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can’t stop thinking abt an xtremely specific spiritassasin first meeting scenario about young baze brooming the temple garden and chirrut hanging under a tree eating fruit and observing him.

baze doesn’t notice him at first until baze trips over a root and chirrut laughs. baze looks away, obviously embarassed, and tries to ignore chirrut for the rest of the time but he’s just too curious abt this weird ass guy and keeps glancing at him all while brooming.

chirrut is just eating his fruit but whenever he notices baze staring he does smth Extra like this weird kinda flick of the tongue or stretching his body and crossing his legs. baze dies and thinks this cannot POSSIBLY be on purpose; but little did he know my boy chirrut is not only a monk, but an A class hoe as well.

so they just spend an afternoon like that. baze brooming and bashfully(even if he thinks chirrut doesnt notice him) sneaking looks at chirrut, and chirrut slowly upping his seduction game until he at last outright winks and blows a kiss, which leads baze to fuckin Burn up and furiously stomp away, wondering what kind of a monk is that! terribly scandalous

lance who has always acted so confident but is actually shy and inexperienced when it comes 2 dating and for all his bravado when keith actually says i love you for the first time and means it they’re on a mission and he’s like ”haha quit….screwing around, keith” and keith is like “no i’m being serious” and lance is like “what? oh, wow…uh…” 

a brief zombie AU for @stcmbles.

The safe zone is right there. The safe zone is right there and Sam is bit.

“No,” Rafe says, hands white-knuckled tight over Sam’s forearm, stilling his movements. “Jesus, Sam, stop. Stop it. I’m not leaving you. It’s not fucking fair.”

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