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Right at the end of the EB Rhett makes a polyamorous joke about something link said and links reaction is kinda... Questionable. He goes "no. NO!" As if he was insulted that Rhett even said that, and Rhett goes like, yeah, you can't put that on network tv. While mayim was going ugh because she made a video talking about how she finds it unhealthy and got backlash for not using the right terminology.

Gosh, yeah, Nonny. That really piqued my interest, I gotta tell you.

The moment Nonny is talking about is at the end of Ear Biscuit Ep. 113. It starts at 1:07:31 when Link talks about him and Rhett recording the audio book version of The Book of Mythicality. Link says “It’s getting heated and awkward in here.” Mayim makes a comment on how that should be their next book to which Link responds that he wants to be “Heated” because he doesn’t want to be “Awkward.” It turns it into a TV series. At 1.07.33 Link starts talking about this show and who it’s starring and at 1:08: 34 Link says that “they get into dating– they get in a love quadrant with Hot and Heavy.” and Mayim asks what a “love quadrant is” to which Rhett replies “I think it’s like polyamory.” But Link says it’s like a love triangle but with four people instead of three.

I did catch that Mayim’s reaction was on the negative side with her “aw for pete’s sake”. I didn’t get the impression that Link had a strong negative reaction, however. He just said “Nah, I’m just saying, it’s like a love triangle with four people.”

It’s interesting that Rhett would say that it is a polyamory term because the term “quad” does indeed exist and it means “a relationship involving four people, each of whom may or may not be sexually and emotionally involved with all other members.” A common form is two couples forming a cross-couple relationship. If we use Rhett, Jessie, Link and Christy as an example, their quad could be that Rhett and Jessie, Rhett and Link and Link and Christy are involved but there are no other combinations. So Rhett already has a partner and Link already has a partner but Rhett and Link are dating, with the consent of the partner they already have.

Seeing as Mayim’s reaction was negative, that could have RandL backtracking and trying to veer away from polyamory. Because it did seem like that was what Link was talking about with these four characters (who one could assume, if one wants, would be Rhett and Link and their wives, given context clues) until Mayim reacted badly.

I just gotta say that I’m all for Rhett and Link talking about polyamory if it’s in a positive way. Since I am polyamorus, I of course want the discussion to be positive. It’s never fun hearing that you’re an immoral person and that what you are doing is wrong when everyone involved is very happy and feels very loved.

me on the internet in 2007: i have a HUGE crush on the commodore in pirates of the caribbean and I hAtE sPoRtS! also I have really bad anxiety do you like hugs?

me on the internet in 2017: …so anyway if pennywise was italian he’d be pennéwise lmfao so what do I do about these shin splints?

I was having a bit of a crappy day today, but then the extremely gorgeous, goddess-on-earth girl in my media communication research class said she loved the color of the sweater I was wearing on me and? Everything’s great? Like gee wow :) My crops are flourishing :) The sun is shining :) My heart is thumping like an excited puppy’s tail :) Life is wonderful!

Dating Lena Luthor (a crush on you would include)

Request: Can you please do a lena luthor having a crush on you would include 

a/n: I mean listen I’m fully aware having a crush on you implies not dating just yet, but I have a very inconsequential title system I feel compelled to stick with now sooo, just disregard that little oopsie LOL

these are always super fun to do!! tbh I’m in a little bit of a funk right now so these types of posts help me get my imagination going again. Thank you so much for reading y’all! And thanks for your patience if you’ve been waiting for a request to be filled… I am definitely a person who loses track of time lol. I’m so happy I have a hobby I can kinda speak for now though, and that’s all thanks to you folks! Have an awesome day everybody!! :D

- - - - -

  • much to your surprise (or perhaps not at all, if you were really to think about it properly), Lena is a very tenacious person and as such, there are some things that get her attention and she just has to chase it

  • you’ve come to realize that so it’s turned out, you are in fact one of those things that have piqued her attention, and you’ve been a happy mixture of flattered, confused, and bashful

  • Lena, in her not so subtle interest in you, still refuses to say anything specific regarding her feelings, and instead you find your answers in the things she does and in the roundabout way of sneaky compliments she gives you and her well-timed flirting

  • it didn’t take much for you to figure out she liked you, but it also took quite a lot to convince you that you weren’t just projecting your wishes into some unfounded fantasy - most of the Superfriends (even Winn, especially Winn) could see through both of your behaviours, and they’re all both parts exasperated and absolutely amused by your song and dance of total avoidance

  • but really, who could blame you that you didn’t quite believe your luck that Lena Luthor, the absolutely brilliant, wonderful, incredible woman you have the honour of knowing would possibly reciprocate your feelings? It was a marvel, indeed - you won’t question a miracle when you recognize one

  • Lena having a crush on you involves a lot of games, and the biggest one particularly is waiting to see which one of you breaks and admits your feelings first - it’s more fun than it is exhausting, and you suppose Lena thinks the same way, if the way she smiles at you meaningfully sometimes like she has a secret is any indication

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hey, sport, rob, bessie, milford, kids, kitten, anyone who's willing to help here. i think I have a crush on this really nice person. but I don't know if I really like them or I just think I do because they're the only person I know. But I do know that they make me happy, and I would be happy to be with them. Do I, or do I not tell them all this, and if so, how?

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How would a poly relationship with host and author work (sfw and nsfw). Also how would it work when you were just friends with both of them, both had a crush but you hadn't decided to date them yet before you decided to be In a poly, because I presume author might have been a bit mean to host

Author is always mean to Host. He’s an ass, its his personality. If he found out Host was also interested in you, he’d become a bully to Host.

Things would have been settled though once it was made clear where Host stood. Author is your rock hard defense against the world. He’s crass, assertive, and has quite the imagination. He gets things done.

Host is your rock among the raging storm of the world. He’s the one you’re able to relay your negative emotions to, and have a sympathetic ear hear you. 

As for the sex life, Author would get a kick out of Doming both you and Host at the same time. Its all just an extra power trip for him, which comes with a pleasure bonus.

An Introduction to the Sai-Shou Protection Squad


My name is Rose. I also go by other names, such as Noah, Satan, The Dark Overlord, Rotoa (my username, which is a combination of Rose and Satan), and my personal favorite, That One Fucking Asshole.

I am the Chairman of the Sai-Shou Protection Squad.

This squad was founded on the sole purpose of bringing joy and uplifting spirits to the Very Skilled artist known as @sai-shou. We have also been tasked with protecting this very lovely individual, as I’m sure you may have guessed. 

This means that we will crush any and all who stand in our way or oppose our Dearly Beloved in order to pave a happier future for Sai.

So, when you join, please be mindful of how you would like to contribute to our glorious organization.

Prefer not to commit violence? Then you may join the Division of Positivity and tag Sai in happy, uplifting posts, or send her really cool things! The Eti Pastel Void Squadron may also be the place for you, as it is a lovely area of prettiness and aesthetic pleasure!

A lover of violence, protection, and vengeance? Then one of our select violent squadrons will be at your disposal. Choose wisely—this will be your role for all eternity, and we would absolutely hate for you to regret your decision.

Such divisions include the Haruki Torture Squadron and the Light Murder Squadron.

If you’d prefer, you could join the Rotoa Hell Squadron and take part in damning the accused to their appropriate hellspaces. 

There are many places for you to join, and many ways for you to contribute. Please consider signing up today, as we are very open to accepting more who would like to join our cause and fight the good fight.

Thank you for your consideration, and I hope you have a lovely day.

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I have a crush on a guy who's been dating someone for 3 months. We talked about it and he says he wants to be really close friends because he thinks I'm really cool (as we get to know each other we've found that we are like 90% similar) but he still wants to stick it out with his current girl bc it's going well. What do I do? Should I wait it out or move on? I've had relationship anxiety with every person ever except for this guy so I'm really frustrated, and hopeful that he'll leave her for me.

move on FOR NOW. it seems like he likes you, but it isn’t fair to the other girl if you’re all over him trying to pull him away from her. there are plenty of people out there, and it may seem like he’s the only one right now, but if you move on from him who knows what you might find. if you can’t seem to find someone else who makes you as happy as he does AND if they don’t work out, hey, you’re right there for him and you can start going out with him then.

Inktober is coming and I have no clue what to draw. I’m demotivated in art, research and math classes. You know it’s becoming a real problem when @white-rainbowff has to resort to mailing me this for motivation.

Ugh, if only I can tell my PI that RT-PCR is not the same as qRT-PCR. He thinks I can do everything and dumps work like nobody’s business *wallows in project cesspool*

I’m krazy for ya! The dishes were good as always but what made my night more awesome is that I’m sitting in front of my office crush. That was not planned, I came a minute late and my other officemates assembled the chair and they intentionally put me in that position but thanks to them anyway. That was the longest 2-hour of consciouness I have endured.

Kinikilig ang Boyet niyo.

#389: “Why can’t guys in the real world be like ones in Barbie movies? I honestly think I have a crush on Derek, Aidan, Julian, and Dominick. Not just because of their looks, but their personalities.”

- anonymous

Dear J,


def. a person who one knows slightly, but is not a close friend.


That is what you called me. That is how you ended our friendship. Around 10 years I have given you. And all I am to you is… an acquaintance. I am your acquaintance. But I hope you know you are no acquaintance to me. You do not know me and you never really have. I know many things about you. You were my best friend. I know your crushes. I know your habits. I know all of it. And I am just an acquaintance.

Best Friend.

def. a person’s closest friend.

Best Friend.

I have found one. One who loves me. One who reciprocates. One who I love. She is the opposite of you. She listens. She asks to speak about herself though she doesn’t need to. I know her secrets like I still know yours. I know her crushes and I know her habits. The difference is, she knows me too. She doesn’t take me for granted. Like you used to. We are the start of a new era. We make new memories. I hold ours close behind me. For fear of letting go. But soon I will realize, that I have no room and letting go helps me grab onto a new. I would like to say I hope you regret your decision, but I do not hope that for you. I only hope you find yourself before you lose it all.

So this is where it ends. It shall be over. You have commanded it. Perhaps you didn’t know the ball was in your court and that was why I had to nudge you to play it. You are a coward who feels nothing more for me. So, have a good life without me in it. Because I can assure you, you will not be seeing me anytime soon.

An ex broken hearted acquaintance.

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🏩- Would your muse ever check into a love hotel, especially with their Boyfriend/Girlfriend - Arshtat // 💞- Do you like or hate love triangles - Guess in general? For them all!

You know a funny story is, @lockerinannis and I had talked of a silly plot in relation to a pillow house before. But it certainly wasn’t to partake in the… business. So no, I don’t think Arshtat would ever openly go to one (especially after figuring out what they were), but the shenanigans that could come from it have been discussed!

Hmm. I think love triangles are interesting! I mean, I’m all for the character’s I roleplay with to develop however they like with my own characters, just as I would play my own to do so naturally. If more than one person fall in love or even just a crush? Could mean some nice drama. I would want to make sure all parties involved, however, would be alright with the end result, especially if they were the one that became the third wheel or were rejected. If OOCly the players and myself couldn’t still get along after, I’m probably not going to be open to RP that kind of stuff. People come first, RP comes second. A good rule to follow, triangles or not.

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(Part 1) Hi! Please ignore if you don't want to answer: you mentioned discovering your sexuality later in life. I'm 21 and just started questioning (thru TJLC; no big surprise ;)), but I never questioned at all before this year and didn't even have crushes on girls (or rather, there are things that may have been crushes in retrospect; but not like I had with guys). The thing is, those crushes on guys were in the abstract and I always shied away when it started to become too real. I also never-

thought or wanted to think about sex with them or even kissing them. I reached a point when I thought I just wasn’t then marrying type, because the more I tried to imagine being with (not just abstractly liking) a guy the less good it sounded. On the other hand, when I finally asked the question in relation to women, a relationship suddenly sounded potentially great. But if I never questioned at all and didn’t have crushes, would you be inclined to take that as a sign that I’m just straight?

Hi Nonny! 

I am SO SORRY for missing this in my asks, oh gosh.

As I mentioned in this ask here which is oddly similar to yours, sexuality is something that’s always changing, and it could be a years long process into discovering who you are. Gosh, it sounds SO MUCH like I’m replying to myself, because I was the same way – kind of crushed on boys but was lost interest quickly, never really crushed on other people except in a “I want to cuddle someone” sort of way. 

I’m gonna tell you something that’s helped me, Lovely: sit down and do some soul searching, honestly. Once I figured out that I was never EVER “repulsed” (for lack of a better word, sorry) with the idea of being with anyone other than my men, it made me start to think that I was probably pan, and actually have a hard time picturing myself in a future with… well anyone (mainly because my self esteem is such shite and I think I’m genuinely unlovable, as I have been told :/).

Now, I’ve never had a serious romantic relationship ever, and any past ones have been with cis-men (all lovely in their own way, but we just never clicked), but just because I’ve never dated or been with anyone other than cis-men doesn’t mean I don’t know what I want. This is a myth. I think it’s called “bi-curious”, but I just say it’s sexuality changing as you learn about yourself and what makes you happy. With me, I can see myself being happy with anyone at all as a significant other, since for me what’s important is emotional intimacy and bonding (friends first kind of deal), BUT that won’t necessarily be what YOU’RE LOOKING FOR. WE are all different. 

It’s a freeing sensation when you do feel like you’ve finished your soul searching, honestly. 

So SORRY for going off on that personal tangent (I find my personal experiences help get across the message I’m trying to convey, :P). To answer your question: No, I’m not inclined to think that, but again, I’m not YOU. YOU define YOURSELF. If it’s something you think you are comfortable with, perhaps start thinking more on why you’re feeling this way. Learn about yourself before sticking to a label, methinks. Quite honestly, from what I understand, this is a very normal experience that bi and gay people go through when they are discovering that they’re bi or gay later in life. It sucks having that realization slam you in the face in your 20′s (mine happened in my thirties, so I’m envious, LOL), but it’s understandable that it will happen in adulthood, since you are growing into maturity and your outside influences and social circles change, while your past social constructs are becoming JUST THAT: In the past.

There’s nothing wrong with you, Lovely. I hope you are doing alright, and again, I apologize for not seeing this in my swarm of asks. Please don’t hesitate to DM me if you need to talk, or ask / update us all on anything <3

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Can I have some help? I know I'm Ace, but when it comes to like, having crushes and liking people romantically, I'm just confused on what that feels like. I mean, I would totally be down to date anyone, regardless of gender, but at the same time I've never felt that way towards a person? Do you know if that's actually a thing, or?

I’m pretty sure that is a thing, but trying to describe what romantic attraction feels like is hard because I think it’s a little different for everyone. This might help you: http://wiki.asexuality.org/Romantic_attraction

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Heya, I had an ok day but i've been upset because I recently realized that i'm a panromantic lesbian and like, it's cool that I finally put a name to what i've know since I was really little but it also sucks because I have this inability to filter my crushes/squishes because i'm surrounded by so many wonderful personalities a few of which like me but I don't know what to do because they're guys and it sucks because i'm attracted to the person but not their gender. So ugh (sorry I needed a rant)

It’s okay. Someone will come along just as good as you see them.🌺

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I have a big crush on this person and I think I'm falling in love with them. But I'm not sure what love is supposed to feel like and every one tells me I'm too young (I'm 14). All I know is that I find this person to be perfect and they make me incredibly happy like nobody else can and I want to be constantly with them. When I'm not around them I feel miserable and all I can think about is them and then my stomach is just full of butterflies.. Idk I'm confused. Do you think I'm falling for them?

you could be falling for them! honestly nothing is too long for love. i fell in love for the first time when i was 14, and then i fell in love for the second time when i was 16. love is such a beautiful thing and i can 100% guarantee you that at least half of the people telling you that you’re too young have fallen in love when they were young as well

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I'm kinda in love with this guy (I'm gay by the way) but he barely know I exist. But I know him a little and he's so pretty, with such a beautiful eyes and his personality is pretty awesome. Like I said, he barely know that I exist and I barely know him so, is it incorrect or bad to "fall in love" with someone you barely know? Like love at first sight?

No of course it isn’t incorrect, I think everyone has crushes and falls in love with people they barely even know. Just go up and have a little chat with him sometime, try to become friends or something, find out more about him etc. You also should find out if he’s into boys or not because if he isn’t I wouldn’t waste my time on him just to get your feelings hurt… Good luck❤

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  • 5:4 turn ons
  • -Intelligence, compassion, kindness, band
  • 6:4 turn offs
  • -slobby, only interested in sex, rude, don’t tip well
  • 7:My best friend
  • -probably emma or zoey
  • 14:Do I have a crush?
  • -unfortunately yes
  • 15:Favourite quote
  • - If you can conceive, believe it, achieve it
  • 20:First thing I notice in a new person
  • -their hair, and outfit
  • 31:How I feel right now
  • -Okay?? enh??
  • 43:How long does it take me to get ready in the morning?
  • -45-75 miutes
  • 51:How often do I wear a fake smile?
  • -pretty often
  • 56:If I could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be?
  • -Connor Franta
  • 57:What do I think about most?
  • -cute boys, or how much of a piece of shit/waste of space i am
  • 81:My top 5 blogs on tumblr
  •  @cobaltdays @navigaero @cersei-first-of-her-name @itspartlycloudy01 @de-smol-violinist
  • 85:What would be a question I’d be afraid to tell the truth on?
  • -How are you feeling?
  • 123:Dyed my hair?
  • -nope
  • 134:What do I want for birthday?
  • -some wine
  • 148:What I’m really bad at
  • -hiding my feelings