i have 36 of them oops

But Jason Grace, and especially Nico di Angelo totally hate Valentine’s Day.

It’s no secret why Nico hates it: Eros forced him to ‘get out of the closet’, forced him to confess something he didn’t feel prepared against his will to a total stranger (Jason).

And Jason? Jason hates him it because brings only bad memories of what he and Nico suffered when they met Eros. 

Just knowing that there is a special day to celebrate the God who made their life impossible, makes them tense, makes them remember something they try to forget even if they can not.

And while they have not talked to anyone about what happened that day, more than between them and very vaguely, don’t feel very comfortable celebrating, even though both have their respective couples, who don’t know what happened but they respect when they both tell them they don’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day and they can celebrate how much they love each other day of the year.

therightfulkingofassgard  asked:

The boys with a witch S/O who is like "so uh. Funny thing I accidentally misfired a curse so the hiccups y'all have had for oh 36 hours? Oops! I'm working on fixing it but uh. Yeah. Love you?"

It takes forever bc how the heck do you find a cure for a hiccup curse. They’re miserable for like three days. It probably started when you were mad at them with a simple hex of, “You will face a small annoyance.” and wow this is the annoyance guess the world does work in mysterious ways.

Side note there’s this hilarious post and I can totally see the witchy S/O wanting to scare Piotr so she’s pretending to make a ball of energy and throw it at him and mutters “несчастье” (misfortune) under her breath and Piotr just fucking jumps bc he’s so confused and scared and he’s paranoid about it for days.