sign on top, which left the identification a mystery. “Malfoy, where on this large earth did you take me?” He giggled, dragging her indoors. “Combien de billets voulez-vous, monsieur?” Draco pulled out one hundred and twenty French pounds. “Je voudrais deux toute l'année passe pour moi et ma femme , je vous remercie.” The woman at the entrance smiled, passing him two tickets. “Profiter de votre visite, monsieur.” She winked at Draco as he hauled y/n into the large building. “Was that woman flirting with you? And since when have you spoken French?” He laughed, passing her the ticket. “Which do you want me to answer first?” She narrowed her eyes, challenging him. “Alright, fine. I’ve known French since I was a kid. Mother thought it would be important. And I wasn’t really paying much attention to the woman at the entrance, so I can’t answer you.” She didn’t know why, but that simple wink made her uncomfortable. She had a rare feeling of insecurity at the fact that Draco and her were arranged. He could have any woman, but he got stuck with her. And to top it off, in one year’s time, he could shag whomever he wanted. For some reason, the room became ten degrees hotter, and y/n began to sweat. “Are you hot? I thought it was rather cold in here. Let me take your jacket-” “I’m fine. So, what is this place?” Draco blushed, covering his hands over her eyes. “It’s a surprise. I want you to be absolutely shocked when I reveal where we are.” He guided her through the building. All her senses were peaked. Every parent and child passing by was heard, as were the mops on the marble, and the air conditioner. However, one noise was unidentified. This only added to the enigma. She felt her breath speed up when, as a group of school children passed, her back bumped into Draco’s chest. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but she enjoyed the warmth it provided, although she was heating up. Finally, he stopped walking, and removed his hands. He leaned in towards her ears, whispering, “Open.” She finally lifted her eyes, and screamed. She jumped into Draco’s arms, half squealing and have laughing her heart out. He hugged her tight, watching what made her react. “Do you like it?” She got out of his grip, smacking his arm. “You bloody sod!” As she hit him, she looked behind his figure, and shrieked once more. “I thought this would be an appropriate place to take you, considering. And, I bought all year passes! So, we can come here whenever we want!” Y/n laughed, “You mean, we can come here again? For a year?” He pointed to her ticket, and noticed its quality ended in a different year. They both became silent as they realized the ticket’s expiration date was also their’s. Y/n looked up, trying to ignore it. “I cannot believe you brought me to a bloody aquarium.” “Ah, not just any aquarium, but the shark tank!” She giggled, walking towards the glass. Different breeds of the predator circled the couple in a menacing fashion. Draco walked next to her, leaning against the railing. “They’re such fascinating creatures! So misunderstood.” Y/n nodded, bumping his shoulder. “Thanks for taking me here. It was a bit scary at first, but after a while, I’ve grown to like it’s solidarity.” He smiled, “Yeah, not many people come to see the sharks ‘cause they’re scared.” She leaned her head against his shoulder, biting her lip. “I like it, though. I get it all to myself.” 

After their lovely trip to see villain of the past night’s film, y/n went shopping, leaving Draco to do whatever he wanted. Tomorrow would be their last day in the city of love, so he wanted to do something special. He wasn’t too sure how he’d plan something romantic, and if she freaked, keep it under a friendship facade. While he worked on the surprise, y/n was at a very high end store for young witches, Le Chapeau Pointu. She roamed the beautiful dresses and blouses, admiring each elegant fabric she found. A young witch, a few years older than her walked up with a name tag, signifying her qualification in sales. “Hello, how may I help you today? Is there anything a beautiful witch like you is interested in?” Y/n smiled, contemplating. “Actually, there is something I’d like. See, I just got married-” “Combien il est passionnant ! Je suis si content pour toi!” “Anyway, tomorrow is my last night in Paris, and I would like something a bit more..” “Sexy? Ready to impress your lucky man? Chérie je suis si heureux pour vous!” She blushed, “Actually, we’re arranged!” “Ce que le baiser! How terrible! How do you manage?” Y/n bit her lip, “Actually, I think I might be..catching feelings for him. I don’t know, we hated each other.” “I don’t know how you do it! If I had to marry my enemy, I’d kill myself!” Y/n sighed, “I’m not sure. I want to hate him, but I can’t. Not after these past few days..” “Mon amour, who is your man?” “Draco Malfoy” The saleswoman gasped, attracting other shoppers. “You’re husband is-” “Draco Malfoy, notorious death eater, I know.” “Cheri, you do not want to love that man! He is danger! Oh mon Dieu!” Y/n frowned, looking at the dress she had planned to wear to dinner. She decided to go in the dressing room anyway and see if she at least looked decent. After zipping herself up, she turned around and smiled. The gown was an off the shoulder, black satin, which flowed down her in a most elegant fashion. She knew that even though she wouldn’t wear it, at least not this next year, she did desire to feel beautiful, and this dress did the trick. Y/n left the store, with a blush bag hanging in her left palm. The cool, Paris air followed her like a pet as she took two lefts, made sure she was out of sight, and apparated. In a blink, she was surrounded by the neat beds and empty hotel room. She was alone, since Draco was still out and about. She wondered about him, but figured it unhealthy. She decided the person to talk to was Helvetica. She rang the girl on the telephone the hotel provided. It buzzed for a moment, until her melodic and cheerful voice was heard on the other end. “Hello?” “Veti! It’s y/n.” “Y/n! Darling! What’s up?” She smiled, chatting away with her foreign friend. “Well, uh, I just got back to the hotel. Wanna come to my room for drinks?” She was barely able to finish her sentence when a knock on her door was heard. “One sec, someone’s at the door.” She looked through the peep hole, smiling. “That was fast!” Helvetica smoothed past her, smirking. “I’m a fast girl.” She hopped on Draco’s bed. “So, where is he?” She bit her lip, sitting on her bed. “He’s out.” Helvetica nodded, smoothing the sheets as she rested. “Have you given any thought to what I said?” “Yes, and I gave him a chance last night, but today, I was talking with this woman in a store, and when I mentioned his name, she…she became scared.” Veti nodded along, accepting the information. “I don’t really mind him that much. Draco hasn’t done anything rude or harsh. Really, he’s been a gentleman. In fact, today he took me to the aquarium!” Helvetica smiled, perceiving how her friend’s attitude changed thinking of him. Y/n bit her nails, thinking. “You know, something strange happened.” “What was it?” She shifted her position, hugging her knees to her chest. “Well, while he was buying the tickets, speaking French, while at it, the woman at the entrance..um..” “She what? Did she eye his arm, or something? Say ‘nice ink?’” She shook her head, “She winked at him.” Veti’s small, playful smile, turned into a large, surprised grin. “What?” “You have feelings for him!” “I do not!” Helvetica jeered, “You don’t find him attractive at all?” She thought for a second about his blonde hair, or pale skin and eyes. She thought of how, when he smiled, childhood dimples would reappear, or when he laughed, he couldn’t help it. It just happened. She thought about his hands. He really did have nice hands. She shook her head, smiling. “I’m not sure. I like his as a friend, right now. If it becomes something more, then that’s that.” Her friend stood up, crossing towards two cups, upside down in the pantry. She muttered an incantation, filling the glasses with wine. “Now, let’s discuss what’s in that large, Le Chapeau Pointu bag!” 

After, what seemed like, hours of laughing and crying in between giggles, y/n became worried. They sipped at their drinks, casually, while discussing tabloids, but something sparked in her mind. “Wait, I haven’t heard from Draco all night!” Helvetica looked up, frowning. “Darling, I’m sure he’s just wandering the city.” “No, no, no!” She rushed around the room, tapping her arms. “No, he should have been home by now-” She stopped herself, her eyes widening. “Wha-What? What did I just..” Home. That word resinated in her head, sinking in like seasoning on a sizzling pan. “I, I’m sorry. He should have been here by now.” Helvetica got up, walking to he door. “I’ll check with Leo. Tonight’s a big quidditch match, maybe the boys are in my room.” Y/n nodded approval, running to the bed. She couldn’t understand. ‘I’m supposed to hate him. This is a one year thing. This isn’t home. Wherever he is will never be home. He’s nothing but a selfish, cruel, death ea-’ The door clicked open, the tall man rushing inside. “Y/n! I heard you were in trouble! I-” “I’m fine.” She spit her words with venom, hitting him directly. He gulped, running a hand through his hair. “I,uh, thought you wanted to spend some time alone, so I-” “Its fine. Barely noticed you were gone. Where were you, anyway? Because wherever you were, you should have stayed.” He bit his inner cheeks, “I was at a place.” “Obviously, Malfoy, get to the point.” He closed his eyes at how coldly she would use his name. “I can’t tell you.” She laughed, humorlessly, staring at the ceiling. “What, were you at a bar? Just say so.” “No, I wasn’t. Alright, I was at this little place in Hossegor.” She snarled, “You were at a beach?” He smiled, trying to lighten the mood. “Not to swim.” It was then that he pulled a small bag from his inner coat. ‘Enchanted pockets.’ He looked down at the ratty, white bag, before passing it to the girl on the bed. He looked like a child, giving their parent a gift for Christmas. He was, in his own way, proud of it, but still overly eager to receive approval. However, Draco was much more nervous. From parents, he could expect, at least, fake kindness. Y/n, however, would do no such thing. She glared at the bag, hating that this was what worried her. It was the idea, however, that she was nervous about his whereabouts that upset her. He clenched his hands, ringing them in fear. “W-W-Well, aren’t you going to open it?” She sighed, avoiding his eyes. She knew if she looked into those icy pools, she’d drown. “What is it?” He tried to lift the heavy tension, laughing to himself. “Well, it’s a wedding present, of sorts.” Her e/c eyes, immediately, shot up to his, despite her previous contradiction. The way he stood, shaking a bit from insecurity made her heart melt. She softened her gaze, patting the spot next to her. She took a deep breath, slightly blushing at his gesture. “You..you didn’t have to get me anything.” He lifted his knees, leaning his feet on the side of the bed. “I know, but I wanted to buy this for you.” She smirked, “And they only sold it in Hoosegor?” Draco nodded, determined. “Yes, actually! I searched for it everywhere! I couldn’t find anything in Paris, so I had to go all over the place! Finally, in some hole in the wall, I got it!” Y/n lifted the paper filling, smiling. “Why’d you go through the trouble.” He looked down, his cheeks dusted pink. “You’re my wife. Why wouldn’t I?” It felt like her heartbeat stopped for a moment. The way he spoke about her, it made er feel..guilt. She didn’t ever say ‘My husband, Draco Malfoy’ with such fondness. For a split second, she imagine their life filled with galas, parties, and multiple events to introduce herself as Mrs. Malfoy, Draco’s loving wife. Then the remembrance of 363 days left of their marriage hit. She tried to distract her thoughts, and just looking into the cheap bag worked. She squealed, holding up a old disc of Jaws. “Oh my Lord! You bought the DVD!” He smiled, more to himself, and knocked his knees. “Well, I thought you should have it. After all, it is the perfect combination of our absolute favorite films. Really, it’s our movie. If everything in this..relationship..is separate, like your bed, and my bed, or my house, and your house, this one thing will be..ours.” She gaped, her mouth slightly curling. It seemed like every minute she spent with him, the more Hufflepuff he became. “There’s more.” She peaked back into the bag, and pulled out a blue shirt with the movie logo pasted on the front. She frowned, placing it on her lap. Draco’s nervous nature only escalated. “Oh no, you don’t like it! I knew you wouldn’t! How could I have been so stupid, of course you wouldn’t like it! Its too ugly for you! I’ll return it! You must hate blue! Well, at least now you do! Gosh, I’m so bloody stupid! I should-” “Draco!” He stopped rambling, slowing himself to a helpful speed. “I love the shirt! So much!” He beamed, like a seven year old receiving a participation ribbon: innocent and happy. “Really? You really like it?” She smiled, rushing to the bathroom. In two seconds, she returned, wearing the shark over her pajama pants. “How do I look?” She posed, imitating a model. He flushed, fiddling with his fingers. “Beautiful.” She looked at the floor, giving a lop sided smile. “Thank you. And, as a proper thanks, you pick the movie tonight!” He gave a school boy grin, thanking God that she meant what she said the night before. He scrolled through titles as she made popcorn. His eyes stopped on a picture of a woman’s face, covered slightly by a butterfly. He rented the film, and shut off the lights with his wand. When Y/n returned, she laid the popcorn on the side table, munching on a handful. “What did you pick?” “Well, a detective from fibby-” “Fibby?” “Muggle thing. Anyway, she’s a part of the fibby, and they seek help from a caged psychopath to catch another crazed psychopath?” She nodded, “So, like, the take’s one to know one kind of thing?” He nodded, explaining a bit more of the synopsis. After only a few minutes, she shifted, uncomfortably, in her sheets. “Something wrong?” He, with instinct, leaped to her bed, kneeling by the side. “I..it’s just a bit scary.” He nodded, thinking of something to do. “We could sit on the floor? That way, if you’re scared, you can tap my shoulder, and I’ll tell you when you can look.” She nodded after a minute, and climbed down to the floor. He dragged his comforter around them, along with his pillows. “Malfoy, it’s fine. You don’t have to-” “I want to.” They smiled at each other, never revealing their true intentions of huddling under a hotel blanket. Throughout the film, Y/n would unconsciously move closer to him, hiding in his shoulder. See, Draco was a very smart man. He knew this particular film would be not too scary, to completely turn her off, and go to bed, but enough to attract her to continue watching, with precautions. Really, she cuddled against him the entire time. That was the night that Draco Malfoy’s favorite movie became The Silence of the Lambs.


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