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The Signs as Writers
  • ♈️ Aries: They’ve been writing since they were really young. They are always working on a project, or attempting some crazy challenge. They don’t shy away from trying out new genres or writing styles. Once they want to do something, there’s no way to stop them.
  • ♉️ Taurus: They may appear to have a controlled exterior, but all of that changes the instant you ask them about their characters. They write the most lovable & sweet characters, and they also happen to be their own #1 biggest fan— so beware talking smack about their babies.
  • ♊️ Gemini: They’re always juggling several projects at the same time. They write fiction and enjoy it, but they do much more. They can be spotted writing the comic-book version of one of their previous works, or typing up a movie script. Prolific doesn’t even begin to describe them.
  • ♋️ Cancer: Their storytelling is spontaneous, almost volatile, and that is what makes their books so fun to read. There’s no telling where their stories will go or what will happen next. For them, what matters most is not the journey— but the adventure!
  • ♌️ Leo: They know their characters better than anyone else. Sometimes they may spend more time writing backstories (and doing world-building) than actually writing the book, but at the end it’s all worth it. That’s why their characters feel like real people.
  • ♍️ Virgo: Their two best friends are subtlety and foreshadowing. They love leaving clues in the background, hints of what will be happening later in the story. They live for astute readers and, if you pay attention, you will realize there is more going on than you could’ve ever expected.
  • ♎️ Libra: Some writers are afraid of having multiple points of view, not them. They have tons of POVs, and they all get their chance under the spotlight. Sometimes their antagonists get the most character development, and that’s why they don’t feel like “villains.”
  • ♏️ Scorpio: They use everything in their power to strike the reader right in the *feels*. They’re the masters of cliffhangers and plot-twists. It's not about playing dirty, it’s about getting a reaction out of you. Character deaths should be expected, though they will still surprise you every damn time.
  • ♐️ Sagittarius: They don’t simply just *write* a book, they immerse themselves in the process. They’re dedicated researchers, and are known to go as far as changing their entire surroundings to match the ‘feel’ of the story they’re currently working on.
  • ♑️ Capricorn: They don’t write one-shots. Everything (and yes they do mean *everything*) they write is part of a series or their overarching mega-macro-universe. Expect to see cameos, familiar faces, and recurring themes across all their books!
  • ♒️ Aquarius: With them, no idea is too strange or far-fetched. They can take anything and spin it into a story. Mixing genres, and making new ones along the way, is all par for the course. Best of all— is that their crazy story ideas always work.
  • ♓️ Pisces: Everything they write is magical. They can make the most mundane story feel bigger-than-life and, when it comes to creating breath-taking worlds & settings, there’s simply no better. Be careful, though, because if given the chance they *will* make you believe that magic is real.

derpypatato  asked:

Do you have any tips for a newly starting RPG player?

- Picking a game
Look into Quickstarts and Beginner Boxes until you find something you like. You can get a few different QuickStart PDFs from DrivethruRPG for free.
- Don’t be afraid to get into character
Everyone is there to play make believe and it’s far better when everyone throws themselves into character than when people are trying to maintain a facade of cool detachment while playing. Good role playing will often get you some bonus xp from the GM too.
- Keep notes or better yet, a journal
A little notebook will help you keep NPC’s in order, keep related information together and help you get back into the game easier at the start of each session. The GM can check out player notes when they may have forgotten something or draw on the opinions expressed within for new ideas.
- Drop your hang ups
The games table needs to be a safe place for everyone and people who game come from many different groups. Make your gaming group a welcoming one, diversity benefits us all by giving us a larger pool of experiences to draw upon. Gaming is not solely the domain of white male geeks many believe it to be.
- Game forums
A super handy resource many people overlook even though it’s more accessible than ever is the Internet. I am currently running a Star Wars game and started off with a published adventure, I went to Fantasy Flight Games forums and found out what other people did to add to the game and came away with a few great ideas.
- Think of the story like a movie or book series
Foreshadowing, red herrings, Chekhov’s gun, pay attention to everything (this is where notes can come in handy) and remember to pump NPC’s for information. The person who wrote the adventure put everything there for a reason.
- Have a good idea of WHO you are playing
Don’t think of your character as “Level one, Human, Fighter.” Work with the GM to give them a personality and background that is interesting and try to consider things from that perspective. Most classes gain their abilities through training, where did you get yours? Did you always intend to make your way as an adventurer? Do you have family? A goal? How has your past challenged your world-view? How was your outlook on life coloured by your training? The character development memes on tumblr are handy for this, the ask memes can be too if you answer them in character.
- Avoid cliches and negative tropes
The best example I can think of for this is called a Fishmalk… In Vampire: The Masquerade there is a clan of Vampires called Malkavians who, because of their vampire blood all gain a “derangement” which is basically a mental illness they have to deal with which many players read and instantly thought “I am going to play my Malkavian as a wacky vampire version of Bugs Bunny, only with less restraint and ability to reason, I shall also make them carry a bloody teddy bear wherever they go, wear bunny ears and pyjamas to every social event and run about hitting NPC’s in the face with fish.” When they should have been thinking more Dexter Morgan or Annie Wilkes who are viewed as mostly normal if somewhat odd by people who don’t directly experience the manifestation of their mental illnesses.
- Be mindful of lore
Work with your GM or players to craft characters that fit the setting, reserve character ideas that don’t fit for other games. Most game worlds are developed enough to find something you will enjoy.
- Don’t Powergame or Minmax
That is to say, don’t make character build decisions based on what will get you a bigger attack die more HP or access to a lightsaber if it’s not right for your character. You’re there to play a person not a mathematical construct.
- GM’s may want to provide “player packets”
Maps, a brief history, local legends, news and rumours and a rundown of the local power structure, slang specific to the setting and a glossary of terms are all things that could be handy for a player to know, presented in a little folder that contains their character sheet can help them have needed information at hand instead of forcing you to go digging through notes when they have more general questions about the setting.
- Finding a group
Many company websites have forums containing a group finder thread. Game shops may have advertisements for gaming groups posted about and some stores like Haven for Heroes in Port Jervis NY will let you play in store.
- Engage your fellow players not just your GM
If you are in a group with the other people at the table don’t only be talking to your GM. If you think your character would discuss things with another character at the table talk about it, you can often get bonus points out of your GM for good roleplaying ;)
- Dealing with conflict
Be cool headed and wait to talk it over with the GM or offending party and the GM when there is a break. If things don’t go your way don’t be a broody grump about it, try to move on. If things do go your way, don’t be a gloating jerk either, he only thing worse than a poor loser is a bad winner.

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what are your thoughts about bakugou and midoriya's relationship? platonic, i mean

I live and die for it, every part of the manga in which that relationship is shown progressing is between my favorite parts of the manga and I’ve reread them a hundred times and cried over them way more than necessary - the battle trial one? yes, the end of terms exam? absolutely yes holy shit, the post-license exam fight? god yes fuck me that’s my absolute fav, the rescue arc? shit yes between all the reasons why that arc’s my fave the change in the deku/baku relationship is definitely a worthy of note one

It’s an interesting relationship, a painful one that’s making both of them grow so so so much, a rivalry they both need to better each other and keep each other straight on the path to become two great, all-around heroes - I’m not sure they’ll ever end up having the type of relationship Izuku has with Todoroki or Bakugou with Kirishima, I don’t think it’s possible for them to be friends like that, they’re just too different to properly fit like that and to avoid stepping on each other’s toes every single day of their lives they’d have to change their core personalities too much, but they did end up being able to coexist (Bakugou’s even giving Deku tips!!!) and I do think they’ll be able to cooperate and support each other in the end. If one day they’ll be able to make fun of each other in a friendly manner and egg each other on and be honest with each other without it escalating into a full blown fight I’d truly be happy, that’s probably my main dream for this whole manga. For them to have a healthy rivalry, one in which they can maybe even laugh together. I think it might happen, I’m waiting for it to happen

Anon said: Hi Fran! I’m obsessed with your BakuShimaNari work. Here’s a cute thought to hopefully cheer you up a bit while you’re unable to draw: they’re all in their early 20s and Denki likes to poke/smooth out the little crease between Bakugo’s eyebrows and tease him about getting wrinkles early from all the scowling he does. Bakugo flicks him in the nose and says he’s starting to get crows feet from always grinning like an idiot.

Oh my god. Oh my g o d this is the sweetest thing I’ve ever read. Oh my g OD I’m just imagining them doing that and Kiri in the background watching them like they’re most precious thing in the world I’m dying rip me this just made my whole life thank you so much anon *sob*

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If You

If it’s not too late
Can’t we get back together?
If you’re struggling like I am
Can’t we make things a little easier?

Kwon Jiyong/ G Dragon X Reader

< 2,000

He watched you walk down the aisle like someone might watch an angel descending from heaven, in complete and utter awe. Through the vows, the prayers, and the hymns he kept his eyes on you and you alone. It pained him in the moments that he was unable to wipe the tears from your cheeks when you cried out of pure joy. It hurt him knowing you were right in front of him and yet you were still so incredibly far away.

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our unexpected life

heads up, it is very long. true be I wanted to write one incredibly long piece rather than maybe three shorter ones where I lose interest over time if that makes sense?

this was requested by an anon so thank you! it is about the reader being 18 and dan his current age yet they start to fall in love. 

in no way am I enforcing this sort of relationship, I know couples have age gaps but you never know who someone actually is or their intentions etc- remember this is fiction, don’t take this into real life :) (I know the majority of people know this already, its just a reminder)


p2 / p3

Neither of us expected this, but they say expect the unexpected. My version of the unexpected comes in the form of a blue eyed sweetheart named Dan, who I thought was just another person passing by. I didn’t expect attachment nor did I think about the way my heart would flutter with joy whenever he smiled.

But above all else, I didn’t think about the frowns that we’d receive because of it.

Growing up I never thought about the first twelve years of my life being so significant. In twelve years you grow, you develop skills and are educated. Aged twelve I began high school, I knew puberty was coming along with other responsibilities. Now looking back, twelve years feels like a hefty amount to walk around with.

I needed to escape from the stress of studies and craved serenity more than anything else. My feet led me to a place I didn’t think I wanted to be at; the beach. Walking along the sand ridden tiles I placed myself on the rocky wall, the sand about a metre from my tip toes leaving my legs dangling aimlessly. Picking my camera up in my hands I began to take a few shots, some of the sea, some of the old fashioned pier. Most seemed pretty amateuristic, I didn’t expect much, but something more. 

That’s when the unexpected occured. 

Continuing to hide my face with the width of my camera my left eye remained focused in the viewfinder observing the lives of those having a morning out by the beach, not so much of the seaside. Seagulls swarmed on rubbish, any scraps they could find whilst children squealed into their parents’ arms, the amount of love they emitted was undeniable. Just as I put pressure onto the button a blur crossed in front of it. 

Pulling the camera away I brought the picture up, sighing as I saw the sight of it. You could barely make out the mother and son in the background as a mess of hair and blue jacket blurred across two thirds of the photo. “Oh, did I get in the shot?” Someone hesitantly called out from the right of me. 

As I lifted my head up I wasn’t sure what I expected, all I know is that I felt different as I focused on him. I remember noticing the small smile form into something bigger, a sweeter grin amongst the light stubble around his jaw and above his lips. My mum always told me when she was younger she’d focus on a man’s eyes first, that those were the most attractive aspect before his persona. 

All I can say is my Mum was right, as per usual. Within all eighteen years of my life there are various shades of blue I’d experienced, most of them could be limited down to the colour of the sky or the distorted seas across the world or the vivid blue of a bottle of shots soon to be demolished. Yet his weren’t the sort to pin point, to sort into a little box and label them as that particular shade of blue. His eyes were rimmed with a soft cool blue, full of care, wisdom and knowledge. In the centre of his iris’ the blue varied but blended seamlessly, the sort of eyes that are too enticing, I fell at a loss for words and he sensed. 

Glancing down to my camera I could feel the heat floating to the surface of my cheeks, “Yeah, but it’s alright. I’m not doing anything with these photos it’s just to pass the time.” I explained and slowly lifted my head up as I was unable to ignore the increased thumping of my heart hitting my chest with too much force. 

He was still wearing that smile, “Can I take a look?” I heard him stutter as he bit his lip, the glint fading amongst nerves in his eyes. 

Replying with a small nod I heard a light grunt as he forced himself up onto the wall next to me, the denim of his jacket brushing across my light summer top. Leaning down the top of his slicked back hair crossed my face, making me chuckle lightly. “Okay but please be careful. If you try and steal this I am wearing appropriate footwear.” I joked and he glanced down to my shoes. 

“You’d probably catch me anyway, especially on a beach.” He was quick to reply, which was different. Reaching into his pocket he grabbed a pair of glasses, slipping them on he rested his arm across my thigh and examined the photos I showed him. “You’ve got some talent.” It was a genuine comment, it didn’t sound like the fake enthusiasm I’d heard too many times before. “Do you do this often, like in between day to day life?” Sitting back up opposite me he was engaged entirely in what I had to say. 

Placing the camera strap back around my neck I turn it off, putting the lens cap back on and rested my hands against the rough rock, pondering momentarily on how best to reply. “When I’m not in uni I like to find some time, even if it’s an early Thursday morning to just not think.” I focus on the sea rather than him, the slow rolling of the waves grouping together to create something with more force. “Sometimes I end up going back home, visiting family. The majority of the time I come somewhere like this, where I can get a bit of peace- no student drama, no stress, just see life.” 

He remained quiet, at calm listening to me. Something I haven’t experienced since I was at home with my old friends, staying up late to just hear what we had to say without interruptions. “So you’re at university? What’re you studying?” Shuffling a little bit closer I could feel my heart screaming in my chest, his eyes boring into my soul. 

“I’m a philosophy student.” I smile and the look changes, “What? Didn’t expect that of me, a stranger?” I question and he just looks away, deep with thought as he focuses on his sandy converse. 

After a minute of listening to the seagulls wail he brings his legs up and hangs one over the ledge and one firmly on the pavement. “I just, I think it’s fascinating.” He struggles to find his words and avoids eye contact with me, nerves, not something I’ve seen from any guy in a while. 

“You’re a bit shy natured aren’t you?” I ask and he responds with a light chuckle, taking his tortoise shell glasses off. 

“Is it that obvious?” Raising an eyebrow to me I nod in response, making him reveal a toothy grin. “So, you know about Plato and Aristotle?” Again I nod, thinking how of all the days to explain my course today isn’t one of them. 

“Do you want to go get some coffee, or tea or something? There is this little cafe I discovered down the road.” I suggest and he seems taken aback by my idea. The deer in headlights look in his eyes sinks my heart, forcing it into my stomach, suppressing all emotions. “I’m coming off too strong aren’t I? I try and be you know quiet or friendly but it sometimes doesn’t work out and you’d think I’d have it under control at eighteen but no I still-”

He cuts me off with his large hand covering mine, the difference in size making me smile. “I’d love to but,” He pauses and looks away from me, I can feel everything condensing inside of me, the rejection nearing. “you’re really sweet and I’d really like to get to know you better it’s just,” He was faltering, losing his words. 

“Just what? I’m too bubbly, I’m coming off too keen?” I list, unable to ignore the unsettling feeling inside of me. 

“You’re too young.” He sighs. 

I remain quiet, silently taken aback by his comment. Turning my legs away from his I focus ahead, unsure how to process it all. Too young. The sort of thing your parent would tell you about rides at a theme park or when you want to know about how babies are made or wearing makeup. Never have I been told I’m too young for something other than naivety. Never has someone told me I can’t be associated to them because of my age. 

“Oh.” I scoffed. “What are you one of those dads who is deceivingly young? Or a predator?” Sarcasm rolls off of my tongue as it naturally does in times of defense. “Nice try blue eyes.” Standing up he takes it, he wears a heavily look in his eyes, the blue clouding into a rain storm. 

Walking away I can’t help but feel something, my heart aches in my chest as the feeling of rejection settles heavily. I could hear footsteps behind me, the paranoia settling in. “Wait.” A breathless call made me pause, I turned around to see him shrugging the denim sheepskin jacket off, holding it in his arm as he stopped in front of me. “I’m thirty.” I blankly stared at him, 30. 

He didn’t look 30. He’d easily pass for being in his 20′s. How does a man age that well? No sign of wrinkles, of the burden of education or over drawn out hours at work settling under his eyes. “So, you’re twelve years older than me.” I let it settle in around us as I said it. 

“See what I mean?” He states and I keep quiet, trying to think it through. “We, we’d be no good. Sure it’s just coffee now but then what? What if I end up liking you more than I already do. What if I want to learn more about the girl who studies philosophy and you want to know more about the guy you met on a beach? Then what?” 

“We take it.” I declare to him. “We see what happens, so what? Age is just a number. I might like you, you might like me and we might want it enough to make it work. Coffee is just coffee, so,” Pausing I realise I don’t even know who he is, his name to identify him. 

“I’m Dan, Dan Smith.” I smile, Dan Smith. It is written in his eyes, it fits him and who he is. I reply with my name, leaving out my middle name- if this guy is a catfish best leave my entire life private. 

“So, Dan Smith. Coffee?” 

p2 up above :) 

Dealings with a Devil (Part 10)

Dealings with a Devil (Part 10)

Reader X Darkiplier

You, Reader, have made a deal with what you believed to be a fantasized version of your favorite YouTuber’s alter ego, Darkiplier after he’d visited you in a dream. You believed Darkiplier to only exist in your dreams and on Markiplier’s YouTube channel, but by some impossible way he’s real and he intends on collecting on your debt to him.

Originally posted by thean0nym0usmusician

Drying your hair you sit on your bed. Today you’ll be going to the beach. Sean had offered to join you. He likes the beach, Mark on the other hand declined. His odd dislike of the ocean makes him more endearing to you. You could almost see him just standing on the sand and flipping the ocean off, shouting a loud, ”fuck you ocean!”

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Since last October when the Pitchfork Unsung feature on me was first released, I have received an overwhelming amount of messages and emails asking for the “Tame Impala Photoshop Tutorial” I talk about sending to a young boy’s father in Taiwan. It’s a good story, but the way the video is edited and my unfortunate choice of the word ‘tutorial’ instead of ‘email’ makes it seem like more than it really is. I simply sent a short email outlining my techniques, most of which are explained in the Pitchfork video. Because I have received so many requests- below is a basic explanation of my techniques that aren’t discussed in the video.

I think I explain the masking and airbrush enough in the video, but the most important detail not outlined is the use of Filter->Pixelate->Pointillize to achieve the grain. People assume I use Filter->Noise->Add Noise, but I rarely use that as it’s way too fine. I always work at 300dpi in RGB colorspace with CMYK Proof Colors turned on (dpi and color settings greatly change the look of filters and blend modes, and everything is converted to CMYK before print) and apply the textures at the very end. I usually finish the composition and colors and then copy a merged version of all layers and paste that as the very top layer and then apply Pixelate->Pointillize with the foreground color set to black and background color set to white, usually at size 3, but sometimes higher if I want the grain to be bigger. I then desaturate that layer and set the layer blend mode to Soft Light or Overlay depending on how severe I want the effect to be. I usually adjust the brightness and contrast of this layer to get things dialed in.

In addition to the Pointilize filter, I have a collection of paper and print textures I have scanned from old books and magazines that I use as overlay layers (always desaturated and adjusted to be as close to 50% gray as possible). There are always several layers at the top of my files effecting the layers below. I view this like mixing or mastering music, a final process to blend everything together and make things mesh and seem less digital, despite being made entirely in the computer.

I also use a totally convoluted system to achieve the colors. Often I work on something in a completely arbitrary color pallette and adjust the colors with a combination of Hue/Saturation and Color Balance adjustment layers or with solid colors set with different opacity and blend modes.

You can see in the image below the Tame Impala “Currents” cover with and without these adjustment layers and color overlays and how the look is drastically different. Without the overlay layers it looks very digital- cold and clean, and you can see the colors I worked with are completely different.

I’m constantly experimenting and changing the way I do things, and I encourage others to figure out their own way to get what they’re looking for. There is no right or wrong way to do things in Photoshop and it’s taken me years of experimentation to figure out how to achieve what I want to do. I wish I could respond to every question I receive, but there are just too many, so hopefully anyone interested in how I do things will find this post.

And feel free to tag me in any experiments you make using tips from this post!

My Manip Gif Tutorial

Okay since some people were asking I’m gonna make a tutorial on how I make my manip gifs. I’m going to assume you already know how to make gifs in the first place for this, but if you don’t there are already plenty of tutorials. I, for one use this methodbut any will work.

What I use:

  • VLC Media player
  • Photoshop CS6 (But I’m pretty sure older versions will work just fine)
  • A Drawing Tablet (Not essential in any case but It really helps)

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Hi! The idea had been brought up a few times already, and I think now is the right moment to finally get started with commissions. I am currently not a student anymore but still too young to get a job for the time being, so until that becomes possible I wanna support my family the best I can. I also plan to meet my girlfriend irl this year, and money will be needed for that. Thank you for your time! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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Person of Interest 'Prophets' (S04E05) Analysis and Review

Holy balls.  After two weeks of non-big-picture story, we’re back into the battle of the AIs with a vengeance.  Accompanying that battle is a lot more information about artificial intelligence, how Harold sees it, how Root sees it, and NATHAN!  I think I can safely say that this episode was, although not perfect, the best episode this season.  Come on in to see why.

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anonymous asked:

took your suitcase from the airport baggage claim on accident AU - this reminds me of the beginning of a korean drama i saw before, but i would love to see a cute klaine take on this scenario <3


For edittheworldaway for my Give Away ;)

Kurt is exhausted.

Beyond exhausted.

Dead on his feet.

That flight has been a massive pain, he hasn’t been able to sleep the whole flight, he just wants to go home, take a shower and sleep.

Possibly for a hundred years, complete with a Prince Charming kiss.

But for now, there is only one thing remaining between him and his beloved bed.

The Baggage Claim Of Doom.

Luckily he has found a unique suitcase and it shouldn’t take too long for him to spot it, take it, run away with it and go home with it.

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Dear Syco intern,

I’m slightly offended that you didn’t include me into your recent “what would it take for you to give up your belief and accept this farce as legit” little tour, but I want to display my complete dedication as a fan and simultaneously give you a hand, because I’m very aware of how hard your job can be. So, here’s a few tips right out of my hat, something basic I’m sure you can elaborate with accurate backgrounds.

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Excerpts from the Kill la Kill OST Hiroyuki Sawano interview

[Disclaimer: I’ve heavily paraphrased and summarized things here and there. My translations are very amateur, so take with a grain of salt or two. Corrections welcome. My comments in []]

What was your first impression of Kill la Kill?
HS: I watched Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and thought it had a unique world and was very energetic. The way it was retro compared to current anime made an impression on me. I heard KLK was going to have the same feeling, so my first impression was that it was going to be an interesting series.

How do you come up with the lyrics?
HS: I leave it up the lyricists. They are given various concept materials to write lyrics about certain characters. Then again, there are points where the music is used in different situations so I ask the lyricists to keep the bigger picture in mind and to not lose the forest for the trees. I do the same when I compose the music.

Even with music composed for a specific image, the lyrics can’t be too specific.
HS: That’s right. Of course, I check the content of the lyrics, but I was mostly concerned about the accenting of the words. With Japanese, each note has one syllable so it often sounds bad, while with English you can pack several sounds into one note so that you can establish a groovy rhythm. So I used English a lot. I’ve also used some German recently.

Which was the first piece you composed for Kill la Kill?
HS: The main theme “Before my body is dry”. The chorus is used a lot in the anime. Since the main theme is heavily rock-based,  I wanted Mika Kobayashi, who has always participated in my works, to sing it. I think her voice really give the lyrics their power. I didn’t give her any overly specific instructions except “make it feel like rock”.

According to your twitter, the recording took place from August 5th to the 14th. On the 8th, you recorded the guitar work for 12 hours.
HS: There were a lot of rock pieces. The guitarists have worked with me many times before, so everything went smoothly. [He thanks the guitarists by name]

Did you work with someone new this time?
HS: Yes, vocalist Benjamin Anderson who sung in the later half of #8 “Suck your blood” and #15 “I want to know”. BTW, mpi who sang the first half of #8, has written lyrics for me in the past but recently I’ve gotten him to sing for me as well. Another male vocalist I worked with was CASG. Previously I’ve mostly used female vocalists but here it seems like I used a lot of male ones.

How many tracks did you compose in total?
HS: In total, 40. There are 18 tracks on this OST, but it’s because I combined some tracks into medleys. [There will also be an OST2 coming out in May]

Are there character image songs in this OST?
HS: I was specifically requested to put in theme songs for the Elite 4 . They are #2 “goriLLA蛇L” and #3 “犬Kあ3L”. Sorry about the lulzy names (lol).  “goriLLA蛇L” comes from the “gori” in Gamagori, and 蛇 comes from the snake in Jakuzure’s name. The first half is comprised of heavy rock signifying Gamagori. The later half represents Jakuzure. To convey the image of a marching band I inserted brass instruments into the rock. I wanted to try a rock version of a march. The 犬 (inu) in “犬Kあ3L” comes from Inumuta’s name, and the “3L” from the 猿(saru) in Sanageyama (猿投山). Since Inumuta is a computer whiz I made it techno, and Sanageyama wields a bamboo sword so I thought Japanese-style electronica would be interesting.

Does the heroine Ryuko Matoi have an image song?
HS: The main theme was composed in Ryuko’s image. Track 13 “斬LLLア生LL” is the instrumental version of the main theme. The first 30 seconds represents herself transformed with the Kamui, the rest is the main theme.

Which character is #6 “鬼龍G@キLL” about?
HS: It’s Satsuki Kiryuin’s theme song. I intended to create an atmosphere of overpowering domination with the orchestra. I wanted to make Satsuki feel like an overwhelming character.

Are there songs about the other characters?
HS: #8 “Suck your blood” is about Tsumugu Kinagase. The song title conveys his violent nature. The first half represents his toughness and the later half is about the fight with him. #11 “Light your heart up” is Mako Mankanshoku’s theme song, full of her everyday peppiness. It’s probably different from what was asked of me. There are parts of it that is actually pretty badass.

I’ve heard that you actually improvise many pieces?
HS: #5 “AdラLib” is my improv piece this time. I didn’t mean anything at the time, it’s just after one recording session I thought I’d play something on the piano. It wasn’t something that was requested so I thought it’d just become something extra on the side, but in the end this piece ended up being used quite a bit. Usually I compose music in my office, but this time I just took in the atmosphere in the recording room and played it out with my fingers onto the piano, without thinking about any specific themes.

Othere than character themes, what kind of songs did you compose?
HS: I was requested to compose background music for suspenseful scenes, which became #9 “Kiっ9=KELL” and #16 “寝LLna聴9”.

[There’s a lot of other stuff I didn’t translate, and probably won’t, since I translated all the easy parts in the crappiest way and it still took me a couple hours lol]

[can’t believe this gent is only a few years older than me */underachiever*]

mbtiprincess  asked:

What did you think of season one?

JQ speaking.

I really loved and love S1 and every time I sit down and try to write this post I get overwhelmed because I have a lot of strong opinions about S1 versus the following seasons so, instead, have some bullet points.

1. The entire structure of the show worked a lot better in S1 since we didn’t really know anything. All of the flashbacks served a real wordbuilding/plot forwarding/character developing purpose. Now, the flashbacks all serve to introduce a very specific connection that will magically be relevant this very episode or reinforce a point we already know or muck up existing canon by retroactively adding unrealistic plot points (see: Charmings and Lily). 

2. Storybrooke felt like a real place populated by real people and not a big empty town populated by the Charmillstilitskins and like 3 extras. A big part of this was actually using their side characters as characters and not one off plot devices. Giving them character development and storylines.

3. On top of that, the characters felt like real people. They had real human conflict. Like, remember the marital drama of the first season with Snow and Charming? Ruby trying to figure out her place in life? Henry’s counseling? That was human and complicated. Now, they’re all the most ridiculous, extreme version of themselves. Instead of Snow, Charming, Regina, and Rumple it’s Hope Ranger and Sidekick, Queen Snarky Comeback and Shady the Shademeister. I mean, Snow alone. Snow was a BANDIT. She was a LEADER. She ran a REBELLION. You think she went through that without spilling a drop of blood? Please. But now taking a single life is the worst thing you could ever do? Ridiculous.

Sidenote about S1 having more interaction between different characters instead of pairing off the same people over and over again like Fred in Scooby Doo that I’m too lazy to write right now.

4. And the dialogue is suffering because of that I think. Well, it’s probably a lot of things but the dialogue has definitely taken a hit. Even Regina’s one liners which I grudgingly liked usually don’t seem as snappy. 

5. The plot of the first season was very original. It was Emma’s story with the blended fairy tale background so that was also her parents’ story and Regina’s story and Rumple and everyone. It was great. Whereas the newer seasons are more gimicky, imo. It’s like: New Disney Property+New Land+New Character With “Mysterious” Connection to Existing Character. Rinse, wash, repeat.

6. I think I’ve read somewhere that the Pilot wrote a special effects check that the rest of the show couldn’t cash and that is the truest of statements.

7. Also, I think just the production values were higher in general? Like, less green screen. More shooting on location. Better costumes. Better camera work? And I know nothing about camera work but I mentioned that and a friend who actually does know camerawork was like, “No, you’re right.”*

*Sidenote: I think the actual acting may have been better too which I’m not sure what to attribute to. Better writing? Less weary actors? Who knows?

8. S1 felt like the start of something bigger. I remember talking to a friend all excited about what the endgame was. I was sure Regina was going for a multi-season redemption arc with a bigger villain on the horizon. A true big bad. But Once has turned into a much smaller show. It’s like they don’t think past the next half-season.

9. And I guess it would have been impossible for this to be a problem right off the bat but all the unanswered questions and unfilled (or lazily filled) plot holes are really weighing down the current show for me.

10. And, just, there was a sense of stakes, y'know? Graham died and it was like, woah, OK. This is serious. People can die. And there were other hard rules like magic comes with a price, fullstop. But now, nothing seems meaningful or permanent. Hook LITERALLY DIED at the end of the mid season finale and it was like, “So how are they gonna undo this?”*

*Not actually true because I knew exactly how they were gonna undo it. Why would you randomly introduce greco-roman myths (ie:furies) to your universe if you weren’t introducing the underworld?        

So, yeah. I wholeheartedly would recommend the first season of Once in the same way I would recommend the first season of Glee and nothing else. I honestly have no idea how this season and that season were written by the same people. 

Pod people is my current theory.