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  • giorno does pols hair up in rolls and they talk about their ridiculous hair styles
  • pol spoils trish (like he wouldve spoiled sherry) and acts more as a big brother figure PLUS MATCHING SHIRTS
  • mista is a big baby and likes to sit in pol’s lap 
  • polnareff calls jotaro every time his kids do something cute and always invites him and jolyne over

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I love your galra AU; it nourishes me. I have a question tho, who has the biggest ears? I've got a hc that galra!Pidge would have the stupid big Sendak ears but I want to know your thoughts

Ahw yes, Pidge would definitely have the biggest ears. Whilst Hunk has the smallest.

Gliscor from memory
I love them so much…….. so much

can you imagine if their shinies were monocrhomatic and all stone-coloured like gargoyles
Nintendo hear me out,,


“Crees en amor a primera vista, o debo pasarte otra vez?”~ ♥

Leya is my wife and i love her. she’s a filthy memer and she always has the best nails. she’s really competitve, but she’s also really considerate. she has a huge gay crush on kathy ♥

Frat Boy Pt. 10

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Well well WELL look at me not taking six months to update ;) Left you on a bit of a cliffhanger there last time. After reading I have a question and I’d love to read your answers - what would you have done differently, or the same, if you were in this position? Enjoy the ride reading this! Everything is not quite as it seems is it, even with frat boys you thought you had all figured out… xx

His door was there. Just like any other door. But you paced around it a few times. He was probably sleeping. Should you just go to the downstairs? Just…I don’t know… grab a glass of water? Try putting on the tv? Like a normal person would? You raised your hand, but it fell just as fast. Gosh who were you?!

You couldn’t yell at Harry for being bipolar when you were basically the perfect spokesmodel. You knew why you were standing outside his door. You knew who’d make you feel secure. This was embarrassing.

But the door opened before you had to knock.

“You can come in,” he murmured.

“Oh,” you said, voice barely above a whisper. “Oh you don’t have to-”

But when he opened the door wider you didn’t waste a second in entering. 

“I’m sorry if I woke you,” I began, but my voice wavered at the end as I clung to myself in the center of his room. Uncertainty took the place of fear the second I was behind his door, just like I knew it would. But I didn’t expect the effect to be this instant. Even the smell of his room was comforting, the faintest hint of his cologne mingled with must, which if it had been anybody else’s but his would’ve been off-putting.

He was in only black boxer briefs and a dark t-shirt, and as his arm went up to ruffle his hair, I wasn’t blind to the way his arms seemed to make the material stretch.

“The walls aren’t as thick as you’d think.” There was a moment’s pause. “And I have really good ears. They’re a bit big.” His brows creased as soon as the words came out of his mouth.

Was he… rambling?

Rambling or not, my cheeks flushed. Had he heard me walk back and forth outside the door for fifty million years?? I didn’t think I’d been that loud…

He must’ve seen the look of guilt take over because he shook his head lightly. “I was already up.”

Although tonight he’d spoken the most out of the both of us, his words were still stated low. A little raspy at the hour, too. He ran his hands down his face when I didn’t offer any in return and he went past me, sitting down at the foot of the bed. It was a king, Lionel hadn’t lied about that. Yet somehow he didn’t manage to look small at the end of it. It was his and he owned it, in more ways than one. Artwork cluttered the space on the walls, but they were all dark pieces and it set a moody tone to the room.

“Is something wrong?”

“I don’t know,” I answered honestly, but I didn’t want to try to explain. To try and unlock the Pandora’s box of emotions I’d felt towards him. I could’ve gone easy, said a teasing “no, actually” and questioned him about what I’d seen in the closet, but my thoughts were on a lot.

No, discovering what I had wasn’t the only thing that made me run across the hall. A sorry was on the tip of my tongue, the nerves building up to push me to action because I knew that I needed to say it. But courage wasn’t with me.

Distracted by words I couldn’t say, it took me a while to see Harry studying my attire. His eyes scrolled down to the sweatpants a couple sizes off before lingering at the giant button-down swallowing all shape. I pulled the sleeves down out of habit, but they were already covering my hands. I was like a giant blanket burrito with a head poking out.

“Are you warm enough then?”

“What? Oh, yeah. Yeah, I’m fine.” I saw his lips move to the side in thought and I realized he was probably wondering what in the hell I was doing here. And desperate for an excuse my mouth moved faster than my brain when I said, “I saw some pills in the cabinet I didn’t know if you had a sleeping pill or anything. Could I like, take one? Just to help me.”

If I’d have been a step further I would’ve missed the way Harry’s eyes snapped into focus for a split second before reverting back to normal. But it happened so swiftly and in a room as dark as night that I was left wondering if it’d happened at all.

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Aesthetic for a Kedamono who was terrified of his Popee

Kink/ddlg/cgl(re) don’t interact

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Hi, Butterfly! Excuse me if you have already answered this question but I was wondering if you know anything about the 'typical looks' for the houses of Westeros? Besides the Targaryens with Valyrian features, the Starks brown hair and grey eyes, the Lannisters and Martells, I can't find much about the other houses...

Sure, GRRM often likes to give the Westeros houses “typical looks”. A list:

  • House Targaryen: silver-gold hair, purple eyes, “aristocratic” features - high brow, sharp cheekbones, straight nose, pale skin (variants: platinum silver hair, golden hair, different shades of purple eyes, blue eyes)
  • House Baratheon: black hair, deep blue eyes, square jaw, sharp cheekbones, very tall (variants: blue-green eyes)
  • House Lannister: curly golden hair, green eyes, tall (variants: white-blond hair, sandy blond hair, yellow hair)
  • House Stark: dark brown straight hair, grey eyes, long face, lean build (variants: blue-grey eyes, “almost black” dark grey eyes)
  • House Tully: thick auburn hair, blue eyes, high cheekbones, fair skin (variants: different shades of auburn hair, wavy-curly hair)
  • House Tyrell: curly brown hair, brown eyes (variant: golden-brown eyes)
  • House Martell: straight black hair, dark eyes, olive skin (variants: brown hair, curly hair)
  • House Blackwood: black hair, black eyes, tall
  • House Bolton: pale eyes, almost colorless
  • House Borrell: webbed fingers, known as “the mark”
  • House Crakehall: big, big-boned, robust and strong
  • House Dayne: violet eyes (hair may be dark, or pale blond)
  • House Florent: big ears
  • House Frey: “chinless” pinched faces (for those that take after Old Walder, which is most of them but not all)
  • House Manderly: very overweight (not the young girls though)
  • House Piper: red hair, short
  • House Redwyne: freckles, orange hair
  • House Reed: brown hair, green eyes, very short
  • House Umber: very big and tall, strong

I think that’s all the notable features from the various houses that I can recall. (If I missed anything, please let me know.) Some houses don’t seem to have typical looks, btw – there’s not a consistent description for House Greyjoy, for example; Euron and Asha have black hair, and other Greyjoys have black eyes, but there’s also blue eyes in the family and “greying” hair, and Theon’s only “dark”. And of course there are always variations besides the one I listed, especially when houses marry – for example, Robb, Sansa, Bran, and Rickon have the Tully look of their mother, and Shireen Baratheon and Edric Storm have the Baratheon look but with big Florent ears. I hope that helps!


Chanyeol for Vogue Korea | November 2017 💓

And finally, the first prize from the giveaway!

Congrats again to @sunshinelulusplatoon, who wanted their Octoling Inkling hybrid Lulu!

Making ear defenders available to your autistic child

I think most people would be surprised to know that my son has some auditory sensory processing issues. I’m purposefully not specifying hypersensitivity (being more sensitive) or hyposensitivity (being less sensitive), because the same person can experience both hypersensitivity and hyposensitivity in the same sense (auditory, tactile, etc.), from day to day or even from hour to hour (or different types of input - e.g. for auditory if could he different frequencies). Back in November 2015 my son told me that “sometimes I can’t hear quiet sounds, only loud sounds and very loud sounds and sometimes it is a problem for me.” That would obviously be describing hyposensitivity - but not all the time, and yet he is also obviously hypersensitive at other times, when he has put his hands over his ears.

He doesn’t tend to show any obvious distress for people to notice, but the signs are there if you are paying attention. (Again, this is a problem with the high-functioning / low-functioning labels and illustrates the argument against using them - people would look at my son and describe him as high-functioning (friends have!) but all that really means is that his struggles are less visible, not - as people seem to think - that he has hardly any or that they are “mild” and “nearly normal”, and that therefore he doesn’t need any consideration).

I had sometimes wondered about trying getting my son a pair of ear defenders, but not being very knowledgeable about sensory processing at that time, or how it affected my son (and I wouldn’t profess to be an expert now, just better than I was!) it wasn’t something I attached much importance to, he seemed to be managing fine.

Then (this was years ago) our family went to a fireworks display at a friend’s house. One of the guest families had brought loads of ear defenders for the kids to wear (most of them very young), so that they could fully experience and enjoy the fireworks without being scared by the loud noise. My son had coped with fireworks in the past by having hands over his ears, or being inside. Now he enjoyed using ear defenders in amongst lots of other children doing the same, and it was brilliant! As the family left with all the ear defenders, I thanked the mum for bringing them, and she insisted on gifting me a pair for my son, which was such a lovely thing to do and I am so grateful for. They’re not used a lot, but when they are used they are so helpful!

Examples of when the ear defenders have benefited my son:

Fireworks night.

Vacuuming. Before I get the vacuum cleaner out I always warn my son and ask if he’d like his ear defenders - he always does, and is perfectly happy being in the same room as me vacuuming with his ear defenders on - he’s even enthusiastically joined in and helped me before :)

Extra quiet time. His ear defenders live hooked onto the side of his bed. He has occasionally worn them in bed whilst reading before going to sleep.

Supporting a friend of my son’s playing a musical instrument he was learning, by watching him perform in a mini concert. My son was perfectly happy watching with his ear defenders on.

When my daughter wanted me to take her and her friends on a shopping trip to a busy indoor shopping centre/mall on a Saturday afternoon. My husband was out for the day so I knew my son would have to come with us and it worried me. My daughter had newly started high school and made new friends so I didn’t want to have to say no to her for her first ever shopping trip - she’d organised it and it was really important to her, but my son and I would have to accompany them to each shop, mostly waiting outside. I took my son’s iPad with us, and also packed his ear defenders. I think the ear defenders were invaluable! He chose to wear them the whole time we were there, with his zip-up hoodie’s hood up over them, which concealed them a bit. Near the end, he didn’t have the hood up, and I noticed that I seemed to get a few sympathetic glances from people which I found disappointing, but I was proud of my son for feeling confident about wearing them visibly. I had expected us to have to leave before my daughter and her friends had finished shopping, but we didn’t, and I think having the ear defenders with us was a big reason for that. (My son and I also took a break in a cafe before the end, something he’d been keen to do as part of the trip, and he’d used his iPad whilst waiting for the girls to come out of shops.)

So even if you think your child is coping without ear defenders, they’re easy to obtain and not expensive, so you could give them a go. Let your child try them out, explain that people from various occupations use them in their work, for example builders on a noisy building site. It doesn’t cut out all sound, just makes it less. Make them available to your child and let them express when they want to use them, you’ll be giving them the power to make their environment more comfortable when they need to.