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request? yes
   “ #14 , fem!reader, Montgomery please! ”
prompt #14: reader and character is making fun of each other which leads to making out/smut

pairing(s): montgomery x fem!reader

warning(s): fingering, and that’s it

a/n: okok, so this is my first smut like, eVer - so deep apologies if this is bad
++ i wrote this on my way to school so guess who thought about having sex with montgomery for a good 2 hours? :’)

“Can you tutor me today?”

You roll your eyes and slam your locker shut, turning on your heel to face the brunette haired boy behind you. “Your ego is bigger than your IQ, Montgomery. So I don’t think so.” you scoff, crossing your arms over your chest. “And your ass is as big as your head.” Montgomery chuckles, you rolling your eyes once again as the both of you walk out of Liberty High together.

“You know people say that your shoe size matches the size of your dick?” you laugh, looking down at Montgomery’s - surprisingly - large feet.

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Lie To Me

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader (Y/N Y/L/N), brief appearances by Sam Winchester, Charlie, Jo and Ellen Harvelle.

Pairing: Dean x Reader (AU)

Word Count: 2669 (with lyrics)

Warnings: Angst, a smudge of fluff, but mostly ANGST. At least I hope there is.

Author’s Note: Hey guys :) This is for my ( @thing-you-do-with-that-thing) Kari’s challenges: “Kari’s favorite things” challenge (I got “Singing Karaoke with Dean- badly”) and her Angst Appreciation Day. I hope I did good. I know it probably just…sucks…*hides face*

**Song that inspired this fic (along with the prompt :)): Lie To Me by Bon Jovi

Lie To Me

The crowd was drunk and wild.

And I loved every second of it. I wasn’t a great singer but I did manage to hold a note every now and then. So when the opportunity for karaoke night came up, I sure as hell wasn’t going to back down from it.

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anonymous asked:

Hey can u please do an alex imagine where alex is having one of those moments like "dont fuxking touch me", sassy comebacks and annoyed phase lol and reader is there to break that phase and gets alex to get all lovey dovey cause alex has soft spot for her thnk u! Do more imagines of alex standall pls and i love ur writing hehe

Thank you for requesting! I love Alex soso much, therefore I will definitely work on more things regarding him (after all my requests, however). Thank you, that means a lot!! I hope you enjoy :) x

“Fuck off, Justin, you’re pissing me off.” Alex exclaimed, pushing Justin’s outstretched hand away. Justin just laughed, trying to poke the annoyed boy again.

“Justin.” You warned, knowing that Alex was not in the mood for anything annoying today.

“What?” Justin asked innocently. “Is it his time of the month?”

Alex glared at the boy, kicking his leg. “No, Justin, it’s called I know you.” Alex bit back. You hid a small chuckle behind a fake cough. “No one is having a good time with you being a little fucking shit.”

“Hey!” Justin called. “That really hurt, fucker.”

Alex rolled his eyes. “I bet it did,” He scoffed. “That ego is big enough to fit your fat ass into it.”

You let out a loud laugh at that, watching as Justin’s face morphed into complete shock. Alex smirked smugly at the other boy, shuffling away to get closer to you.

Justin outstretched his hand again, but this time punched Alex in the arm. Alex punched him back, causing you to roll your eyes and slap Justin’s arm away too in order for the little fight to break up.

“Go away, Justin.” Alex muttered.

“Fine, Mr. Pissy Pants.”

You sighed, watching Justin head over to the other jocks, leaving you and Alex in peace.

“Alex, can you please come here?” You asked, turning to face your quiet boyfriend who sat on the couch, ignoring you. You sighed. “Alex?” You were trying to put the curtain rod back up because Zach took it off when Alex called him a butthead. You don’t know why Zach decided that taking the curtain rod off of its hooks was an effective way at getting back at Alex - considering it was your house - but he did, and then he left, and you’re now stretching in attempt to push it back up.

By now, you’ve realised Alex isn’t having any of it, and so you placed the rod onto the ground and walked around to sit beside Alex on the couch. You looked over to the boy [smol bean] and reach out for his hand, in which he moved from your grasp. You frowned. Why was he even annoyed with you?? You hadn’t done anything. It was Justin!! And everyone else!!

“Alex, why are you mad?” You asked.

“I’m not mad.” He mumbled, picking at a loose thread on his jumper. “I’m simply experimenting.”

You smiled, quirking a brow. “What experiment?”

“To see if you’ll stop talking.”

You slapped his chest lightly. “Shut the fuck up, dick.”

He laughed loudly, making you smile, before pulling you into his arms, landing a kiss on top of your head. “Love you.”

My friends and dear followers, may I be frank with you for a moment?

I considered something today. I value my character over potential careers. If i got an offer to do something big i think id challenge the offerer to take my card and see if theyre still interested in a year where im sure ive developed a selfless attitude on the gift i was given. I dont ever want to corrupt my blessing by using it for strictly personal ego stroking. Thats such a robbery to the one who gave me it. Im so guilty of wanting to be known for something, have popularity, favor. I do have favor, but its not given to me to use only for myself. My goal is to stop trying to be like the world when I’m clearly not of it in my very soul. I love art, but I love God more. Im not ashamed.

Hes the only constant in my life and the only one who ever stayed and loved me despite the absolute mess I was and still am.

You can unfollow me right now if this isnt your jam, but I strive to be more at peace with something greater than myself. That’s my life. And i fight my insecurities and evils everyday just to achieve this peace. I falter all the time (you may even visibly notice it through ny art posts and whutnot), but I’m trying my best. I cant hurt myself with failures. No one goes anywhere or does anything truely worthwhile when they do.

For those of you not familiar with me as much as others, im very transparent. Appologies if it offends, im just very real.🦊

AND I take grand care to love, respect and meet others where they are. Because someone awesome did that for me.

I hope this finds someone who needs it as much as i needed to write this to ground myself.

The Old Meets The New

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count: 2714

Pairing: LokixReader

Summary: Loki is up to his usual antics. And by antics I mean trying to poach you from the Avengers and turn you Loki-evil (outside of a coffee shop no less). But when your ex-husband approaches, he finds out that he’s not the scariest thing in your life. When he finds out why you’re more scared of a Midgardian than you are of him, things get messy. 

Part 2: A Question Of Morals

Part 3: Old Habits Die Hard

Part 4: Friends And Enemies

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tell me if you want to stay tonight

ao3 link (chapter 2/9)

“So, Aaron.” Robert pushed open one of the heavy glass doors, flashing him a grin over his shoulder. “Are you ready to get the full Robert Sugden university experience?”

Aaron shrugged, feigning disinterest. “I’ve got nothing better to do.”

when aaron meets robert on the first day of university, he doesn’t expect the other man to end up defining the three years he spends there. that was just the robert sugden university experience, he supposed.

Aaron couldn’t help the soppy smile that appeared on his face as he looked at his phone, the ridiculous photo of Robert he had as his contact picture beaming up at him. Aaron had taken it one evening out in Manchester, Robert holding a giant bucket of popcorn to his chest, grinning into the camera like a little kid.

Aaron didn’t even remember what movie they’d gone to see, if he was honest. He just remembered what it was like to sit in the back row, and exchange salty, popcorn flavoured kisses and be in their own little bubble of AaronandRobert.

(How they’d ever pretended as though they weren’t in a relationship was beyond Aaron, now he let himself think about it.)

“Miss me already?”

“You never told me it was your birthday this week.” Robert said. “I had to get a Facebook notification this morning telling me it was my boyfriends birthday, I’m very offended.”

“You never asked,” Aaron replied, curling onto his side. Robert had managed to leave his on New Years Day before his mum had made her grand return, and Aaron had been grateful that they’d escaped the awkward introductions.

He loved his mum, he really did, but Chas was bound to be all kinds of embarrassing when faced with a new boyfriend of his.

Especially when he hadn’t actually told her he was seeing anyone.

“Well, happy birthday,” Robert said. “Have you got any plans today?”

“Mum’s doing a family dinner.” Aaron said. “Why?”

“Because I want to take you out. I’m on my way to Leeds already, so up and at ‘em.”

“What if I had been doing something?”

“I know you’d prefer to hang out with me.”

Aaron rolled his eyes, swinging his legs out of bed. “Anyone ever tell you you’ve got a big ego?”

“All the time!” Robert responded brightly. “I’m serious by the way, I’ve just passed through Hotten. You’ve got about a half hour to get yourself sorted and then we’re going for lunch.”


Revelry Part I:

Max pulled at his shirt, Kieran slapping hand away.

“Little warlock enough. You will be fine.”

Max sighed he hated this, he hated being the center of attention. He’d loved it apparently as a child, but as he gotten older he’d become self-conscious even with all the love from his family… He was different. Papa could at least pass off as normal, he didn’t have weird skin and horns…

“Are you done being insecure?”

Max looked up to see Mark’s kind smile. He sighed and nodded. He wished Rafael had been allowed to come, but it was a Downworlder only revelry and they had all more or less forced him to go.

Kieran rocked on the balls of his feet, looking resplendent in his silver dress shirt, jacket, black leather pants and riding boots.

He finally stopped moving giving them both a blinding smile,

“Shall we?”

“Don’t run off this time.”

“Try and keep up Shadowhunter.”

Their easy banter slowly relaxed Max as Kieran drew back the lichen curtain. Max looked from them and gasped. They had come to a huge clearing, tables lay haphazardly in a loose circle. Giving ample room for a huge dance floor. Max could see an orchestra setting up. Looking up he could see the nightsky, it was beautiful no light pollution…

“Prince Kieran.”

A pixie Fae came toward them, Kieran nodded taking the glass of wine she offered him.

“My apologies, I was unaware the royals would be arriving so soon.”

Kieran took a sip and shook his head,

“My apologies my lady, The Unseelie Court will not be arriving soon, I cannot speak for the Seelie Court. However, I and my Mark are here because it is this little one’s first revelry and he was nervous.”

Max blinked, he knew Kieran was a prince but he hadn’t ever seen act like it, and he spoke beautifully. Max made a mental note to tell him to talk to him like that, he didn’t think Kieran liked talking so casually. Max cut his eyes to Mark who was looking at the sky with a smile, he gave a small smile. Kieran had been able to delicately say Mark was his without there being a huge misunderstanding. Max was starting to love the Faeries more and more, they had their faults but they were able to avoid petty squabbles.

The pixie Fae dipped her head, smiling at the sly Seelie comment, Unseelie then.

“Ah my lady will you get Mark and Max a drink as well?”

She murmured an of course and moved away.

“What has gotten you so fascinated by the sky? Gwyn will not be joining this revelry.”

Mark looked back at Kieran and smiled.

“Why? Isn’t this a big deal?”

Max cringed. Mark and Kieran looked at him.

“It’s just Kieran sounded all poetic and you kind of ruined it.”

Mark laughed.

“My apologies young warlock. I did not mean to offend. Though I think there is no need to flatter our Prince’s ego anymore.”

Max smirked,

“So much better. So what’s the occasion?”

“The girls are having their debut.”

Max blinked looking at Mark for an explanation.

“The girls of both courts who are of the age of sixteen are having their debutant ball today. Kieran’s sister is one of them.”

Kieran nodded smiling as the pixie came back with their drinks.

Max looked at them suddenly nervous.

“Would it be rude if I refused?”

Kieran nodded, Mark glared and shook his head.

“No, it’s okay. You need to take everything in your own time.”

“If he does not have some wine he will be too sober.”

Quipped Kieran.

“The night is still young my highness, surely he will have wine soon?”

Kieran turned to her his eyes wide. Mark placed a hand on his arm keeping from opening his mouth. She ducked her head.

“Ayla thank you I will take my glass. If I need anything I will ask for it. You can leave.”

She handed him the glass and scurried away. Kieran hissed.

“How dare she? She is meant to be invisible.”

“Ah Kieran I see you have already found the fault of the night.”

Kieran whirled and inclined his head,

“Father, I was just saying—”

“It is nothing Sir, Kieran was merely over exaggerating.”

Kieran turned to Mark, who sipped his drink. The King rose an eyebrow, his voice was mildly annoyed.

“Now Kieran is my son Mark, I would like to know what he over exaggerated. Please refrain from interrupting him again.”

Max slipped away then he didn’t think he could take the tension. He found Ayla after a few minutes. She jumped when he tapped her shoulder.

“My apologies, I just wanted to say I appreciated the kind words.”

He knew Kieran would disapprove, would say the servants didn’t need anymore reasons to revolt he but Max ignored him, he wasn’t here anyway.

Ayla gave him a half curtesy.

“It is the least I could do for Magnus Bane’s son.”

“You know my father?”

She nodded,

“He helped us, helped me personally a couple decades ago. Send him my thanks will you?”

Max nodded slightly dazed. The party was starting to come to a full swing.

A soft violin melody was wafting over the clearing, Max held a glass of wine when he saw. He didn’t think he’d ever seen anyone so perfect.

Kieran slipped to stand next to him, making him jump when he clinked their glasses. He laughed quietly.

“Has someone caught your eye?”


Max motioned as discretely as he could to the other side of the clearing where a girl with silvery white eyes was standing. Her pale yellow dress adorned with a sprinkle of rose petals. Her hair changing color depending on the light.

“Ah, that’s Lila. A princess of the Seelie court. She’s been admired by my brothers for a long time. I would go speak to her soon… Before someone steals her away.”

Max sighed draining his goblet he walked toward her. Her eyes watching him. She drank a little of her goblet,


She said, and Max blinked. She was so quiet.

“Uh Hi—”

“Lila is fine warlock.”

She gave him a small smile looking to the side.


He finally said,

“My name is Max.”

She smiled but didn’t say anything. He heard as the songs started to slow, a waltz. He thanked Papa for making him learn that.

“May I lead you in a dance Lila?”

She drained her glass, was she nervous around him? And took his hand.

They swayed, the dance not the real focus. Her eyes went to his horns and he suddenly felt self-conscious.

“I assumed the art of dancing has been lost.”

Max felt himself relax, no comment on his horns. Maybe she didn’t care? Or maybe she just found it so disgusting she couldn’t bare to look at them?

“My father taught me.”

She nodded as he spun her, he needed to salvage this conversation.

He opened his mouth but she beat him to it.

“Walk with me?”

“Whatever the Princess desires.”

He beamed when she giggled. She led him away. Toward a small path, he could feel the eyes of all the Princes on them.

They walked for a while, she seemed determined to lead him somewhere so he let her. They stopped in a clearing. It was shielded on all sides by trees, the moonlight reached her in such as a way that her turned a light silver.

The forest floor was covered in moss and petals from the trees, it was soft to the touch Max guessed.

She let go of his hand and started to unclasp her dress. His heart thudded, what was happening?

“What are you doing?”

He blurted out. She stilled and watched him.

“Do you not want me?”

He did. Max took a deep breath, he didn’t want to lie to her.

“I do. Just not know, not like this.”

She looked at him confused, even so she reclasped her dress.

“I do not understand? If you do not want me why did you approach me?”

Oh that’s why everyone was looking at them, why Kieran had laughed at him. Max clenched his fists, he was going to kill him.

“I think your beautiful Lila. I approached you because I wanted to get to know you.”

Max looked away his voice soft.

“If you do not feel the same way I understand. I know I can’t compare to the numerous Prince’s who will surely begin to court you.”

Her laugh made him look back at her, she shook her head. Giving him a huge smile.

“My suiters have always courted me, even when I was too young. I chose because your different.”

Max unintentionally recoiled. Different, he understood different.

“Max do not fret. I love your skin, it is the color of the sea, or the sky before a storm. It is beautiful.”

“And my horns?”

He whispered,

She smiled at him softly,

“I’ve wondered all night what they would feel like under my hand. Would they be smooth or rough? Would it hurt if I were to pull them gently or would make you gasp with pleasure?”

Max blushed looking down, he’s forgotten how free the Fae was with their love.

“You can, you know,”

He looked up screwing up the remainder of his pride.

“You can touch them if you want.”

She beamed, and hesitantly ran her hand over one of them. Max shivered, he’d never felt this before. It felt like a fire was swirling through his body.

“It is so beautiful.”

She whispered and as Max looked at this beautiful princess before him he had to agree. It was beautiful.

Revelry Part II:

“Ah there you are little warlock.”

Max turned and blinked, was the revelry already over?

Lila stilled and rose,

“Kieran where is your pet?”

He inclined his head,

“Lila, where is your manners?”

They stared at each as Mark came toward them, he sighed hooking Kieran’s arm with his,

“Is it all possible for you to get along?”

Kieran turned and smiled,

“Who do you think gave her that?”

He motioned to the bracelet adorning her wrist.

Lila smiled down at it,

“Ayla and I grew up together. Kieran more or less became family.”

Kieran nodded,

“Yes, which was why, I made sure none of my brothers came near you. I told you I would find you a worthy suiter did I not?”

Lila smiled at Max,

“He is more than worthy. I did not know you brought him.”

Kieran shrugged,

“Okay but Mark isnt a pet.”

Kieran gave Max a look and finally whistled, a horse trotted toward them.


Mark gasped in delight going to stroke the horse.

“Yes Gwyn has given him to me, apparently he misses me.”

Max relaxed,

“Oh. Okay never mind.”

“I would never insult anyone who is able to put up with Kieran.”

Kieran glared at her as she giggled.

Mark laughed, coming to grasp Kieran around his waist. He pecked him on the neck,

“Believe me Lila it isn’t an easy job.”

“You’re going to pay for that little Shadowhunter.”

“Oh I hope I do.”

Mark murmured, Max smiled at them. He was starting to get it. And yes he had just met Lila but he felt something for her, something rooted and strong. He could see being with her for an eternity.

Picture: Lila’s Dress.

Should I continue?

Here’s the link!! There’s four chapters out now!!


sarahphoenix617  asked:

I have one sorta. So everyone of the egos have a last name except for jackaboy man and Anti. Or at least no one knows what they are. I feel like the others are constantly trying to figure out what they are. lol

(Thanks so much for the suggestion! I’ll write more fluff to make up for my last stories. Let’s find out what the Egos are up to today!)

   "Jackie. Just tell us.“
   "Guys! Fuck off!”
   Chase, Dr. Schneeplestein and Marvin had all cornered the superhero in the corner of the kitchen after dinner, surrounding him in uncharacteristic curiosity. Marvin leaned in closer. “We all have one, Jackaboy. What’s yours?” The other two nodded in furious agreement.
   Jackie shrugged defensively. “I just don’t, okay? I don’t know what else to tell you!”
   Chase looked at Schneeple, who nodded. “Time to pull out the big guns,” Chase said, unclipping his nerf gun from his belt. “If you don’t tell us, I’ll be forced to stuff your mouth with teabags and trickshot nerf bullets into your nose.”

   "Jesus, Chase! Why is this such a big deal? Just because you and the doc have a last name doesn’t mean I have to as well!“ Jackaboy Man cried out, raising his hands and widening his eyes as he saw the gun. “Marvin doesn’t have a last name either!”
   Marvin blinked. “It’s Marvin the Magnificent. That’s my last name.”
   "Then my last name is Man!“
   Dr. Schneeplestein rolled his eyes. “Zhat is a ridiculous last name. You must have real one!”
   "I don’t! I swear, I don’t!“ Jackie sobbed.
   Chase sighed and clipped his nerf gun back on. "Sorry, hero dude. I just thought that since we’re your friends, we should know! And I thought you’d have an actual name, not just your superhero name, y'know?”
   The red-suited Ego looked tearfully at Chase. “Should I?”
   Looking at Dr. Schneeplestein, Chase readjusted his hat thoughtfully. “Well, did Sean ever give you one?”
   "No,“ Jackaboy wailed mournfully. "Now I’ll never be as cool as you three!”
   Marvin rubbed his face, exasperated. “Now look. You both made him cry.”
   Offended, the doctor opened his mouth to reply, but Chase interrupted them. “My dudes, let’s just take it up with Sean, then. He’s bound to know something.”
   Marvin shrugged noncommittally, but Jackaboy Man nodded fiercely in agreement, eyes lighting up at the prospect. “Please?”
   "Alright, I don’t see vhat we haf to lose,“ the doctor conceded, letting Jackie out from where they had cornered him. The superhero scuttled out, rapidly drying his tears excitedly. Chase led the three Egos upstairs, parading up the steps towards where Sean resided.
   As they turned the corner to his room, Signe’s door opened and she walked out, freezing as she saw the Egos. "What… what are you doing here?” Wiishu asked, confused. “Did Marvin lose his wand again?”
   "No,“ Chase responded, as Marvin coughed indignantly. "We just needed to ask Sean a couple questions.”
   Wiishu leaned against the wall, smiling endearingly. “Oh! Yeah, go ahead. He’s on his computer right now, looking up drum kits. He’ll be glad for the interruption.”
   Thanking her, the four Egos walked towards the room of their creator as Signe moved around to water the plants. Knocking on the door, Chase heard Sean say, “Come in!”
   As he opened the door, he saw Sean scrolling through Amazon, looking through drum kit after drum kit. “Dude, I totally wanna learn to play that for my kids,” Chase commented, smiling as Sean spun around in shock. The other Egos crept in after Chase.
   Sean’s face broke into a grin. “Oh, hey guys! You never come up here. What’s going on?”
   "Vell-“ Shneeple started importantly, but before he could finish his sentence, Jackaboy Man threw himself at Sean’s feet and began to sob.
   Sean narrowed his eyes at the three Egos. "What did you three do to him?”
   Marvin raised his hands in self-defense, while the doctor scoffed in embarrassment. “We just wanted to know what his real name was. We all have last names,” Chase explained, the slightest bit of color filling his cheeks.
   "What’s my real name, Sean? I need to know! I need to know what my secret identity is!“ Jackaboy Man wailed, hugging Sean’s legs.
   Bending down to fix the superhero’s hood which had gotten messed up in Jackie’s position, Sean smiled affectionately. "Jackie, you don’t have a secret identity. That’s what’s awesome about you. You’re all superhero, all the time!”
   Jackaboy looked up hopefully. “Really?”
   "Really.“ Sean smiled down at him. The other Egos sighed in disappointment. "Besides, I don’t think Anti has a last name either. At least, I don’t know it,” the creator commented thoughtfully, leaning back in his chair.
   All four Egos looked at each other.

   "Bro, dude!”
   "Mr. Anti!“
   "Guys, shut up! You don’t actually want him to hear us, do you?”
   The good doctor raced towards Anti’s room with Chase, Marvin and Jackie following close behind. Banging open the door, Schneep barged in, trying to locate the glitch demon. Chase bumped into him as the doctor looked around, realizing that Anti wasn’t there.
   "I always tell you guys, he’s never in his room,“ Marvin informed them dejectedly.
   "Well, how else would I scare you?” A voice in their ears sounded, making them all jump. Anti materialized behind them, holding a shaking Jackaboy by the fabric of his onesie. “Catch a tiger by the toe,” Anti giggled, releasing Jackie and throwing him towards the bed. The superhero stopped himself mid-throw and hovered there, squeaking in fear.
   Marvin shrunk back, passing his tongue over his lips in distaste. The doctor turned and pushed past Chase, strutting up to eye the Ego in the face. “Anti, boy, vhat is your last name?”
   Anti’s smile melted into a look of uncertain anger. “…what?”
   Chase moved to stand next to the doctor. “Dude, all of us have last names except for Jackaboy Man, and that’s cause he’s a super hero. So what’s yours?”
   Anti’s grip on his enormous knife tightened. “I don’t have one. And even if I did, I wouldn’t share it with the likes of you.”
   "Oh, come on bro! We’re friends!“ Chase appealed.
   "Do you have a d̗͈̣̜͈͒̀̈͑̔̏̃ę̣͎̀̆̇̊̂͢͜͝ả̙̟͈̆͂̉́̑͟͢͡ț̢̮̣̇͌̈́̓͐̀̑̐̇ͅh̵̛͚͉̜͔͚̔͗͗̐͋̈́ w̜̮̥͈̯̣͑̊̇̏͠i̡̨̯͉̪̹̰͙̱̓̈̍̂̎͊̊̉͟ş̷̛̘̖̺̬͕̠̲͗̏́͞ḩ̶̢̤̬̞̗̳̼̲̃͆̎̾̎̎̐͟?̜̗͉͖̃̀́̒͂̄̄̕͟?” Anti snapped, eyes narrowing and shooting daggers. “Besides, Jack doesn’t have a last name either!”
   The good doctor waved a hand dismissively. “His name ees Jack Septiceye.”
   "Then so is mine,“ Anti gestured with his knife. "Happy?”
   Chase sighed in disappointment. “Not really.”
   "Yeah, what kind of last name is that?“ Marvin piped up behind the two.
   Anti’s head whipped to address at the magician, staring at him unnervingly. "What kind of last name is ‘The Magnificent?’”
   Marvin gasped and put a hand to his chest as Chase rolled his eyes. “Come on, everyone, we got what we came for.” He started to lead the part out of the room.
   "Watch your back, Brody, and stop bothering me with these trivial things. You don’t want to see what I’m capable of,“ Anti murmured threateningly, his knife moving frighteningly close to Chase’s neck.
   Nodding in hasty agreement, Chase managed a smile. "Thanks for your help, though.”
   The next moment he found himself outside the room, the door slamming in his face. Laughing, he turned and saw Marvin beckoning him to play cards at the living room table. Today was a good day, Chase thought as he walked over to join the other Egos.

Subject A0: In The Glade [Part 2]


Part 2/20 of  Subject A0: In The Glade. [prev] [next]

“They took everything. They took her whole world. But little did they know that she found a new one in him.” (Newt x Reader)

A/N : Just wanted to say thanks to the lovely responses I’ve been getting from all of you for my writing! It’s been literal years since I have written and this is honestly so much fun. This blog has only been up three(?) days, and I’m glad to say I’ve already made some new friends! Anyway, hope you keep enjoying these imagines! Don’t hesitate to send me a message, I’m open to doing requests!

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Can I Drive?

Anon requested. I hope you like it!

“Do you usually bring so much to the beach? I just go with a towel.” He says as he puts the cooler in the trunk.

“Yeah. Water and food is so expensive by the beach.” You say as you place the bag with towels and snacks in the trunk. “Besides its just a cooler and a bag. You make it like I took the whole house.” He gives you a look.

“You almost did.” He says laughing and you lightly push him.

“Fine then don’t have any of the snacks and drinks I brought.” You say sticking out your tongue and he laughs. You reach into your bag to pull out your car keys and he’s standing right next to you.

“Can I?” He asks as you pulled out the keys. You gave him a confused look. “Can I drive to the beach?” He looked so innocent and cute that you weren’t sure what to say. He’s been with you on break for a couple days and you usually just drove. You sigh and reluctantly drop your keys in his hand. He breaks out into a huge smile. “Thank you!” He says kissing you on the cheek and you roll your eyes.

“Anytime.” You say as you walk over to the passenger seat. Taking a deep breath in you open the door and sit down. It’s not like he doesn’t have his license but he hasn’t driven a car in a long time and you were nervous.

“Come on! Don’t be so nervous.” He says as he gets seated.

“Babe you never drive because your manager drives you everywhere. You know how protective I am over Mr. Blue. Wouldn’t you be nervous leaving your precious car into my hands if the roles were switched?” You say giving him a look and he laughs.

“No. I would trust my girlfriend like a supportive boyfriend that I am. Besides who even names their car Mr. Blue?” You give him a look and reach out your hand for the keys.

“That’s it. You think you can disrespect Mr. Blue and get to drive him. I don’t think so.” He leans over and kisses your palm.

“I’m sorry and…” He leans over and kisses the steering wheel. “My deepest apologies Mr. Blue. It won’t happen again. Sir, I hope you can forgive me.” He says and looks at you from the corner of his eye. You laugh and shake your head.

“You’re forgiven.” You say and he breaks out into a huge smile.

“Thank you, madam and Mr. Blue.” He says as he turns on the car.

“Don’t let us regret it.” You say as he starts moving the mirrors. “Do you even know how to…” You begin to say as he slowly reverses.

“Reverse? Yes I do.” He says and you watch around to see if he’s close to anything. He then starts driving forwards and you held on to the handle on the door. You hear him chuckle and you look over. “Relax.” He says and reaches a hand towards you.

“Both hands on the steering wheel.” You say and he shrugs.

“Fine. I didn’t even want to hold your hand anyway.” He says sticking out his tongue. You laugh and sit silently as he drove. He leans over and raises the volume on the music.

So far the drive wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be. He was probably a better driver than most of your friends that have had a license for years. But of course you wouldn’t tell him that because it would just boost his already big ego. You started relaxing and just enjoyed the drive.

The weather was beautiful today and you opened the window to let the breeze run through your hair. Closing your eyes you just enjoyed this moment. It’s been a while that you were in the passenger seat and someone else drove you.

“So?” He says noticing you enjoying the moment. You open your eyes and look at him.

“Wow I love this song.” You say leaning forward and putting the volume up. He starts laughing and turns it down a little.

“So I’m that good?” He says and you could just picture the smug look on his face right now but you avoided looking at him. “Confirmed.” He says and you look over and laugh.

“It’s not confirmed.” You said as he turned into the exit for the beach. “You still haven’t parked.” You said raising your eyebrow at him and he laughs.

“Fine.” He says as he continues driving towards the beach. You watch closely as he drives around for parking.

When he found one closer to the boardwalk he put his blinker on and slowly eased into the parking spot. You held in your laugh at how funny he looked trying to perfect his parking. His tongue stuck out and he had his head up high checking if he was too close to the boardwalk. “How about now?” He says as he put the car on park and turned off the car. You open the door and step out.

“Eh.” You say walking around the car. “It’s too much on this side.” You say and he starts laughing hard.

“You’re such a liar! Just admit it.” He says as you start taking out the bag from the trunk. He walks up in front of you and gives you a look. You laugh and start running up the boardwalk towards the water.

“Never!” You scream laughing as he grabs the cooler and tries to catch up to you.

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I swear, the abuse of parses is getting silly. As a Healer and a DPS main, its getting to the point I'm terrified of going into roulettes without a friend in the party. Not because I'm bad or anything, I can do the basics of the rotation and possibly the opener depending on class, but because the personality of most parses are egotistical. I have friends who parse but use it as a LEARNING TOOL. FFLogs needs to fucking die since no one can use it like its supposed to be used without god damn ego!

Its absolutely a learning tool!! And there’s nice ways to talk about your big ole numbers! 

I think its really cool an FC mate got a 30k+ hit on samurai today and I’m proud of my top Verflare on rdm being 22850, but I’m not going to use these as a bar to measure other’s fucking ability to play a VIDEO GAME by, you know???

However, yall i fucking got a 22850 hit on verflare without embolden or a damage buff and I’m still reeling,

- mod proxy

fire signs are sooo predictable i’ve been trying to get my big brother to make time to have dinner or a drink with me for like two months and i’ve always been the first and last one to text and finally after he blew me off for the 8 millionth time i just didn’t respond and literally the next day he texted me asking what i was doing and i texted once and didn’t respond again and he texted me again today inviting me to dinner. anyways i’m like,must we,as a sag and a leo,be this way?

hey guys! been pretty busy but law school is going well - going to sort through all my mentions and messages later today. had the first session of my immigration law course today and it was fantastic (and I spoke up and got to shine intellectually which always massages my ego) and later today I have a course on children and divorce law - but for now, between noon and 5 or so, I have a big chunk of free time in which to record a new double episode of the Sunday School Podcast with @hermouthslipped so you all have that to look forward to :)



  1. request for an imagine where the snarky reader finally gives in to dark, psychotic pan. :) and a makeout session
  2. i was the one who requested the dark/psychotic pan. could we also add #29. “I want the part of you that you refuse to give.” thanks!

Prompt: 29. “I want the part of you that you refuse to give.”

Warnings: none?? idk makeout session happens?

You were desperately in love with Peter Pan. The psycho demon that wouldn’t hesitate to kill one of his own. The one who would rip out your shadow if you crossed him, or lock you up in little cages. Yes, you loved that Peter Pan. The evil one no one ever wanted to face. The one that was past wicked and past maniacal. The one who was a complete psycho.

But of course, Peter couldn’t know that. He’d laugh. Plus, your ego was too big. You couldn’t stand having the Lost Boys tease you about how you finally fell for Peter. So you kept your cool each time you two were around.

“Lads, we’re going to play a game today,” Peter smirked, eyeing you specifically. “Capture the Lost Girl. Do whatever it takes to get her.”

Your eyes widened, but soon went back to normal size. “Ha, I’d like to see you try and catch me, Pan! Or any of your boys!”

He got close to your face, causing your heart to speed up its pace. “Then I suggest you get to running and hiding.”

You squinted your eyes, not afraid of his threats. “I’ll start when I want to, Greenie.” 

You always called Peter, Greenie. He always wore green. The name fit. Plus, he hated it and that always got a rise out of him.

He snarled at you, and told the boys to start. Your mouth fell open, but you quickly began to run away from them. If Peter gave them permission to do anything to capture you, they really would do anything. So you ran and ran, but you had a plan already in mind.

Once you were sure there was no one near, you circled back around to camp. No one would ever find you in Peter’s treehouse. No one except Peter himself. But none of the Lost Boys would. It was perfect. Also, Peter wouldn’t be there, so you’d have some time for yourself.

That’s what you did. You circled back to camp and went inside Peter’s treehouse. The place no one was allowed into. No one had access to it except Peter. That was it. You quietly snickered to yourself, thinking it was the best plan yet. But when you shut the door…

“What are you doing?” Peter asked, slightly annoyed. You jumped, pressing your back against the door.

“What are you doing?” You retorted back. Peter cocked a brow at you. He stood up from his bed, making his way over to you.

Peter got extremely close, invading your personal space. He said nothing to you yet, just breathing. His left arm was placed on the door, next to your ear. You were a little scared, but at the same time, a little turned on. You so badly wanted to kiss him, but you held yourself back.

“This is my room, pest.” He spat at you quietly. “Are you cheating in the game?”

“Pest? The only pest around here is you,” you scoffed. “And no. I’m not cheating. I’m simply hiding from them.”

Peter chuckled sarcastically. “Leave now or you’ll be punished.” He leaned in closer, noses mere centimeters apart.

Make me.” You snarled a bit, a smirk playing on your face.

You kept your cold stare on Peter’s. Both arms were now on either side of your head, trapping you. You watched his eyes, seeing them glance down at your lips. Oh, you had him now. Not only were you excited, but you knew. Peter was fond of you, too. It was time to have some fun.

“Does Peter Pan want to kiss me?” You said, tone rather snarky. “Because I saw those green eyes. I saw where they went.”

“Shut up,” Peter hissed. 

“So it’s true? I mean, you’re not deny–” You were cut off right then and there. Peter crashed his lips to yours. It was harsh, but it was what you wanted. He kissed you, and you melted right into it. Your hands  met his face, cupping his cheeks. His hand moved to your hips. He gripped at them, a groan leaving his mouth.

Peter still had you pinned to the door. He hungrily kissed you, and it went way better than you have ever imagined. You thought of kissing him so many times, but it actually happening was pure bliss. All the ecstasy you were feeling was making you feel so alive. 

Eventually, Peter licked your lips, craving for you to let him in.  At this moment, you weren’t in the mood for teasing him. You granted him entrance into your mouth. Tongues swirled together, and your hands once again moved to his hair. You gripped at it and tugged, loving this. 

Another groan escaped his mouth, and that made you happy. So happy, a groan finally left yours. Peter squeezed your hips again, this time making you jolt a little. He chuckled into the kiss. That’s when he broke it apart, breathing hard.

He looked at you, lust in his eyes. “I want the part of you that you refuse to give,” Peter moaned at you, his voice completely seductive.

“Who said I’m refusing?” You breathed. “The game’s over, Peter. You’ve captured me, and I’m not leaving.” Peter smirked, dragging you to his bed, where you two continued.

Luke Hemmings Smut → Messing With The Enemy Part 2

PairingLuke x Reader



A.N:  You can find part 1 here

A year full of trouble, anger, love and passion has passed since Luke asked be to become his girlfriend. When Michael found out he was more than furious. I spent more time with Luke and ever since we got together I cheered for him at the games and I went to his practices and not Michael’s anymore. He didn’t speak to me for weeks. His behavior was more than childish. Sure, they hate each other but he could at least be a little bit more supportive. I always was.

Luke’s and my relationship was every thing I ever wanted. It was a lot of fun. He showed me how to play hockey. He takes me to all his games. He is so loving and caring around me. He is protective and he loves me with all his heart. I’m having the time of my life with him and I couldn’t be any happier.

Today was the final game of the season. Michael against Luke. Like always this one wouldn’t turn out without one of them bleeding. And I’m not talking about their bodies I’m more talking about their egos. Both were as big as Australia. They wanted to win badly and if that means hurting each other in the the meantime it was only a plus.

Luke loved to be at the arena early to practice a little before the game and to clear his head while no one was there. He was so tens when he left this evening I decided to surprise him before his team mates would arrive. With the intention of making him relax before the game I sneaked into the back of the arena and to the changing rooms.

“Hey there big hockey player.” I purred and quietly closed the door behind me. Luke’s head shot up and a bright smile appeared on his face, followed by a rather confused expression. “(Y/N)? What are you doing here?” He asked confused. “What does it look like?” I smirked and walked towards the shirtless Luke, making sure to sway my hips a tad more than necessary.

“Didn’t Michael tell you to stay home?” I traced my finger up and down Luke’s muscular body and hooked my index finger in the hem of his shorts. “Didn’t you notice already? I don’t listen to what my big brother tells me.” I whispered as I moved my face close to Luke’s, brushing my lips against his. “You’re such a bad girl (Y/N).” Luke smirked and tried to connect our lips together but I moved my head away. With a big grin on my face I took a step back.

“So, when exactly are your team mates coming in?” I asked and bit my lip. Luke’s eyes rested on my showing cleavage and his tongue started playing with his lip ring. “About 20 minutes I guess.” He answered. “Perfect. I guess I have enough time to make you relax a little before that big game.” I seductively proposed. The corners of Luke’s lips raised. “What do you have in mind darling?” He asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Hm I don’t know really.” I hesitantly said and and tried to suppress a smile. Obviously I do know what I’d do to him but teasing Luke was one thing I love to do. I stepped closer to him again and slowly got down on my knees. “I think,” I started and placed my hand on Luke’s crotch, slowly rubbing over it. “I’m going to wrap my lips around your huge cock.” I winked and hooked my fingers into the hem of Luke’s shorts again to pull them and his boxers down his long legs. His semi-hard erection slapped against his toned stomach while a low growl escaped his lips. “I love your way of thinking babe.”

“I know you do.” I smiled and moved my finger up and down his hardening length before I wrapped my hand around him. I moved it up and down in a slow pace, teasing Luke a little. My finger traced along his leg and my fingernails drew circles on his skin while my other hand pumped Luke’s hard length. My thumb swiped over the tip of his cock to collect the pre-cum and my tongue darted out of my lips to lick the creamy liquid off my thumb, sucking seductively on it for a moment.

“Fuck babe! Don’t tease.” Luke groaned and bucked his hips forward. “I’d never dream of it.” I licked a bold stripe from his base until my lips met his tip, the skin of his cock feeling silky and cool underneath my tongue. “Just like that.” He said, and tangled his fingers into my messy hair. I repeated my actions while my hand pumped him softly.

I left a soft kiss on the top of Luke’s tip before I took him into my mouth. Slowly I worked myself down to take him all in my mouth. I sucked on all that fit in, while my hand cupped his balls, squeezing and massaging them slightly. Through my eyelashes I peaked up to Luke and was satisfied to see him looking at me with pure lust, his mouth open agape. I couldn’t deny the fraction between my legs, I grew wetter with every minute that passed. The moans and hisses he let out, made me want to move my hand under my skirt and touch myself until I’d cum.

I could feel the vibrations caused by my touch on him, my hand was still trying to pump while I kept bobbing my head up and down his length. “Fuck, stay still.” He hissed, taking his hand on my head stopping me from moving. Luke started moving his hips and I felt his cock going in and out of my mouth, sliding over my tongue that was still flat under his shaft. “Fuck, that feels so fucking good.” He moaned. Luke thrusted himself in and out of my mouth rapidly and hit the back of my throat a couple of times. My eyes turned blurry a bit, but the look he gave me and muscles of his stomach that were visibly contracting were all I could think about.

“God (Y/N) I’m gonna cum.” Luke informed me with a throaty voice. My hands squeezed around his balls while I took control again. I bobbed my head back and forth in a quick pace while my other hand pumped the rest I couldn’t fit into my mouth. Luke’s breathing became more shallow and his body tensed up while a bit of sweat ran down his forehead.

A low and long moan came out of his mouth while he shot his load into my mouth. I kept sucking until Luke came down from his high before I let him go, drops of cum running down the corner of my lips. “Fuck (Y/N) that was -“

But before Luke could finish his sentence I heard another male voice behind me. “That was disgusting. It’s a changing room for god sakes not a suck-your-boyfriends-cock room.” Luke’s head snapped up and I turned my head around so see Luke’s other teams mates standing in the door, all with stupid grins on their faces. “Shut up. At least he got some.” I said with a grin and cleaned the corner of my lips with my index finger before I got back to my feet.

“Now, (Y/N) would you mind? We’d like to change now as well. Unless you wanna suck us off as well I course.” Calum winked and stepped into the room, followed by the other team players. “No way in hell mate.” Luke said and put his arm around my shoulders. “See you later babe. I have my fingers crossed for you” I mumbled and pressed my lips against Luke’s cheek. “Hey,” Luke said and held me back on my wrist, pulling me close to him again. “You know the after party is at school right? Meet me in our classroom when the game is over. We’re gonna celebrate a little.” He whispered into my ear and captured my earlobe between his teeth before he let me go. “Can’t wait to celebrate your win.” I smiled and took leave.

With a satisfied look spread over my face I left the building and walked towards the parking lots where I was suppose to meet a couple of my friends. But instead of my friends I noticed Michael getting out of our fathers car. “Shit!” I mumbled to myself and tried to hurry back inside before his eyes could catch me. Michael is still not okay with Luke and me dating. They still hate each other’s guts. He forbid me to see Luke. Unfortunately for Michael I don’t really listen to what he tells me to do.

I winced when I heard his dark voice calling out my name. “(Y/N)? Is that you?” I swirled around and flashed him the sweetest smile I could manage. “Mikey. Hey.” I smiled and extended the ‘e’ a bit more than necessary. “What in the world are you doing here?” He asked, trying to keep calm but his furious tone was clearly visible. “I was just….you know. Meeting my friends here.” I said. “You’re a terrible liar (Y/N). You met Luke didn’t you?” Michael asked with a stern voice. I rolled my eyes and sighed. “I did. So?”

“So? I forbade you to see this guy!” He shouted, clearly showing his anger now. “Well I don’t care! I’m my own person and I make my own decisions. I’m not a child Michael and I won’t let you tell me who I can and cannot see!” I said with a raised voice. “I don’t want you to get hurt thats all.” Michael sighed and rubbed his index finger and thumb over his forehead. “You’re the only one hurting me. I love Luke and it hurts me that you can’t support my decision.” I said and left Michael standing alone.

With shaking hands and tears welling up in my eyes I ran back inside. Michael’s opinion is important to me. He is my big brother after all and I hate the fact he’s not standing behind me on this one. I never liked all of his girlfriends but I was always there to support him.

I let out a loud groan and crossed my arms in front of my chest before I slowly trotted inside the arena and to my seat in the VIP area. It was still half an hour before the game would start and besides me there are only around ten other people in the arena. The time was ticking extremely slowly. No one was there I could talk to. I didn’t know the rest of the people in the VIP area and my friends just canceled on me, saying their car broke down on the highway.

While I was waiting I exchanged a few text messages with Luke. Well it’s been more like sext messages. If this game wouldn’t be such an important one I’d run back to the changing rooms, take him with me to the back seat of his car and fuck him senseless. The arousal between my legs grew with every second that passed. It was extremely hard to keep focused. To be honest I didn’t even realize the game began already. My mind was somewhere else entirely.

The game was pretty brutal. Seems like Michael let out all his anger on Luke. He tackled him almost every five minutes and from what I could see Luke was pretty bashed up. He was bleeding out of his mouth and he had a bleeding scratch on his forehead. Anger build up in me fast, if Michael wouldn’t leave Luke alone I’d jump on the field and beat him up myself. Luckily the game would be over in about two minutes. The score was 2-3. Michael shot the two goals for his team. Luke shot two as well and Calum the other. Luke’s team had the puck. He ran towards the goal. Thirty seconds left to play. I was at the edge of my seat, hoping he wouldn’t miss. Luke ran faster and stormed past every other player, he lounged out and….Goal!

Everyone in Luke’s team ran to hug him. They all fell on the ground, yelling and hugging each other while Michael’s team threw their hockey sticks on the ground with very pissed looks on their faces. A shrieking sound vibrated through the whole arena. The game was over. Luke’s team won 4-2. Loudly I cheered and blew Luke a kiss when his head shot into my direction. He winked and returned to cheer with his mates. Michael and his team mates stormed back into the changing rooms. After a little while of cheering with the crowd Luke and his team mates left the field as well.

I put on my jacket and grabbed my bag before I made my way to the school. The after party takes place in the school sports hall. Like always when we have a game in our city. It’s a twenty minute walk from the arena to school and since Michael and I had a fight I’d rather walk instead of waiting for him. Luke would take some time anyways.

Music was blasting through my headphones when I arrived at the school building. The music in there was already so loud I could hear it over my own. The bass vibrated through my whole body when I stepped into the building, removing my headphones from my ears. I was greeted by several people and talked to some of them before I sneaked a bottle of Jack with me. I fought my way through the mass of people and stormed upstairs to the classrooms. Luckily no one was there. We weren’t suppose to come here. Quietly I tiptoed through the halls, once in a while sipping from the bottle of Jack.

The door of our classroom was already open ajar. I peaked my head inside and caught Luke sitting on the teachers desk. “Hey there big boy.” I chirped and closed the door behind me. “You look terrible.” I said when I fully saw his face. It was bruised all over. “Yeah thanks to your brother.” Luke mumbled and pulled me in so I would stand between his legs. “I’m sorry for that.” I whispered and traced my finger over his bruised lip. “A kiss might help.” He weakly smiled and softly pressed his lips against mine.

“You taste like alcohol.” He giggled after we broke the kiss. “Don’t deny it, you love the taste of it.” I grinned and brushed my lips against his. Luke’s hand travelled down my waist and under my skirt. The palm of his hand rubbing over my already wet panties. “I know another taste I love.” A relieving moan escaped my lips as Luke’s hand finally touched me where I needed him all day long. “Well I’d love for you to taste it right now.” I suggested and ran my hands up and down Luke’s strong chest. “I’m glad we have the same thing in mind.” He smirked and turned us around, swiftly heaving me to the teachers desk. Luke pressed his lips against my cheeks and kissed down along my jaw and to my neck. His teeth softly bore themselves into my skin to leave behind little dark red marks. He loves to make sure that I belong to him.

Impatiently as I was, my hands found the belt of Luke’s skinny jeans and opened it quickly. “Nah babe. It’s about you know. I’m gonna fuck you after I ate you.” He mumbled against my skin and put my hands away. “Have I told you that I love you today?” I giggled while Luke pulled my shirt over my head. “No you didn’t. I’d love to hear it though.” He winked and easily unclasped my bra. “I love you Luke.” I said with a smile but a dead serious tone “I love you too darling.” He smiled and connected our lips. Within only a minute the kiss got from soft and loving to heated and passionate. We needed each other badly. Quickly Luke lifted me up and pulled my skirt and panties down my legs, leaving me completely exposed.

He licked over his lips before he got down to his knees. “You’re dripping already. Have you been thinking about me?” He chuckled and ran his index finger along my slit. “Let’s just say I left the changing rooms very horny. And your sexts from earlier didn’t help.” I laughed. “Not even sorry.” Luke smirked and blew hot air against my heated core. “Now I don’t want to hurry you or something but if you don’t start now I’ll do it myself.” I said. “You could never make yourself feel as good as I can.” Luke said and left a brief kiss on my slit. “Probably n-” But instead of another word a moan escaped my lips. Luke’s mouth connected with my clit. His tongue moved sloppy circles and I could feel the cold of his lip ring. Heaps of pleasure rushed through my entire body. After all day of feeling the need of Luke’s touch this was feeling extremely good. He hummed against my core, the vibration of his sounds only adding to my pleasure. With each moment Luke swirled his tongue around my clit I lost myself a little bit more. To tease me as I teased him earlier, Luke pulled and flicked on my clit, going back to lick stripes before focusing on it again.

“Oh my god Luke.” I moaned loudly and gripped the desk underneath me. Everything he did to me was clouding my mind and I only wanted more. I grind my hips against his face to create even more contact. “Fuck, stay still.” Luke demanded and held me steady with his hand on my hips. When he slid a finder inside of me I let out a low moan. His thumb focused on my clit while his index finger pumped in and out of me. The second finger followed quickly behind. Luke peaked up to me with a huge grin on his face while my eyebrows were furrowed together and my lips between my teeth. His eyes were dark and full with lust. I gasped when I felt a third finger entering me. I was shaking and throbbing already and I felt my stomach tighten. My fingers tangled into his messy blonde hair, tugging on it a little. When he moaned against my core, my walls clenched and my clit throbbed in response, ready to reach my high. “L-Luke I-m gonna cum.” I stuttered and clenched my fist around Luke’a hair. He growled and sucked hard on my clit. “Cum baby.” He demanded.

My hips rolled against Luke’s face as I reached my high. He kept sucking and humming against me. I was a moaning and shaking mess when he pulled away from he, getting back to his feet. “Oh fuck. How is it possible for you to get better and better at this?” I breathed and sat up straight. “I could ask you the same thing.” He smirked. “Are you ready for the second round or should we wait till we’re home?” He asked and left a light kiss on my cheek. “Well I always wanted to fuck you on the teachers desk.” I smirked and tugged on the hem of Luke’s shirt. “My thoughts exactly.” He grinned and pulled me in for a heated kiss after he removed his shirt. My hands explored his body hungrily, making sure to trace every inch of his hot skin. During our heated make out session Luke pulled down his skinny jeans and boxers and I wrapped my legs around his torso.

Without any hesitation Luke eased himself into me. He let me adjust to his size for a short moment before he started to thrust into me in a quick pace. I scratched down his back, digging my nails into his skin when he tugged on my bottom lip, pulling it between his teeth. “Fuck. Just like that.” I moaned into his mouth. Luke quickened up his pace, hitting my g-spot with every thrust he did. His hips rolled each time he was fully inside of me to make me feel him completely, increasing the rushes of pleasure. I moaned loudly when he started going deeper and harder. My hands hocked around his shoulder, pressing his body to mine in a desperate attempt to have him as close as possible. My lips connected with Luke’s neck. I started sucking on his shoulder to keep myself from moaning out too loudly.

While Luke thrusted into me in a quick and hard pace I screamed out his name loudly. It seemed to be the only thing that managed to come out of my mouth along with soft moans. He made me forget everything around me, my mind was blank. I scratched my nails down his back again and clenched my walls around him. “Fuck babe. Do it again.” He growled and tightened his grip around my waist. I repeated my actions and immediately felt him twitch inside me. The knot in my stomach appeared again and I knew I was as close as Luke. “I’m c-close.” I whined pulled him closer to me with the force of my legs. “Cum for me.” He demanded and I happily obeyed. I let go of all the control of my body and let my second orgasm wash through me, making my vision blurry for a moment. Luke reached his high soon after I did. He kept thrusting until we both came down from our highs. Before he pulled out of me Luke pressed his lips against mine once again.

“God that was amazing.” He breathed left a dozen of kisses on my lips. “Couldn’t agree more.” I chuckled. “Let’s go to the party now shall we?” I suggested with a bright smile. “Sounds good.”

We both got dressed again and walked hand in hand back to the crowded party. “Luke! Hey!” A dark voice called out as soon as we stepped into the room. I spotted Michael walking towards us with two drinks in his hands. “Oh no.” I mumbled under my breath. I tried to pull Luke away but it was too late. “Hey there.” Michael said and took a deep breath before he continued. “Listen uhm I think it’s pretty obvious that I don’t like you and that I hate the fact that you’re dating my little sister but I would like to make piece.” He said with an obvious fake smile. It’s enough for me though. “Well I hate you too but I accept your offer.” Luke replied and extended his arm for Michael to shake it. “Good. But if you should hurt my sister in some way I’m going to hurt you.” He sweetly smiled and took Luke’s hand to shake it. “Wouldn’t dream of it.”

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Mike rolls over, shielding his eyes from the incessant light streaming in through the windows, a groan escaping him, as Ginny’s cold toes wedge in between his shins.

He jumps, her hand snaking up his chest, the metal of her ring leaving a trail of promises represented by the figure sitting pretty on her finger.  His eyes are shut tightly, but he can feel her chin coming to rest on him, her eyes warming his face with their gaze, her lips spreading into a soft smile, as she stares up at him.

“One of these days you’re gonna kill me with your shrieking, Baker,” he says, before he leaves a matching trail up the smooth of her back, running over the ridges of her spine, the ring dipping, up and over, before it plants itself firmly on her shoulder.

“Baker-Lawson,” she corrects him with soft murmur into his chest.

A smile shrouded by his beard makes its way across his face.  “Right, right, now that you mention it, I do remember a wedding a few weeks ago,” he teases, moving his hands to rest on her sides, gripping her softly.  “Something about forever…”

“How you promised to put up with me forever, shrieking wake up calls and all,” she taps her finger out against him, punctuating her words with literal feeling.

“Should I be offended that this one included you pretending to have forgotten that small detail?  That can really take a hit to one’s ego, you know?”

“Good thing yours is so big, one hit won’t do much damage,” she says with a laugh.

He peeks one eye open at that, opening his mouth to respond, until her finger comes to rest against his lips, silencing him with a shake of her head, her eyes quickly closing with amusement.  “Too easy,” and she can feel his laugh against her finger.

“So what’s on the agenda for today?”  His wandering hands moving to frame her face, tangled in a mess of curls.  

She playfully narrows her eyes at him.  “You promised…” she warns, her face adorably angry between his hands.

“Hmm, I seem to have forgotten,” he plays, the furrow of his brows gently smoothed with the glide of her finger, relaxing him further.

“Yeah, I hear the mind’s the first to go in your old age,” she huffs, moving to get off of him.

“Well, at least it’s not my body and my big…”

This time she finds her whole hand covering his mouth, a playful bite against her palm, and his eyes filled with a mirthful admiration.

She hesitantly lifts her hand, as if convinced he’ll still proceed with his comment, she raises her eyebrow, a silent warning.

“Fine,” he concedes, and she jumps, causing another groan from him.  “Let’s go get your puppy.”  The grin on his face suggesting that he wasn’t really as put out as he was pretending to be, as she stumbled off of him to throw on some clothes.

He sits up in bed, watching her scurry from the closet to the bathroom, before peeking her head out at him.  The bright smile of his wife bookended with dimples, the only proof he needed that he was doing something right.

“I love you, Mr. Baker-Lawson, no forgetting,” she says with a wink, before disappearing again.

And he can’t help the goofy grin on his face at the name, twisting the ring on his finger.  Because he was just as much her’s as she was his.  Forever.

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[Mark] Teacher's Pet (Chapter 71)

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“Mark Tuan. Leave a message.” Is what I get every single time I call him. Cold, clipped, business-like. I give up for now. The ceremony starts soon, and I hope he’s not replying because he’s already there. I turn on my heels to join my family before the ceremony starts, and bump into a familiar chest. Stumbling back, I look up at the man.

“Professor Lecter.” I breathe. My psychology professor, and mentor, Doctor Lecter raises his eyebrows at me.

“Abigail, what a chance to run into you, I thought I’d never see you before you left. Congratulations.” He smiles warmly, all white teeth and black suit.

“Thank you very much.” I beam at him.

“Can I talk to you in private? Do you have time?” He asks, pointing at his office at the end of the hallway. I glance at my watch.

“The ceremony starts in ten minutes.” I make a grimace.

“I won’t be long.” He promises.

“Okay.” I give in. He smiles and leads me to his office, making me sit on the chair in front of his desk. He doesn’t sit at his desk, but leans against it, facing me.

“I am very, very proud of you, Abigail.” He says softly, placing a hand on his chest in emphasis. I smile at him. I’m kind of proud of myself too.

“I appreciate you a lot, Abigail. As a student of course. We’ve known each other for a long time.” He says. It’s true. He’s been my professor for three years and he’s always liked the fact that I’d bother him by asking him questions when he was in a rush after his class.

“I’ve never had a student so passionate and genuinely interested in psychology, and teaching you was a pleasure, really.” He murmurs, feeding my ego.

“Learning from you was a pleasure too.” I reply politely, and he smiles, running a hand in his brown hair.

“And I have to be honest, I’m going to miss our conversations.” He says more sadly.

“I’ll miss them too, Mr Lecter.”

“How do you feel about being done with so many years of hard work?” He asks, putting his hands in his pockets.

“I feel like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel free again.” I breathe. Today I can officially put my six years of studies behind me.

“The best feeling is having your efforts recompensed. What are your plans for the future?” He enquires.

“I’m going to look for internships in cabinets.”

“You still want to do counselling?”

“I’d love to.”

“I think you’d be good.” He says appreciatively.

“Thank you.”

“I could recommend you some colleagues, make some calls for you.” He proposes, and more a minute I feel like I’m talking to Mark.

“I’d love to see your recommendations, but I’d like to get the job myself.” I explain, and from the crinkle of his nose he fives me, I guess that’s the answer he was expecting.

“Of course. I’ll send you an e-mail with some names.” He replies.

“Thank you, professor.”

“Gideon.” He corrects. It’s the first time he asks me to use his name. Jeez, I’m really graduating.

“Thank you, Gideon.” I smile, and he smiles back at me.

“You’re welcome.” He says “I hope this isn’t the last time I see you. I’ve grown really fond of you, Abigail.”

“We can always go for lunch every now and then, you have my e-mail.” I propose. I can’t possibly imagine not seeing him anymore. I’ll want his advices, I’ll want to tell him about my professional life. He’s almost a friend.

“Right. I won’t hold you back any longer.” He says, pushing himself off his desk.

“Goodbye, Gideon.” I say, rising from my chair. As I speak, something changes in his eyes. He stares at me for a short moment, then he kisses me. He takes my face in his hands and crashes his lips onto mine. My eyes widen in surprise. What the ever loving fuck?!

I push against his chest with all my strength, and he stumbles back, freeing me.

“Professor Lecter!” I utter, wiping my lips off the trace of this inappropriate gesture. He stares at me with wide eyes, at complete loss.

“I am deeply sorry, Abigail. I don’t know what got into me.” He breathes, running a hand through his hair.

“What was that about?!” I shout. He looks up at me wearily. I am fuming with anger. How dared he?

“I am really fond of you, Abigail. I think I might be in love with you. Ever since you walked into my class.” He murmurs. Oh, my god. I stare at him. This can’t be true. This is wrong. So wrong. “I am sorry, but I don’t share your feelings.” I mumble. I need to get away from him. I never want to see this man again.

“Abigail, I’m sorry.” He calls as I turn on my heels. I show myself out of his office and stomp away.


I’m worried now. I’ve gone from frustrated to angry to furious to worried. Mark doesn’t answer his fault, and he has missed the ceremony and my speech. I hope he’s okay. He left four days ago for a business trip, and he was supposed to be back for my graduation ceremony. It’s the party now, and all the graduates and their parents are under the big marquee, sipping champagne and chatting.

Bea and I have left my parents with other parents to find our friends, Vanessa and Scott.

“Guys, this is my boyfriend Nathan.” Vanessa says, presenting the young man on her right, blue eyes and blond hair.

“Are you sure you’re straight?” Scot approaches him like a cheetah, and we all laugh. Nathan’s eyes widen, and his face goes red.

“And this is his friend Jason.” Vanessa waves towards the guy on her left, dark eyes and dark hair, pierced.

“Guys, this is Abigail, Scott and Bea.” She says to her people, waving at us.

“Nice to meet you.” We all say in union. Scott sashays his way to Jason, sliding his hands up and down his arms.

“Do you work out?” He asks him. Poor Jason.

Bea, Nathan and I talk about our futures when Jason joins us, visibly free from Scott’s paws. He stands next to me, pulling me away from our conversation.

“Hey.” He says to me.

“Hi.” I reply.

“Scott is very handsy.” He says, making a grimace.

“I think he likes you.”

“I think I like you.” He smirks, winking at me. My jaw falls open. What’s wrong with me and males tonight? What is going on?

“I couldn’t take my eyes off you. Are you single, Abigail?”

When I glance behind Jason to find help, I see Bea and Nathan left. Crap.

“No, she isn’t.” Mark’s even tone resonates from behind me. I feel him before I see him, as he places a hand on my back, pulling me to his side. Jason and I’s gaze travels to the man in question. He’s wearing a dark blue suit, one of the ones he wears to work. Obviously he didn’t have time to change. He just took his tie off and unbuttoned the top two buttons of his white linen shirt. His black hair is ruffled, which indicates he’s been running his hands trough it. He looks like he just came out of a stressful day at work, and he looks sickeningly beautiful.

“Oh.” Jason says, pulling my eyes back to his. I give him an apologetic look. He seems to shrink a little in front of Mark’s posture. He’s become even more muscular in the past years since we started working out together. He’s now even more god-like. A pleasure to look at.

“Yes, oh.” Mark concurs threateningly. I mouth a ‘sorry’ to Jason who gives me a tight smile before ambling off.

“What a douche.” Mark mutters, moving so he’s standing in front of me like Jason was. He’s here now. I’m lost between relief, anger and joy. I missed him, so much. I don’t deal with his business trips very well, and I’m always so emotional when he comes back. But I’m also mad at him.

“He didn’t know.” I grumble.

“He’s still a prick for wanting what’s mine.”

“At least he’s on time.” I spit back. No, I haven’t forgotten despite his good looks. He missed my graduation ceremony, all of it. It was an important thing for me and he missed it. He had promised, for fuck’s sake.

Mark sighs and his features relaxes, anger replaced by desolation in his eyes.

“A quick picture, Mr Tuan?” A photographer asks, butting in nonchalantly. I purse my lips but remain silent. Paparazzis are definitely not what I need right now. I’m used to them now, but that doesn’t mean I want them everywhere.

“One minute.” Mark raises his index finger at him and takes my elbow, leading me a few steps away from him.

“Baby, I’m sorry.” He croons, his gaze sad and apologetic. “You know I didn’t want to miss your graduation ceremony.” He murmurs. Yes, I know he wanted to be here. And his attire shows he rushed here, but still.

“Where were you? Why is your phone off?” I ask him.

“Some last minute emergency at work. I had to fly back to Seattle this morning. Took me forever to come back. My phone is dead.” He explains. I let out a long breath. It wasn’t his fault. It wasn’t his faut at all, but I’m still sad he didn’t see me giving my speech.

“I missed your speech.” He says softly, caressing my hair. He looks sorry. I decide not to give him a hard time for missing it, he looks sorry enough.

“My parents filmed it, don’t worry.” I reply, and his face falls.

“You don’t want to yell at me?”

“Would it make you feel better?” I retort. I said I didn’t want to give him a hard time, not that I wanted to make him feel better. He’s miserable enough on his own and I want him to stay like this. His eyes actively search into mine.

“I want to know what you’re thinking.” He murmurs.

“I’m glad you’re here now.” I say. He gives me a small smile and kisses my forehead.

“I’m proud of you.” He murmurs, and the delicateness of his words soothe me. I remember I’ve missed him, and now he’s back. I don’t want to be mad at him. He pulls away from me, and his eyes slide down my pale yellow dress. It has thick straps, a sweetheart neckline and stops mid-thigh.

“You look lovely.” He says appreciatively, his eyes flicking back to my face, his gaze smoldering.

“Thank you.” I mumble, feeling my face heat. After almost more than seven years of relationship, he still manages to make me blush. He smirks and places his hand on the small of my back, dragging me back to the waiting photographer. He pulls me close and I manage a small smile before the guy snaps a picture, the flash blinding me. I blink repeatedly.

“Miss Kraige, looking good tonight.” He compliments, lowering his camera. I laugh at his flattery.

“Congratulations for your graduation.” He adds.

“Thank you.” I smile politely at him.

“Are you two quite done? We have to find your parents.” Mark snaps, wiping the photographer’s smile off his face. He clears his throat.

“Of course. Thank you Mr Tuan, thank you miss Kraige.” He says, and I smile him goodbye before he ambles off. When he’s far enough, I turn to Mark.

“You don’t get to be grumpy.” I mutter, glaring up at him.

“You don’t get to flirt with photographers. Or anyone else for that matter.” He retorts.

“I wasn’t flirting!”

“Seemed like it to me.” He grumbles. Of course it seemed like it to him.

“Seemed like it to meeeh.” I imitate him childishly, grimacing. He laughs, loud and boyish, throwing his head back, and it’s a lovely sound. A sound I missed.

“Doctor Kraige, I think you’re slightly drunk.” He says, and he’s right.

“Doctor Kraige?” I raise an eyebrow at him.

“Well, you have a doctorate. You’re a doctor.” He says. “Tell me, how much did you drink?”

“I’ve only had three glasses.”

He nods but doesn’t make any remarks. Instead, he takes my hand and says. “Let’s go find your parents.”

After a laborious adventure across the marquee, where we had to stop various times because of businesmen recognizing Mark and girls wanting to take a picture with him, we finally find my parents and Bea, who are chatting animatedly.

“Mark! Where have you been?” My mom cries as she enfolds him in her arms.

“It took me forever to come back from Seattle, I’m sorry to be late.” He hugs her back and kissses her cheek affectionately. She pulls away and holds his shoulders at arms length.

“You’re here now, that’s all that matters.” She says sweetly. My mom grew really fond of Mark with time, and it’s a pleasure to see.

Mark and my dad shake hands and my dad gives him a friendly tap on the shoulder. These two are really close now. I realized that even after my dad said he’d try liking Mark, he still hated him. All of this was fake, and he pretended so I wouldn’t hate him for not liking my boyfriend. I walked on him being nasty towards my man and for a moment I didn’t talk to him. I was desperate and didn’t know what to do to make him like the man I love, so I didn’t do anything. Time did everything for me. When my father realized Mark was sticking around year after year, he started liking him.

After the greetings we all chat about various things, and I watch as several men approach Mark, saying hello, giving their cards. The perks of dating one of the biggest CEO of California. I feel like on a society function more than on a graduation party. I feel like all the meaning of the occasion has faded, and I still feel bitter about Mark missing three quarters of it.

“Please, snap out of this mood.” Mark murmurs into my ear, pulling me out of my reverie. I blink up at him.

“Champagne?” A waiter proposes us a tray with flutes of champagne. I look up at my man through long lashes.

“Maybe a glass will help.” I murmur. I’ve grown used to asking for permission to drink, because when he says no, it’s always because he has a good reason.

“Only because I’ve been a complete douche bag.” He says, taking a glass from the tray and handing it to me.

“You usually are.” I remark.

“Only at work.” He retorts, and I giggle, because it’s true. His eyes soften visibly and he relaxes a little.

“Ah, there’s the sound I love.” He murmurs before kissing my temple. He gazes down at me with tender eyes.

“I’m sorry I came so late.” He says softly.

“It’s alright, Mark.” I croon. He leans in and pressed his lips against mine. It’s the first time our lips touch after a week. Mmmmh.

“Smile for me.” He orders softly. I smile against his lips, suddenly feeling lighter.

“I love your smile.” He says before kissing me again. God, I’ve missed him.

“I missed you.” I murmur against his lips.

“I missed you too.” He replies, kissing me repeatedly, again and again.

“It sucks that we had to meet up outside the day I come back, all I could think of today was how I was going to fuck you.” He says into my ear so only I can hear. His words set me on fire, unleashing all the longings I had to lock up for two weeks. It’s been two weeks since he last touched me, because I was focusing on my exams and because he went away. It was my decision, but it was hard. And now, because of his words, I’m hornier than ever.

“And that dress doesn’t help. I can’t wait to get you alone.” He adds, stepping in front of me, blocking me from the rest of my family. He takes my hand and brings it to his crotch, where the growing bludge tells me he’s as horny as I am.

“Take me home.” I look up at him, suddenly feeling lightheaded and feverish. He pushes my hand away and kisses the corner of my mouth.

“I invited everyone over for the after party.” He says. What? No!

“You’re teasing me.” I state. He’s going to tease me all night, I know it. That’s his evil plan. That what he thought about all day.

“No, I’m not. This occasion is just too special to ruin it with how hungry me and my cock are.” He says. My nipples tighten at the word 'cock’. Images flash across my mind. Mmmmh…I want it everywhere on me…in me. In my mouth, in my-

“Mr Tuan! What a pleasure to see you!” Another business man butts in, stopping my train of thought, literally cockblocking me.


Bea’s parent and Dorice join us to our apartment, congratulating me and wishing me the best. I’m surrounded by my small family, the closest people to me, and it’s the best feeling ever. We drink more champagne, and Mark limits me to two glasses, he obviously doesn’t want me drunk. I’m tempted to sulk. It’s my graduation party after all.

Me and Bea are in our own bubble on the huge sofa, talking about my future. I’ve got rid of my heels and folded my legs beneath me.

“I can’t wrap my head around the idea that I’ve spend six entire years of my life studying, and its over now. I’m twenty six, and I feel like my life just begun.” I say to her, and she nudges my shoulder.

“Because it’s the case, and I’m looking forward to spend more time with you.” She replies. I give her a warm smile. We had a hard time dealing with not studying the same subjects and being busy, but we pushed through. This is what makes me the happiest about graduating, having more time for my family, my friends, and my man.

“I’d like to say something.” Mark’s voice shuts up the soft babble in the living room, and all eyes turn to him. He’s taken his suit vest off and rolled his sleeves up, exposing his tattoos on one arm. With years passing by, Mark started liking engraving memorable things on his skin. He has a whole sleeve full of dates, mathematic equations and other numbers. Mark Tuan, thrity two years old, cut like a god and tattooed. When did I get so lucky?

“Baby, come here.” He says, looking at me with tender eyes and stretching his hand out. I obey and walk to him, taking his hand and standing at his side while we face six pairs of curious eyes. Mark drapes his arm around me and gazes down at me.

“I wanted to tell you how proud you make me.” He murmurs. My sappy side melts instantly.

“You are the smartest, strongest, most hard-working woman I know, and I admire you a lot. "I’m very proud of what you achieved and who you’ve become, and I wanted to congratulate you again for graduating.” He says. I grin up at him and mouth a 'thank you.’

“You inspire me, Abigail. You’ve brightened every aspect of my life. Even my relationship with my dad.” When he says that, my heart swells with emotion. His words move me.

“I spent most of my life hating him, and yet tonight I wish he was with us.” He murmurs, and I feel a lump in my throat. Ray and Mark have tried to make up countless times, but they both had too many hard feelings against each other. At some point they stopped trying. But when Ray died three years ago in a mission, Mark was devastated. My dad and Ray had fraternized. They went to Afghanistan together. I still remember that day, when Mark answered the door of Dorice’s house, and saw my father in tears accompanied by who I can the death messengers.

“I wish he was able to see the woman you’ve become.” He runs his knuckles down my cheek, and hot tears make my eyes sting. He cups my cheek, and I nuzzle his hand, the tender gesture making me want to cry. He gazes down at me for a moment, with a look of love and affection, and I stare up my him, my eyes shiny with fresh tears. He smiles softly, and his hand moves down to his pocket.

“And now that you can finally but your busy studies behind you and start your life. I wanted to ask you,” He trails off before sinking down on one knee, pulling a black velvet box out of his pocket. Several loud gasps and squeals can be heard, but I think mine are the loudest. All the air drains from my lungs, and I stop breathing, bringing my hands to my open mouth.

“If you wanted to start it with me as your husband.” He says, opening the box where inside shines a divine diamond ring. He’s proposing. He’s asking me to be his wife! I don’t even try to hold the tears back, they fall on their open, uncontrollable.

“I love more with each passing second, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Abigail Heather Kraige, my love, will you please marry me?” He asks sincere brown eyes swimming in tears, and I’m nodding before he even finishes his sentence. I want to marry him, I want an eternity with him. This is the best gift he could ever give me.

“Yes?” He ensures, unblocking my throat.

“Yes, please.” I say loudly, nodding vigorously. He smiles in relief, pulls the ring out of the box before putting it back into his pocket. People clap and cheer, but I don’t pay intention. I’m focused on him and the beauty of this moment. I give him my left hand, and he slides the ring down my ring finger. It’s exquisite, two lines of diamond tangled in each other, forming a loop in which shines a big diamond. He rises from the ground, and when he’s at my level, I cup his beautiful, tear-stained face and kiss tenderly.

“I love you so much.” I sob against his lips as he wraps his arms around me, holding me against him.

“I love you too.” He murmurs, kissing me back. We kiss under applause and whistles, and I feel giddy with joy.

“Did you settle a date?!” Bea calls, jumping up from the couch and walling to us, clapping in excitement. My maid of honor!

“Beatrice, she just said yes.” Mark scolds playfully while I laugh, wiping my tears away. Taking the clue, the whole family gets up and closes in.

“Oh, make it a winter wedding!” She squeals, making me laugh even harder. Tons of warm hugs and kisses follow. My mom cries, Dorice cries, my father cries, I cry, I hug, I kiss, I laugh. I spend the next hour swimming in warmth, love and happiness. It’s late at night when I finally get my future husband alone, after he walks our guest out of our home.

He turns and leans against the door, sighing deeply. I run my hands up his firm chest, brushing my lips against his jaw.

“You make me so damn happy.” I murmur. He hums appreciatively as I rub my lips against his neck, and pulls me against him.

“Do I?” He asks, gazing down at me.

“You know you do.” I tease before kissing him. He traps my lower lip between his and sucks gently, running his tongue on the inside, dragging a moan from my throat. I lose myself in him, leaning on him and letting him take my mouth as he please. I want him to take all of me.

“Soon to be husband, will you please take me to bed and make love to me?” I ask, and the need in my voice is almost palpable.

“I’ll examine your request in the briefest period.” He kisses my nose before pushing me away from him.

“Would you like a glass of wine?” He asks, walking towards the kitchen, I stare at his back, dumbfounded. What the hell?

“And may I, pray, know why you have to examine my request?” I ask, crossing my arms over my chest and following him in the kitchen. He opens the fridge and pulls out a bottle of white wine.

“I’m still deciding between delayed gratification and immediate alleviation.” He explains, pulling a wine glass out of the cupboard. “Wine?”

“You’ve been away for four days, Mark. And you haven’t touched me in two weeks.” I can’t believe how needy I sound, but what’s more surprising, is how horny I am. I didn’t realize it before, but now that we’re alone, I want to jump him. I want him to fuck me for hours non stop. He turns to me, eyes dark en sensual

“Trust me, I know.” He murmurs, his gaze smoldering. I swallow.

“Why wait then?” I ask as he pours himself a glass.

“I didn’t say I was going to wait. I’m still deciding.” He retorts, putting the bottle back into the fridge.

“Why envisaging delayed gratification?” I ask. He picks up his glass and looks at me with even darker eyes.

“Because I love how dirty it gets when I’ve been denying you.” He says, and my jaw drops. Sexual Mark Tuan, my future husband, in all his glory. Sensing my shock, he smirks at me. Slowly, he saunters over to me, standing too close, making me unable to focus on anything but the aura emanating from him. This man is pure sex.

“See, I’m torn inside. Part of me wants to make slow, sensual love to you, because you’ve just agreed to be my wife.” He murmurs, bringing tons of images to my eyes. The idea makes my lady parts leak.

“And another part of me wants to fuck you senseless because you’re always so sexy and I haven’t been inside you for weeks.” He says. Oh, I like that idea too. My body practically convulses. TOUCH ME!

“Now both ideas sound appealing, don’t they? See why I’m taking time to think?” He asks, tilting his head to the side.

“But I’m quite indecisive, maybe you could give me your perspective. How do you want it?” He asks. How I want it? I don’t know, all I know is that my body is going crazy.

“I want you now.” I whisper, and he smirks.

“I thought you might say that.” He chuckles before taking a sip of his wine. He takes my left hand, where my engagement ring shines divinely, and brings it to his lips.

“Can we marry tomorrow?” He asks.

“I don’t think my parents would like that.” “Would you like that?”

“I want a real wedding.”

“You have a month.”

“I’m not organizing a wedding in one month.”

“The hell you’re not. I’ve waited six goddamned years to propose, because you didn’t have time to organize a wedding while studying. I’ve been wanting you to be my wife for for-fucking-ever.” He mutters, leading me to the couch. We sit down next to each other and I listen to him ramble.

“Thank fuck you graduated. And be glad I’m not dragging you to Vegas. I have that much respect for your parents, but I’m done pussy footing now. It was about fucking time-” I cut him off with a laugh.

“I get it, okay.” I giggle. He looks at me with dancing eyes.

“One month, Abby.” He says sternly, dropping his almost empty glass on the coffee table.

“You’re crazy.”

“Then Vegas tomorrow.”

“Two months.”

“One. Now kiss me.” He grabs the back of my head and pulls my lips to his. It’s not only a kiss, it’s THE kiss. I immediately tangle my fingers in his hair, pulling him close. Our tongues meet, and we battle for dominance. He tastes of white wine and Mark Tuan. His hands slide down my body, my butt, and he grabs the back of my thighs, manoeuvring me onto his lap, hitching the skirt of my dress up. I tug at his hair, tilting his head back, pushing my tongue deeper inside his mouth. His hands roam over my body, and he slips them under my dress, fondling my behind.

“So fucking beautiful.” He growls, kneading me. I feel so sexy right now, even after gaining weight. I’ve lost my thigh gap, I have bigger thighs, bigger arms, bigger breasts, more flesh in my butt, and he loves it. I moan in his mouth, and he growls again, giving my butt a hard smack.

“Ah!” I yelp, the stinging sensation traveling to my core. I’m aching for his touch. My breasts, my vagina feel heavy, I can feel myself throbbing.

“Mark, please.” I plead, circling my hips, rubbing myself against his erection, needing some relief. He grasps my panties and rips them apart, pulling the fabric out of under me. As soon as they are out of the way, I grind harder, my bare skin against his pants.

“Oh, god.” I moan in his mouth. He reaches back and takes my hands, pulling them behind my back, my wrists gathered. He wraps the lace of my panties around them, binding them together. I can’t touch him now, but I can move. I grind against him, his hard shaft rubbing against my clitoris perfectly. The pleasure is deliciously intense.

He takes my face in his hands and pulls me away from him. I open my eyes and watch as he fishes in the pocket of his pants. He pulls out a blindfold I had no idea he had, and covers my eyes. I’m plunged in the dark before I know it.

Instantly, I hear and feel more. My breathing rings louder in my ears, and the sensations double in intensity. I love it.

“I’m wet. I’m wet.” I chant, throwing my head back, my hips moving desperately. He slips his hands in between our bodies and finds my dripping heat.

“Jesus Christ.”

“Fuck me.” I beg, riding his hand. “Please, fuck me.”

“I can feel you, baby. So hot and wet and ready for me.” He murmurs, his hot, ragged breathe against my neck. He grabs my hips and guides me up and down his shaft, rolling his hips again mine. I literally purr. I’m soaked, ruining his Armani suit pants, but I don’t care, and nor does he apparently.

“Please, please, please.” I’m not sure what I’m begging for.

“Up.” He commands, lifting me off him. My feet find the floor, and he rises as well. I’m painting, swaying on my feet, my mind hazy. He runs his hands down my thighs, and suddenly I’m flying.

“Ah!” I squeal, because I have no idea what’s happening to me.

“I got you. Stay still.” Mark says, patting my naked behind, and I realise I’m over his shoulder. He starts to stride to what I hope is our bedroom. Or my wall. Hr could take me against my wall. From the number of steps he takes I guess he opts for our bedroom. He opens and closes the door, takes a few steps in, and lets me slide down his firm body, letting me feel all of his muscles, until my feet touch the floor. He tugs on my dress so it’s covering me again.

“Don’t move.” He orders softly, and I obey. I hear him open the door of our dressing, flick the lights on, and then the jiggling of keys. He’s getting something in our play box. He wants to play?

He comes back moments later, turning the lights off and closing the door. He walks past me and flicks the bedside lamps on. Then I feel him in front of me as he grabs the hem of my dress.

“I hope you’re not too attached to this dress.” He muses. I am. But right now I want him to tear it apart. Everything is a matter of timing.

I feel something cold against my thighs, and then I hear the noise of scissors. He’s cutting it open! I feel the scissors go up my thighs, my stomach, between my breasts, and then my dress is not hugging me anymore. Mark then cuts the straps so it falls to the floor.

Then, he cuts the straps of my black lace bra and cuts it in the middle, so I’m totally naked. He drops the scissors onto the bed and wraps his arms around me, pulling me against him. My breasts are pressed against his firm chest, my nipples tight and hard, heavy, needing his touch. His lips gently bite the skin of my shoulder, then he trails the tip of his tongue up the curve of my neck, to my earlobe where he bites more harshy. I tilt my head to the side, granting him access, and he trails his lips back down, making me shiver. He grabs my hips and pushes, sitting me on the edge of the bed. Then he grabs my ankles and lifts my legs, making me fall back onto the bed. He grabs my hips again and lifts me effortlessly, laying me down further up on the bed, then he flips me over so I’m laying on my front.

“Kneel.” He orders, and I obey, raising my knees.

“Open your legs. I want to see you.” He says, his voice even lower than before. I spread my legs, arching my back, exposing myself, hoping to tempt him. Immediate gratification, please. I’m at his mercy, as always, and I love it. I love it because I know he’s a beast inside, and I love how wild he gets. He’s a beast, but he means no harm to me. He loves me. Wild love, the perfect, sexiest combination.

The bed dips under his weight, and I understand he’s joined me. He’s going to touch me, finally. He places his hands on my ankles, then runs them up my claves, the back of my thighs. His hands slide up my butt and part my cheeks before he licks a path from my slit to my anus.

“Mark.” I gasp. God I’ve missed this tongue, I missed how amazing it feels on me. He makes a low, appreciative sound.

“I missed your taste.” He growls, dropping an open-mouthed kiss my intimacy. My clitoris starts to ache, badly.

“Please.” I beg. He flattens his tongue against my clitoris and teases me with it, licking, swirling it around my clitoris, round and round. He sucks harshly, drawing a desperate cry from me. He moves his tongue from my vagina to my anus, and I convulse instantly.

“Fuck!” I moan. He circles my tight ring with his tongue, pressing hard, and the pleasure is intense, forbidden. He plunges two fingers inside me, and I’m lost.

“Oh, god!” I cry, squirming uncintrollably. I struggle with my bounds, wanting to grab his hair and push him even closer. I can’t move, I can’t see, but I feel. I feel a lot, hotshots of electricity stabbing my very core. He moves his fingers in and out, fast, harshly, so hard it almost hurts.

“Oh, please!” I scream. He propels me to the edge in seconds, and I feel my release building up. His tongue, his fingers, rough and aggressive. It’s so intense, crossing a blurry line, is it pain or pleasure?

He growls low and long in the back of his throat, the sound animalistic, wild. He pushes his tongue even harder against me, and I wail as his finger pick up even more speed. He’s fucking me with his fingers, with his tongue.

And then he’s gone, the warmth of his tongue and the roughness of his fingers disappearing.

“No!” I cry. Frustration sweeps through me, taking my need and my craving to another level.

“Mark, please.” I whisper as he caresses my butt in circles.

“Soon, baby. Soon.” He kisses my butt cheeks in turns. He undoes my bounds, and my hands are free. Now I can touch him, feel his skin, mark him. I want to run my hands all over his body, find the feeling of his skin under my fingers again.

I leave them there, not knowing what he wants me to do. I do as he says in bed, because I love pleasing him and he knows my body better than I do. I’ve come to a point where I completely embrace my submissive nature. Studying psychology helped me deal with why I loved to be commanded, used and subdued after I’ve been raped. It was hard, I still remember locking myself in the bathroom and crying everytime Mark and I tried something new. It’s all behind us now, and now where both exploring each other’s desires and fantasies. Well, I least we try, when we have time.

Mark shifts and flips me over, making me lay on my back.

“Give me your wrists.” He commands. He’s tying me again? I feel a pang of disappointment and frustartion, but say nothing. I gather my wrists together in front of me. Gingerly, he binds my wrists together, but not with my panties, it’s softer, it’s satin. Then he pulls my hands up and ties me up to the headboard of the bed. My breathing quickens in anticipation and trepidation.

“Shhh.” He cajoles, pressing his lips against mine. He kisses me, sensual and feverish, but somehow soothing. I sigh, my breathing slowing a little, and he pulls away from me.

“Spread your legs.” He orders, and I obey only too willingly.


I push them further apart.

“Good girl.” He compliments. I squirm, his words making my core burn.

“I missed your body.” He murmurs, running his hands over my body, down my arms, between my breasts, across my stomach, down my legs.

“Please.” I beg. The bed moves as he removes his weight from the mattress.

“I could look at you for hours.” He murmurs, making me groan. I’d rather he made love to me for hours. I hear the noise of his belt, and then his zipper, and my breathing heaves.

“I can’t wait for you to be mine.” The bed dips under his weight, and I feel him closer than before.

“I’ve always been yours. I’ll always be.” I murmur.

“But soon you’ll be mine in everyone’s eyes.” He says softly, running a finger down between my breasts, down my stomach. He shifts, and I feel his hot breath against the skin of my lower stomach.

“Mine to have and to hold.” He murmurs before slowly running his tongue over my tattoo. I have his name and his favorite number tatooed above my hip, covering the scar Henry gave me seven years ago. I got it soon after Mark, not because I felt obligated, but because Mark had made the idea cross my mind for the first time, and it seemed natural to me, less so to my parents.

“To love and to cherish.” He runs his hands up my sides, licking a path up my torso. I sigh.

“For better.” He says softly before kissing my left nipple, his two hands cupping my breasts.

“For worse.” He kisses my right nipple. He moves further up the bed, and I feel the head of his erection nudging my entrance. I moan softly.

“For richer, for poorer.” He dips his tongue in the hollow of my neck, then licks me up my throat, making me gasp and squirm.

“In sickness and in health.” He nibbles at my earlobe. He presses his naked chest against mine, against my breasts, brushing against my sensitive nipples. I arch up and rub against him.

“Please.” I whisper breathlessly.

“Until death do us apart, baby.” He murmurs, just as he pushes himself inside me. Filling me up with love.

#4 First Date {Famous Series}

A/N: You can find the previous parts of the series here. x

This Part is inspired from the lovely video of ‘Night Changes’


It has been a week since the x factor final. No, you didn’t win. Suprisingly you weren’t upset about it. You were happy about the whole experience. You made many friends , you became even more confident about your singing, you learnt so so much in the x factor. But the one thing that you were most grateful for was you got the chance to meet Harry. That night Harry asked for your number which you gave very happily. Since then y’all have been talking to each other on the phone , knowing each other. It was yesterday evening just in the middle of your random chats he asked if you would wanna go out with him. And here you are by his side in his car.

“Can you please tell me where we are going?” “Once again , no love” you blushed at the nickname he just called you. “We are almost there Y/N” he chuckled looking over at you blushing. He found you and your blush absolutely adorable. He knew that tonight is going to be one of the best nights of his life.

Soon you reached an ice-skating rink and you panicked. You did not know how to skate and you did not want to embarass yourself by falling down or something in front of Harry. Sensing your panic Harry started worrying too. “Did she not like it. I knew I should’ve gone for the dinner and then movie plan.” he thought. “Are you okay Y/N?” “Yeah…I just don’t know to skate harry…” you gave him a small smile. Harry sighed with relief. “Is that it? Babe I don’t know to skate either” he lied. “I just wanted us to come here and have some fun” He smiled. You were glad this was just about having fun.

You were about to put your skates when , “Let me…?” Harry spoke sitting down and tieing them for you. You blushed hard. Your heart filled with admiration for Harry. He is such a gentleman!

In the begining Harry held your hand giving you butterflies. When you were finally stable he let go. He was adorable , making you laugh and holding you again when you felt you lost your balance. Entire night was fun and both of y’all had no idea when the time passed and you had to go home. You enjoyed a lot that night and hoped Harry enjoyed your company too. Little did you know , Harry was hoping the same thing.


Even after you reached the hotel , you couldn’t believe Zayn asked you out. Either you were dreaming or it was some joke. You still couldn’t accept the fact when Zayn texted that he would be at your hotel at 7pm to take for dinner. It was only when you saw standing otside your room holding a rose bouquet in his hand that you finally accepted it. 

Zayn had taken you to a very fancy restaurent making you insecure about what you were wearing. Was it classy enough? As if reading your mind Zayn complemented you and that wasn’t the last time he did. Entire evening he was praising you and your work. When the waiter got the menu Zayn asked you what you would have and ordered the same for himself. Y’all talked about everything. You got to know what he liked and disliked. Till now you only knew Zayn from his great looks and amazing voice. But today you met the real Zayn Malik. You loved his personality, about how a smile makes its way upto his lips when he talked about something he loved.

“There is something on your…."he said pointing above his lips. You blushed embarrased and quickly wiped it away…but the wrong side. "No , the other side…wait..” he leaned forward and wiped it off. “Thank you” you blushed. “No problem Babe” and you just blushed harder. 

You both found many things in common one of which was drawing. He watched you go into an entirely different world when you talked about why you loved drawing and how it helps you destress and….he wasn’t even listening now. He just watched you getting excited like a little girl. “Umm..Zayn?” You brought him back to the present “Sorry” he muttered looking down , embarrased.

Sadly , all good things have to come to an end and so had this evening. You couldn’t wait to go out with Zayn again , while Zayn had already started planning the next date.


You and Niall exchanged numbers before going home from the party. Y’all have been texting each other continuously. You think Niall is simply adorable. He is funny and cute. He always knows how to bring a smile on your face. Niall finds you very sweet and lovely. He thinks that maybe you are the one he was waiting for such a long time. 

After a lot of persuasion from the boys , he finally gathered courage to ask you out. He was so glad that he actually jumped when you agreed to meet him at his place at 6.

And here you are standing outside his home , waiting for him to open the door. Inside Niall took a deep breath , remembering all that the boys had told him. “Please don’t embarass yourself” he said before opening the door.

“Hey Y/N” “Hi” you said shyly.

You liked his house. It was cosy and warm. You were sitting on his couch when you saw a photo of him and a baby. You lifted the frame and smiled , they looked adorable. “Thats my nephew , Theo” Niall said walking in with two cups of tea. “Thank you” you said taking one. “Well , Theo is really cute” “Heeyyy!” he pouts , “I am cute too” he prented to be offended. You laugh and he laughs along with you.

You and him talked for a while after which Niall got a board game to play. “Y/N you are soo going to lose” he jokingly teased you. “Oh yeah! Lets see that in the end.” Y’all weren’t even playing the game seiously. And it ended with both of y’all taking each others’ play money.

Niall was constantly making you laugh but that was not because he wanted you to think he was funny. All he wanted was to hear you laugh.

After the game Niall brought his guitar and started singing to you. You were stunned by how splendid his voice sounded. He asked you to join in to which you shyly refused. “C’mon princess there’s nothin to be shy about.” You gave in to his request. You both sang all your favourite songs. You found out that yours and Niall’s music taste was very similar.

The evening which was full of fun , music , laughter , and games had to come to an end and you had to go home. “I really enjoyed today Niall” you said grinning wide. “Me too” He gave you a tight horan hug before wishing you goodnight. There was just one thing going on in his mind - Can’t wait to do this again.


Ever since the incident in the airport , you and Louis have been texting each other without any pause. You and Louis playfully flirted with each other. In one such of a conversation you had expressed your love for cars and long drives.

So , when y’all decided to go out Louis decided to impress you with his beautiful car and amzing driving skills.

You saw Louis leaning against a car , waiting for you at the place y’all decided to meet. “Where are we going , Louis?” you asked. “Just me and you on a long ride” he said walking over to you , opening the door for you. “Thank you ” you giggled. Louis started driving. You turned the radio on. “Hey! Its What Makes You Beautiful!” you raised the volume to the maximum and started singing loud. Louis loved it that you weren’t shy or something in front of him. He joined you in the singing. You both laughed after the song ended. “I didn’t know you could sing” Louis said. “Well Mr. Tomlinson , there is still many things that you don’t know about me” you said. “Aah , then if that is the case , Ms Y/L/N, why don’t you tell me more about you.” “Okay. So let us play this game , one asks a question and the other answers it. This way we can get to know each other.” you suggesed. “I like it.”

And this way you got to know a lot about the little kid hidden behind the one direction band member. You loved how Louis found happiness in small things , how even after being a member of the world’s biggest boy band he didn’t let ego get into his head. Louis loved the same thing about you. Throughout the date he never really felt that he is with the daughter of some big movie actor. He just felt he was with a normal girl who liked having fun. 

“So here we are.” Louis said stopping the car before the hotel you were staying in. “Thank you for such a wonderful day Louis. I really enjoyed today” you smiled. “Me too babe.” “See you then” you said opening the door. Louis smiled softly “Good night Y/N” “Good night Louis” you said kissing his cheek.


After over 2 weeks of texting , Liam finally asks you on a date to the fair. You just couldn’t say no to that cutie. 

You reach the fair finding Liam waiting for you. “You look great Y/N” you blushed looking down at your feet. “Look up love , I need to take  a picture of us.” You smile for the selfie. “It’s good” he says looking at the photo. “Well Let me see it too” you said. “Liam chuckled and gave you his mobile. “Wow it really is good”  you smiled giving Liam back his mobile.

You both walked together looking around. You freed your hand from his hold to rub it with your other hand. “Feeling cold are we?” Liam asked. You just nodded. He instantly took his scarf out and put it around your neck. You were stunned at his beautiful gesture. You were so lucky that you were on a date with the sweetest guy on this planet , like the guy you have always dreamed about. That single gesture of Liam won your heart. You were looking forward for the rest of the night.

“Hey! Lets go there” and you felt Liam dragging you to a stall. “Okay Y/N , now I am going to win the biggest teddy for you” “Liam there is no need for it” You didn’t beleive such games. You just felt they were a waste of time and money. But you didn’t know Liam. He was determined to win it for you. And so he did. “Here Y/N , this is for you” You thanked him. 

You walked around finding different things to do , laughing , clicking pictures , sitting on rides etc. Basically it was a total fun night. You were throughly loving the night and Liam was loving that you were enjoying the night. 

When the night had come to an end Liam didn’t know how to say goodbye. “Y/N , I really enjoyed tonight and would love to go out again….I mean only if you want.” He said. “I’d love to Liam. Goodnight” you said kissing his cheek and getting into the car. And he just stood there wondering if it was real.

Oscars 2014: Jared Leto reacts -- 'Yesterday I was doing jury duty, today I got an Academy Award nomination'

Jared Leto is having an amazing morning — but when he first woke up he thought maybe an Oscar nomination wasn’t going to happen. “I woke up about an hour ago [5:37 am] and thought, ‘Oh I must not have gotten the nomination because no one woke me up yet. I was having a philosophical debate in my head about gratitude versus disappointment so you know I just won the Golden Globe and I’ve won 25 or so awards this season for the film already so there’s a lot to be grateful for. The nomination obviously is a huge one and it’s a great thing to get it.”

But a nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his work in Dallas Buyers Club isn’t the only thing on Leto’s mind this morning. He’s also got jury duty to contend with. (Oscar nominees! They’re just like us!) “It’s great: yesterday I was doing jury duty, today I got an Academy Award nomination…. only in America,” Leto said. “We probably shouldn’t talk about the case anymore (laughs).”

Leto, who won a Golden Globe for his performance last Sunday, hasn’t gotten to thinking about what he might say if he wins the Oscar. Reminiscing about his Globes win, Leto shared:  “It’s a big one. There’s a lot of buzz happening in that room and you’re so blown away to get that kind of acknowledgement. And it’s not about the award, or having something to put on your mantle, it’s not about the ego. You really have the chance to share something with your family. My brother was there so when I won it kind of felt like we won together. It was really nice. But I think everybody knows how grateful I am and now with 6 nominations [for the film] everybody has a lot to be grateful for.”

For now, “I’m going to go back to bed and then I’m going to wake up and eat vegan pancakes and contemplate how wonderful life can be.”