i have a character for every class

The single best piece of writing advice I ever got was from a professor teaching a playwriting class, who told us that in every scene, especially scenes that were just dialogue, every character should want something. Making every character in a scene have a goal is an easy way to avoid dialogue that’s just exposition, and to make sure your dialogue drives the plot forward and/or reveals characterization. 

It doesn’t have to be complicated or super weighty–as long as the characters have a goal, there will be tension in the scene even if the goals are small. Character X wants to borrow a pen, and character Y wants to make a good impression on character X. X wants to insult Y until they go away, and Y wants to annoy X by pretending not to notice the insults. X wants Y to give them the last slice of pizza, and Y is super full but still doesn’t want X to have it. No matter what your character’s goal is, it will reveal something about who that character is to the reader, and the conflict between your characters’ goals will give the scene momentum.

maniacaltoaster  asked:

Do you think it's kinda weird that even though the characters in Villainous don't TECHNICALLY have good designs, while that kind of thing destroys other cartoons, in this one, it seems to work in its favor? Like, they look ridiculous, over the top, and crazy, but that feels like exactly what they're supposed to look like.

oh sweetheart let me tell you a little secret

the people who genuinely think the Villainous character designs are bad don’t know a damn thing about designing characters for animation

STRAP IN FOLKS IT’S TIME FOR ANOTHER RANT LESSON ABOUT ANIMATION CHARACTER DESIGN WITH NOVA (brought to you by SCAD: “I pay $35,000 a year to learn how to make cartoons so trust me I know what I’m talking about”)

The first thing any character design class (including the one I took) will teach you is “have a strong silhouette”

You can probably recognize almost if not every single one of these characters just from their outlines! So let’s take a look at the silhouettes of the Villainous cast…

HOLY SMOKES THEY ARE HELLA DISTINCTIVE!!! And here we even see what is probably the design reason for Dr. Flug’s paper bag and Demencia’s huge fluffy ponytail - they add to the strength of their silhouettes immensely.

Now let’s examine both the shape language of the characters AND how they’re likely divided in terms of their digital puppet rigs (as Villainous appears to use both the hand drawn and rigging techniques), because the former is the second thing any character design class will teach you and the latter is incredibly important to the modern digital 2D animation process. (Apologies if my rig estimates are off, I haven’t had as much experience with 2D rigging as I have with hand drawn.)

Black Hat has the most variety out of the cast, but broken up he’s really just a combination of rectangles, triangles and one or two circles. His hat is also kind of a shape in and of itself, one that comes very naturally when drawing his head. Like a lot of villain characters his sharpness is highly emphasized.

Dr. Flug is ALL about squares and skinny rectangles, with his only rounded shapes being his eyes and shoes. Normally when you see boxy characters they’re on the very masculine or muscular side, meant to seem strong or imposing, but Flug is a wimpy, scrawny twig. That’s really unorthodox and something I like a lot about his look.

What’s super interesting about Demencia is that next to 5.0.5, she has the most circles and rounded shapes. Sharpness is added in her details which makes her design look a lot more complex than it really is. What’s great about digital animation and 2D rigging is it makes characters who have a lot of specific details like her much simpler to animate, so she really isn’t impractical at all provided you’re animating her using a computer.

And finally we have Beariplier Markibear 5.0.5, who I’m sure surprises no one by being a big old round baby full of circles. His nose and snout are of course triangles though. I like how he’s the most intentionally simple out of the cast, even going so far as to have a different eye style that almost makes him look like something out of an ultra-cutesy anime. He doesn’t fit in with and stands out a lot from the others, which is entirely the point.

To sum up, the Villainous characters are both simple enough to animate on a budget/deadline and interesting looking enough to want to watch, the perfect combination for modern 2D digital TV animation. These designs were MADE for a 2017 Cartoon Network show in every sense, with just enough early 2000s influence to feel fresh and new as well as classic and nostalgic. I want these guys to represent and become iconic of CN the same way Finn, Jake, Mordecai and Rigby have.

The Best Sonic??

Hey, Nanite here. I’m a long-time Sonic the Hedgehog fan and am currently a mod on the @sonicpositive and @motivationalsonic blogs! Cutting to the chase, I’ve been asked by several people who my favorite ‘version’ of Sonic the Hedgehog is, since the franchise has so many different continuities to choose from. I couldn’t decide, so I’m gonna draw some Sonics (not all of them, we’d be here all day) and rate them! Starting we have:

Classic Sonic! What a guy who’s fly, a blue dude with a ‘tude– it’s the original Sonic! How could I not love him? Good and wholesome. Saves little animals. 12/10.

Archie Sonic! Boy does this guy bring back some of my best memories. Me showing off the latest issue to all the other kids in class, reading them out loud to my little brothers and trying my best to get their voices juusttt right. Tons of fun and action and some of the best characters in the whole franchise! Sad to see him go, but I have no doubt IDW Sonic will be just as way past cool! 100/10!

Modern Sonic! Fun games, great music, and a rockin’ look! This guy is all about fun and being a hero and he inspires me every day. Keep on running, Sonic. 10/10.

SatAM Sonic!! I remember being a kid, finishing an episode, and going into the woods behind my house so I could pretend to be a Freedom Fighter and protect the forest from Doctor Robotnik. Tried to dig a hole beneath an old stump so that I could retreat to my own “Knothole Village”. Didn’t get far, but boy was it fun. 15/10.

Dreamcast Sonic! (Adventure Sonic)! Boy oh boy, this guy was the BOMB! Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 STILL are two of my favorite games. From the Chao Gardens, to the fun stages, to the absolutely unforgettable music, I think Sonic made a pretty decent transition into 3D. Open Your Heart, dudes. 11/10.

Boom Sonic. Is this the one everyone was waiting for? I sure hope so. I had lots of fun playing Sonic Boom. Yeah, it was glitchy, yeah, it was tough, but there was something incredibly charming about it. I don’t know if it was the character interactions, or the humor, or maybe it was the fact that I had someone else to play it with and it’s more enjoyable with a friend. Say what you want but I liked the game and I love the show. Boom Sonic is funny, relatable, and as always, cool. 10/10.

And last but certainly not least, Werehog Sonic. I love him with all my heart and can’t get enough of this hoggo. He’s not as fast as any of the other Sonics on this list, but his heart is just as big, if not bigger. He only looks scary!! He’s actually a big softie who loves his friends, just like any Sonic should. Sit, Stay, Roll into a ball. This Sonic is a Good Boy. 10000/10.

Annnnnnd there you have it! All the Sonics are good to me and they all have a special place in my heart. “But Nanite, what about Metal, Underground, Aosth, and Riders? What abou–” Hold up!! I intend to rate most of the Sonics I can think of, but I’ll be saving those guys for next time. Though something tells me we’ll come to a similar conclusion haha. Anyway, hope y’all liked the many Sonics! If you actually read to the end of this the surprise is that they’re all transparent and free to use!! Sonic gets a lot of flack, but hopefully this helps spread some positivity! Love ya, Sonic!! <3

I’m really tired of hearing that bards get outclassed easily at high levels. It’s like people expect them to be able to cast spells as well as a 20th level wizard *and* fight as well as a fighter or barbarian. Like, of course they’re not going to outperform specialized classes, otherwise the game wouldn’t be balanced.

No one seems to understand that bards are meant to be a powerful jack-of-all-trades. In fact, there’s a class feature that bards get at level **2** that spells that out for the player. Bard’s aren’t supposed to be able to cast incredible spells like Wish or attack five times in one turn, they’re supposed to be able to fill every role in the party to some extent so that they can make up for any weaknesses that the party might have. That’s why they get both powerful healing and attack spells, like the literal one-shot instant kill Power Word: Kill. Bard’s are also one of only two classes that can bring characters back to life.

I honestly have no idea why anyone thinks that bards are useless or outclassed because they are EASILY the most versatile class in the game. The fact that they are both capable fighters and healers make them really good, and the bard colleges of valor and lore make them really good support characters too. The new College of Swords from the unearthed arcana also makes bards *incredible* melee fighters, and I would almost argue that a college of swords bard could replace your melee fighter or DPS while still being a good support class on top of that.

Bards get a lot of flack for being a “jack of all trades, master of none”, but everyone seems to forget that the saying goes “Jack of all trades, master of none,

But often better than a master of one.”

Why do people not appreciate Tarquin more? I love his character so much.

-He is the only High Lord in history to see past the mask/show Rhysand puts on for everyone. He wanted to be Rhysand’s friend. He looked at Rhys and didn’t see a monster but a man that was trying to protect the other Fae from Amarantha

-He wants to close to class gap between High Fae and “lesser fae” just like Rhysand. He just wants every fae to have the same rights no matter what class they are.

-He is one of the nicest High Lords. He told Feyre about his advisors wanting him to learn how to play games like other High Lords and he said he’s just not good at it. He also wanted to be friends with Feyre and didn’t treat her like she was some hero, he treated her like a normal person. I’m so glad he’s not like the other High Lords

I know he sent the blood rubies but I think he just did that out of anger and because he was hurt. He wanted to have one friend among the High Lords who wasn’t playing some stupid game with him, and he feels betrayed by Feyre and Rhys. I hope their conflict is resolved in ACOWAR and they become friends.

Do you like Killing Stalking? Then read these!

I promise this is a 99.99% KS content blog, but I want to take a moment to gush about my favorites in the psychological/horror genre (some which might be even more fucked up than KS even).

1. DEAD TUBE (ongoing)
This is one of my all-time favorite ongoing manga. It. Is. BLOODY. There’s gore everywhere and there’s always someone losing some limbs or dying. 
There’s this site called… you guessed it: Dead Tube. It’s like Youtube or Vine but about a million times ‘WTF’. The aim is to create videos that will shock as many people as possible. People will murder, torture, do sexual acts, take unsolicited videos of other people, and pretty much do every single fucked up thing imaginable on the list. Once you’re trapped in the game you can’t get out. If your videos don’t get many views, you get killed. Every single character in the manga is batshit crazy. There’s extreme violence, gore, and nudity every chapter. KS is probably ten times tamer, so if it’s your limit, I suggest you at least tread lightly at first. (NSFW pictures under cut). 

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So according to this email (and these are the people who have fought against this idea every time someone tried to kill net neutrality) this upcoming Thursday (12/14/17) the FCC will try and kill net neutrality.
What I’ve been doing is reblogging info on this and tagging fandoms and characters and “ships” so EVERYONE finds out about this and how much it will impact them because it will..a lot. Especially when you are using this for school as well, because this will force schools to increase their own tuition/class fees.

Basically providers like Comcast, AT&T and others will be able to say in order to visit this or see this you have to pay is even more on top of what you already pay to us. They can slow down sites as well.

So continue to reblog info about this issue. Reblog this post too.

Do you ever think about how fucking deep the actual plot/setting of Flapjack is I mean it’s a show about an old man named K'Nuckles who is an alcoholic poverty-stricken homeless disabled man who’s helping a whale raise an orphan child who was the soul survivor in a ship wreck years ago, and that child is also extremely poverty stricken but still see’s everything that is beautiful in the world and loves everyone and won’t ever give up on anything and always believes in the good of people despite being the butt-end of literally every single joke made by the upper and middle classes and loves his family with all his heart even though he gets made fun of on the daily for having a family of freaks while they’re all living in an old run down shipping harbor community in the mid 1800s where it’s canon that most of the characters don’t even know how to read like for real if you don’t think that’s heavy as fuck I don’t wanna hear it 

One more piece of advice for players who are new to magic characters:

Magic Classes are more complex than other classes.  They just are. If you’re playing a martial character, you’ll be able to use your basic class features without having to look up the rules every time.  But as a spellcaster, you’ll likely have to reference your spell descriptions for a long time.  And even if you play D&D for years, you’ll never be able to memorize all the spells.

If it’s your first time, I recommend a spontaneous casting class like Sorcerer or Oracle or Bard.  Spontaneous casters get to choose a small list of spells.  They can only cast those spells, but as long as they have spell slots left, they can cast any spell from their list.  These classes are easier because having fewer spells mean you become more familiar with them.  It also means you avoid tedious spell preparation.  

Prepared casters are different. A wizard is a good example of a prepared spellcaster; a wizard can learn any number of spells.  The only limit is time and resources (adding spells to your book costs money).  But a wizard can still only cast a limited number of spells per day, and they have to choose their spells ahead of time.  So let’s say a wizard can cast four 3rd level spells per day.  They pick Fireball (twice), Dispel Magic and Tongues.  Those are the only 3rd level spells they can cast that day.  Even if they know a different 3rd level spell (like Fly, for example), they won’t be able to cast it because they didn’t prepare it.

Prepared casters are more work because you have to understand more spells.  You also have to go out of your way to acquire and learn more spells, and every day you have to choose which ones you’ll be able to cast.

So in summation, all casting classes can be fun.  They each have their advantages and drawbacks.  But spontaneous casters are more beginner friendly.


for your consideration: yoga instructor Doc who, when it’s the season for it, has his yoga classes out on the beach in a nice private area where no one will bother them unless someone is a merman who’s going to sneak a peek

also, can i just say, to the fic writers who can consistently write Donut and all his amazing blatant double entendres, holy shit, glass toast and hat tip to you because making everything he says a double entendre is a fucking ARTFORM that I just do NOT have the easy talent for holy shit like it’s embarrassing how long it took for me to come up with that

why is it that every new facecanon and first time drawing of one of the characters that happens is through this au tho like why me why

its even funnier because like it’s supposed to be a beginning class for yoga but like that pose is actually apparently mid to higher level but look i needed something that would show off kai’s insane flexibility

A Couple Updates On My Mom and GW2

My mom, with 4 100% map completed characters, has just now decided she’s brave enough to go into Heart of Thorns. She died to pocket raptors.

She’s filled her materials storage (wood, cloth/leather, and ores) 4 times and still refuses to buy the storage expansion.

Despite having played for a full year now, I’m still woken up in the middle of the night with “Stacy, do something about my inventory.”

She engaged in map chat once because someone was talking about dogs and she got really excited about it. She talked about it for a week.

After watching the PoF release she’s excited for the jackal mount. “I can go so fast. Those darned tiny dinosaurs from hell will never see me.”

Every time the announcement showed one of the devs we met at last year’s PAX West afterparty she said “Hey! We met them!” She hoping we can go this year too.

She made an Asura last night after putting it off for a year because “I’ll lose my little lady on the screen”.

Guild Wars 2 has made my mom more southern. Every few minutes while she’s in a high level map I hear “Gawd bless it”, the accent growing thicker each time.

Her elementalist, the first character she made, is currently still in DR from Wintersday. I asked why and apparently she’s still working off the drinks? My mom’s decided that her ele is a “lush” and it will take months for the drinking effects to disappear. She refused to listen to why that’s not how it works by claiming that I’m ruining her canon.

She wants to be a pirate queen and doesn’t like that we kill Taidha.

 Her favorite class so far is the Ranger, and she’s very, very proud of having every pet unlocked (except the HoM ones. I may get a second gw1 account so i can get her those too)

She still questions why we can’t choose what our swimsuits look like. Also, she’s almost done with the diving goggles achievement.

alias grace meta: dr jordan & grace’s dynamic

I McFreaking love what they did with the dynamic between these two characters because it’s subversive on so many levels.

on the one hand we get a traditional historical fiction “romance” set-up–both attractive, young, single, conducting intimate and long conversations in a sitting room with equal parts civility and a simmering something underneath.

but then you have layers of power dynamics along different dichotomies: man/woman, doctor/patient, prisoner/free man, object/subject. Not to mention class. Doctor Jordan is a member of the bourgeoisie, well-educated, and has been afforded every privilege in life. Meanwhile, Grace is a working-class immigrant who grew up in poverty. (On a side note, I greatly enjoyed Grace’s sly aside regarding Jordan’s inquiry into throwing away people’s shit in the privy.) 

The power dynamics are fragile, though. And I would argue, they flip, or are in flux.

The thing is, where Dr. Jordan finds Grace fascinating, Grace finds Dr. Jordan relatively transparent. She manipulates him easily because of this. He wants “forbidden knowledge” of her–both in a spiritual, mental, and physical sense. Grace is a great mystery to him. But he’s just a another man to her. Sure, he’s a doctor and has theories and ideas. But he also wants to fuck her, just like so many other men she’s encountered in life. Grace knows this. She speaks to this fact during her hypnosis session through the dark veil (”through a mirror, darkly.”) Grace reveals him, humiliates him, and shows the extent to which she has him figured out. She says it later too, in her letter to him eleven years on, how his morbid fascination and sexual desire tangled together, just like with her husband Jamie, just like with the “doctors” who raped her in the asylum.

On another note, throughout the show we see Dr. Jordan slowly slipping, losing control. Grace, on the other hand, stays in control of her narrative. The slippage within it, the multiple identities, one could argue that it, too, is part of her theater and performance of her own story. 

As Grace transforms further into metaphor, obscurity, multiplicities–the forbidden fruit, the tree of knowledge of good and evil, Dr. Jordan becomes more and more humanized. Adam. Falling from grace. Note the scene where we see Jordan rutting the landlady into the carpet, putting his dick away, and saying “I wish that was someone else.” This scene shows an aspect of the Doctor that Grace observed early-on, namely, that he’s just another angry, horny man who treats women like shit. 

(Also, note how Jordan treats other women in the narrative that he’s not attracted to!!) 

The subject/object dichotomy is the most in flux between them. Indeed, Grace is his subject and it is her subjectivities that fill his notebooks. She is also an object though–her beauty and her body are coded as highly feminine and beautiful by many of the male characters in the narrative (see: Kinnear’s description of her “Grecian profile” and “blush.”) Jordan is also patronizing toward her in his dreams (him, wrapping his coat around her) and in reality (Grace, fainting, Jordan rushing to her aid.) But Dr. Jordan also functions as her subject. Just as he’s studying her, she’s studying him. She gauges he wants to hear, how he reacts, and adjusts accordingly. She wants to understand the truth he’s seeking from her (perhaps subconsciously) and then delivers it to him. 

How does Dr. Jordan function for Grace then? I would argue he becomes someone for her to pass the time–an amusement. Someone she can craft stories for. Indeed, Grace is the Scheherazade of this story, and Dr. Jordan is the bewitched and enthralled Sasanian king. And Grace herself is an allegory for storytelling and narratives, holding multiple identities and truths within her, needing to be told and witnessed/heard. (This is stated at some point in the show–her need and desire to be witnessed and heard.) This is one way I would concede Dr. Jordan differs from other men in her life. He wants to hear her story, and not from papers or other people, but from her own mouth. (Unfortunately he doesn’t realize he’s getting played to some extent.)

And the power dynamics do flip in the end. Dr. Jordan becomes a literal prisoner to his own mind and body, first after his depressive spiral after parting with Grace and then from his subsequent injury in the war. Grace, on the other hand, gains her freedom. 

I might write more on this just because I have SO MANY THOUGHTS but do you guys agree? disagree? have things to add?

Also: I’m very curious about the moment when Grace offers to show Jordan the scar on her chest from when she fainted while in court. Was she testing him? Was she offering something to him? 


ok so like u know those docs tagged like “Steve/reader” and then in the fic the author fucking names the reader and gives them a fucking body type like is it a reader insert or a fucking OC SPECIFY BITCH! Also I’m fucking sick of seeing one million “ships” example: on the fucking fic the ships will be “Steve/Reader, Natasha/Reader peter/reader tony/reader, Bruce/reader” when its a fucking fic about the romantic relationship between the reader and Thor. Like why would you fucking deceive me like that I gotta mow my fucking grass so I can get rid of the snakes! I can’t trust shit, not a summary, not the tags, not even the first chapter reader insert fics will go completely left in a fucking paragraph. I’m ALDO sic an tide of these “you cheeks turned pink from their usual pale pallor” bitch I am the same shade as muthafuckin kunta kente the only pink I have on me is my tongue and my tongue is too busy cursing out the fucking tags because they don’t clue me into what this shit ass story is about. God I HATE WHEN THE AUTHOR FUKCING DESCRIBES THE READER I HAVE SAID THIS BEFORE BITCH DO NOT DESCRIBE WHAT I LOOK LIKE YOU DO NOT KNOW ME PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO FUCKING EMERGE THEMSELVES IN THIS WORLD TO ESCAPE MY REAL LIFE PROBLEMS AND COMPARTMENTALIZE YET HERE YOU ARE EMBEDDING PICTURES OF A LITTLE WHITE BABY ON THE AVENGERS PREFERENCE OF HOW I LOOKED AS A KID! I am done with reader insert all of it sucks it’s all people who haven’t taken a fucking basic class of English and think every word in a sentence that a character speaks when troubled should start with 5 fucking stutters to emphasize the problems that they are in. PLEASE DO BETTAH PEOPLE!🙏🏾🙏🏾🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️tag ya shit as it should be tagged for the sack of my sanity

Also Check out my YouTube channel help a bitch out and watch all of the videos on there: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCEISETc5odi_SFRti7ODNMA?itct=CAEQ8DsiEwi2sYiepKXVAhUJCgMKHf-WASk%3D
World Enough and Time + Disability Representation

Warning: Spoilers

I expected World Enough an Time to be an amazing episode because, hey, two Masters and Mondasian Cybermen.  I did not expect this episode to be amazing because of disability representation, but it was.  In fact, I might call this episode one of my favorites, not because of the story, but because it was the first time I have seen myself onscreen.

I don’t talk about my disabilities on this blog since my main blog @spoonieswimmer is my platform for that.  I am chronically ill.  I am disabled.  I have been sick for four and a half years.  My illness was actually what got me into fandom in the first place, and it effects every second of my life.  In all that time, tonight was the first time seeing someone like me on screen.  And the character is the co-star on Doctor Who, my absolute favorite show.

Now don’t get me wrong.  Disability representation has been getting better.  (Class, anyone?)  In the past two seasons of Doctor Who, we have had 2 disabled characters.  (3, counting World Enough and Time.)  That’s great, but still a little weak.  And, disability is not one size fits all.  As a person with an invisible illness, my life is very different from someone who is D/deaf.  So, tonight was not the first time I have seen disability on tv, but it was the first time I have seen someone with a disability like mine.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am talking about Bill Potts.  Up until this episode, Bill was not disabled.  I am not even sure she was written to be disabled in this episode, but that does not change the fact that she is disabled.  In the absolute broadest terms, a disability is a condition that causes limitations in a person’s life.  Now, it is actually much more complex than this, but Bill’s fake heart definitely posed limitations on her.

I’m going to break down aspects of the episode and how they relate to me as a disabled person.  We’ll start with some superficial comparisons between Bill and myself and get deeper as we go.

  • Bill has a large device (her artificial heart) sticking out of her chest.  This is what keeps her alive.
    • I have a device implanted under the skin of my chest called a portacath.  A thin tube connects this device to my aorta and the tube ends just above my heart.  Every week, I have a needle inserted through my skin into the port and it can be used to deliver lifesaving medication.  Although my port is much smaller than Bill’s heart, it is still noticeable and uncomfortable.
  • Bill spent a significant portion of the episode dragging around an IV pole.
    • As part of my treatment, I get IVs done twice a week, though it used to be daily.  I spend six to ten hours a week hooked up to an IV, and, let me tell you, those things are really hard to drag around.  I actually spend most of my time watching Doctor Who while the bag drips.
  • At one point in the episode, Bill sat down into a wheelchair.  She could still walk, but it was on hand, which means she was likely a part-time wheelchair user.
    • Mobility devices are part of my life.  I have used a cane for some time, and lately I have been thinking of getting a wheelchair for part-time use.  I can walk, but it is painful and takes a lot of strength and energy that I don’t often have.
  • Bill cannot leave the hospital or her heart stops working.
    • Due to my disabilities, I am effectively housebound.  I leave my house about once a week, and get extremely sick every time I do.  I have had to quit school, sports, and all social activities because of it.
  • Bill has one friend for her entire stay in the hospital.  
    • It is very alienating to have a disability.  This is not only because it takes so much energy to go out and often you aren’t able to, but it is extremely hard to make and keep friends when your lives are so different.  
  • Bill’s one friend betrays her.
    • When you get sick, you quickly learn that friends don’t stick around.  Once they realize you won’t get better, they slowly stop talking to you one by one.  Four and a half years later, I have no friends left.  I thought that they were true friends, but they betrayed me, just like Bill was betrayed.
  • Bill spends the entire episode waiting for the Doctor.
    • When you are disabled, you spend a lot of time hoping, praying, and waiting for someone to help you.
  • Bill gets turned into a Cyberman.
    • Help does not come fast enough for the disabled.

I’ve cried over this episode.  I have spent a long time writing this, and I still have not managed to convey how important it is to me.  How important it is to have representation.  I could probably spend days pointing out metaphors for disability in this episode, and I sincerely hope that this is not the only time I will ever see myself on screen.  Representation is so important for every minority, but please, please, do not leave the disabled out of your activism.

More Character Headcanons

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done some of these, so I’m going to share with you some more headcanons that I have for various characters. This one isn’t limited to just the class, but more in general. Some of them are silly, some more serious.

· Chloe gets anxious if she doesn’t touch something expensive every three hours.

· Lila is a prankster, and she and Kim become prank bros.

· One time Juleka did Alix’s makeup, and Alix got so freaked out by her own reflection that she punched it.

· Tom and Sabine are huge Ladybug/Chat Noir shippers, and Marinette just wants to eat her dinner in peace.

· Gabriel and Adrien have different love languages, and that’s why they don’t get along. (Adrien wants emotional support and physical touch, but Gabriel keeps buying him presents and expensive things and assigns him a bodyguard/assistant to make sure he stays safe)

· Marinette falls down her stairs at home at least once a day, and Tom and Sabine question why they bought a house with so many stairs.

· Sometimes Plagg messes with Adrien’s things while he’s in the shower because Adrien is very strict about Plagg ruining something expensive.

· When Marinette and Alya have sleepovers, they both sleep in Marinette’s bed, unfazed if they end up cuddling/accidentally draped across each other at some point in the night.

· Jagged Stone and Marinette are actually super close. He has Penny send her postcards from various places while on tour.

· When Marinette was really little, she wanted to be a baker just like her dad, and Tom was so proud wow, but then she discovered fashion and never went back.

· Chloe and Adrien are both baffled by normal people things. What? You have to wash your own dishes? With your own two hands? What are you doing with those clothes? Where are your maids?!

· Adrien has dreams about Ladybug. Like a lot of dreams.

· Sometimes Max lets Kim win at chess so he doesn’t feel stupid.

· Mr. Damocles can turn his head all the way around like an owl.

· Adrien takes really long showers. Beauty takes time, Nino, don’t judge me.

· Plagg snores.

Okay this is getting out of control, that’s enough for now.

Beep beep! Folks, we have an official Darkiplier sighting!

…Or, well, at least we think it is. All evidence is pointing to that, anyway

For those who may be confused, in Mark’s video “FILE.exe” at 3:26 the first jumpscare occurs and it is FAR more severe than the rest (EDIT: it’s been confirmed that everything that changed onscreen was edited in by Mark). Mark’s camera goes dark, with only the outline of his headphones and EVIDENT BLOODY TEARS edited in for a split second (this is hard to see if your brightness is low, his cam is in the lower left). He also says the following: “Aye! Fuck you! And me! That was me, but fuck me– you! …Alright then…(clearly shook) just gonna carry on like that DIDNT happen…” Which could either be referring to Dark or just Mark babbling after a jumpscare.

In addition, Mark says a few things about Dark in the video itself, casual throwing about of his name as things get creepier and creepier.

At about 3:00, an NPC (that is, perhaps coincidentally, noted to look like Mark; example “Oh, is that me?”) says “How did I get here?” To which Mark responds, “I don’t know, maybe Darkiplier got you!” In a clearly joking tone.

At about 4:30, the same NPC asks “Seriously, how did I get here?” Mark responds with “Once again, I must reiterate… probably Darkiplier.”

At a bit before 7:00, the NPC says “What is going on?” Mark’s retort here is “Again, you know, with Darkiplier, you never know what’s gonna happen.”

These so far have just been casual mentions of him. Nothing out of the ordinary or even creepy– but it’s a bit unorthodox to have Mark fully embracing the idea of Dark and mentioning him several times in a video.

There’s one final thing that stood out to me as well– at the very end of the video. Instead of saying something along the lines of ‘if you find any secrets or have any suggestions let me know in the comments below,’ he says “…If there’s other secrets to be told, tell your fellow viewer what that’s all about! Yeah– oh yeah! There’s a lot of people watching this! So tell ‘em! (cut) If you’ve got secrets… share 'em with the class.” Mark seems oddly sincere here, in my humble opinion– almost concerned.

But honestly, I could dissect every single word Mark said in this video and find “ehmahgerd dark confirmd!!!!!” but here are a few basic points to think/talk about.

-The content of the video and the nature of the characters FILE.exe and Darkiplier
-The implication, though perhaps not serious, that Dark can trap you in a game or just in general
-The connection between the NPC that looks like Mark and the dialogue about Dark
-The timing of the “Dark” appearance (after he’s been mentioned once)
-Mark’s dialogue and expressions after the “Dark” appearance

Just food for thought.

Anyway, here’s hoping for more things like this in the future!

Hey Arnold!, and why it’s still important today

Less than a year ago my fiancee and I took to rewatching Hey Arnold! for the first time in YEARS to prep for The Jungle Movie. Having been obsessed with it when I was a kid, I knew the show like the back of my hand, so I went through and made a “best of” list of episodes, and we watched those.

Aaaand immediately went back to the beginning and watched ALL of them.

AAAAND went back AGAIN because revisiting this show has been so fun for me, and it just puts me in a good, good place. Since this (eternal) marathon began, I’ve wanted to do a big ol’ overview of the show itself, and why it’s important. It’s very diverse, and from a time when that really wasn’t what kids’ shows were striving for like they are today. There are tons of characters of color, different religions, sexualities, social classes, etc, and I kind of need this show to get the love and attention it so deserves. It’s really kinda gone unloved for a long while now (which is understandable, it’s been off the air since 2002), and I just know it’d be a huge deal if more people knew/remembered how inclusive it was. I’m kicking myself for not writing this sooner, but I’m holding out hope for Nick to greenlight a new series, and my dearest wish is that I can remind people of this wonderful, thoughtful show, and get it the attention it deserves.

Hey Arnold! is FULL of amazing characters and stories, so BUCKLE UP BUTTERCUP, THIS GON’ BE A LONG ONE.

| City life, poverty, & crime |

At it’s core, Hey Arnold! is a show about inner city kids, their school, and how they go about their daily lives. I did some research for this (believe it or not lmao), and besides Sesame Street, there is no other media geared toward kids that touch on this. That’s insane to me. And while Sesame Street is fantastic, it tends to steer on the positive side of city life. Which is great!! However, Hey Arnold!, being written for an older audience, isn’t afraid to show the not-so-pretty side of things as well. Violence, crime, theft, pollution, and poverty are ALL covered in more than just a few episodes. We saw a lot of this right off the bat in the first episode, “Downtown as Fruits”.

As for violence, in the episode “Mugged”, Arnold is jumped on his way home one evening, and takes self defense lessons from his Grandma.

And it’s not the last time Arnold, or other characters are mugged. It’s just something they deal with, something they have to learn to protect themselves from. And sometimes, they can’t.

They don’t shy away from poverty within the city, either. Multiple characters are shown to be very poor, and with the exception of two episodes in the whole series (Lila in her debut episode, “Ms. Perfect”, and Sid when he wants to impress a rich classmate and is too embarrassed to have him over at his own home, “Arnold’s Room”), it’s never really shown as a bad thing, or even as a defining character trait. It just is.

Even our title character lives in a boarding house run by his grandparents, inhabited by tenants of very little means. The building itself is always needing repairs, the tenants almost never have their rent on time, and they really don’t shy away from how dingy some of the rooms are there (pictured above, bottom left).

But again, all of this just is. It’s never portrayed as a bad thing, and none of the kids care much about it. Of course there’s Rhonda, the snooty, rich girl stereotype, but even she has a handful of episodes where she grows as a character and is repeatedly called out for having a classist attitude. In the end, all of these kids care about each other and never give a second’s thought to each others’ social class.

| Diversity & inclusiveness |

I’m putting the rest under a read more cut so no one murders me for clogging up their dashboards :’)

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I am currently very tired so this probably might not even make sense in the morning but… 

I’m imagining a D&D minigame (probably lasts 1-2 hours tops unless you’re having fun with it) meant to break the ice for new groups, in which the DM controls an adventuring party and the players control NPCs as they naturally pop up. Specifically, it could help new players get comfortable with roleplaying without the pressure of sticking to a character they just made. If you do this before the character creation stage, then even better because they may stumble into a character they like acting out.

Rules that I’m just rambling out please forgive me if they are nonsensical: 

  • It’s all improv. Don’t break a scene to look up game mechanics like prices, or which checks to make, or what would give advantage/disadvantage. This is about the acting so if it’ll throw off the groove, make it up on the spot. It’s all about quick thinking.
  • No modifiers. You’re all making things up on the spot so if you have to roll something, don’t waste time justifying who would have what stats. You could even go without dice altogether. The d20 is just an optional element of chance here.
  • Mandatory introductions. I don’t care how goofy it is. state your name, race, class/occupation, a random character trait, and how their day’s been going up until this point. As many as you can off the top of your head. Go nuts because things get silly before they get really creative, in my experience. Note: Character voices are encouraged. For funsies.
  • Everyone participates in a scene. No pressure on how much they interact, but in each new setting, every player has to put one NPC in that tavern, shopping square, riot crowd, etc.
  • Plot not needed. The adventuring party strategically wanders in a way that builds a town/city/etc as the players make it up. The DM isn’t in charge of telling a story here, just keeping the energy of the improv scene going. This includes-
  • Leading Questions. This one’s the challenge for you, DM who likely already has a control complex and likes to plan out every detail of everything in their world because it gives them a sense of security. If anything, you are the one who most needs to be good at rolling with whatever your players hand you. For the sole purposes of making you uncomfortable, the newcomer adventuring party knows absolutely nothing about this town. Thankfully, the citizens know everything about it. Which is good because you need directions to find your way out of your rented hovel room let alone to the temple–oh that’s right. Who’s the patron there? You sure don’t know! Better ask someone! Get that DMs?? YOU KNOW NOTHING. 
    • Important: If the scene starts slowing down, it’s up to you to either encourage and interact with these townsfolk some more, or get moving somewhere else.

Example scene: order of NPC choice is determined by an initiative roll. 

DM: “Alright, so four adventurers walk into the tavern you’re in–”
Player 1: “Oh! I call the bartender.”
Player 3: “Aw… I had a bit I was gonna do.”
Player 1: “Okay, okay fine, I’m the owner of the tavern, Marcus McMuffin the half orc–stop laughing–and uh… I have a tattoo of a dwarf lover that literally no one else knows about? And my day’s been…hm. It’s been awful because I got stood up for a meeting. DM, I basically live in here, so I’d know they’re new, right? I wanna know if these guys look like trouble makers.”
DM: “The Barbarian’s flexing at anyone who looks in his general direction but other than him fancying a typical bar brawl, they seem decent–if lost.”
Player 2: “I’m the elven bard in the corner and I start trying to seduce the Barbarian with my beautiful voice!!”
DM: “Listen… you can’t just use your character from the last game. Cherry the Elven Bard would’ve totally seduced the barbarian but who are you now?… Nah it’s fine, dude. Take your time. We’ll come back to you.”
Player 3: “I’m the crazy old village drunkard who’s a human named Steve–”
Player 1: “I thought you said you wanted the bartender!”
Player 3: “–Who samples a lot of the wares and is thus the village drunkard! I said I was doing a bit, jeez! DM, I start rambling loudly at the strangers about something that sounds like one of those super infuriating sidequests–you know the kind–where you have to go through a lot of bullshit busywork and the longest fetch quest of your life but there’s a promise of GREAT loot at the end so you consider it anyway. You know what I mean? What do I do for that, roll deception? Persuasion?”
DM: “Nope. No rolls. Personally, I am so on board with this but I need you to make this speech right here and I need you to sell it.” 
Player 3: “Oh boy.”

If for some reason you want to try this please give me a rundown of how it went because I feel like it’s the perfect recipe for hilarious trainwrecks that come with all good icebreakers. (I feel like it’d be a fun drinking game somehow? But I don’t play enough to know how to work alcohol in in a reasonable manner. I’ll leave that one up to house rules.)

Taverns & Tanneries, never coming to a game store near you lmao

Edit: I just realized that when the group starts playing a real campaign, you can embarrass them by working their goofily-named NPCs in, keeping an entirely straight face while doing so. Watch as they squirm and laugh-cry over having to discuss the fate of the world with Marcus McMuf’an. If only they’d known. 

If only they’d known what was to become of Marcus McMuffin.

anonymous asked:

Did you always do the star thing in the eyes? Cause your art feels different and I think that's why

No! Truth be told my style is constantly changing. I used to absolutely hate it, but now I’ve realized it’s kind of a good thing? Allow me to take you on a journey…

When I first started doing comics, I used kind of the classic tumblr “stick figure” of a white, blobby character. I also used only shades of blue? Haha kind of like a Picasso blue period. My frames were not aligned and I could not draw noses or hands to save my life. This is a segment of a comic from 2014:

Eventually in 2015 I left the blue period and started using black and white with select colors and shading (this is still one of my favorite comics btw)…

I was never satisfied with my style (and honestly still am not today). In 2016 I took a class about writing newspaper comics strips and for a while that was how I designed my comics…

This class is where I introduced my classic top bun hairstyle you see on my Moga character in every comic. I even did a comic about how different my styles were at the time…

Overtime my illustration skills (anatomy, figure placement, etc.) grew from practice. But, I was so frustrated that I didn’t have a set style and I was completely unsatisfied with my work. So I began to look at artists who styles I admire and compile a list of things I like and included them in my comics. The biggest similarity between all those artists was striking color palettes, so I began to play with pastels…

Using bright color palettes is something I’ve been doing for over a year now. My style has always had very thick, black line work and that was something that took a long time for me to realize I didn’t like. Only in the last few months have I begun exploring comics that don’t rely on thick linework. This comic below was something I considered not thick line art…

However I thought that these comics looked too flat (even with that slight multiply layer to give the cheeks some color) So I began to explore how I could make the LINE ART not flat but also not thick/overwhelming. Eventually I settled on adding tiny little line art details all throughout my pieces. The stars in the eyes happens to be one of those little details!!

And here we are today!!!

I am so sorry I’m sure this is not the kind of response you were looking for, but it’s kind of a journey down memory lane I’ve been meaning to take! I hope this answered your question and gave some insight into my artistic development in regards to comics. 

All the best!!


Nursey: You can see which teams are chill & which teams hate each other. Lax is hanging out near the café since they suck.

Tango: Oh!

Chowder: I have a friend on the lacrosse team! He’s in my Chinese class.

Nursey: No, Tangs, every lax bro sucks.

Dex: Yup.

(There are a lot of characters on this show, ok.) 

Year 1 

Year 2 Fall Semester 

Year 2 Spring Semester 

Year 3 Set 1 

Spin off