i have a cute date

Date at Casino Park!!

(You can blame Shadow’s awed “Cool city” line for this entire thing lmao)

Reblogs > likes!! :’D

Me, bashing my head into a wall: I *bang* just *bang* want *bang* to kiss *bang* a girl


movie dates! i love how all of these pairings have completely different dynamics, it’s ridiculous and beautiful

cute things I will do as ur girlfriend

•hold ur hand
•have a folder on my phone of cute photos of you
• I will also take cute photos of you
• because you are cute and I will remind this everyday
• write poems about you
• I’ll probably draw you too many times
• I’ll make you lots and lots of playlist of songs that remind me of you
• I have a lot of cute date ideas
• my lips are always available to kiss
• I’ll tell everyone we’re dating bc I’m proud to say so
• I’ll comment on your pictures
• especially your selfies
• we can cuddle a lot
• you can pick the movie
• I don’t even like movies
• but I like you

I know we all think Davey is the most oblivious of the Jacobs siblings but Les is more.

Davey and Jack dated for years. Lived together. Les slept over sometimes. They kissed in front of him.

Davey casually mentions his boyfriend on the phone with somebody while Les is around. Cue a shriek of “yOu HaVe a BoYfRiEnD?! WhY dIdN’t YoU tElL mE!”

Katherine and Sarah sat him down and told him they were dating, it still took him by surprise when he showed up to a wedding to see his sister walking down the aisle.

He’s even oblivious to his own relationships.

“Yeah, I mean, she kisses me sometimes but just in a friendly way. She’s dating one of my other friends, he’s nice. He kisses me sometimes too, we’re all really close…what do you MEAN we’re all dating each OTHER! That’s AWESOME!”