i hav feelings 2

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transmasc chuuya doodles !!
(aka i love trans bsd headcanons so much holy hsit chuuya is my tiny trans son and no one can tell me otherwiSE)

[click pictures for captions !]

how the signs react in traffic

Aries: “ok what the FUCK bitch move it along u hogging the whole damn lane”

Taurus: “haah haha hhhaa wtf”

Gemini: “ur a fucking dipshit now pls keep goin”

Cancer: “OMG why?? i didnt kno this was allowed”

Leo: “???????????????? u guys are boring as fuk”


Libra: “th man behind me is lookin at me wat do….”

Scorpio: “omg ok i get it ok now continue plez”

Sagittarius: “Why she do tht”

Capricorn: “nice Im having lot of fun i feel connected with jesus”

Aquarius: “woooooooow i hav a funeral 2 go 2”

Pisces: “wtevr not like its unusual for me to b late am i right hahhhaha”

ur daily reminder that harry n louis are best friends and would protect eachother to the ends of the earth