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There’s A Nap For That

Based on this post: “If you both agree to take a nap instead of going out, it’s a date.” 

Or: The one where Bellamy and Clarke keep taking naps together. You know, platonically. See also: Let Them Rest

A/N: I started this before New Years and thought it would be done in like, three days. Oh how naive. But hey, here we are!

WC: ~6.5k
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Clarke doesn’t plan to be alone on New Year’s Eve, but she also doesn’t plan not to be alone–if that makes sense. She could fly back to Los Angeles and attend her mother’s extravagant corporate party, if she wanted to put herself through that. It’s definitely an option.

But she’s long since decided that it’s better to deal with the vague feelings of missing out on the New Year’s celebration over fielding questions about why she’s not following in her mother’s footsteps or, god forbid, whether she’s gotten over that whole sexuality thing yet.

So she calls Abby the night before the party, fulfills her yearly, good-daughter quota of well wishes and pleasantries, and calls it good.

And really, doing nothing on New Year’s Eve is kind of the best thing that’s happened her, stress-wise, in the last six months.

She works in the graphic design department for an uber-trendy website that facilitates commissions for freelance artists, which makes it an incredibly lucrative avenue to get her name out there in the industry. It just also happens that the company is very concerned with staying up-to-date with aesthetic trends, and has her changing logos and web layouts on a weekly basis.

It’s the kind of somewhat crappy, over demanding job that she feels weirdly excited to have, because it means her mom isn’t paying people to make her life easier.

But it has been running her to the bone, so she’s positively delighted to do absolutely nothing for a night.

Or she is until she finds out that Bellamy also doesn’t have plans for New Year’s Eve.

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57 with fluff ending?

Her (Yoongi x Reader Angst/Fluff)

Prompt request: “You don’t understand, you never do!”

Summary: Yoongi is still close with his most recent ex. He doesn’t think much of it, and he’s told you many times that he doesn’t have any feelings for her. But when they dated for years, and you’ve only been in the picture for a few weeks, you can’t help but feel a little insecure. 

Word count: 1.7k words

Originally posted by jeonbase

You yawned quietly, snuggling into Yoongi’s lap. The movie playing in front of you was boring, and it already hours past midnight. As you fought the urge to fall asleep, you turned your head to see how your boyfriend was faring.

Above you, Yoongi’s face was illuminated by the bright screen of his phone. He was typing away, completely engrossed in whatever he was doing. Every now and then, his lips would quirk into a smile or he would laugh breathily.

“What are you doing?” you asked, your voice slurring slightly due to your exhaustion. Yoongi glanced down at you, his eyes wide with surprise as if he had forgotten you were there. “I’m getting sleepy.

“Oh, I’m just texting Eunha,” Yoongi replied, glancing at the clock hanging on the wall above his television. You couldn’t help but frown at the mention of Yoongi’s ex-girlfriend, and the fact he was talking to her while you were supposed to be spending time together. “Yeah, it’s getting late. I didn’t even notice. You gonna head to your dorm?”

You sat up quickly and grabbed the remote that was beside you. You turned off the TV and stood up. “Yeah,” you answered curtly. “I’ll see you later.”

“Y/N, don’t be like that,” Yoongi sighed, running a hand over his face tired. He stood up, too, and tucked his phone into his back pocket. “You know that we’re just friends. There aren’t any feelings between us. Besides, we were friends before we dated, I’m not just gonna cut her out of my life.”

“Yeah, I know,” you said resignedly, looking at your feet instead of Yoongi. “There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just me.”

“Hey, don’t be like that,” Yoongi said softly, and you could hear the smile in his voice. “I’m dating you because I like you, not anyone else. Don’t worry about stuff like that, okay?”

“Okay,” you replied, returning your boyfriend’s smile with a small one of your own. Yoongi pressed a gentle kiss against your forehead.

“Come on, it’s already late,” Yoongi said, grabbing your head and threading his fingers through yours. “I’ll walk you to your dorm.”

“It’s okay, Yoongi,” you laughed, trying to disentangle your hand from his. He wouldn’t let go. “Really, it’s fine. My residence is like, a five minute walk away.”

“So?” Yoongi asked, his eyebrow raised challenging. “It’s dark. Something might happen. And besides, I want to.”

“If you insist,” you conceded teasingly. The two of you slipped into your shoes and exited Yoongi’s small dorm, hand in hand and smiling the entire way back to your place.

A few days later, you and Yoongi were supposed to meet up at a quaint coffeeshop for brunch. You had planned the date a few weeks ago. Yoongi was fairly late, so you wondered if he had forgotten. You pulled out your phone to see no new messages. Sighing, you started to text Yoongi.

SENT 10:27 AM

Hey r u coming?


Yeah I’m OMW. Sorry about that.

SENT 10:33 AM

It’s cool. I’m gonna order so I don’t get kicked out tho


I just bumped into Eunha. She just got in from Daegu today. Do you mind if she comes along?

SENT 10:37 AM

Seriously Yoongi?


I know, I know. But she’s not gonna have any time to see me otherwise. I haven’t seen her in months, Y/N.

SENT 10:42 AM

Fine. Do what you want.

And when Yoongi and Eunha waltzed into the coffeeshop, eyes bright with laughter and huge smiles, you regretted texting that.

Yoongi spotted you quickly, and shot you an apologetic smile before leading Eunha to where you were sitting. You hated to admit it, but she was really pretty. Her and Yoongi probably made a great couple.

“Y/N, this is Eunha,” Yoongi introduced as they sat down in front of you. “Eunha, this is my girlfriend, Y/N.”

“Oh!” Eunha exclaimed, looking a little flustered once she realized she was interrupting a date. Still, she smiled dazzlingly at you. “It’s so nice to meet you. Me and Yoongi are old friends, and we haven’t seen each other in a long time. I didn’t know you were supposed to be on a date, though.”

“Nice to meet you, too!” you replied cheerfully, although your smile was not as genuine as you tried to make it. “And it’s fine, don’t worry about it.”

“Damn, Yoongi,” Eunha laughed, shoving him in the shoulder. “You’re such a shitty boyfriend. I’m so glad I broke up with you.”

“Hey, she said it was fine!” Yoongi said defensively, though he was laughing. “And I broke up with you, for the record.”

“Whatever,” Eunha snorted, picking up the menu from the table. “We should order. This place looks really good. Oh! Yoongi, they have crêpes. Your favourite!”

“Oh, really? Awesome,” Yoongi smiled. You bit your bottom lip, frustrated that you didn’t know that, and even more frustrated that Eunha did. “I’ll have that then, I guess.”

The two friends conversed easily, catching up for lost time. Soon, they began talking about old friends–ones still living in Daegu that you hadn’t even heard of–and you stopped listening. The food arrived shortly after, and you slowly ate your Belgian waffles as Yoongi chatted away.

You watched him devour his chocolate crêpes, and then yell when Eunha snatched a piece with her fork. They looked like the couple, not you and Yoongi, But you bit your lip and said nothing, not wanting to make a scene.

In what felt like hours later, everyone had finally finished their food. Still, neither Yoongi nor Eunha looked like they had intentions of leaving anytime soon. The two of them hadn’t addressed you in the last few minutes, so you played idly on your phone.

“I’m gonna go to the washroom real quick,” Eunha announced, her chair scraping against the floor as she stood up. You winced at the sound. “Be right back!”

Eunha bounced away in search of the restroom. Once she was out of sight, Yoongi turned to you excitedly.

“So what do you think?” he asked. “She’s really fun, right? You should talk more, I think you two would make great friends.”

“Are you being serious, Yoongi?” you hissed, incredulous. “I’m sure she’s a great person, but really? We’re on a fucking date right now.”

“You said it was fine!” Yoongi exclaimed, his smile slipping away. “And I rarely get to see her. Forget that we dated–she’s one of my best friends. You know, it’s hard leaving half my life behind in Daegu. I’m sorry for wanting to see my friends and introduce them to you.”

“It’s not about that, you asshole,” you snapped, standing up. “You can be friends with whoever you want Yoongi. But think about this in my perspective, okay?”

You grabbed your thin jacket from behind your chair. Pulling a bill from your pocket, you threw it onto the table. “That should cover my food,” you said, turning to leave. “I’ll see you later. There’s no point in me staying.”

“Y/N, you’re being ridiculous,” Yoongi growled, his voice deepening angrily. “I don’t understand why you’re–”

“You don’t understand, you never do!” you interrupted. “We’ll talk about this later. Tell Eunha I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to say bye.” With that, you turned on your heel and walked out of the store.

Secretly, you were hoping Yoongi would come after you, but he didn’t.

With nothing to do, you wandered around aimlessly. Eventually, you came across a familiar landmark. There was a small park in the middle of the downtown area. You and Yoongi had been there several times together.

You walked slowly through the familiar setting, coming across a small pond. It was cool outside, so there weren’t as many animals as there were the last time you had came with Yoongi. There was a bench nearby, so you flopped onto it and stared at the blue sky above you, letting your mind wander to anywhere but Yoongi.

Still, you couldn’t help but think about the events that had just transpired. You were angry with Yoongi, but you were even angrier at yourself for being so insecure. Sighing, you pulled your jacket tighter around you and stood up, ready to leave.

“Y/N,” Yoongi panted from behind you, his voice too familiar to miss. You spun around, mouth agape in surprise. “I had no idea where you went. Took me so long to find you.”

“I didn’t think you were going to follow me,” you replied, crossing your arms. Still, seeing Yoongi before you, breathless and sweating in his desperation to find you, dissipated your anger. Sighing, you spoke again. “Look, I’m sorry about earlier. You were wrong to do what you did, but I overreacted and I apologize for that.”

“You don’t need to apologize,” Yoongi said with a small smile, moving closer to you. “I realize now that I’ve been pretty shitty. Not just for bringing Eunha on our date, but because I even let you feel any type of jealousy over Eunha.”

“My feelings are my own,” you snorted, uncrossing your arms as Yoongi had a move to hold your hands. You let him, his warm hands completely engulfing your frigid ones. “They’re mine to deal with.”

“No,” Yoongi said, shaking his head. “I’m not good at talking about things like this. But it’s my fault for not telling you how much I love you and how much you mean to me. If I did, you would know that what I feel to you is incomparable to what I feel–or felt–for Eunha.”

“How much you love me?” you teased, although your heart was hammering in your chest. Yoongi had never said that before, and you didn’t either because you didn’t want to pressure him.

“Yes, how much I love you,” Yoongi repeated, his cheeks turning bright red. “I’m sorry I never told you before. But it’s true. I’m sorry I made you think that my feelings for you were anything less than that.”

“Well, you’re forgiven,” you laughed, pressing a quick peck against Yoongi’s lips. “And, for the record, I love you too.”

And, much later, you realized Yoongi had been right. You and Eunha made great friends, and Yoongi was beginning to regret ever introducing the two of you.

- Girl in Luv

Ok…so I was going to make this a Tutor!Yoongi thing, but I’m like 99% sure that’s not what any of the anons were requesting. But if you want a tutoring AU…like let me know. Thanks for requesting to all the people who did! I hope you enjoyed. As always, thanks for reading 💛

Friends Part 3

Summary: You and Bucky are friends for a long time, but lately you start to develop romantic feelings for him. One day one of Tony’s parties everything changes but maybe not the way you wanted or expected.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1790

Warnings: Fluffy so much fluffy

Thank you @amrita31199 you are amazing. 

credits to the gif owner

Part 1 Part 2

You have been waiting in the parking lot in the car for the past 15 minutes, in 5 minutes Dan will arrive for your date and you don’t know if you’re ready for it. Sure, Dan was a great guy, he was nice and funny and polite. But there is a part of you that is hearing Bucky’s words in your brain over and over again and as much as you try you can’t silence it.

You hate how insecure you feel right now, what if Bucky was right and Dan was using you for some ulterior motive? Or if Dan was drunk and regretted asking  you for this date? You try to calm yourself down, thinking about all the possibilities in the worst case scenario “You went to another failed date and you had an overpriced cup of coffee” you think.

You get out of the car when you see Daniel coming down the street “You look beautiful.” He says you can’t help but blush, you are wearing some jeans, with a white shirt and flats. Nothing that deserves such a compliment “You look nice too, black really make your eyes pop.”  He smiles shyly at you, having almost the same reaction as you with the complement.

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The Right Direction [Yondu Udonta x Reader]

Originally posted by starkactual

Could I make a request? Soulmate AU with Yondu where you have a compass that leads to your soulmate. – Anon

So… I was meant to post the Doctor Strange one today, but I couldn’t not post this after I kinda let myself get a little bit obsessed with this here grumpy blue space dad. I hope it’s okay anon.

2,932 words

 Taglist: @maddybeck01 @multi-villain-imagines

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The Master of Diaper - Batmom x Batkids/Bruce Wayne

Summary : It’s a war between your four sons, Dick, Jason, Tim and Damian…To know who’s the best at changing their little brother’s, Thomas, diapers. A rather intense war really, as they all want to become “The master of Diapers”. 

Just a short silly fic that came up to me while I was drifting off to sleep. And in case you’re wondering who “Thomas” is, here’s the fic that introduces him : “Shaky steps and bad teaching”. Hope you like it ahem : 

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


You always impressed Bruce, always.

The way you wouldn’t let anyone walk on your feet, and use your sarcasms and wits to get out of any “bad social situations” was impressive to him.

The way you always managed to make people around you smile and laugh, even him and your brooding sons, was impressive to him. 

The way you always seem to find the right words to comfort someone, or to tell your feelings, was impressive to him. 

The way you trained, even harder than him sometimes, was impressive to him. 

The way you fought, so fiercely and fearlessly, was impressive to him. 

The way you seemed to know everything, like you always had the answer to people’s questions (about ANYTHING), was impressive to him. 

And oh if he really had to list everything that he found impressive in you, it would take too many years. Yes, you always impressed your Bruce. Always. 

But today, you surpassed even yourself ! Your cleverness, he knew it now, had no bound ! Damn smart woman you were. 

What impressed him so much ? The way you so easily manipulated your sons into changing their little brother’s dirty diapers. It was such genius that he couldn’t tear his eyes off of you, admiration shining in his eyes. And the worst thing was, that you didn’t even know you were so awesome, and the only person he truly admired in this universe…Which made you even more awesome. 

It was really clever, the way you ended up convincing your sons to take care of their little brother’s, Thomas, dirty diapers. You played on their competitive side. One day, as Bruce was changing Thomas, you just dropped a “Wow, you’re slow, I bet even Damian could be faster than you”, which confused him a little bit. It wasn’t like you to say such things but…Oh, but of course. The boys were in the room, and he swore he saw their ears moving, quite like dogs, as they heard what their mother just said. 

It was a smart move really. Right after saying that, and therefor attracting their attention on the two of you, you heavily hinted that it took lots of skills to properly change diapers, and that you’d be impressed if you saw anyone do it in less than a minute…They took it as a challenge. Of course they did. 

As Bruce was finishing to change Thomas’ diaper (rather fast to be honest), Damian approached and said : 

-I bet mom is right, and I can be faster than you, father. 

Of course, now he said that, Tim had to add : 

-And I bet I’d be faster than you. 

Jason and Dick couldn’t be out of this little game, and felt like they were obligated to say : 

-Yeah right you little munchkins, I bet I will do it faster. Hey, stop repeating what I say ! Stop. Stop. STOP ! JASON/DICK ! HAHA ! Erf…

And so it started. 

The long race to who was going to become “The Master of Diapers”. 

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Advice for New Voice Actors: A Guide from Codot

I’ve been getting quite a few messages asking for advice in the Voice Acting field, so I’ve written a bit of a guide! I hope it’s helpful.

First off, I would have never considered myself to be an expert on something like this, but then I realised I’ve been doing it for about twenty years now, so I guess I have SOME advice I can pass along.


Nothing pulls a listener out of the world you’re trying to create like those pesky pops in your recordings (Tuhs, Kuhs, and Puhs), or those sharp “Ssssss” noises that slice through the mic. Luckily, they’re fairly easy to prevent. BUT HOW?!? I’M TELLING YOU HOW! SIT DOWN! The best advice? Get yourself a pop filter. They’re relatively cheap and very effective (however, if you are BROKE AF like I was when I started recording, get an embroidery hoop and some dollar-store panty hose and you are SET. No joke – that was my first pop filter. I held it between me and the mic and it WORKED). Now sometimes a filter isn’t enough – if you’re really yelling it out, a filter will not save you. In these cases, you wanna make sure you know where your plosives are, and tilt your head accordingly. You only have to move a few degrees to avoid it – just put your hand in front of your mouth when you rehearse and you can feel where your air is coming from. Just don’t do the whole performance pointed away from the mic – it will hollow your sound out.


You do NOT need top of the line gear to sound good; your performance is what makes or breaks you. That said, you can’t use a headset microphone and expect studio quality. For the best quality (without breaking the bank), I recommend microphones from the Blue line – Snowballs and Yetis specifically. They’re both designed for podcasting, plug DIRECTLY into your computer, and sound incredible! I still use my Yeti every once in a while – it’s a great piece of tech!

WARNING: These microphones, although amazing, rest on your table. That means you will have to pay attention to a few things – not touching the table while recording, not moving around in your chair while recording, and (most importantly) watching your computer placement! If you’re using a laptop, it will undoubtedly be sitting beside your mic and your mic will HATE IT. You may not hear the fan on your computer, but your microphone will. Vibrations will ruin your recordings, BUT there’s a solution! Well, two actually: You can fold a towel up, place it on the table, stack a few books on top of the towel and sit your mic on top of that, OR you can move your computer to another surface. It really depends on your space set up. Just make sure you have a USB long enough to reach the mic to the computer and you’re set.

Now, there’s the issue of reverb in your chosen room of recording. Almost every room will have an echo in it, and you will pick it up. You can prevent this a few different ways - you can spend hundreds on soundproof foam (took me a while to save up for that, totes worth it), you can record inside a closet (brilliant idea, enclosed, clothes absorb echo), or you can drape a blanket over you and your mic (gets warm fast, but it works!). Whichever way you choose, you will notice a boost in quality - the less ambient noise you have going on behind you, the better. All ambient noise in my recordings is put in AFTER I’ve finished editing my clips. It’s the same for any production - if you rely on your actual background noise for ambience, you will not be able to edit yourself properly as the cuts become too noticeable, ESPECIALLY if you’re recording a dialogue.

A quick note about SOFTWARE: I always use Adobe Audition – I enjoy the look and feel of it, and have never really used anything different. However, it’s not free! If you want a great, FREE program for audio recording, I wholly recommend Audacity! It’s a brilliant, powerful, and free program that will give you great results!


There has always been one thing I love about Voice Acting over Acting – No one has to LOOK AT ME. I’m not insulting myself here, I’m just saying sometimes you have to make some STUPID faces to get a voice you want. Voice Acting is incredibly freeing in this regard – you can be ANYONE or ANYTHING, and that is very exciting!

I can’t make this point enough times – in most cases, you’re doing this solo, so DON’T BE MODEST. It will hold up your performance – if you hold back in any way when voicing, you’re only hurting yourself. Sure you may feel silly doing certain things, but no one listening will think that. Some voices give me fifty chins, some cross my eyes, but if I didn’t do it, every character would sound the same.

Now let’s talk about PACING! My Friend and Mentor (may she fight well in Valhalla) gave me the best advice in this regard; she said, “If it feels like you’re going too slow, go slower.” Too often we feel we’re keeping a proper pace when recording, but the truth is we are rushing it. In an actual conversation, you haven’t rehearsed – you rarely know EXACTLY what you’re going to say to someone else, so your dialogue should be no different. Your character needs time to think, to react. If you ever want a moment of high tension, you CANNOT rush it. You need the pauses and the breaths, or else it just becomes unrealistic.



Having clean audio has become a relatively new addition to my work – I used to simply use the Noise Reduction effect on my recording and call it a day, but it doesn’t get rid of the new bane of my existence: MOUTH NOISE.

We do it. Everyone does it. I did it five minutes ago and I’m gonna do it again. We smack our lips, we flick our tongue, we click our teeth, we make stupid noises when we’re not talking, and the MIC WILL HEAR IT. My best advice is, after reducing the noise in your audio (all programs have a basic preset to kill the dead air noises in your recordings – google it to find how to your respective noise reduction), highlight the sections between your audio and reduce the volume to ZERO. Just kill the noise between your speech (the whole sentence, not silencing between every word, that would be crazy) – you can leave the sound of your inhales in if you want, but even they can be taken away for a cleaner sound. Just make sure you don’t chop your words off – especially the ends of your words.

Make sure you clean your audio BEFORE you add ANY form of reverb or echo! Otherwise cleaning is impossible.


Voice Acting isn’t easy. Nothing infuriates me more than actors talking about how they like Voice Acting because it’s “EASY”. If it’s easy, you’re not trying hard enough. You have to convey thoughts, feelings, and ideas ALL WITH JUST YOUR VOICE. Anyone who says it’s easy is a fool.

Always try your best to create something you feel proud of. You take as many takes as you need, but never compromise your quality for the sake of just getting it done.

If you can’t get a voice down right today? Do it tomorrow.

Above all else: HAVE FUN WITH IT

I hope this has been helpful to you – if you have any questions about specific things/things I may have missed, shoot me a message!

Codot xx



It had been 2 weeks since you had gone live on YouNow with your new song.

And it had been 2 months since your break up with Shawn, which somehow ended up as breaking news on a bunch of websites.

Every interviewer you met didn’t even want to talk about your new music. It somehow always ended up into a conversation on how you felt about your ex boyfriend of 2 years.

“It’s okay, we’re okay. I’m okay. It ended…things end. Ya know?” That was your usual response to these irrelevant questions.

As frustrating as it was, you understood why they wanted to know so much. You and Shawn didn’t even announce it to the media. It just happened and everyone realized that you both didn’t go out together in public anymore.

You recently joined the music business, around a year ago to be specific. And you had gotten signed to Shawn’s label as well. You’ve bumped into him quite a few times since the breakup. Especially at award shows or any big events.

But 2 weeks after everything went to shit, there was a video of Shawn that had gotten leaked.

And everyone was talking. Everyone.

The quality was crap, but you could easily tell it was him. And you could clearly make out what his drunk self had said.

“I can’t live without her.” His shaky voice said as he walked with one of his friends from the crew.

Apparently, a fan had approached him at a night club. They had asked him about our breakup, and this is what they captured on their phone.

When you heard that, you immediately felt numb. It sent chills through your body, and words couldn’t come out of your mouth.

The only way you could figure it all out, was by music. The answer was always music.

It was your way of expressing your feelings, just like any other artist.

You opened up your writing journal, grabbed a black pen and instantly started jotting down words that came to your head.

In 30 minutes, you had gotten the chorus figured out and the first few lines.

You hummed a toon to yourself and sang softly under your breath, making a few changes every now and then.

The song eventually was completed in a few days and you immediately got your laptop out and hit the record button.

“You say you can’t live without me. So why aren’t you dead yet?” You sang softly as you looked into the camera.

You continue to hum the tune, and bite your lip before singing the next line.

“Why you still breathing?”

Taking a deep breath, you continue singing and keep an eye on all of the comments.

Sure enough, it was mostly Shawn’s fans spamming the whole thing.

As you come to a finish, a silence took over as you read messages, and then you force a smile and speak up.

“So I’ll be heading to the studio soon to record the whole song. But that was just a preview. I hope you guys liked it, bye!”

Quickly ending the video, you shut your laptop and sighed.

It felt amazing to finally get that out.

But it wasn’t so amazing at all of the hate you got instead.

Days passed and soon, a new interview with Shawn was released on YouTube.

Your fans had tagged you in it thousands of times on twitter. You had to see it.

Clicking the small play button, you sit back and watch.

“So Shawn, I’m sure you’re aware of the new song that Y/N wrote. And I also think you’re aware on who it’s about” the woman spoke, with a hint of teasing in her voice.

Shawn uncomfortably shifted in his seat and pressed his lips together. His cheeks flamed up and you saw he started to play with his ring.

A habit he had whenever he was nervous.

Your eyes narrowed as you waited for his response. Of course it was about him, no secret there.

“Um yeah, almost any artist writes from their own experiences. I mean, I sure do. But Y/N created something great, there’s no denying that.”

You slammed your laptop shut and groaned in frustration, but seconds later, you heard the doorbell ring.

Getting up, you walked to the door and opened it to reveal a wet Shawn, soaking from the rainstorm outside.

“Shawn?” You breathed in confused and bit your lip.

Shawn breathed heavily as more rain poured down on his head.

“So that song. Can we talk about it?”.

The One, Part 7

Jim Kirk x Reader

Warnings: angst.

Summary: It had been years since you had last since Jimmy. The two of you were highschool sweethearts, until you parted ways. After a horrible breakup with your two timing ex-fiance, you transfer to the U.S.S Enterprise. Finally coming face to face with the boy you left behind. Can the two of you work alongside each other in peace? Or will the past come back to haunt you?


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Group Project... (Parker x Reader)

(A/N) HII! So, I’ve been working on all the requests so far and I’m so excited for what I have in store for you guys, in the mean time, I hope you all can enjoy something I’ve been working on for a while. While there was no official request, it was something I had a lot of fun writing, enjoy!

“I have no clue what this is supposed to be.” I said, my eyes widening as I glanced at my friends laptop screen.

“Oh, come on… it’s obviously something to do with chemical compositions of water…” (Y/F/N) said. My face read disbelief.

“You’re delusional…. how are you in AP CHEM?” I asked sarcastically. She laughed a little before closing the picture, returning to the random game of solitaire she was playing instead of working on our group project.

“Nick, you got anything on aragonite saturation? We should include that in our presentation if we decide to go in depth about the acidification effects on water.” Nick looked at me as I spoke.

“Yeah, I got some reports about the reliability of the testing, but it’s outdated and scientists have switched to more modern method of study,” Nick replied, pulling up the various articles he found to show me.

“Interesting, can you find more information about the new tests?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’m on it.”

“Peter…” I called across the lab table, he looked up startled. “How’s your progress on the physical properties of water?”

“Uh… go—good.” He stuttered avoiding my eye.

“Do you think you have enough to pull the presentation together?” I asked hopefully.

“Oh… yeah—definitely…” he trailed off, glancing up once to meet my eye before blushing intensely looking back to the laptop screen.

“Good good…,” I trailed off returning to my own research.

It was obvious Peter was uncomfortable with the group he was placed in for our chemistry project, he clearly wasn’t friends with any of us, and he preferred to do his work alone as opposed to in the group, like I had been pushing for all of us to do. Peter insisted he could handle completing the work that was meant for two people on his own, leaving the three of us, me, Nick and (Y/F/N) to tackle the chemical properties of water, and its affect on the ecosystem.

“Ok, presentations are Monday, that gives us one more class day to work on it. We still need to start on the slideshow and practicing if we want a good grade,” I said with three minutes left in class.

“We’ll work on the slides tomorrow. Don’t worry, we got this,” (Y/F/N) said, still playing the solitaire game from earlier.

“Yeah, well that doesn’t make up for the fact that we’ll probably need to work on this over the weekend. We still need to incorporate all the information we’ve found into one, smooth presentation.” I glanced over at Peter who hasn’t looked up from his computer and who hasn’t said a word, apart from when I forced him to update me on his progress.

“Peter, what do you think?” I asked, curious about someone else’s opinion.

He looked up, his eyes shifting from me to (Y/F/N). He opened his mouth to respond when the deafening bell sounded instead. Nick and (Y/F/N) sprinted out of the room, having packed up a few minutes earlier, leaving Peter and yourself to pack up together.

“If you need any help at all with your part, I’m always open,” I offered Peter. He glanced up at me, mumbling a quiet thanks before looking back at his backpack.

“Honestly, I’m not just trying to be nice. Anyways, the whole project is about tying the chemical and physical properties together, so it might help if we collaborate or something…” I said, following Peter out of the empty lab room and down the hall to his locker.

“Ok, thanks… for the offer,” he said, opening his locker quickly and grabbing his sweatshirt before slamming it shut. “I’ll see you tomorrow, (Y/N).”

“See you…,” I trailed off, my voice quieting in the busy halls of the emptying school as I was left alone in a sea of people.

“So what’s our status on this project?” I asked no one in particular, closing my eyes and rubbing my forehead in attempt to alleviate the headache I have.

“We have the background and intro slide done,” Nick said, making a face as if we spent the entire class period working as efficiently as possible.

“Ugh….” I groaned, my head falling into the table as a sign of defeat. “So we definitely have to do this over the weekend…”

“Yeah… sorry (Y/N), not gonna happen. I have soccer practice all day tomorrow, and then playoffs Sunday. I’m booked solid,” (Y/F/N) said, her eyes growing tired at the mere thought of all the energy she’ll soon exhaust.

“Nick?” I asked hopefully.

“Sorry… the football tournament, we have like— three games.”

“Peter, please tell me you’ve got my back,” I begged my head on the table and giving my best pout to him.

“Yeah, yeah, I—I have no plans,” he said, his gaze quickly diverting back to the slideshow we had been working on.

“Great, meet me at the library tomorrow, noon?” I asked, hoping he’d look at me for confirmation.

“Noon sounds fine.” The bell rang, and the room cleared. Like usual, I was left the last in the room with only the teacher. I waved goodbye to him as I left.

I began my walk home, but the brisk wind cut against my cheeks, burning them raw from the cold of late October. Walking home in terrible weather was a usual for me, unless I took the subway which I hated with a passion.

I was one or two blocks from the apartment when, through my loud music I heard screams from up ahead. I stopped suddenly. They were abnormal, loud. It was a shrieking that seemed to rattle my bones. I was almost scared to continue walking—did I really want to know what was up ahead?

I took out a single earbud, listening again but only hearing the wind against my ears. Then, it happened again. A loud shriek, I swear someone must have been getting murdered. This time, it was followed by a noise that sounded like the air getting cut.

It seemed to be coming from behind me, and I turned just in time to see a red blob swinging down the middle of the street in record time. He must’ve gotten two or three blocks down before he swung to a right side street. Spiderman. I should’ve known. But, he was a legend; literally. Stories told in the streets. Rarely seen, but greatly appreciated. I was amazed I had even seen him at all.

I smiled an awestruck smile, and continued to walk to my apartment, taking extra caution, but keeping my eyes open for the man in a red suit.

“You should’ve seen him! It’s amazing! He’s amazing! I cant believe I saw him with my own eyes!” I exclaimed, recounting yesterday’s events to Peter. He sat across from me at the table in the library, and he seemed half-interested in what i was saying, half-focused on our science project.

“Imagine being that athletic, that—that fit. Having, powers—or whatever. He must feel like he could do anything,” I trailed off, my mind wandering to the hero I’d seen yesterday. “Don’t you think?”

“Sorry, who are we talking about again?” Peter asked jokingly, looking up from his computer with a small smile.

“Spiderman! Who else?” I played along, smiling back. My eyes trailed to my left, my thoughts traveling away as I began focusing on a bookshelf across from us. “But, I guess it isn’t always sunshine and flowers,” I said, I looked back at him, leaning slightly farther towards him.

“Huh?“Peter asked, maintaining eye contact with me.

“I mean, with any power, control, abilities—whatever,” I struggled to find the right wording. “There’s always gonna be responsibility…”

“I guess you’re right,” Peter said. He looked around the open room.

“Sure, he might be fighting crime and being a hero, but whenever something goes wrong—whenever a criminal gets away—who’s going to be the first person to get blamed?” Peter was glaring at me intensely now, giving me his full attention.

“And then there’s the guilt, the guilt of not being able to save everyone. I mean, he’s just a guy right? He’s gotta have a life. What happens when one day, he’s not there to save the city?” Peter looked away, his eyes lost with his own thought. “Sorry, we should probably get back to work.”

“You make a good point,” Peter said after sitting in silence for minutes. “There has to be negatives to protecting the city. But he’s obviously willing to accept them, the consequences of the ‘job’, for the better good. He’s willing to accept that responsibility, so long as someone gets saved along the way.”

“I suppose,” I started, “he’s truly one of the good ones then. Willing to risk his life, his sanity, for a bunch of strangers in New York City.”

“What a guy,” Peter said, cracking a smile at me when I looked up at him.

“What a guy,” I repeated, laughing slightly. I looked back down at the computer screen and continued on the group work that had to be done Monday morning. It was a lot of work, but I had no doubt in my mind Peter and I could get it done.

After a long four hours, Peter and I had managed to completely finish the twenty slide PowerPoint, and write Flashcards for each one of us to read from when it was our time to present our findings. It was starting to get dark out, but I wasn’t going to admit I was nervous to walk alone. Fortunately, Peter offered to walk me back to the apartments. I’m pretty sure he lived nearby anyway.

“Thanks, for offering.”

“No problem,” Peter said.

I think that in a matter of a few hours, Peter and I had actually become friends. He wasn’t awkwardly stuttering around me, and he actually made eye contact and conversation. I hope this ‘friendship’ goes beyond this weekend, because honestly he’s pretty kind.

“You’re pretty cool, you know?” Peter said after walking in silence for a bit. “You’re not like the other girls you hang out with.”

“I’ll take that as a complement?” I questioned.

“Oh! Yeah! I didn’t mean anything by that just—,” he put his hands out in defense. “You’re nice, not hanging off every boy just to get laid.” He took a breath, a bit of hesitation. “You made an effort.”

I chuckled. “Thanks, I guess.”

We walked in silence for a couple of more minutes as we approached the block that I lived on. I dreaded having to end the walk, because Peter’s company made me feel happy.

“Well, this is me,” I said, stopping short at the apartment entrance. Peter looked at the building and turned to me.

“We should do group projects together more often, it was fun.”

“We should,” I said, “we work really well together.” I smiled slightly.

Peter smiled back, looking at his shoes quickly, blush taking over his face. “We should definitely do more group projects together.”

“Definitely,” I agreed.

“Even if like, it’s just the two of us, we could still, y'know, work together,” Peter was back to his stuttering self. Now, I was the one blushing.

“I’d like that,” I said, “if you’re up for it, of course.”

“I mean, definitely, I am,” Peter said, looking up again, his arm slightly reaching towards me as he spoke. He realized he was reaching for me and blushed intensely, immediately moving it to his head, rubbing it as he turned.

“I guess I should be getting inside then?” I posed it as a question, wondering if we were done talking around this subject.

“Of course, its freezing!” Peter said. “Sorry, I babble.”

I turned to go inside, my hand pushing the door open. I turned around, leaning into the slightly open door and debated saying the words on the tip of my tongue. I got enough courage to say it. “I’d love to go out with you.”

“Oh good, you see, I was going to ask…” Peter continued to talk mindlessly, seeming to speak a mile per second, I smiled again, rolling my eyes as I pushed the door open some more.

“See you Monday, Parker,” I said, turning around and walking through the door.

“Yeah, Monday,” he waved, smiling widely as I walked away.

I Want To Write You A Song - Harry Styles Imagine (Part 19)

Part 18

You and Harry were now in London and Harry was super busy. He had interviews and rehearsals the last few days. You had been staying at his house pretty much all day, which wasn’t completely a bad thing because you had been working on some songs, but you were getting a little annoyed at being alone. 

Ever since your time in Chesire, you two had been sort of a distant. You were messing around with some arrangments on the piano, when your phone rang. It was Ed Sheeran, you smiled and quickly answered it. 

“Hello, who this?” You smirked. 

“Don’t be such a smart ass,” he laughed. 

“Well, I mean it’s not my fault that one of my best friends hasn’t called me in like forever,” you said. 

“I’ve been busy,” he said. 

“Yeah, you and everyone else,” you mumbled. 

“So, I know that you’re in London and I have a few days off from the tour and I was wondering if you wanted to get in the studio for a bit,” he said. “I’ve been working on this song and I really think it needs your touch on it and maybe… once we’re done with it, we can record it for your album.” 

“Uh, sure, when do you want to do that?” You asked. 

“Tomorrow, okay?” He asked. 

“Yeah, that’ll work,” you smiled. 

“Great, see you then, “ he said. 

“Okay, bye,” you said. 

Right when you ended the call, the front door opened up and Harry walked in. Usually, when Harry came home, he would yell out for you to find out where you were, but this time he was slient and walked right into the kitchen to grab a water. 

You walked out of the Music Room and into the kitchen and stood in the doorway. 

“Hey,” you said softly. 

“Oh, hey,” he said leaning up against the counter. 

“How was your day?” You asked. 

“Good, but I’m exhuasted,” he said. 

“Are you hungry? I could order us some dinner and maybe put on a movie?” you smiled. 

“Actually, I already ate dinner with the band. We went out after rehearsals and now I’m probably just going to go to bed, but you can order whatever you like,” he said. 

“Oh, okay,” you nodded. “Um, I’m not sure what you have going on tomorrow, but I’m going to working on a new song with Ed at the studio, and if you have a few spare minutes, I’d loved for you to be there.” 

“Oh, yeah, what time?” He asked. 

“I’m meeting him around 9 and we’ll just be in the studio however long it takes us to write the song and record it,” you said. 

“Okay, sounds great,” he smiled finishing his water. “Well, I’m going to bed.” 

You nodded as he kissed your forehead and went upstairs to the room. 

You sighed as you went over to the take out menus, yet again and ordered yourself some dinner. 


The next day, Harry was already up and gone by the time you had gotten up to get ready and head to the studio. You got some breakfast at a coffee shop nearby and went into the studio. 

Ed was already there when you walked in. “Hey,” you smiled. “I brought breakfast.” 

“You know the way to my heart,” he joked. 

You laughed and sat down at the table. 

“So, how’s everything been?” He asked grabbing a coffee from you. 

“It’s been… good,” you said. 

“That doesn’t sound very convincing,” he said. 

“I wasn’t trying to be,” you sighed. 

“What’s up?” He asked. 

“A lot,” you sighed. “Harry and I… well, we’ve been a little on edge with each other lately.” 

“It’s probably just because he’s busy with the single release,” he said. 

“It was before that,” you said. “The entire time we were in Chesire, we practically fought every day. And ever since he mentioned about moving back to London, it’s been different between us.” 

“He didn’t ask you?” He asked. 

“No, that’s the thing, he did ask me to move here with him, but I don’t know…” you sighed. 

“I get it, it’s a huge move,” he said. “But I’m sure you two will figure it all out.” 

“I hope so,” you said. “I asked him to stop by today, but I don’t know if he’ll have time.” 

“He’ll make time,” Ed said. “He really wants you to make this album and he’s your number one supporter, next to me, so he’ll be here.” 

“We’ll see,” you said. 

You two then started working on a song and a few hours later, the lyrics were written and the song was finished. You were just about to start recording it after running through some practice takes, but you took a quick break to call Harry. 

You stepped outside the studio and called his number. The phone rang and rang before going to voicemail. 

“Uh, hey, Harry, it’s me. Um Ed and I are still at the studio. We’ve finished the song and now we’re I’m gonna work on the recording for the album. I’d uh.. I’d really like it if you’d stop by, even if it’s just for like five minutes, but uh… I guess if I don’t see you here, I’ll see you at home,” you said before hanging up. 

You went back into the studio and put on the headphones. You look up at Ed and he gives you a nod. The slow piano music starts and you wait for the cue to come. 

“I can’t call you a stranger, but I can’t call you. I know you think that I erased you. You hate me, but I can’t hate you. And I won’t replace you,” you sang softly into the micrphone. 

“Tell me how to feel about you now. Tell how to feel about you now. Oooh, let me know. Do I suffocate or let gooo?” 

You got to the bridge of the song and closed your eyes as you sang. “You keep me up with your slience. Take me down with your quiet. Of all the weapons you fight with. Your slience is the most violent.” 

You finished the rest of the song and once you hear the music cut off, you looked at Ed and the producer. “So, how was it?” You asked nervously. 

“Fucking amazing,” Ed said. “I’ve got chills, Y/N. Bloody chills.” 

You blushed. “Was it really that good?” 

“Yes, when are you going to realize that you’re better than good?” He asked. 

“Good question,” you laughed. “So, do you think that take is good enough, or should we go again?” 

“I think it’s perfect,” Ed said. “You can listen back to it if you want and then decide.” 

“Sounds good,” you said walking out of the booth. 

The producer messes with a few of the switches before the song starts playing. You couldn’t help but smile as you listened and realized that it was you and you sounded damn good. By the end of the song, you actually had teared up a bit. 

“Wow,” you smiled. “It is perfect.” 

“So, do we officially have the first song of your album recorded?” Ed asked. 

“Yeah, I think we do,” you smiled. 

Ed smiled and hugged you. “I’m so fucking proud of you. You’re like my baby sister,” 

“We’re the same age,” you laughed. 

“Details,” he joked. 

“Here, I burned you a copy and sent you a copy of the file to your email,” the producer said handing you a cd. 

“Thanks,” you said taking it. 

“Look, I know you’re upset that Harry wasn’t here, but I’m sure he just got caught up,” Ed said. 

“Yeah,” you nodded. 

“But hey, play that for him tonight and tell him to text me what he thinks,” Ed smiled. 

“Sure thing,” you said. “Thanks for this, it means a lot that you were able to do this today.” 

“Of course, I’m glad we were able to be in the same place at the same time,” he said. 

You nodded and gave him another hug before heading back to Harry’s house. On the way there, you tried calling Harry, but it went straight to voicemail. You sighed walking back to his house and when you got there, his car wasn’t in the driveway. 

You unlocked the door and went inside. You placed your bag on table and went upstairs to the bedroom. You noticed that Harry’s gym bag was out and there were dirty clothes in the hamper. You were confused because those weren’t there when you left. You shrugged it off and went downstairs. 

You decided that you were going to cook a nice dinner for you and Harry that night. You went down to the kitchen and grabbed some things to cook. You turned on the stove and started chopping up some vegetables to make a quick little stir fry. 

Once everything was pretty much done, you changed into something a little nicer and grabbed some flowers and candles that were in the house and set them around the table. You grabbed the copy of the cd with your song on it and put it in the stereo to play once Harry got home. 

You brought the plates over to the table and poured some wine and sat down waiting for him to come home. 

Three hours. Three hours passed until Harry finally came home. The food was completey ruined now. The candles had burned out and both glasses of wine were gone thanks to you. 

Harry walked into the dining room and saw you sitting there finishing off the rest of the bottle of wine. 

“Did you have someone over?” He asked. 

“No,” you shook your head. “But I was expecting someone.” 

“Oh, who?” He asked. 

“You,” you said. 

“We had dinner plans?” He asked. 

“No, we didn’t. I just decided to make dinner for the two of us since you were super busy today,” you said. “So, how was your day?” 

“It was good,” he said. “I had some time off, so I went to the gym and then I met some of the London crew for dinner. If I had known you were making dinner, I would have stayed home.” 

“You went to the gym? And out for dinner?” You asked. 

“Yeah, after rehearsals, I felt like getting in a good workout, so I stopped by the gym,” he said. “I came back home to change and you weren’t here, so I figured you didn’t want to come to dinner.” 

You got up from your chair and grabbed the dishes off the table and practically threw them into the sink. 

“Woah, Y/N, what’s wrong?” He asked. 

“What’s wrong? The fact that you have to ask that is what’s fucking wrong!” You said. 

“Look, I’m sorry about the dinner,” he sighed. “I hadn’t seen this group of friends for a while, so when they asked to meet up, I went.” 

You shook your head. “This isn’t about the dinner,” you said. “Did you check any of your messages today?” 

“No, not really,” he said. 

“Wow,” you said. 

Angry tears were starting to form in your eyes. 

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” He asked. 

“I stood here twenty four hours ago telling you about what I would be doing today and you said that you would come and you didn’t. When you didn’t show up, I just assumed that you were busy with work, but no, you went to the fucking gym! The Gym, god, I’m so glad that you getting a workout in, is more important to you, than I am,” you shouted. 

“What are you talking about?” He asked. “And why are you getting so upset? Yes, I went to the gym because I wanted to have some time for myself.” 

You walked over and grabbed the cd case and shoved it against his chest. “Why don’t you listen to that and figure it the fuck out,” you said before walking up to the bedroom and slamming the door shut. 

{Reaction} Making out with EXO

Note: This includes some AU kind of things, so if things seem a little bit OOC it’s because I’ve turned it into a bit of an AU, just so I’m not writing the same thing. Sometimes some scenarios are hard to write for me, and I hate the thought of being repetitive and boring! >.< so yeah, please enjoy~ (thank you anon, for requesting!) Mami xx

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by ohbaekhyuns

Snow scattered the streets of Seoul, a glittery white trail of snow and flakes falling in the dark sky. Your cheeks were flushed pink from the frozen air that surrounded you, and your hands were seeking warmth in your coat pockets. It was the first Christmas alone with your boyfriend Chanyeol. You’d spent the day messing around, having fun and playing with gifts you’d received. But now, you were wandering the chilly streets. Suddenly, Chanyeol stopped. He looked at you, that bright smile crossing his features. He stepped forward, his eyes childlike - they always turned that way when he was about to do something mischievous. You braced yourself, expecting a snowball to the face or something, but instead you felt the warmth of his lips against your cold ones.

Chanyeol: “Aish, Jagi. Why are you so cold?” *Hands you his jacket.* “Your lips are frozen too. Looks like it’s my joy as boyfriend to warm them up.” *Grins and leans in, turning what was supposed to be a small peck into a make out session, his hands joining yours to give them warmth.*

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

Originally posted by missdyoo

You and Kyungsoo sat inside the bedroom. You were reading him ‘The great Gatsby,’ a book that you both needed to study for an exam in a few weeks. Your throat was starting to feel scratchy, you’d been reading for at least thirty minutes, but you couldn’t stop now, not when you’d progressed so much. When you started, you and Kyungsoo had been sitting next to each other shoulder to shoulder. Now you were lying down, him on his side next to you, his arm under your head acting as a pillow, and he was tracing circles in your side with his free arm that was draped over you. You weren’t together, just a crush, but this felt so right, and you never wanted it to stop. You finished chapter 15, taking a breath, but before you could turn the page, Kyungsoo moved the book away before pressing his lips against yours. His lips occupied yours for a minute or so, you couldn’t be so sure, but it dawned on you. You were making out with Do Kyungsoo.

Kyungsoo: *Pulls away with rosy cheeks.* “Sorry.”

{y/n}: “Don’t stop…”

Kyungsoo: *Smiles* “Your reward for doing this for me.”

{y/n}: “Maybe we should study together more often, then.”

Kyungsoo: “Mhm…” *leans in to make out with you again.*

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by ohhsenshine

Drunk people stumbled around you, laughing loudly and obnoxiously as drinks were being spilled on the floor, making it slippery as you pushed past all the bodies. It was starting to get too clammy and too many people were turning up at this point. You weren’t drinking, you knew better than to get hammered before a 12 hour shift the next day. You were about to leave when you heard the sound of Byun Baekhyun, your boyfriend calling your name. Surprisingly, it wasn’t slurred, and he wasn’t stumbling like a complete dunce. It was obvious he was still cold stone sober. But he didn’t look happy, in fact he looked almost distressed.

Baekhyun: “Where the hell have you been? I’ve been looking for you!”

{y/n}: “I’m leaving now. I have work tomorrow.”

Baekhyun: “Wait!” *Pulls you back, pressing his lips against yours. He makes out with you for a few minutes before finally pulling away* “Take me with you, please. Don’t leave me here”

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by visual-jongdae

Sehun’s hands ran over the hem of your shirt, before going underneath the fabric altogether. His lips were attacking yours, hard and passionate as he caged you against the wall and himself. His lips moved against your expertly, his tongue gliding across yours. When you refused him entrance, he groaned, using his hands, cupping the skin beneath your bra to get you to gasp. He smirked against your lips, taking the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth, like a battle for dominance. But as your fingers wrapped around the loops of his jeans, the bedroom door burst open, causing Sehun to groan in annoyance as he tore away from you.

Sehun: “What?!”

Jongdae: “Oh… now isn’t a good time? Yep, sorry. Bye.” *Awkwardly leaves*

Sehun: *Shoves you onto the bed.* “Now where was I?”  

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by alisvolatpropriis-es

The two of you were in the dance practice room. Yixing wanted to show you the new routine he’d made for the new Monster MV. you watched with admiration as he danced, his body moving in all the right ways (it was turning you on a little - but that wasn’t something you wanted to admit to.) Yixing stopped, grinning.

Yixing: “What do you think?” *walks over.*

{y/n}: “Amazing, Yixing! As always!”

Yixing: “You think so?” *Grinning, presses a peck to your lips. Then he pulls away, the two of you make eye contact for a few seconds until you’re both leaning in again.”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by jongdeer

Rain danced on the pavement as it fell in droplets and bounced, puddles wetting your feet as you crossed the street, your best friend Kim Jongdae at your side. You were both dripping with water, but it didn’t wreck the grin on your face. Suddenly, Jongdae took your hand, pulling you into his chest before leaning in, pressing a kiss to your lips. The kiss felt almost magical as they moved against yours, sparks running through your veins. When you both pull away, he’s grinning, and so are you.

Jongdae: “It’s so wet out here.”

{y/n}: “As if you weren’t wet before we got out here.” *winks*

Jongdae: “Hey you, careful what you say, or I might have to dry you up then make you wet again when we get home.” *winks*

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by mercuryica

Minseok watched as you laughed with Chanyeol, a mixture of rare emotions boiling up inside. Jealousy, annoyance, envy. As soon as Chanyeol, you approached Minseok, a bright grin on your face after your cheerful conversation with the happy virus. You started gushing about Chanyeol, but were cut dead suddenly as Minseok grabbed the collar of your shirt, pulling you in and pressing a long kiss to your lips.

{y/n}: “Jealous, Minseok?” *smirking.*

Minseok: “No, just claiming what’s mine.” *Glances over at Chanyeol, giving him a challenging stare.*

Huang Zitao/ Tao

Originally posted by littlehailang

Tao hated your ex boyfriend with a passion. Hated him while you were dating, and hated him even more now you two had broken up. Your ex had been a complete asshole. He cheated on you multiple times, and told you he wanted to have sex with other girls while you were still together. But in spite of all of this, you were still mourning the relationship, and that for Tao was so fucking frustrating. Why couldn’t you see you deserved so much better?

{y/n}: “It’s only been a week, how am I supposed to be over it so soon?”

Tao: “Because you deserve so much better!” *pulls you in and kisses you passionately. His arms wrapping around you as he makes out with you for the first time. He’s nervous, but you’re not pulling away, and that’s a good sign.*

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

Junmyeon came home after recording a part of the Lotto MV with his makeup still on. You weren’t sure if he’d done it purposefully to turn you on, but it certainly did. You were sat on the safa, your fingertips pulling through his pink hair as he held your waist, gripping at your waist and massaging the skin as his tongue explored through your mouth in a heavy making out session.

{y/n}: “Maybe we should take this upstairs.”

Junmyeon: “I can’t wait that long.” *Pushes you back and gets on top of you.*

Lu Han

Originally posted by exofandom12

You were sat on your bed with Luhan. You were kissing, lips moving against each others in a beautifully synced dance. His hand was running across your leg on top of your jeans. He kept pulling on the loops at the top, silently telling you he wanted them to come off. You were about to oblige, until you heard the door open and a very hard tone clearing their throat. When you pulled apart, Luhan’s eyes widened and you gasped upon seeing you Father looking very unimpressed. Luhan stood up, dashing for the window. He turned back for one moment.

Luhan: “Hi sir, I’m Luhan. It might interest you to know your daughter calls me Daddy too.” *Smirks before making his great escape.*

Your father: “Hey! Get back here kid!”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

Originally posted by jngn-km

You were at a prom night evening, and soft music was playing in the background. You were on the dance floor with you boyfriend Jongin. you were dancing along to the soft rhythm of the song, swaying your hips in perfect sync as your lips were connected, moving against each other romantically as if you were the only two in the room. It felt like a lifetime by the time you had both finally pulled away. Jongin pressed his forehead against yours, smiling.

Jongin: “I love you {y/n}.”

{y/n}: “I love you too.”

Wu Yifan

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You had been cast as an extra for a romantic movie. Your scene was during the final wedding scene where the two main characters were getting married. Your job was to dance in the background with another extra, who happened to be a very attractive man named Wu Yifan. The two of you danced, but midway through the song, your eyes met, and naturally you were both leaning in, and before you knew it, your lips were on his, kissing sweetly until you heard a very loud “cut!” being called.

Director: “You! {y/l/n} and Yifan! Stop looking more in love than the protagonists!”

Jar of Hearts Pt. ll

Title: Jar of Hearts Pt. ll
Josh Dun/Reader
Word Count: 995
Not really, just some cursing but what else is new
A/N: I couldn’t wait! I know y’all want a part two and it’s just sitting here finished and I wanna share it already. I had a whole different story planned for part two but this came to me late at night and I figured it could maybe lead to a part three? Let me know if you guys want that and also hit me up with some new ideas for fics and drabbles. Enjoy!!

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Josh’s POV

I laid on the couch, staring at the ceiling as I replayed last week over and over in my head. Was there anything I could have done to keep her from leaving? Of course there was. I could’ve just not been into that girl. I’m a fucking idiot, there’s no doubt about that. I had the greatest thing in my grasp and I ruined it by thinking with my dick. 

I checked my phone and saw the time. 3:24am. I sighed as I lifted my self up and off of the couch. I went into the kitchen and searched for some food. I finally found the Reese’s Puffs and got a bowl out of the cabinets. I poured a large amount of cereal before opening the fridge to get out the milk. 

“What the fuck are you doing?” A groggy Tyler asked. 

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you. I couldn’t sleep and I got hungry.” I answered as I poured the milk and took a seat at the table. 

“Look, dude, I know you feel like shit for what you did, which you totally should, but if you want to fix things you need to go to Y/N and talk to her.”

“But she doesn-” 

“Shut the fuck up, Joshua, and listen.” He snapped at me. I sat there quietly eating as I waiting for him to continue his lecture.

“Y/N loves the shit out of you. Yes, she may hate your guts right now but her feelings for you aren’t gonna disappear within a week. You need to grow some fucking balls and text her or call her. Actually, no, you have to go find her! Find her and explain that you will do anything to fix the fuck up because you can’t lose her. You’re a fucking mess without her, honestly. You haven’t left here other than to go record in the studio. You lounge on the couch all day in your boxers eating junk. And your starting to look like a lumberjack with your beard, dude.” 

I chuckled lightly as I finished my cereal. I knew what he was saying was true. I had to find a way to make this up to Y/N but I didn’t know how or where she even was. I’ve been staying at Tyler’s since the party. 

“You’re right.” I mumbled.

“Of fucking course I’m right, bro.” He laughed. 

“I’m gonna try to call her in the morning.”

“Okay. Good luck and try to get some sleep. You look like hell.”

“I will. Night, Tyler.”

“Goodnight, bro.” He said as he walked back down the hall to his bedroom. 

I got up around noon and decided to shower and shave so I wouldn’t look and smell like a complete bum. After I put on some black jeans and a tight red shirt, I picked up my phone and opened my contacts. I stared at Y/N’s photo for a good minute before I quickly hit the dial button. It rang for a few seconds before it went to voicemail. I sighed, knowing she declined the call. I heard the beep and decided to leave a message. 

“Hey. It’s me, Josh. Obviously. Uh, I just wanted to see if you wanted to meet up and discuss what’s gonna happen now. Yeah, um, call me back? Bye.” 

I put my phone into my pocket before sitting on he couch and putting my shoes on. I grabbed my camouflage jacket and my keys as I headed out the door. The drive to the studio was full of worry. Would she call me back? Maybe she blocked my number now. I wouldn’t blame her. 

I got to the studio around the same time as Tyler. We walked in together but I didn’t say anything to him. I just went straight to my drums, wanting to bang on shit. My phone sat in my pocket as I waited he vibrations of an incoming call. 

A few hours passed and my phone didn’t go off once. I continued banging out random beats and solos which only make Tyler worry about me. He sat down in a nearby seat and just let me get my rage out. I heard the door to the room open but I just focused on my drumming, not caring who walked in. Until I hear a familiar voice.


“Y/N? What are you doing here?” I was slightly happy to see her but worried about what she was gonna say. 

“I tried calling you back but it went straight to voicemail. I’m guessing your phone died or something.” 

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and pushed the power button. She was right, it was dead. The screen was pure black. 

“I know you wanted to talk and Tyler texted me where you guys were so I figured I’d come to you.” She walked towards me but I didn’t get up from my seat.

“Y/N, I’m so sorry. I love you! I do and I have and I thought with my fucking cock like another basic guy would and I just hop-” 

“Joshua! Can I talk?” She cut off my rambling.

“Yeah. S-sorry.”

“I think we need to take a break. We’re not completely over but we both need time to figured out what we want, especially you. I do love you, Josh, and I want to forgive you but I need you to prove that you really wanna fight for this. Yes, I’m aware you didn’t kiss her or fuck her but if I hadn’t walked into that kitchen when I did, anything could’ve happened.” Y/N explained with slight cracks in her voice every now and then.

I stared at my drums as I listened to her. I nodded as my eyes began to swell with tears.

“I understand. I’ll give you time and I’ll work on fighting for you.” 

As soon as I lifted my head, she was already walking out the door. Leaving…again.

Simple Man

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1357

Warnings: None, I don’t think.

Summary: Based off of 5x03 “Free to be You and Me” when Sam takes a break from hunting and begins to try to have a normal life as a bartender.

A/N: I got the inspiration for this fic during my rewatch and realized how much I hated how pushy Lindsay (the girl in the episode) was, so I thought I would change that… Let me know what you think… I’m willing to go on if you want me too :-) Special thanks to @melonshino and @like-a-bag-of-potatoes for looking this over for me! I love you guys <3


Garber, Oklahoma

Ten years you worked as a waitress at the local bar in town.

Ten years you spent serving googley-eyed men staring at you like they were starving and you were their last meal. You had gotten used to the stares. It wasn’t as if you were unnaturally beautiful or anything; in fact, you found yourself quite ordinary looking.

The women you worked with always told you that it was because you were a waitress. It happened to all of you. So you just went with it, and the tips always showed.

After waitressing for so long, you began to get into this mindset that all men were like the ones that came through your little town. You began to resent them and although your dating life wasn’t exactly something to brag about in the first place, you had stopped dating altogether.

It was quite the shock when you came across a man that had no interest in hitting on you.

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Imagine #7 // JB

REQUESTED // Where your as famous as Justin (singer) and u guys are at a meeting about the song y'all are going to write 😛 (they’re together)

A loud clap from across the room caused you to jump away from the heavy make out session insinuated by your boyfriend. You were somehow under the impression that you two would be alone in the studio for the night, which was obviously false information. Looking up, you recognized the small crowd loading into the small black room as some of Justin’s friends and then buried yourself in his chest, not bothering to get off of his lap to hide your affections. You listened as the boys greeted each other, a few of them rubbing your back in greeting as Justin told them how tired you were - which wasn’t totally a lie.

Having been on tour non-stop for the past six months, it was the first day of your week and a half long break before the other half of your year long tour. You and Justin had met through your manager, Scooter Braun and hadn’t been able to hide for feelings for each other from the start. It wasn’t a surprise, though, that during your time off you were now being expected to work. Of course, you loved to write music, plus it had been months since you had confirmed your relationship to the media and promised a duet. You hated letting your fans down for any amount of time.

“Scooter just asked me to check in and make sure you guys were at least a little focused on music,” Justin’s friend, Brandon, said - you could hear the teasing smile in his voice. Soon, you felt Justin’s finger hook around your chin which he gently pulled up so he could peck your lips lightly. Then, as if that small, tender kiss had brought you back to life, you sat up and occupied your own chair after hugging each of the new guests, “Remind me why he thinks that locking you guys in the studio on Y/N’s first day back is a good idea?”

“Other than the fact that you’ll get it on all over all the equipment,” two of Justin’s other friends, Za and Khalil, cracked up over this as Za was patted on the back for his seemingly extremely humorous comment.

“We promised the fans a song awhile back. This is the first time since Y/N’s tour started that we’re together,” Justin shrugged, ignoring the other pair’s immaturity, “In his words, this is killing two birds with one stone because we get to be together and we can finally get this duet out of the way,” he yawned right after saying this, picking up his notepad from the table behind him and skimming over what you already had - a chorus that was mediocre at best.

“You’re both about to fall over, though, how are you supposed to make bangers like that?” you both shrugged in response to Khalil as Brandon took the pad out of his hands. Grimacing, you looked away from his unpleased expression as he began rubbing things out with the eraser before scratching things in their place. This continued for a couple minutes as the rest of you began throwing a ball back and forth that Za had pulled out of his pocket. 

“Okay, I suggest we at least order some food before going any further with this,” Brandon told you both as he placed the pad back in Justin’s lap. This continued for awhile after an order for food was made - passing the pad of paper around the room as contributions were made to the song. Of course, you and your boyfriend were the ones to add the most but it didn’t hurt having talented friends to give advise and make sure you knew when something written didn’t make sense or didn’t fit right.

“Alright, JB, I know I’ve been doggin’ on you a lot tonight man, but…” you giggled as Brandon held the pad once again and Justin sighed loudly, “Listen, I just think you should seriously consider putting ‘do do’ in a song right now. Like I’m a serious artist and even I want to snicker and say ‘doo doo’. Also,” Justin turned his chair towards you and rolled his eyes so only you could see, causing another round of giggles to leave you, “Justin, seriously! If you try to rhyme ‘shampoo’ with ‘do do’, people are going to hate on you, rightfully so.”

Eventually, despite the boy’s bantering constantly, you finished your song and managed to get it recorded and perfected before you had to leave again for tour. You came to miss that memory and vowed that that would need to become your song writing process from then on, and not minus the constant distractions of bantering and random making out. This was your creative process.


This is a super short one and I’m really sorry about that. I want you to know that I truly appreciate all the love even when I’m experiencing creativity block and laziness. I’m really happy that you like my stuff and I want to continue putting out cute content like this and also sexy content like something I may or may not be working on. Feedback is appreciated and requests are too! Talk to you again soon!

at peace (derek morgan one-shot)

Plot: you’re a slightly newer agent in the BAU and this is the first case that’s hit a little too close to home. thankfully, while you’re helping the victim, the rest of the team is around to help you.

Pairing: Derek Morgan x Reader

Warnings: child abuse, implied pedophilia, name-calling, language, angst

A/N: thank you for your wait, loves! here is this gr8 derek morgan fic that i’ve been working on for ages. I hope you guys don’t hate it. i love derek morgan and there aren’t enough fics of him around! i hope to write more XOXOX !!!!!!!!!gifs aren’t mine!!!!!!!!! (ps every time i look for something morgan related, i find 10000 things of spencer and maybe two of morgan. pls stop tagging things under a certain character when they aren’t even in the pic/gif/story/whatever. pls)

“Hey, gorgeous,” Derek walks into the tech room where you and Penelope are following up on your current case regarding 13 dead women, and a missing one named Victoria Harolds.

“Hello there, lover,” Penelope replies, eyes not leaving the screen. “What can I do for you?”

“These women all got their dry cleaning done at the same place. Can you remind me where that was?.”

“Dry cleaning? At the corner of Sheridan and 34th, Prentiss and I checked that out last week. All the employees had solid alibis,” you look over to Derek and he shakes his head.

“There was one person unaccounted for: the owner Charles Jensen. He wasn’t around that day, they told you that he was on vacation in New York, right?” Derek raises a brow at you and Penelope shakes her head.

“They lied. I’m tracking his credit cards right now and he’s less than a mile from where the kidnappings took place and three miles from almost every dumpsite. All the others have clean records and solid alibis, but he doesn’t,” Penelope continues typing and you shake your head.

“What? What’s wrong?” Derek looks at you, concerned.

“This doesn’t make any sense, it doesn’t fit the profile. He’s been undetected for so long, why make mistakes now? He’s careful, he’s smart. He wouldn’t give himself away accidentally,” you bite your lip in thought as Garcia speaks up.

“Could it possibly be because he’s feeling remorse?”

“No, sociopaths don’t feel remorse, Pen. This man wants something from us, I’m just not sure what it is,” you shake your head and sigh, Penelope’s typing being the only noise.

Seconds later, your phone rings and you look at the screen. Not recognizing the caller, you motion to Derek and Penelope, telling them to keep quiet as you answer the call and put it on speaker.

“L/N here. Who’s this?”

“Hello there, Agent,” the voice on the other end is hoarse and smug at the same time. “You don’t recognize my voice?”

Derek pulls Hotch and the rest of the team in as Penelope tries to trace the call.

“You’re the man who killed all those women,” you grit out and the man laughs.

“Thank you, you’re right. That would be me. Wouldn’t you like to know where I am? Where little miss brunette is?”

“Tell me where you’re keeping her. Tell me where you’re keeping Victoria,” you look over to Penelope as she shakes her head, not yet pinpointing his location.

“Tell that brilliant analyst of yours to stop trying to find me. I’ll just tell you where we are,” the man takes a deep, long, calming breath before continuing. “We’re at 1347 West Sheldon Road, right next to the abandoned warehouse. Can’t wait to see you.”

He hangs up and you all quickly rush out the doors: you and Morgan rush into one car while the rest of the team calls for some backup before joining you.

“Why did that man ask if you remembered him?” Derek questions you after a few minutes of silence.

“I’ve got no idea, but I plan on asking him myself,” you glare ahead and turn the siren on. Why did the unsub sound so familiar?

“We need to be careful when we get there, you understand me?” Derek lectures as you drive up to the house; it seems to be the only one in the area.

“Derek, I appreciate your concern, but we cannot wait!” You unbuckle your seatbelt and look up at him.

“We don’t go in without the rest of the team, understood?” Derek grabs your hand as check to make sure you’ve got your gun, a concerned look in his eyes while yours grow hard.

“Derek, the longer we wait, the less are our chances of finding her alive. Please,” you whisper, pleading as he furrows his brows.

“We can’t go in there without backup, sweetheart,” he shakes his head and doesn’t let go of his grip on my arm.

“Derek, we’ve done this for years. What’s different now?” You reason as Derek shakes his head. “Victoria could be dead!”

“And if we go in there alone, you could be next! The women he kidnaps look a hell of a lot like you! This unsub knows you, he singled you out and called you to tell you where he was. There’s not a chance in hell I’m letting you go in there without backup!” Derek’s voice grows louder as he finishes his little speech.

Before you’re given a chance to respond, you hear sirens coming around the corner. You pull your arm away from Derek’s, glaring at him as you open your side door.

“There’s your backup, Derek. I’m going in,” you get out the car and run over to the front of the house. Hotch and Reid are the first to meet you there. “Everyone be careful.”

You check the door and see that it’s open. You make your way inside and Hotch and Reid follow. You stop once you were all inside, and hear the woman’s sobs and groans down the hall. Everyone gets to the room at the very end and you break down the door. There he is: holding her against him, smiling as he carves into her stomach, a blade in one hand and a gun in the other.

“Stop right now or I will put one right between your beady little eyes,” you glare, gritting your teeth as the man laughs, lifting the gun to the woman’s head..

“The only way you’ll put a bullet through me is over her dead body. She’s useless. You, on the other hand, I’m going to enjoy–”

“Let her go, Charles. You don’t want to do this. Just–”

“Let her go?” He cuts you off and runs the blade lightly across her throat. “She’s the only leverage I have to get to you.”

“Stop hurting her and I will walk right over to you,” you glare at him and slowly move your gun lower, gritting your teeth as you speak.

“Is that a promise?” He smirks, not removing his blade from Victoria’s throat as he eyeballs you. “Because I can get off at just the thought of carving into you, god I can’t wait to–”

“Get your hands off of her. Now,” you grit your teeth, your hands still on your gun as he watches you.

“Oh, look at you. You’ve grown up so much. I bet your parents would be proud, huh?” He smirks at you knowingly as he lifts his hands off the girl, the knife still poking her stomach and the gun against her temple.

You growl and take a step closer as he pokes the blade in deeper.

“You really don’t remember me?” The man laughs and you reach for your gun again. “I didn’t think you could forget me after the state I left your parents in. They were one of my first kills, blood spattered everywhere. Some of it even got on your face and you screamed. You were such a beautiful child.”

“Now is not a good time to lie, Charles,” you clench your jaw, not wanting to think of your parents. Not wanting to know how he knew about them.

“Lying?” He laughs again. “I’m not lying and you know it. I smeared the blood on your face after I was done with them. Red was such a good color on you, even then. You were wearing a pretty lavender dress with embroidered white flowers.”

You falter for a second as the man continues, not wanting to let him see what he was doing to you.

“You looked so sad, so confused. I couldn’t have someone as innocent as you be drenched in blood. So I took the time to change you out of the bloody clothes. I bathed you, cleaned every tiny bit of you. I changed you into a little white onesie. God, your skin was so soft. I wonder how soft it is now. So scrumptious, so–”

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“Don’t even think of finishing that sentence,” Derek’s voice comes out gruffly from behind you.

“Or what? You’ll shoot me? As if she’ll let you,” he scoffs, raising a brow towards you while running his tongue across his bottom lip.

“If you don’t let her go, I will shoot you myself,” you grit your teeth and earn a sickening smile from him.

“I let her go, I have no leverage. Come on over and I won’t even look at her,” he rakes his eyes up and down, imagining you naked. “Is someone feeling jealous?”

You grit your teeth and look over your shoulder at Derek and the rest of the team, making sure they knew what you were doing. You give Derek the gun and walk over to the jackass, holding your hands up as Victoria whimpered underneath the knife.

“There’s a good girl,” he smirks, raising his knife to your stomach and his gun to your temple as he turns you around, pressing your back to his chest. He moans, brushing his lips against your ear and using you as a human shield. “You feel even better than you did when you were a child, even better perhaps.”

You grit your teeth and drift off,  not wanting to imagine what he was saying. There’s no way he could be the one, but there’s also no way he could’ve known any of those details. Everything about your childhood was erased. Penelope owed you one and that was all you wanted. The only proof that anything out of the ordinary had happened to your parents was a single sheet of paper, a report that had been filled out initially. No one else outside of your team knew about those events.

“Listen to me, you little whore!” He screams in your ear, pushing the gun into your temple as he grew impatient. The knife dug into your belly as he yelled at you, his head moving slightly to the side to exert more force. “You’re a filthy, cheap little slut and there’s no way you’re getting out of this alive. I’m gonna–!”

And before he can even finish the sentence, you hear a shot go off. The scumbag got one right between his beady little eyes. You look back to see Derek Morgan, gun in his hands and eyes on you as a tear rolls down your face. You quickly wipe it and turn around, facing Victoria as Hotch called for paramedics.

You rub the hair out of her face as she cries and whispers gentle thank yous, her hands still shaking as she fights to remain conscious. Once the paramedics arrive, you move out of the way and promise to visit her in the hospital before the team heads back to DC.

By the time you turn to face the team, they’re all making their way outside to tackle news crews and relay the information with the cops. Derek is the only one still in the room, eyes not leaving you. You finally stand up again, knees barely able to keep you up as you walk over to Derek with your hand outstretched.

“Here you go,” Derek whispers, handing your gun back to you as he places a hand on your shoulder. “You okay?”

“Yeah, I guess,” you shrug and whimper, your tough demeanor slowly breaking as Derek pulls you into a hug. “No.. I’m not okay, Derek.”

“I know, baby, I know,” he whispers and holds you close, letting you cry into his chest. “I’m so sorry.”

You two stay like that for a few minutes, finding comfort in each other’s arms as the agents and officers swarmed in and out of the room. The chaos around you continued, and for once you felt peace inside you.

“Morgan?” You two hear Hotch’s voice coming down the hallway and Derek lifts his head up.

“We’re in here, Hotch,” Derek yells out and you pull away from him for a second, wiping your tears. Hotch takes one look at you and closes his eyes.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N. We should’ve seen the connection sooner,” Hotch shakes his head and you give him a tight-lipped smile.

“It’s not your fault, Hotch. We saved her and the jackass is dead,” you wipe a few more stray tears and shrug as Hotch nods. “It hasn’t been a bad day.”

“Morgan take Angel home. The rest of us will finish the paperwork tonight. We’ll call you if we need anything,” Hotch looks at Derek and then back at you. “You need anything, let us know, okay?”

“Okay, dad,” you whisper, still smiling at him. He returns the smile and walks out as Derek wraps an arm around your shoulder.

At the end of the day, all you had was your team. And what a team you had.

Rising Sun--Josh Dun Imagine

Soulmate AU where soulmates have matching tattoos. Part 2 Coming Soon.

Y/C= your city

TW: Mild Mention of Past Abuse 

read at your own risk and stay safe |-/


(Your POV) 

It had been a long day, and by long day you meant days. You had just finished a quadruple shift, almost 48 hours, at the local music store you worked at because your asshole of a boss refused to let you go home after he fired the high school boy you used to work with. He finally let you go home after 40 hours on your feet. 

You get back to your apartment and threw off your heels, stripped out of your (really short) skirt, and took off your tight shirt, which your idiot boss makes you wear because ‘they make your ass look great and a great ass and hot body attract customers.’ You shivered as you remembered that conversation the day you got hired. Yes, your boss was a pig, but you needed the money. 

Exhausted, you fell onto your bed ready to sleep for two days, but your phone rang. Sighing, you picked it up. “Hello?”

“Y/N hi! It’s Stephanie.” Stephanie was your best friend in high school, but you slowly drifted away in college. Still you meet up once in a while if you ever seem to be in the same town, but what could she be calling you about now? 

“Stephanie, hi what can I help you with?” 

“You still work at that old music shop in Y/C right?” 

“Yeah why?” What could she possibly be up to?

“Good ‘cause I have a friend who has a show in the next town over, and he was hoping to get new sticks and some records. Will you be working tomorrow?” 

“Yeah Steph I will, but I don’t see why they can’t just go to a store to their town.” 

“He’s kinda shy, really doesn’t like new people, so I was hoping that I could send him to you, sure he doesn’t know you, but since you’re my friend I was hoping he would at least be more comfortable.” 

“Okay Steph, what time will he be over.”

“Like 8 am.” You could tell she sounded sorry that it was so early, but really your boss was going to make you get there at 7:30, so it was really no big deal.

“It’s okay Steph, I’ll have to be there early anyway to open, so it’s no problem.”

“Eeeee thanks so much girlie make sure to call next time you’re in the area. Kisses, bye.” she hung up. 

You looked at the clock. 9:00 pm. You were so tired, but you hadn’t eaten since 10 pm the night before, so you gathered the last of your energy, slipped on some skinny jeans and a sweatshirt, and walked out your door. After the short elevator ride, you stepped onto the street heading toward the taco bell around the corner. 

You arrived and walked in, ordered your usual, and stood off to the side waiting for your order. The bell above the door rang, signaling another customer, yet at the same time you were walking to the counter to collect your food. You bump into the poor guy, and your food goes flying, landing on the floor and spilling its contents. “I’m so sorry” you said as you stooped to pick up your fallen food. “It’s been a really long day, and I didn’t see you.” You were exhausted, and the long day on your feet caused tears to form. The guy leaned down and helped you pick up the rest of your now inedible meal. 

He set his hand on your wrist, creating a warm fuzzy sensation on your left wrist. “Hey it’s okay.” He smiled, and your heart stopped. He was beautiful. A nose ring glinted despite the shadow from hood. He smiled revealing a set of perfect, white teeth. His warm, brown eyes made you feel all warm and fuzzy. He looked you in the eyes, as you held back tears. “Rough day?” 

“Ha yeah you could say that.” You smiled, keeping back the tears. “I just got back from a 40 hours of work at a place where my boss only keeps me around to dress like a slut, so he can leer at me all day.” You don’t know why you shared that, but you trusted the stranger with pink hair, gauges, and a nose ring. 

“Ooh rough. At least let me buy you another meal, so that you don’t starve.” You didn’t want to take him up, but you were starving, and you spent the remaining cash in your wallet to buy the food that ended up on the floor so why the hell not.

“Alright.” After he bought you food you parted ways, you walking home, and him heading to the hotel two blocks away. 

You walked back into your apartment, finished you food, and showered. After you were clean and fed, you laid down in your bed, and gently rubbed the tattoo on your left arm. The fuzzy sensation the stranger had created had only increased since you left the taco bell. You ran your hand over the small sunrise tattoo on your left inner arm until you fell asleep.

You woke up to your alarm blaring at 6:30 am. You shower and get dressed in the black skirt, low-cut top, and high heels. Grabbing a piece of toast, you run out the door. You get to the music store at 7:15 and get ready for opening at 7:30. You spend the first half hour restocking records and setting up instruments for lessons.

At 8:00 am on the dot the bell rings. You decided to give the customer some space while you finished hanging the record above the register. You stood on a stool placing a Twenty One Pilots’ Blurryface record on the shelf above the register. Little did you know that the customer was standing behind you while you stood a few above him in a tiny skirt with nothing underneath but your lacy underwear. 

“Excuse me I’m looking for Y/N” He cleared his throat, scaring you. Your heel slipped off the top step and you fell backwards only to land on something soft and moving and… breathing? You open your eyes to find warm brown eyes and a nose ring glinting back at you. 

“Oh my god I’m so sorry.” You quickly stand up and steady yourself on your heels. You hold out your hand, and help the guy up. “Yes I’m Y/N what can i do for you. Oh my god you again?” 

“Oh hi. You’re Y/N?” 

“Yep that’s me and you are?” 

 “The name’s Josh, Stephanie’s friend. She said she called you?” He looked at the floor and put his hand through his pink hair, tugging slightly, a nervous habit. 

“Oh yeah she did, said you needed some sticks and some records cause you were on tour in the next town over.”

“Yeah my band mate and I have a show in the other town, and I needed some new things.” 

“That’s cool what are you looking for?” You walked out from behind the register making sure your skirt covered your ass. After helping him pick up a new pair of sticks and a few records, you walked him back to the register. 

“I couldn’t help but to notice the Twenty One Pilots you were hanging up earlier.” 

“Yeah you a fan?” You smiled as you continued to ring up his items.

“You could say that.” He pulled his hair again. “I’m.. uh… I’m the drummer for them.” That’s when the glass shattered.

“Oh my God you’re Josh Dun!” He took a step back startled by your out burst. “Sorry sorry I’m just a huge fan of your music. I don’t understand how I didn’t recognize you.” 

“It’s okay.” You handed him his things, and he stopped dead in his tracks. “A tattoo? You don’t seem like the type.”

“Oh” you glanced at the sun tattoo on your wrist, the strange tingling warmth was back. “I’m not really. Just the soul mate thing. Apparently there’s someone out there with the same tattoo that was ‘made just for me’ but I don’t know. It’s hard to wrap my mind around.” Truth is you hated to think about that little tattoo, and what it meant. You spent years searching for the other person with that same tattoo, but you had found dead ends or abusive relationships. You’d given up searching. Maybe love wasn’t for you. 

“It’s interesting.” You snapped out of it at the sound of Josh’s voice. “I like it. It’s simple.” He looked back at your face. “Hey we have a show tonight about 20 minutes away would you like to come?” He tugged at his hair again, something you found quiet endearing.

“I’d like that.” You exchanged numbers and emails, him promising to email the tickets and backstage pass to you.

“I’ll see you tonight yeah?” 

“Definitely.” With that he walked out the door, your tattoo burning and tingling more than ever before. What was wrong with it?


(Josh’s POV)

I was freaking out. Legitimately freaking out. It took all my energy to not panic in front of Y/N. I pulled out my phone and called Tyler. 

“Josh where are you man we need to soundcheck?”

“Ty, man, I’m on my way back from the music store twenty minuets away. Remember?”

“Yeah, so why’d you call?”

“Tyler I think I just met my soul mate.”

“Wait! What? Dude explain.”

“Okay so you know how my friend Stephanie told me about this really great music shop?” 


“So after the bus arrived last night, I hopped in a cab over here to find the store, so I wouldn’t get lost and miss soundcheck.”


“Thanks, but not the point.” I took a deep breath. “Anyway, so on my way back to the bus, I stop at a taco bell…”

“Of course”

“Shut up. Anyway I get inside and am about to order when this really cute girl bumps into me and spills her taco bell.”

“Dude, the taco bell”

“I know, Ty. As I was saying. She lets me buy her more taco bell..”

“And they say chivalry is dead.”

“Tyler c’mon man let me finish.” I let out an exasperated sigh.

“Sorry. Go on.”

“Okay, so I thought she was cute, and was so angry that I forgot to get her number, but I go into that music store this morning, and she’s working there. Turns out she’s a fan, but as she’s handing me my stuff, I notice her tattoo. It’s the same rising sun tattoo that I have on my left arm.”

“That’s sick dude did you tell her.” 


“Josh man really?”

“I know, but I invited her tonight.” 

“That’s great, dude. Make sure you ask her out tonight.” 

“Whatever, dude.”

“Oh and Josh, I have to meet her.” 

“Sure Ty.”

By the time I arrived at the venue, I was thrown right into soundcheck, my nervousness only be quelled by the internal warmth from my tattoo. 

Time for a change, part 1

Pairing: Kirk x Reader

Word Count: 1417

Warnings: Mild language

A/N: You, a science officer, are on your way to your new assignment.  What happens when you meet the crew of the Enterprise as they escort you to your ship? What happens when you meet their almost too handsome captain?  

The view from upper deck of the science station was one of the few things that calmed you recently. You would sneak away when you could and enjoy the view of the binary blue stars of the Relos System.  The chaos that had become the norm on the station had turned into more than you could take.  Originally, you and your team had been sent to research the vegetation growth in low atmospheric conditions of planets in systems with blue giant stars.   Relos III had been perfect for the science station and the research would aid in terraforming previously uninhabitable planets.  Now was different.  There were multiple demands from Star Fleet and now neighboring worlds for more data. There never seemed to be enough for any of them and certainly not fast enough for their liking.

The commander running the station felt the demands first and then it started to trickle down to the rest of you.  Longer hours, less assistance until finally it had gotten to the point that few people were still speaking outside of the work environment.  The stress you were under was affecting you more than you let on to anyone.  Especially your family.  Your messages home started growing fewer and fewer, as the months passed.  However, you hoped, now, that would change.  You had just submitted a request, to Star Fleet Command and Commander Brox, for transfer to another facility.  It was the only true solution for you.  That or quit Star Fleet all together.  However, that was not really an option.  You did not want to leave Star Fleet.  All you could do now was wait. Brox would come find you, once she read the request.  It was a conversation you were not looking forward to but it was necessary.

For now, you would sit and enjoy the view before the chaos came to find you again.

It took several hours but Brox did find you.  She demanded to know why you wanted to leave the station and the project.  It took a while but you explained.  Explained every bit of stress and pressure you all had been under.  How you were losing sleep and could not remember the last time you had any fun or enjoyment.  You were beginning to hate everything about being a science officer.  Your emotions were running high by the time you finished.

“[Y/N], stop.  I didn’t know you were feeling this bad.  I wish… well doesn’t matter what I wish now.  I approved the transfer.  I hate to see you go.  But you have to do what you need to.  You are a great scientist.  Don’t let this place change that in your mind.”  With a long sigh, she left you standing there in shock.  It had not been the fight as you thought it would.  The tightness in your chest eased slightly.  Now you waited to receive your new assignment from Star Fleet.

It was a few days before that message came in.  You were to report to York Town to rendezvous with the U.S.S. Gracen Lok.  It was a science vessel tasked with scouting and arrangement of sites for future research stations and outposts.  You would be taken to York Town by the U.S.S. Enterprise, as they had been nearest to the station, finishing a mission.  The ship was to arrive the next day so there was little time to pack your belongings.  After being on the station for three years, you realized you really hadn’t collected too many things.  You were able to pack your uniforms, personal clothing, and the few keepsakes you could not live without, into two bags.

The Enterprise came within hailing distance, sending a message that you were to be on the transporter in ten minutes.  You said your goodbyes to those who you had become closest and felt the tingling of the transporter as you were finally on your way. The transporter room came quickly into view as your boots planted firmly on the pad.  “Well that is a feeling I did not miss.”  Rolling your shoulders and shivering at the odd sensation of the transporter.

“Lieutenant [Y/L/N], I am Commander Spock. Follow me; I will escort you to the medbay.  It is necessary for you to undergo medical inspection before you are brought to your assigned quarters.  Verification that you have not brought communicable pathogens on board from the station will be transmitted to Star Fleet Medical and entered into your medical records.”  The stern looking Vulcan stood before you.  You took a step down off the pad towards him.

“Yes sir, I understand.” He turned quickly and you moved to keep up with him.  “I appreciate the ride back to York Town.”  The man did not look to you as he spoke.

“No appreciation is necessary.  The Enterprise was given the order to assist in your transportation to the Gracen Lok.” So much for small talk.  You felt out of your element now.  Normally you could talk to anyone but you did not think that could happen with Commander Spock.  So you closed your mouth and looked around as you walked down the corridors.

The medbay was up two decks and down a corridor from where you had arrived.  Something you would try to remember when you were spending the few days on board.  As the two of you entered there was a flurry of activity happening with patients and medical personal.  You weren’t sure what was going on but it looked like a bad day to be in medbay. Commander Spock stopped one of the passing nursing informing her of your need to be examined.  She nodded taking your arm and showing you into one of the empty exam rooms.  “I don’t know how long it will be, probably a while.  Seems everyone today has done something stupid and ended up here.  But I will let one of the docs know you need to be seen.”  Smiling she left the room.  You looked around a moment before setting your bags down on the floor.  Your hand ran over the biobed a moment before you hopped up to sit.

It felt like forever before someone finally arrived.  A dark headed man with his face down reading information on a PADD entered the room.  “Lieutenant [Y/N] [Y/L/N]?”

You nodded stretching out your arms.  “Yes sir.” He looked up, taking in your appearance.

“I’m Doctor McCoy.  I am going to check you over, make sure you didn’t pick up anything on that station and send you on your way.  Too many patients here who actually need assistance.”  The shortness of his answer did not phase you.  It was something you had grown accustomed to with cranky scientists.

“Whatever you need to do, Doctor McCoy.  I don’t want to be here any more than you want me to.”  He stopped and gave you half a smile.  It was a handsome look on him.

“Sorry, as you can tell it’s been hell here today.  Let me scan you then draw some blood.  As long as those are clear you can get going.”  You nodded and let him go about his job.  He asked all the normal medical questions you had answer a million times before.  As he finished drawing your blood, a man strolled into the room calling out to the doctor.

“Bones, we have got to get you out of here today.  I have already had three people complain about your grumpiness. Come on man you…” The man stopped quickly when he realized there was someone else in the room.  “Well, hello.  I’m Captain James Kirk.  You must be the scientist we picked up on Relos.  Welcome to the Enterprise.”  His blue eyes danced with the smile that lit up his face.

Doctor McCoy shook his head, pushing Captain Kirk out of the room.  “Oh no not today.  Let me examine the poor girl before you go and try to seduce her.”

“I’m not going to seduce her… I’m just going to introduce myself as a good captain should.”  A pink tinge appeared on your cheeks as you sat motionless on the biobed.  Captain Kirk entered the room once more extending his hand.  “Jim Kirk.  Please allow me to amends for this crotchety doctor, have dinner with me tonight.  It’s the least I could do.”  You shook his hand, the heat from his skin traveling up your arm and landing somewhere in your chest, causing your heart to beat wildly. Those eyes, that smile, you knew it. You were gone.  Damn it.

Part 2

Needles and Pins- Charles Xavier x Reader

Needles and Pins (prompt)
Rating: T
Warnings: None
Ship: Charles Xavier x Female Reader
Note: Sorry for the delay, I re-wrote this like twice :(

Originally posted by endingthemes

The darkened halls of the mansion felt hauntingly empty, every movement of curtains a taunting whisper at the failure of the X-men. It always had ever since they- Raven, Erik, Angel, Azazel, Darwin, Moira-

They’d all left you here. Well, not entirely alone. Hank still kept Charles some company, as did you. Alex had returned home after a few years to take care of his baby brother. And Moira was of course currently unaware of anyone’s existence.

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~Felix knows that, if Siris knew they were leaving on this job, he’d never let them go. So Felix and Locus don’t say goodbye. They leave for Chorus, and they know they’ll never see Siris again.~

Last one! Also from @yami-sama​, I got, “Siris comes to save Felix and Locus after the Tartarus crashes.”

Words: 2,164

Characters: Felix, Locus and Siris

Warnings: Canon-typical swearing, mention of genocide

Ao3 link / @rvbficwars

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I love you; Haechan.

Request: Not really, lmao.

Genre: Fluff.

Warnings: None.

A/N: Back again with the scenarios! No one requested this, I was just feeling kind of inspired and I started writing this, lmao. And I choose Donghyuck just because I’m super in love with him, srsly. I think I never said this here but he’s my favourite NCT member (after Chittaphon, obvs). He’s a little baby, and it breaks my heart to see how all the hate are hurting him, specially since he never did nothing wrong. Please, never stop supporting him, ok? I know I always say the same thing with all the members but all of them are important to me and I think all of them deserve the same amount of love.
And the same reminder of always, if you see any mistake tell me asap and I’ll correct it. Thank you!

“I’m obsessing over you, you know that?” Donghyuck whispered in my ear, while his arms are wrapped around my waist. He leaned his head on my shoulder, without forgetting to leave some kisses in your my and neck before.

“You guys are to young for this kind of stuff, you know?”

“Are you getting jealous again over our perfect relationship, hyung?” He answered and then laughed at Mark’s expression after hearing his response.

“Just.. stop doing that, ok? The rest of the Dreamies will arrive to the practice at any time and they don’t need to see all of that.” He said, already feeling stressed because of his friend. “Anyways, I’ll go to a quiet place to write while we wait for them, ok?”

“Good luck on that, Mark. We’ll be good, I promise.” I said while smiling, trying to sound trustworthy, but just gaining a suspicious look from him before leaving us alone in the practice room.

A few minutes later we are sitting side by side on the floor, with some snacks and drinks in front of us while we talk.

“Talking about writing songs, I finally finished the one I wrote last week. Do you want to hear it? I recorded it this time.”

You agreed immediately, giving your boyfriend a loving look while he was looking for the video in his phone.

There was nothing on the world that I loved the most more than see how dedicated he was to his music. He would always talk about the new coreographies he learned or his opinions on the new songs in the coming album. And, a few weeks ago, he even started to write his own lyrics. And since he was new doing so, it was pretty common that sometimes he would need some help or that he would get stressed over it, and not long ago he found the answer to avoid both and was accepting my help and listening to my oppinions in the lyrics.

It was kind of a routine now. One or two days a the week he would invite me to the dorms and gave me the piece of paper where with his pretty calligraphy the lyrics of the song were written. Once I finished reading he was already asking me for my opinion while handing me a cup of warm coffee. He would always listens to my words with attention, asking for advice or help if he needed it. And I have to admit that those moments are my favourite ones.

I really loved it when we’re more lost in the music than in love. I’m always there correcting his mistakes while he plays the piano keys in a delicated way, trying to make it match with the song. Those are the kind of moments that inspires me to write beautiful stories about us, and he’s just as supportive.

I love watching him read, with the most beautiful smile in his face, the story writed in the huge pile of papers I used. I love when he laughs out loud when one of the characters do something silly or romantic, because he knows perfectly that all of that was inspired on him. It’s a beautiful way of remember some of our dates and conversations and it always leaved us wanting for more of those moments to happen. He always tell me that he loves the story and promises me to take me to a date in a different place next time, just to have new experiences and to remember those precious moments in a completly different point of view.

“And? What do you think about it?” He said once the song finished, he said while looking at me.

“It’s perfect.” I said and he smiles at me, while putting one of his arms around my waist, holding me as close as posible.

“Thank you, y/n. For helping me, and for always being by my side.” Then, he leaves a kiss on my forehead and caress my cheek.

“It’s a pleasure.” I said, and both of us giggle before kissing for a few seconds.

God, I’m so in love with you, Donghyuck. I love you.

He looked up from the paper as soon as he finished reading the las word written in that beautiful cursive letter and he search for you with his eyes only taking him a couple of seconds to find you in the room, your eyes were already focused on him.

You’re feeling kind of nervous to see how he’s going to react. It was your first time telling him that you loved him, and you wanted to make it in a sincere and creative way, but as soon as he started reading you felt embarrassed and insecure. What if he laughs at you? Or what if he thinks that you’re too inmature? You were internally hoping to turn back time and never gave those stupid pieces of paper to him an just be brave enough to say how much you loved him orally.

He stood up and immediately went to were you are. Every second you felt worst, hating yourself for being so childish but being to flustered to even being able to apologize. 

But he just goes to where you are, and he kisses you. He kisses you in the most passionate yet delicated way you can think of. With his hands on your waist, pulling your body closer to his and surprising you with the most beautiful kiss that someone ever gave you.

“What did I do to deserve someone as perfect as you?” He asks, while caressing your hair and internally loving the natural shade of pink that your cheeks had. “I love you too, my princess.”