i hated making this cause i left so many great screencaps :(

vullo  asked:

TELL ME ABOUT ARTHUR whhat is hi s deal what happen

okay let me preface this by saying i have watched this video about 20 times now at least„ so hopefully i can pull enough stuff to clear things up for people

first things first, the song (ghost) initially seems like its more about lewis, because, you know, hes kind of literally a ghost? and some of the lines definitely are more focused on him but a lot of the song focuses on arthur as well, so ill try to grab both screencaps and lyrics to help clarify

im gonna start at the flashback for the sake of chronological order and getting the motives and whatnot out of the way

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A one-way ticket to ruining a strong female - A Tauriel story

This has been sitting in my brain pan for a while now and since I’m on a roll with expelling these thoughts, here at the end of all things (but really not cause you know someone will try to make it again before my lifetime is over with..), I’m givin’ it a go.

Before you even open your mouth; THIS IS NOT ‘TAURIEL HATE’. Rather it is a study on how not to write a female character into an action-driven plot line.

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