i hated that stupid shirt so much


Everyone told Rein that he shouldn’t wear that stupid ass shirt when he was going out to pick up the new “transfer” agent from the airport. In his defense, he said that it was his “lucky” shirt and that he wanted to give a welcoming appearance for them.

Cerys’ first impression of Rein was that she thought he was some eccentric uber driver who talked about food a lot.


Okay, so I couldn’t help myself and had to sketch the stupid Hawaiian shirt Victor wore in Chapter 18 of YCPfE. 

(Please excuse the crap quality - it’s just a quick thing on paper I had lying around on my desk.🙃 I just thought you guys might want to see it too.)

Valentine Double Date

A somewhat long fic (around 6k words) about Touken and Ayahina’s double date, which began from a girl’s innocent attempt at pushing her Onee-chan and Onii-chan together. Mostly fluff, hints of angst. This is a fic I wrote to have fun and let myself go so it’s nowhere close to the standard of my older fic, but this poor lonely single soul just wanted to have something to do on Valentine’s Day. ;_; Enjoy!

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“Please say yes!” Hinami was almost screaming, as she clasped her hands together and leaned forward in a perfect bow. Kaneki and Touka blinked in disbelief for a moment, looking at each other before looking at her again. 

“You want us…” Kaneki murmured hesitantly. 

“… to follow you and Ayato on your date?” Touka continued, tilting her head in confusion. “But why?”

“B-Because… tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and…” Hinami murmured, her cheeks completely flushed as she shifted about uncomfortably. “I feel uneasy going out alone with him.” 

“Uneasy?” Touka wondered in confusion. “But weren’t the two of your partners in Aogiri? You were alone quite a lot, right?”

“Yeah but…” Hinami sighed, took a deep breath and let it out, fingers fumbling with one another. “This is different from that… I just… don’t…” 

“If you don’t want to go, you should tell him—”

“No! I want to go!” Hinami yelped, cutting into Kaneki’s words. “But but but… A-Ayato-kun scares me sometime!”

“Oh, is that so?” Kaneki said, turning to Touka with a blank expression. “I don’t mind… Is that okay with you, Touka-chan?”

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✰ * º ❛  new girl ‘kids’ (s1e21) sentence starters.  ❜

‘  you’re using birth control, right?  ’
‘  it’s just that he’s so athletic that birth control becomes like one of those plastic barbecue covers in a hurricane.  ’
‘  i didn’t wanna know that.  ’
‘  what is all the screaming about?  ’
‘  have you finally agreed to be in our third? because, you know, we’ve discussed this.  ’
‘  what? this is not the time!  ’
‘  i was the bomb diggity as a baby! i mean i was like break-dancing at eight months old.  ’
‘  get out! seriously?  ’
‘  he’s got too many d.u.i.’s to take himself, so i guess i got to take him.  ’
‘  they’re going to be here in a few minutes, so i need you to be on your best behavior.  ’
‘  no f-bombs, p-bombs. actually, no b through s bombs. no bombs.  ’
‘  please put on some pants.  ’
‘  everything you say sounds really creepy when you’re not wearing pants.  ’
‘  your hair looks nice.  ’
‘  mm, this coffee is smoldering.  ’
‘  so creepy.  ’
‘  i think he’s testing me. i think he’s seeing if i could be a mom.  ’
‘  put some some pants… or at least some really high socks.  ’
‘  i just wanted to make sure that there wasn’t some important piece of information that i totally missed.  ’
‘  actually, can you explain what you mean very clearly?  ’
‘  it’s been months of nonstop sex.  ’
‘  i’m not listening to you.  ’
‘  i’m just saying, look, do you think she wants something more than sex?   ’
‘  do you think she’s finally becoming a girl? cause i can’t handle that, man.  ’
‘  do you think i’ve become too dependent on a hot lava massage?  ’
‘  i’m gonna be there in just a second, okay?  ’
‘  i’m not going to sit here and bond with you about this, alright?  ’
‘  i gotta go babysit my boss.  ’
‘  i’m coming with a date.  ’
‘  she’s smart and mature and she knows about art and famous artists like banksy and the guy who did the obama poster and, you know, like, chalk outline guy.  ’
‘  that’s stupid.  ’
‘  your eyes are so brown. they look like poop.  ’
‘  be honest with me, do my eyes look like poo?  ’
‘  i’m just trying to give you an opportunity to lie to me. just trying to be polite.  ’
‘  actually, the ancient egyptians made pasta by flattening the dough with their feet.  cool, huh?  ’
‘  why do you have so many bras?  ’
‘  i just want you to know that, um, you can ask me anything.  ’
‘  are you in love with my dad?  ’
‘  do you two ever dry-lump?? ’
‘  is sexting cool?  ’
‘  have you done a 99?  ’
‘  have you ever given anyone plow chops?  ’
‘  how do you make love to a person animal-style?  ’
‘  do you wanna learn how to play bridge?  ’
‘  i’ve been doing some thinking and i think it’s time that i take you on a real date.  ’
‘  you’re asking me out on a date?  ’
‘  it’ll be our first real date! italy on ice is a celebration of all things italian, featuring ice dancing’s biggest and brightest italian stars.  ’
‘  i can’t go right now. it’s a really bad time, okay? i’m sorry, just take someone else.  ’
‘  i don’t think you should be rushing into these things.  ’
‘  i know, that sucked. i’m sorry.  ’
‘  just choose someone who makes you laugh.  ’
‘  oh my god, oh my god. i love them so, so, so much. they’re so hot.  ’
‘  i want to rub my face on his face!  ’
‘  just to be clear, i am dialing another woman to go see italy on ice right now.  ’
‘  this room can not take anymore hormones.  ’
‘  it’s almost too much juxtaposition for me. you know what i mean? it’s like right at the line of juxtaposition, but i think i’m gonna let it slide.  ’
‘  what it be girl? what you got going on, ma? it’s the freakin’ weekend.  ’
‘  did you just call me “girl”?  ’
‘  are you wearing something sexy?  ’
‘  oh, you got jeans on, baby, are they tight?  ’
‘  um, my jeans are a little loose. i buy them big.  ’
‘  oh, them jeans sound sexy.  ’
‘  everything alright? you wanna hang out more?  ’
‘  you taking care of that tushy for me?  ’
‘  i’m not doing, like, squats or anything. i’m trying to eat less donuts.  ’
‘  you still keeping it tight?  ’
‘  you’re an idiot.  ’
‘  this is a really good example of people who should not be making love.  ’
‘  you don’t understand. i love him so, so, so much.  ’
‘  he’s so hot, i’m gonna die!  ’
‘  he is way too old for you. i live with him. he’s dirty and weird.  ’
‘  it’s not well ventilated in there!  ’
‘  oh yeah, baby, a yard sale! oh, i feel so alive!  ’
‘  ah, i got a charley horse. oh, god.  ’
‘  i’m going to roll in his dirty clothes.  ’
‘  he came over and asked me out and i really can’t go on a date with him right now.  ’
‘  listen to me, alright! listen to me! alright, you little brat! you just need to be quiet!  ’
‘  you just need to be quiet because i need my friend to focus on me right now!  ’
‘  what are you doing? you know how much this means to me.  ’
‘  don’t let your dysfunction rub off on her.  ’
‘  i am going to be a terrible mother!  ’
‘  i’m going to be just like my mother.  ’
‘  you’re gonna be a great mom. you’re gonna be a fashionable mom.  ’
‘  if you do have sex, make sure you always use protection because, even if he says it’s tantric and you know better, you’re just gonna end up pregnant anyways!  ’
‘  what? are you pregnant?  ’
‘  we have to wait for the test results, but i’m late.  ’
‘  you got her pregnant?  ’
‘  okay, i’m not ready to be a godparent. don’t ask.  ’
‘  i’m not ready to be an uncle!  ’
‘  are you sure that you’re okay about this? cause i’m freaking out by the fact that you’re not freaking out.  ’
‘  i’m oddly calm about the whole thing.  ’
‘  maybe this isn’t exactly my five-year plan, but maybe this is fate. maybe i hit the jackpot. maybe this is the universe telling me that i’ll never find someone better than them.  ’
‘  your life’s like gossip girl… only everyone is old and poor.  ’
‘  you’re an amazing person and you’re going to do and be so many things in this life.  ’
‘  maybe you’ll be a mom, and maybe– maybe not. but i will support you no matter what.  ’
‘  congradulations! you’re dating a girl with basic table manners.  ’
‘  i’m so excited to be on this journey with you. i mean, your boobs are gonna be unbelievably enormous.  ’
‘  i hate her.  ’
‘  you don’t hate her. you don’t know her well enough to hate her.  ’
‘  you’re the skank with a skank face.  ’
‘  don’t make me chase you!  ’
‘  she doesn’t even know what netscape is… she thinks of ice cube as mainly an actor.  ’
‘  she fell in love with you for some unknown reason.  ’
‘  i might as well call you bridge to terabithia because you make children cry.  ’
‘  i will not apologize for my powerful sperm!  ’
‘  you, go stall her – try not to get her pregnant!  ’
‘  i know that you think you’re in love with me right now, but i promise you, you’re gonna find someone better.  ’
‘  i can be a bit of an anchor. i’ve been known to drag women down.  ’
‘  honestly, help me. i don’t know what to do.  ’
‘  i haven’t loved somebody the way you loved me in a very long time and i miss that feeling.  ’
‘  that feeling you have is good, it’s just misplaced. it’s better than being numb your whole life. you end up doing such weird things.  ’
‘  you know what? just stay in there. it’s not that great out here. stay in there as long as you can.  ’
‘  i can’t come out. i’m too embarrassed.  ’
‘  we are literally the most embarrassing people on the planet.  ’
‘  you don’t have to be embarrassed around us.  ’
‘  sometimes i talk louder to blind people.  ’
‘  i’ve peed in every pool i’ve been into. every single one.  ’
‘  i originally grew these bangs because i hate my forehead.  ’
‘  i still think it’s funny when a guy puts tennis balls under his shirt and pretends it’s boobs… they look like little boobs.  ’
‘  i do so many stupid things. you don’t even know.  ’
‘  there is a god! i’ve got my period! it’s so amazing!  ’
‘  welcome to our home. would you like a drink?  ’
‘  i’m kind of over you now.  ’
‘  bye! you’re a mess!  ’
‘  i’m not having kids until i’m 80.  ’
‘  now we can just go back to the way things were.  ’
‘  no more stupid mistakes, right?  ’
‘  i never knew that italy was so much more than pizza. it’s so much more!  ’
‘  the reenactment of pompeii really stays with you.  ’

More Deaf!Lance ideas

“I seriously don’t know what you’re trying to tell me..!” Keith hissed at Lance. Lance began to sign /Tell me- do you hate me? Do you hate me, Keith? Would you prefer if I get the implant? Keith please answer me!/
Keith backed away but Lance repeated the sign for cochlear implant until he got frustrated.
  The tan male pulled at his hair, tears welling up in his eyes.
  Keith tried to pull Lance’s hands away but Lance began to scream.
  Keith tried his best to get Lance to calm down, but he just didn’t know what he wanted.

Hunk quickly ran into the scene and held Lance close, rocking him a bit. Lance’s screams had died down a bit. He was now just gasping for air and choking on his sobs.
Hunk began to sign to Lance /what’s wrong? Why are you so upset?/
   Lance signed back /Do you think if I get the implant Keith would like me? Do you think I would be happy? I bet he hates me. Being deaf only adds on to it, huh?/
Keith frowned, “What’s he saying?”
  Hunk sighed softly, “He’s thinking about getting the cochlear implant.”
“Why?” Keith asked.
“He thinks you would like him if he could hear like you,” Hunk answered, “He thinks you hate him and being deaf only adds to your hatred.”
  “I don’t hate Lance! Yes, he can get a bit cocky and likes to tease me about my hair and crap- but I could never hate him!” Keith looked to Lance. The Cuban hid his face into Hunk’s shirt.

Lance began to sign /He hates me right?/
Hunk shook his head, /buddy no- he doesn’t. He doesn’t hate you./
Keith spoke slowly, “I don’t hate you.”

  You hate me! He hates me! I know he hates putting up with me! He hates me so much! Lance’s signing was fast and desperate. /Why do you guys even put up with me? I’m just an idiot. A big idiot. I am so worthless. I’m just a crybaby. I’m a nobody./

Hunk spoke while he signed, /“No one thinks you’re stupid. You’re not an idiot. You’re my best friend, Lance.”/
Lance bursted into tears. Keith felt guilt twisting a knot into his stomach. Damn.
I watched a documentary at school where the idea of getting a cochlear implant was a very controversial topic/idea.
Most of the deaf believed getting one meant that you did not embrace the deaf culture and you don’t want to be part of it.

Bath Bomb Love

“No,” Y/N shook her head as Joe opened his mouth to say something, “I just got home. It’s been a long day, I want to get out of these clothes, grab a glass of wine, and do nothing. So please, just, no.”

He closed his mouth, nodding while she walked past, brushing her lips across his cheek on the way up to his bedroom.

Frowning, he knew he had to do something to make her night a little better, and that was when Joe remembered the bath bombs his sister had sent him home with the other week. His frown was quickly replaced with a smile as he headed for the bathroom, knowing exactly what his girlfriend needed.

“Please, can I just go lay in bed?” Y/N sighed ten minutes later when he lead her back downstairs.

“You’ll get to relax, love, trust me.” He smiled over his shoulder, giving her hand a squeeze.


“Trust me.” He spun around, kissing her quickly, silencing any other comment she could possibly make. With a small smile on her lips, she nodded, allowing him to lead her to the bathroom.

When he pushed open the door, revealing his little plan, Joe felt a small burst of pride at the light gasp that came from the woman standing next to him.

“Oh, Joe…” She spun around to face him, kissing him softly. “I love you.”

The smile on her face disappeared quickly, and Joe’s entire body filled with shock, his mind frozen.

“Uhm, I mean…I just…” Y/N stumbled over her words, looking at him, waiting for a reaction, but he couldn’t get his brain to work with his mouth, and no words came out.

Instead, he just cleared his throat, scratched the back of his neck awkwardly, and then turned and walked out of the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

Well done, Sugg. He scolded himself silently, walking into the living room and falling onto the couch with a groan, throwing an arm over his face.

He had messed up, big time.

It wasn’t that he didn’t share similar feelings to her, because Joe did care deeply for her, and as he lay there thinking about his reaction over and over again, he realized that he actually did love her.

Now he just had to get the words out.

And hope that his girlfriend didn’t hate him.

He waited until she stepped out of the bathroom, tugging at the edge of the shirt she had thrown on, her body looking more relaxed than earlier, but her eyes showed the hurt she was trying to hide.


“No, it’s fine. I shouldn’t have said it. Stupid, really. Anyways, I’m just going to grab my stuff and head out. Sorry.”

“I love you too!” He blurted out, hand reached out to grab her arm. Y/N turned back towards him slowly, and he stepped closer, taking her hands in his gently. “I love you so much, and I should have said it the moment you said it to me. But I’m stupid and froze because I couldn’t believe that someone as amazing as you would love someone like me. I love you so much that I used my favourite bath bomb on you!” He offered her a teasing smile at that, to show he was joking.

“I love you, Y/N. And I’m not letting you leave her until you realize that I’m not just saying it because you did, but because it is how I honestly feel. It just, you know, took me a little longer to say it.”

He shifted on his feet, waiting for a response, but he never expected her to start giggling.

“I just admitted my feelings for you, and you laugh?”

“How many guys willingly admit to having a favourite bath bomb?”

“Oh, right, well…”

“One of the many things I love about you, Joe.” Y/N told him, reaching up to kiss him.

“Want me to list off some of my reasons for loving you?”

“Yes, please.”

“Well, to start…”

alberto-rozende  asked:

prompt: 3 times simon hugs raphael + 1 time raphael hugs simon

“Thank you” Simon breathe against Raphael’s neck as his arms wrapped around the older vampires body. “You didn’t have to do that for me”.

“As you’re clan leader, it was my duty” Raphael answered hesitantly and placed an arm on Simon’s lower back.

The truth was, he didn’t help Simon lie to his mother because it’s his duty as Simon’s leader, the fact was he didn’t know why he helped the fledgling.

Now here they were, in the middle of the streets of Brooklyn, Simon’s arms wrapped tightly around Raphael.

“You can do this, you’re stronger than you think” Raphael encouraged as he set a box on the table infront of them. A beautiful silver menorah was wrapped in a soft golden cloth.

Raphael took Simon’s hand and directed it towards the box “Simon, it’s the only way you’ll be able to go home to be with your family”

It burned and stinged, Simon cried out in pain but Raphael was there to apply an ointment that Magnus had created on the scored skin.

It took them weeks but Simon was able to pray, he was able to light the first candle on the menorah with his mother and sister by his side.

“Raphael” Simon tapped on Raphael’s bedroom door. He quickly pushed the door open when he heard the the faintest ‘come in’

Without thinking he crawled onto Raphael’s bed, drawing him into a hug.

“I did it, I did it” Simon sobbed into the crook of Raphael’s neck.

“I’m proud of you” Raphael smiled softly, and he truly was.

“I loved Clary” Simon’s word slurred as he walked on the ledge of the roof of the hotel DuMort.

“I know” Raphael rolled his eyes more out of jealously than annoyance as he held on to Simon’s out stretched arm.

“She’s known me so long but nope she wants Jace, oh he’s my brother not my brother boohoo” Simon hiccuped and stumbled in his feet.

“Simon, dios” Raphael groaned and pulled Simon off the ledge “you’re going to get yourself killed”

Simon drunkenly smiled at Raphael, all fangs and crinkled eyes. His arms wrapped around Raphael’s neck, closing the gap in between them.

“I know you don’t hate me” Simon slurred and rest his forehead against Raphael’s “I don’t hate you either” he added in a hushed whisper. Simon’s lips brushed against Raphael’s.

“You’re drunk fledgling” Raphael snarled and stepped back.

Simon disappeared that night. And Raphael was sure he was going mad.

Two weeks passed without any sight of him. Maia was sitting across from Raphael in his office, she came often now, the seat in front of him was always occupied, Maia, Luke, Magnus, members of the clan and even Clary came once, they all delivered the same news “he’s nowhere”

“He’s out there, we just have to keep look” Maia sighed and Raphael nodded.

“You don’t have to look very hard” Simon shoulders were slumped when he stepped through the doors, his clothes were dirty and ruffled.

“You stupid idiot” Raphael was immediately out of his seat, knocking over the chair in the process.

“Where the hell have you been? You have some nerves just leave like that” Raphael scolded while he buried his face in Simon shirt and wrapped his arms tightly around Simon’s waist “I hate you so much”

Moon of My Life

Member: Jun
Word Count: 2535

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” Junhui shouted beside you, almost knocking the half empty bowl of popcorn off of his lap. “THEY CAN’T JUST END IT THERE, CAN THEY? I GOTTA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT” he looked back and forth between you and the dark screen rolling credits in front of him.

“That’s Game of Thrones for you, babe.” you smiled, reaching over to hang onto his shoulder. You had spent the whole week binge watching the show from the moment you woke up until the wee hours of the morning with him. You had a lot of seasons to get through, and now you were officially caught up. You had already seen all of it, but Jun hadn’t. However he was hooked right from the beginning, and you enjoyed watching someone else go through all the excitement and pain of the show for the first time.

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motivationaltoast  asked:

prompt: andreil "are..... you wearing a shirt as.. shorts?"

andrew minyard has, admittedly, seen a lot of wild and stupid shit in his short life but as he runs through the mental catalogue he keeps it’s very difficult to find something that can measure up to the current situation unfolding before his eyes.

the situation was neil josten standing in front of their shared mirror with a shirt that was easily two x-sizes too large pulled up over his legs with the dangling sleeves tied around his waist in semblance of a belt. andrew has definitely seen neil in weirder situations — including the time that neil dressed in drag for charity and allowed kevin to fill in his eyebrows with an almost offensive amount of body glitter — but he’d expected most of those. his boyfriend looking absolutely ridiculous was mostly to be expected, but like never like this.

andrew simply stares at neil with his arms crossed over his chest in lieu of asking the question lingering at the very tip of his tongue. to his credit, neil manages to look sheepish as he turns his bright blue eyes towards his bare legs before looking up at andrew.

“okay, so i know that it may look like i’m wearing omg of matt’s tshirts,” that certainly made sense, even neil’s old tshirts weren’t big enough for this foolishness, “as a pair of shorts, but you’d be mistaken for thinking as much.”

“would i.” andrew raises a brow and quickly regrets the statement as neil grins. he puffs up his chest and rests his hands on his hips in a pose so proud that andrew just knows that he’s going to hate this answer so much.

yes, because i’m wearing matt’s shirt as a skirt. it’s innovative.”

the “it’s fucking stupid” andrew gives neil as an answer is muffled as the blond turns on his heel and storms out of the room.

Song Mino #64 “Late, again” REQUEST

Note: This gifs are not mine, all the credit to the owner.

“I am ready!… sorry” you said coming out of the room, ready to leave. But then…

Mino was no longer wearing that “all black” sexy outfit anymore, instead, he was just using pants a hoodie and his headphones.

“Mino…” you said a little disappointed.

“I am going to the gym” he said, sitting on the edge of the bed and putting on his sneakers. The ones you gave him for his birthday.

“What?” you were confused.

“Have you seen the hour?” he stands and started to walk out of the room.


He just turned at you and coldly said “Don’t wait for me” he started to walk.

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If the Shoe Fits Park Jimin x Reader Ballet! Au

Originally posted by missbaptan

A/n: Get ready for a bunch of angst :3

8  9

“Welcome home (l/n) (y/n), like my house warming party I threw for you?” Miju was standing in the darkness of your room, in her hands was the music box your grandmother gave you.

“You know it was nice getting to know you better, it was enlightening….” Miju stopped to act like she was thinking, “….going through your hovel….you really are pathetic aren’t you?” Miju opened the music box to reveal the mechanical ballerina spinning on one pointe. 

“What have you done to my house?! I’ll report you to the police.” You spat out. 

“No you’re not because when you file that report, the police will find nothing. All records of me will be gone. I know people who are very good at making me disappear.” You shut your mouth quickly, you knew you didn’t have the money to fight Miju in a legal battle. Her family had too many connections, strings attached, and money. You would get squashed in a court. 

“Did little (y/n) what to be a ballerina when she grew up?” Miju pouted, but was replaced quickly with an evil smirk. Miju threw the music box on the ground, and instantly it was shattered.

“No!!” You screamed out. The ceramic ballerina rolled to your feet, you dropped your knees, that music box was everything to you. Your grandmother gave it to you for your fifth birthday. You started to sob, you were already sensitive from your talk with Jimin earlier. Nothing was ever okay. A twisted smile made it’s way onto Miju’s face.

“Pathetic,” Miju walked over to you, but in that process she shattered the ballerina under her foot, and squatted to your level. She made you look up to her eyes, by forcefully grabbing your chin. 

“Don’t think is my fault, it’s all Jimin’s. If you should have just stayed behind your work bench and not cross your boundaries Jimin would have never fallen in love with you. I am doing this for him, you are a distraction. He has so much potential, and you are the one who is preventing it. As his partner I only want what’s best for him, because that will help me do my best. This is my warning to you, stay out of his life. Do what you are supposed to do, make the shoes behind the work bench, disappear. If you come back I will make sure someone else will be picking up little Sehwa.” Your eyes grew wide.

“Don’t! Leave her out of this, this is between you and me. I’ll leave you won’t ever see me again, I’ll do whatever, just leave my family out of this.” You pleaded. Your dignity wouldn’t have let you to plead like this, but it didn’t matter, this was your family.  

“Awe, what a good filial daughter. You’re so pathetic, remember I am doing this for Jimin.” Miju whispered, Miju shifted her foot to reveal the pulverized ballerina. “Look at you, you’re just a shattered ballerina. You did not have a chance in measuring up to him. I can’t believe you even tried. Don’t bother trying to see me out, I know my way around here very well.”  And with that Miju was gone. When you heard the door to your house you broke into tears, wailing on the top of your lungs. You pulled out your phone and called Chaerin.

“(y/n) what is it?” You couldn’t find an verbal answer. You could only respond with choked sobs and hiccups.

“(y/n) what’s wrong?! Are you okay?!”

“She de-destroyed everything. My house, it’s in ruins.” You said in between sobs.  Chaerin was confused with everything, who came into your house? Why was is it in ruins? Chaerin took to her feet and ran out of her dorm. She didn’t care about the curfew, you needed her. She ran through the grounds of Etre, concern etched on her face. She kept pumping her legs, the desire to get to you over came the fatigue she felt from her dancing today. Jimin was strolling through Etre, he felt like he got closer to you. What happened to you was sad, but he was happy to know that you trusted him enough with that moment in your life. He heard quick footsteps running, and he noticed that it was Chaerin, but she looked distraught.

“Whoa whoa, where are you going in such a hurry?” Jimin asked, catching Chaerin by her shoulders.

“It’s (y/n)….someone broke into her house and destroyed it.” Chaerin said in between breaths. Jimin’s eyes widened.

“Where is she? Is she okay? I’ll drive you.” Jimin dragged Chaerin to his car, and sped off to your house. You were numb, in your own silence you scanned you bedroom. You saw a broken picture frame of ten year old you holding Sehwa with your grandmother. It was the day Sehwa was born, you were visiting her in the hospital. Clumsily you tried to remove the photograph, but you ended up cutting yourself. You dropped the frame and looked at your bleeding finger, the blood dripped down your finger and dropped on your carpeting. Bu you didn’t care, you limply rested your injured hand in your lap. You heard your phone ringing, you stared at your phone screen and saw the name ‘Jaejung’ flashing across. You clicked the green button and put the phone to your ear.

“Hey Darling, I just wanted to call to talk you some more…” You sniffed and breathed out shakily.

“Darling are you okay?” Fresh tears started to well in your eyes.

“Someone broke into my house and destroyed everything.” You sobbed out, a part of you felt bad for now involving Jaejung, but the grief took you over.

“Don’t move now Darling, I’m coming.”

When Jimin and Chaerin pulled up to your house Chaerin bolted out of the car and up to your house with Jimin right behind her. Chaerin opened you door easily for it was left unlocked from Miju exiting.

“The door….it’s unlocked.” Chaerin looked up to Jimin. Jimin could see the worry clearly in Chaerin’s eyes. Chaerin and Jimin walked into your house, both of them gasped quietly at the state of the interior. Everything was ruined, the state of your house was unbelievable. Nothing was left untouched or unscathed, it was either broken or flipped.  

“(y/n)?!” Chaerin yelled out, hoping for an answer. You heard Chaerin’s call for you, you sniffed, sucking up the snot that was building up in your nose.

“I’m in my room.” You croaked out. Jimin was concerned, who would do this to you? Were you hurt when all of this happened. Jimin couldn’t imagine you in your house while an assailant was destroying your house, you could have been badly hurt. He could hear the cracking in your voice and how broken your soul was. Chaerin was first to enter in your room, your room looked just like the rest of your house.

“Oh my god (y/n).” Chaerin was horrified to see you sitting on your knees like that. Eyes glassy with water, and cloudy like those of a dead fish, you looked so crushed. Chaerin was quick to her knees as she enveloped you in her arms.

“Who did this to you? Jimin finally stepped into your trashed room.

“You…” Your voiced lowered in tone. Your hand tightened around the shards of the shattered dancer. The sharp ceramic dug into your skin and began to draw blood from your palm. All you could see was red now, you got up and stormed over to Jimin.

“This all your fault!” You roared in his face. “If it weren’t for you, none of this would have happened.”

“Wha-” Jimin was so confused, how was this his fault. 

“-If you didn’t have to be stupid and become distracted Miju wouldn’t have blamed me for it. You’r damn partner came and messed up my house doesn’t it seem obvious. Neither you or her have half the brain to leave someone alone. I hate you! I hate you!” You screamed.

“This is all your fault!” You started to shove Jimin backwards. Your bloody hands started to paint red, vertical stripes on his black and white, horizontal striped printed shirt.

“All of this is because of you, I hate you so much. You are so stupid, you ruined everything. I hate you and your psychotic partner, if you weren’t such a spoiled dancer that everyone loves my house would be still intact.” Jimin caught your hands, he was hurt from your words.

“(y/n) you don’t mean any of that, don’t say that.” He whispered, you yanked your hands out of his.

“Get out here! I don’t need you, I never will.” You started shove Jimin through your hallway covered with broken glass. The shards of broken picture frames crunched under your weight. With each shove Jimin backed away from you, tears were streaming down your face while you yelled insults. None that matter, because the physical and emotional damage was done, this was how you were channeling it.

“You should have just minded your own business, can’t you see I just tolerate you?! I already told you, you mean nothing to me. I won’t measure up to you, and you will not measure up to me.” Chaerin couldn’t just watch you go at Jimin without saying anything.

“(y/n) stop before you hurt him.” Chaerin ran up behind you and started to pull you away from Jimin.

“It doesn’t matter anymore!” You shrieked, “he did this, why do I care if he got hurt.” You wailed out of the top of your lungs. Jimin opened his mouth to say something, but he was interrupted.

“(y/n) I’m here, what happened.” Jimin did know who this man was or how you knew him, but he hugged you close. You and Jaejung fell to your knees, you sobbed into his shirt. You didn’t answer Jaejung that night, but he let your cry and that was enough as for an answer for him. Jejung could hear you mutter “I hate you,” in between hiccups. He had some of an idea who Jimin was, you only described him as a “Spoiled Siegfried”. He did know who Chaerin was, you showed him pictures of her and you, young and old.

“(y/n) I’m going to let go for a bit okay? I promise I’ll be back.” Jaejung whispered, you hiccuped and nodded up and down. Jaejung unwrapped himself, gave you a peck on the forehead, and walked up to Jimin. Jimin’s heart stung when he saw Jaejung kiss your forehead, he was jealous, he wanted badly to be in Jaejung’s position. But at the same time he had no idea who this mystery man who was holding you was. What was your relationship with him. Were you two lovers or siblings.

“I think it’s best that you should leave.” Jaejung said quietly, Chaerin walked up silently from behind.

“Jimin you could wait in the car or leave. I think I’m going to stay and help (y/n) clean. It’s fine if you leave,” Chaerin said.

“I can drive you back, Etre Academy right?” Jaejung asked, Chaerin nodded.

“Okay, I’ll leave. Call me if you need anything Chaerin.” Jimin, sighed defeated and left your house. Jimin shut the door of his car, after the loud slam of the door he now sat in silence. The silence was a contrast to your loud screaming and sobbing. “…can’t you see I just tolerate you?!” Did you mean that? You put up with him because he was Etre’s number one ballerino, did any of the staff tell you to do that? Just to act as friendly as you can so it will make him happy. Did you really hate him? High pitched wails escaped from his clenched teeth, he breathed out heavily, he felt like his chest was squeezing around his heart. He looked up, and gripped as his steering wheel.

“Stupid…little…” Jimin started to beat at this steering wheel with the sides of his fists, and kick around in the small space that was the driver’s side of the car. Jimin started to cry, your insults did hurt, there was a difference between you yelling at him, and teachers yelling at him. What you said genuinely did hurt him, and that was coming from your own pain. Stupid wasn’t it? The both you were sharing the agony you had felt in the past and the agony you felt right now. Jimin dug the heels of his palms into his eyes.

Jimin took a deep breath and calmed down, he let out one last sob, and started his car engine. Jimin limply walked back to his room, he didn’t care that it was past curfew or if he was caught. Miraculously he wasn’t caught, maybe because he wasn’t trying too hard to avoid security.

“Oh you scared me!” Taehyung gasped out when he heard Jimin closing the door behind him.

“Woah, what happened to you?” Taehyung asked noticing Jimin’s raw face. His skin was rubbed red, puffy eyes, messed up bangs, and snotty nose. Jimin didn’t say a thing, but plopped onto his bed. Taehyung knew that Jimin was in love with you, Jimin always went to Taehyung for everything, they were extremely close. Jin was in the shower, but when he came out he saw Taehyung shaking Jimin, trying to get him to say something. 

“Jimin are you okay?” Jin asked, voice filled with concern. He noticed your bloody finger prints against the white cotton of his shirt. “Whose blood is that Jimin?” 

“I-I let this happen to her…” Jimin croaked, he didn’t look at Jin or Taehyung, he was looking forward, as if he could see your crying profile in front of him. 

“Did something happen to (y/n)?” Taehyung figured it out, you were the only girl who pushed out other feelings Jimin never expressed out openly. Jimin didn’t say anything, Taehyung and Jin could only stare him in his empty glassy eyes, but got no answer.

“Come on Taehyung, we should rest especially after today. He’ll talk when he is ready.” Jin said. Taeyung left Jimin’s bed and the both of them got ready to go to bed. Jimin was still in the same sitting position when the lights were out and his roommates were asleep. Jimin finally stood up from his bed, his sheets quietly rustling underneath him. He walked up to the full body length mirror in his room and stared at himself. He lifted his shirt off and over his head, and flipped the front side to face him. He could see the places where you hit him, the red stains reminded him of the tears that were falling from your eyes. There were thin red lines from your sliced finger, and speckles from your ripped up palm. Was this really Miju’s fault? Did she trash your house, why was she so afraid of you.

Jimin hugged the bloody shirt to his torso to muffle the stifled cries and sniffles. He felt pain for you, this was the effect you had on him. When you were happy he was happy, when you were enraged he would be too, when you cried he couldn’t help but cry. You were his weakness, but at the same time his driving force. 

He didn’t know when, but Jimin did fall asleep. He was in his dream land again, but the usual rainbow lanterns were not lit up, instead they were dark. The single flame that would power them were all extinguished now. The world around him was barren and black, there was nothing at all. He turned around to see a crying little boy, he was drawn to the young boy. He squatted down the little boy’s level, he was about twelve, and he had a bowl haircut. The boy was squatting and he was holding his arms close to chest, as if he was cradling something. Jimin rested his hand on the boy’s back he felt like he had to comfort him. 

“Why are you crying?” He asked. The boy lifted his head, fluffy cheeks and big eyes; Jimin realized he was staring at himself from five years ago. 

“Because she’s gone. My best friend doesn’t remember me, whenever I ask her to play she says that she doesn’t want to because she doesn’t play with strangers. But I am no stranger to her.” This only caused young Jimin to cry harder. Jimin watched the boy cry, he had no idea what he was talking about. He doesn’t remember having a female best friend, or any female friend in that matter. 

“W-wait who?” Jimin asked. The young boy pulled his arms away from his chest to reveal a pair of adult pointe shoes. But they weren’t regular pointe shoes, instead of being wrapped in the usual pink satin, it was covered in baby blue fabric, the shoes were also new. No foot has ever touched it yet. 

“Who is your friend? Does she own these shoes?” Little Jimin stand up abruptly, and it kind of startles Jimin a little. Little Jimin threw the pointe shoes at his future self. 

“How dare you forget her?!” He screamed, he was so mad at his older self. “She’s our first love and yet you’re asking me who? Just watch, I’ll make her remember me. I’ll become the best dancer, and then she will have no choice but to remember me.” And with that Jimin stormed off into the darkness. 

‘What the hell was that?’ Jimin thought to himself as he rubbed his head, where the hard pointe shoe made impact. He had no idea what his past self was trying to say, that wasn’t the reason why he danced. Jimin was whisked away to another dream, but this didn’t feel like a dream, he felt deja vu as he stood in the velvet covered hall way of his home in Busan. He walked to the only light that was in the dark hall way. It was coming from the cracked door of his father’s study. Jimin walked over and peaked in. He knew he was in the past, his father definitely looked younger here, then he did today. His father was on the phone with someone. 

“Wait…Areum what happened? You need to slow down, take a deep breath and tell me what happened slowly.” His father paused to listen to the lady on the other line. 

“(y/n) and your mother in law got in accident?” Byungchul softly gasped out. He was surprised with what happened. 

“It was a drunk driver while they were walking home…Areum I’m sorry. I’ll pray for (y/n) tonight. She is a strong little girl, I think she will make it. Keep me updated, we’ll talk more. Bye bye.” Jimin couldn’t bring himself to remember this moment in his life, this felt more like a memory, not a dream. He wanted to run to his father and demand how he knew of your accident, but before he could do that, he was watching another memory…or dream, he couldn’t tell anymore, because he couldn’t remember being at this point of time either. 

Twelve year old Jimin was standing with his father holding him by the arms, as if his father was trying to get him to understand something. 

“Jimin…I have some bad news to tell you. It’s about (y/n) noona.” 

“Is (y/n) noona, not coming this summer?” The little boy asked. ‘So innocent…’ Jimin thought, ‘only a child would be concerned if their play mate wasn’t coming, nothing else.’ 

“(y/n) noona….was in a car accident, and she does not remember much. Only her family, Jimin…auntie Areum said that (y/n) noona does not remember us. I think she has to stay home this summer to recover okay?” This was the first time Jimin ever saw his father cry, but why was he seeing it now at seventeen years old, not as the twelve year old who was being held by his father. 

“But can we visit her?” The little boy questioned. 

“Jimin why would you want? I just said she doesn’t know who you are-”

“-but I said when I was younger, I love (y/n) noona, so I’m going to help her feel better.” Jimin smiled brightly, he was determined to help the little girl he loved. 


“(y/n) get up….” You were still sitting on the floor of your trashed house. Jaejung sighed as he looked at you in your miserable state. “(y/n) he’s gone.” Chaerin had gone into what was your kitchen to contact Jaewook on what had happened. Jaejung bent down to pick you up, he didn’t want you to walk down the hall way of glass, and he still had his shoes on. Chaerin noticed that Jaejung was starting to carry you to your room, so she followed him. Chaein set your mattress back down into its fitted slot in your bed frame, she straightened out your sheets and pillows so you could lie in it. Jaejung laid your body on the soft bed and Chaerin covered you in your comforter. 

“Get some rest (y/n) I’m going to try to clean up a little.” Chaerin said, you didn’t say anything, instead you shifted yourself away to face the wall. Eventually you fell asleep, but as you slept Jaejung and Chaerin were busy cleaning up what they could. While Jaejung cleaned the walls and picked up glass, Chaerin would be putting misplaced objects away and scrubbed the floors. The both of them lifted heavy furniture together =, but there was no hope for what was broken. So Chaerin stacked the pictures that were in the frames and left them for your family of the kitchen table. The only room they didn’t clean was your room. They didn’t know what was in there that could have extreme sentimental value to you, and they thought it would be the best that you should do it yourself when you felt ready. Jaejung and Chaerin finished with a letter to your family members  explaining what had happened. When they were done they got into Jaejung’s car. 

Jaejung started with a sigh. “So what exactly happened?” He asked. 

“I don’t really know actually. I’m not too sure what (y/n) meant when she was talking. I do know that she definitely was not happy with Jimin’s dance partner. I highly doubt his partner did something, she went home last time I saw her.” Chaerin confessed. 

“Are you sure about that? What is exactly (y/n) and ‘Spoiled Siegfried’s’ relationship?” Jaejung asked. Chaerin lightly chuckled at Jimin’s nick name. 

“What? That’s the only name I know him by. That’s what (y/n) always calls him.” Jaejung admitted.

“Well his name is Park Jimin. His and (y/n)’s relationship is kind of weird. Jimin won’t admit it out loud, but he’s in love with (y/n). I’m not too sure of what (y/n) thinks of him, she’s not easy to read. But every time we talk about him, she seems like she strongly dislikes him. She thinks he’s egotistical and arrogant, but I thing it’s funny because I’ve never seen (y/n) get so riled up because of one person. I also know this…Jimin’s partner, Miju, is very attached to him. She barely let’s anyone dance with him. She’s almost territorial when it comes to him.” Chaerin explained, and Jaejung drove. The rest of the ride to Etre was quiet, Chaerin and Jaejung didn’t say anything to each other. At least until Chaerin thanked Jaejung for the ride, and went back to her dorm. 

The sun rose once again, bringing another new day with itself. You opened your eyes, but you didn’t move, you were still staring at the wall. Your body was like stone, refusing to get up, but you didn’t mind. You didn’t see the reason in getting up. 

Jimin picked himself up from his bed, he was still clutching the long sleeved shirt to his chest. He got up and threw the dirty shirt into the hamper, and proceeded to shower. When he came out of the bathroom he looked at his phone, nothing from you, but there was text from Miju. 

Yoo Miju: Jimin, did you want to hang out today, since it is our day off. It would be nice to relax and unwind after yesterday. 

Jimin: Sorry, I’m busy today. 

Yoo Miju: Well will you be free later today? Are you really busy all day? :3

Jimin: Yes, I will be busy all day.

Yoo Miju: Oh…well we can hang out another time. Hopefully before any more practices that come. I want to be able to hang out with instead of just practicing. 

Jimin: Sure

Miju’s heart sank as Jimin replies got shorter and shorter, until he no longer replied to her. 

Jimin put his phone to his ear as he pulled out a medium sized suitcase. 

“Jimin is that you? Are you really calling me?” 

“Yes father. I am coming back to Busan, I’ll probably be at the house sometime tonight. I need to find something, and I know you an Jihyun will help me.” Jimin said curtly and hung up. He started to throw clothing and toiletries in his bag, and booked the closest flight to Busan. He was going back home. 

“Where’s Jimin?” Hoseok asked, noticing the ballerino’s absence. Jimn was usually the first one at the table. Miju also noticed the empty space that Jimin usually occupied. Jin and Taehyung looked at each as if they weren’t sure what to say. 

“Well where is he?!” Miju screamed slamming her palms against the lunch table. Everyone’s salads quivered from the vibrations of her strike against the table top. 

“He went home…” Taehyung said quietly. 

“Wait what?” Yoongi asked. 

“He went back-” 

“-to Busan.” Jungkook finished Jin’s sentence. The whole table sat in silence. They had no idea what to say. They all knew about Jimin’s circumstances at home, and those who have been with him since he was a first year at Etre knew…                                                                                                                 

They knew he vowed to never go back to that mansion until he made it, until he made it into a company. 

The Final Adventure

A Carry On Leavers Ball Fanfic 

words: 7,808

a/n: Big thanks to my irl friend Josie, who beta’d my fic, helped me when I got stuck, and didn’t get mad at me for dragging her into another fandom (okay, she got a little mad, but softened when I agreed to let her read some of my favorite fics). This is a normal 8th year fic, but I’ve obviously changed a bit from canon. i’ve also made the decision to post all the chapters at once.

Please like or reblog this so I’ll know if I should post more, and inbox ways I could improve (be nice tho pls I’m fragile).


x simon x

Going through the eighth year at Watford is optional. Attending the Leavers Ball at the end of term is also optional, but if you told this to certain people, they’d go to extreme lengths in order to convince you otherwise.

Penny is one of those people.

I was planning on going to the Leavers Ball anyways, but if I hadn’t been, Penny would’ve scared me into it. She keeps saying stuff like “it’ll be our final adventure at Watford!” and honestly, it makes me sad. She makes it sound like our promise to get a flat together is something she’s still thinking about, something that isn’t final. Of course, I wouldn’t blame her if she wanted to live with her boyfriend, Micah, in America instead, but I’m still trying to cling onto what sliver of hope I have.

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Make Up Sex - iDubbbz Imagine

You and Ian haven’t had the best day as a couple, to say the least. The two of you had a stupid spat over breakfast this morning about something you can even remember, and when you came home, you were still pissed at each other. Cut to dinner, and the two of you start having a full-blown argument over what takeout to order. Things were said, feelings were hurt, and now here you are getting ready to go to bed together, tiptoeing around in the bathroom and barely speaking like doing so could trigger some sort of nuclear fallout.

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Dex & Maine

So like, Dex is from Maine, I am from Maine… so I think I should talk about Dex and Maine

  • Owns so much L.L.Bean stuff, like holy cow. Shoes? L.L. Bean. Raincoat? L.L.Bean. Monogrammed Sled? L.L.Bean.
    • You know that his tool box has his initials written on it so it is probably from LLB
    • Owns at least 5 pairs of L.L.Bean boots.
    • These bad mammajammas below

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myhusbandhobi  asked:

Top 5 times you looked at Jungkook and said "I hate him"

How am I supposed to narrow that down to five, Ginny?? Here are just a few of many:

1. Okay, so honestly the worst day of my life was the day he wore this gray shirt. He looked SO GOOD and it has plagued me ever since and I hate him for it

2. I hate him every time he sweats honestly

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I’m Jimin ^

3. When he wears clothes that are so tight they look like they’re gonna give up any second now at doing their job

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4. I feel bad for objectifying him so much in this post, so for this one I’m gonna say whenever he does stupid shit like:

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And SO MANY more!!! He really makes me question why I even like his dumb ass at all???

5. When he smiles and is so cute that my heart feels like it’s gonna burst out of my chest and so I say I hate him even though I love him more than most people on this earth :”)

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Can you believe his eyes are more sparkly than all the stars in the sky combined???

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I’d probably die for him but we don’t need to talk about it excessively 



Okay but like Isak is wearing The Scream on his shirt (which I love! I need this shirt!!), which is like THE expressionist painting and I used to love it so I decided to google it again.
AND HOLY FUCK: Has anyone realized that Even looks so much like Edvard Munch (the painter of The Scream)?!
and well expressionism is all about bringing your inner feelings to the outside, expressing yourself and that’s all that Isak did this season. And I’m so proud and the shirt is such a symbol for that.
but then I remembered that Edvard Munch suffered from the religion his father put on him and his sisters mental illness and that also reminded me of Isaks homelife and well now I’m sad because everything is connected AND I HATE THIS STUPID SHOW! JUST GO TO EVENS HOUSE PLEASE!!

Clintasha Week Day 2: Headcanons

The contents of Clint’s closet includes:

- six identical pairs of jeans
- four grey t-shirts that came in a pack at Target
- one pair of worn out Converse
- that shirt with the bullseye on the front
- tac suit and combat boots
- black jacket, no drawstrings in the hood, zipper sticks
- hanging bag that holds the suit he bought because Coulson told him every gentleman needs a suit
- two nice button down shirts, also Coulson
- custom screen printed shirt that just says ARROWS across the front
- three Polos, tags removed, wrinkled and obviously worn

Why three Polos? Why does Clint Barton own three Polo shirts?

Clint takes Natasha finally-off-probation Fury’s-really-paying-me-for-sitting-in-a-holding-cell Romanoff shopping. She needs something besides S.H.I.E.L.D. issue t-shirts and sweats. Clint takes her to a strip mall. Target, one of those discount outlet stores, a shoe place with BOGO deals. Natasha is offended. Shopping trip over, “I am not getting out of this car, Barton,” and “Is this a joke to you?” and “Doesn’t your nation’s capital have Sephora?”

Clint doesn’t know what the fuck a Sephora is or why it’s relevant so he gives her a “You know what, Red??” and turns the car around straight back to S.H.I.E.L.D. because there’s nothing wrong with Target.

Coulson asks why they’re back so soon.

“Because she’s insufferable.”

“He took me to Target.”

“I’m so sorry” sincerely from Coulson.

They try again the next day, minus Clint. It’s awkward at first, sure, but Coulson takes her to get a Prada jacket and matching boots and he finds a Sephora and doesn’t complain when she spends an hour playing with makeup. They have a nice lunch, real actual vegetables, nothing fried, no burgers, cloth napkins and a glass of wine each.

“I should get Barton something,” she says over dessert. A thanks-for-not-shooting-me gift.

“Oh?” is all Coulson says, all polite interest. He’s going to make her ask. He probably wants her to elaborate on why she feels like buying Clint a gift.

“Do you know what he likes?” she finally asks. Coulson considers for a minute, looking thoughtful.

“How about a nice Polo shirt?”

That’s easy enough. Natasha picks a deep purple one and has it wrapped in tissue paper and put in a box. No wrapping paper though. You don’t wrap thanks-for-not-shooting-me gifts, too formal.

Clint feels a little guilty by the time they get back. Natasha looks happy, way happier than after their shopping trip the day before. He feels even worse when she hands him the box, a present, and he really doesn’t deserve a present.

He opens it anyway and it’s a stupid collar shirt. He doesn’t even own a shirt with a collar, unless you count the two button downs he’s never worn.

He hitches up a grin and says “Thanks, Red!” in a believable tone and lifts the shirt out of the tissue paper. Natasha’s smile is for him now, and he knows he’ll wear the dumb shirt.

He does wear the dumb shirt, because he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings. He tries to find something positive about it, but it isn’t even Hawkeye purple, it’s a few shades too dark. It has three little buttons near the top and he doesn’t know what to do with them, and the collar itches and touches his neck, and some of the other agents ask him what’s up with the shirt and some of them make a game out of playing a whip cracking noise on their phones when he walks past, on the days he wears it.

Coulson presses his lips together, trying to hide a smile, every time he sees Clint in the Polo and he knows Coulson pushed Nat into buying it. He gives Coulson sneers when he catches him grinning.

Slowly, ever so slowly, he lets it fall out of rotation in his wardrobe. He puts it in front of the button downs and behind all his other shirts, in order of fancy-ness should Nat ever be in his closet and ask about it, because he absolutely didn’t shove it back there unceremoniously to be rid of it.

Coulson, for his part, starts to feel bad about using Natasha for a prank, and as Clint’s birthday gets closer he pulls her aside and confesses, just in case another Polo was in Clint’s future.

“Don’t apologize!” Natasha says, eyes bright, bouncing on her toes. “This is WONDERFUL!”

And she’s gone, back down the corridor.

Clint gets another Polo for his birthday, light blue, to match his eyes Natasha says. He gives Coulson the finger while Nat’s back is turned.

This one puts her in mind of the purple one, and she asks about it, so now he has to wear two of the stupid collar shirts.

It’s Christmas a few weeks later and he doesn’t even want to open his gift from Natasha because it’s a shirt box. It doesn’t rattle, but it crinkles a little when he shakes it. It’s exactly the weight of another Polo shirt, but surely she doesn’t hate him that much–

It’s another Polo shirt. Bright red. At least the bloodstains won’t show up when he pounds Coulson’s face in.

No gifts for New Years, thank God. He wears the stupid purple collar shirt to the S.H.I.E.L.D. office party. Natasha grips the collar at midnight and pulls him down to kiss his cheek, and just for a moment or two he doesn’t hate the shirt so much.

The feeling doesn’t last. It’s business as usual after the holidays and he corners Coulson in his office, but not to punch him for the dumb prank.

He’s all “How do I tell her without hurting her feelings?” and “I hate my life I can’t wear these dumb collar shirts anymore. Can I be a nudist? Would she buy that?”

Clint sounds so distraught and genuinely concerned that Coulson puts his pen down and looks up from his file and tells him “Natasha knows you hate the shirts. She’s doing this on purpose.”

It takes a minute for it to register. Natasha’s just Natasha now, not Natalia or the Black Widow or even the same girl he tried to take shopping at a strip mall. Natasha Romanoff pranked him. Intentionally. On purpose. For fun.

Clint pulls his phone out of his pocket and presses it to his ear.

“Asshole!” he says when she picks up, but he’s smiling, a stupid grin that bleeds through into his tone. “You’re dead, Romanoff!”


Requested: “Murphy stopping you from killing yourself.”
(A/N this hits close to home. If you ever want to talk to someone come talk to be. It’s not worth killing yourself. I promise you.)
(Y/n) clutched the knife in her hand. Heaving sobs as she thought about all the people she’s lost. She couldn’t take it anymore. Her eyes blurred with tears and she stared at the knife. As if all the pain was gone, she stopped crying. She took a deep breath as she brought the knife to her skin. Her boyfriend, Murphy, had a bad feeling. So he was all but jogging to her tent. He quickly threw open the flap as she stared up. Like a deer caught in head lights. Murphy went on air pilot mode. Rushing to her. She burst into sobs.
“(Y/n) drop the blade!” He tried. She shook her head. Their were no more than four cuts on her arm. The blood oozing down her arm.
“(Y/n)! Drop it please!” He cried. She stared up at him. Finally dropping the knife with a strangled cry. He kicked it out of the tent and pulled her into his arms. Tears threatening to spill. But he knew he had to be strong.
“Why?!” He croaked out.
“I’m sick of losing everyone Murphy.” She cried.
“I hate myself I hate myself I’m so stupid!!!!” She cried. Murphy shook his head as he ripped a piece of his shirt. Wrapping it tightly around her wrist.
“You can’t leave me. I love you too much. You can’t give up. You have to keep fighting. You…you can’t give up.” He whispered as he wiped her tears.
“You’re not clocking out on me. You hear me?! You can’t give up! You have so much left to do. You can live. Too many people would miss you. I’d miss you. You can’t quit. Promise me?!”
“Promise me! Promise me you always keep fighting?!”
“I- I promise.” She whispered.
“You’ll never be alone. I’ll never let you be alone.”

Used (pt.2): Sodapop Imagine

Part 1

Weeks have gone by. Everyday being harder and harder. Sodapop couldn’t believe it. He knew it was too good to be true. Having the most perfect girl all to himself. And now James is in the picture. (Y/n) has been seeing him more and more, it was eating away at Soda.

The lads started to notice something was up with Sodapop. He wasn’t acting the same in the last few weeks.

Sodapop wanted to see (Y/n) be happy but he hated that it wasn’t with him. It was all his fault.

“Soda what’s been up with you?” Dally asked as he watched Soda barged in the house.

“Nothing.” He grumbled as he glared at Dally.

“It’s (Y/n) isn’t it.” Ponyboy asked making Sodapop sit up at just her name. Ponyboy was smarter, and way more observant. He noticed the tension between (Y/n) and his brother.  And it wasn’t the awkward sexual tension they used to share. It was more of an uncomfortable than anything. 

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Salt and Pepper (Tony Stark x reader)

words-from-the-heart26: hello Bonnie ;U; maybe when you have time could you please write a Tony stark / reader where the reader is an avenger and she and Tony are in a relationship , the reader is introvert and prefer spend time with Tony in less eccentrics places , like parks , theaters , cinemas , etc. but he likes to spoil the reader taking her to nice/ elegant / expensive places and she is feels very uncomfortable in that kind of place, but she doesn´t want to tell him; the things get worse when some women tell her that he is just with her because he wants to forget Pepper and she is just with him because she wants his money.

Tony’s parties were just about the worst thing that you could think to do with your free time.  You loathed the attention you received as his girlfriend; random women staring at you as you passed by, whether you were on his arm or not, the occasional overheard comment that they thought was whispered quietly enough, and the realization that not everyone was happy for you. When you agreed to go on that very first date with your teammate, you knew full well that if the two of you grew into a relationship together, that these things would come with the territory. What you didn’t realize was how much it would actually affect you.

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