i have 500 hours in it for a reason.



Okay in all honesty, I find that I need to get about $500 in approximately the next week, two weeks if I can make it that long, but it’s a real time crunch and I’d prefer to have it by this time next week because Reasons. I need to move to a different living situation where I can get by with 20ish hours a week instead of 40, because my mentally ill ass cannot handle that kind of stress, and it’s affecting more than my own health at this point.

So, I’m opening up commissions. I don’t know of a decent way to price things, but I’ll probably like start at bust sketches being $5 and move up from there. The pictures above are some refs of style/lining/coloring options. I figure, message me with what you’re willing to pay and what you want, and we’ll work something out from there.

Writing-wise, I’m thinking probably $1/100 words?

Most of my recent work has been over at ask-whippy-and-birdmom, where these are all from. If you want examples of my writing, as well, head that way. Anything tagged #panmethyst is me. My artblog is panpanpandy though there isn’t much there and on my personal blog (pandypancakes!) my art is tagged #pandydraws and my writing is tagged #pandywrites.

I’m willing to do NSFW in both cases, with a handful of “no”s in the kink department that you’re welcome to ask about (I’m pretty flexible in this matter). I can’t do mechas or really intricate armor. My main fandom is Steven Universe right now, but that only really applies to writing – art-wise, I can do anything with proper refs!

Anyway: please contact me via email to work things out: pandypancakes@gmail.com

That is also my paypal account if anyone is feeling particularly generous and wants to share their wealth with me. TT^TT9

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! ;u; Have a really great day!!

I Should Be Resting Too...

It’s nap time… For some reason my kids were super exhausted this morning. Here’s to hoping they sleep for three hours like they did Monday. 

Today I have already: 

  • Changed the laundry
  • Activated our PG&E (different from our power provider, ugh)
  • Scheduled the cable and internet to be installed 
  • Found out what it takes to set up water, sewer and garbage (AN IN PERSON TRIP TO THE CITY, ugh!!!)
  • Loaded the kitchen table into the truck
  • Deposited checks and looked at my banking
  • Confirmed with the couch lady

I still have to:

  • Get ready
  • Pack up my screws, a screwdriver, rags, measuring tape
  • Pick up paint, chalk paint, brushes, cleaning wipes, and some brushes at Home Depot
  • Pick up ice and drinks at Walmart

My MIL is coming to watch the kids from noon until my husband wakes up. That way I can go get everything for the painter and start working. Surprisingly, I do have two friends coming to help today. They’re going to help me put together my table, clean it up, oil the cabinets, and paint the pantry. 

Stuff just keeps happening.

weirdlet replied to your postYou know, I know this is for some reason a frowned…

What rates are you thinking of?

Still undecided! I’m debating whether to charge by the hour and the commissioner gets however much I write in their chosen amount of time, whether that’s 500-5000 words, or if charging by word count might be better–i.e., someone pays for 3000 words and gets a fic that’s minimum that length. 

slushiebear replied to your postYou know, I know this is for some reason a frowned…

Like…I could ask you to write whatever I want without guilt cause I would be paying for it? What would your rates be like?

Yup! I’d have some restrictions for my personal comfort level (like, no incest/pedophilia, for example), but otherwise it’d be whatever you wanted. I’m still debating on what rates would be appropriate, since I’m not sure whether it’s more reasonable to charge based off word count or time spent or what. 


I’ve been avoiding mentioning this for a long time for some reason????
I’m going to be on a short hiatus from July 22nd to August 4th. Why u ask???
I’m going to Fukuoka for a job study with some others from my school and a neighboring one.
I’m also gonna turn 17 while I’m there and have over $500 to spend during the trip SOOOO IM GONNA BECOME LIKE LEVEL 900 WEEB
That’s all