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SWTOR meme 1 (past starting planet) and 1 (past Hoth), 3, 9, 10.

Thanks for asking :)

1. How many characters do you have?

70 chars survived the last purge, where I deleted every char whose design and/or idea I didn’t like anymore and was fairly certain I’d never play them.

All but 12 of those chars made it past the starting planet. That’s 58? Why does 58 sound like much more than ‘all but 12’?

13 of those chars are more or less below lvl 50, and haven’t seen Hoth yet.

Leaves 45 who have a level higher than 50. With 30 I am sure I played the class story, although it’s been a while, most of the rest were leveled during DvL Event by doing H2 and FPs.

3. Do you prefer to tank, DPS, or heal?

I prefer to heal. You usually have to pay attention to what’s happening and have to be able to react flexibly. Yet you don’t have to know the FP or OP by heart, as is often expected of a tank. I lack the time to be a proper tank. Since our raid group has enough healers, I am playing melee DPS as main role rn. It’s a whole different experience, and I am propably the best behaved marauder in our whole guild :D
Yes, in order to do noteworthy damage, I have to concentrate, but mistakes are usually not as fatal as the healer botching up.

9. How about your least favorite companions?

I personally would have problems with quite a few of them. I prefer nonviolent solutions, so the obviously violent ones like Skadge, Vik, Xalek, Khem, Broonmark… wouldn’t be on board of my ship. Anyone glorifying the Empire would have a problem, too.
For me it’s interesting that my chars don’t necessarily agree with me. While Ciner in headcanon doesn’t take Broonmark along, Thorns gets along with Skadge. He doesn’t like his methods, but the brute can be useful, and so far never betrayed the bounty hunter’s trust. Gault on the other hand was treading on dangerous ground when he tried to scam those poor settlers. You can’t trust Gault, law of nature! Tbh, I was more angry at BH Tatooine than Belsavis, although I like Gault as a character, the story didn’t go well with Thorns’ sense of honor.
While a lot of people don’t like Tharan at all, I have more problems with Zenith. Immo he doesn’t fit a LS consular, and he can’t even blame his cultural background like Qyzen.  

10. Favorite love interest?

Mako! Give me Mako and Thorns, and I am 19 again. I don’t need to write a self insert, it’s already there. (I wasn’t as cute, and nowhere near as gifted with computers.)
Elara is a close second. When I started to play Nikeo I hadn’t planned on romancing her, him being her CO and all. But them growing closer felt so natural. And I adore Elara for her spine and sticking to her principles.
And then there was Andronikos. Immo the most mature relationship, without unnecessary drama, without jealousy. He won’t change for the SI and he doesn’t ask the SI to change for him. They belong together, and that’s that.

Hey y'all i just wanted to share my full Miracuclass Zine ( @miracuclasszine ) piece cause im actually super proud of it !!
It took a lot more time than I was expecting and is generally something kinda different than what I usually do. All of which is why I havent updated Miraculous Night at all lol. (I have a couple pages almost done worry not)

All of the artwork in the Zine is centered around the character’s civilian life & their class and friends outside of their superheroing activities, and features pretty much every kid. The artwork is excellent, and is full of cute and funny moments.

Anyway regardless, yall should definitely look into getting the full zine (more info here: @miracuclasszine ) if you wanna see this & other pieces in their full high quality glory lol,,,, it’s pay what you want, but all donations go towards UNICEF & their humanitarian charity work, so it’s really a good cause.

Pentagon As High School Students

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this is like my 5th highschool au lmao


  • eternal battle with Hui for solo parts in choir and musicals
  • prob part of the badminton team
  • gets extra food from lunch ladies in hopes that he’ll grow more
  • spoiler: he didn’t
  • always in skits for rallies
  • gives the best perf of the national anthem at rallies
  • gets put on other people’s shoulders so he can actually see at rallies
  • gets trampled in the hallways by the tols
  • always mistaken as a freshman


  • always nagging his friends to do their hw and study
  • always raises his hand in class even if he knows his answer is wrong
  • basically that one kid that the teacher complains that they hear from too much
  • gets way into his character if he has to read novels aloud in literature 
  • makes his presentation way too long
  • bring balloons and cake to school for his friend’s birthdays
  • keeps talking and ruining movies with logic when the class has to watch movies in class


  • practically lives in school’s weight room and library
  • weird combo i know
  • straight A student
  • willingly takes PE every year even though he doesn’t have to
  • your mom’s friend’s son 
  • tutors kids in the library after school when he’s not running shirtless with cross country
  • always does his work ahead of time even if the teacher said not to
  • the type to call out the students who are cheating off his test during class


  • super loud during class discussions
  • “accidentally” set off the fire alarm
  • figured out how to bypass all the school wifi restrictions
  • “due tomorrow, do tomorrow”
  • keeps doing his hw the period before its due
  • once tried to play his mixtape during morning announcements
  • was forcibly taken out of the announcement room and all you could hear was him screaming
  • practically raps all his presentations
  • keeps going to concerts during the school week and comes the next morning ready to bit someone’s head off


  • sleeps during class
  • fainted when he had to dissect a frog
  • brings his laptop to school so it looks like he’s being productive 
  • but he’s actually either on netflix or slither.io
  • brings a blanket to school so he doesn’t get cold in his classrooms
  • always asked to be a model for the photo students
  • the hallway is his catwalk
  • treats school as some goddamn fashion show
  • never wears the same outfit twice
  • convinced the school newspaper to allow him to run a fashion advice column

Yeo One:

  • always the lead role in school plays
  • is never single
  • takes spirit week way too seriously
  • your mom friend’s son part 2
  • gets good grades without even trying
  • class president whom is beloved by all
  • makes thank you cards for teachers who are leaving the school or retiring
  • always has some fru fru drink from starbucks in the morning
  • once lost a bet and had to come to school dressed as a girl
  • no one knew it was him so they thought he was some cute new student
  • and he ended up getting hit on by almost everyone in school


  • takes mandarin 1 instead of AP so he can get an easy A
  • super friendly with everyone
  • no one has something bad to say about him
  • always chosen to do booth sales because he’s super friendly and also very attractive
  • does the morning announcements 
  • accidentally left the mic on before he started announcements so the whole school heard him singing 
  • accidentally stepped on jinho in the hallway
  • needs to hear instructions like 4 times before he remembers


  • looks the exact same throughout all of high school
  • always ends up doing the manual labor in science labs
  • center fielder for school baseball team
  • has a small group of fans whom he really appreciates 
  • one time he walked into a meeting of anime club
  • he then realized everyone there was a weeb so he never came back
  • got scared of people’s costumes on halloween
  • does the whole project for his group but then lets everyone else speak instead of him
  • freaked during a black out and when the lights came back on he was found cuddling Kino


  • prob the son of a teacher at his school
  • so all the teachers know who he is
  • and all the teachers will snitch on him if he does something stupid
  • gets free school lunch because he’s the son of a teacher 
  • also he’s pretty cute
  • constantly snapchatting in class
  • has snapchat streaks with everyone
  • entire school follows him on instagram and twitter
  • proud founder of school’s dance club/crew
  • wears the same hoodie at least 3 times a week


  • mistaken as a senior during freshman year
  • and basically the rest of high school
  • all because he’s hella tall
  • never seems to know when assignments are due
  • keeps breaking microscope slides
  • keeps getting in trouble because he and Yuto are dabbing at each other from across the classroom
  • always suggesting to play dodge ball during PE
  • he’s usually ends up being the last person to get out
  • friends teachers on facebook to see if they have any embarrassing pictures
  • tried to leave school during a fire drill
  • was caught and got detention
  • one of the many who hit on Yeo One when he was cross dressing

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75: "Don't bite me, I'm mad at you." Nessian please!

This took me far, far, far too long, and I apologise. I really liked this one for Nessian so I wanted to do it justice. As always, anyone and everyone is free to send me ACOTAR prompts for any character/pairing. 

Here’s the fic - hope you enjoy! 

For all their bickering, Nesta and Cassian can never seem to have a decent argument.

Nesta tries her best. With the same burning fury from the days when they spent every second fighting Hybern for all that they held dear, she storms into the cabin Cassian occupies. She catches him unprepared, half changed from where he’s been training the new recruits. The mental image of him in all his muscular, inspiring glory instructing a new class of liberated young Illyrian women does nothing to assuage Nesta’s anger. What she hates most though is that now it stings of jealousy. Damn her fae hormones.

“My Lady. I didn’t expect to see you before the dinner,” Cas says, focusing back on the straps of his fighting leathers. Though Nesta often calls him clumsy or blundering, his calloused fingers are awfully deft as they free his chest from the tight, black material, unlacing straps and freeing clasps. If only there was a way for Nesta to get him to stop stripping without admitting to why it caused a problem. If only he wasn’t so damn confident now in how he affected her. If only she hadn’t let him learn that really, beneath all her cold hatred, her knees went weak every time he gave her that fond half-smile.

“Then perhaps,” Nesta says, arms crossed firm over her chest, “you shouldn’t have sent me what I can only assume was meant as an insult.”

Cassian quirks an eyebrow. He doesn’t look at her, but being the insufferable man-child he is, his lips betray him, not quite able to swallow an impish smirk. “You don’t like my fashion tastes?” He asks, cocking his head at her like a young pup, like he’s innocent, not the scheming, centuries old arsehole he clearly is.

“Fashion would imply that this monstrosity qualifies as clothing.”

Nesta holds up the garment that was delivered to her not an hour ago. It would put even the Court of Nightmares to shame, all black lace and slivers of translucent fabric as thin and soft as a whisper. She’d have taken it to be intended for the bedroom, were it not accompanied by a scrawled note of ‘I look forward to seeing you at dinner.’

“You said you were fed up of Az and Rhys staring at their oh so beloved mates all evening,” Cassian say with a shrug, then a grin. “I’d like to see a mate bond stand against you in that.”

“You’re an idiot.” Nesta scowls, flushed scarlet and feeling far too flattered for someone possessing as much dignity as she does. Heat stirs in her stomach, and she feels an all too familiar itch between her legs. It’s the same every time. Stubbornly ignorant, ignoring the give away signs, she tries to hold onto the anger she’d walked in with. “Are you saying that if we were mates, you’d still betray me for a woman wearing this- this costume?”

She knows she stands no chance the moment Cassian’s smile appears. It’s a species she’s only ever seen north of the wall, unknown to humanity. An animal smile. Predatory. All too sinfully delicious. “Nes,” Cas whispers, his soft voice deadly with that wolfish grin, the one neither gentle nor demure. “Are you really so jealous of the mating bond? Of Rhys and your darling sister? Old Azriel and dear Mor?”

Leaving his change of clothing behind, he crosses to her, still shirtless, trousers unbuttoned, dark skin still sluiced with sweat. “I’m not jealous,” Nesta says. She’s on edge, her muscles coiled and tensed, but it’s not pure and known like her anger is. She almost feels sick with it, heady. “I don’t envy them when they pine and fawn over each other. Being helplessly bound to another appeals little to me.” He draws close and slips a hand around her waist, but she pushes a hand to his chest, keeping him back. “Were you my mate, however,” she says, fixing his gaze with hers, “you would look at no one else. You wouldn’t be able to breathe if I so much as entered the room.”  

“Oh?” Cas says, and his small smile alone is enough to reignite Nesta’s anger.

“You’d be even more of a mess than you are now,” she says, and there is no kindness in her tone, it’s all bite and it makes that itch between her legs spread deeper, to her bones. “You think you’re such a strong, immortal warrior, bat boy? You wouldn’t be able to think about anyone, anything but me. It wouldn’t matter how pretty or young or gifted those trainee girls of yours are. I’d own you.”

She’s breathing heavily, and almost without noticing it, she’s moved her hand up to wrap it around Cassian’s neck. Her grip isn’t enough to cut off his airway, but she can feel his pulse thrumming beneath her thumb and forefinger. He looks back at her, boyish smile gone, eyes so soft, so open, that she forgets to breathe for a moment. “Nes,” he says, so honest it breaks her heart, “You already do.”

It’s the same as it always is when they try to argue. Her outrage is unmasked, revealed to be something far more dangerous because it makes her weak to him, and willingly so. She has been conditioned to despise how easily she melts beneath his kisses as he nuzzles into her neck, but even the guarding walls of The Ice Queen can’t hold Cassian at bay. She doesn’t know how, but he’s so achingly comfortable to fall into, so full of heat that she forgets what it is to be cold.

He’s not gentle long though; they never are. His teeth, sharp and strong amongst the blurred heat of their skin, nip at her collarbone, the shell of her ear. “Don’t bite me,” she scolds him, though she laughs at herself. “I’m mad at you. You’re supposed to be groveling.”

“Apologies, my Lady.” His voice is rough and close in her ear. “I couldn’t help myself.”

“You never can,” Nesta says, as she looks at him for too long, like she’s still scared he’ll disappear, like they’re back in the war. He knows that look, knows how she feels, and responds by shoving her rough back against the wall, pinning their two bodies firm against each other, so he’s all there, all around her. She grips him back, grasps the muscled thickness of his neck, and rests their foreheads together for a moment of peace amongst the passion. “I wouldn’t have you any other way.”

Study Partner (Taeyong x Reader)

How goes my fellow nut busters? I’m jumping right onto the request train by giving you some fluffy and a little smutty study partner Taeyong! While our resident being of perfection may have enough sex appeal to shut down a male stripper convention, I think Taeyong/s sweeter side needs a bit more loving too. So I hope y’all enjoy this one because it was really fun to write!!

p.s. Taeyong can bust my nut anytime. anywhere. he can have me over easy, scrambled, or sunny side up tbh

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Staring out the window of your classroom like some angsty anime character was one of your favorite pastimes. You wished every waking hour you were in this hell hole of a school to be outside, riding your bike through the streets, picking flowers in the park, playing in the stream that ran through town, anything but this class.

It’s not like you were bad at writing and literature, in fact, you were exceptional, the brightest in your class. But you hated the teacher, hated what he made you write. You didn’t want to write about the characters in a Greek tragedy, you didn’t want to analyze Jane Austin, you wanted to write soaring stories about adventurers, magic, and romance. This class made you despise writing, and you loathed that, because writing was one of your secret passions.

You loved nothing more than sitting by that stream, feet soaking in the cold spring water as the plum blossoms overhead showered you with their petals. You would have your notebook in hand, writing story after story, poem after poem, they just sprang off your pen onto paper like you were born to write.

Many argue that you were a born writer, including your prick of a teacher.

“_______!,” you heard that deep voice snap you name for the fifth time that period.

You languidly turned your head away from the window, one eye brow quirked, “Yes, sir?”

He angrily furrowed his brow and squeezed the open book in his hands, obviously frustrated as he asked you, “What metrical pattern did Shakespeare use in many of his plays?”

You sighed, looking down where your fingers were playing with your pink mechanical pencil as you droned, “He used unrhymed iambic pentameter, called blank verse. He diverts from this several times in many of his plays and also uses other simple forms of poetry and prose.”

You felt the wide eyes of your classmates as they looked at you slack jawed, your chin titling toward the window to resume your usual position. Your teacher stopped you again, “And which of his plays are we reading? Or have you not been paying attention for the past forty-”

“Othello,” you interrupted, looking your teacher dead in the eye. “We’re reading Othello, believed to be written by Shakespeare in 1603.”

“Good,” your teacher replied, “Why don’t you stand up and continue reading for us then, Miss _______? Since you seem to know so much about it.”

You shot him a glare because he knew you didn’t have the book on you. You had read Othello countless times by yourself, so you didn’t ever bother bringing it to class. You were about to spit out at him like a viper when you felt a nudge on your arm from beside you.

“Here,” you turned to find the intense dark eyes of one of your classmates, Lee Taeyong, trained on you intently. He held out his copy to you, finger pointing out the line where the class had left off.

You raised your eyebrows at him, lips parting as you went to convey your thanks, but felt it catch in your throat. You grabbed the book from him instead, cheeks pink as you stood up and began to read. You couldn’t even comprehend the words that were coming out of your mouth, but you felt Taeyong’s soft gaze on you the whole time.

You were saved by the lunch bell, signaling that you were free from that wretched class and embarrassing situation. You carefully closed Taeyong’s copy of Othello and handed it back to him as you mumbled, “Thank you.”

“No problem,” he took his book, giving you a small smile. “You staying in here for lunch?”

You were busy packing up your things, turning to him, “What?” You didn’t expect him to keep talking to you, so you were surprised when he asked again.

“Are you eating in here?,” he repeated, smiling to himself when he saw you blush and turn away.

“No, I always eat outside,” you said, feeling guilty because you thought you were being too rude. “I eat at the picnic benches, if you want to join.”

“Would you mind?,” he asked, putting his things into his bag and standing up, looking hopeful.

“No,” you mumbled, already weaving through the desks and out the classroom sliding doors, trying your best to calm the heat in your cheeks.

Taeyong didn’t say much, thankfully, as the two of you walked side by side through the hall. You saw numerous people whisper to one another, and some girls give you nasty looks. It wasn’t a secret that Taeyong was literally the most wanted boy in the entire school, he was absolute perfection, practically a prince. You’d never really paid much attention to the gorgeous student, but you shared every single class with him, and knew that he was ranked second in the school academically.

Second behind you.

You held first place by some miracle, even when you did nothing at all. You were just good at testing, that’s about it. To be honest, you thought Taeyong deserved it far more than you, seeing as he worked a lot harder for his scores and grades. He never seemed mad about being second though, he was a little quiet and acted content all the time, so you could never tell what he was really thinking. You couldn’t help but be a little curious as to why he wanted to hang out with you, he never really showed much interest before. You never even had a real conversation with him, the most you got was when he would congratulate you once again for staying in first place.

You reached the busy picnic benches that sat underneath the blooming plum blossoms, a picturesque scene that made your fingers itch to pull out your notebook. You usually did a lot of your writing at lunch, but since Taeyong was there, you didn’t want him to see. It was lowkey embarrassing and your writing was pretty much a gateway to your heart and soul, something you didn’t share easily.

You sat down at an empty table, fixing your uniform skirt and crossing your legs as Taeyong sat across from you. The two of you pulled out your lunches and ate in a strange but not uncomfortable silence. You were curious though, sneaking glances at him occasionally while he ate, completely unaware that he caught you staring every single time much to his amusement.

You cleared your throat, swallowing a spoonful of yogurt, “Thanks again for what you did in class, Taeyong, I really appreciate it.”

“No problem, I know how hard he is on you,” he chuckled looking at you with cutely scrunched eyes, “But I think he does it with the best intentions in his heart. You’re really his favorite student, you know.”

You scoffed, rolling your eyes and eating another spoonful angrily, “That man wants nothing more than to see me fail,  it’s like it’s his one mission in life.”

“I think it’s cool how you just know everything though,” the dark haired boy said, his eyes widening in admiration. “It just comes so easily to you, I don’t know how you do it.”

“Honestly,” you admitted, picking at the table, “I really enjoy literature and writing, but hate being taught it.”

Taeyong laughed, “Everyone can tell, you’re always writing in that little green notebook of yours at lunch,” he nodded to where said notebook poked out of your open bag.

Your eyes widened and your face turned pink, “I-I just do it for fun, it’s not like I’m studying or anything.”

“I know,” he smiled, resting his head in his hand as he looked at you. “I think it’s really cute though because you’re always acting so tough.”

If you weren’t fire engine red at that point, you would have been proud of yourself, but you could feel the heat in your face and neck. You couldn’t even manage a reply, melting under his unabashedly adoring gaze, his smile too sweet for words.

His mouth quirked to the side in a smirk, “Is your yogurt too spicy for you?”

You gaped at him, mouth morphing into a smile of disbelief as you leaned over the table and smacked his shoulder, “You…!”

The two of you laughed suddenly, something changing after that. You felt a lot calmer around him, happiness creeping into your bones as you finally found enjoyment at school for the first time. You two talked about whatever came to mind, and it felt so natural and real, you’d have never thought Taeyong was as down to earth and sweet as this. One moment you were talking like friends and then next you were flirting like your lives depended on it.

It was intoxicating and beautiful.

“I have a question,” he said, absentmindley playing with your fingers, tracing the dainty ring your mother had given you on your birthday.

“Hm,” you hummed, watching the way he concentrated on the lines of your palm and shivering at the feeling of his touch. It made you squeeze your thighs together under the table and you never wanted him to stop. Taeyong stretched out his legs and tangled them with yours, brushing his knee against your inner thigh. You let out a small gasp at the touch, but Taeyong didn’t seem to notice, preoccupied with his words.

“Would you mind being my study partner?,” he asked, looking up at you with hopeful eyes. “It’s just…you’re so good at everything and it may not look like it, but I’m kinda struggling to stay afloat-”

“Taeyong,” you stopped him with a smile, feeling brave enough to brush the hair from his eyes. “Of course I can. I need to get my act together too anyway. We can help each other.”

“Really?,” he breathed, looking relieved as his shoulders sagged. “God, I could kiss you right now, to be perfectly honest.” He looked breathless and he seemed to look at you differently for a second, eyes flashing something deeper.

You were shocked but tried to save the situation quickly, “Shut up,” you laughed, taking your hand from him and standing up as the bell signaling lunch range. “I need someone to get my ass into gear anyway.”

Taeyong hummed, wiggling his eyebrows jokingly and giving you a smirk, “I like the sound of that.”

You made a noise of disgust and walked with him back to class, “We can go to my place later if you like, I have snacks.”

“Snacks sound perfect,” he said, bravely taking your hand and making you gape at him again. He carefreely swung your joined hands, like it was the most natural thing to do.

“Taeyong,” you gulped, feeling the stares and glares as you walked back inside. “What are you doing?”

“Can I not platonically hold your hand?,” he asked innocently, eyes wide and soft, but the quick smirk on his mouth said otherwise.

You groaned and let him hold your hand with his sweater paws, leading you like that from class to class for the rest of the day until the final bell sounded the end of school. Your stomach churned with excitement. To be perfectly honest, you were both happy and confused with how Taeyong was acting. One moment he was acting like the best friend you’d never had and the next he was acting like your boyfriend. You wouldn’t mind either of those things, but both? That would be like a dream come true. You weren’t going to lie, as a writer you were a hopeless romantic, and you always imagined how everything would be when you fell in love. You couldn’t even count how many tales of romance you’d written, how many poems to your future boyfriend you’d scribbled in your journal. As of now, everything was living up to your expectations, though, not necessarily with the person who you thought it would be. It was a pleasant surprise though that you welcomed with open arms.

You’d always thought Taeyong was absolutely gorgeous, but you didn’t know what his personality was like. You only knew he was sweet and hardworking. You wouldn’t have believed he was a complete flirt if you hadn’t experienced it firsthand yourself. The strange thing was, Taeyong never dated anyone, never flirted with anyone before he began to with you.

It also didn’t hurt that you could practically taste the sexual frustration radiating off of him.

You looked over to where the dark haired boy was packing up his things, hypnotized by the way he neatly and methodically tidied everything up. You walked over to him and poked his rib cage, watching in amusement as he jumped and shot you a cute angry look.

He pouted, “Hey, don’t! I’m really ticklish.”

“Oops, many finger slipped,” you grinned, to which he smiled to himself as he finished packing.

“You ready to go?,” he asked, sliding on his backpack. “I rode my bike here, we can ride it to your place.” He was practically bouncing on his toes as he took your hand and led you out of the classroom.

“Okay,” you smiled, letting him pull you away and thinking about how cute he was for riding a bike to school. How much more perfect could he possibly get? You literally saw no flaws in him.

You walked out to the bike rack and Taeyong unchained his sturdy black bike. He swung his leg over it and patted the handlebars and winked, “Here, I’ll be really careful, don’t worry.”

You gulped, a little freaked out by the prospect of balancing your ass on a thin piece of metal. But you trusted Taeyong and he seemed capable of maintaining his balance. You grabbed his hand and he helped you sit as comfortably as you could on the cold metal that pressed against the back of your thighs. Much to your surprise, Taeyong helped you fix your skirt, lifting you gently to tuck it carefully underneath your legs without a word. You blushed and grabbed onto the rubber grips of the handles, jumping when Taeyong slid his hands over yours and pushed off.

He wobbled at first, unaccustomed to the added weight, but he quickly recovered and peddled strongly down the road, cruising past the houses. You pointed out to him which way to go and he smoothly made the turns, the spring wind whistling through your hair as the afternoon chill began to set in.

Thankfully, you arrived at your house, the sun still fighting in the sky as Taeyong pulled up along the curb. The steps to your house were a perfect place for you to dismount, only stumbling a little bit as you clumsily slid off the handlebars. The two of you giggled at your less than graceful landing and Taeyong simply let his bike flop down as you walked up to your door. Goosebumps raised up your legs as you shivered in place and fumbled for your keys in your school bag.

“You’d think winter would end already,” Taeyong casually commented, daring enough to run his hand up and down your exposed thigh, dangerously close to the hem of your skirt.

You shot him a look, but he just smiled boyishly. You finally found your key and shoved it in the lock as quickly as you could, wanting nothing more than the heat of your house to swallow you whole. It was like a wave of summer when you walked in, the dry heat feeling orgasmic on your bare legs as you took off your shoes.

Taeyong did the same, looking around your house curiously, “It’s really cute.”

“Thanks,” you said in amusement, “Come on, we can study in my room.”

“What about snacks?,” Taeyong asked, looking hopeful and hungry.

“I’ll bring some up, don’t worry,” you laughed, already trudging into the kitchen to grab some chips and grapes you had in the fridge. You heard Taeyong climbing the stairs and shouted, “It’s the second door on the right!”

You heard a grunt of affirmation and bounded up the stairs with your backpack and snacks in hand. You entered your room to already find Taeyong sprawled comfortably on your bed, pulling out notes and textbooks.

“Comfy?,” you asked, moving aside pillows and plopping down beside him.

He chuckled, scanning his notebooks, “Perfectly. What do you want to look over first? I was thinking writing and literature.”

You huffed, popping a grape in your mouth, “If we have to, I want to get through the worst first.”

“It’s not as bad as you think,” he said, nudging you with his shoulder as you sat up and leaned your head on it.

“I know,” you strained, pulling out your very minimal notes. “But it’s just something I don’t like being taught. I want to learn it on my own, through my own enjoyment.”

“Enjoyment, hm?,” the dark haired boy pondered, glancing at your notes before looking up at you exasperated. “_______, aren’t you worried you’ll fall behind?”

You’d never had the feeling you were ever drowning in work or behind the curve, always being right on track regardless of how hard you tried. You shrugged, looking at him with raised eyebrows, “Not really.”

“Well, I’m worried for you,” Taeyong said with a sigh. “You’re too smart and gifted to fall behind, and I don’t want to see that.”

“Taeyong? I’ve always wondered this but,” you murmured, tracing a finger on a vein up his forearm absentmindedly. “Don’t you want to be ranked first?”

Taeyong turned towards you, his dark eyes hard as he echoed you, “Not really.”

Confused you inquired, “But you’re always working so hard-”

“And it’s because of you,” the handsome boy interrupted, locking eyes with you. “You make me work harder than anyone else, you make me try, and no one else gives me that.” You didn’t notice it, but Taeyong had leaned closer, his breath fanning over your face. His voice was quiet, a soft murmur, “If I didn’t have you always one step in front of me, I don’t know what I would do.”

“Taeyong,” you whispered, his lips hovering just above yours, making your heart beat a mile a minute in your chest. He looked so soft, so exposed and vulnerable like he’d been craving to get that off his chest, to tell you.

“I don’t want to be ranked first,” he murmured, his lips brushing yours for a fraction of a second.

“I just want you.”

It was like a wave of feelings and sensations came crashing down on you, one minute you were a hairsbreath away from Taeyong, and next he was washing all over you. His body was pressing yours into the bed, your hands were tangled in his hair, and his lips were making what felt like love to yours. He kissed you passionately, like all the pent up feelings in his heart had just released into his body, hands and mouth driven by another force.

He cupped your face softly, but his lips and the rest of his body said otherwise. His chest rubbed against your clothed breasts and you couldn’t help but moan into his mouth. He took this opportunity to slide his tongue in, tasting the grapes you had eaten and groaning at the way your body moved against him. You spread your legs and welcomed the knee that slid your skirt up to your hips and pressed against your clothed heat. Taeyong’s kisses were so wet, the sounds coming from your mouth made you go delirious as the fire in your stomach was stoked.

Deprived of oxygen, he pulled away with a gasp, looking so fucking gorgeous with his messed up hair and swollen lips. You leaned up and pressed kisses to his sharp as a knife jawline, moaning when his hands began to unbutton his shirt. Your finger helped him along by untucking it from his belt, craving to see the creamy skin underneath.

You nearly cried when he slid it off his shoulders, fingers tracing down the warmth of his skin and running down his lean abs, “Taeyong…” You pressed kisses to his chest, tasting him with your tongue as you dragged your wet muscle along his defined collarbones.

He smirked at your reaction, his fingers now making quick work of your shirt, tossing it across the room as he exposed your chest, “Now we’re even.”

“Please, Tae, I need to feel something. Just touch me,” you whispered, breath coming in gasps as you sat up and placed his hands on your hips.

He slid them down and under your skirt, squeezing your ass over and over as he groaned, “Come over here.”

He pulled you close, laying one of your legs over his thigh as he tugged you until your clothed heat was pressed against the bulge in his pants. You gasped when he began to rub himself against you, head going blank of everything except for him and the way he was moving against you. He rolled his hips into you with a groan, hands on your ass as he helped you move in tandem with him until you found the rhythm yourself.

You tangled your fingers into his soft hair when he leaned down to litter the tops of your breasts with love bites, sucking dark purple bruises into your skin. You whimpered when he slowed down, your hips still eager against his as he kissed your neck, “Please…”

He hushed you, taking his time as he felt the wetness through your panties soak the crotch of his uniform slacks, “Take it easy, baby girl. Take a moment,” he dragged his bulge slowly up your clothed slit, “To just feel this, to feel me.”

You rolled your head back, drunk on the feeling off him teasing your clit with his clothed member, “Oh, fuck…”

Taeyong’s eyes were glazed over, small beads of sweat dripping down his jaw and neck. You leaned over and licked up the tantalizing drops, tasting the salt of his skin and humming as you pressed kiss after kiss to his neck. As much as you loved how Taeyong could have so much self control, you wanted release badly, for him to make you come all in your panties.

“Taeyong, please,” you whispered, panting as you looked at him pleadingly, biting your bottom lip in want.

Instantly his hips began to move faster, slowly working up to a newer, rougher speed that left your body on fire. His hands found their place back on your ass and he urged you to move along with him, his eyes burning with desire as you complied willingly. He rutted his hips into you, causing your breasts to bounce as he ground into you roughly. You cried out when he inched up only a little bit and found your clit, driving hard into the spot when he noticed your reaction. The roughness of his slacks felt like pure nirvana on your sensitive bundle of nerves and your voice broke as you called his name out.

Taeyong’s voice was deep and husky, urging you to release as he continued to dry hump you, “Come on baby girl, soak those panties for me. Show me how wet you can make them.”

He took hold of your hips and turned you onto your side, hooking one of your legs over his shoulder as he drove into you on his knees. The new angle at which he rubbed against you made you see stars, and you felt your release upon you. You gave one last strained moan, gasping as you threw your head back and came hard, flooding your underwear with your essence as Taeyong continued to thrust against you, chasing his own high. A few moments later, he came crashing down as well, hips stuttering as he came inside of his pants, his member straining over and over against the fabric, so much so that you could see it twitching. You watched with half lidded eyes as Taeyong groaned, his head lolling back and languidly rolling his hips against your heat. It was possibly the hottest thing you’d ever seen and you felt your core tighten one last time as you came again. You gasped and road out the mini release, reaching down and rubbing yourself through your panties as best you could to prolong the feeling. Taeyong groaned at the sight, leaning down to kiss you again, swapping saliva with you as your tongues danced in sync.

When the two of you had regained your breath, Taeyong flopped down beside you, scattering notes off the bed as he pulled you into his arms. You welcomed his embrace, burying yourself deep into chest as you inhaled his homey scent, like laundry detergent and something so Taeyong it hurt.

He cradled your head and murmured against your hair, “You’re so incredible, ______, you know that?”

You laughed breathily into his skin, kissing his collarbones as you whispered, “And do you know how amazing you are, Lee Taeyong?”

You looked up and was met with a soft smile that you leaned in and kissed gently, “I mean it,” you affirmed with another kiss to his cheek, “You don’t need me to motivate you because you’re already so good on your own.”

“Doesn’t mean I still don’t want you,” he mumbled, looking away with a blush on his cheeks. “I’m sorry if I came off like a douchebag, it’s just you’re so cool, ______, and I just wanted to impress you-”

You stopped him with a kiss, laughing against his mouth as you pulled away to see his confused gaze, “And here I was thinking I was the lame girl with the gorgeous popular boy chasing after her.”

“No,” he chuckled, rolling his eyes and dragging his lips against your neck. “You just get the nerdy guy who can’t talk to girls without coming off like a dork.”

You laughed and played with his hair, gazing at him adoringly, “You’re really a strange one, Lee Taeyong. I like that.”

“You can keep me around if you like,” the gorgeous boy smiled, “So long as you be my study partner…and my girlfriend.”

“I think I can agree to those terms,” you grinned pulling him down to kiss him way past sunset. Your notes and studying were completely forgotten as the sun sank below the horizon. The two of you had cleaned up as best as you could when you remembered your parents would be home from work. It was a comical scene, but one you would remember fondly as you and Taeyong worked to scrub the stain from the front of his pants. He even met your parents that night, introducing himself like he was born to be brought home to a family. Years later, you could still remember that whole day with amusement and love, knowing you were still happily with that sheepish boy who made you laugh until your cried.

Can everyone please go read Long Exposure by @smokeplanet I literally started supporting them on Patreon because I couldn’t stand to wait for five page updates I need to see every page as soon as it’s done

Look guys it’s only like 30+ pages in but I think about the mains every second of every day I’m in so fucking deep???  Basically it’s about this kid, Josan, and how he gets partnered with his middle school bully, Mitch, for a class project and then because Mitch is an idiot they sneak into this research centre place and get fucking super powers it’s so rad




I really like leaving comments on fanfic, and I think this is largely because I was taught how to. I took writing workshop classes as a hobby elective in undergrad, and for each of those classes our instructors would lay out for us how they preferred us to give feedback to each other. My favorite method was in response letters—every week we would read one or two people’s stories, and would then have to draft them a letter in response.

The first part of the letter was always complimentary. It wasn’t meant to be empty flattery; rather, we were supposed to note elements of the story that stuck out to us or worked particularly well. This could be a character whose personality or arc was particularly compelling, specific lines of dialogue or description that were really well done, or plot elements that made the story more engaging. One of my instructors described this part of the letter as an ode to envy—“everything you wish you’d written yourself should be there.”

The second part of the letter was more constructive. This meant, for the particularly bold, points that they thought could be improved, or aspects of the story they thought should be cut or reworked entirely. For people who wanted to be less definitive in their critiques, this was the section for questions. Here you would ask the author to explain themselves—why did this character make that decision? Is there a reason you ended with this scene? What did this line of dialogue mean?

Questions are particularly helpful as constructive criticism, because you’re not telling the author they’ve done something wrong. You’re just signaling to them that there’s something more or different that could be in the story, or something that’s already there that could be clarified to really hit home. Questions are endlessly helpful for writers, because they’re the perfect entry point into how their readers are actually experiencing the story. If the reader isn’t asking the questions the writer thought they were leading them to, or if those questions go unanswered by the end of the story, the writer knows they have more work to do.

Response letters are fun to write, and they have utility beyond my elective undergrad classes. Subconsciously, I have started mimicking that format in a shorter form while writing comments on fanfic.

There are adjustments, however. When I review a fanfic, I go heavy on the complimentary part. This is generally because I love fanfic and have good feedback for stories I’ve read through and enjoyed, but it’s also because I don’t think comments are always the place for critique, constructive or otherwise. Posting fanfic isn’t asking for feedback in an enclosed space, like a writing workshop. You’re posting something that is ostensibly a finished product, and waiting for a response from an audience. You’re waiting, like an actor in a play, for the applause at the end of the performance.

So questions, I think, can be appropriate for fanfic comments. But I don’t leave actual critique unless I’m specifically asked for it. And that’s generally a private or semi-private conversation—over email or through line edits, when another author comes to me and asks for that type of feedback.

This isn’t to say that fanfic readers have to always be positive about what they read. No one gets any better just hearing blanket applause all the time. But creating is a hard task, and creators often need to be in the right frame of mind to receive feedback. When they’re waiting for applause and hear criticism instead, it’s particularly demoralizing.

Ultimately, what I look for in comments is conversation. I want to know what my readers feel about my work, what they reacted to, and what they’re left wondering about. If specific things aren’t working, I want to hear about that, too, but probably not right after I’ve posted something I’ve worked hard on.

So conversation is what I try to offer the writers whose work I enjoy and consume, in the form of small response letters. Commenting is fun, that way, in the same way writing workshops are. They both ultimately come back to enjoying craft and story with other people.  

Hey guys!!

So yep! I’m moving out of my parents house and it’s about time! I’ve been dying to do this for years, but I never could save up the money nor could I as an 18 year old with a part time job afford to do. But me and two friends have decided that we are sick of our abusive parents and that we need to get out, and quick.

All three of us have jobs, but they are all part time jobs being that we all have classes, which means we only make about $200 every two weeks. And while that’s enough to rent a place we fall a little short on the down payment plus pet deposit ( one dog and a snake ). So I’m here to ask out of the kindness of your hearts to commission me.

I can do anything from sketches to paintings to digital art. Prices vary depending on the complexity of what your wanting and the character.

But I do understand that not everyone can afford to commission me so if you can’t please please reblog this. 

and if you can and are wanting to commission me please contact me through Tumblrs messenger or through asks.


Water colour paintings

Digital paintings

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I get that Charlie enslaving Miss Quill is morally fucked. I really do, and thats part of the character develpment that must shift. 

But every indication we’ve been given points to Miss Quill being a genocidal war criminal who has killed hundreds of people. She already caused the death of one student and intended to do the same to April. 

So lets all just take a step back before we start cheering for her release, and for her hitting Charlie. We have little to no context of the interplay between the Rhodia and the Quill, and for all we know Charlie could basically be holding the leash on space Cthulhu.

The dynamic needs to change, but I’m pretty sure that giving Quill free range is a recipe for bodies. 

Holy shit, that episode…


It was fucking perfect. Some episodes of Class I admit I have gotten a bit bored at points, but this one was just amazing. I was scared for some of the characters, and every time anyone picked up the stone was filled with so much tension. The arguing never felt forced or cheesy, and I loved how it gradually got more and more heated. It felt uncomfortably real. It was emotional, it was intense, it was really tightly written and I never once found myself drifting off.

Tanya sometimes gets on my nerves but she was really great in this episode. Her confession was infinitely relatable to me - everyone struggles with the feeling that their friends don’t care that much about them, and the message that everyone feels that way and that you are still loved is so important.

Charlie and Matteusz were so perfectly sweet and charming. That moment where Matteusz helps Charlie through his panic attack was so beautiful, and I am so scared that the big Polish giraffe is going to get killed off now with all this talk of Charlie losing him. He really helps ground the show, and his relationship with Charlie is one of the best portrayals of a healthy, loving relationship that I have ever seen.

Ram never seemed like an asshole, somehow, and that’s great. It would have been so easy for him to be really unlikable in this episode, when really he’s just caught in a stressful situation. Despite all the things he said he was still Ram, and Ram is I think one of the most genuinely selfless and heroic characters in the show. His confession was really bittersweet, again tying in to that theme of people being afraid that they aren’t valued.

Which is why April’s confession was so heartbreaking, and so understandable. You can’t bend your feelings in a certain way, and it’s just as nervewracking to not feel as strongly for someone else as it is to be on the other end of that. It’s so good to see a show that’s actually addressing how complicated and confusing these sorts of strong emotions are for teenagers who aren’t used to them, and I really hope April and Ram can work things out.

Charlie was an absolute badass. I love it when you have these sorts of intense scenes where a character defeats the bad guy in a sheer battle of wills, and I love when a character with a lot of rage and darkness building up inside them just lets it out on the bad guy, and here we got both from him. It was genuinely terrifying to watch, and even though it was so tender when he told Matteusz that he loved him there was no mistaking that he was immensely powerful and immensely dangerous when he crushed the prisoner. Everyone’s worried about Quill, but Charlie is the one we should really be scared of. Something tells me that he’s going to do something to put Willow Rosenberg to shame.

And again, that whole message about how everyone feels scared that they’re the expendable one in their group of friends was just SO IMPORTANT, and it’s something that everyone needs to hear. This episode managed to be perfect start-to-finish even without Quill being in it for more than a minute, and I haven’t even mentioned the straight-up masterful cinematography (holy shit, that shot where Charlie catches April), and oh my god what a great episode.

This is a tier list that’s been made for the playable characters in Fire Emblem Heroes as of February 5th, 2017 (02.05.17) / (05.02.17 for those in Europe and other countries.)

From my understanding, the criteria for the rating of each class was made around each character’s growth rates and overall usefulness in the game’s main campaign. Only characters that can achieve five stars were rated, having been analyzed at their maximum potential.

I myself don’t have access to every unit (yet) so I’m throwing this out there to you guys…

What do you all think? Is this accurate?

anonymous asked:

I just recently got into KS at the recommendation of a class mate. Currently majoring in forensic psych, and this manhwa hits all the correct spots. Its obvious that Koogi must have done proper and in depth research into how this sort of thing works in real life. And then I saw your meta on why Sangwoo kills and lemme tell you it read like a criminal profile we would be given in class. You looked at this character and stripped him down to understand how he ticks, every point you made 1/2

2/2 Cont. read like you were a professional criminal psychiatrist. And I guess the point I’m trying to make here is that you are doing amazing things that are rightfully acknowledged for being great, but also your meta just makes me appreciate the work of art that is Killing Stalking.

Ahhh thank you! I’m actually an architectural student who don’t even watch that many crime documentaries, so hearing you say this I’m very happy that I don’t sound like someone who’s blind guessing everything (I didn’t) XD

Yeah like ks is so great not because of the plot (which have been done before) but because of the characters and their complex mentality. Being someone who has always enjoyed a fictional work for its characters I’m just so glad I found it. Just because it’s BL doesn’t mean it’s not art.


Whoniverse: Class - 29/? times there’s more to Miss Quill than meets the eye. (1x08)

This is the traditional end to a Quill life, did you know that?  Yeah, we die and our offspring consume us.  They take our strength as their first gift, and our last legacy. But that’s not what you humans do, is it?  You give your strength every day.  You give your legacy as you live.  And that’s because you can shape it. Rather than it shaping you.  So take what you’ve been given, take it, and give it back to those who hurt you. Cos that’s what I’m going to do.


Character relationship studies.

aka Rune is a spit fire, Emerson is a scaredy cat, Noor is kinda bully sometimes and Maddock is a living piece of shit. 

I might churn out a few more of these, but its really time for me to move on to prop and environments for the rest of the week. 

Do you ever think about how fucking deep the actual plot/setting of Flapjack is I mean it’s a show about an old man named K'Nuckles who is an alcoholic poverty-stricken homeless disabled man who’s helping a whale raise an orphan child who was the soul survivor in a ship wreck years ago, and that child is also extremely poverty stricken but still see’s everything that is beautiful in the world and loves everyone and won’t ever give up on anything and always believes in the good of people despite being the butt-end of literally every single joke made by the upper and middle classes and loves his family with all his heart even though he gets made fun of on the daily for having a family of freaks while they’re all living in an old run down shipping harbor community in the mid 1800s where it’s canon that most of the characters don’t even know how to read like for real if you don’t think that’s heavy as fuck I don’t wanna hear it 

So funny story we were messing with paint and naturally i drew the first thing that came up on my brain when i saw Black.
Nothing special i do this messy paint art a lot.

My class mates just sat up and stared at me and i thought it was cause of my other art that i was doing at the moment.
But one of them- just pointed at Dark and said.
“That shit is nightmare fuel.”

And i told them when i started drawing Dark i tended to have nightmares about him every once in a while and that is how his whole characterization sparked n shit.
They were like cool how is he.
And i started telling them???

So that is the story of how my whole class is now terrified of a edgy community character.

Well, I watched that trailer for the Death Note Netflixs movie.   By god…it looks bad.

For starters, the whitewashing pisses me off. Just because L was changed to being African American doesn’t change the fact that most of the major player’s races were changed from being East Asian to white. Even with it taking place in the US, they could have still picked East Asian actors to play these characters. So many Asian Americans could have played these characters if they gave them a chance.  (As a side note, I don’t mind L being played by an African American actor, just the rest angers me)  Even with that aside, a lot of the casting is still horrendous.

The choice for Kira is horrible. Light is a very intelligent, cunning, charming honour student on the top of his class, being able to get anyone to do what he wants. Light was board out of his mind from his perfect every day life until he becomes obsessed with what he does with the notebook. His intentions start out good, but he slowly becomes corrupted by the Death Note…although he had the seeds in his heart before with his God Complex.  He is able to out smart the police, having to stay one step ahead of L and the others.   He is a complex character that treads the line of being an antihero and a fantastic villain.  

Here, in addition to picking a white actor to play him, which also pisses me off in of itself (I still wish they got an Asian American actor to play him – big time)– this guy has none of that! He looks like a stoner (which is saying something since I am autistic and a harder time telling these types of things sometimes), seeming to be the school punching bag and loner.  He has no charm or charisma whatsoever from the clips he was in. It makes me wonder who the hell would follow him or how he will be able to out smart the police! 

I have a hunch he might be painted to be a pure person, which is dumb considering despite everything he still is a serial killer.  His ends don’t justify the means to which he uses in the series, even with his intentions.

In addition, Misa is a goth cheerleader who smokes a lot, which is the exact opposite of her personality in the series. L was changed from a massively powerful detective to a cop. They're quite frankly stripping characters of their motivations and positions that made them interesting in the first place.

There is not a single mention of any of the Shinigami like Ryuk, which played a huge role in the story! (Yes, I know there was a shadow at the end of the trailer, even then I am not even sure if Ryuk is still a Shinigami or not)

The cinematography is super dark and you can hardly make anything out.

Moreover, from what we’ve been told and from this trailer, they’re very clearly changing this from a  thriller to a god damn generic action movie! The trailer is cut like an action movie! Which just throws out basically everything that people liked about the original work… besides maybe the fact that people die from time to time. This should be a psychological game between L and Light – that is what defines the series.

They’re changing the setting, the characters, the genre, and character motivations,  replacing it with what looks like generic shlock. Wonderful.

Originally posted by superfinetrio

Outside of William Defoe playing Ryuk, which I admit is a great casting choice, this whole trailer seems completely cringe worthy.

I would be fine with them changing things and putting a new spin on the source material. Hell, VLD changed a ton from the source material, from changing Pidge into a girl to making Allura coded African American, and it is a great series, improving things a lot. But all these changes in this new Death Note movie, unfortunately,  seem to be for the worse, not the better.

With all this said, like with the Last Airbender movie, I don’t think this will ruin the series. This is just another take on it…although, I do think it’s not gonna be super great by the looks of things.

Tbh I’ll probably still watch it. Just to see the dumpster fire.

My teacher was trying to prove a point about books only having a certain amount of important, relevant, characters….so he says:

“how many characters from Les Mis can you name?”

Bad idea. You see I can name quite a few characters, and so can to of my friends, and since my entire grade loved to mess with this man, we start naming every single character we knew, either by name or title. We’re cut off once we’re halfway through the Barricade Boys.

“But how many of those characters are plot relevant. Valjean, Javert, Marius, Cossette, Eponine.”

We start again, “Well technically Thenardier and his wife are important” “Gavroche advances the Valjean v. Javert conflict.” “Without Enjolaras and the rest of the students there would be no rebellion, and that’s a pretty important part of the show.” “What about Fantine, she’s pretty important.”

He cuts us off again, summarizes the point he was attempting to make, and doesn’t use Les Mis and an example in his other classes.