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Cresswell’s Journey Around the World

Right after the war, most everyone wants to simply relax and have fun. Chill out in the Lunar Palace for a couple weeks, shop in AR-4, experience the many climates Luna has to offer. But not Thorne. No, despite the gentle reluctance from Cress, he proceeds to drag her all around space. Let’s hear about their shenanigans, shall we?

  • Thorne’s camera crazy. He’s that one tourist who, after a couple of pictures, doesn’t stop. No, he has to have at least twenty photos of Cress with one monument, and save it on a variety of different drives, “just in case.” He then uploads them to what I assume is the third-era version of Instagram, with captions like “isn’t she cute?” and “out with bae again. mountain air is A+” that make everyone else at home jealous. Which is his goal, of course, that sneaky little–
  • He’s a natural-born interrogator. Thorne will be that nagging person who always asks their companion whether they’re having fun. Cress finds it cute, but after a while it becomes slightly annoying, even for her. You can only hear “are you having fun?” so many times before it gets old. 
  • Thorne gets more insecure on trips. He knows how fascinated Cress is with Earthens and Earthen items, so whenever they go on trips he’s somehow got this unsettling feeling that Cress will meet some guy that’s so much more interesting than he is, and elope or something…Even though he knows Cress isn’t like that. Everyone else in the Rampion crew finds this hilarious. 
  • At every foreign restaurant they visit, Thorne attempts to pronounce the names of the food in that language. It’s hilarious because he’s so bad at it, and Cress has to hide a smile every time. Actually, it’s not that he’s bad at it. It’s because he says it with such conviction, like he’s sure he’s got it completely right, and simply wrinkles his eyebrows whenever he catches Cress grinning.