i have a deja vu

{Imagine} Wonho having Deja Vu when he sees you.

Hellooooo may i request a Wonho Scenario where he have a Deja vu moment when he met you? Thanks!!

The crowd screamed at the top of their lungs; his name could be heard from every corner of the room. Lights and arms swung in the air of the sound of his voice, and usually, he’ll watch them all in awe. Though today, he’d caught your eye. You were close to the stage, and a fuzzy feeling tingled in his stomach every time his eyes caught yours.

Everything about you felt so familiar, looking into your eyes was like looking at home. Your smile, your body, your eyes; it all felt like he’d seen it before. Maybe in another life you’d been by his side. He wasn’t sure if it was the adrenaline, or if he was truly going crazy but his deja vu was telling him he’d known you before.

He extended his arm out to reach you, but you were too far, and girls flooded forward at his action. You were lost in the sea of people, but he was more than determined to find you again. 


Guild Wars ½ Screenshot Comparison

Something I’ve always found interesting, playing Guild Wars 2, is how consistent the art style “feels” with Guild Wars 1 in many respects. Walking around the GW2 Charr areas, I often feel a sense of deja-vu, having played through the same area multiple times as “Pre-Searing Ascalon” from Guild Wars 1.

This made me think, when you put them side-by-side, how much do the locations in GW2 reflect their origins in GW1?

Well… It’s a mixed bag, as you can see above. Left is GW1, right is GW2, and these are the areas:

  • Lion’s Arch (GW1) and the sunken ruins of Old Lion’s Arch (GW2)
  • The view from Camp Rankor (GW1) and the view from Rankor Ruins (GW2)
  • The Ascalon Catacombs (GW1) and the ruined structures in the same location (GW2)
  • Droknar’s Forge (GW1) and Sunken Droknar (GW2)
  • Ascalon City (GW1) and the closest matching area (GW2)

Now, GW2 is meant to take place over 250 years after GW1, and many areas are supposed to be very different (for instance, the previous Lion’s Arch and Droknar’s Forge were destroyed, in-world, by a massive flood) but I’m surprised about how much the architecture differs to big setpieces like The Great Northern Wall in Ascalon City.

That being said, what’s more interesting is that I didn’t really notice this very much until I took the screenshots, which I guess is a testament to how the second game preserves the spirit of these locations, if not their actual appearance.

I have a few more, but I’ll save those for another post.

Okay, so let me tell you why I admire Okabe Rintarou.

Number one: What a good man, I mean, what a good man. I mean, yeah, he’s a hipster tsundere chunnibyou shit, but he changed his identity on a dime to keep his best friend from succumbing to despair and fading away because he loved her just so much.

Number two: When this girl he loves so, so much is killed by Moeka, he puts himself through the wringer to save her life. What does this involve? Sending his memory back in time (which, in the VN, is revealed to be an agonizing process in itself) and watching her die again and again, but he never gives up, no matter how badly it hurts or how far he has to push himself

Number three: oh god, and he agonizes, and kills himself and blames himself over all he has to do to save Mayuri, including but not limited to basically killing Feyris’s dad and restoring Rukako to a life of gender dysphoria and he feels so bad about it, oh god, these poor children

Number four: When he finally gets the opportunity to kill Moeka, the woman who killed the most important person in his life, (in the VN Makise flat-out tells him to kill her if he has to) despite all his hate and anger he cannot bring himself to kill her. he just can’t.

Number five: when Moeka lies dying (anime: shot by Mr. Braun/ VN: stabbed by Nae), in the VN (and maybe in the anime too, its been a while since I’ve seen it) he forgives her.  He wonders in his head if he really means it or if he’s just saying it to make her feel better, but he says it. he forgives her and lets her die in relative peace, this woman who killed the most important person in his life to keep the most important person in hers, and I could go on forever about Okabe and Moeka’s parallels, but I’ll just leave it by saying that Okabe is such a better person than I am, because I would have killed her with my own two hands and held that festering hate from the womb to the tomb

Number five: he realizes that he loves Makise, and he still sacrifices her for Mayuri because Oh God it hurts and this is such a horrible decision and in the VN it was so hard to watch him realize and debate with himself, because fate has dictated that he can’t have them both and oh my god my son my beanpole son

Number six: He does it and she dies and he tries to move on, but he gets a chance to save her. And he tries and he fails and he almost gives up for the guilt, but Mayuri helps him. And he is broken and sad and traumatized, but he picks himself up with Mayuri’s help and he tries again

Number seven: this new attempt ends up with himself getting stabbed. and he is standing there with a knife in his stomach and the woman he loves alive and well- and he stuns her, and digs into his own wound to provide enough blood to fool his past self and save them all and oh god then he waits around to make sure it worked when he’s bleeding out and in agonizing pain

Number eight: after all this happens, he has pins made and invites all his friends to be parts of the lab- even Moeka. He has been through so much and caused them all such pain, but he’s doing his best to make it right with the tools he has been given, and oh my son I die


Number ten: the movie, ok, when he says that all he ever wanted was for kurisu and mayuri to be safe and it really doesn’t matter whether he fades from existence or not now i’m crying help

I just love Okabe Rintarou ok, he’s such a good and forgiving man


Similar expressions + poses of Lapis Lazuli and Margo from Rebecca Sugar’s unfinished comic, ‘Margo in Bed’.

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Interviewer: "who has the best hair on the team?" Tyson: "I would absolutely fuck Gabe, have you seen him, what a stallion, so big, so bronze, so beautiful, here have my room number, nothing gay here, he's just that beautiful, you all agree, right? right????"

I’m pretty sure that’s exactly how the interview went

MysMe ABO Scent Headcanons

warning - yooseven and juzen shipping ahead

  • 707/Luciel Choi/Saeyoung
    • alpha, but his scent is really mild so most people assume beta unless he tells them otherwise
    • smells like lavender and tea
      • probably chamomile
    • when his friends visit he scents them subconsciously bc he hardly ever leaves his house
    • likes honey buddah chips bc they remind him of yoosung
      • has no idea this is why he loves those damn chips
    • Hates when Vanderwood stops by bc it takes days for the smell to fade
      • Vanderwood has been told by some people that their scent reminds them of gourmet coffee, but all Seven smells is skunk
      • if you’ve ever smelled a skunk that reminds you of coffee you know what i mean
  • Yoosung Kim (unproblematic fave)
    • omega af
    • smells kind of like vanilla and honey, everyone thinks it’s precious and strangers have to repress the urge to scent him on the street bc how adorable is the cute little blonde sugar cookie over there
    • has no idea Seven is an alpha until he’s over at his place and a heat hits.  
      • nothing would have come of it (seven has hella fans and air filters for his computers, plus will of steel) if Vanderwood hadn’t shown up and asked what smelled so good
      • yoosung wanted nothing more than a cute gf until he saw Seven being protective and now that’s all he can think about
    • made a nest in seven’s bed with seven’s sheets and clothes, and when the alpha saw yoosung curled up in it he cried bc it was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen
  • Jaehee Kang
    • beta more like BAEta
    • scent is almost undetectable
      • like for real you have to basically lick her to notice it
        • (it’s lilies)
        • (*lick lick*)
        • (ily jaehee)
      • makes her super-good at her job bc businessmen don’t realize she’s there and say things they wouldn’t otherwise
    • Has perfect osmic memory, can identify anyone she’s ever met if she’s close enough to smell them
      • so yes she knows about your affair
  • ZEN/Hyun Ryu
    • This motherfucker YUM
    • What is he?  Who cares?  He smells nice.
      • he’s an alpha, but literally no one gives a shit
      • except Jumin they fight over who tops
        • (jumin wins every time tho)
    • Smells like fancy cologne, and that’s a big reason he’s famous
      • specifically xeryus rouge from givenchy if you have ever had the opportunity to smell that holy fuck
      • it sells out every time he does a show
      • jaehee has a bottle in every room
      • zen doesn’t notice if anyone’s wearing it, he just gets bad deja vu
        • (have i been in here recently? idk)
    • Pretty easygoing alpha until he hits his ruts then damn
      • hoo boy does Jumin love squeezing that knot till zen yells
      • lots of angry sex w/bf
      • LOUD AF
  • Jumin Han
    • hooooly shit fam talk about alpha
    • dude is an alpha’s alpha
      • (literally, but metaphorically too)
    • Mista Trustfund Kid walks into a room and legit everyone knows who’s in charge
      • it’s him
    • Acrid scent.  Strong af.  Gasoline or some shit, fancy cigar smoke
      • but like in a good way
      • like a “THE BOSS-MAN IS HERE” way
      • no wonder zen loves motorcycles and smoking lbr

Amazing, more than 6 million views in the first day! I think I’m having Deja Vu! / Increíble, más de 6MM de visitas en un día! Creo que estoy teniendo un dejavu! Shak @princeroyce

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Will there a shirtless scenes on tomorrow episode?

lol I don’t know, sorry anon.

Anonymous said: why can’t robron be like vadam?  i’d take less robron if it meant we didn’t have to deal with stupid deja vu plots. i’m sick of it.

I get what you’re saying but vadam have their own deja vu plot coming soon so no one is immune really. Especially in soap.

Anonymous said: Can I ask how many photos are there for week 16/17?

About 25 for 16 and 30 for 17 so far, if I remember correctly. 

Anonymous said: Do you have the cast list for week 16?

You can see it here: robronspoilers.tumblr.com/week16

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I am having a lot of emotions running through me because of this album. The Maine recently released their 6th album on April 7, Lovely Little Lonely. If you know me by now you already are aware that they are my favorite band. I’ve been a fan of them since the Fall of 2007, right when I was going into my first semester of college. Freshly turned 18 and felt I could take on the world. I thought I knew everything and prepared to work a full time job while being in school full time. I was so wrong at the time but all my experiences leading up to this very moment has been worth it all. I would do it all again, without a doubt I’d change some minor details but I’ve never regretted anything. 

The past 10 years have been a rollercoaster ride and The Maine has consistently evolved with each new album they put out. You can feel how much heart and soul they pour into each song, each melody, each note, and each word sung. It sounds insane that I’ve relied so heavily on their music but it’s not just the music. It’s the friendships I didn’t know I needed or the places I’ve traveled to that I never realized I needed see. The state lines crossed from all the car rides, to train rides, the bus drives, and airplanes from coast to coast. Those friends who opened their homes to me with the endless exchange of money for hotels and tickets.  To the moment we are finally in the crowd together with too many drinks in our system. It’s in those moments I’ve felt my happiest and found a place to feel at home. The familiar faces and the unknown ones brought into one room all because of music. 

I want to thank The Maine for always being themselves. For experimenting, staying true, and for always thinking of the fans in everything they do. From a simple hug and hi, to free tours, to a festival to celebrate them and everyone in that moment. 

If you are reading this far you clearly are a trooper but I will leave you with this. The Maine throughout these past 10 years have shared their message, I can’t speak on their behalf  but my interpretation is that you are not alone and you never will be. What you are going through, your feelings and views are real. You are real, you are alive, you may be struggling or you may be at your highest of highs. One thing will always stand true that you are not alone in those moments. There will be someone who feels what you are feeling and they might not be right next to you but that’s okay. If you need help reach out or if you ever need to talk I will always be here for anyone who needs someone to listen. Please don’t hesitate to take that leap, The Maine was right it is worth the fall.

Please give this record a spin if you are taking anything away from my scattered thoughts. Be kind to one another and spread positive vibes. Keep on keepin on my friends and thanks for reading this. 

PS thanks again to The Maine for putting out another flawless album. Thank you for 8123 and all the memories attached to it.