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Stay Safe (Damian x Reader)

Request: Please do a Damian x reader where the reader (who is dating Jason) is very close with Damian, like in an older sister/motherly way

A/N: I hope you like it anon! Don’t forget– Q and A and requests are open! Have a great day/night loves!


“You’re sure that you have your phone?” Damian asked you. The 11 year old sitting on the couch was probably 10 times more paranoid about you going on a date than you were. “And your house key? What about money in case you need to call a cab?”

“I’m good, Dami.” You slipped on your shoes and gave yourself a once over in the mirror on the wall. “Jason and I have been dating for 4 months now, remember?”

“Text me or call me if you need anything– and by anything, I mean anything. I can hide a body–”

“Damian, I’m going to pretend that I didn’t hear that.” You gave him a stern look before giving him a hug. “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. Be safe on patrols, okay?”

“I’m not the one you need to worry about.” He grumbled, wrapping his arms tightly around your waist. “Todd better keep it in his pants.” He said lowly enough that he thought that you couldn’t hear him, but you laughed and he went red.

“Don’t worry about Jason.” You stepped back and booped him on the nose, smiling when he scrunched up his nose in distaste. “I’m perfectly capable of handling myself kiddo.”

“Have fun.” He begrudged before the door closed behind you.


“How’s short stack?” Jason asked you as you laid on his chest. “Still a demon?”

“Damian is good. And definitely not a demon. He was very concerned about me dating you though.” You laughed. You had met Jason through Damian– or, rather through Bruce. You were a confidant to Bruce Wayne (yes, you knew his identity) at an early age when you interned under him at Wayne Industries. He let you in on all of his secrets and ended up giving you an executive job there when you were old enough to apply.

Damian was your ‘little brother’ of sorts. Bruce had called you in to watch him on several occasions when he was out on business trips. Since then, he had grown very attached to you. And when you and Jason started dating, he’d become even more protective of you.

“Of course. He cares about you.” Jason said, trailing a finger down your back. Your date had eventually led back to his apartment; well, it was more like it had led back to one of the walls of his apartment, then the couch, and lastly his bed. It was a great date.

“He’s just always worried about me.” You sighed. “I wish he wouldn’t worry so much. He’s going to have an ulcer at 16 at the rate he’s going.”

“He doesn’t need to worry about you.” Jason smiled down at you. “That’s my job, remember?”

“Sure.” You rolled your eyes. “Fine– you can worry about me, but it’s pointless, because I can take care of myself.”

“Of course you can.” He kissed you softly, and you relaxed at his touch.


You were walking back to your apartment when someone crept up behind you. You didn’t have time to react before there was a gun pressed to your back, and a voice in your ear.

“Give me your wallet.” A man growled in your ear. You handed your wallet over wordlessly. “And your pho–”

He collapsed in the middle of his sentence. You whirled around, bewildered, when you saw Damian standing there. “Y/F/N? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” You looked down at the guy on the ground. “Can’t say the same for him.” Damian retrieved your wallet and handed it to you.

“From now on, you should have someone walking with you when it’s dark out.” He sighed. “I thought Jason was giving you a ride back after dinner?”

“I was just walking back from his apartment.” You said. Damian looked up at you questioningly. “It’s only a couple of blocks. I would have had the situation under control, but unfortunately there was a gun barrel pressed to my back.”

“Yeah, well, we’re going to have to fix that.” He started walking you back to your apartment. “What were you doing at Jason’s?”

“Hanging out. Talking.” You said, not necessarily lying per se. He was 11, he didn’t need to know that the two of you were having se–

“What did you talk about?”

“Taxes. Life. College. Grown up stuff.” You said. He nodded in agreement, and you smiled internally. When you got back to your apartment, Damian waited until you were inside and the door was locked before beginning to climb out the window. However, he turned around at the last minute.

“Stay safe, Y/F/N.”

You walked up to him and kissed his forehead endearingly. “Bye, Dami. See you.” With that, he left your apartment. You chuckled as you closed the window behind him, making sure it was unlocked in case he needed in. You loved him– in a fraternal sense.

Damian Wayne: your overprotective, adorable, brave ‘little brother’.

I just read the comments on a Ron positive post and I’m so confused.

‘I don’t hate Ron I hate Ronmione’ idk but I’ve never heard of a legit reason to hate them and most are centred on hating Ron.

‘Ron is a lightly grey character for the selfish way he acts’ I can’t even, ron opens his family to Harry when they are poor and really do not need another person to support. I do not see how that can be defined as lightly grey.

‘We hate him because we have friends who have pulled a Ron’ oh? Friends who are willing to sacrifice themselves for you at age 11? Lucky you.

'Ron abandoned Harry and Ron far too many times’ I’ve never heard far too many referred to as twice before.

'Ron made Harry and Hermione choose between himself and the other friend’ I honestly don’t think he did this once!? When he wasn’t talking to Harry in GOF it appears he was still talking to Hermione and in HBP we know he continued his relationship with Harry and Harry continued his relationship with Hermione and we never once heard him make an ultimatum on the issue.

'Abandoning them in the hurcrux hunt is just the icing on the cake of why I hate him’ I’m sorry that he struggled so much while wearing a Horcrux that he had a moment of doubt and then as specified in the book tried to come back straight away but couldn’t. It is also made clear that Hermione was having similar thoughts and had been talking with Ron about them, but where did Hermione have to go? Idk man, I understand that split second reaction when your worry is being down played by your best friends.

So anyway, I’ve never seen a legit reason to hate Ron.

Ghost Messenger

Words: 11.8k
Genre: Fluff, Angst
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8:34 am. Y/N: I hope you have a really great day today! Remember to eat and don’t overwork yourself! If you need anything, I’m just a simple text away! :)

8:45 am. Hyunwoo: Yup.

Namjoon smacks his head on his desk, his phone falling through his fingers and onto the wooden surface. He begins to feel his throat tighten from guilt but he suppresses it, inhaling a large breath as he sits up. He shifts the phone aside and opens the file folder, pages and pages of old text messages printed out in front of him. Before noon today, Namjoon has to read all of them and find out the client, Hyunwoo’s, texting habits and mannerisms in order to mimic.

8:34 am. Y/N: I hope you have a good day today too! I know you’re probably really busy today so don’t worry about giving me a call. I’m doing fine here. Good luck on your meeting with the shareholders! Dad mentioned it yesterday so I just wanted to wish you luck. :)

Namjoon can’t fathom how you manage to send a text every single day at the exact same time. What he also doesn’t understand is how your fiancé can consider it annoying or clingy. If anything it’s kind of swee- ding!

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Montgomery x Reader Imagine (Part 5/?)

Okay, I’m not proud of this part, but I need some time-filler before cool things start happening.

I asked you for any recommendations and adivces, you wrote me about dinners, hickeys, jealousy, it’s all coming soon, I promise!

I already almost finished part 6, but I think I will postpone it and make it part 7 and write new part 6 if that makes sense lol

PART 1     PART 2      PART 3     PART 4

Bryce and Zach were literally sitting on the grass in front on Bryce’s house and waiting for us to come.

“Finally! What took you so long?!”, Bryce asked when we got out of the car.

“She drives like shit”, Monty said.

“Excuse me?!”, I knew we had to make up an explanation on why we were gone for so long, but boy, no one will talk shit about my driving. “I had to refuel”, I lied.

“That doesn’t mean you don’t drive like shit”, he looked at me with cocky grin.

“Guys, still, it’s like five minutes road”, Zach said. “Ten in both ways. Fifteen with refueling. And you were gone for like fourty-five. So…”, he crossed his arms on his chest. “What were you doing for missing thirty minutes?”, he squizzed his eyes at looked at me, then at Monty, again at me and again at Monty. 

“Okay, fine”, I rolled my eyes. “His parents aren’t home for a weekend and his mum left him lasagne or something like that and because he’s drunk so after he found shisha, he felt a little hungry and well, he ate the whole damn thing”, I shrugged. It was probably the most stupid lie ever, but at least snouded like something that would last around 30 minutes.

“What?”, he mouthed and glared at me.

“Have fun, boys”, I smiled at them and went back to the party.

I spent rest of the night on drinking coca-cola, watching boys playing berr pong, talking to peple and spotting Montgomery being very touchy with his new friend. I wasn’t obviously jealous of her, I was actually feeling sorry for her, because she probably thought he would call her in day or two, but well, surprise, it’s Monty, girls don’t get a call from him after he gets what he wants.


First thing I saw on Monday morning in school was Montgomery harassing some freshman.

“Monty”, I stood next to them. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”, I asked calmly.

“He started it”.

“Blah, blah, blah”, I rolled my eyes. “Right now I see you, holding him by his shirt”, I looked at his clenched fists. “Hands to yourself, Montgomery”, I said through my clenched teeth.

Finally he released the other guy.

“Go to the class, kid”, I said and gave him a little smile. I looked at Monty with serious look on my face. “It’s slowly getting boring”


“I’ve been putting you in your place since like seventh grade.”

“You chose it for yourself, nobody never asked you to stand up for people”, he snorted.

“Pull yourself together, Cruz”, I walked past him and went to the class.


“Guess, who got laid last Friday”, as usual I was sitting in cafeteria with Jess and Sheri when boys came after their PE.

“Why should we care?”, I asked

“Montgomery”, Justin said excited.

“Wow, that’s exciting”, I said and went back to my Spanish homework I’ve forgotten to do during weekend.

“It’s probably that girl who was all over him for the whole party”, Jessica snorted.

“And seriously Monty, even you can do better than walking around and bragging about having sex”, Sheri gave him a pity look.

“I wasn’t bragging!“, he defended himself, as he sat next to me.

“He didn’t have too. We just had PE, he’s scratched as fuck”, Zach said.

“Oh my God, what are you, fourteen?”, I asked. “Everyone of you get laid sometimes, stop making big deal out of nothing”, I rolled my eyes. “Besides, it was probably the girl that literally flipped her hair at him after the game, wasn’t it Monty?”, I looked at him trying not to laugh. It’s not like he would say it was me.

“Fuck you, Y/N”, he smiled at me sarcastically.

Few minutes later Monty dropped his phone. He bent down under the table to reach it, but he wouldn’t be himself if he just took the phone and sat again. Instead his hand went from my anckle to upper thigh. I gave him the “I’ll kill you” look, he just sat like nothing happened and went back to scrolling on his phone.

Some time later we both got up to go to the chemistry.

“What was that?”, I asked as soon as we left cafeteria.

“It was probably the girl that literally flipped her hair at him after the game, wasn’t it Monty”, he mimiced me.

“Oh come on”, I rolled my eyes. “Or wait, maybe it wasn’t the girl from the game, it was actually the one that was all over you for the whole party?”

“What are you, jealous?”

“You wish”, I snorted. “I don’t care what you do and with who”.

“If just have to know, I hooked up only with you that night”, he said.

I felt a little warm feeling in my stomach after his words, but I quickly made it go away.

“I literally just said I don’t have to know, because I don’t care“, I threw my hands up. “But seriously, Monty, at school keep your hands to yourself”.

“As you wish, babe”.

“And I’m not your babe”.

“Well, you didn’t complain in my bedroom”, he snorted.

“Montgomery!”, I hissed through my teeth. “If someone overhear anything and spread some rumours, I swear I’ll kill you”.

“You seem to be very tense today. You should get some d, if you know what I mean”, he winked at me.

“Not today, Satan. Math test tomorrow, remember?”, except from Chemistry, we also had Math and Peer Comunication together. “Besides, because of that thing with freshman in the morning, you don’t deserve any of this today”, I pointed at myself.

“What? Oh come on!”.

“Sorry, Mont, I’m inflexible about that”, I shrugged.

He leaned toward me as we were walking and whispered, “We’ll see”.


I was walking to my cheer practice, I walked by sports utility closet, when door suddenly opened, someone grabbed my hand and pulled me in there.

“‘Fuck, Montgomery, what is it with you today?”, I asked while my hand was roaming on wall trying to find switch.

“How did you know it was me?”.

“Well, I was hoping it was you. Just because it would be really fucking weird if someone else pulled me in the closet, but it’s like… less weird that it was you”.

He put his hand on my waist as I gave up on finding switch.

“What do you want?”, I sighed.

Instead of answearing, Monty started kissing my jaw. It was actually quite impressive how his lips found my face in this total darkness. There was something about him and his touch, that instantly made me melt, but this time I had to stay tough.

“Monty, I have practice”, I tried to gently push him away.

“You can skip one”, he whispered.

“No, I can’t”, I groaned at his lips kissing my neck. “But…”, I stopped talking to get his attention.


“Tomorrow my parents have dinner with my dad’s business partner slash friend and his wi…”

“Tomorrow I have practice”, he didn’t even let me finish.

“Don’t interrupt me”, I punched his arm. “As I was saying, my parents have dinner tomorrow and they won’t be home till like 11 p.m., so…”

“I’ll be there at seven. Now, go practice some handsprings or whatever you do”, he smacked my ass and opened door for me.


Next day I went home straight after lessons. Surprisingly both my mum and dad were inside.

“Hey, you’re home so early?”, I sat next to them in the living room.

“We need to tell you something”, my mum looked at me with super serious face.

I froze for a moment. Fuck, I thought, my mum is pregnant. Or they’re getting divorced. they found out about this whole ‘fuck buddies’ thing. I don’t know how, but they found out. Don’t know which is worse.

“So, we’re gonna go straight to the point”, my dad said.

“Yes, please.”

“Sweetie, we know, we always goes on any holidays or trip together, the three of us… but like… this New Year’s eve… we’re going to…”

“Jesus, dad, just say it!”, I shouted.

“We’re going to Aspen with some friends, the two of us, Jeff’s parents, few other married couples. Basically, you’re not going with us”, dad finally got if off his chest.

“But if you don’t feel good about this and don’t want to stay alone, we will cancel”, mum ensured.

“And that’s it?”, I finally could breath again. “Are you kidding me? I thought something happened!”

“Well.. It’s first time you’re not going somewhere with us…”

“First, I’m seventeen, seriously, it’s gonna happen more often, you know? Second, last time I spent New Year’s Eve with you was when I was eleven”.

“But, you’ll be alone for four days”

“I’m seventeen”, I rolled my eyes. “Seriously, it’s super sweet that you’re so concerned about me and that you were ready to cancel your plans if I wasn’t okay with it, but go to Aspen and have some fun”, I patted their knees and gave both of them kiss on the cheek. “Now I’m gonna go to my room, because you gave me serious heart attack with this whole ‘we need to tell you something’ thing”, I got up from the sofa and went to the stairs. “Oh, and if you’re not gonna be here, I will throw NYE party”

“You see, I told you not to worry about”, dad said to mum.

“Come on, dad, I know you were the one who wanted to cancel”, I shouted from upstairs.

They left at six, some time later I heard a doorbell. I slowly went downstairs, checked myself in the mirror and finally opened the door.

“Welcome to mi casa”, I said as Monty walked inside. “Where’s your car?”, I spotted his jeep wasn’t on the driveway.

“I’m not stupid, Y/N, I walked here. Unless you want someone to see my car parked in front of your house”, he said while looking around the home.

“Good point”, I nodded my head and went to the kitchen. “You want something? Tea, coffee, water, sandwich my mum made me before she left?”, I asked while looking into the fridge.

“I’m good, thanks”.

I went to the living room, where Monty was looking at photos, mostly mine.

“You have been cutie since always, huh?”, he pointed at one of the pictures.

“Oh, yeah, especially on this one, I was six and didn’t have any of my front teeth, super cute”.

“Okay, but what the hell happened to you in this one?”, he was looking at photo of me with red face, swollen lips and tired look in my eyes.

“Oh that was the day my parents found out I am allergic to peanuts”, I explained. “Don’t know why my dad thought it was picture worthy”, I rolled my eyes.

“It seems like your parents really love, they’re really proud of you. I mean… looks at all those pictures…”, Monty pointed around the room.

“Yeah, they do…”, I tried not to laugh when I remembered how they wanted to cancel Aspen. “But your parents also have loads of photos of you in home…”

“Yeah, to show off”, he snorted. “They’are always firsts to brag about when I do something right, but they’re never actually there to see it happening. You know? They’ll show their guests pictures and say This was when Monty played his first game, This was when he got his first home run, and so on… But they’re never on the bleachers to watch the actual game. And when I do something not so great, they just never mention it, they don’t talk about…”, he was walking around the room, so I couldn’t see his face.

“That’s why you always do everything to get yourself suspended or in detention?”, I asked. “You want to get their attention”.

I felt like I was slowly getting into his mind, that after all those years I could finally understand why he does thing he does, but then Monty again built wall around himself.

“What? Yeah, that’s stupid”, he cleared his throat and turned around to face me. “Besides, I didn’t come here for psychotherapy.”

“Monty, it is okay to talk. It is okay to let things off your chest once in a while…”

“Right now, the only thing that is on my chest”, he walked towards me, put his hand on my waist, “is the fact that I got two home runs on Friday and only one third base with you”.

I sighed and looked at his face. Well, it looked like the talk was dome for today, so we can do things I actually invited him for.

I took his hands off my waist and still holding them I started walking backwards to the stairs.

“Come and get it”, I whispered.

“You don’t have to tell me twice”, he smirked. “How much time do we have?”

I looked at the watch. “A lot. The thing is”, I pulled him closer, “can you go for so long?”, I asked with my lips touching his ear.

“Oh, you’ll see”, he grabbed my ass and pulled me up so I could wrap my legs around his hips, where, let’s be honest, they were for the most of the time.


Monty took a minute to calm his breath, then got up and started dressing up.

Right, fuck buddies thing doesn’t include cuddling after sex, I thought to myself. It was first time when after hooking up we didn’t have to pull ourselves quickly to either leave Jessica’s bathrom or to get back to Bryce’s party, but because me and Monty weren’t even a thing it probably would be awkward to lay in bed and hug.

“I just thought”, Monty said. “You’re so concerned about your reputation and keeping this a secret, but how can you be sure I wouldn’t start bragging about it to the guys? I wouldn’t, but how do you know?”

“Oh that’s easy”, I said as I put my robe on. “You’re not that stupid, you know Jeff would fucking kill you, either for fucking me or for bragging about that”.

“What is it with you and Atkins anyway?”

“Our mums are best friends, so we basically grew up together, he’s like a brother to me, I mean I’ve seen him every single day since I can remember. So yeah, we’re like siblings”, I shrugged.

“So you two have never hooked up? You have never been jealous about him?”, he smirked.

“Ew, that’s gross”, I looked at Monty with disgust. “I mean, I’m not blind, I know he’s good looking and everything, but just… no”, I shaked my head. “But once, in kindergarten, me and Jeff was playing in sandpit and there was that girl Jenny and she literally sat between the two of us and started playing with him using my toys”, I was getting way to pissed for someone who was talking about something that had happened over ten years ago. “So I slapped that little bitch”, I said with calmer tone.

Montgomery looked at me with his eyes wide open.

“So, you’re one of those crazy bitches, huh?”, he chuckled.

I smiled at him innocently.

“I gotta go”, Monty said, so I walked with him downstairs. “See you tomorrow”, he kissed me and left the door.

“Little fucker, so he can’t lay for a minute after we’re done but he can give me goodbye kisses?”, I asked myself.

For a moment I started thinking that this whole ‘friends with benefits’ thing was mistake, but then again - if some weird, twisted part of me wanted something with Monty, that was the best type of relation that was possible with him.

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and time goes on.

summary: Lin is a single father and Y/N is a single mother. They quickly become friends and then more but as time goes on things begin to happen, things begin to fall apart.

a/n: lin is the loml; 4.2k words babes.

He wasn’t the one to complain. He took things as is, so when his wife left him and left their son with him, he didn’t complain. He looked for the positive. He looked for someone who would love him even with his busy schedule and his young son. He waited years for someone just right to come into his life and change it for the better.

He was waiting for you.

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All I Wanted; C.H. 26

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10**, part 11*, part 12*, part 13, part 14, part 15**, part 16, part 17, part 18, part 19, part 20, part 21, part 22, part 23, part 24, part 25

Maybe I should’ve paid attention to who was opening the door instead of still mentally preparing myself for the conversation I were about to have. If I had paid better notion to my surroundings, I would’ve seen it was Meredith at the front door, but somehow I wanted to avoid all together until I got this over with.

“I really need to tell you something and it has been gnawing on me but please hear me out –“ I shift my gaze and my breath hitches in my throat when I see Calum casually leaning against the doorway, hand dangling above his head as his smirk seems to never end. He lifts his eyebrow when I notice him, and not his sister. “I’m surprised to see you here.”

“What are you doing here?” I mutter without a second thought. It draws a scoff from Calum lips has he refocuses his body weight onto both his legs again, towering above me.
“I live here.”

“Ah – I know. But where is Meredith?” I feel my eyes widening and the colourful shame rise to my cheeks at the same time. This is beyond awkward. I don’t even know if there is a word that can describe what I’m experiencing emotionally right now. But I would describe it as a horrible rollercoaster. My eyes are scanning over his stubbled jaw over his lips to his eyes, and I try my absolute best to maintain my harsh glare, but I feel myself wavering.

“She’s at Michael’s.” He states so simply, as if I should’ve known this was the answer I were to receive. I feel anger once more bubbling inside my core, and I refrain from doing anything by biting my bottom lip harshly, but not draw blood.

I refrain from speaking, and take a step backwards to head back to my car. The only solution here is postponing the conversation. I know I might chicken out once the appropriate time comes around but I’ll just have to trust myself I’ll put through this time. I am already turned on my heel before Calum mutters his snarky comment. “So what was zo important you came running over like an idiot? Trouble in paradise already?”

I feel my shoulders tense, my fingers curling as my hands ball into fists. I turn on my heel in one swift motion and stalk back up to the front door, dangling my pointer finger mere centimetres from his nose. “You know what Calum? Fuck you!”

I am seething, and if I could slip my fingers around his throat and strangle him without consequences, I would. Sadly, I can’t. Instead, I can grant him with the deadliest glare I can muster, barely baring my teeth as I keep my fists balled up and my body in close proximity to his.

The smirk crawls back onto his lips. “You already did that, Y/n. Remember?” I can’t stop myself as I slap his chest. He seems surprised but it wasn’t nearly enough to hurt him. I raise my hand for another slap to his chest, hopefully one with more force than my last hit. Calum thwarts my motion though as his fingers curl around my wrist and stops my movements.

“Like you haven’t screwed multiple others since.” It flows from my lips just to spite him, but it hurts me to think about it. It hasn’t even been a few weeks since our last time together and imagining Calum’s body enveloping another girl’s brings a tightness to my chest I can’t decipher.

Suddenly, Calum’s grip on my wrist loosens and his features change into another emotion, although I’m in doubt which one it is. “Wait, what?”
He takes a step back, frowning down on me as he licks his lip, a nervous habit of his.
“No, I didn’t. Did – did you?”

His question takes me by surprise. I reciprocate his nervous habit as I feel my tongue poke out to wet my own lips as my eyes dart between his eyes. I guess it’s better to just be honest with him, but before I can even open my mouth to answer, he speaks once more.
“I mean – with Harry and all –“

“No, I – we – we kissed and… I couldn’t – so we talked and I – I came here to – “ I stumble over my words, as badly as I have ever done, because I realise I have probably done so much more horrible things than he has. Calum had a charade going.
“To do what?” He questions me since I had trailed off and hadn’t finished my sentence. I know this is what he wanted from the start and what I had held back as long as it had been happening.

“To tell Meredith –“ I can’t finish that sentence either, because I feel the lump in my throat rise and my eyes start to prickle. I turn away from Calum, deciding on walking away. It may be a cowardly act, but I don’t think I have the energy for a conversation like this, right now.

I am taking by surprise when I feel Calum’s hand grasp my lower arm and swiftly spins me around. I almost fall against his chest but can steady myself just in time. It only takes Calum a split second for his to wrap his arms round my waist and lean in. His lips press against mine hastily, but with such passion it has my mind reeling and my knees turning weak. I can feel Calum’s tension and frustration through his kiss and my press my body closer to his as my arms snake around his neck. Calum’s hands press against the small of my back, trying to bring me impossibly closer.

When I start moving my lips against his, I can feel his lips turn up into a small smile and I can’t help myself when I feel my heart flutter. I begin to push against Calum’s broad chest which hopefully would direct us inside, but he plants his feet firmly on the ground and breaks the kiss.

“What are you doing?” He breathes as his eyes slowly flutter open, a frown taking over his previous blissful smile. “Well,” I turn my head to see if any of the neighbours had spotted us, “I’m not in the mood to end up on your lawn or for any snoopers.” I wiggle my eyebrows as I bite my bottom lip.

Calum groans in return, his arm back to curling around my waist as I feel his large hand land on my bum. He hauls me against him and pulls me inside with him. As soon as the door clicks in his lock, I’m roughly pressed against the dark wood, feet barely touching the floor as Calum hoists me up and reconnects our lips. His free hand is wandering all over my body and proceeds to push my coat off of my shoulders all while keeping his lips glued to my flushed skin.

“Parents?” I breathe, letting my head drop against the wall behind me and my eyelids fall closed as a contented sigh leaves my lips. “Out for the day.” Calum mumbles against my skin and when he grasps me completely, I swing my legs around his waist for leverage. My coat lands on the floor with a loud thud and while Calum proceeds upstairs with me in his arms, carrying me up the flights of steps with ease, I occupy myself by exploring every bit of exposed skin with my lips, teeth and tongue while slowly unbuttoning his shirt.

When my feet are firmly on the ground again, I immediately press his shirt to the floor of Calum’s bedroom. Calum is quick to unbutton my own shirt and I start on unbuttoning his jeans while our lips stay locked. He breaks the kiss and I can feel my heart beating rapidly as he takes a step closer and cups my cheek, his thumb slowly brushing over my cheekbone.

“I could’ve sworn if Harry was the one that could shag you every day I might’ve hurt him. God I missed you.” Calum breathes as his fingers glide along my jawline, his eyes searching mine for a response. I laugh loudly, step out of his reach and slowly swing my hips back and forth while I walk further into his room. I push my shirt off of my shoulders and unclip my bra as I throw a devilish grin over my shoulder.  “Well, what are you waiting for?”

2.18.17 | 11/100 Days of Productivity | Poor Student Drawer Organizer Hack

I opened my desk drawer today, and it was just overflowing with clutter and stationery. I knew it was time for a drawer organizer. I did some Amazon research and found one I liked for around $20. But it wouldn’t really suit my needs (I have a lot of needs, as you can see). I just didn’t want to spend that money on something not quite right (I’d rather be spending it on cute stationery or giveaways). So, I simply cut the cover flaps off of small parcel boxes (mostly had contained cute stationery from Amazon) and placed them neatly in my drawers (after, of course, throwing out the crap I didn’t need).

The moral of this story is that I need to stop spending so much money on Amazon. But at least I’m tidy and organized for free now! Too bad I didn’t take a before picture so you could see just how much of an improvement this made.

How do you organize your desks/stationery?

Songs:London Bridge-Fergie
Paper Planes-MIA

“It’s so hot"you gasped as you fanned yourself with your hand.

“I think I’m burning, and I’m not even in the sun"your best friend groaned.
Stiles slumped down next to you, sweat dripping from his forehead.

You moved your heads in sync with the electric fan that was sat in front of you.

"Nope, it’s not doing anything for me"you exclaimed as you slowly got up and fell onto your bed.

"Is it helping you?"you mumbled down to Stiles.
"No"he cried as he fell onto your bed next to you.

You both stared up at the ceiling.
"We need ice cream"you moaned, the temperature outside was increasing rapidly.

"I’m broke, I have no money. Would you like to be a good friend and buy me an ice cream?"you pouted at Stiles.

"Sure if I can pay with shirt buttons, we need a solution, how can we make money quickly?"He replied.

"Think Stiles, Think"you nudged him.

"A lemonade Stand?!"Stiles jumped up with excitement, a look of hope on his face.

"Stiles, we aren’t 11 years old anymore, we are not opening a lemonade stand, I won’t allow it, we are too old for it. I’ll just ask my dad if we can borrow some money"you spoke out as you folded your arms.

-3 hours later-

You sat in your driveway and shook your head as Stiles looked at you with a stupid grin on his face.
"Come and get your lemonade"you shouted to the people walking past.

Stiles smirked at you as he took the money from the customer.
You’d raised enough money to buy at least 20 ice creams each.

"Looks like I’m always right y/n"Stiles winked.

"You’ll be wearing this lemonade if you don’t stop teasing me"you laughed at your best friend.

I Love You!

For the lovely @connorxxmurphy This is from your sappy prompt list and it is because I love you! Hope you enjoy! It a Conner x Evan paring with a side of sassy Jared. Along with Zoe and Alana who wish Conner and Evan finally get there acts together! I again I do not own!
Onwards we shall march!

Evan knew that Conner only saw him has a friend. For awhile Conner was just that a friend. Between the phone calls and eating lunch together it evolved into love for Evan.

Evan saw Conner in a new light. Not that kid who was angry and temperamental but a kind soul. Surprising Evan knew but it was true.

Conner would do anything to protect his friends and family. Going as far as labeling friends and family the same if he felt you deserve it. Conner has a protective strike a mile wide when it came to Zoe. Unfortunly due to Conner’s temper and the belief he did not need any help. It pushed people away and the ones who cared about Conner to be drained almost constantly from fighting with him.

At first it had scared Evan but slowly he grew accustomed to it. Actually becoming friends exactly as that crazy story Evan spun previously.

Evan loved how Conner actually stood up to him. Helped him through his anxiety and aided in projects that required that you speak in front of people. Miraculously it helped. Slowly mind you but Evan found he was not so nervous to speak in front of people as he used to be. However it had to be a small group and completely silent but for Evan that was progress. Looking back Evan remembered when he actually realized he loved Conner.

~Five Month Previously~
“Conner t-than you so mu-much for helping me. It really helped I got a 76 on the oral presentation.”

At the grade that he heard Evan had gotten. Conner’s eyes had lit up with joy. A strangely uncharacteristically trait of Conner’s. That only Evan was every truly privileged to see. Slinging his arm around Evan’s shoulder. Conner gently shook the shorter male.

“I knew you could do it! Come on Ev let’s go get lunch and then get ice cream! You deserve! Zoe and Alana are going to be so happy and you mom so proud!”

Evan felt his heart flutter and then he froze. Finally managing to put together how he felt about Conner. Evan Platt Hansen was completely at utterly in love with one Conner Faist Murphy and that was a fact.

~present day~
Jarred from his thoughts by Jared brushing up against him. Evan felt his best friend lean into him.

“Your taking Conner’s cloths off with your eyes again and looking at that girl dancing with him like she told you your mother died. Go up there and tell him how you feel!”

“I c-can’t d-do t-th-that Jared! Yo-you kn-know t-that!”

Evan tries to sound mad but he can’t. After all he is Evan he didn’t get mad. Rolling his eyes Jared put his hands on his hips and stared talking again.

“One day Evan! I will give you one day to tell Conner how you feel. If you do not. I will take matters into my own hands!”

Jared’s tone was not harsh per say but it had that no nonsense tone to it. Evan wasn’t quite sure why Jared had that tone because he knew that Evan knew he would do it. No tone necessary. Zoe and Alana thankfully noticing his distressed look had made there way over.

“Is Jared being a moron Evan? Don’t listen to him why don’t you go and talk with my brother?”

Zoe kindly asked him but Evan knew she and Alana where going to have words with Jared. Taking a deep breath Evan braced himself and walked over to Jared. Hearing Jared say.

“Damnit Alana that fucking hurt! Zoe control your girlfriend!”

Feeling a genuine smile grave his lips Evan shook his head. Who would have thought that a teen with some serious anxiety would have three…. four really good friend. Evan hastily reminded himself when his brain tried to put Conner in the boyfriend section. Evan’s day plummeted when he heard the girl dancing with Conner mention him.

“Why don’t you just stop hanging out with Evan, Con. Everybody thinks your dating. I know you feel pity but it has to stop. I mean everybody knows how pathetic Evan is.”

Evan didn’t even stick around to hear Conner’s response before he was bolting from the club. With it feeling far to stifling for how taste. Bolting into the street he cried when he realized he had came with Jared. Shaking Evan bolted down the street. To end the already terrible night. It started raining. Wailing Evan tripped over himself to get home. Fumbling for his keys Evan cried harder. His mother thankfully opened the door. Half a sleep she woke up when she saw Evan’s distressed face. Eyes softening she pulled him into a hug and coaxed him inside. Soft words of comfort leaving her lips that only a mother could share.

After awhile and several cups of hot chocolate later. Evan was out of his soaked cloths and fast a sleep on the couch. When she was sure her son was a sleep Heidi’s face changed to snarl. She was going to kill Conner Murphy! Assuming his mother didn’t get to him first that is. Heidi was generally a pretty cool person but when you hurt her baby boy? All hell would break loss and she would destroy you. Picking up get phone she called Cynthia Murphy.

“Heidi? What is the matter? Are the kids alright?!”

“Conner made Evan cry. Do you have any idea why? I am not accusing you of anything but I would like to know why my son ran home soaked from the rain. Saying Conner’s name over and over.”

Cynthia was quite for the longest time before she spoke. When she did it was frigid.

“I have no clue why Heidi but I assure you I will find out and Conner will be in major trouble. Please tell Evan to feel better and I will try to come over.”

“Thank you.”

Heidi found herself murmuring back to the other woman. The worry of her son crashing into her like a wave.

“It is no problem Heidi. Get some rest you and Evan will need it.”

“Of course good night.”

“Good night you and Evan stay safe.”

Hanging up Heidi rested her head on top of her son and feel into a restless nights sleep. Her baby boys breathing finally calm and eased. Mother and son slept through the night both in each other’s comforting embrace.

Conner watched on in mute horror when he saw Evan flee after Amy’s comments. He wanted to be mad at her and scream but he couldn’t. Worry for Evan the main concern for him right now.

Oh dear God Evan! The boy who managed to worm his way into Conner’s heart. Who made Conner bond with his family and actually get friends. Evan his first true friend who was not his sister. Evan who Conner had full intentions of asking out tonight before Amy stepped in. Conner had gotten Alana, Zoe and Hell, even Jared recruited to help him. Until some damn brunette who felt like she had a chance with Conner again ruined it! Conner didn’t even need to turn to her know because Alana had slapped Amy across the face. Raging at her for what she said about Evan and how she was going to make Amy’s life hell. Jared and Zoe chiming in what they thought every so often.

Jumping when he felt Jared touch his shoulder. He half expected it to be Zoe and braced himself to restrain from punching Jared.

“Go after him Conner. Evan really does like you. Me and the ladies will deal with this woman!”

“Your not an idiot when it comes to helping your friends are you?”

Smirking Jared slightly shrugged his shoulders.

“Go Prince Charming! Go after your Cinderella!”

Maybe Conner had spoken to soon about Jared not being an idiot. However, the damn idiot did have a point. Conner had to find Evan! Running down the street Conner searched for Evan before heading to Evan’s house. Stopping outside the door Conner awkwardly held the stuffed tree in his hands. He had wanted to get flowers but what flower shop was open at 11 at night on a Friday nonetheless? None not in Conner’s experience at least. That and he had no clue what flower who would have gotten Evan. After all Evan was the botanist out of all of them. He knew flowers and there meanings perfectly. Maybe Conner was biased but Evan was good at knowing plants. Heidi opened the door and rounded on him.

“Get off my damn porch! Now!”

So she had heard what happened. Holding the bear up as a peace offering she glared at him suspiciously.

“Please Mrs.Hansen. I need to talk to Evan there was misunderstanding I love him!”

Her eyes softened but she was still tense.

“Fifteen minute Conner! That’s that! And if he starts crying all bets are off!”

Nodding his head Conner agreed to the terms. Only a few woman scared him when he was mad. His sister, his mother and his grandmothers. To name a few but Heidi Hansen was quickly making her way on the list. Stopping at how peaceful Evan looked. Conner pushed Evan’s hair out of his face. Evan looked so peaceful and even more beautiful then Conner believed possible.

Blearily Evan looked up a froze in terror.

“Shh… Evan. Amy is a moron. I will not leave actually.”

Pausing Conner swallowed thickly and pushed the tree plush into Evan’s hand.

“Look I understand if you want me to leave but.. but I love you. I should get going know before your mother kills me.”

Leaning forward Evan captured Conner’s lips into a kiss. Conner froze before gently pulling Evan forward to him. After awhile the broke apart for air. Heads pressed together in comfortable silence. Evan curled up into Conner and the tree plush was thrown to the side. Evan murmured something.

“Conner… I-I love you to. I d-d-don’t know when it started but I love you. I just realized when it was different the way I felt around you.”

“Shh.. shhh. Evan it is okay we will talk later let’s just sleep please. Shh.”

Nodding his head Evan feel back to sleep. Feeling a sequel stuck in her throat. Heidi looked on to the two boys. Thrilled that they had found each other. Cynthia had called her and told her what Zoe, Heidi and Jared had told them about the event. Pulling out her phone she snapped several pictures of the two boys. Sending them all to Cynthia who had responded with a happy face emoji. Oh Conner and Evan still had several battles to fight and hills to climb but they had there friends with them. As boyfriend and Zoe, Alana and Jared who would not let them got through this alone. Right now that was all a mother could ask for.

A/N: So that started out more angsty than I would have liked. Besides that I am thrilled with it. If you have any questions PM. Like I said to the wonderful connerxxmurphy. Also
#sappyprompts. Should I play around with this more or what? Love you all. You are the greatest!

Creepypasta #1134: Someone Is Sending Me Weird Text Messages

Length: Long

Someone is sending me weird text messages.

The first one came a few days ago. It was a Thursday night and I was up to my elbows in a cardboard box full of kitchen utensils and baking pans when I heard my phone ‘ping’ from across the room. I ignored it and went back to rummaging through the box.

I had moved into my new apartment a few days earlier and was still living out of boxes. The necessities had been unpacked and set up — my bed, the TV, my kitchen table. Toiletries had been stuffed under the bathroom sink, a dozen black garbage bags full of clothes had been stuffed into my bedroom closet. The rest was hidden in a daunting heap of cardboard boxes I hadn’t bothered to label when I packed them. I only rummaged through the pile when absolutely necessary, like the night before when I realized that I hadn’t brushed my teeth in three days and spent half an hour trying to find my toothbrush.

An hour later, I had abandoned the box of kitchen crap and curled up on the couch to watch TV. I was wearing an oversized orange hoodie that I could pull over my knees like a blanket. It was the wee morning hours and the only shows that were playing were infomercials for blenders and crappy old episodes of CSI. I had just flipped to a televangelist preaching when I heard my phone ‘ping’ again. It was still next to the stove where I had left it charging.

This time I got up and dragged myself across the kitchen. I was teetering on the edge of drunkenness from the $5 bottle of bitter Pinot Grigio I had helped myself to for dinner, pretending it would help me unpack. It just made me feel all warm and floppy and silly, and even less motivated than before.

I picked up my phone and looked at the texts. The first thing I noticed was that both texts were from the same person. The second thing I noticed was that instead of a contact name or phone number, this person was identified simply with the purple devil horn emoji: 😈

Now here’s something you should know about me: I’m not the sort of person that uses emojis. I’m definitely not the sort of person that would save someone as a contact in my phone using an emoji instead of their name.

That’s when I noticed the third thing about these texts: they were picture messages. I have that setting on my iPhone where message content is kept private on my lock screen. So instead of seeing the text or picture, my phone will just say “Text Message” or “Picture Message.”

Sober Me might have been seen red flags pop up at this point, but Drunk Me was excited. It seemed flirtatious and naughty. I quickly tapped in my pass-code and clicked straight into my messages to see what pictures this purple grinning devil had sent me.

Two black rectangles. The pictures were of nothing. I tapped one to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. Pinched the screen to zoom in then out again. Nothing. I opened the second one, same thing. Just black.

Sober Me wouldn’t have responded, but Drunk Me wanted to flirt back. I thought for a second about what to say, then typed: “I think you forgot to turn the flash on.”

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Are you looking to be punished? Tyler Joseph smut

You didn’t get much sleep last night which made you really tired the next day. Around 7 o’clock you decided to go lay down in the bunks to nap quickly before the show. You had fallen asleep but you were woken up by feeling a hand on your inner thigh. Your eyes shot open to see Tyler hovering over you feeling you up and down.

“Good morning princess. I came to get you up. I have to get back to the arena in 15 minutes for a quick interview. When I got in here you looked so freaking sexy sleeping in my shirt and those short shorts.” His eyes were darkened with lust.

“Ty, babe not right now, you have a concert and interviews. We don’t have enough time.”

“I know it’s not that’s why you’re going to get dressed and we’re going to head back inside the arena. I’ll grab you some clothes. Wait here.”

Tyler came back after about 5 minutes with a black and white skater dress and some vans.

“Babe I need underwear, will you go grab a pair?”

“No your not going to need those. I want to get this show over with and then get you somewhere private and eat your sweet little pussy right away.” He said this as he slid his hand down to your ass and smacked it. “Do you understand princess? Don’t disobey daddy or you’ll be in a lot of trouble.”

His words were starting to make your knees weak with anticipation of what was to come after the show. “Okay daddy, but before you go on stage can I take care of that.” You asked as you pointed to the bulge that was starting to show in his pants.

“Quickly we only have 10 minutes until I need to be back in the arena.”

With that you quickly got down on your knees and unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants and boxers. You kept eye contact with him the whole time. You began to tease him by licking up from the base to the tip. Then you began to just suck the tip of his cock.

“Baby stop teasing. We have to go.”


You stood up and put on the dress and vans Tyler got you earlier. Tyler just stood there in shock for a minute before pulling up his pants and trying to hide his erection.

“What the hell did you do that for princess? Are you looking to be in trouble?” Tyler asked you as you both exited the bus and headed to the venue. He held onto your hand extremely tight which meant he was pissed that you just got him worked up for nothing.

“Maybe I am daddy.” You whispered into his ear as you both walked through the back doors of the arena, heading into his dressing room. He silently put on some last minute paint to his neck and hands then turned around. He stood there staring into your eyes.  

“Oh. You’re asking for it. Princess when I get off that stage tonight you better be ready for me.”

He then left the dressing room and headed to the stage. His words once again made your knees feel weak and a pool began to form in between your legs.

After the first song was over you left the dressing room and headed to the side of the stage to watch Tyler perform. He kept looking directly at you with his eyes dark. Once the concert was over Tyler and Josh bowed and ran off stage. The usual smile you get from Tyler wasn’t there. He looked very angry. He grabbed your wrist and practically pulled you into his dressing room.

You locked the door behind you and when you turned around Tyler was motioning for you to come with his finger. He pulled you into a heated kiss and when you broke it apart to catch your breath he started to pull up your dress. He pushed you down onto the couch and spread your legs apart. Before you could say anything a moan escaped your mouth as you felt his fingers slip inside you.

“Oh, princess, you don’t get to make any noises tonight. You were a very bad girl earlier and you’re going to pay for it.” He spoke in a low tone while pushing his two fingers deeper inside you.

You held back all the moans you could until he started to suck on your clit slightly.

“Fuck Ty. Please don’t tease me. I need you inside of me.”

“No baby girl. You didn’t listen to me before. You made daddy perform with a hard dick and you left me thinking about all the things I was going to do to you tonight.”

You let out another moan as his voice vibrated against your core.

“I said no noises.” He grabbed onto your legs and put them over his shoulders to allow himself deeper access.  

“Daddy. I-I’m gonna-” He pulled away quickly and stood up.

“Paybacks a bitch isn’t it?” He asked as he began to leave the room. “I have a quick meet and greet with a few fans. I want you to go back to the bus and get naked and lay in the bunk. Oh and don’t you fucking dare touch yourself. I always know when you do. Understand princess?”

“Yes daddy.”

You headed back to the bus and got undressed. You slid into the bunk and waited. After about 15 minutes you began to grow impatient. You grabbed your phone and texted Tyler.

Babe please hurry up. I need you.

Sent 11:46pm

Josh is coming back to the bus with me. Put on some clothes. But no underwear.

Received 11:47pm

What. No. Tell him to go to the other bus. I can’t wait any longer.

Sent 11:49pm

Who said you have to wait. Don’t worry daddy has a plan for his baby girl. Remember I said no noises. We’ll be there in 10 minutes.

Received 11:51pm

You knew exactly what that meant. Tyler was going to tease you in front of Josh without him knowing.

Just as you finished putting on the dress from earlier the bus door opened.

“Y/N we’re back. Come out here, we are gonna watch a movie.” Tyler said as he walked up the stairs of the bus.

“Really tonight? I just want to go to bed.” You said trying to make it obvious to Josh he needed to leave.

“Nope you’re going to watch the movie with us. Sit down I’ll grab us a blanket.” Tyler said with slight aggression in his voice.

You sat down and Tyler sat next to you and placed the blanket over both of you. You cuddled into Tyler’s side as he laid his hand on your upper thigh. Josh was sitting on the other side of the couch facing the other way staring at the tv.

About 15 minutes into the movie Tyler’s hand moved up your legs and he slowly parted your legs.

“Tyler what the fuck are you doing?” You asked as he started to rub you through your underwear. His eyes got big when he realized you were wearing underwear.

“Oh you’re asking for it Y/N. I told you no underwear and you disobeyed daddy. Fuck I’m gonna punish you tonight baby girl.” He whispered into your ear and it sent shivers down your spine.

His hands began to move your underwear to the side and he started to play with your clit. You let out a slight gasp.

“Y/N you okay?” Josh asked looking at you with a concerned face. You were so grateful you were under a blanket so he could see what was really happening.

“Yeah just remember it was my friend’s birthday yesterday and I forgot to call her. I’m gonna call her now.” You stood and walked off to the bunks where you texted Tyler.

Either you be a real fucking man, ask your friend to leave, get back here and fuck or I’ll go to bed now and you’ll be left a horny pussy who couldn’t get enough balls to fuck his girlfriend.

Sent 12:28am

No. I’m in charge. Either you get the beautiful ass back out here and we’ll continue where we left off until Josh leaves or I’ll come back there now and punish you with Josh in the other room. Your decision baby girl.

Received 12:29am

You thought for a moment and contemplated just going to bed or going back out there and being embarrassed. That’s when you heard footsteps.

“So still thinking huh? Let’s go baby, daddy wants to finish the movie.” Tyler said taking your hand and leading you back out to the couch.

Again after about 3 minutes you felt Tyler pick up where he left off.

“Make one fucking noise, I dare you to.” Tyler whisper into your ear with aggression.

“I won’t.”

“Good.” He kissed your cheek and turned his head back to the movie as his fingers still worked on your clit.

You held back your moans the whole time. That was until Tyler slid his fingers into your folds. He smirked at you trying not to let out a loud moan.

As a loud part of the movie came on you let out a slight ‘fuck’ under your breath. This continued for what felt like an hour. You were finally getting to your limit when Tyler looked at you.

“You close baby girl?” He whispered.

You nodded as you but your bottom lip.

“”Hey Josh will you go grab my phone charger from my bunk?” Tyler asked.

Josh got up and Tyler reposition and started curling his fingers into you even faster.

You hit your climax as a wave of pleasure took over your body.

Tyler sat back the way he was before and cover both of you with the blanket again.

“I think I’m gonna head back to my bus. It’s getting kinda late.” Josh said as he returned with the charger.

You all said goodbye and once Josh was off the bus Tyler ripped you from the couch and had you pinned to the wall stripping you in the process. “Just so you know. You asked for this. Daddy is gonna have it out with you tonight princess. You were a naughty little girl. Teasing me, texting me, then my little slut had me please her in front of my friend.” Tyler said as he held you by your neck.

“Ty you’re hurting me.” His grip tightened before releasing you.

He started into your eyes as he unbuckled his pants and pulled off his shirt.  

“Then I guess you won’t be having much fun tonight.” He said as he took off his belt.

He pulled you over to the couch where he put you on all fours.

“Count for me.”

“Wh-” you were cut off by his belt coming down and slapping your ass.

You counted to 7 before he finally stopped.

“Tyler just fuck me already please.”

He grabbed your throat. “Who the hell is Tyler. You call me daddy when you’re a bad girl. Got it?”

“Yes.” You said trying to catch some air.

His grip got tighter.

“Yes who?”

“Yes daddy.” He let go of you and you panted to catch your breath.

He stood you up and brought you back to the wall.

You put your hand up against the wall as he bent you over.

He lined up with your core and started thrusting.

You were moaning uncontrollably.

“Tell daddy how you feel princess.”

“Daddy’s big dick feels so good. Don’t stop. Harder daddy.”

His thrust were hard and he was kind of hurting you, but you didn’t let him know that.

Both moaning like crazy you felt your end coming near.

“Daddy I’m close.”

He thrusters faster and held your hips tighter.

“Just a little longer princess. I’ll let you know when you can let go.”

You tried your hardest not to hit your climax Tyler wasn’t gonna last much longer because his thrust were becoming sloppy.

“Now baby.” Tyler said as you could feel him twitching inside you. He continued thrusting slowly as he rode out his high.

When he pulled out you practically fell to the ground. He held you up and picked you up. He brought you to the bunk and slid up against you.

“Fuck baby I guess I did go kind of hard didn’t I?”

“Yes and I loved every moment of it.” You said.

“Well we can go for round two.”

“Not tonight Tyler. I can barely stand.”

He chuckled and brought you into a kiss.

“I’m so lucky to have you as mine.”

“Yeah you are. I love you Ty.”

“I love you too Y/N.”

Vroom! {Sirius Black x Reader}

Just a quick one for Sirius while I work on my other ideas. I had to do a bit of research about motorcycles and ughhhh, i want a Harley-Davidson so baaaad. Or a BMW bike. Anyway, here you go, lovelies!

Reader is a muggle who works at a cafe and meets a charming boy with a nice big bike. 




Working as a barista at a small cafe was not as easy as (Y/n) thought. She needed a bit of money to pay for her rent and though the pay wasn’t much, it helped her lessen her expenses. She would work overtime to get a bit of extra money but what really made her job difficult is the fact that she had to work twice as hard, seeing as her coworkers were useless, lazy flirts who did nothing but read magazines and check out guys from the window. She wished her manager was aware of this but even she was too busy dealing with her other businesses which had even bigger problems.

(Y/n) watched the clock hand tick by until it was time to leave. It was almost 11pm before the next shift starts and her coworker will march right in through the door with her thick red lipstick and hideous handbag.

But as she waited for another ten minutes, no one entered the shop.

Her coworker was not normally late despite how ridiculously dressed she may be so naturally, (Y/n) started to worry. She pulled out her phone to call her coworker and wrote down what time she ended her shift for her boss to see in the morning when she heard the door open, ringing the bell that hung on top. (Y/n) smiled and turned around.

“Oh, Jesse! I was starting to worry. I thought you were–”

The stranger looked at her, his black leather jacket wet, and his long dark hair soaking. (Y/n) had not even noticed the rain outside. The man held a motorbike helmet in his arm and ran his fingers through his hair, combing it back.

“Got any firewhiskey here?” He asked with a smile that would surely make her coworkers squeal and drool.

She shook her head at the mention of ‘whiskey’ and softly replied, “No, sir. We only have coffee and tea.”

“I’ll be having tea then.”

“What kind?” She asked.

“There’s more than one kind?” He said.

(Y/n) chuckled which made him blush. He had never been to a muggle café before and he hated how embarrassed he was feeling right now, standing like an idiot in front of a cute barista while drenched from the rain. He scratched the back of his neck and walked towards the counter to read the menu.

Everything was unfamiliar and though he had had tea before, he never got the chance to know what was his favorite. If only Prongs was here, he would’ve known. He looked at the list of the different kinds of coffee and tea and found one that looked familiar.

“Uh, this mat-cha espresso one.”

(Y/n) smiled amusingly. Not only was it the worst drink in the shop, he was clearly clueless about what he wanted. She bit the inside of her cheek to prevent herself from laughing.

“Might I make a suggestion?”

Sirius nodded.

“Our bestseller is the chocolate mousse tea. Everyone loves that one.” She said.

Chocolate moose? Muggles sure are weird, he thought.

“Well, what’s your favorite?” He asked. She looked like a decent person so her favorite might just be the safer option.

“Chamomile. But we don’t have any today.” She said.

“Where can I get those?”

He must be a foreigner. He’s not kidding, is he?

“I have one at home. Maybe I can bring some for you next time.” She replied, fiddling with her fingers awkwardly at her own suggestion for him to see her again some day. He seemed like an interesting person and she wanted to know him more despite how clueless he was when it comes to beverages.

“Why wait?” He smirked, “I mean, you’re supposed to be home now anyway, right?”

Okay, he’s creepy. How did he know when my shift ends? Sure, he’s gorgeous and all but the fact that he knew about her schedule was strange.

“How did you–”

He handed her the piece of paper where she wrote her end shift which was 11pm. It was 11:30pm now.

“It might have flown or something,” he said, “So can we get that chamely–”

“Camomile,” she corrected.

“Right. Your favorite. Miss…?”

“(Y/n). And you are?”

“Sirius Black,” he said, shaking her hand.

“Pleasure to meet you,” she said, “I’ll just grab my coat.”

Sirius handed her his helmet after she was done, her hair loose and her black coat on. As they were about to leave, the door opened once more, revealing her coworker 30 minutes late in her red lipstick and neon green heels.

“(Y/n)! Sorry, I was late. I needed to–”

“It’s alright. I already checked out.” (Y/n) smiled.

The two went out into the night, the rain now softly drizzling. Sirius walked towards his motorbike, a big white 1959 Triumph 650 T 120 Bonneville. He took an extra helmet from the helmet case before putting it on. (Y/n) was surprised at the size of the motorbike which was bigger than the ones she’d see on the streets.

Sirius swung his leg over the bike and started the engine, making it rumble loud while she proceeded to sit comfortably behind him.

“Hold on tight, love.” He smirked, his voice husky and his hands gripping the handlebars.

She wrapped her arms around his waist and as the engine roared, he drove it quick and straight towards the empty road. The evening wind rushed past them, making (Y/n) smile excitedly as they ride. They crossed the bridge that had a few cars and zoomed past them. It felt dangerous to be with Sirius who was speeding through the streets but it did not bother her at all. It fueled her like gasoline and for the first time in in her life, she felt alive.


Been meaning to do this for a while; it’s a giveaway as a big thanks from me to you all for following and checking out my work! ♥

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Simply from me, it’s basically a tiny painting, and I’m giving away two of them! What I’ll be able to paint for you should follow similarly to the guidelines on my ACEO commission page. They’ll be done in watercolor/ink on illustration board card blanks. You can see examples of previous ones I’ve done here.

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Thanks so much once again for keeping up with my art. ^^ Good luck to the winners, and if you have any questions about this please feel free to send me a message!


Update: It’s over, and the winners have been selected and contacted. Thanks so much for everyone’s participation!

The Planetarium

Lafayette x Reader ft. Hamilsquad

Modern AU

Author: Lil Laddie

Words: 1535

Warnings: Swearing, awkwardness, kissing

Request :30, 32, and 39 for Laf PLEASE -anon

30: “C-can you hold my hand?”


39: “The buddy system is very important, you may get lost. NOW GIVE ME YOUR HAND!”

A/N: Hey lovelies! This was suppose to come out on Saturday, so sorry about that. I had finished writing it and just needed to put together the post, but sadly I had a school dance that day and ended being rushed around the whole day and finally getting home at 11 at night right after I had thrown up…Yup I threw up at my school dance and have been sick the whole weekend. I’m super embarrassed lol, but maybe since I’m sick I’ll have time to write more of our requests when I’m not doing homework. Hope I did this request the way you wanted! Requests are still open guys! Hope you have an amazing day and I love you all! 

“FIELD TRIP DAY!!!” Alex shouted through the apartment that you, Hercules, John, Alex and Lafayette all shared.

“Why do we call it field trip day?” You asked, walking into the front hallway where Alex was impatiently waiting.

“Because it sounds much more fun than calling it a hangout. That’s what we do everyday, this is special.” Alex explains, scoffing slightly at the question you had asked.

“Who’s in charge of the field trip today?” Herc asked, watching the Lafayette and John file into the entryway after him.

“That would be me!” Laf announced, pulling on his coat and handing you yours. “Today, we are going to the planetarium!”

“Really?” You asked, the excitement clear in your voice.

“Oh god, this is going to be amazing!” John yelled, exchanging a look with you of pure joy. The two of you had wanted to go to the planetarium since it had opened last fall.

“If you two are so excited, then we better get going.” Laf said his gaze never leaving yours as the boys continued to talk and walk out the door.

Once you were out on the street, you walked in pace with Hercules. Lafayette, Alex and John walked together right behind you. From the corner of your eye you could see Alex and John nudging Laf playfully as he blushed.

“You obviously chose this because (Y/N) has wanted to go since it opened!” John whisper yelled, causing Laf’s cheeks to be even more flushed.

“Maybe we should go with the buddy system.” Alex winked, wriggling his eyebrows.

“I don’t know guys…” Laf said, watching you laugh at something Herc had said.

“Trust us, we know what we’re talking about. Just say that she’s your buddy and buddies always need to hold hands.” John grinned.

“And if you don’t, that’s fine. Just don’t be too disappointed if someone else starts dating them instead.” Alex shrugged, making Laf’s eyes widen as he watched you and Herc goof around in front of him.

“Hey guys!” Laf said, shoving in between you and Hercules.

“What’s up Laf?” Herc asked, a knowing smirk on his face. He had stayed up with John and Alex the night before planning how to finally get the two of you together.

“The buddy system is very important, you may get lost.” Laf said, before turning fully you and shoving his hand at you. “NOW GIVE ME YOUR HAND!”

“Um, okay?” You raised an eyebrow at your friends weird antics, the boys face palming from behind the two of you.

“We’re here!” Hercules called, luckily putting an end to the awkward tension that had filled the air.

“This is incredible.” You breathed, walking through the doors and seeing all types of stars on the walls and ceiling above you.

“(Y/N), those exhibits about the different planets in our galaxies are over there. I know you’ve really wanted to see those.” Alex pointed out, making you immediately sprint towards the exhibit.

“Okay Laf, we’re going to give you two some alone time. This time please don’t yell at them! Just be natural.” John said, grabbing Lafayette by the shoulders and shaking his slightly.

“We believe in you man, don’t screw this up!” Herc commented, pushing Laf lightly to where you had run off to.

It wasn’t hard for Lafayette to find you, gazing at the mini models of Mars. You had already read the facts and now just studied every detail of the small replica. You were just staring at it with one of the happiest expressions Laf had ever seen on your face.

“Isn’t space the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen?” You asked Laf as he came to stand right next to you.

“It is extraordinary, mon ange.” Laf chuckled, walking with you to the model of Jupiter.

Lafayette turned to watch you as you studied the model of Jupiter and read the little facts surrounding it. He was completely entranced, his eyes never leaving your face. He loved to watch your eyebrow furrow as you tried to process the facts. He also loved seeing your face light up as you looked at the beauty of space.

You were standing shoulder to shoulder with him, you hands slightly brushing. He wanted to grab your hand so badly, but was scared that he would make the same mistake of scaring you like he had earlier. He didn’t want to ruin this moment with you. Taking a deep breath, words fell from Laf’s mouth before he could stop them.

“C-can you hold my hand?” Laf asked, his voice slightly timid.

“Did you just ask if you could hold my hand?” You asked, turning your eyes away from the model of Jupiter and to his panicked face.

“Um, no…” Laf trailed off, trying his hardest to cover up the fact that he was panicking.

“Yes you did! Why are you lying?” You exclaimed, turning your body to fully face him.

“Well, it’s dumb anyway! I don’t want to make you hold my hand. Sorry, mon amour.” Laf apologized, turning to walk to the model of Saturn.

“Who said I wouldn’t want to hold your hand?” You asked, following after him.

“It doesn’t matter just drop it.” Laf grumbled, his mood having dropped.

“I want to hold your hand.” You stated, holding your hand out to him expectantly.

“What?” Laf asked in shock, his blood quickly rushing to his face.

“HOLD MY HAND GODDAMNIT!” You yelled, your voice echoing through the entire planetarium.

Lafayette stared at you in shock for a few seconds before hesitantly letting you take his hand in yours. You turned back to the model of Saturn as if nothing had happened. Laf stood rigid for a couple of seconds before finally relaxing. To him, it felt perfect of have your hand in his.

You continued to walk around the planetarium together in mostly silence. Every once in awhile one of you would make a comment about the exhibit. Other than that it was a comfortable silence, where neither of you felt a need to say anything. By the end of it, you had almost completely forgot about his warm hand that was intertwined with yours.

“We should hold hands more often.” You sighed, not realizing the words had left your mouth as you laid your head gently of Laf’s shoulder.

“I completely agree, mon chéri.” Laf smiled, laying his head on top of yours.

“Why’d you want to hold my hand Laf?” You asked, feeling Lafayette slightly tense up at your question.

“You want the truth?” Laf asked, squeezing your hand a little tighter.

“Of course I do.” You said, squeezing his hand back in a reassuring manner.

“I really like you, (Y/N). We’ve been friends for a long time and you are an amazing human being. I’ve had a thing for you for so long it’s been driving me crazy!” Laf paused, pulling his head off of yours to look at you and you followed suit by looking at him. “I know this may make things awkward for us if you don’t feel the same, but I don’t want to be just friends with you anymore.”

“I’m glad you feel the same way as me. I’ve wanted to make a move on you for so long but, I didn’t want to scare you away.” You admitted, feeling as if a heavy burden had finally been lifted off your chest.

“You could never scare me away.” Lafayette grinned, the sight only making you do the same.

“Well, since I could never scare you away…” You pause, taking a deep breath to build up your confidence. “Would you like to go out on date with me tomorrow night?”

“I would love that, mon trésor.” Laf nodded, his eyes flickering for just a moment to your lips.

“Do I have to yell at you, like I did earlier, to get you to kiss me?” You asked, your voice barely above a whisper as your lips inched near his.

Without another word, Lafayette captured your lips with his. One of his hands cupped your face in a slightly rough way. The kiss wasn’t gentle like you had always imagined it to be, it was rough and hungry. You got lost in the moment easily, as did Lafayette. In that moment, all you wanted was Laf and only him.

Laf pulled away first, much to your disappointment. You looked at Laf, only to see him looking right past you with a blush on his cheeks. You turned to see Hercules, Alex and John high fiving and hugging. After a year, the three had finally gotten you and Lafayette together.

“Ready to go home?” Laf asked, turning your attention away from the boys and back to him.

“Yeah.” You smiled, intertwining hands with Laf once again as the two of you met up with the boys and started the walk home.

As you walked home, neither Lafayette or you could stop thinking about the date you would go on the next day. Anything could happen and neither of you would probably lose the smile on your face or the excitement for the next day. After all those months of waiting you had finally come together.

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*shoves past carts and racks* *moves "closed" sign out of the way* *ducks under the rope line* *climbs mount doom* *destroys 7 horcruxes* *blows up the death star* *approaches counter where I am wrapping up food/ throwing away waste/ using chemicals that aren't legally allowed around the production of food* "excuuuuse me but are you still open, please I just need 1 sandwich" -_- bitch we have pre made stuff on the wall. Eat that.

What do you mean your closed. What am I suppose to feel my baby. “Well there is a 7-11 across the street”


The Bystander Effect

We’re all the heroes of our own story until the exact moment we’re not. And most people can tell you exactly when that happened.

For me, it was a Friday night around eleven. I’d had a long day of pushing paper at the office and went out clubbing with some friends to blow off steam. They’d all kept going, off to another bar or club to continue their drunken merrymaking, but I’d called it a night. They booed and hissed and told me I was an old lady, but I waved them off with a one finger salute and went on my way.

The bus stop wasn’t very crowded when I got to it, which wasn’t all that surprising given the still fairly early hour. I checked my watch, 11:07, and hugged my purse against my chest with a tired, but happy sigh. My buzz was still going strong and I was looking forward to a nice, long soak in my tub with a side of wine and some easy listening.

The pair of women beside me were leaning on each other and giggling while taking selfies, one of the guys was sitting on the bench, staring resolutely at the ground with a “Don’t talk to me” air. The other guy was leaning against the side of the little bus stop enclosure, thumbing through his phone.

We all gave each other plenty of personal space, as was customary in these sorts of situations, and I busied myself with checking Facebook and de-tagging all of the unflattering pictures my friends thought it was funny to post.

I didn’t even notice the guy across the street until the girls started whispering about him. Their excited, nervous back and forth made me look up from my screen and I followed their gaze to the man, probably no more than twenty three or four, who was walking down the sidewalk. The lit-up plastic jewelry that blinked from around his neck and wrists in the telltale colors of a nearby gay club hinted at where he was coming from.

But he wasn’t the one the girls were watching.

Someone was following him. It was pretty obvious from the pursuer’s fixed stare and the way he was speeding up the closer he got to the oblivious, probably tipsy guy. I glanced at the girls, waiting for them to call out a warning, but they stayed quiet, only observing and whispering. The others, Mr. Don’t-Talk-To-Me and Mr. Phone, at the bus stop hadn’t even noticed what was happening.

I checked my cell. 11:10. Just five minutes until the bus would arrive.

Across the street, the two men came to an ally. The pursuer leapt on his prey and they got into a scuffle. It was immediately clear who had the upper hand. The poor man being attacked yelped and started to call something.


He was looking right at us.

The attacker clamped a hand down over his victim’s mouth and dragged him into the dark alleyway.

I looked at Mr. Don’t-Talk-To-Me. He pointedly looked away.

I looked at Mr. Phone. He kept his eyes on his screen.

The girls were tugging at their hair and motioning across the street, asking one another what to do.

I checked my phone. 11:12.

The sound of muffled cries came from the shadows across the street, followed by the sharp crack of a fist against flesh. A metal garbage can clattered to the ground and rolled to the mouth of the alley.

Someone should do something, I thought wildly, looking again at the men. They should do something! They were bigger and stronger than me and the two drunk girls. They should be going over there and helping!

I caught Mr. Don’t-Talk-To-Me’s gaze, but he didn’t move.

Did he expect me to do something? What could I do? I was a petite woman in high heels and a mini skirt. The attacker would just laugh me off. Or make me his next victim. There was no way I’d be able to fend him off in any meaningful way!

Even the victim had been bigger than me. If he hadn’t been able to shake him off, I’d only make things worse.

A brief surge of relief went through me when I saw a group walking down the sidewalk across the way. They’d go right past the alley, they’d hear what was happening and help!

But they just kept going.

One glanced down the alley and then pulled their phone out. They’re calling 911, I assumed. Why hadn’t I thought of that? It had happened so fast, I didn’t really have time to process, that was all. The girls must have had the same thought, because one asked if she should call the police. She and her friend debated.

Clearly I didn’t need to do the same if two other people were beating me to the punch. They’d make sure the cops arrived soon.

A good number of people had seen what was happening. Someone had to have called. Someone had to have made an attempt to help. I didn’t need to get involved.

I checked my phone. 11:14.

The bus was turning the corner.

There were stifled grunts and groans coming from the alley, the sound of weak crying.

The bus pulled up alongside the curb and opened its doors.

We all climbed in single file and spread out amongst the seats. The girls were still wondering if they should call the cops. The guys remained silent.

The bus doors closed and we lurched forward, leaving the alleyway and its darkness behind.

I checked my phone. 11:15.

And that was the moment I realized that I wasn’t the hero, even in my own story, or anyone else’s either.

anonymous asked:

What happened with Ariana?

honestly I have no idea, but I can lay out what I do know if that’s helpful??

-everything tonight was running like an hour behind and so the opening act went on before anyone got to meet ariana

-apparently ari looked super sad during m&g and it was super rushed and nobody really got to spend any time with her

-apparently security said the show still needed to end by 11 so it’s unclear if they cut songs I can’t figure it out from twitter ???

-people think she is either sick or that she and mac broke up or that something happened with her family or that she’s upset about all the hate but nobody really knows what

-if you haven’t noticed, she’s been trying to stay off social media and out of the public eye for a while now and she just liked a fan’s tweet about how twitter was kinda mean and people shit on her a lot

-she just replied to a fan’s insta post with an explanation

-2 fan accounts of how the night went: here and here

i’ll update as things happen/I find things out I guess?

His Dirty Little Secret

Chapter 13

“Did i just say that?”

Warning;sexual content!

Hailey’s Pov

I haven’t left the house in 2 days.

i faked being sick to my mum and she has believed me surprisingly

i texted Sophie and Lauren about my sickness and told them not to come over in case i give it to them.

they hate getting sick so i knew that would keep them away.

i’ve been going to the forest for the last two days.

it’s been peaceful and i needed to get out of the house but i can’t face school yet.

i couldn’t face him not yet.

what he said really got to me.

at least he tried? tried what?

i was so confused but i didn’t want to go to school just yet to have him annoy me and throw paper at me.

i needed to think before i face him again

i lied to him.

i don’t want us to be over, i have really missed his touch.

How could I let myself get into this mess, the mess containing Luke hemmings he has really fucked me up because I have feelings for him there is no point denying that anymore.

i just can’t get these thoughts out of my head.

no one can ever love me, maybe that’s what he meant.

i sat up in my bed looking at my four walls, i have done nothing but cry this morning.

the thought are getting worse in my head, the more and more i think about cutting the more i want to do it.

my cut is almost healing.. healing into a nice scar on my wrist.

that is not going to go down well with my mum, i can only keep it hidden for so long.

maybe one more won’t hurt.

at least not for a while.

Luke’s Pov

2 days.

i have been driving myself crazy for 2 days! No Hailey has been driving me crazy for the last 2 days

she hasn’t showed up at school and after what happened on Monday i know she won’t repily to my text that’s if i had some confidence to actual text her, i always open her messages and go to type something and then put my phone away.

i really want to go over to her friends Lauren and Sophie to ask where she’s been or what’s wrong with her but they would just look at me strangely.

her curtains are closed, i haven’t seen them open once.

i’m really worried about her, i keep thinking about her scars and if she will cut again

it’s driving me crazy, i shouldn’t care for her like this.

Yes at the start i just wanted her as my little secret but now it has gone to far and i can’t keep away from her.

it’s like she’s a drug and i need her.

it’s strange because i have never needed anyone in my life before, that’s because i grew up not feeling wanted.

today is going to slowly, the clock keeps ticking and ticking like it’s mocking me.

it’s driving me insane!

the bell rings for break time but i don’t go to the canteen

i have given in to my thoughts and i walked out of school to go see Hailey

i need to see she’s okay.

Hailey’s Pov

this book is so good, i am almost to the end.

i can’t put it down.

i was just about to turn the page when i heard someone at the front door

What the hell?

it was almost 11 o'clock who the hell could that be?

and then i thought it must be the postman

i pulled my blanket around my shoulders as i got out of bed and made may way down stairs to the front door.

when i opened my front door i was surprised to see Luke standing their looking out of breathe.

“Umm hello?” i said

he didn’t say anything for a second and then he pushed past me and walked into my house

ugh he needs to stop doing this..

but i’m kind of glad he’s here but i wasn’t going to tell him that

“So you are alive..” he said

i looked at him confused and said “ Yes i am why do you care?” i asked him

he looked mad as hell

“Are you serious!!! you’ve been missing school for the last 2 days and i’ve just walked out of school to see if your okay and you asked me why do i care? you’re the only person right now i do care about” Luke said

my eyes widened at his words

ugh why does he have to say such nice things after the way i have treated him

i can’t let me see how i feel, i must stay strong

“well now that you know i’m alive you can go back to school, you didn’t need to leave school you could have waited till after school” i said to him not looking at him

that’s when he really lost it

“You can’t be this cold hearted,i just told you i care about you and that’s all you have to say, you do know who i am right?” he said

i almost wanted to roll my eyes at him

“that’s exactly the point i know who you are and how you behave so i’m sorry if i don’t believe you when you say you "care” about me" i said to him

i wasn’t expecting what he done next.

but i loved it!

he just stared at me and then he pushed me up against the door and kissed me


i wanted to pull away so badly!

in my head i kept saying pull away, pull away but i couldn’t i just pulled him closer.

we pulled away catching our breathes and then Luke leaned his head against my forehead and said

“believe me when i say i care about you.. and i’m going to show you”

i didn’t know what he meant until he threw the blanket of my shoulders and lifted me up in his arms making me grip his arms in shock

he started walking and i knew he was going to my bedroom and right now i was excited.

were we going to have sex?

do i want to have sex with him?

he threw me onto the bed making me bounce, i giggled a bit making Luke laugh as well

i stopped laughing and just looked at me while he looked at me

“Have you been crying?"he asked looking serious coming closer to me

i turned away from him and his gaze and said ” we all need a good cry sometimes"

he sadly smiled at me when i looked at him then he said “no more tears baby” then he kissed me

The kiss was hard and forced but I didn’t care I loved kissing him, I pulled him closer, Luke put one leg between my legs and then he started grinding on me, I could feel his penis on my leg and it was getting hard.

Did I do that??

Will I have to suck him off?

I have never done that before, I watched porn before so i know how to do it but I have never actually done it.

“ want to fuck you so bad” Luke said between kisses

“ I would have you begging underneath me while I finger you and then I would fuck you so hard, you wouldn’t be able to walk the next day” Luke continued

All I could do was moan in response,

I could feel myself get the similar feeling inside I got yesterday when I thought about us having sex before we were interrupted.

Oh how badly I wanted to have sex with him.

I have never really been interested in boys before that was until this thing with Luke started

“Would you like that baby?” Luke said when he pulled away

I looked into his blue eyes and nodded.

What was I doing.. I just agreed to have sex with Luke hemmings

What is wrong with me!!!!!

Luke smirked at me and then his hands gripped the bottom of my vest top and pulled it over my head, I had to sit up a bit for it to come off, I took my bra off as soon as my vest top came off, I don’t know if I want to do this but I knew I didn’t want to stop this.

Luke attached his lips to me again and kissed me hard, he was pressing me into the bed and I started to get uncomfortable to Iayed down which helped.

Luke started kissing down my neck and then he started gripping my boobs, I looked down at him and he looked up at me and then he brought his mouth down to my breasts, the feeling I got was insane i couldn’t control myself my hands where everywhere, on his shoulders, in his hair and gripping the bed sheets I have never felt this before and I didn’t want to stop, no wonder people like to do this a lot because this feeling is the best.

When Luke took one of my nipples in his mouth that is when I lost it, I couldn’t control my moans. I gripped the bed sheets so hard my hands started to hurt but I didn’t care.

Luke stopped and when he did I opened my eyes because i was confused as to why he stopped, I looked down at him and he was looking at me smirking

What is he planning??

“ Remember I said that one day I would taste you properly” Luke said

I nodded my head and he said “ Well today is the day”

I didn’t know what he meant until he undone the knot on my shorts and sat up to pull them off my legs.

Did I mention that I wasn’t wearing any knickers.

“ No knickers, you naughty girl” Luke said and then he moved down the bed a bit so he was facing my exposed vagina

Omg this was actually going to happen, Luke has fingered me before but this.. This was different.

Luke pushed my legs wider and then he started kissing the insides of my thighs

I couldn’t control my body, every time Luke kissed me on my thigh near my vagina my body lifted of the mattress into the air I couldn’t help but moan everytime he done that.

“ Let’s see what my piercing can do baby” Luke whispered

I didn’t know what he meant until.. OMG!

His mouth was attached to my clit

he kissed me twice before he inserted a finger in and I was gone

I felt like I was on cloud 9

Luke added another finger and my moans got louder, Luke’s fingers started going faster and I could feel the wetness between my legs and then… I felt Luke’s tongue on my clit.

It was the best feeling ever. I could feel myself getting close to my orgasm and Luke knew I was close

“ Are you close baby?” He whispered

I managed to breathe out a “ Yes” and then Luke’s tongue started flickering more and more and I could feel the orgasm building and building and then Luke said “ Let go baby” and that’s all it took for my orgasm to hit.

I gripped his hair so hard, my back arched of the bed while I came.

I was in heaven.

Once the orgasm ended I layed back down and untangled my hands from Luke’s hair, he looked a mess but a hot mess. I’m sure I did too.

“ You taste like heaven” Luke said coming face to face with me and then he kissed me, I could taste myself on him wasn’t a bad taste if I’m honest.

Luke started grinding on my legs and I could feel how hard he was, I pulled away and looked down

Yup he has a hard on.

I am about to do something I have never done before

But I might as well reward him after he has made me cum twice.

The words came out of my mouth before I could think about it

“ Do you want me to help you with that?”

he looked at me confused and then he said “You don’t have to”

i smirked at him and said “ But i want too”

i turned us around surprising us both and Luke said “Wow”

then i bent down again not before i gave him a peck and bit down on his lip.

he started moaning when i started pulling his jeans down…

once his jeans were on the ground, he was just in his boxers.

it’s the first time i’ve seen him like this.

he looked at me so innocent but he is far from it

i suddenly realised i was going to be to shit at this.

he won’t enjoy it, i know it

“Hey what’s wrong?” he asked sitting up

“I’ve never done this before..” i said

i thought he was going to laugh at me but he didn’t

he grabbed my hand and said “ i did say you didn’t have to do this babe, i can just go into the bathroom to get myself off”

he was about to move but i stopped him and spoke “ No, i want to do this. you please me all the time i want to do the same to you”

he smirked at me then he layed back against the bed like before but then he pulled his boxers right off making him completely naked

he’s big.

oh my god.

i wasn’t expecting him to be his big

“i’ll show you what to do baby” he said then he grabbed my hand

i moved closer till i was in his lap then he guided my hand down until i touched his cock..

i had watched porn before well i tried, i had seen woman do this before so i decided to take control

i slapped his hand away from mine making him smirk and then i let my hand go slowly down his body until i gripped his member making him stop breathing and moan.. i haven’t even done anything yet and i was doing this already.


“Feel what you do to me baby” Luke moaned


i never knew i could turn someone one so much

i moved my hand up and down gripping and then i started thinking about the porn scene i watched so i decided to lean down and kiss the top of his tip

“Fuck baby..” Luke moaned

i grinned to myself and then i took him in my mouth, god he is big i feel like i’m going to choke.

His gaze was intense as he observed the way I pleased him. “ Your mouth is amazing,FUCK!” Luke moaned as his head leaned back on my pillow and he closed his eyes in pleasure..

i was loving this.

my pace quickened and his breath hitched. He hissed against my pillow as  my mouth tighten around him,the desperation was clearly evident in his voice as he grunted because of the pleasure my mouth was giving him.

he came three seconds later in my mouth.

the taste wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be, i swallowed without any problem

“No gag reflex?” Luke said once he came down from his high

“no” i said hoping he wouldn’t question it, he doesn’t know about my eating disorder.

“fuck” he said then he leaned down bringing me up till his face and kissed me hard.


my mum was due to come home soon but i didn’t want to tell Luke

we were laying naked in bed just talking about everything

about school and he was making fun of teachers making me laugh so much

“i never knew you were so good at impressions” i said in between laughs

“Well i am full of surprises baby” Luke said smirking making me laugh harder

“oh you think that’s funny do ya?” he said then he got on top of me, i didn’t know what he was going to do then he started tickling me

“Oh my god please STOP!!” i said laughing trying to push him off me

“Not until you admit i’m the best” he said tickling my sides harder

i could feel a little bit of pee coming.. i can’t pee myself.. not in front of him

“OK!! okay you are the best” i said and he finally stopped

we just stared at each other smiling and then i asked him a question i’ve been dying to ask

“why didn’t you fuck that girl on Saturday night?” i asked

he got off me and sat back but not letting go of my hand, he was about to speak but i beat him to it

“ it was because of me right?” I said to him..

I sat up in bed because I knew I was right.

Luke looked down at my floor for a minute and then he looked up at me and strugged his shoulders.

I love him.


Did I just say I love him??

I couldn’t control my happiness right now. I was so fucking happy.

“ Why are you smiling like that?” Luke asked with a confused face

I smirked at him and said “ You like me”

Luke looked at me confused and then his eyes widened at what I meant and then he said

“ No I don’t”

ha liar.. I can tell he’s lying. It’s written all over his face.

I smiled at him and said “ I know your lying, admit you like me”

Luke looked me straight in the eyes and said..

“ Okay fine.. i like you..”

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