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15. medicine, and winteriron? :)

Bucky has been sick for the better part of the month.

It’s been miserable, for sure. Especially being around Steve who, contrary to his youth, remains healthy always. And so damnably chipper that Bucky actually chanced the harsh cold to make it to the store and stare blearily at the shelves while trying to find that vapor rub he loves so much. Because, let’s face it, Bucky is the hard, intense Bitch Face to Steve’s Labrador puppy smile and while he may love Steve like a brother that doesn’t mean he has to put up with his Little Miss Sunshine shit all the time.

He belatedly realizes that Steve should be the one out of the house standing lost in the pharmaceutical isle of Walmart. Since he lost his arm while in the army he’s always been more about immediate action than forward planning. Anything to keep himself safe. Just not always the best plan, per-se.

Either way, it’s in that isle, somehow only being able to find Baby Aspirin over literally any other kind, which Bucky gets bumped into.

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Saving Agent Stiles

Fic Request: Stydia are engaged. Stiles is an FBI agent & Lydia is a surgeon. Stiles get shot on assignment one night while Lydia is on call in the ER. Stiles comes through the doors. Stiles isn’t doing well & he needs emergency surgery. Lydia refuses to let anyone do surgery on him expect for her. She believes the combination of the tether bond she shares with him & her skilled surgical are the only way to save him. She’s right of course.

Rating: K+

Genre: Doctor!Lydia, Agent!Stiles, Established Relationship

Author: avemasterherondale

A/N: I might have strayed from the details of the original prompt a little bit, but I hope this still does it justice.

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It Won’t Be Like This For Long

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,014

Request: Hi!! I absolutely love your fics!!! i was wondering if you could please do a DeanxReader oneshot based off the song It Wont Be Like This For Long by Darius Rucker? Thank you so much!

Warnings: None

A/N: It’s like you read my mind! I’ve always wanted to do a fic to this song. It can literally make me cry when I’m feeling nostalgic. So I made “her” named Mary because reasons. Also, sorry for skipping around on the request list, probs gonna be doing that a lot, but it’s easier and quicker for me if I write the fics that I have ideas for. P.S. Happy Thanksgiving for my US peeps, hope you like!!

For deanbowlegsackles

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Dean was exhausted. Absolutely exhausted. In the past, he had gone without sleep for days when necessary, or just when he couldn’t find sleep. But this was different. This was a bone aching exhaustion with no end in sight.

It seemed like every time Dean closed his eyes, the crying would start again. The sound grated against his ears and made him want to bury his head under his pillow. But instead he would rise and check on the little girl, or maybe you would. It depended on who was less delirious at the moment.

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