i have a day off work

Bts reacting to you working long hours!


“Hours and hours at work. You’re such an independant woman, damn.” Has a smirk on his face.

“Joonie no.”

“Come on, you can be a little late…”

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“What am I supposed to do all day if you’re gone?” he asked while giving you kisses.

“Cook me a delicious meal?”

“You just want me for my cooking skills.” 

“Of course not. Also because you’re very hadsome!” You kissed him before getting up to get ready.

“You hurt me.”

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“Jagiyaaaa,” he said in a whiny voice, “don’t gooo. I know you’re going to stay therefor hoooours.” He tried pulling you back in to bed. 

“Hobi stop. I have to go. I’ll eat lunch and take breaks dont worry.”

“I guess I’ll go too but you owe me cuddles!”

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“I can’t believe you have such a busy schedule.”

“You do too though?”

“Haha you right. Let’s at least have lunch yeah? And I’ll bring you some coffee to your office.” He kisses the top of your head and leaves.

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“No marshmallow please stay~ We can watch movies and cuddle and build forts and eat sweets and waaaaah so many things to do!”

“Taetae you know I can’t.”

He tackles you and attacks you with kisses before you can even get up, “I’m not taking no for an answer so call in sick!”

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“But do you have to today?”

“I have to alomst everyday Chim.”

“Make room for at least one Jimin visit pleeeeease?” he pouts.

“Okay, one thirty minute chim trip scheduled,” you look up at him to see his blank face, “fine fifty minutes but thats all I can do.”

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“Laaaame, you should stay here and cuddle me!”

“I can’t even get up because of your heavy arm!” You try pushing it off but it flops back on you.

“You can’t get up… and you’re so warm… no point in working all day today if you ask me.”

(You’re tae)

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@xxtorchxx made this gorgeous manip and it lit a fire of inspiration in me.  She was kind and generous enough to allow me to lend my words to her perfect image.  Just bask in this brilliance for awhile.   As should go without saying, do not repost, re-use or claim this work as your own.  If you like it, use that little reblog button in the bottom right corner of the post.

A million thank-yous @xxtorchxx for your talent and creativity and for your thoughts on this little fic to complement it.  

Thanks to @reginalovesemma for the edits.  As always, you elevate my work.

A note about this little fic.  Mon-El was never Kara’s boyfriend.  In this little world, he was the funny, goofy, sidekick pal we all deserved him to be.  Kara misses him and does have to deal with the loss of a friend, but he did not have the dominating presence in her life he was given in canon.

Please enjoy!

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BTS Reaction to their S/O having weird sleeping habits and/or hogging the blankets

Anon asks: om bTS REACTION TO THEIR SIGNIFICANT OTHER HOGGING THE BLANKETS/ kicking in their sleep/ other weird sleeping habits ?? tyty xxx

Literally me. - Admin Cat


If someone had told him you would wake up in the middle of the night, only to get up and start cooking he would have laughed. However, it was his first night staying at your apartment, you spent several hours curled up next to him, blanket shoved up around your chin. Seokjin woke up at three in the morning, the first thing he noticed was that he could smell pancakes, which was peculiar. Who would be making pancakes at 3 am? That’s when he emerged from your bedroom to find you cooking, your eyes were open and he thought you were awake. However, once you finished cooking you left everything out and shuffled back into your bedroom. Jin asked you the next morning and you laughed at him incredulously. 

“What do you mean I was cooking last night?” You looked up from the stove when you had gotten up this morning everything was clean in the kitchen, no sign of a mess. 

“You heard me, I came out here at like 3 am and you were making pancakes.”

“Pancakes?” Jin opened your refrigerator and pulled our a plate of pancakes wrapped in cellophane. 

“Babe, you made pancakes.”

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Yoongi loved the way you slept. You slept with one leg hanging the edge of the bed, the other strewn across the pillows. You would try to find every position imaginable to get comfortable when you slept. 99% of the time you ended up curled into him, gripping him in a bear like grip until he shook you off in the morning.  This morning was no different, only this time you had managed to lock your legs around his caging him to you. 

“Y/N… I have to get up and go to work.” He gumbled, you groaned and locked your legs tighter around him. 

“No. Stay with me, all day.” You replied. He laughed and kissed your forehead. 

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“Y/N, I have a question for you.” Hoseok tapped your stomach lightly. You turned from the television to look at your boyfriend. He was smiling at you, per usual. “Did you know you hit me in your sleep?” You raised a brow and coughed. 

“I do what?” You asked, crawling over to sit in his lap. 

“Yeah, you flail your arms and slap me, it really hurts Jagi.” he whined at you, he knew you probably couldn’t help it. He kind of found it funny. You, on the other hand, were mortified. You didn;t even realized you did this. How could you hit your boyfriend? 

“Hobi, I am so so sorry!” You cupped his cheeks and he shook his head a lslighy liaugh bubling from him. 

“Jagi, it’s okay.”

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Namjoon didn’t expect to see you walking around the house at midnight when he arrived home from practice late one night. You were pacing around the living room. He set his keys down and cocked his head to the side. 

“Y/N?” You didnt answer him, instead continuing your pacing. He strode over to you and gently shook you. You jolted awake and he smiled. 

“Joon? What are you doing?” You were confused. How did you end up in the living room? 

“I just got home, why were you pacing in the living room?” He asked and you sighed.  You were doing it again. You used to sleepwalk. It happened mainly during times of stress and you had some stress from work that had been building up.

“I’m sorry, I uh… I sleep walk when I get stressed.”

“Then, we need to find a way to relieve that stress.”

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Jimin woke up cold. He swore he went to bed warm and curled up with the love of his life. He turned turned to you and found the entire comforter wrapped around you. You were tucked in like a burrito. It was the sixth time this week that you had stolen the blankets from him. “Jagi, wake up.” He gently nudged you until awoke. You flared st him, wondering why he disturbed your sleep. 

“What?” You sat up, your cocoon of warmth leaving you as you tried to rub the sleep out of your eyes. Jimin gestured to your blankets.

“Babe, we have to talk about your problem.”


“Y/N, you steal all the covers and I am cold.” Jimin whined with a pout. You rolled your eyes.

“Chim You’re being dramatic.” He laughed at you suddenly, you groaned looking at the alarm clock. “Jimin it’s 4 am, I am going back to sleep.”

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Tae thought it was hilarious, hearing the things you said in your sleep. The first night he stayed over in your apartment you had been asleep, talking fervently about how the lemon meringue pies were out to get you. The next morning he teased you relentlessly and you slapped his arm. You were embarrassed by it. 

“Look, you do it too Kim Taehyung.” You accused and he looked over at you incredulously. 

“I do not!” He exclaimed and hugged you to him. Tae was such a hypocrite, he talked non-stop at night, especially when he came home from tour. 

Jagi, the purple penguins are wearing sequined tuxedos!” You mocked and he laughed loudly. 

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Jungkook tried to think of all the ways he could get you to stop snoring at night. He loved you, more than anything but, My God he thought you were dying everytime you stayed over at the dorms. Jungkook loved you to death, he had tried to lift your pillows up, tried those breath right strips. Everything. He hadn’t properly slept in days. 

“Jungkook, what’s wrong?” You asked him one morning over breakfast. He looked up at you tiredly.

“You snore honey.” Jungkook took a large swig of coffee and you chuckled.

“I know.”

“Can it be fixed?” He would never want to change anything about you, but God He Just wanted some sleep.

“I’ll go to the doctor and get it checked out.”

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Life Without You // Calum Hood


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A/N: Worked my butt off. I hope the anon who requested this likes this. And yeah, drop by my ask to request or just talk, about anything. I’ll go do my chemistry homework now. xD Have a great day/night!

You were exhausted. Absolutely fucking exhausted. Every inch of your body ached and how you would kill to get a good massage.

The day had been long and had worn you down to the core. You wanted nothing more than to drink a warm and relaxing cup of tea and collapse into the bed for the day. You wanted to get out of the tight jeans and the crisp white shirt whose collars made your neck feel itchy. You wanted to slip into the pair of lose grey joggers that awaited to provide your legs some comfort. You wanted tear off the white shirt and put on Calum’s rather worn out tee that you had claimed as your own before he went off on tour.

God how fucking tired you were.

And although you wanted to do so many things to just end the night and get some well deserved sleep, you were here at your best friend’s house, watching after her baby while she was out on a date night with her boyfriend.

You would have turned down your friend’s request but you knew how she and her boyfriend had been so busy after the unexpected arrival of a baby that they’d barely gotten some time to themselves. And as Calum was off on tour, you didn’t have anyone to go home to.

Babysitting this little angel wouldn’t really have been a problem if you weren’t about to fall asleep on it. But you had no idea that your boss would make you work off your butt today and ask you to travel around the city from meeting to meeting so much.

So here you were, yawning with your mouth wide open with a half asleep cranky baby in your arms, partially wishing you had said no to your friend in the morning.

Somewhere in between trying to rock the baby to sleep and fetching yourself some water, you found yourself with your phone wedged between your shoulder and your ear, the voice of your boyfriend ringing through your ears.

“Hey babe,” Calum greeted, sounding an awful lot more cheerful than you currently felt.

“Hey,” you greeted back, already feeling your shoulders relax only by his voice. A small smile tugged at your lips for the first time that day.

“You sound tired Y/N, you alright?” He asked. Apart from his voice, you could hear the other boys bickering in the background.

“Yeah,” you nodded even though he couldn’t see you. “It’s just been a long day. Can’t wait to hit the bed.”

You heard footsteps shuffle on the other side of the line. The voice of the other boys faded in the background and you understood that Calum had probably switched rooms. “Sorry, they were being too noisy.” He said. “You’re still with Kate?”

“Yep, but Y/F/N is going to be back in like ten and then I can go sleep for the rest of my life.”

Calum chuckled in response. “To be honest, you sound as if you actually really need that.”

“It because I’m tired,” you whined, as you sat down on the couch, little Kate right beside you. “Anyway, excited for the show? Speaking of which, aren’t you supposed to be on stage right about now?”

“Just wanted to hear your voice before I did,” he said and you could only imagine him with that satisfied smirk of his.

You chuckled at his cheesiness,”Shut up, Calum. Now go rock the stage! I can’t wait to see the concert pictures.”

“Alright, alright. You get some sleep. I love you, okay?”

“I love you, too.”

As soon as your friend returned you handed over the baby to her, collected your things, pecked your friend on her cheek, bid the little family goodbye and got the hell out of there.

As you opened the door of your car, a loud, long yawn escaped your lips. All you could think of was the cold touch of the bed’s duvet when you would finally climb into your bed changed out of your work clothes.

“Fuck this shit,” you muttered as the car behind you honked yet again. You were stuck in traffic for nearly half an hour now and you couldn’t be closer to losing it. When the car behind you honked again, you turned around, poked your head out of the window and scowled at the driver.

Popping your head back inside, you closed your eyes and took a deep breath trying to calm yourself down. When you opened your eyes again, the red lights were turning green and you heaved a sigh of relief.

You restarted your car as the ones in front of you surged forward. As your feet pressed down on the accelerator your heart was rejoicing. A step closer to home sweet home.

As soon as you’d moved forward, another car sped in from the left side. It hit the car beside you, crashed straight into its side. The loud thunk of metal clanging against metal rang in your ears and your eyes widened as the car that was hit spun into yours. The glass of the window shattered, the shards piercing through your skin. But the pain felt like a haze as the entire car shook, quaking everything inside of you as you hit the curb.

Your heart wasn’t as joyous anymore. It felt heavy, as if everything was collapsing on it. And as chaos broke around you, your breaths became shorter and the world turned darker- bit by bit until the black engulfed your vision.

Calum ran backstage, the screams of the fans still echoing through the stadium. His hands still shook from the adrenaline. He kept his bass by the boxes with Luke and Michael’s guitars and headed off towards the dressing room where the other three had already gone. Calum was pretty satisfied with today’s show. He felt like it had been great. The fans seemed to have the time of their lives too.

When Calum walked into the room, he saw that everyone had a grim face. Luke was frantically running his fingers through hi hair while Michael and Ashton tried to figure what information their tour manager was getting over the phone.

“What’s wrong guys? Why do you all look so worried?” He questioned, grabbing the bottle of water by the dresser.

Nobody had seen the MaorI boy walk in, and when they turned to see him, they all turned a shade paler.

“Guys,” Calum repeated, voice turning conscious as he saw the looks on everyone’s face. “What’s wrong?”

“Calum…” Ashton began. “Calum, Y/N…”

Hearing your name already had Calum panicking. His heart raced and his eyes widened, body turning warm with panic in the worst way.

“Y/N what, Ashton?”

Nobody could bring themselves to say anything. Silence reigned over the room, and the commotion from the stadium buzzed through the room like a low hum.

Y/N what, Ashton?” Calum roared this time.

Their tour manager, Jeff, was finally off the phone, stepping in front of him. “Y/N is in the hospital. She got into an accident and is still unconscious.”

It was like the entire world collapsed on his shoulders. The room around him spun and tears blurred his vision. His breaths grew sharper as he waited for someone around him to deny what had just been said. But no one said a word.

Michael cautiously approached Calum, hands reaching out to steady him. “Dude, you alright?”

Calum nodded, roughly pushing off his friend’s hand. He turned to the manager. “When did you find out?”

“About ten minu-”

Ten fucking minutes and you tell me now?” He yelled, the vein on his neck popping into prominence.

“You were on stage, and you were about to come off so I just waited,” Jeff explained.

“You waited? Why the hell would you wait? My girlfriend is in the hospital! Do you even understand?” Calum was screaming at the top of his lungs. Anger, anxiety, paranoia and sadness gushing through his veins all at the same time.

“I need tickets back to the city,” he said, turning away from the manager to look around for his phone.

“But Calum-”

“Jeff, get us all tickets now. The fans will understand.” Luke said, cutting off further arguments.

Calum was on the way to the hospital as soon as they had reached the airport. He didn’t wait for his luggage, couldn’t give two shits about it as he pushed through the crowds to get into the cab he’d booked.

As Calum stepped into the hospital, the glass doors parting automatically for him, the smell of iodoform and antiseptic filled his senses. His heart felt like it was in his throat and he was sure he was about to puke, He felt terrified. He feared the absolute worst. But he couldn’t even begin to fathom what it would be like to lose the love of his life. No, no. He couldn’t think about this.

He stopped right in front of the reception desk. “Y/N Y/L/N, please.” He infromed the lady.

“I’m sorry, sir, but only family is allowed.”

Calum scowled. “Cut the shit, please. I’m her fucking boyfriend.”

“Sir, this is a strict policy-”

“I don’t give a fuck about your policy. I just need to see my girlfriend! Why is that so hard for you to understand?” He said through gritted teeth.

He felt a hand on his shoulder. Luke pulled him away from the reception desk while Ashton did the talking.

“I just… I need to see her, Luke.” Calum confessed, his voice quivering with emotion.

His tall blonde friend, pulled him into a tight hug. He let Calum cry silently into his neck, tears flowing down his pale skin.

“Calum, I called Y/F/N. She’s in the room with Y/N. She’s coming down right now.” Michael said, giving the Maori boy a soft, encouraging smile.

Through the constant buzz of the crowd in the hospital, Y/F/N came running down. When her eyes fell on Calum, she hurried towards him, engulfing him in a hug. “Thank god, you’re here. She’s upstairs. She’s stable.”

Without paying any heed to whatever the receptionist was saying, the boys followed Y/F/N.

The first thing you heard as you slipped in and out of consciousness was the steady beep of the heart rate monitor. When you were slightly more anchored, you heard Michael’s voice. “No, no. No she’s alright. Yeah, Mrs. Y/LN, we’ll keep you updated. Calum’s right here. He fell asleep. He’s pretty shaken. Yes. Got it. 5 am.”

You slowly opened your eyes, your pupils taking time to adjust to the bright light. Your throat felt drier than the desert and you ached for a sip of water. As you turned your head to the left to check for a glass of water, you could see a head with black hair resting by your pillow.

You smiled, emotions tugging at your heart as you lifted your hand to see if he was really there. Your palm met his soft, black curls- a delusional hum of content left the asleep boy’s lips.

“Looks like you’re up,” Ashton’s face popped into view.

“You guys are actually here,” you croaked out.

Luke and Michael leaned over the other side with Y/F/N. “Alive and in flesh,” Luke said.

You managed to cough out a laugh. Beneath your touch, Calum stirred, slowly rising. A yawn left his lips and his eyes widened when he saw you were up

You smiled. “Hi, there love. You’re back early.”

Tears pooled in Calum’s eyes. “Baby,” he whimpered. In a second his arms were around you, face buried in the crook of your neck.

‘Woah, easy tiger.” You winced at the sudden pressure.

Calum immediately unwrapped himself from you. “Shit, fuck, sorry.”

The others cleared the room, Ashton muttering something about “giving them some time to themselves” as he led the others outside. You shifted, patting the side of the bed, inviting him to join you.

When Calum shook his head no you pouted. “Why not? I just want some cuddles.”

“Don’t want to hurt you,” he said, shaking his had again.

You rolled your eyes. “You’re hurting me by refusing a cuddle, get your hot ass on the bed.”

Calum laughed as he got up, lifting your blanket up to settle in beside you. “Only you, Y/N. Only you.”

He lay on his side, an arm underneath your head as his eyes decided to run all over your face. His other hand was in your hair, often slipping down to your face to caress your cheek. You leaned into the familiar touch of his calloused fingers, humming in contentment.

He didn’t rush you when you told him what had happened and choked on your words. He wiped the tears off your face with his thumbs and held his own back. Kisses were shared, reassurances exchanged. Throughout the night he held onto you, afraid you were going to slip away. You held right on back, not even beginning to grasp what it would currently feel like if the roles were switched.

“I was so afraid I would lose you,” he mumbled into your hair. “I never want to feel like that again. I was losing my fucking mind, Y/N.”

“I’m still here, aren’t I? I won’t ever leave you, even when you want me to.” You mumbled into his chest, your fingers tracing the tattoo on his bicep.

“I wouldn’t want you to leave me,” he said immediately.

“I’m just saying. I love you too much.”

“I love you way too much too,” he said. He pressed a kiss to your forehead and then made his way to your nose, cheeks, every inch of your face before finally pecking your lips, his soft pink ones brushing against yours.

He smiled into the kiss when he heard you let out a soft giggle.

He couldn’t even begin to imagine life without that sweet sound. He couldn’t imagine a life without you.

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hiii, i've been feeling a bit down with all this bg 2.0 being all over liam promo. i don't follow liam a lot so i wanted to ask you when do you think this is going to end or how they could end it because i'm not seeing any possibility now :(

The amount of Liam’s promo being wasted on Cheryl and babygate 2.0 is incredibly frustrating, but there’s not much any of us can do about that.  It can be disconcerting that Liam’s managing to sell it so well, but again, that’s not his fault.  There are certain things he has to do and with it being obvious that the Old Team is still involved with all the boys somehow, it’s pretty much guaranteed that OT are the ones pushing this on him.

There’s always a way this can end.  If they haven’t claimed a paternity test has happened yet and that it was positive, then a paternity test can take place at any time.  They’ve already set up a narrative where Liam is the backseat parent with Cheryl getting full control over the name and being the one to stay with the baby while Liam is all over working on his solo career.

If they stage a breakup, then they can claim there are parental disputes and then a test can happen, or if Liam finds out she “cheated” on him, then he can demand a paternity test because of the doubt that raises.

It’s also possible that this babygate will fade out the way Louis’ has.  He hasn’t been seen anywhere near Briana or his supposed child for months and months.  The last time was the very short, soundless video from the 1st birthday party.  Even before that there was a drought of Louis + baby pictures. After this round of promo is done, Liam may stop talking about it every single interview.

If one of them gets a paternity test, it would be very easy for there to be chain reaction that sets up the other one to get a paternity test “just in case”.  There are always ways that these things can end, so worrying about that doesn’t really serve much purpose.

The question isn’t how they can end, but whether the teams will actually take those opportunities.  We just can’t know if or when it will happen.  There haven’t been clear enough signals recently to give any sort of idea of how long this will last.

I know that someday things will get better for 1D.  I’m pretty sure that day will come in the next 1-2 years, but that’s about all I can say without having enough information to go off of.

The only thing you or I can do is decide what to focus on.  For me, I can’t do anything about the babygate stuff, so I ignore it as much as possible and focus on the other parts of the interviews, enjoy the music, and keep an eye out for the signs the boys like to send us.  

If that doesn’t work for you, you might need to focus on a different fandom for awhile.  You don’t even have to give up 1D or Liam, but focusing on something else can help you feel better and get perspective at the same time.  I just watched Yuri on Ice in a 1-day marathon recently and am working through Sword Art Online for instance.

Francesco Totti’s lovely farewell speech

disclaimer: this is an approximate translation from another source (click) also prepare yourself from some tears

“Eh, ssh… It’s easy for you!

Here we are. The moment has come. Can you hear me? 

It looks like a concert! 

Sadly, this moment arrived, even though I hoped it would never arrive.

These days I read a lot of things about me: good, beautiful things. I cried a lot, every single day, by myself like a lunatic. Because 25 years are not going to be forgotten, with you behind my back that helped me through good and bad moments.

And for this, I want to thank you all here, even though it’s not easy in this circumstance. You know I don’t speak a lot, but I definitely think a lot. And these days with my wife we had talks about the years I had with this shirt, this unique shirt.

I wrote a letter for you as well. I hope I will be able to read it out. If I don’t manage to read it all, my daughter Chanel will do it for me, because she loves it.

(I need to take a breath, sorry, it’s not easy for me) - in a laughing manner - I’ll go before it gets too late. I suppose you’re hungry, it’s time for dinner. Even though I’d stay here for another 25 years.

Thank you Rome, thank you mom and dad, my brother, my family, my friends. Thank you to my wife and my sons.

I wanted to start from the end, from the farewells, because I don’t know if I’ll be able to read this all. It’s impossible to tell about 28 years in a few sentences. I would like to tell them through songs or else, but you know I’m not good at that. So I tried to write them with my feet, for these 28 years, which was a lot easier for me.

You know what my favourite toy was? The ball. It still is. But at some point we get old. This is how they told me time works, damn it.

It’s that same time that on that 17th of June of 2001 we hoped it would run faster. (The day Roma won the Scudetto) We couldn’t wait to hear the referee blow his whistle three times. I still have goosebumps about it.

Today time came at my door saying: “We have to grow up. From tomorrow onwards you will be old. Take off your shorts and shoes because from today you’re a man, and you won’t be able to smell the grass of the pitch from this close. The sun in your eyes when you’re running towards the goal. The adrenaline that consumes you and the satisfaction in celebrating.

I’ve asked myself in these last months, "Why are they waking me up from this dream?" 

Do you remember when you were kids and you were dreaming something beautiful? And your mother wakes you up because it’s time for school, but you preferred staying in bed and sleep? And you try to get back into the story again, but you never succeed? 

This time it wasn’t a dream. It was real life.

This letter is for all of you, for the kids that cheered on me, for the ones that were once kids and are now fathers, and for the ones of today that maybe still yell "Totti goal!”

I like to think that my career will be for you a tale to tell to people.

Now it’s really over. I take off my shirt for the last time and I fold it nicely; even though I’m not ready to do it yet, and maybe I never will.

Sorry if in these last few months I didn’t say anything about what happens and my thoughts, but turning the light off isn’t easy.

Now I am scared. It’s not the same fear I have when I have to score a penalty, this time I can’t see through the holes of the net what will happen next.

Let me be scared. This time I am the one who needs you and the warmth you are able to give me. The one that you always showed to me. – fans start chanting very loudly – With you by my side, I will surely be able to turn the page, and to begin a new adventure.Now it’s the time to thank all of my teammates, the staff, the managers, all the ones who worked beside me all these years. The fans, La Curva Sud. A symbol to us Romans and Roma fans.

Being born Romans and Roma fans is a privilege, being the captain of this team has been an honor. You are and you will always be in my life. I won’t be able to excite you with my feet anymore, but my heart will always be there with you.

Now I’ll go down the stairs, I’ll go into the locker rooms that met me when I was a kid, and I will leave as an adult.

I am very proud and happy to have given you 28 years of love. I LOVE YOU. “

“Happy” Memorial Day??

There are some things in life I don’t get, and this day is one of them.  It puts an edge on my teeth when people say “Happy” Memorial Day. The only thing that bugs me more is “Happy Good Friday.”  I know most people view it as the day that “kicks off summer,” but I’m afraid to some, it has lost it’s significance.  I get that because many people are off from work in the states…though that is not actually true as people in medical areas or government agencies and retail are working.  However, to so many it has become a day set aside to party.  By all means, people should go to a BBQ or a picnic, enjoy the beach, visit with their family.  But, I just hope that everyone remembers the reason they have the freedom to celebrate this important “holiday” is because of the sacrifices our men and women have made to ensure us Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  

PSA rant over….

Enjoy your day everyone.  

A Dream Come True 5/?

Finn Balor x Reader

(Y/N) is a single thirty-year-old woman who wants more than anything to be a mother. After finding out she is pregnant by the sperm donor she chose, she begins emailing her donor. Was it all fate all along?

AN: This is a Finnervention! This chapter is all about sex and it is a very long one. There are a lot of cameos from other WWE superstars and Finn’s secret gets out. I want to thank @wwesmutdonedirtcheap for the 3 hour Skype call discussing this and the podcast. The next chapter is the first time they meet and she finds out who he is.

Tag List (Hopefully it works because its been a pain in the ass):  @ladywitheclecticheart , @angelicvipbeauty, @vebner37, @lavitabella87, @flightofthefantasies , @ambrosegirlforever , @lakama15 , @sugurunicorn , @dandelionw1shes , @valeonmars, @theactingpickle,

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Hey, I would like to request a reaction to S/O wanting to spend a day off watching Disney movies and or Netflix. I couldn't choose between the two Lol, so you can decide. Idk if you've already done a reaction like this and sorry if you have. Thanks so much, xoxo.

Thank you so much for Requesting! I’ve decided to do both in the same reaction, if that’s all right.

Rap Monster:

“I don’t know Y/N, I really need to get some work don-” *S/O gives puppy eyes* “Oh, okay…”

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“As long as there are Disney princesses, I’m in!”

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“Only if I get to lay down through the whole day.”

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*Gets very excited* “Okay, you get the blankets and I’ll get the popcorn!”

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*Would say yes immediately just to make you happy* “Of course, (nickname)!”

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“Can we cuddle, too?” 

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*Would most likely bring up a time when you didn’t do something for him* “Well, how about that one time when…”

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I've been at my job for 6 Months doing nothing but closing and preclosing. I rarely have a shift that isn't. This week I finally requested two days off. But they won't be two days off to enjoy though. I'll be spending them working to pack up stuff. I'm so tired of working so much. I'm always tired. Fast good is killing me


sooooo about twenty five people ended up showing up to our “small, impromptu picnic” but everyone contributed and we made it work. everyone seemed to have a great time and some seriously hilarious moments occurred (see above [the boys have sesame breadsticks in their mouths😂]). not too bad for our first backyard get together. tired & grateful. looking forward to a relaxing day off with hubs tomorrow.

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I just saw the gif of Ignis and I couldn't help but imagine coming home from work and your Ig-NIS greeting you with that smirk...

gif in question!

“I’m home!” you announce to your dim apartment after a long day at the office. The silence that stretches while you take off your boots and shake the moisture off your umbrella worries you just a bit; what if he was out in this awful weather?

You were still not done with stitching the silicon on his left shoulder, if his silk dress shirt got wet under the rain, it will definitely leak into his inner workings!

Aaah… If only you texted him to skip getting the scheduled groceries today!

Thankfully, you don’t have long to simmer in your thoughts, your beloved android was in the kitchen leaning over the stove. The monotone tapping of his house slipper on the floor matches the ticking of your wristwatch exactly. The sound  stops with the sudden straightening of his spine; he turns the flame off and picks the frying pan off the hot stove.

The whole house was unlit, he must have forgot to turn on the lights and somehow managed to cook through the night vision filter. Your human eyes only see with the help of what little moonlight leaks through the window, the outline of your housemate looks like artwork.

And oh boy he was a work of art indeed.

“Hi Iggy.” You greet him with a shy smile, the unfamiliar nickname tastes sweet in your mouth.

“Oh how wonderful, you’re back safely.” He turns his head until he finds you with his good ocular orb and makes a strange face, like a cat that finally caught the mouse. It makes your whole face tingle. “Guess what I learned tonight?”

You pause to swallow around the sudden lurch of your heart, you were still not used to being the main focus of this gorgeous creature’s attention. “What?”

He sets whatever was in the pan onto a plate and turns to approach you. His hip clicks with every step, you make a mental note to get that oiled within the week.

The mysterious smirk on his face remains, his prominent cupid’s bow gleams under the wan lights filtering through the blinds. “But first, a riddle.”

“Okay.” You chuckle, bashful and overwhelmed by his proximity. Ignis had been in your life for a over a year now, but this was the first week he spends with functioning legs and he hasn’t yet installed any scripts to calculate personal space.  

He’s supposed to smell like engine oil and lubricant from this proximity, but this beautiful machine smells like your detergent and kettier ginger.

He takes another step closer, his hip clicks, the height difference cranes your head back to meet his eye but all you can see is the cut on his lower lip that needs gluing.

“What is ham but isn’t always pork, burgundy but not always red, changes shape and material yet still called the same name everywhere?”

Your face grows warm but you push forward, intrigued by whatever update brought on this sudden playful mode. “I dunno… What?”

“Hamburgers!” he chimes, the suggestive smirk blossoms into a satisfied smile. “Do you get it?”

Your laugh only makes the attractive pull on his lips stretch further, flashing brilliant white teeth. “Where did you learn that one?”

“Prompto relayed it to me fourteen hours ago, said his user was so pleased with the humor that she laughed herself to tears.” he searches your face for moisture, “I’m relieved you are not crying, at least.” 

The lights suddenly come on all at once, in the kitchen, the living room, reflecting off his protective visor. It blinds you into squinting your eyes shut and reaching out for balance, your searching hand finds his velvety fingers and hold tight.

Your lips curl around the word ‘what’ but before you could say anything, Ignis answers as if he’d read your very thoughts. “The electricity had been down for a few hours. The whole building is offline, did you not notice?”

“Oh… No, not really.” come to think of it, the stairwell was dimly lit -emergency lights, no doubt- and the hallway was badly illuminated as well… 

It dawns on you how excited you were to come back home for a change… Also, for the first time since you moved out of the countryside you call the little apartment ‘home’…

When you can see again, he is smiling lovingly at your scrunched up face; another kind of blinding brightness. “The homesteading website suggested I use up all the ground meat in the fridge to keep from expiring. So I made Crown-City style hamburgers!” he gestures to the sunny side up eggs sitting on top of thick juicy patties of mince meat, all in a nest of cabbage and sauce.

“Hamburgers…” Stunned, you look up at him again, all bright and proud and eager for validation. “How did you know they’re my favorite!?”

“They are?!” he opens the oven to pull out the other five hamburgers that’d been warming inside. “Enough to eat five servings, I hope?”

I have this week OFF!!!! 5 consecutive days off.

Last time this happened was when Gavin was about 5 months old and I was home for the month of August. Wow.

I am really looking forward to doing some yoga, meditating, cleaning, enjoying alone time, and just being productive in general.

Tomorrow I’m going to a morning yoga class! Looking forward to a change of pace on a Monday.

I deserve some time off and while I’m excited to start working again, the time to myself will be rejuvenating 🤗