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Wouldn’t You Like To Know... // Chris Evans x OC Character (RDJ Daughter)

This was requested by the lovely @ateliefloresdaprimavera I hope it lived up to your standards lovely! 

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“Lavender Downey, how are you?”

“Nervous. To be honest, I hate television interviews because I babble, like- not that I h-hate your interview. Am.. I babbling? Am I? I am..now.” Blushing hard and putting my head down, my hair covering my blushing face. I heard laughter and look up between the curls of my dark brunette locks. I saw them laughing… laughing at me? I took a glance at Jimmy and he reached out and put his hand on top of mine chuckling as well, “Well don’t be worried I won’t ask about anything pertaining to Chris Evans, and you, and your father and what side you may be on.” He was still talking but the screams in the room erupted like metal in a microwave, making me sit back in my seat feeling the studio almost shake from high pitched screams from just the mentioning of my Fiance and my father.

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Wouldn’t You Like To Know… // Chris Evans x OC Character (RDJ Daughter)

This was requested by the lovely @ateliefloresdaprimavera I hope it lived up to your standards lovely!

“Lavender Downey, how are you?”

“Nervous. To be honest, I hate television interviews because I babble, like- not that I h-hate your interview. Am.. I babbling? Am I? I am..now.” Blushing hard and putting my head down, my hair covering my blushing face. I heard laughter and look up between the curls of my dark brunette locks. I saw them laughing… laughing at me? I took a glance at Jimmy and he reached out and put his hand on top of mine chuckling as well, “Well don’t be worried I won’t ask about anything pertaining to Chris Evans, and you, and your father and what side you may be on.” He was still talking but the screams in the room erupted like metal in a microwave, making me sit back in my seat feeling the studio almost shake from high pitched screams from just the mentioning of my Fiance and my father.

As if I hadn’t gotten asked this question a million times since my father had joined the Civil War movie. I was always confronted by this GD question so much so that I finally wanted to just tell them I’d rather just be on Fury’s side since he’s somehow not around during the whole fuckin’ movie?

“No, no. Well I should at least ask you about the book that you actually wrote, at age… 16?!” I nodded, smiling at his mentioning of my book, which was stood up on his desk. “Yeah! Uh, I wrote that, starting at 16 and finished it at 17. I edited it myself for around two years and then sent it to a publishing agency under my very very obvious pseudonym Rowena D. Jilinger.” Jimmy looked at the front and giggled, point at the embossment in small lime green stitching at the bottom of the hardcover book. I had insisted they did stitching instead of printing it for the hardcovers since it was symbolized in the book that the character was knitted and pretty much stitched together with memories of her past that she refuses to look back at until she has too.

“In the book the character is… what people are assuming, not to different to you? Is that true, because it talks about a rough childhood which has been told about you by your father multiple times.” I nodded and felt a little nervous at talking about the reasoning this book was even made, but I didn’t exactly have any time to debate with myself over whether to share or not; so I improvised. A gift I blessed my father for giving me in his genes.

“Well she’s quite set in her ways at the beginning, she doesn’t want her routine broken because she had built it, on the base of her very tossed around childhood that unravels within the book, obviously by the title.” I gestured to the title, “And this is actually your cursive writing?” I nodded and brightened up at his obvious research into the book. *I mentally wrote down a note inside my brain, Get Jimmy and staff a gift of chocolates and candies and wine. Note to self: He seems like a wine drinker*

“Yeah it is! Obvious written on the original but I wanted the title to be authentic with the smudging that my writing does since I’m a lefty and us lefties know that you can write anything without a huge stain of pencil mark on your hand.” Hoots and hollers came from the audience and I turned at smiled at where I thought they were coming from. I couldn’t quite see since the lights were stinging my retinas with the brightness that seemed unhealthy for one human to have to sit and look at everyday.

“But come on, 16! How- can someone write a novel this amazing at 16! At 16 I wasn’t even reading anything but Play Boy still and even then I was in it for the… ya know.” I nodded, smirking, “The photography?” He clapped his hands and laughed with me, “Yes. Of course, those photographic skills were just…” “They were quite exquisite you could say.” I deadpanned to him. Another humorous trait I’d had since birth again from my father. “You really are you father’s daughter, huh?” I giggled and looked down nodding, “He’s literally my best friend- well. My Fiance is, but he’s like 49% with Chris. Like He’s 2% away from earnin’ that number one spot.”

Jimmy chuckled with the audience and suddenly this interview wasn’t feeling as anxiety inducing as before. Somehow I felt at ease with Jimmy, like he was generally interested in my book, not my personal life.

“How come you never wanted to be… like-”

“Promoted?” I stated. Jimmy nodded and continued,

“Promoted or bragged about by your father I mean, what was your belief on that? Because it was a hard time to get this book published with your age and the fact it is such a heavy, darker comedic book.” I nodded, and fixed my dress trying to gather an answer, “I don’t know, I guess I wanted my work to be done and shown to the world without it having a stain on it.” Jimmy looked at me and nodded, gesturing to continue with the analogy, “I mean you mention one person’s name and the books out there and people know who is the author and they think this is about this thing! She’s talking about this man and this situation. I just wanted my book to not already have a stain or an imprint of what people thought about it. I wanted them to read it and take it in as just a book by a writer. Not a celebrity, or Robert Downey Jr’s daughter. It was a choice of becoming my own person; I’m not my father or my mother. I’m not my brother either. We all have different ways of life and I chose a different path early on, and my brother never got that chance to do so. I forgive my father for the childhood I had- because grudges just weigh you down, and honestly I never was mad at him. Addiction is a illness that the mind and the body have to internally deal with. It causes families to break up and heartbreak when you see the people you love suffer inside and yet you feel mad for what they are doing. It’s not a singular person disease. Addiction is a whole family issue, and I love my father - he’s honestly my best friend.”

I wasn’t pleased that this interview would be out in the air forever, but in all honestly I felt like nothing I said would hurt anyone. That was my number one concern on this topic, especially in regards to my father; the last person I would want to hurt. He was the man who literally became a different human, changing his brain’s stem cells and their cravings for the toxin’s he was so used to for year., and fought with lawyers, judges, superior courts just to get me back home. He got the best lawyers, found the best sources to file a lawsuit on Judge Mathis. The Judge who declared my birth certificate to have the orphan status written over my parents signatures. Fighting tooth and nail to have me home for the first time. I was depressed, 16, living in Scarsdale with the Frenchie’s.

They were very…off. Their home had nothing but grey, black or white colors. They all had straight hair, ate dinner in silence, and made me read a bible at night, out loud. They looked like robots, weird skinny little robots with blonde hair, dead blue eyes.

I remember having enough after a ‘prayer’ session where they made me read a sentence on rape being acceptable within the bible. I told them this was not okay, and I must have angered their overlord because they took their bibles that had been resting in their laps, and started hitting me with them. I got out the door, after declaring I was satan while they whipped their bibles at me, not even saying a word. Just trying to smack the crap out of me. But Satan worked, I knew it world; they all scurried away to their bedrooms like the fucking little rat freaks they were. I took a bag and stuffed food in it and left, finding a payphone and calling the closest legal agency.

I was fifteen by then, he was three years sober and married.

He had the boxes all checked off in the checklist to gain back parental right; yet the judge refused.

That’s why I called the legal agency, who helped me free of charge after finding out my abuse at my foster home, as well as seeing the facts of injustice within my father’s request of guardianship. I was offered an alternative which would allow me to see him again, just not legally as his “daughter”. I took the deal, and started emancipated myself from both parents. Becoming a “legal adult” by the age of 17. The moment those papers arrived, I told the robots to fuck off and did one last duty by calling the foster agency and giving them the details on what those Robo-French Fries were doing; then I got the hell out of there, driving all the way from Indiana to Los Angeles with some money I saved up. Then I was finally there, - right at my father’s door. I don’t remember ever feeling happier than the moment when I saw him sober, clean, and happy at the front door.

Crying as I finally got to hug the father who fought his abuse and lost. Fought again to become sober and leave prison, losing again. Demanding legal guardianship of me, and losing. He was the one person who actually cared about me back then, that was until I met my first and last real boyfriend, Chris Evans.

“Is this book very close to everything in your life?” I felt like a jolt of energy come back into my body. My self conscious being thrust into reality. Jimmy looked at me and I smiled, thinking about my answer. I knew my father would never be hurt or bothered by it. He had shown the strength and courage that I have riddled within my bloodstream. He was my dad, and I knew he wanted me to be honest about this books real identity;

“Yeah… um, she kind of is me, but not in my life. No events in this book happened to me. But her characteristics, and her feelings towards these fallouts and breakdowns in her life were definitely taken in by personal experience. I feel like when writing this book I took the feelings of fear and anxiety with the press taking an interest in my father and I. I felt so isolated when he left, I had no mother, technically. I was twelve so I got to visit my father and I saw him change into the man I knew he was all along. He was becoming stronger, and his brilliance was showing through. I believe my main character, Blair, is the mixture of me and my father during that time. I blended our feelings and frustrations during those years and really pushed it all into one characters crazy physiological struggle to regain that structure of a normal life.” The audience enjoyed us talking back and forth. That’s when I knew the personal questions were about to be dropped on me like a bomb,

“Even after you started dating Chris Evans?” I think I peed a little when he said those words. Blushing a fire engine red, I just shrugged, looking down again with a huge smile on my face. I felt shy again, and unsure of what to say about my lovely Fiance, who was backstage probably watching this live.

“Come on… give me like a taste or something like, what was your dad’s first reaction? Did he approve or did he pick out your first date outfit?” I giggled, and slapped my hand on the table,

“Totally! I texted him and said, OMG! GUESS WHO JUST ASKED ME OUT, YOUR CO WORKER CHRIS EVANS! No! Common Jimmy, let’s be real.” What the fuck? WHERE WAS THIS ME ALL ALONG? It’s like the actor in me was just birthed onto this stage, was I in my moment?  “He wasn’t all like, YEAH! That’s awesome! Let’s all grab some brunch!”

“He was happy for me, and he supports me and Chris in our relationship, and he’s still as important to me now as before he made a gigantic war destroying machine that almost killed my fictitious Fiance,”

The audience started laughing for the first time since we started in on the deep shit. I had no heavy weight on me now, I had what felt like 20 lb dumbbells sitting on my chest before the interview. All night I couldn’t sleep, I flopped like fish out of water so much Chris was woken up by my moving. Just so I could vent my anxieties about this interview he stayed up and held me while we talked, as he calmed my nerves and I calmed him… in a very different way in return as my thank you.

Jimmy laughed at my reference to Iron Man and Captain America- I mean, it was about to be brought up anyways? What were they gonna ask about my dad? How I thought he was in Tropic Thunder? No. People in this world want gossip to sip on until they’re thirsty for more.

“So speaking of Marvel… what the hell side are you on? Because, look! You have broken the world record for most retweeted world on twitter for the most retweeted tweet that said,” It was displayed on screen with a picture I had attached, @RobertDowneyJr I think you may lose a supporter, this guy decided to get the big guns out.

The picture attached was my ring finger that now possessed a rose gold band with a morganite stone on the top.

The audience roared with screams of the photo I posted a week ago, which had been my blunt way of telling TMZ to fuck off after trailing me for days, even trying to knock on my door. I just gave them the truth instead of causing a war. Yes, Chris had proposed to me.

“Why not take control and tell the story myself?” I said bluntly, shrugging my relaxed shoulders. Jimmy smiled at my confidence boost and asked to see the ring.

“No! You’re going to steal it! I know your games, Kimball.” Laughing he threw his hands up in the air, recusing himself. “WOAH!” Another roar of the audiences love in my deadpan humor.

“Fine! God, I just wanted to touch it… and put it on..but I guess not!” The red light of the interview ending was starting to come up and I saw Jimmy look at his notes, getting his last question in, “Now, let’s talk about the giant elephant in the room, Captain America: Civil War… what side are you on?” I let my head fall back laughing into my seat, then going stone cold and looked at Jimmy with my eyebrows up high, “Wouldn’t you like to know…” Suddenly I heard something behind me and felt arms snake around my shoulders and a loud scream in my ear certainly wrapped this terrifying surprise in a nice little bow.

I think I scream like a girl in a horror movie, because even my ears were ringing with my scream’s pitch. The arms didn’t let go but when I heard his laugh I knew it who it was. “Christopher Robert Evans, I am going to fucking kill you.” I squirmed out of his arms with him still killing himself with laughter. “That’s what you get for not picking your Fiance!” I rolled my eyes and saw someone suddenly sitting next to me on the couch, making me jump when I felt a hand on my knee, “Darling, this is the man- excuse me.. Little boy you actually want to marry?” I smiled and hugged my father seeing his face smiling at me when I turned to see who was creeping up on me. The audience gave a loud awe and clapped at our hug(?) Pulling away I saw Chris take the spot on the other side of me and I let go of dad, leaning my head on Chris’s shoulder. “Yes, father. What can I say? I’m a fool in love with this blue tight-wearing man- who’s mentally 11.” Giggling I looked up at Chris’s beaming face and Jimmy yelled out something about Chris being the winner, but I couldn’t hear him from the trance I was in, live on stage looking at my soon to be husband in just two months. “How’s our jelly bean doing? Was the scare too much?” Chris whispered to me, looking me in the eye worried about our secret we had yet to tell. “Jelly Bean is fine. Don’t worry. But you aren’t. You’re in for a world of dishes and laundry my friend. Jelly Bean has decided that’s your punishment.”

“Oh really?” I nodded, smiling bright as the studio lights, pulling his head forward and kissing him softly.

“Okay, I know I said it was cool to get married but kissing is not!” I laughed at my father pulled me back and hugged me to his chest.

By now the camera was off and it was just us and everyone in the studio, laughing at our exchanges but never hearing a word we were saying since our mics went off the air. “Well… if kissing is off the table then maybe we should wait until dinner to tell you our news.” I said, looking at him with puppy dog eyes. He smirked, releasing me free to stand up with the help of Chris’s hand since my heels were four inches too high for a stable person to walk in. “I already know, Lavie.” Mine and Chris’s heads spun in sync at my father, still sitting on the sofa, relaxing as the crew took off his mic set.  

Chris held my right hand with his arm around my shoulder, both of us slightly frightened by my father’s all too scary disposition. He stood up finally and smiled warmly with his glasses off and in his hand. “I know that glow, and that smile, L.L.. I saw it when you met Spangled Stars over here, and I saw it when you walked through the door yesterday, coming from a doctor’s appointment.” He took my free hand, and held it too his lips, kissing it swiftly and holding a tight grip on it. I saw tears in his eyes and I knew what those tears meant. Because I saw them only once before in my life -

The day he opened the door and saw me standing there, after 10 years apart. “Congratulations Lavender. You two will be, the best parents. You know why?” We shook our heads and my father chuckled, sniffling just a bit.

“You already have seen the biggest fuck ups a parent can do. It’s only human nature to do the opposite or do the same thing your parents did. Seeing you grow up, clean, educated and intelligent. I know you’re going to raise this.. Jelly bean up to become an amazing person, thank you.” He smiled, letting a tear fall down his face, looking at Chris and I, still holding my hand to his chest, “Thank you for making me have a reason to be alive, and to get to see my daughter have her own baby… Thank you for saving me.” I shook my head and threw my arms around my father, my best friend, my guidance in this crazy world.

“Thank you for never giving up on me.” I whispered in his ear.

Walking out of the studio, and into natural daylight we got in the car and were heading for McDonald’s, since the cravings for McFlurries and chicken nuggets with french fries had kicked in already today. Usually it hit at 7 p.m. but today Jelly Bean wanted that McFlurry early.

Before parting ways, my dad had to give us one more sentence of wisdom,

“Just don’t name him Robert, please? Let’s let that name lie… okay Christopher ROBERT? I’m fine if you name him Steven or even Roger. Just not Robert, too many Roberts in this goddamn family. And now combined?! No, fuck that.” With that he took off in his sports car, leaving me and Chris in our car staring out of the window as he drove off, “What about like- Robin?”

“I’ll smack you down with the hand of God, Chris Evans. No more Roberts, you heard the man…Besides, I know it’s not a boy. It’s a girl, I can feel it.”

“How!” He exclaimed looking at me in delight while I curling up in my seat, still in my outfit I wore on the show. It was nice and breezy for the warm summer day,

“I have the feeling that you get when you know. When you know what something you never thought you would. Just like when I had a feeling that I was most definitely in love with you.” Chris kissed my cheek and we drive off into the summer heat, and golden rays shining down on us from up above. I felt strange, almost as if the interview didn’t even happen. It was like as soon as Chris came around, I was myself again. No more feelings of the gross celebrity glue-like feeling was attached to me anymore. I was just Lavender Downey, soon to be Lavender Downey Evans.

“By the way… what the hell side are you on!” I smirked at my Fiance’s frustration and gave him an look of secrecy.

                                    “Wouldn’t you like to know…”

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I take a sidelong look at Pullman and notice a change from when I last interviewed him eight years ago. A long ponytail is dangling down his back. What is that about? Pullman sighs: “I made the mistake a few years ago of making a vow not to cut my hair until I’d finished the Book of Dust. And it was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done. I hate this bloody pony tail! I wish I could cut the ruddy thing off!” But he can’t: it’s the trichological equivalent of Jacob Marley’s chains.

The Book of Dust is Pullman’s long-awaited volume in the His Dark Materials sequence. It’s not a prequel or a sequel, he explains, but a long book that will feature some old and some new characters. Do you have a date to hand in the manuscript? “I never do. The publisher’s given up expecting that from me.”


Philip Pullman: Why I love comics by Stuart Jeffries 

For those of you who want a small update on The Book of Dust, but also wanted an explanation for that pony tail. 


I’m not going to lie, when I first joined the 5SOS fam I was beyond terrified of Michael. When I looked at him I saw his eyebrow piercing, hair dye and tattoos. I thought he was going to be a bad influence on me so I shied away from the boy. Though I truly regret this choice, I was stupid and was too quick to judge. I truly wish I would’ve given him a proper chance from day one because I now realize the influence he’s had on my life. I truly fell for Mikey because of his laugh, that beautiful, innocent laughter from a CNN interview where the boys were discussing their fist practice with Ashton. I slowly recognized that beyond that punk- rock, IDGAF persona, Michael was and IS a truly beautiful human being. Just within the last few years this boy has been through so much, may it have been catching on fire, going through countless bottles of hair dye or simply losing Daniel the Lion 😂, so he deserves the world. I hate that he is under appreciated by so many and I feel an immense amount of guilt for not loving him sooner. Michael is incredibly talented, may it be his gorgeous voice with its raw emotion or his amazing guitar skills and stage presence. MICHAEL FUCKING CLIFFORD, I love you to the moon and back, too infinity and beyond and you’re perfect in my eyes. I hope you have an amazing birthday but I must emphasize, A SAFE ONE! I love you Mikey and I am incredibly proud of all you’ve accomplished. Happy 20th Cutie.. 😘

Calum Hood and 5SSOFam confession

Calum cuts his hair and explains he did it last year around the same time because he was having a mental breakdown and did it this year partly because he was having a mental breakdown and all idiots can do is bitch and whine because he cut his fucking hair which will just grow back in a couple months. I really hate a majority of the 5SOSFam. But watch the next time one of the boys talks about their mental illnesses on stage or in an interview. Suddenly those same idiots will understand and send them love (for about a day then go back to being disrespectful assholes) and claim they even have the same mental illness.

Confession guidelines HERE | Send confessions HERE


You turn around yourself showing Sebastian your new hair, that was lilac this time, when you met on the tests for the movie that you both starred together your hair was grey.
You were an nontraditional kind of actress knowed for small or independent movies, you got colorful hair, piercings and tattoos and play Sebastian’s little prude sister who hates body modifications was funny. You had to died your hair into a straw blond, remove your piercings and cover all your tattoos. so back to the lilac was liberator.
“So, what do you think?"you asked to Sebastian, when you got into dressing-room you both shared for the interview. when you first asked what color you should dye your hair he said purple, it originally was purple but a few showers latter the color fades.” supposed to be purple, but faded"
“I think you look pretty rad, ready to kick some asses” you laugh of his answer “ you the kind of girl people write songs about”
“This is a good thing?”
“you tell me, is the kind of songs you like” you smile, is kind a compliment coming from him.
“I’m taking this in a good way mister Stan”