i have 21 followers now

More Billdip with Object Head!Bill and Bipedal (Two-legged) Deertuar!Dipper. I just find this cute okay? Don’t ask me about the dialog between Bill and Dipper because I have no idea what’s going on there. Use your imagination for the bottom part of my doodles. And another thing, the numbers next to Dipper is his age so yeah….

Also, I now have 21 followers on this account which I’m pretty happy that people like my art ;w;. If I get 25 followers I’m going to do something special for you guys. I’m not sure what but I’ll think about it or, if you like, you can send some suggestions of what I should do once I reach the 25 followers mark which is like 4 followers away from that goal.

yall i have 54k on allmymetaphors and 5k on stillmeaningless and then only 1k on this blog… this blog is for my Real Friends…if you follow me here you’re honestly a ride or die & some of u have been following me since i was 14 and i’m 21 now so that’s like.. an incredibly long time. i hate The Blue Website but im honestly amazed at what a big part it has played in my life. tumblr’s time is kinda over, but i’m glad because it’s stressed me out so much, and i really am glad i broke off to this side blog so i can use it casually again and enjoy it again and i luv yall thanks for following me on this nightmare website <3