i have 9 minutes before midnight and i did it

Something new

Ellie had been hiding out in a bedroom upstairs. The party was far too loud, and she hadn’t wanted to go in the first place, but she didn’t want to be alone on New Years Eve. She felt like an idiot for feeling like that even mattered. Why should she care if it’s a new year? And on top of that, why does it matter if someone is with her or not?

From her seat on the windowsill, she saw headlights pass over the walls of the room. Her heart dropped into her stomach as she turned around to see her carpool, and the only people who knew her at the party, begin to drive away. It took her buzzed mind a moment to comprehend what that really meant. They might have been the only people who even knew she was at the party. She choked back panicked tears as she looked for a way to get down from the windowsill, and tried not to think about how she had been forgotten.

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