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Husband Jinyoung Would Be Like

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  • Natural husband skills
  • Tells you he loves you everyday
  • Plays with your hair 
  • Likes when you lay your head on his lap
  • Good listener
  • Talking about having a family
  • Telling him is too early
  • “I’m ready whenever you’re ready Jagi.”
  • Prepares cheesy romantic things
  • Like a bath full of rose petals and candle lighting
  • Will spontaneously start to massage your shoulders
  • Likes to watch your wedding video while eating cake together
  • Likes simple days cuddling and talking on the couch
  • Heart eyes
  • So proud to be your husband
  • Loves you entirely, body and soul
  • Making you feel very appreciated
  • Will baby you
  • Likes to be in control
  • Likes when you tease him
  • Because he can punish you later
  • Really into spanking
  • “That’s what you get for teasing me.”
  • But you love it
  • Because he still treats you right when ‘punishing’ you
  • Kisses on your forehead
  • Cuddling naked in bed listening to his heartbeat
  • Him being moody whenever you give more attention to Yugyeom or Jackson
  • So he would ignore you by talking to Jaebum
  • Death threats to the Maknae
  • “Jinyoung relax, we’re married!”
  • “Tell that to Yugyeom!”
  • Practicing lines for his dramas with you
  • Going to a Got7 concert to surprise him
  • Backstage blowjobs 
  • Bragging about his wife to whoever asks if he’s married
  • You telling everyone how he proposed to you
  • Him cringing
  • But he doesn’t mind too much
  • Because he loves you anyways
  • Having movie marathons on rainy days 
  • Watching Harry Potter 
  • Going out to buy food
  • Getting back with a puppy
  • Treating it like your child
  • Small fights very often
  • Because you’re both petty
  • Big fights would be rare 
  • But would strengthen your relationship
  • Because of passionate make up sex
  • Hickeys
  • Whispers ‘I love you’ 
  • Holds your hands 
  • Breakfast in bed
  • Knowing you’ll stay together no matter what


So! As a celebratory thing for Dean’s birthday today, I started writing another one shot late last night.

It’s an Ambreigns one shot.
It will be smutty.
And I will say it involves ‘cake’ and The Architect being a sly bastard (but everyone should thank him in the end).

It takes place right after TLC and tags will include (but are not limited to): AJ Style’s wardrobe malfunction, bad puns, sex puns, jealousy, dirty Dean, sassy Seth, stubborn Roman, and yes, I have sinned Bottom!Roman too. But it’s not as straight forward as that, and the story will explain everything, I promise. Hope you’re ready for this monstah!

Cake Date - Terrornuckel AU

A/N: For @mom-friendtm, I know this is hella old, but I wanted to write something quick before I went to class today. Enjoy, and send more requests if you have them.

Brian threw the towel over his shoulder and dried his hands as he finished wiping down the counters, readying for the bakery to finally come to a close. It had been a busy day, there was no doubting that, and they had sold out too; leaving the miscellaneous shelves void of cakes and pastries and other things of that nature. It was a good business day and he was tired, but this was his job, and to say he didn’t enjoy it, well, that would be a lie.

Back in college, he never saw himself taking over the family bakery, but he stepped in when his father passed away, and when his mother retired. Nobody else had wanted to work in a bakery, so he took over. He’d been here at the shop ever since, and that was about three years ago. He’d developed skills, and he was proud to say that he was the owner of one of the best bakeries and cake shops in LA. The hard work definitely paid off.

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"Happy Valentine's Day Makoto!" Gohan handed her a little bag of chocolate with a smile. (Friends get goodies! :D)


‘A-ah…you really spoil me~!’

    You really weren’t expecting to get anything from him, yet he had a habit of bring you sweets from time to time often.  These looked really good too. Oh, man you weren’t going to be ready for that bikini in the Summer, but you had something for him certainly. It came in a pair in a pink box. A soft, cake that looked like a cat that had chocolate in one and then vanilla in the white one. It took  you some time to make these, but your friends should be able to eat good sweets, right?

  ‘U-um….you and Trunks can share these when you see him next…
      I hope you two have a good Valentine’s Day.

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Bram is growing too quickly. Today he told me my cookies were bullocks and that all he wanted to do was learn to skateboard. Course now he’s in his room pouting for being rude about my cookies. The one day this week that Gil and I are both at home and our son gives us lip. I’m gonna have to ask Lyn about his language too, though I suspect it was something he must have overheard at Fancy Cakes or from Gil.

Tomorrow it’s back to the front and Bram back to the academy. I’m not ready for him to grow up without me around.

Drabble #5 with Parrish

‘That was awesome.’ Parrish hummed as he sat back in his seat.

You and he had just finished eating a kick ass pot roast with veggies that you had cooked up.

‘It was.’ you agreed.

‘After a meal that good I’m ready for bed.’ Parrish said.

‘Well too bad.’ you said back.

‘What?’ Parrish asked.

‘Babe it’s your turn to do the dishes.’ you reminded.

‘What but-’ Parrish whined pointing to the mountain of dishes you used to cook the amazing meal you just ate.

‘Hey it was your idea that whoever cooks doesn’t have to do the dishes.’ you said.

‘But that was when I had to cook.’ Parrish pouted.

‘How about this, if you hurry and finish the dishes I’ll give you something sweet. And I’m not talking about cake.’ you promised seductively.

Parrish finished the dishes in fifteen minutes.