i have a day off work

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Four people have messaged me throughout the day asking if I'll come in for work. No. I have this day off. No I will not come in and help. I have homework I need to get done. Leave me alone.


Willow Creek, 7:42 am. 

- Morning Rituals 3/3

Caleb: Look, mommy, I eat everything! 

Julie: Yeah, you’re a good boy aren’t you, sweetie?

Elliott: Come on kid, I’ll drop you off at school. How is it going by the way?

Addie: It’s nice, I think I’m making some friends.

Elliott: Thats great, kid! *to Julie* See you later, gorgeous! *kisses*

Julie: Have a good day at work, love you guys!

Elliott and Addie: Love you too *waves*

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So i was at the grocery store and was scanning my stuff at like those self scan thing and it freezes so like i call for help and the guy who came up was like "They have this condition where they hate everything." so like he tries fixing it and half way through he just goes " I hate this thing." and then as im walking off with my stuff after he fixed it i hear him go "I can have you deactivated." And honestly Stan

Stan having a summer job in a grocery store and always complaining about his customers and his job to the other Losers all day long 👌 👌
like, the customers would come to him to complain about something and Stan would jut be like “…i mean, it’s none of my buisness” “but You Work Here”

also imagine the other Losers visiting him at his job as a surprise and Stan hiding behind one of those self scan things while one of his customers is using it, whispering “dont tell them i’m here”

The Birthday Party


Description: long days at work but finally having the time of your life with your friends only to be introduced by a real life Christian Grey.

Genre: Smut (18+)

Word Count: 1,579

A/N: hello! This is my first ever one shot and I know its a little shakey at the moment but I do promise that I’m going to improve in the future so please look forward to my other works!

After long dead nights at work, you finally have the weekend off to spend time with your best friend. After all, today is her 21st birthday and that indicates that she is at the age to FINALLY drink. You and a couple of girlfriends decided to take her out to her first club night out, she is a party animal so it is most likely that she’ll LOVE it.

As you walk into the building, your ears are filled with loud music, having skin contact with sweaty bodies eveywhere, and your nose being filled with alcohol. This was what you called freedom.

To start off this amazing night, your group of friends and yourself grab a couple of drinks from the bar to release any remaining stress in your mind; to finally have the time of your life of not having the thoughts of work and assignments running through your exhausted mind.

Drink after drink, song after song and dancing with strangers and your friends, you’ve finally decided to take a rest at the bar, asking the bartender to give you a shot of Hennessey. He gives you an “Okay”, leaving you to rummage through your purse for your wallet. A tall figure approached the seat right next to you and told the bartender that he was paying for the drink. But being the drunk person you are, you couldn’t focus on this man’s face. You frown at yourself for being this fucked up and not being able to see the gentleman that’s offering to pay for your drink.

You start to make your way to have the drink in your hand but without any warning, the stranger aggressively grabs a hold of your wrist.

“Caaaan youuu let goooo??” you say, but all he does is laugh because of your slurring of words. He didn’t reply but still had his firm hold onto your wrist. He shifts a little bit, and you see him add something to your drink but you were too dizzy to care what he was adding into your drink.

Finishing his suspicious task, he finally let go, leaving you alone with your drink. You then look at your drink and thought of what he would have added into your beverage. Unfortunately, from all the thinking your head started to throb, making you carelessly drink out of the spiked drink.

You made an attempt to stand up to go back to your friends but all of a sudden your vision started to get blurry. You started to wobble your way to your friends but your legs turned into noodle, making you end up collapsing in a pair of arms.

You slowly wake up, being greeted with a huge headache, which makes yourself regret drinking all of those shots from earlier. But as you open up your eyes, you’ve realized that you are in an unfamiliar room. You started to examine the room and finally notice that both your hands and feet were tied to each bed post. Your heart rate and the sweat forming on your head starts to increase as you start to panic.

You tried your best attempt to get yourself untied but it was no use, you were tied up tight. You looked more into your surroundings to find anything that can get you out of this mess, but all you came across with were… Toys?

You shudder as you realized that they weren’t the normal “kid” toys in a toys R us store, they were those types of toys you would see in a fifty shades of grey movie.

Your heart rate increases more making it feel like your chest was going to explode any second.

But then you suddenly hear the door of the room creak open, which gave you the action of closing your eyes. With your eyes closed, you hear the footsteps of the person entering the room, the stranger’s footsteps moving closer and closer to you.

“I know you’re awake. No need to pretend, princess.” he purrs. You forcefully open your eyes to see your kidnapper.

Your mind was confused, it was like deja vu. You had the thought that you have seen this man before. His facial structure looked familiar but it wouldn’t budge.

“You don’t remember me don’t you?” he asks you. You shook your head no, but you swear you knew this man.

“I was that gentleman who bought your drink.” he says with a smirk. Your eyes widen in realization. You finally remembered, he was the guy that drugged you.

“You were that guy tha-” You started to scream out but he cut you off by inserting a gag ball in your mouth.

“You silly girl. Don’t start screaming out or else my punishment for you will get more dangerous. The name’s Taehyung, Kim Taehyung.” he winks at you. You force out a scream but it comes out as a muffle. Tears form in your eyes as you realize that you’re going to get laid by a complete stranger.

He begins to stroke your face, pushing your hair back to make your face more visible. Taehyung’s hand starts to linger more around your body. Touching your breast to touching your womanhood and lastly your legs.

“Ready to have some fun?” he states with a smirk. You rapidly shake your head no but he just chuckles.

He makes his way to the back of your dress to unzip it, exposing you with only your bra and underwear. He softly touches your body once again, sending shivers down your spine.

You haven’t been touched in a while but having a stranger touch you made you shudder in disgust. However, the touch of this man sent thoughts of lust into your mind. Making you slowly give in to his soft contact.

Taehyung notices that you are finally accepting this. He then removes the gag ball from your mouth and connects his lips with yours. He places his hands on one of your breast and softly squeezes it, releasing a small moan from your mouth. Taehyung disconnects his lips from yours to make trails of kisses from your neck to your lower region. He then removes your underwear, revealing your womanhood. You see him reach over to the table that was covered with items, seeing him grab a whip

“Every time you make a loud noise, I’ll whip you. Got it?” he states. You nod while looking fearfully at the whip.

Taehyung starts to grab a hold of your thighs and starts to lower his head to your opening, feeling his warm breath hitting your entrance. He begins to lightly lick your clit, causing a great sensation happening inside your body, making your back form an arch.

Through your wetness, he begins to enter his middle finger in you, causing you to quietly moan in pleasure.

“You like that sweetheart?” he mumbles through your pussy but as he spoke, vibrations were sent to your core, making you whine as an answer. Hearing those noises from you made him smile in satisfaction.

He begins to use his tongue to roughly create circles around your clit, increasing his pace with his fingers. You forced your eyes closed as you were starting to hit your high. But Taehyung’s presence from your entrance disappeared. You whine, but as a response, he whips you. A small squeak coming out of your mouth.

“No whining either.” he points at you.

Taehyung stands up from his knees and starts to remove his pants, revealing a large bulge from his underwear and pre-cum leaking through the fabric. He then lowers down his underwear, his long manhood standing up from excitement.

He gets on the bed once again and places his length right in front of your face. He roughly grabs your hair and forcefully inserts his member into your mouth, causing you to gag. He begins to slowly move his hips back and forth as tears start to roll down your cheeks. Moans starts to escape his lips which made your core throb in response.

His moans started to get out of control, queuing you that he was about to reach his climax, and he was. He quickly removes his length from your mouth and begins to move his hand up and down from his hard member, releasing the white liquid all over your face and your mouth.

“swallow it.” he demands, having the whip up in the air which made you do what he says.

He then goes back to your entrance and inserts his member inside you. You were expecting his to start off slow for you to adjust to his size but he does the complete opposite, making you cry in pain. As a response, he whips you.

“Did my words not go through your fucking head little slut?” he growls. You whimper at his sudden harsh words but that only made him thrust faster and harder, causing you to grab a hold of the sheets beneath you.

He gives his last thrust, sending the both of you to your climax. Your moaning and his uneven breathing were ringing through your ears as your limbs were twitching from the insane sensation you just had with this stranger.

After Taehyung recovers, he makes his way out of the bed to reclothe himself. He then leans over your sweaty body and smirks at your exhausted state.

“I’ll see you again tomorrow.” he says then walks to the door, leaving you alone on the bed, naked.


Autumn Semester - Week 4, Saturday

Sick and tired of being at my desk/table, hence my will to go to the library (which was cancelled due to my clumsiness). I ended up working on my focus essay on my bed, only to end up on the floor (on my new carpet! You can guess what my fav colour is from this post alone…). 
Anyways, I’ll have to proof-read this before handing it out and I’m done. Also, the irony? I’m working on The Yellow Wallpaper. Too much yellow in one post. 
PS: Aren’t my new glasses so cute? I’m in love!
PPS: I’m off reading. This day is doing weird things to me.

I’m currently stuck in the position where I have too many story ideas and not enough time to do them all.


Good morning run and lifting gif! My lift was cut way short as I got text to do a rehearsal early today! My run was great though! Watched some gold rush which I am so glad is back on tv! Made my distraction very entertaining but I did make a point today to focus on form and step instead of just mindlessly running!

The leg set started at 270 and I added 90 every set up to 450 doing 20 reps in each set not taking a break or releasing tension through the set. It is my favorite way to get sore fast! 💪

Puppies are having a lazy Saturday!

At work yesterday I got to play with a pressure washer (I know I am wild and crazy! 😂)

Hope y’all are having a great day! I am off to weigh in and then scarf!

Oct.21st.17. (Boring personal entry, sorry!♡)

I was given two pleated skirts as gifts ( I love them and I’m so grateful! ) , but the measurements were so off the size chart. I had to take them in myself and I was kinda terrified to work with the pleating, but I did a pretty nice job??

I’m starting hardcore corticosteroids today for my messed up jaw/cracked tooth that my demon bite destroyed >_>“ it’s a positive thing in multiple ways though, I have to eat a meal with each pill (I have to take 5 on the first day aka today, good god), and we all know I need to eat more.

Also playing inquisition yesterday hella calmed me down. I made a Lavellan that looks terrifyingly like me using some photo references…. it’s hilarious and a little creepy to watch the cutscenes. I would have absolutely intruded in on a random ritual and not be afraid of some giant gnarly monster and pick up a glowing orb though, I fuckin would. I’m so obnoxious and a plucky fool. High accuracy. FIGHT ME.

~October 21st, 5/100 days of productivity~

I finished my first greek thought midterm essay! I went on a 4 mile hike and lifted today so my schedule for homework is a little off, I have a lot of chem work + greek thought reading to due tonight. Butttt I might just push it all off till tomorrow. Oops…

Its not a coincidence

Hello hello ^^ So as you can see, I’ve been revamping Yoongi’s design (most likely going with the LY theme) and making some minor changes on the flowers!
This year of high school has been more hectic than I thought .-. and luckily I had three days off this week to work on this. As for asks I hope pencil drawings are okay since I wouldn’t have time for full out coloring or having access to my tablet, but I would love to continue this storyline!

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Are you feeling okay?

No anon, Fuuko-mun is not okay.

Been dealing with an unusually long bout of depression. Its been a week and I thought I was getting better but no.

I am on my 42nd hour of working. 12 hour days. I am on day 4. I have 3 more days to go. No I don’t get any full days off in between.

This office is hell. Pure unquestionable hell. I have seen 27 people in 7 hours. They are not easy. Between the drug-seeking, whiny, smelly, annoying, liars, impossible to please…yes its all coming down. 

And I have to smile and be nice this entire time. 

I want to scream and I can’t. I want to cry and cuss and I can’t. I am a ball of anger, frustration and fatigue and I can’t do that here. 

I try to get a break here on Tumblr and I can’t. Between the annoying and offensive and the embarrassing, it doesn’t help. I do have good friends here, and to a degree that does keep me somewhat afloat.

My friend @ask-artemis-prima whose known me for almost 7 years knows how much it takes to break me. I am strong. Like a bull. But any matador knows that even the most powerful of bulls can be brought down if you stab it enough.

This bull is starting to cave, and its not pretty.

I’m really getting freaking sick of all my friends flaking on me at the last minute. 

Like I get it, things happen, and sometimes you have to cancel plans. But when it happens so many times in a row, and for things that you really shouldn’t cancel on, it gets fucking annoying. 

I’m talking concerts, day trips, pick ups/drop offs, things you pay for ahead of time. It’s really not cool to back out of those things last minute. 

hey guys!! this is just a heads up that i’ll be uploading later in the day today (at least not for like four-ish more hours) because i forgot i had to work today and rushed over here without my laptop :((

Inktober day 21 - Circus witch!

Oh my god, I uploaded before nightfall! I decided to this before I go off to the studio to do work but I really wanted to get this out so I have time for the Hallow’s Writer’s tag. I was actually kinda stumped for this piece since I only went to a circus when I was really young and never been to one ever since. So I went with the ringmaster on the trapeze, performing some magic to excite the crowd. 

Please do not edit or repost without permission.


Just me, and a couple photos I took on recent walks. I’ve said it before and I say it again, I do love Fall. So pretty. Around these parts though (Seattle area), we are prone to Fall storms though - high winds and cold rain - with little notice. Thankfully no power outages, but with how dry our summer was, we do have some weak trees, which puts our power lines in some danger.

 Anyway, life wise, things have been pretty quiet as of late. I took Wednesday-Sunday off this week, so one more day off before I go back to work on Monday. I have primarily been catching up on some sleep, waking up when my body wanted to, which is usually around 8:30-9:30. That extra 2-3 hours of sleep has made a world of difference. I just need to learn to go to bed earlier on work nights, because I feel so much better.

 I can’t remember what I last posted about, so ummm… I had an eye appointment last Friday which went well and I had no issues, but my doctors have been wanting me to go see one as it’s been, oh, 20 years since I went last. 20/20 vision, so yay. The usual Bible study on Fridays and that’s been good as well. Next Friday, the 27th, I have another doctor appointment with my Endo, who, as I have said in the past, has little to do with my transition and more has to do with my lack of thyroid and other issues. My doctor in Seattle, who does handle my transition and primary physician, I see in December.

 Other than that… I modded my super nintendo classic and added a bunch of games on, as I’m sure many of you have as well, so I’ve been going through Breath of Fire 2 for the first time in many years. It’s a good RPG for sure.

 Transition wise, things continue to progress. Boobs are growing noticeably so it’s getting a little harder to hide where I need to (still not out at work), but I don’t really do anything to hide them, just usually baggy scrub tops at work at most. It is nice filling those bras out though.

 I really do need to get on changing my berth certificate though as it doesn’t look remotely difficult, I have just been slacking. I’m going to see if my store can do a money order and get on that this next week, hopefully.

 Slowly reducing body hair aaaaaand that is about all there is to report right now. I’m feeling good, laser hair removal is doing wonders and I have another session on the 3rd, just two days before I turn 36. My sister and I have tickets to see the Thor movie though on the 2nd, so that is great and I look forward greatly to seeing that handsome man in a movie where he looks like he loses a lot. I’ll have to see though I suppose.

 I do hope you have all had a good week, and may the rest of this weekend be the best ever, for each and every one of you!

 - Lana

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I was wondering if you had any advice for dealing with medication "crash". My doctor and I have worked everything out but the end of day crash as the meds wear off is inevitable. I find that often I will be too busy to prepare for it and have to struggle to not leave everything where it is, or just suddenly switch off from talking to someone and go to bed.

You say you’ve worked it out with your doctor, but I’m wondering if that includes a small dose of a short-acting form of your medication? For example, people who take Concerta often find that 5mg short-acting Ritalin taken just before the Concerta starts to wear off really helps them get through that time.

If that’s already been dealt with as well and you’re still crashing, my best advice is to set an alarm for about half an hour before your crash usually hits, and when that goes off it’s time to just get stuff put away and get ready for bed.


Request: Dark, Kinky, Smutty Nygmobblepot Fic Recs

I have a mighty need!

I have three days off in a row and with my crazy work schedule that feels like a vacation. I’ve been in ‘fix-it” fic land for the last year and now I’m looking for some dark!fic or kink!fic or just plain ol’ smutty mcsmut to enjoy over the weekend.

It’s those leather sleeve garters Ozzie has been wearing. I mean, like, daaaaaamn! I didn’t even know those things existed until I saw them on him and now it’s all I can think about! I really hope it inspires someone to produce ‘Angry Eddie holds Ozzie down by those leather straps while he takes him from behind” fics. Or really anything involving them. Who knew so small a costuming piece would get me so hot and bothered?! *fans self*

So if anyone has anything dark, kinky, or smutty they’d like to rec, gimmie! If you don’t want to make it public, send me a message or an ask or on anon. And yes, self-rec too! I can’t promise it’ll be my cup of tea, but I will totally give it a go!!


No exercise today; I seem to have hurt my knee somehow, and it feels like my kneecap is being torn off if I stand the wrong way. No matter though, I’ll just use this as one of my days off and get some school work (coughvideogamescough) done~

I did weigh in at 186.8lbs today, which makes me incredibly happy!

Have a wonderful day, everyone!!

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My guinea pig had a similar setup inside his cage with the platforms and ramps/ladders, and back when he had his buddy, he loved climbing up on the platforms (we kept their food up there so they would get some exercise on their own), but once Cookies passed away, our piggy decided that the ladder is the devil itself and refuses to climb it. It has been about two years and he just absolutely refuses. He wont even climb up if he has to do it to be able to eat, he would rather starve for days

we have two pigs that posture too much to get along in the same cage. i took the platform off sweet bee’s cage and replaced it with an upside down ikea doll bed. it’s a different jump and it opens up the cage up. we haven’t tried it with gingerbeans but it’s in the works - so maybe a change of the space would help your pig - you can see sweet bee under the bed (probably contemplating eating the rest of the cucumber)