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Pairing: Lafayette X Reader

Word Count: 1165

Warning: Language

Summary: Modern AU. You have so much work to do and Lafayette is distracting you.

This literature class was kicking your ass. You were ready to punch John in the face for making you take it with him before it had even started. Now you were planning his murder and it had only been a month.

Lafayette had offered to help after his French class so you stayed in your pajamas and went to work on your third essay that month. Laf shouldn’t even be allowed to take a French class, the man was from the country and he was already fluent enough. He had you taking French as well, but you buy Rosetta Stone instead of trying a college credit course on the subject.

Writing about old books had never been an interest of yours but John had promised it would help with making speeches for social justice and since he seemed to know what he was talking about, you decided to give it a try. You should have never clicked the enroll button.

Your clock on your small bedside table says it is 10:45am and Laf should be here any minute. You save your 10 words you’ve managed to write in an hour and put on some music. You don’t bother to get dressed. Lafayette has seen you more than enough times In your pajamas. He was your best friend after all.

He was there all through high school as a foreign exchange student. When he first came he was not well received. He was loud and always speaking in French. The other students avoided him for the most part and after the second week of his arrival he got into his first fight. He was defending himself but he was still suspended.

You also happened to be suspended around the same time for planting a special message in the morning announcements that said something ‘inappropriate’ according to school administration. It may have said something along the lines of corruption within the school system and there ability to turn their backs on bullying as an issue among teens.

So that week of suspension he managed to find you. He had heard what you’d done through the grape vine of students and your friendship grew from there.

You helped him with English and he helped you develop a loud voice for justice.

You ended up going to the same college as he managed to score a student visa after being an exchange student for so long. He wanted to continue his education in America and his ultimate goal was to be a UN Ambassador.

You were going to school for a Social Justice degree and wanted to become a court advocate for those wrongly accused of crimes or maybe you would become someone who went after corporate corrupters who steal innocent Americans’ life savings through embezzlement and fraud. Who knows?

Either way this literature class has you ready to throw every book you own out the window along with your laptop.

A knock at the door sounds and before you can say ‘come in’ it swings open.

Mon ami, I am here to save the day!” He bursts in as he always does. All the confidence in the room goes directly to him.

“You can only remain my friend if you can make sense of this class and help me write the damn paper that is due tomorrow morning.”

Your tone is overlooked and he approaches the spot you huddled yourself in. He takes the textbook and asks where you are.

“Laurens is torturing you I see. Why would you agree to such a class?”

“John said it would be helpful towards my degree. I think he was lying in order to get someone to sit in class with him. Alex has already taken the class and Hercules told him to piss off when he mentioned anything about writing voluntarily.”

He stares at the chapter. His eyes are scanning the pages and his confident smirk slowly fades.

“Why must there be so many words to describe an action?”

You curse the book out under your breath and huff out,

“Words make you sound fancy. No wonder Alexander loved this class.”

Lafayette laughs and takes a seat next to you on your bed.

“We can do it. Or we can try at the least. Et c'est parti.”

The two of you spend three hours trying to make sense of the thousands of words in one chapter and writing the first half of the essay. Well you write the essay and Laf finds random items around the dorm room and distracts you to no end.

Your a third of the way from finishing the essay when something soft hits your shoulder. It happens to be the stuffed animal Laf had won for you at the welcome carnival months ago.

“I am beyond bored. Let us take a break.” Another innocent animal is sent flying toward you.

“I need to finish this.”

“You can finish it later. I want to get some food.”

“We can eat when I have an A in this class. Until then I need to work. I’ll be damned if this class brings my GPA down.” When you turn to reference the textbook again it is promptly ripped from your grasp.

You are livid. You spring up and grab for the book now occupying Lafayette’s arm.

Mon ami, I am hungry. I am starving. You would starve me over your paper?” His sly grin only makes you lunge a second time.

“I must finish.” You manage to push him on the bed but the textbook falls to the other side. When you almost have it in your hands you are pushed away and Lafayette is on top of you.

You try with all you might to get out because you now exactly what he is going to do now and if he does someone is going to end up with a bloody nose.

“Don’t you dare Laf!” Your warnings are unacknowledged and he begins to tickle you.

You are ticklish everywhere. Whoever said tickling was a panic response was more correct than they realize.

He is relentless and your foot almost kicks him on the side of the head.

“Give it up Y/N. You know you will not win. Come grab lunch with me.”

“Laf I will end you! Stop it!” You’re laughing loudly now and tears are streaming down your face.

You almost knock him off but he starts to tickle your side and you abandon the escape plan.

Five minutes later and you can barely breathe and he has stopped. He is still on top of you and you wonder why he is lingering.

His eyes catch you and you seem to gaze for hours.

You have no idea why you are still staring but he doesn’t seem to want to break the look either.

The silence began to be too much and while he is still gazing you push him and he falls off the side of the bed.

“Let’s go get lunch.”