i hated his hair in this interview

The Signs as things Tom Holland has done/said
  • Aries: the whole lip sync battle performance, crashes rdj's interview wearing sunglasses
  • Taurus: hates spiders but only the small ones, brings his dog Tessa to random interviews
  • Gemini: "my nickname is Dutch because holland=dutch", literally can't keep his mouth shut and spoils all of Sony/Marvel's secrets
  • Cancer: can sing but is super shy about it, went to a party dressed up as spiderman only it wasn't actually a costume party
  • Leo: "I'm under strict instructions not to swear but I can't help it because I'm British", spends his free time doing flips in his backyard
  • Virgo: has called multiple people "darling" during interviews, can't properly pronounce crossaint
  • Libra: really hates quinoa, made people cry with That Scene under the rubble
  • Scorpio: takes his little brothers to premieres and the gym and is overall a good sibling, can't touch his toes
  • Sagittarius: hair always looks really fucking good no matter what, is creeped out by cats
  • Capricorn: moves into an apartment five minutes away from his family, cut his hand washing dishes
  • Aquarius: brings Harrison everywhere because they are pretty much attached at the hip, "with great power comes great lattes"
  • Pisces: visits kids in hospitals dressed as spiderman and is super nice and sweet to all of them, broke his nose proving he could do a flip in the middle of a jungle

“Hey, Barold?” 

“Yes, dear?”

“Are you dead?”

Barry’s head pokes into the dining room table, the Neverwinter Times folded into his hands. He looks down at himself, pokes his own nose. “I don’t think so? I don’t look dead.”

Lup looks him up and down, then says, “Yep, you really don’t.”


In response, Lup takes the package she’s been holding, grabs it by the ends, and turns it on its head. Letters - bundled into packs bound with black ropes, spare ones scratched on torn napkins, envelopes-within-envelopes written in deep dark ink - spill all over the table.

“What are these?”

“Consolation letters,” Lup says, grinning. She plucks the first one off the table, slits it with a brightly-painted red nail, and begins to read. “‘Dear Lup Taaco, my cult and I would like to express our condolences for your loss.’ Aww, that’s so sweet, they’re cult-bonding.”

Barry narrows his eyes. “Is that a necromantic cult or a religious one?”

“Dunno.” She tosses it aside, picks up another one. “‘Dear IPRE, sorry for your loss. We hope Barry feels better soon. We know most people don’t feel better after being dead but he’s done it before.’”

Barry drifts forward, looking at the stack in apprehension and slight awe. He picks one up at random, skims it, and turns white. “Why do these people think I’m dead?”

“Don’t know, but there’s definitely a consensus, babe,” Lup says. “Aww, someone sent a bunch of dead flowers! I’ll pass them onto Merle.”

“Lup, no, this is weird. This - this is weird.”

“Yeah, for sure,” she says, leafing through the next letters. The mound grows intimidatingly the more Barry looks at it. “What did you do?”

“I - I don’t know.”

“Huh. Maybe someone started a dumb rumor. You never know the kinda shit floating around Faerun these days.”

True? Okay. Okay, no, this is just another mystery. Maybe there are clues in the truly preposterous number of letters sitting on the table. Carefully, Barry picks the first one up, a letter wrapped in a satin ribbon and addressed in dark ink so black it almost looks tar. He tears it open gently and sets the envelope aside, then begins to read.

Dear Miss Lup,

I’m really really sorry your husband is dead. I want you to know that my mom and my dad love him too and that if you ever need someone to talk to because death is a really really bad thing then you can send us a letter any time. I’d give you my mom’s frequency but I don’t know it.



Below is an address. It’s from the far east, a remote village that Barry only knows because he passed through there while hunting for Lup a couple of years into his search.

He’s not freaking out so much as very, very confused. He’s certain he’s alive. Pulse beating in his throat and everything. So why does everyone think he’s dead?

He goes through a couple more without finding any clues. Most are of the same vein - sorry for your loss, hope you’re doing better. A couple recommend Lup some therapists in Neverwinter. Two cite him as his inspiration for practicing necromancy. He’s gonna need to pay those fans a personal visit. Probably with his scythe.

“Barry?” Lup says after a little while. She’s set the letters down and is now looking at him strangely.

He opens another one. This one’s written in blue ink. All the others have been black. Really goes to show what kind of person picked Barold J. Bluejeans, lich and necromancer-turned-reaper extraordinaire, as their favorite of the seven birds. “Yes, dear?”

“When you died, you picked up your bodies, right?”

Barry freezes. He thinks back to those ten years on his own, dying repeatedly. He’d had a process - he’d freak out, flicker a little bit, and pull himself together - with admirable speed and courage, of course. Then he’d grab his jeans (can’t leave those behind), a couple hairs, a bunch of blood (which wasn’t typically too hard to collect), the coin, some supplies, and take off for Wave Echo Cave.

He’d leave the body, though. He didn’t need it.

“Barold J. Bluejeans,” she snaps, setting down her letter with a thwack on the table. “Did you leave your corpses strewn all around this continent?”

“I only needed a little blood to make a new body!” he yelps. “I was a lich, it wasn’t like I could pick up my body and carry it with me!”

“You managed to keep the same clothes for ten years!”

“I’ve had these jeans for a hundred years, they’re precious to me!”

“That’s fair,” Lup says, grinning too widely to be angry. “So you’re telling me, these people stumbled across your dead body and thought it was you?”

“Probably,” he replies sheepishly. “I mean, in my defense, I didn’t think anyone would find it. I kinda fell off a mountain range.”

“And you didn’t go collect them when you got an actual body?” she asks, gesturing toward him.

“I was a little busy creating your body.”

Lup sighs, exasperated. She throws an envelope at him. It drifts unimpressively down to the table. “This is it, Barold. This is what you get when you don’t show up at press conferences ever. People start to think you’re literally dead.”

“I hate them,” he mumbles. “Too many spotlights and reporters and questions. I get all sweaty.”

“You’re one of the seven birds, babe. People want to know your story.”

“They already do, sweetheart.”

“Yeah, but they want to hear it from you.” She glances over her shoulder at the Taako Time™ calendar hanging on their wall and grins. “Babe, there’s one tomorrow and you’re going.”

“I don’t wanna,” he whines. “Lup, they…they suck. All the reporters and the microphones and the spotlights….”

“No arguments, dear,” Lup says, standing and crossing her arms over his head to rest her cheek on his hair. “Lucretia hates them too and she goes.”

“She was the Director of the Bureau of Balance, she’s good at that shit now,” Barry grumbles. “Besides, Davenport doesn’t have to answer questions.”

“Davenport’s at sea, babe. Getting to interview him is like finding a Shiny.”

Barry groans, tugs on a strand of Lup’s hair. It’s dyed red toward the ends. “If you loved me you wouldn’t make me go.”

“I love you,” Lup affirms, “so I’m making you go.”

“Can I at least - ”

“No, you can’t wear your tuxedo T-shirt. You have to wear the sweater vest I bought you.”

Barry slumps his head toward the table. Lup slides down his neck to rest her chin on his shoulder. “Cycle forty or sixty-eight,” he asks, words muffled by the table.

“Forty,” she decides. “I won’t make you do sequins.”

“Thank the Queen.” He straightens. There’s ink on his forehead. Lup laughs, then licks a thumb and wipes it away. “Gross.”

The letters flare in the corner of his vision. Sighing, Barry tugs Lup onto his lap. She sits with a laugh, gleeful and teasing, and reaches reaching for a letter of her own. Leaning her temple against his, she slices open another letter, and begins to read.

“Wow, babe,” she says after a couple minutes. “You’re really an inspiration for some up-and-coming dark magic babies.”

“I know,” he sighs. She chuckles and ruffles his hair affectionately. “I’m gonna have to go talk to them.”

Lup’s counterproposal is cut off by her Stone of Farspeech buzzing against her collarbone. She picks up without looking and says “Heyo, Blupjeans household, whaddya want?”

Barold J. Bluejeans!” screeches her brother’s voice through the receiver. Barry jumps. “You wanna explain to me why my dining table is fuckin’ swamped with condolence letters?!

Lup and Barry turn to stare at each other in horror. Then, right on cue, Barry’s Stone rings. He checks it. It’s Magnus’s signal. They stare at it.

“Oh Gods,” Lup groans, and picks up.

Barry? Barry, are you okay?” comes Magnus’s voice. There are a couple of dogs barking in the background, as there always are when Magnus calls. “I heard you were dead, I know it sucks, like, serious ass to be without a body, I wanted to check in, and also tell you that I’ve got a ticket for Neverwinter on hold if you need me down there - ” he says.

Lup and Barry exchange glances. Barry begins to laugh.


Shance ABO/Mulan AU!

i decided it needed to happen so i made it myself and its super self indulgent. omega lance mucks up his mating match interview and dishonors his family so when his father is called to war he steps up and decides to take his place. he cuts his hair, steals suppressants and covers up his omega tattoos to sneak into the army where he meets his captain shiro!

So Many Reasons (Mike Faist X Reader)

WC: 2601

Warnings: Swearing, friendly banter, fluff!!

Summary: An early morning interview may reveal some things Y/N would rather have stayed hidden

Tagged: @lildipstick  @bellasabb

A/N: This was requested by an anon, so I hope you enjoy!!

“Hello everyone, and welcome to the Today Show. This morning we have with us the stars of the hit Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen! Laura Dreyfuss, Ben Platt, Will Roland and Y/N Y/L/N! Welcome you guys!” The interviewer said, her voice unnaturally peppy for 6 in the morning.

“It’s a pleasure to be here.” Ben said, smiling brightly at the interviewer. I yawned slightly but quickly covered my mouth. Unfortunately Will noticed, and let out a chuckle.

“Sorry. I’m still getting used to the lack of sleep. Normally I sleep in till at least 10.” I said and everyone laughed, including the interviewer. “It’s all good Y/N. So, what’s it like being in such an emotionally demanding show?” The interviewer asked.

The question was open ended, but she looked more at Ben as she said it. “Well, it’s definitely tough, but I’ve been playing Evan for 3 and a half years, so it becomes less of a chore over time.” Ben said, the interviewer nodding.

“Now, Laura, your character Zoe is very closely intertwined with Evan. What’s it like playing that chemistry onstage with Ben?” She asked Laura and I bit back a laugh.

I know how much Laura hates getting asked questions that paint Zoe as ‘Evan’s love interest’. I glanced over at Will whose eyebrows were arched, a smirk on his face.

“Well, Ben is a wonderful human being, so I guess the chemistry just comes naturally. The whole cast and crew are super close both on and off stage, so my relationship with Ben’s, and everyone else’s, character is incredibly natural.” Laura answered, fiddling slightly with her dress.

“Speaking of relationships.” I groaned internally and shifted slightly in my seat. “Who do you reckon has the closest friendship in the cast?” The interviewer asked, and I didn’t notice the smirks appear on my cast mates faces.

“Definitely Mike Faist and this one. They’re very close.” Will said, wiggling his eyebrows slightly and jabbing a thumb in my direction. “Really?” The interviewer asked, and I fought the urge to bury my head in my hands.

“Oh yeah. They’re practically inseparable.” Ben added, smirking at me.
“I think I have a photo on my phone of Y/N and Mike dressed in the other person’s costume.” Laura said and I audibly groaned, my cheeks flushed.

“It’s too early in the morning for all this bullying.” I responded, slouching slightly in my seat. The interviewer chuckled at the interaction between us, looking at me with sympathy.

“So, Y/N, it’s pretty much unanimous that you and Mike are the closest out of the bunch. Is there anything you’d like to add?” The interviewer asked, her eyebrows arched high.

“Well, uh, Mike and I are definitely close friends. We’ve known each other since Mike was in Newsies, and it’s definitely great to be able to work with him on something major.” I said, shifting slightly in my seat.

“Alright then. Well, that’s about all the time we have. Check out Dear Evan Hansen at the Music Box theatre. Please thank Ben, Will, Y/N and Laura!” The interviewer said and we all waved at the camera.

“Thank you so much for coming, you guys.” She said, shaking our hands. “You’re very welcome.” Will said, smiling at her. “Best of luck with the show.” The interviewer said as we left the building.

“I hope the bus you threw me under swerves and hits y'all.” I said as soon as we were out of the studio. Will laughed and threw an arm over my shoulders. “It had to be said. You and Mike are tighter than tight.” Will replied, smirking set me.

“Hey, what do you reckon their ship name would be? Because we all know you two are going to end up dating.” Laura said and I groaned, whacking her on the shoulder.

“Hmm… I’ll have to think about that.” Ben said, stroking his chin in a pose of thought. “I hate all of you. I hope you burn in hell.” I retorted, shoving Will’s arm off my shoulders.

“No need to be so touchy. We were just saying, you and Mike would be absolutely adorable together.” Will said and I rolled my eyes, storming into the theatre.

“Hey! How was the interview?” I heard a voice ask and I looked up to see Mike, smiling gently at me. “It was alright. Did you watch it?” I asked, awkwardly tugging on my coat.

“Nah.” Mike said causally, tucking his hair behind his ears. “Good.” I muttered, writing my name on the sign in sheet. “You ready for another two show Sunday?” Mike asked, walking up the stairs with me to my dressing room.

“Christ, I need a nap.” I muttered and Mike laughed, ruffling my hair. “I know how much you love the couch in my dressing room. You can crash there for your nap.” Mike said and I felt my cheeks heat up.

“Thanks Mike.” I said, stifling a yawn. “It’s all good Y/N.” Mike said softly as he opened the door to his dressing room.

I lied down on the couch, smiling weakly at Mike as I curled up. “You can stay here if you want.” I murmured, watching Mike turn around with half-lidded eyes. “Oh, uh, sure.” He said, sitting down near where my head rested.

I shuffled up and bravely placed my head in his lap, hearing Mike’s breath hitch. He let out a sigh and placed his hands on my head, playing with my hair gently.

I exhaled, feeling myself slowly drift off to sleep, Mike still toying with my hair. “Thanks.” I muttered, my lips turned up in a slight smile. “You’re very welcome, Y/N.” Mike said, his voice fading as I fell asleep.

I opened my eyes slowly, yawning as I stirred. “Good morning sleeping beauty.” Mike said, smiling down at me. I groaned and sat up, running a hand through my hair.

“Hey. What’s the time?” I asked groggily, fighting back a yawn. Mike chuckled and pulled out his phone, unlocking it. “It’s 9:15. You had a decent nap, Y/L/N.” Mike said and I rolled my eyes, flipping him off.

Mike placed a hand on his chest in mock offence, and I laughed softly. “Hey, Y/N?” Mike said and I hummed in response, noticing how close Mike and I were sitting.

“Have a look at this.” He said, passing me his phone. On the screen was a tweet from Will that contained a photo of me asleep on Mike’s lap with a caption that made my cheeks go red.

“In the wise word of Lin-Manuel Miranda, fire up your slash fics in your Internet.” I read, internally cursing Will Roland. “Yeah. Will has always had a… questionable sense of humour.” Mike said awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck.

“Yeah. It was just a joke.” I muttered, suddenly feeling very deflated. “I should probably get into my dressing room, and, uh, start warming up.” I said, standing up abruptly.

Mike looked at me curiously and went to protest, but I was out the door before he could say something. I threw my dressing room door opening, slamming it behind me.

I locked it and sighed, sitting down and putting my head in my hands. I felt my heart shatter when Mike suggested that the thought of us being together was nothing more than one of Will’s jokes.

I felt the tears escape my eyes and flow down my cheeks, dropping onto my clothes. I had tried to so hard to push down my feelings for Mike, to ignore the fact that he probably had his eyes on someone other than me.

I took in a deep breath, realising that there was no point in crying over someone I spent practically all my time with. I’d have to settle for being friends and nothing more.

My heart ached at the thought, but I decided to stop thinking with my heart. That had gotten me in some serious trouble before, and I wouldn’t have it happening again.

I got off the floor, wiping the stray tears off my face. I had never been more grateful for the lack of interaction between Connor and Alana until today. I saw that it was now 9:30, and we still had an hour or so before rehearsals for the matinee.

“I’m going to go grab something for morning tea. You’re welcome to join me if you want.” I called, opening the door of my dressing room. “Hold on Y/N. I’ll be there in a second.” Jennifer called and a smile settled on my face.

“Awesome.” I muttered, glancing in the mirror to make sure it wasn’t obvious that I had been crying. “Good morning Y/N. You ready to go?” Jennifer asked and I nodded, smiling brightly at her.

We walked out of the theatre and strolled down the street, taking in the sights and sounds of the theatre district. “So, how had your morning been?” Jennifer asked cheerfully, her red hair bouncing as she walked.

“It’s been horrendous, Jen.” I said and she gave me a sympathetic smile. “I had to get up at 5:30 for the Today Show, and if you watched the interview you’ll understand why that was a disaster.” I said and Jen grimaced slightly.

“I did see that. It’s like everyone except Mike knows how you feel.” Jennifer said and I nodded, exhaling defeatedly. “Then I took a nap with Mike. I fell asleep on the couch in his dressing room.” I said, noticing Jennifer’s eyebrows raise slightly.

“Will took a photo of the two of us and posted it on Twitter with a caption pretty much saying we should date, and Mike’s response was that it was just one of Will’s jokes.” I said and Jennifer let out a quiet gasp, wrapping me in a tight hug.

“Oh sweetie. You know Mike, and you know how he tends to say things without thinking.” Jennifer said and I sighed, squeezing her torso.

“It’s just, it really hurt because we’ve been friends for so long, and I’m an expert on repressing my feelings.” I said and Jennifer frowned, pushing me away slightly.

“Y/N, you don’t play someone’s mother without getting to know them very well. Mike doesn’t know how to deal with his feelings, especially when they’re romantic.” Jennifer said and I frowned, feeling rather confused.

“Wait. What do you mean, romantic?” I said, noticing that we had approached the bakery. “Y/N, Mike has pretty strong feelings for you. Clearly the two of you are both terrible talking about your feelings.” Jennifer said and my eyes widened, shock etched into my features.

“Holy shit.” I whispered, earning a chuckle from Jennifer. “Exactly. You should really talk to Mike after the show. Or before, I don’t care. Just talk to him. Things can’t be solved without communication.” Jennifer said and I nodded, taking in a deep breath.

“Thanks Jen. I definitely need a brownie right about now.” I said and she chuckled, walking into the bakery. We ordered a brownie each, plus a box of them for the rest of the people back at the theatre.

“Wait. Mike doesn’t like brownies. He prefers cookies.” I said, and Jennifer smirked at me as I ordered a double choc chip cookie. “Let’s go Y/N.” Jennifer said, patting me on the shoulder.

We made the short walk back to the theatre, carrying our morning tea. “We’ve got brownies!” Jennifer announced, and she was met with cheers from the cast and crew.

Jennifer put the box of brownies down on a table, and although most of the cast swarmed the box, I noticed that there was someone missing.

“Hey. I’m going to go see Mike.” I said to Jennifer and she nodded, patting me on the shoulder. “Good luck.” She whispered, giving me a thumbs up as I left. I made my way through the hallways, stopping just outside Mike’s dressing room.

I knocked tentatively on the door, hoping for a response. “Come in.” Mike called, and I took in a deep breath. “Hey. The rest of them are out there destroying the box of brownies.” I said and Mike let out a breathy laugh.

“I figured. Jennifer’s voice travels pretty far.” Mike replied, his hair pulled back in a loose bun. “I, uh, I know you don’t like brownies, so I got you this.” I said, passing him the bag that contained the cookie.

His face lit up as he took the bag, taking the cookie out. “You got my favourite flavour!” Mike said excitedly, taking a bite from the biscuit. “Of course I did.” I muttered, looking at the ground.

“Thank you Y/N.” Mike said, cookie crumbs around his mouth. “It’s no problem.” I said and an awkward silence settled over the room. “About, uh, what happened before.” I said Mike’s smile disappeared almost instantly.

“Y/N.” Mike said but I cut him off. “I just wanted to say that, um, what you said really hurt me.” I said and Mike’s face fell. “It’s because, uh, well, I kind of.”

During my rambling I didn’t notice Mike stand up and walk over to me, but I did feel him place his lips on mine, cutting me off instantly. My eyes widened, but I quickly closed them, melting into the kiss.

His lips tasted sugary, and fit perfectly against mine. His hands held my face gently, as if too much pressure would cause me to break. I snaked my arms around his waist, pulling him flush against my chest.

I broke away from the kiss, leaning my forehead against his as I tried to catch my breath. “I am very sorry about what I said Y/N. I kind of went after you when you stormed off, but I left when I heard you crying.” Mike muttered, his hot breath fanning my face.

He took his hands off my face and held my shoulders gently, his taller build making this an easy feat. “I love you Y/N, but I kinda struggle with talking about my feelings.” Mike said and I felt my breath hitch in my throat, a smile blooming on my face.

“Jen did say that.” I said and Mike chuckled, pulling me into a hug. He kissed my forehead softly and I closed my eyes, leaning into Mike’s chest. “I told you to talk to him, did I not?” I heard a voice say and Mike chuckled, the vibrations soothing somehow.

“Hi Jen.” Mike said sheepishly, and I retracted my arms from around his waist. “Looks like you two finally sorted things out.” Jennifer said, a smug look on her face.

“There wasn’t really a lot of talking. More like me stammering like an awkward mess and him kissing me.” I said and Jennifer chuckled, Mike’s cheeks flushing at my words.

“Either way, it worked. Congrats you two. It was only a matter of time.” Jen said, winking at us as she walked away. Mike let out a sigh and slipped his hand into mine, smiling bashfully at me.

“I love you Mike.” I murmured, pressing a kiss to his cheek. “I love you too.”  He replied, squeezing my hand. “You’re so warm.” I murmured, earning a hearty laugh from Mike.

“I hope that’s not all you love me for. My warmth.” He said and I shook my head, pecking his lips briefly. “There are so many reason why I love you, Mike Faist. That’s just one of them.”

leather jackets and cars -seongwoo scenario-

A/N: soooooo this is my first scenario on this blog!! (wooohoooo) lol. I really, really hope you guys like it… I originally was going to make this a guanlin scenario, but I decided it was too suggestive to make him the main character, so I changed it to seongwoo. anyways, hope you enjoy!! :-)

–WARNING: suggestive material

“Oh Daddy, I don’t want to spend all day in this stupid office!”

“You won’t be spending all day here…you’ll be spending all summer here.”

You groaned. Your father thought that instead of letting you spend your summer on beaches, by pool sides, with your friends, you should be in the police station. You’ll be sorting out his paperwork, transferring calls to his office, and taking down notes/messages for him. You thought it was the dullest thing in the world. Just because your father was a police captain did not mean you should throw away your whole summer.

He led you through the crowded office room to a desk beside his door. “You’ll sit here and work,” he said, “Answering calls, taking down messages, and speaking with very important officials in town. This will be a very important lesson for you, Y/N.”

“An important lesson in what, Dad?” you asked, sitting behind the desk.

An important lesson in what happens to people when they commit crimes,” he gestured to the multiple desks nearby. You saw officers sitting down with unsavory-looking people handcuffed to their chairs. You could spot people sitting in the holding cells nearest you, eying you in your boat-neck sweater tucked into your burgundy skirt. “If you keep keepin’ on with this behavior of yours, you’re gonna end up like one of those hoodlums.”

“Daddy, just because I was smoking under the bleachers doesn’t mean I’m going to live a life of crime,” you said. “You’re such a square!”

“I may be a square, but I am your father and I don’t want you to start throwing your life away just because you want to be cool,” He said. “First it’s your grades, then it’s staying out after your curfew, and now it’s cigarettes!”

“But you smoke too, Daddy.”

“That’s because I’m an adult,” he said. He moved to his office, “Start sorting out those files on your desk. I’ll come back to check on your at lunch time…and wipe that lipstick off! There’s no red-lips allowed in the office, I told you!”

You didn’t listen. As you began shifting through the various reports, you understood your father’s concern completely, though found it completely unnecessary. If he bothered listening, he’d know your grades did not drop. Only the math class did, because Mrs. Burbage is a heinous bitch who confuses people on purpose. You stayed out past curfew because traffic held you up. You also smoked cigarettes on occasion; not all the time like he did. You did not get why he could not trust you. It’s as if you living your own life scared him. His little girl was making her own decisions, and they were decisions he didn’t agree with.

So, instead of conforming and trying to understand, he simply punished you.

You sorted out a lot of the messy paperwork your father handed you, and filed them in the correct cabinets. You made coffee for him, you set up meetings with town officials, and were glanced at by officers and offenders alike. You were the new girl; they’d grow tired of you eventually. Your day remained in a dull state before they were wrestled in.

“Hey, hey, hey! Watch the hair!” a tall brunette boy in a leather jacket said.

Hands off the jacket!” A pink-haired one said, struggling out of an officer’s grip.

Eleven boys wearing black leather jackets, jeans and sneakers walked into the precinct. You recognized the logos on the backs of their jackets: the letter “W” with the number “1” right after it. You’d seen certain buildings tagged with such a logo on them around the seedier parts of town. Wanna One. You’d heard they were quite a rowdy group; they caused trouble on occasion like the other motorcycle gangs in town. These boys were young though; still school age, you can’t think of them doing anything particularly wrong. They were lead to a holding cell closest to you.

Oh sweetheart!” The first boy groaned, “You are beautiful!” You blushed, looking away from him. “You don’t have to be shy, baby”

Get in ‘ere, ya punk!” the policeman holding him said as he shoved him into the small cell. “We’re gonna ring all ya folks first, and then start laying out charges. In the meantime, we’re gonna thumb ya and put ya all on the books!.”

Thumb me? Dick, that’s a little inappropriate, don’t you think?” The handsome brunette smirked. “What kind of police station is this?”

“Aargh! Ya lucky we ain’t doin’ cavity searches!” he slammed his baton on the bars to make him jump back. The police officer walked over to you, his demeanor suddenly changing. “I hate to do this to ya on ya first day, hun,” he began, “But somebody’s gotta get these boys checked in. Wallace will help ya out so the boys don’t, uh, you know do anything inappropriate towards ya.”

“No problem, Richard,” You smiled.

“Thanks, sweetie.” He explained the booking system to you, which was basically taking down information about each boy to have on file, and then charges could be made by police. “Wally, start bringin’ ‘em over 'ere one at a time!”

Wallace, another officer, brought over the pink-haired boy, Daniel, you learned, smiled and flirted through his whole interview. You’d be lying if you said he wasn’t charming. The blondie, seungwoon, came up next. Much haughtier than the others, he flexed for you slightly as he stood there in front of you and made a suggestive comment or two. The handsome brunette, minhyun, tried to be flirty, though only ended up getting whacked by Wallace when his eyes fell to your cleavage.

The last one was the one who called you ‘sweetheart’. He came up to you quite smoothly without a fuss. His broad shoulders, long legs, and tall hair made him stand out from the rest of his gang. You tried not staring at his face for too long in fear your attraction might be given away.

Name?” you asked.

“How about you put down 'Man of Your Dreams’?” he grinned.

You laughed, but Wallace clotted him, “Watch who you’re talking to, kid. That’s the captain’s daughter.”

He beamed, “Psh, even more reason to be so nice and friendly. What’s your name, sweetheart?”

“Y/N,” you replied. You then moved down the page, “Date of Birth?”

“August 25th, 1995,” he said.


“You mean vertically or horizontally?” he winked, smirking down at you.

You blushed a deep red, but this comment only got him hit by Wallace again. You went through the whole interview with his flirtations and suggestions, which resulted in him being hit again. You swore he’d have brain damage before the end of it. When Wallace took him back to the cell, you were charged with taking the files back to Richard’s desk. You walked by their cell, getting the usual hoots and hollers from them.

Seongwoo, though, simply glanced at you. You felt his eyes follow you around the office, though whenever you turned to him, he was focused on something else. Perhaps it is your head playing games with you. Also, you knew your father would never approve of a boy like him. Though, when he winked at you from across the room, you couldn’t stop yourself from blushing.

“You’re cute when you blush like that,” he said, angling his head at edge of the cell which was a few feet from you. “Perhaps I should come around here more often and make you blush like that all the time.”

“Then I wouldn’t have to bother putting blush on in the morning.”

“But you should keep on those red lips of yours,” he smiled. “They look…really good on you.”

You giggled, “You think so? My dad thinks it makes me look like a floosy.”

“I don’t think so,” he said. “They bring out the shape of your lips, and makes them look very tempting.”

Tempting for what, exactly?” You asked.

Kissing. Slowly. Softly,” he suggestively. “I wouldn’t mind having that smeared all over me if it meant I could kiss you.”

You blushed a deep red, “Oh my…”

“How about you and I go out tonight? There’s a movie playing at the drive in. We can go in my car,” he said. “If you want.”

You considered his offer. “I suppose I could,” you shrugged. “I don’t see why not.” You knew why not. Dad would kill you for talking to him, let alone riding around in a car with him at night. He’ll probably try to cop a feel or make out with you, but you felt he wouldn’t try too hard. Plus, it would be a relief to go out with somebody new.

Perfect,” he smiled. “Sounds like a date.”

“Ong! Your folks are here!” An officer called as he unlocked the cell.

“See you tonight, gorgeous,” he smiled.

Your father certainly won’t be happy about this.

Shut Up And Kiss Me


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Request : @steph-oliveira 

 Prompts : 4. “God damn it (y/n), I’m in love with you”

                16.   “Shut up and kiss me”

                19. “I adore you”      

                 26. “You’re addicting”

words : 1.4k (whoops)

Summary : Confessing

Warning : none



“God damn it (y/n), I’m in love with you.” he said and you froze.

All this started a few weeks ago when it happened now all you can think of is Cody.

“What is with you?” you ask getting frustrated. You had stormed into Cody’s apartment. You and him were friends for almost 3 years. You knew him more than anyone else and vice versa. You never thought he would behave like this, in public. You also took up being his publicist. So, work was fun for the both of you.


“What do you mean?” he asks acting like he didn’t know anything. That made your blood boil even more.


“This” you say handing him a magazine. You huff and sit next to him on the couch. “Teen Wolf star showing his animalistic behaviour by hitting a paparazzi” the magazine read.


“Do you realise the damage you’ve done to your image, Cody?” you ask him. Negative publicity is something he didn’t want right after the leak of his private videos. You were worried for his carrier. He had to fix this.

“He was talking shit I didn’t agree with, okay?” Cody snapped. He was annoyed. He turned his face to the television screen, looking uninterested in the conversation.


“You can’t go around beating people up when you don’t agree with them” you explain running your fingers through your hair. “I’m setting up an interview for you. You are fixing this” you say firmly. “No, I’m not”

“What do you mean ‘you’re not’? You HAVE to” you say stressing. “You are making a public apology for hitting that paparazzi” you say standing up.


He rolled his eyes, “he said somethings (y/n) I hated it” he repeated.

“You need to deal with it Cody. It’s unacceptable”

“You know what’s fucking unacceptable?” he suddenly raises his voice a little and makes you jump. “Him calling you a slut and saying shit like I gave you a job because you slept with me” he says now huffing. It scared you because you never really see him this bothered because of a comment. It was somewhere warming your heart because he did it for you but it was still very irresponsible.


“you can’t let things like this get to you”


“It pissed me off, okay?”


“It shouldn’t, you need to have an amount of composure, teens idolize you” you say snapping at him.


“You don’t even know why I did it” he exclaims putting his hands in the air.


“Why did you beat up a paparazzi Cody?” you snap back.


“Because-“ he goes to say something but shuts his mouth again and pulls at his hair.

“Because what?” you yell a little.


“God damn it, (y/n) I’m in love with you. That’s why”


You stood there dumbfounded, not sure what to say next.

Since that day, you’ve been very formal with him, though you’ve always had feelings for him, somewhere, suppressed with the assumed probability of you and Cody happening.  The only contact you had with him was via text. You couldn’t call him. These past few weeks that’s all you’ve been thinking about. You always liked Cody as a person. He was your best friend. It suddenly felt weird. You started seeing him in a romantic light but you push away the involuntary thoughts. You wanted to confront him, you couldn’t gather the guts to. You set his interview up and with a tv channel at the Teen Wolf Premiere to clear out the beating up issue. You never bothered to address what had happened.

You walk to the carpet. You were stressed. You weren’t looking where you were going. You run into a wall, wait, a chest. You look up. It was Cody. “Sorry” you say embarrassed and walk towards a different direction. He stops you by holding your wrist gently. “Can we talk?” he asks.

“I have stuff to do, later” You mutter without looking at him, trying to keep a poker face.

He sighs and let’s go. You missed his touch. You walk away with a cold feeling in your heart.

The interview finally starts and you watch from afar where all the publicists are standing close enough to hear the stars speak though.

“How are you doing, Cody” the interviewer asks smiling. He flashes one of his infamous grins and replies to the question. It amazes you how fast he goes from annoyed to polite. An actor, after all. After a few Teen Wolf related questions, you zoned out. Your mind travelled to everything you could’ve said or done that day to make it not so awkward today. You grew to like him since he said he loves you. That’s how the human brain works. He consumed your thoughts every second of every day, but you were too much of a coward to admit anything to him and yourself.

“Why did you hit the paparazzi?” the interviewer asked and he shifted in his place uncomfortably. “Well, he said somethings I didn’t like, about someone I love” he said. He gave your briefly glances and you looked away trying not to blush or even smile. You didn’t want to lead him on. But isn’t it human tendency to smile when someone says something nice? You didn’t want him to know, yet.

“That’s really sweet of you,” the interviewer smiles. “Someone you love, could it be a new love interest, is Cody Christian off the market?” she acted shocked. He chuckled. “Maybe, I mean I don’t know what it is. It’s a great feeling. She believes in me.” he says and the interview fake ‘awed’ You look away, you almost caught yourself blushing.

After the Premiere, there was an after party. You run into him again, not literally this time and decide to make small talk. “Good interview” you say. He smiles a little. “Can we talk?” he asks again. You nod with all the courage you had. “Look I-” You start.

“I’m sorr-” he says simultaneously. The music was blaring over you but all you could focus on was his voice. You notice him making advanced towards you. “Dance with me” he says glancing at the paparazzies around us. You look at him confused. He grabs you by the waist and sways around a little.  

He lets you go first. You smile a little and continue, “I didn’t want to make things awkward, I didn’t want to be cold to you. I don’t know what you were thinking when you confessed because it fucked me over in the head. That’s all I’ve been thinking about” you rant. 

You see him smile which makes you smile, because boy his smile is contagious. “I just didn’t know what to say, I do have feelings for you, but love is a strong word” you stop and look at him. He was intently listening to you. “am I rambling I feel like I am, I feel so bad, I’m sorry I’m such an awkward person” you rant again. “Shut up and kiss me” he mutters. It catches you off guard. There were paparazzies here. You can’t. 

“huh?” you say in response to it. “Kiss me” he repeats and you don’t think anymore. You just get on your tippy toes and crash your lips against his.  There were fireworks going off in your stomach. It felt so right.

After a night of cheesy pick up lines and a lot of stolen kisses, you make your way home.  Cody insisted on dropping you home and you agreed.  He pulls you into his chest and kisses your temple. “You have no idea how long I’ve waited to hold you like this” he says and you blush. “I adore you, (y/n)” you were red in the face throughout the evening.

“What if I told you, all this was for positive publicity?” he asked playfully. Your jaw drops and you gasp. You act like you were offended. You also add a chuckle at the end. “As your publicist, great job” you tease and he grins down at you.

You tilt your head up to kiss him. He doesn’t deny. “You’re addicting” you say kissing him over and over again. “Maybe I should’ve kissed you that day, all this wouldn’t have happened” he chuckles and you laugh. “Maybe”

don’t even ask, its 1;41 AM here.

  • soulmates can basically see what the other is doing in their dreams, but it usually only works if one of them is asleep and the other is awake
  • as children it’s pretty rare to have frequent dreams, but the closer you get to meeting your soulmate the more likely you are to see thru their eyes. there are also soulmate dreams that happen when both soulmates are asleep, and some soulmate couples who have a strong bond can interact with each other in those dreams and remember them when they wake up
  • as a kid you never really had the dreams that some of your friends talked about, but you figured it was good because it meant your soulmate was sleeping well!!!!!
  • it wasn’t until you were almost done with high school that you started having more dreams…… short ones but dreams nonetheless, and in most of them you knew your soulmate was practicing for something
  • and you also knew he was in seoul now….. whereas before in your rare dreams you knew he was in japan somewhere
  • knowing he was close to you was comforting but also worried you, because …… it made the concept of meeting him realer and for all your life you had gotten used to the distance between you

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Love Is On The Radio 

Sitting in the study, bent over your work you sighed and threw the pen down. You had been trying to write this stupid essay for nearly two days now and it was winding you up to a point that you never thought it would be finished. Had Seb been home he would have sat with you, not saying anything, just playing on his phone or sitting there, and his presence just seemed to make you more relaxed, at ease which made the whole thing so much easier. But at the moment he was away filming, he had been gone for months and the most contact you had had with him was the odd text or phone call. While proud of him for his work you couldn’t help but feel a little lonely when he was gone.

Having given up for the day you headed down to the kitchen, switching on the radio so that some noise filled the silent apartment as you made something that might resemble food. Seb normally cooked, you chuckled as you remembered him telling you how dangerous you where when it came to cooking. You had dropped a knife and it had nearly got right through his foot.
You weren’t really listening to the radio, it had landed on a random channel, but you didn’t care, you just needed something other than your own thoughts to listen to for a while. Vaguely noting that it was some celebrity interview for a film you set about making your best and only safe dish. Pasta.

“So filming has just wrapped on your latest film, what’s next for you?” the interviewer asked and then you froze.
“Well, hopefully I’ll get some time off before the next job but currently we are working towards the next avengers movie” said the familiar voice.

Forgetting the pasta you ran to the radio, sitting on top of the counter across from it, your attention now solely focused on it. “Oh I love those movies, I can’t wait for it to come out!’ the interview exclaimed. She was female and you could picture just what she looked like. “Can you tell us anything about it, Sebastian?” she asked. The flirtation in her voice was evident and it shook you as you could see the blond hair and red lipstick as she asked your boyfriend questions. “Well of course its all very hush hush at the moment, and I haven’t actually started filming yet, but from what I’m aware of it is going to be the most epic movie we have done to date” he replied. Unlike the interviewer, Seb’s voice was calm and collected, exited about the topic he was discussing, but there was something there that only you would have recognised. He was clearly uncomfortable with the way she was talking to him. “You said that you hoped to have a break first- do you have any plans?” she asked and you scowled at the radio as if it was the one you where getting cross with. “Well of course it will be great to get home, see family and just relax generally-“
“But still working out, after all the winter solider has a very distinctive look” she laughed. Seb chuckled but you could tell it was forced.
“Ha yeah, I guess he does.”
“Do you have anyone special waiting for you at home then?” you huffed, this woman was pushing the boundaries of what was okay to talk about live on air, and you knew Seb hated talking about his personal life. “Actually, I do. And they are amazing” he said, the slightly irritated snap was clear in his voice that anyone might have picked it up. The interviewer was clearly taken aback and coughed lightly. “Well then… um… that was Sebastian Stan discussing his latest movie ‘Lucky Logan’ out this August” she said and the interview ended there.

With a huff you jumped off the counter top, annoyed that Seb hadn’t mentioned a radio interview in his last phone call, you made a mental note to ask him about it later. But you where pleased that he gave the woman whats for, she had stepped way over the line.

Your phone rang and you groaned, desperate for food at this point, and answered not even bothering to check the caller ID. “Hello, depression centre, how can I help?’ you answered in bored tone before snickering at your own joke that if you had been honest wasn’t funny. “Wow, and I though I was calling for support” said a voice that melted your heart.
“Hello you” you grinned instantly perking up. “Nah, just bored, stupid essay that’s all”
“Anything I can help with?” Seb asked and you shook your head
“Nah, its nearly done now. So why do you need support?” you asked
“I’ve just had to do this god awful interview-“
“I know, I heard” you sighed
“Oh God, you didn’t did you?” he groaned and you knew that he was going that cute thing of running his hands through his hair, which was currently in the process of being grown out. “Yeah, accidentally though, I’m trying to cook’ you explained
“Oh god” he cried dramatically “whatever you do don’t burn the house down” he laughed and you grinned back
“I’ll try not to, but I can’t promise anything” you said. “That woman though, how come you didn’t tell me about the interview?” you asked tucking your phone between your ear and shoulder so that you could move around the kitchen while talking. “Because of that exact reason” he huffed “She always flirts and I hate it, I had to put my foot down this time, she just grrrr” he groaned. “Aww what a hard life you lead, with beautiful women throwing themselves at you” you said teasingly and he huffed.
“Maybe I don’t want them to” he replied and your snorted “Seriously! I have you! Why would I want a slaggy Linsey when I can have a perfect Y/N?” he insisted and you grinned.
“Your being cheesy again” you grinned stopping what you where doing to actually talk to him, it wasn’t fair on him to be multitasking right now. “I’m serious Y/N, besides, you know you love it” you couldn’t help but roll you eyes.
“Yeah I do, but you know what I would love more?” you asked and wiggled your eyebrows even though you knew he couldn’t see you. “What’s that?” his voice had gone all husky and deep clearly he was thinking what you where.

A knock at the front door stoped what you where about to say “I want there to be no one at the door, and ice-cream” you huffed. “Who is it?” Sebastian asked and you pulled a face
“Funnily enough my x-ray vision is broken today and I can’t see through doors”
‘Oh bummer, might want to see a doctor tomorrow then” he joked and you grinned back
“I would but there could be a murderer on the other side of the door in which case my laser beam hands will need to be replaced first, otherwise I might starve to death while your gone” you laughed.
“A murderer?” he asked and you could hear the grin in his voice as you moved to the front door.
“Its that or purple aliens, I haven’t decided. Hold on” you said as you opened the door and froze. You nearly dropped your phone in surprise only just managing to catch it. “Not a murder or an Alien, but I do have Ice-cream” Sebastian grinned as he stood in front of you. Your mouth hung open in shock, not believing that it was really him. You reached out and poked his chest causing him to rock on his heels and he laughed. “You really here?” you asked and he nodded
“Where else would I be?” he asked. You shook you head, clearing it of the initial shock of seeing him again.
“Being probed by purple aliens of course” you laughed before rugby tagging him into a large bear hug. You felt his arms wrap around you waist as he breathed in deeply, inhaling the smell of your perfume as you clung to him. “I missed you” you whispered into his neck. You could feel his smile as he hurried his head in you hair. “I know.”

Seventeen in a nutshell: Jun

Jun is the next in the svt in a nutshell series! Just a warning it is pretty long because I am 100% junhui trash. Check out the others on my masterlist !

Jun / Junhui in a (very big)  nutshell:

  • okay jun is like my ult bias so here we go
  • 96 liner born in China, ½ of the legendary China Line
  • Korean has improved 10000% since debut
  • basiavlly saved kpop with his very existence
  • on my multifandom blog everything with him is literatly tagged with “jun saved kpop”
  • Member of performance team and can do crazy flips and shit as well
  • was blonde during aju nice era and my soul left my body
  • so all of svt are visuals but jun…he’s like a visual king
  • but the thing is…he knows it?
  • even he agrees with the members he takes the most selfies
  • when asked to name the top 7 visuals in seventeen he just listed his name 7 times in korean, chinese, and english
  • has said two words in english: “so beautiful”
  • greasy boy
  • the mansae part switch version singlehandily caused me to become junhui biased
  • he had blue hair for .5 seconds
  • his smirk is the most deadly thing on this planet I swear
  • other than his long ass legs jesus
  • okay lets move on from his looks god im sorry
  • such a freaking talented dancer 
  • go watch highlight fr
  • like the way his body moves…he can be so fluid yet sharp idek
  • He is such a meme, like don’t get him around Vernon or Josh bc of this
  • actually has such an incredible voice
  • GO WATCH “STILL LONELY” and then come back please
  • okay did you enjoy? did you hear his voice? good
  • luvs / hates / relies on minghao 
  • they did some Chinese interviews and boi he shined! 
  • deserves more lines overall like I know its hard and svt is usually really good about it but let my boy sing
  • so he is a king of dancing and being greasy and serving major looks 25/7
  • often gets covered by logos in tv show interviews plz show him more love and stan him I barley know any jun stans
  • is also like 6 ft tall so theres that
  • okay that’s enough I love Jun in case you couldn’t tell

Thank you if you stuck all the way until the end! Hoshi will be up next :) I am going in age order!

My submissions, requests, ships, scenarios, and MTLs are all open!

{ five’s company // ch. 7 }


Friday came. Everyone seemed to be racing to get home. Alexander especially wanted to get home because Jefferson was being especially cumbersome today. He was convinced the man’s IQ matched his shoe size.

The problem was somehow, Jefferson figured out that you were one of Alex’s significant others. It wasn’t like Alex was ashamed of you. He loved you. He could talk about you for hours and write paragraphs about you. It was just people like Jefferson that Alex wanted to protect you from. 

He was on his way to give his reports to Mr. Washington when Jefferson obnoxiously called him out in the halls. He was leaning on the water cooler, chatting with Madison when his eyes found Hamilton. 

“Hamilton!” He practically sang. “Do you have a minute?” 

Alexander took a deep breath before turning around to face him. He would do his best to stay calm, but if Jefferson said a single word about you or -

He bit his lip. He just had to turn these in. Then he could go home and be with you and John and Herc and Laf. 

The thought of all of you was enough to calm him down.

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I woke up later than I’d planned and rushed through my morning routine. I curled my hair as quickly as humanly possible and threw on a skirt and blouse before rushing out of my hotel and managed to catch the elevator with three gentlemen. Two of the men were arguing over having time for coffee and tea before their first interview. The shorter of the men rolled his eyes as I entered and huffed. “I’m getting my damn coffee,” he insisted. The taller gentlemen winked at me and dropped their argument.

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Tumblr prompt ( Yoongi * OC)

Part 1         Part 2         Part 3       part 4         Part 5

[ i know that you guys probably wanted a nice confrontation of Yoongi finding out about his mistake and stuff, but I think it’s an overdone scene, probably something you’re read a lot of times. So , i decided to focus more on the two of them and how they move on. i’m sorry if it’s disappointing in any way. ]

Part 6

“ How is he, these days?” i said awkwardly, watching Namjoon add some sugar to his coffee. He was still dressed in his Hospital scrubs but clearly the cafe served better coffee than what he could get in the hospital so he looked happy enough.

“Y/N, why can you not be a normal bitter ex, spewing curses at the idiot? it should make things easier for everyone.”

“You and i both know Yoongi doesn’t deserve that. You’re his oldest , most trusted friend. Are you honestly telling me yoongi left me because he wanted to? i know him …. i know how he gets, alright? i know that he has a way of blaming himself for everything that goes wrong in the entire universe. All i wasnt is for a chance to get him back.” I said softly. 

Namjoon sighed. 

“i should never have told him about Jiyeon.” He said drily. “ if i hadn’t, he would have returned to you. He thinks he doesn’t deserve you anymore.” 

I hummed.

“Fine. what else can you tell me about him,right now?” 

“there’s nothing much to say. his mother wanted him to marry jiyeon. He refused. She threatened to fire him. He decided he would fire her instead. And now we’re here.” 

“I don’t think-”

“He’ll pull through. Don’t worry about him. “ 

“i know he’ll pull through. He always does. but that’s not what I want to know… Is he happy without me, Namjoon? If you tell me that he’s happy without me, i’ll drop this right now. i’ll stop contacting him, like everyone wants me to.”

“You’re dating Seokjin….”

I flinched. 

“it’s not… It isn’t anything even remotely serious. And that’s something I’ll deal with in my own time and…”

“Hyung think’s Seokjin is better for you than him. He thinks you really love Seokljin.”

the urge to kick Min Yoongi was growing by the minute. 

“He was the one who divorced me…” i hissed angrily.

“i think he regretted it almost immediately.”

“So why one earth didn’t he come back to me, immediately?” 

“You know how he gets…” Namjoon shrugged.

ugh. Yes. I knew how he got. Yoongi wasn’t a fighter. At least not for himself. He would fight death , his own body and everyone in the world to save a life, to do the right thing. But he would never fight for things he wanted for himself. 

in this case, me. 

“I love him. i know all of you think he doesn’t deserve it but i love him. i don’t think i can stop loving him. i already tried. I thought i’d succeeded even. but when i saw him last week… i just… I love Min Yoongi and nothing he does is going to change that.” i said miserably.

Namjoon gave me a sympathetic smile. 

“He’s going to fight you every step of the way.” He said softly. 

I nodded. 

“Not just him. My sister may kill me.” 


“Tell me you’re joking.” My sister said calmly, watching as i carefully curled my lashes, the mascara dewy and perfect . 

“i’m an adult. I can make my own decision here.” i said with a shrug. 

“clearly not, if said decision involves going back to the man who fucking abandoned you when you needed him the most…”

“No. He didn’t abandon me. He made sure i got moved to my home town, to my mother and my sister who he knew would be able to take care of me.”

i hadn’t told my mother and sister about jiyeon or about what she’d done. it had been hard enough to come to terms with it on my own. They still thought Yoongi had left because he was a bastard. 

only i knew that Yoongi left because he thought that was what i’d want. or so i hoped. A part of me still balked at the idea of him actually not wanting me. But i wouldn’t think about that. 

i probably would have let it go if he hadn’t sent me those damn messages, i thought bleakly. 

They were yoongi’s version of a cry for help. I could hardly, in good conscience , ignore him. 

“ you’re insane.” My sister said, sounding defeated and I smiled.

“And you’re the best sister i could have evr had, unnie. but this time, i need to do this for myself.” 


“i’m going to kill someone.” i said through gritted teeth and Seokjin sighed.

“Please don’t. “

“they’re maligning him! They’re belittling everything he’s done.. they can’t just…”

“they’re reporters. Journalists. And they’re doing their job. Yoongi’s decision to pull out from his parents’ partnership is going to affect a lot of people.”

“But can’t they be civil about it…?!” i said miserably, staring up at the huge raised podium where Yoongi sat behind a table calmly addressing increasingly ridiculous question, each one shaped to sound like a backhanded insult. 

“Dr. Min, do you think innocent children should bear the brunt of your own personal tantrums with your parents?” one of the women said and i clenched my fists. 

“I’m sorry. The whole point of this conference is to make sure that doesn’t happen. i’m hoping that generous contributors will come forward to support the Hospital and it’s cause, so that children will not be affected by this.” Yoongi said softly, voice low and even . He was dressed in a white button down and a black jacket. Blue jeans , faded and worn and playful black sneakers made him look so much younger than his thirty years. i wanted to hug him so badly that i had to physically grip the chair and stop myself from launching myself at him. 

How he hated being in the spotlight. He hated socializing. Hated being interviewed. and yet here was , doing all of that. getting his very credibility torn down because of his vile, disgusting mother. 

“Is it true your wife divorced you because you couldn’t save your own child?” 

i froze in place. 

So did Yoongi. i saw the blood drain out of his face , leaving his pale as a parchment and I felt my own heart throb with disbelief and sheer unadulterated agony at how callously the woman said those words. 

“i… I’m not perfect, of course. i have lost patients before and yes, the loss of my own child was… difficult. i do take full responsibility for it. I hope she’ll forgive me for it and….”

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” I shouted, amazed that he wasn’t just shooting that woman down instead of actually apologizing…. 

“What..? Y/N?”

i couldn’t stop myself as I pushed my way past the other reporters, reaching the woman who had just opened her mouth ans said those words to him. 

“How many dying kids have you saved, Ms.. “ i glanced at her name tag .” Lee?” 

She blinked, looking shocked. 

“How many families have you offered free healthcare too. Hell, how many dollars of your money have you spent on charities that support kids? and yet,. here you stand accusing my husband of being a murderer, when in fact, you and your kind , spreading such filthy lies about this good man are indirectly contributing to the death of hundreds and thousands of children, right this minute! “ I snarled. 

She just stared at me, gaping and i felt a hand on my wrist yanking me hard and i turned around to see Yoongi.

“what the fuck are you doing here, Y/n?” He hissed and i glared at him. 

“standing up for you! the way you should be !!!  you don’t have to grovel in front of these idiots!!  Yoongi,  you’re a world class surgeon who has saved countless lives and these filthy mongrels are nothing but vermin at the bottle of a barrel. Tell me Miss Lee, how much did my mother in law pay you to spew such vile things about my husband?” 

“okay! that’s enough.. We’re leaving..” yoongi yanked on my arm and i glared at him but he wouldn’t let go.

“Come with me, you stupid woman. NOW!!” 

I let myself get dragged out of the place , aware of the flashing cameras and the furiously scribbling pens. 

i’d probably made everything worse but I wouldn’t regret it.


“You’re taking sleeping pills again? Why?” i said curiously, staring at the inside of his bedroom cabinet, while Yoongi stood awkwardly to the side. He was dressed in the white shirt and jeans having tossed his jacket , hair left in messy disarray, the gray tinged strands falling into his eyes and his skin pale underneath the garish white light. 


“whatever that woman said was nonsense, okay? it shouldn’t even be a question at this point but i’m telling you anyway. You’re not the one who’s to be blamed. i just…”

“Why are you here, Y/N?” He said tiredly, watching as i grabbed the last bottle of pills and peered at the label. 

“I already spoke to my agents. I’ve turned my exhibit into an auction. All the proceeds will go to your hospital. i don’t know if it will be a lot.. but i think it could really help. “ i said hastily.

yoongi stared at me. 

“What are you trying to do?” He said softly. 

“Just making sure i don’t misread a label and take the wrong pill. Like i did before.” i said softly.

He went very still next to me and i sighed. 

“Yoongi about what happened… jiyeon told me all about it. I don’t blame you for doing what you did…” i said softly and Yoongi shook his head. moving a bit away.

“it was all my fault… i … i let her do that to you..” He said , voice cracking. 

 Jiyeon had been cruel, malicious but she had also had a conscience. But she had helped me understand that yoongi hadn’t left me because of the abortion. A part of me had wanted to take the first flight out to the UK just to explain what had happened to my oblivious, impulsive ex husband but i had held back, opting to tell Namjoon about it. i’d asked him to be discreet about it. 

and Namjoon had told Yoongi about it.

And then I’d waited for a year, waiting for yoongi to come to his senses and to come back. 

Except he never did. 

“i’m going to get her medical license cancelled.  I.. I know i should have guessed it earlier , i just never imagined she would.. do something so vile and disgusting. I wanted to kill her… i still do.. She doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as us.. She… ”

i moved to touch him but he looked stricken and i stopped, clenching my fingers in embarrassment. 

“Yoongi stop. it’s over. it was a long time ago. she apologized to me.” I said, recalling the absolute nightmare of a confession that I’d been treated to, right after I’d signed the divorce papers. 

“Apologized?!!” Yoongi shouted and i flinched. “ how could a fucking apology ever make up for what she did to us… She destroyed us.. She..”

“She did no such thing. If we really were good for each other we would have come out stronger , not fizzled and died!” i snapped , impatiently. He hesitated, looking torn and so guilty that i bit my lips.

“Yoongi, i know that we both screwed up. i wasn’t innocent either. i never saw that child as a …. child. i thought it would be a way to keep you with me… like a handcuff or soemthing. I was guilty of that… i didn’t even get that tests till i was nearly three months pregnant…. I was reckless… I…”

“You just trusted her! She was the one who should have had a bloody heart.. She killed our baby….!” He said brokenly and I felt my throat go dry. 

i opened my mouth to protest, but he wasn’t done.

“but more importantly, she nearly killed you..!! “ He took a deep breath. “ i never hated myself more, than when i saw you lying there on my operation table, fighting for your life because of how neglectful I’d been.”

“i’m fine. I’m here.” I said stupidly.

“it wasn’t even about the baby, Y/N… We could have had another one. You almost died! what if i lost you on that table?! I would have followed you right away…”

“Stop! oh my God.. Don’t even joke about something like that…!”

“You think I’m joking? You think i wouldn’t have done it? You think i wouldn;t have died for you? You don’t think i still would?! You’re.. You’re the most… fuck.. Yo’re the only one who matters… it’s always been you…”

I stared at him. 

“Don’t stay stuff like that, if you don’t mean it.” i said softly. 

“I… i mean it. Of course I do… I can’t even apologize because i don’t deserve your forgiveness…. “ 

I was so  sick  of that phrase. 

“Are you going to apologize, anyway?” I said stiltedly. 

“i don’t think i could ever dare to apologize. Not after what i did… I should have been there .. I should have helped you and…”

“Well, how can i forgive you if you can’t even apologize?” I said casually. 

Yoongi stopped short.


“i forgive you. I do… You’re here and i just want to be with y-”

“No. Stop. Don’t! don’t finish that sentence! You don’t know what you’re asking for!. ” He said desperately and I reached out for him but he stepped back hastily.


“you should leave…” 

And there he was, pushing me away, all over again. Why was it so damn hard to love this man.!! What kind of sins had my past self committed to be stuck with this man?!

“i’m not leaving. Why should i… You just said that you care about me… You fucked up, yes. You hurt me. you can spend the rest of your life making it up to me but make no mistake, you  are  spending the rest of your life with me. i refuse to settle for anything else, after all the crap you put me through,. “ 

Yoongi continued to stare at me. 

“i’ll hurt you.” He whispered. 

i felt relief flood through me. He was caving. I knew it. 

“i know.” I said softly, stepping closer and lightly grabbing his hand, taking it up to my waist. His arms curled around my body and i felt my bones turn to ash in sheer want. 

“I’m not… I’m such a shitty husband… I’ll probably hurt you in so many ways and…”

“just kiss me.” 

“Y/N.. i don’t deserve you.” He said softly.

“No. but you have me. And i’m not leaving. ” 

i moved forward, capturing his lips with mine.

Author’s note : there will be one more part , just to tie things up nicely. Do you guys want some smut?. kekeke..

rik mayall looks: rating my not-husband’s different eras (10/10)

baby rik/fuzzy rik - barbara first fell in love with rik from this era and i can def. see why. a cutie patootie baby that you also want to have their babies. 10/10

secret and rare longhair college rik - *fanning myself like an old southern lady in church*. i mean it’s blurry but it’s hotter than sasquatch at least. 10/10

‘Wick’ from The Young Ones - Punk-rock pigtails are definitely a thing now. Super cute spotty acne. Hair doesn’t look as red as usual but maybe that’s because I’m comparing it to Vyvvyan’s super-red tri-hawk. Either way, anarchic and v. cute. Great look for bringing down the fascist pigs. 8.5/10

mid-80s super close head shave - um??? love you but kinda glad this look didn’t last very long. this look is for dudes with weird natural hair not guys with genetic ginger perfection. recognize your brilliance. 6.8/10

colin from bad news - hair (obvious wig) gets darker and curlier over time and i definitely approve. also i guarantee 100% that barbara did his makeup and it’s absolutely gorgeous. and the 80s heavy metal fashion sells this piece. 9.5/10

alan b’stard in the new statesman - finally took my advice n grew his real hair out. gave it curls which i 100% approve. alan is a real b’stard in this show but this super sexy look was a standout. also rik’s a super good actor. go see it. 9/10

Flashheart in WWI - in rik’s own words: ‘so sex’. loved talking about flashheart because it was the sexiest he ever felt on screen and he was stealing the show by being really really funny. also in his own words: ‘i am a living penis!’ 14/10

official 80s Rik look - jESUS. this is goals. also this era produced that one over dramatic but still sexy photo of him in the shower that i will never get over. 10/10

(ok what the heck here it is. and for the record this = 100000000/10)

beardy rik 1st iteration - OH. MY. GOD. I have a crush all over again. 16/10

Travellers’ Cheques/Lemmy tribute - mucho desperado. what. a. babe. 15/10

this effing music video look nobody expected - ARE YOU SERIOUS??? OK I GUESS MY LIFE IS RUINED NOW. 250000/10

the unbridled perfection that is the Rik Mayall Presents era of looks: okay let’s go into each of these in detail.

#1 - this is my favorite RMP episode and rik is brilliant in it. also this gave us a taste of how Grey Fox era Rik would look like down the road. wouldn’t be fully realized until Jonathan Creek in 1998 and we’ll get to that later. but damn. 9.6/10

#2 - this would go on to become the official 90s Rik look, so i should give them the same rating. plus this episode is creepy and hot. 10/10

#3 - Dad (in glasses) Rik. I don’t use the acronym DILF often. and I still won’t. but just know that that applies here. 9.7/10

#4 - beard rik iteration 2. rik hated growing beards and only ever did it for acting purposes. plus dirty old town wasn’t the best. but this look is amazing. it bugs me that this is my least favorite episode but has the most gorgeous look. 26/10

official 90s rik look - bit more pudge and bit more lines on face. still f*cking hot. embraced his dad side and talked about his family more in interviews, and wore a lot more dad clothes like jumpers and sweaters. also in the late 90s after his death gave him a new lease on life, was more carefree in interviews and never stopped talking. also flirted up a storm with everyone. one of my favorites. 10/10

the ‘jesus look’/Merlin the Return - i’m still not over this look. I will never be over this look. this is art, this is f*cking beautiful. this is what white jesus wishes he was like. also actual brown jesus probably approves up in heaven. infinity/10

the mavis davis era/blond i guess? - a series of messed up studio mandated dye jobs that combined into this color. rik hated it. he made jokes about himself in interviews of the time but was obviously very insecure about it. can’t hate on it too much since it wasn’t his choice, but yeah, not the best color combo. but he’s still able to pull it off by being his charming as hell self, and it later faded. 8/10

the grey-age begins - like 90s only getting noticeably more grey. obviously rik didn’t want his hair dyed after mavis davis debacle and that was a good choice. also became his look for the 2000s as well after he grew it out from being short, or vice versa. i don’t know the timelines. but ihe and ade both looked great in the late 90s during the guest house paradiso times. 10/10

Jonathan Creek - The look that shook the world by revealing that Rik had gone full grey for realsies. this ain’t the young ones anymore guys, grey fox rik is here to stay. this was also the first project he took on after his death on the quad bike and recovery in the hospital. so f*cking brave and it gets extra points. 22/10

grey fox rik - was around for most of the mid 2000s and featured prominently in quality programs such as All About George, Violent Nation. slightly more dad-ish and still punk and very very cute. lots of great interviews from this time. 10/10

the silverage begins/Believe Nothing - this probably was before short grey fox timeline wise, but there was already silver and white under the grey in those so i will counting this as the first time we see silver, even though he’s still vaguely ginger most of the time. he’s gorgeous either way and i love this show. 10.5/10

wut - wut. yeah this was a bit of a weird choice. skunkbeard no go. he got rid of it soon after his one episode and went back to his good beard record. 6.7/10

sideswept disheveled thing I didn’t even know about until i started looking at more pictures for this whole project - i fucking love this. no censors. 15/10

bombadier - beer commercials and rik with beards are like macaroni n cheese pizza: two things too good for this world. also rik’s new whiteage underneath the silver means there’s going to be a new rik era very soon. stay tuned. 9.8/10

official dad rik in Man Down - full beardy rik look #3, this time grown to make him look 20 years older since he’s late 50s and playing greg davies’ 70 year old pop pop. next to 6′7 greg he’s an adorable dwarf dad. he also gets to indulge in more dad fashion, while still being punk rock and saying ‘comrade’. also like JC this is the first time we see a new era of all-white hair rik, and it’s so cool. 10/10

unfortunately the last days of rik - full white hair, sans beard, jean jackets and shorts and his life is buying lil sudoku books from stores and sleeping on trains. has fully embraced his old dad status and loves it. can still be suave as f*ck in a blue and white suit though (in his last film Der Ontsnapping in Holland). Despite his big personality he still was facing a lot of medical problems including epilepsy and the other repercussions of his head injury. died way too soon and we still will miss him always. it was personally one of the worst times of my life. infinity/10

unfinished business.

Words; 1,713

pairing; yoongi x reader

Request; “holy. what… how am I friens w/ such an amazing writer¿ how was I graced w/ your frienship?¡ I just don’t get it!! but honestly kaila I am so frickin excited for these (also I’d like to see Seokjins or Yoongis first bc they sound most interesting)” - @devinscissorhands

A/N; i really hope you guys all enjoyed the soulmate!seokjin imagine i had previously wrote, i kind of feel slightly disappointed with it now but it was all worth it right? so, in regards to that, i hope you all enjoy this one far better than the last! at the moment i am writing this, i rlly like this one but in about 24 hours i’ll feel bad about it lol xD but either way i hope you all really enjoy this imagine, please feel free to leave your opinions in my ask! thank you ( ˘ ³˘)♡

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“Why is my hair mint?” You questioned your family angrily after storming down the stairs in a fuss, not understanding the situation at all. “I bet you did this to me!” You accused, pointing a finger straight at your brother. But to your surprise, you fell completely silent and confused when they just began laughing at you.

“I think your soulmate just dyed his hair mint Y/N.” Your older brother mocked, poking and laughing at your lack of knowledge and understanding of soulmates.

You groaned in response, “when I finally meet him I swear I’m going to kill him,” you stated; running back into your room to fix your problem.

“I hate everything about this whole soulmate thing right now.” You complained, muttering under your breath. You were on your way to an interview for a job you’ve been anticipating for a while now. The only problem was the fact that the job was so sophisticated and so professional, especially for someone at your age. You weren’t going to deny it, you were still young; plus, you’ve always wanted to have dyed hair at some point in your life except not right now. You were wearing a huge, oversized sweater over your business outfit, the hood pulled tightly over your head. Your gaze had stuck itself to the ground, watching your feet take each step on its complete own. Out of the corners of your eyes, you could barely see the long and brightly colored strands of your hair. You scoffed at the sight of your hair, knowing the exact reason behind its look was so pathetic; you threw your hair over your shoulder and out of your line of sigh as you pushed yourself onwards towards your destination.

“Sir please, I swear it was my soulmate who did this.” You had finally arrived at your interview. Your hoodie has been thrown off to the side and now here you were, standing nervously in front the man who would decide your fate right now. You resembled the way you looked earlier, instead this time the tiled floor had caught your attention as you twiddled your fingers in front of you. You had finally reached the question you had been dreading this whole time, why is your hair the color it currently is? You hoped too the heavens that your boss understood the concept of soulmates, hopefully more than you did.

When it came to soulmates, you didn’t actually know very much about them. All you really knew was that in this world, your soulmate was the one for you; the one destined to love you and be with you the rest of your life. And you couldn’t lie, you’ve always dreamt of having someone like that; but the world is cruel, because you’re never really told your soulmate. You just have to figure it out yourself.

The world was only generous enough to give tiny little hints as to who your soulmate was, making you play life like a whole scavenger hunt. In your world, the key was hair color. If your soulmate never dyes their hair, your rain remains natural; but once they decide to take that first step of dying their hair, they should be ready to sacrifice their soulmate’s hair as well. Dying your hair would make a mark on the world, because doing so wouldn’t just affect you. It affects your soulmate, your other half in either a good or bad way. It was just like getting a tattoo, marking marks on your body. You’ve always been a spontaneous person, and you’ve always been one who has always wanted to dye their hair… the only thing that held you back was your soulmate. But when they started changing their hair with the seasons, you immediately regretted not dying your hair earlier.

You yourself were able to call yourself quite lucky, due to the constant changes of your hair color. It seemed to you that it would be much easier to find your soulmate, because of their vibrant and uncommon hair colors; instead of those who strayed from the concept of dying their hair. You were never failed to be amused by the colors that seemed to run through your hair, you even began to worry about the health of your own hair compared to that of your soulmate’s. There were days when your hair was your natural hair color, but when you woke up the next day it was a whole other color. You’d had gone through colors like grey, red, red, and pink before, every once and a while your hair fading back to your natural color. You had always been told you had a very interesting soulmate, and you always accepted that. You wondered what kind of person your soulmate had to be to have to dye their hair like this, maybe a delinquent or something? But right now you couldn’t care less about the person they were. You more or so just wanted to give him a good punch to the face when you met him for the first time. Your only opinion of him right now was “wow, this guy’s timing is amazing,” all because he decided to change his perfectly fine, natural hair color to mint right when you had scheduled an interview for your new job.

“I understand Miss Y/N, please just step outside for now. You seem to be perfect for this job, your hair color should not make a difference if it was not your doing,” you had suddenly been broken from your thoughts. You noticed the blank look on your boss’ face, wondering if his words actually meant anything or if they were just empty for the sake of soothing you. You made your way out of the room, listening to the quiet click of your heels with every step you took. You could feel the billion pairs of eyes land right on you, as you stepped into the main lobby of the building. It felt like your hair was burning from the intensity of their stares. You rushed to leave the building, to pass through its doors leading into the street, growing self-conscious of the looks you were receiving; almost too conscious, so much as to not notice the boy leaning against the wall of the building with the exact same mint hair as you did.

Thankfully, you ended up getting called back for another meeting, meaning you had been approved for the job, despite your hair color. You were on your way back to the building where you felt your heartbeat speed up as you got closer and closer to the tall building. You had pulled your hair back into a bun, hoping it would help you capture a more sophisticated look. You tightly clutched your bag against your chest as you felt the cold breeze rush in your direction. You pushed yourself forward, even against the wind who seemed like your worst enemy at the moment. You squinted your eyes, as they felt like they’d be pushed out by the wind. At one point you ended up closing your eyes, but suddenly you had felt yourself hit the ground. Your eyes remained tightly shut, like you were waiting for something to happen to you, but all you got were a couple words.

“Uhm, are you okay?” The voice chuckled, and you finally decided to open your eyes. The first thing you saw was mint, the color mint. Your eyes traveled down to see he was crouching down to you, attempting to lend you a helping hand. You look a glance at your bangs, the single strand of hair in your face; attempting to match the shades off hair together. You finally took the hand he offered, finally realizing you would be late if you didn’t speed things up. For now you had thought nothing of the similar hair colors, you wouldn’t believe that he was your soulmate. You were quick to apologize, but then thank him right after. You were about to leave the boy behind before he grabbed you by your wrist. He spoke, words falling out of his mouth that completely passed you by. You had felt captured in his gaze, almost like he had just tied you up using his eyes. You felt frozen, as words continued to tumble out of his mouth; until you heard the word soulmate.

“S-soulmate?” You whispered, not feeling the need to waste your strength on shouting, he was already close enough to you anyway. “What about soulmates?”

He just laughed at you, “Did you not hear me jagi? We’re soulmates, look at our hair!” He carefully pulled a strand of your hair out of it’s bun and held it against his head. It almost looked as if the hair blended into one before he dropped your hair, letting it fall back to your chest. “So, how’d you like my wonderful pallete of colors?” He continued with a smirk, gesturing towards your hair, “You never dyed your hair either. How boring you must be, my love.”

You couldn’t help but feel flustered at his words, but you definitely weren’t going to break your promise. You flicked the boy on the forehead, laughing as he flinched and fell backwards onto the ground with you. “That’s for almost making me lose my job idiot.” You decided to stand up first, leaving your wrist out for him to take. “Sorry to ruin such a beautiful moment, but I have a meeting I happen to be late for.” You said, pointing a finger against his chest, attempting to imply that this was all his fault. You shared a nod goodbye and you ran off, but you had almost forgot something. “I’m Y/N. Meet me back here in an hour or two.”

He held his hand out to you once more, this time to properly greet you. “I’m sorry love, but I can’t promise you anything. I’m Yoongi.”

type of woman | Kim Namjoon

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P A I R I N G: Namjoon x Reader

W A R N I N G S: angst, fluffy ending

( A/N: I know that there are many girls and boys out there who are stressed out over the fact that they might not fit into the description of the ideal type of their bias. I just want you to know that it doesn’t matter if you’re their ideal type or not. What matters is that you’re comfortable with who you are 💫❤️ just a little reminder that I love you the way that you are and I’m sure your bias would tell you the same thing. )

Namjoon who lays next to Jimin on the couch in their dressing room looks at the screen on his phone.

Namjoon (4:50 pm) : hey babe, you’re up?

Namjoon (5:00 pm) :Y/N, you’re okay?

He runs his hand through his brown hair, he knows he shouldn’t be worried too much, but the sick and weird feeling in his stomach isn’t helping at all.

With a last look at their chat he turns his phone off and closes his eyes to get some sleep before he, and the others go on stage. But only a couple of seconds later he feels how someone is punching his shoulder. At first he tries to ignore it, thinking that it’s just Taehyung or even Jungkook who simply wants to annoy him, but when he hears Jimins anxious voice he immediately opens his brown eyes :“N-Namjoon, you should look at this!”

Jimin who is still slightly punching his shoulder isn’t looking at Namjoon, his eyes are almost glued on the TV Screen at the wall. With knitted eyebrows he turns his head towards the television and right after he reads the headline he tenses up.

“The young singer Y/N Y/L/N from the band ‘sweet taste’ was chased by a crowd of paparazzi this morning and had to witness their stubbornness.”

A video starts to play on the screen, showing how Namjoons girlfriend walkes out of a building, and as soon as her feet hits the ground 20 paparazzi start to talk and scream. Y/N tries to hide her face behind her hands, while she searches for a way through the crowd. But like wild animals who are surrounding​ their victim, Y/N doesn’t seem to get away from the cameras and the flashlights.



When the video ends the screen goes black and everyone in the room turns their head into Namjoons direction.

He is simply staring at the black screen infront of him before he swallows thickly:“What did he mean by ’not his type’?”

“Yoongi-?”,Jin starts to speak but before he is able to end his sentence his friend already took out his phone.

“I’m on it.”

Namjoon also takes out his phone.

Namjoon (5:15 pm):Babe, please answer. I just saw what happened.

Namjoon(5:15 pm):Y/N how are you, please tell me you’re save!

Namjoon:(5:16 pm):if you read this, please call me.

Namjoon:(5:17 pm): I love you.

“I found something!”, Yoongi says and holds his hand up:“Okay, so it seems like someone published a interview, in which we talk about our 'perfect girlfriend’.”, he looks up from his phone to Namjoon :“And judging from what I am reading, you have a very specific type of woman, should I read it out loud?”

“Do it.”

“Okay, so. The magazine says you like white girls, she must wear red converse highs, and denim shorts-”, Yoongi scratches the back of his head while he starts to read what the magazine wrote:“with long and straight black hair. And you prefer a sexy girl instead of a cute one.”

And while Yoongi tells Namjoon everything, the other members just watch him. They see how his eyes are filled with anger, and so much hate that Jin who sits a couple of meters away from his friend starts to feel uncomfortable.

His whole facial expressions quickly changed into something they have never seen before, he wasn’t angry anymore.

Namjoon was beyond that.

“We should- we should definitely make a statement on this "interview”.“, Taehyung says and runs a hand through his hair.

"I’ll do it!”

“Namjoon, I don’t think that it’s a good idea if you do it.”, Jimin says and crosses his arms infront of his chest:“ Maybe someone else should-”

“Y/N is my girlfriend!”, He says and stands up from his chair, :“ And after this incident with those fucking paparazzi I should be with her, I should tell her that everything is going to be okay, and that I never said anything about that my girlfriend should have long black hair, OR SHOULD WEAR CONVERSE ALL THE FUCKING TIME!”

As soon as he stops talking he sees how the other members are staring at him, with a little bit of fear in their eyes.

“Aaah, I’m sorry.”, Namjoon apologizes and sits down on the edge of their white couch :“It’s just, she must feel terrible right now. And I am not able to contact her, it’s so frustrating. We are on the other side of this planet, and I can’t help myself but to feel like it’s my fault…”

Jimin who stands up walks to the couch and sits down:“Look-”, he says and lays his arm around Namjoons shoulder :“It’s clearly not your fault, okay. It is the fault of this stupid magazine, and those stupid paparazzi.”

For a second Namjoon simply looks at his friend before he opens his mouth and speaks out something he’d never dare to think :“But- but what if Y/N leaves me because of all this?”, he asks and his voice cracks at the end.

You and Namjoon have been in a relationship for over 3 years now, shortly after BTS had their debut you two met at a small coffee shop in Seoul. And everytime someone asks what his first thoughts were when you two met, he always tells them “ you know, it wasn’t love at the first sight- it was more of , you know, soul recognition.”.

“She won’t break-!”,Jin says but is cut off​ by a ringing phone, hectically Namjoon starts to search for it and churns his pockets till he holds his iPhone in his hands.

“It’s Y/N!”, He says with big eyes and immediately stands up from his spot on the sofa :“Babe-?”,he asks after accepting the phone call. The other members are quietly sitting in the back of the room and try to read Namjoons lips.


“Oh- oh god Y/N.”,he says and takes a deep breath :“Listen, I am so so so unbelievably sorry for what happened-”

“You’re sorry?”, her voice asks confused:“You only made a interview with some girl magazine, and yeah I was kinda hurt that I’m completely not your type but-”

Namjoon shakes his head and runs a hand through his hair while he turns his head to look at his friend.

The six other men are sitting next to each other and are waiting for any kind of sign that shows them that everything is fine:“But that’s the thing, we never made this interview!”

For a couple of seconds there is a silence between them before Y/N finally speaks again:“You never- wait what?”,she asks and Namjoon chuckles softly.

“Believe me darling, if we’d ever do an interview about our ideal types of girls I would definitely say your name! Because you’re more than just my type.

holiday in the sun

Pairing: Bill x Reader

Summary: Bill being a singer of a punk rock band in the late 1970s. He falls for the colored reported giving him an interview. To my only follower @b-skarsgard

Words: 669

Warning: Language And mention of The S*x Pistols.

New York was always so mind numbingly cold during the winter. Your hands felt numb from the cold and three jackets weren’t saving you. You parked less than a mile away from the bar but it felt like you were walking for eons. The wind bothered your ears until they both felt numb, and you had to fight to walk through a thick blanket of snow. It was pitch black outside and you felt bitter before the ordeal began.

There were a bunch of kids crowded around the entrance. They were all dressed the same, thick eyeliner and leather jackets. Loud rock music was coming from inside and you could hear the sounds of laughter and cheers.

You pulled the black ballpoint pen from behind your ear and got your notepad from your purse. You titled a blank paper 12.14.1977 and prayed to God that this was the last band interview that you had to do. You simply hated talking to diluted white men that mumbled words and screamed. There had to better options.

The band onstage sounded like every other band that you encountered, a screaming lead singer and messy instrumentals. You weren’t very into punk and didn’t understand the anger. You had to step over a few bottles and bodies to get closer to the stage. You were basically choking on cigarette smoke.

The lead singer was tall and pale like he hadn’t seen the sun in at least a century. His green eyes were outlined in thick black eyeliner that looked like it was put on by a six-year-old. His leather jacket was oversized and his jeans were ripped at the knees. He was singing about a broken heart or something and you took notes of his description. It was so crowded that you felt like you couldn’t breathe.

“ They’re amazing aren’t they!” the girl next to you exclaimed. She had wild curly brown hair and a nose piercing. You gave her a small nod. You were told that the set was supposed to finish ten minutes ago. It was so smoky everywhere that you could barely see.

You decided to wait at the bar until the music stopped.

“ Can I get you anything?” The bartender asked. You shook your head and watched the rest of the song. What you wanted was to speak to the owner Hilly Kristal, you gave him specific instructions. The unintelligible screaming finally ended and everyone around you erupted in applause. The bartender looked at you with slight amusement.

“ I’m waiting for an interview,” you explained.

He nodded,”I’ll tell Hilly you’re here.” You doodles on the corner of your notepad. You always reminded yourself that this was just a stepping stone and you wouldn’t have to write the music sections of the magazine anymore. You often daydreamed about feeling just as successful as all your white counterparts who got to write for fashion and culture.

You turned around when you felt gentle tapping on your shoulder. He was covered in sweat and his eyeliner was smudged.

“ Are you from Interview Magazine?” he asked. He had big green eyes that swallowed you up whole. He smelled like old cigarettes, sweat, and fancy soap.

You nodded and clicked your pen.”It won’t take long.”

“ It’s really cool to have a colored interviewer,” he explained. You rolled your eyes and waited for the racist comments. You had worked so hard to get your job.

“ So, what brought you to CBGB?” you inquired. He was too busy asking the bartender for a drink to hear your question.

“ Hi, are you Bill Skarspsgard?” you asked.

“ Skarsgård,” he corrected. “And please let me get you something.” You shook your head.

“ Please, you look so cold and angelic,” he explained. His flattery meant nothing to you because ever lead singer felt like they were so sexy and enigmatic.

“ So, what brought you to CBGB?” you repeated.

He smiled,” Um, my friend Stiv told me this was a good place to expand my roots.” He nodded and took a sip from his beer. His hair was so teased that he looked like he belonged in the wild with wolves.

“ What do you describe your music as?” you inquired. This was probably one of your least favorite parts, actually interviewing. It all got very boring and tedious when you heard all of the same answers from similar personality types.

“ The fucking future. Everyone will hear The Trenches on the radio in the next 100 years.” He Iooked so proud that you didn’t want to let him down. You scribbled down his answer.

“ What about you? Do you like this?” he put his hand under his chin and awaited your answer.

You shook your head, “ No questions please.” He gasped before taking another gulp of beer.

“ I’m not answering anymore of these questions until I get to buy you a drink,” he challenged. He winked, which made you groan. You had so much to ask him and you only had a small time frame before the next band came on.

“ Alright,” you said stiffly.

He smiled,” What would you like?”

“ Club Soda.”

He laughed, “ One Club Soda for the beautiful lady please.” You watched the bartender pour the clear seltzer into a small clear glass.

“ You don’t have to hit on me anymore,” you said to Bill.

He shook his head, “ You’re really gorgeous. And if I randomly saw you on the street I would chat you up.” For some reason you didn’t feel the reassurance that he was trying to give you.

“ How do you feel about you young listeners?” you inquired. He played with the rim of his beer bottle and stared out of space.

“ The kids are so misunderstood and important. Fuck all the teachers and parents that said that they can’t be anything important,” he explained. You wonder if he had any experience with undermining authority.

“ The kids are important,” you whispered. You thought about your own son Alex, who had to grow up in a world where he had to be confined and controlled. The next band was tuning their instruments.

“ So, why did you want to be a reporter?” Bill had to shout over the noise.

You rolled your eyes, but decided that he genuinely wanted to know. “ It’s very hard for black single mothers to find good jobs, and this one was open.” He smiled at the mention of you being a single mother.

“ That’s so far out,” he replied. You sipped your Club Soda. You were greeted by bubbles and carbonation, you always disliked the unchanging flavor of it. You had at least two more questions to get through and you felt a glimmer of hope.

“ There’s a rumor that you punched Johnny Rotten and broke his nose, any comments?” you were actually looking forward to asking this question all day.

“ He’s very deserving of hatred,” he responded. He finished his beer in long anxious gulps.

“ You should go out with me tonight,”he said .

“ I-I why do you want that?” you stuttered.

“ Because you’re fit,” he explained. You hated the smug expression that he had on his face.

“ You’re such a fucking sell out,” you spat. You put all the things you were working on back into your purse. You put twenty dollars by your unfinished your drink and turned to leave. You walked past a fighting couple and felt your blood boil.

You were greeted by the freezing outside air. You felt angry for letting yourself by an egomaniac piece of shit. You hated the whole punk rock attitude and the way they treated people.

“ Hey! Hey, Y/N!” he called. You tried to walk faster but the snow was too hard to run over.

“ I’m sorry,” he said breathlessly.

“ It’s alright,I’ll just have your manager call me,” you murmured.

“ No, I.. Stop walking,” he demanded. You stared at his brown hair that went each and every direction. He was attractive in this weird and charismatic way.

“ I have to get home,” you sighed.

“ I just fucked up, okay?” his eyes were filled with concern.

“ Can we finish this interview?” you asked.

He nodded, “ But can I take you out?” He was persistent and annoying, but you weighed your options.

“ I have to be home by midnight and you have to answer all my questions,” you demanded.

He shook his head, “ They can pack up without me.” He turned back to CBGB And whistled. “ What a place,” he whispered.

“There’s a coffee place not to far from here, let’s go there,” you suggested.

“ Alright,” he said. It was blissful watching the snow fall all around you. You knew that Alex was probably tucked in bed fast asleep .

“ So, why did you come to New York?” you inquired.

“ To meet pretty girls,” he answered.

“ Has it worked?” you teased.

He laughed, “It honestly has worked out great.”

I keep seeing people saying that Dom said that Matt and Harry - or Alec and Magnus - had no chemistry in his AfterBuzz interview. I watched the whole thing, several times. I reblogged the transcript. At no point, did Dom say or even hint at that. Only that curly haired girl mentioned she felt more of a connection between them in S1, that was it.

Are people just repeating stuff they read without actually checking the source or what? Are they so determined to hate Dom because he’s white and straight that they would stoop to slander?

anonymous asked:

So you know how KS said in his hyun g interview that he doesn't like exercose because he doesn't like sweat....I'm sure I've seen pics of him wiping off JI's sweat off him with a tissue. He should have said "I hate sweat, unless it's KJI's" lel

Funny, isn’t it? And we know how much JI efforts himself on stage, that makes his body all sweat. Look at this:


So imagine KS, being a “clean freak” but, at the same time, not hesitating in fixing JI’s hair all sweaty

Or fixing his collar like he just got out of the shower

Or removing his jacket

That’s the most evident tbh. And very cute. Look at how many towels on his hands!

So it makes me wonder if KS hates all the kind of sweat or only when he sweats while doing exercises. I think it’s the last one, since he didn’t seem to care too much about other people’s sweat, mostly JI’s ;)