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William Shakespeare- the Bard of Avon, Legendary Wordsmith, was, in all probability, super queer. We’re going to look at the evidence, read some lovely poems, read some raunchy poems, and generally just talk Shakespeare.

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on why original Patrochilles is pure horror & depression

Consider the Iliad, I haven’t read TSOA.
In the Iliad, glory is the most important value ever, and the best way to gain it is killing other people.
Achilles loves violence because it leads him to glory. He doesn’t only fight because it’s the right thing to do, he fights because he wants glory, and stops fighting when it’s best for his honor.
Patroclus is a painfully compassionate human being, which leads him to hate violence. He chooses to fight Hector because he knows that it will stop the war, regardless if he wins or if he dies. He also probably knows he’ll die. I don’t think he actually hopes to meet Achilles again into the dark, since I have never heard of an ancient writer who thinks there’s happiness after death, or describes a love that goes on after death without the help of the gods - please tell me if otherwise.
Now let’s consider Pat’s final choice.

Patroclus chooses death instead of Achilles. He prefers being dead instead of seeing other people dying.
While Patroclus is still alive - while he begs Achilles to go and end the war - Achilles doesn’t want to see how sad Patroclus is about all this. How desperate he is. Because it’s easier for Achilles this way; Achilles is deeply selfish here. He even calls him out: “Why are you crying like a little girl?”
Patroclus understands this and it probably makes him even sadder. For ten years he has seen the man-he-loves-the-most doing the thing-he-hates-the-most. Every day. And he has seen how much Achilles is happy of that. It’s enough for Patroclus now.
Patroclus knows Achilles will suffer a lot for losing him, but he doesn’t care enough. I mean, he cares, but he prefers ending the war. He prefers leaving a world where people kill each other in exchange for glory; where love for other human beings comes after glory, where crying for the dead ones is a concern for little girls.

What do you think?

To the girl he will choose to love:

It is obvious that you are lucky. I’ve done everything that I can just to be in your place but guess it is not enough to be you. I can tell you right now how much I ache everytime I think that there’s other skin that could touch his soul. It is not my eyes anymore that he finds fascinating. It is not my energy anymore that keeps him going. It is not my presence that makes him think of me spontaneously. It is yours. He submitted himself to you when I knew so well that he was scared to take a risk. It broke me because I am aware that I gave my all to make him feel important and loved— all you did was to exist.

But I realized, instead of hating the fact that you came into his life. I should thank you. You maybe the biggest nightmare to me but you are the most beautiful dream for him. You are his answered prayers. You make him happy and knowing that he is happy, it is more than enough for me to say, my pain is worth it. Thank you for making him believe in love again— I swear, I tried. You are the risk that he would take, and I knew how afraid he was to take risks. He did on you. Thank you for making him smile and for giving him a will to live. Tell him everyday that he will make it. Tell him that he is good. Take a walk with him and talk about random things. Take him to the roof deck and watch the stars— kiss him underneath the constellations forming up just to witness the two of you falling in love.

Tell him, you love him the moment you feel it. Do not wait anymore. Do not chicken out. Do not hide it. Tell him honestly about how you feel— because that’s something I did not do. That’s something I wish I did when I had the chance.

A kind of Disclaimer...or the opposite..

If you think, because I love and support Severus Snape, I quite logically have to  like or excuse everything bad he did, you are wrong. I dont have to. But I love him together with his faults, flaws and also the good side. 

But you dont know me and my own values….maybe I consider some of his bad sides not as that bad like you do…..

Maybe he is also hated so much by some because they know deep inside, they feel like him, but unlike him dont dare to show it outside…..they feel their own dark side but try to deny it is there. Its quite relieving to find the evil Scapegoat Snape for that instead. I am aware of my dark sides, and I am aware it can very easily happen to slip down to the dark sides if just the circumstances are bad enough. I dont excuse him, I feel with him and can understand his reasons.

libbysepticbroplier  asked:

Okay first of all can I just say I absolutely LOVE your blog, second of all I wondered what your opinion on the situation and general hate surrounding Jack and his video personally I disagreed with him and what he said regarding Felix and basically defending the media but he straightened things out on Twitter and I respect that and see that he wasn't "stabbing him in the back" as most people are accusing him of doing, however I respect your opinion and want to know what you think about this.


I honestly didn’t agree with much he said, but I didn’t see it as him backstabbing Felix…opinions differ from person to person, doesn’t mean he’s turning his back on his friend

Title: Snakes

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: Never enough sassy Jack Eichel. Love it? Hate it? Either way, let me know…

Words:  1,209

Moving away from the hyena enclosure, you pulled Jack towards the reptile house. “Babe, they’re all behind glass. They’re not going to get out.” you said, tugging him closer to the entrance of the building.

“(Y/N), I’ve seen Harry Potter. Within the first 20 minutes of the movie that big ass snake goes slithering out of its exhibit.” he said, taking hesitant steps forward as you guided him down the path. “It’s total chaos. Can’t we just go get ice cream?”

“I’m fairly certain there aren’t any boy wizards in the area who are going to make the glass disappear.” you retorted.

“We don’t know that.” he said, seriously, adjusting his dark sunglasses. “There are like, giraffes and otters here. Fluffy things, cute things, things that won’t strangle me to death in my sleep.” he whined, muttering the last part under his breath.

“I promise that if any of these animals manage to escape, I will protect you. Be it lizard, snake, alligator; I will hold them back long enough for you to run to safety, risking my life to save yours.” you said dramatically, pausing at the entrance of the building. “We can get ice cream when we’re done.”

Jack rolled his eyes as he pushed his sunglasses to the top of his head, linking his arm through yours. “Fine, but if you get me killed by one of these scaly beasts, I will never forgive you.” he frowned. 

You pushed the door open to reveal a room full of colorful exhibits. You walked to the left, standing by the barrier railing to observe the alligator, reading the information posted on the wall. 

“Look at those teeth!” you said eagerly. “And when he’s full grown he can reach up to 15 feet.” you added. You glanced to your left, Jack was nowhere in sight. Turning around, you noticed him standing in the middle of the walkway, his hands tucked into his pockets, staying as far away from the animals lining the hallway as he possibly could. “Babe, don’t you want to see his teeth?”

“You mean the super big ones that are firmly set in his mouth that can rip flesh off human bones? I can see them very clearly from here.” he replied.

You moved down the row of animals, reading descriptions and snapping pictures; Jack walking stiffly down the middle of the aisle the whole way. You rounded the corner, putting the lizards and alligators behind you. Jack seemed to relax a bit as you wandered around the room filled with turtles and tortoises. You turned from box turtles, wandering over to Jack who was staring at a few exhibits on the opposite wall, each filled with tiny, brightly colored frogs. 

“These are kind of cute.” he said, his eyes glued to a tiny blue frog, small black dots covering its slimy skin. “They’re a really cool color. And they don’t have sharp teeth.” he said, looking over to you.

“They may not have sharp teeth, but you realize they’re poisonous, right?” you asked.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake.” he muttered, backing up into the middle of the room. “How much bigger is this place?” he asked.

You walked and stood in front of him, looking up him. “We’re almost done, I swear.” you said, starting to feel bad about dragging him into the reptile house in the first place. “Just one more room.” you said, rubbing your hands over his upper arms, standing on your toes you kissed his cheek.

The two of you walked into the last room, small glass enclosures lined the wall, each housing a fascinating, and deadly, snake. In the corner a zookeeper stood with a young field trip class, excitedly describing habitats and feeding schedules. 

“We can go, babe, straight out the door. No chance for any of these child wizards to release anything.” you said quietly, as you grabbed Jack’s hand and pulling him towards the door. 

You listened as the zookeeper spoke with the children. “Okay, now I’m going to bring a friend out for you all to meet!” she said happily. “It would be much easier if I had a big, strong, and brave volunteer.” she said, glancing around the room; you and Jack froze in place realizing you were the only other adults in the room. “Sir, would you mind helping us out?” she asked hopefully, looking at Jack.  You felt his body stiffen beside you as panic settled over him; you glanced up at his flushed face.

“Uh, I’m not–” 

“I can help you.” you said without hesitation, giving Jack’s hand a squeeze before walking over to her. 

“Great! I’m going to bring out our green anaconda.” she said, turning to a large plastic crate behind her. “If you could come over here.” she said, motioning you closer to her. “I’m going to hand you the lower part of our baby and I’m going to hold the top half.” she said, reaching into the crate and handing you the thick muscly lower half of the snake. “We’ll hold him out so everyone can see how long he is, and our friends on their field trip can line up single file to pet him. How cool is that?!” She asked as the kids clambered over each other, their teacher lining them up.

Jack stood at the back of the room, pressed into the corner by the exit, waiting for you to finish so he could make his escape. You nodded towards the door, signaling to Jack that he could wait outside. He shook his head vigorously mouthing “Not without you!”

“Now, this is just a baby, only about 6 feet long.” The zookeeper said, the snake stretched between the two of you. “When they’re full grown they can be up to 20 feet long and swallow a deer whole.” 

The kids gasped excitedly. Jack on the other hand looked nervous, his face paling as the zookeeper continued. After the kids had made their way through the line, the zookeeper tucked the snake back into the crate, thanking you for your help. She continued with the presentation as you made your way over to Jack.

“You’re a crazy person, you know that right?” he asked, holding the door open as the two of you stepped out into the sunshine. He leaned on the stone wall outside, taking a deep breath, pulling his sunglasses back down over his eyes. You stood in front of him, watching his shoulders relax as he smiled at you, gripping your waist and pulling you closer to him. “Thanks for jumping in there and holding that snake.” he said.

“I had to, babe, I promised I’d protect you from all things scaly and slimy.” you grinned. 

“It was kinda hot, watching you wrangle the beast.” he said; leaning down, grazing his lips over yours. “I love you, (Y/N). Thanks for having my back.” he finished, pulling back, his thumbs rubbing circles on your hips.

“I love you, too.” You smiled. “Wanna go get some ice cream for being such a brave boy?” you questioned, raising your eyebrows at him.

“Yes, please.” he huffed. “And then can we go see the otters? You know, cute non-poisonous creatures?”

“Sure, babe.” you replied. “Anything for you.”

HockeyWritingCollective Masterlist (X)

I love the MV and all, but Jin appearing for a few mere seconds is rubbing me in a wrong way. Jin having so little lines is rubbing me in a wrong way. Jin being left behind is fucking unfair. I love BTS, I love all guys the same but seriously Big Hit. Get a grip on yourself because if you wanted a 6-member-band (or even 5 considering Hoseok sometimes) you should’ve thought about it earlier. To me, Bangtan without Jin wouldn’t be whole, it wouldn’t be Bangtan at all. But I also hate seeing him as a hole-filler in a formation during dances. I can only imagine him being sad and disappointed because he knows he’ll never be recognized for dancing so why taking singing away from him? His voice is amazing, Jin always sounds so emotional when he sings and what the even fuck. I don’t wanna be hateful, but this it seriously getting ridiculous. 

Why She Left- Part Four, Only Human

A/N: This is the second to last part, which I will post tomorrow

Sam found you had swept some of the snow off and were sitting on the steps outside, humming to yourself watching the sunrise. You looked too calm for what had just happened to you. You were only wearing a tank-top and jeans, so he took off his jacket and wrapped it around you. “You’re going to get sick if you stay out here like that” he said, after sitting down next to you. “Oh, yeah. That will be my downfall” you replied sarcastically, snapping your head to look at him. Despite being so much smaller than him, that made him instinctively scoot away a few inches. “Y/N this is something you… never should have had to go through, I know you probably hate me and we got off on the wrong foot, but I would really love it if you could stay.” After a moment you nodded, then looked back at the sunrise. This exact place is where you could be found the next few days around this time taking pictures.

Sometimes the boys would bring you food or hot chocolate, but other than a thank you, you hardly interacted with them. One day when Castiel walked out of the bunker he began to panic because you weren’t outside or in your room. He suddenly found himself with a face full of snow and could hear your laughter in the distance.

When you and Cas (still covered in snow) walked inside, Sam looked at you with a confused look on his face. You tried to keep a straight face as Cas said with a scowl, “She hid behind the door and attacked me, it is cold… and wet.” By the time he had finished his sentence, you were laughing uncontrollably. Sam smiled at the fact that you finally seemed to be adjusting to living with them. You started hanging out in the library more and eventually going out on hunts with them. They watched you closely as you still relied on your powers, but so far there had not been any negative affects.

No one knew what you did in your room but around the holidays you started spending a lot of time in there with the door locked. Even though there were not any decorations, or even mentions of Christmas, you were extremely excited when the actual day came around. You had a present for each of them under the table as you waited nervously for them to wake up, or just stop watching Netflix, in Cas’ case. You heard footsteps and knew who it was before he was in the room, “Hi, dad!” you called out, “How’d you know it was me?” he asked, sleepily rubbing his hand across his face, “You always set your alarm for the same time, merry Christmas!” you said cheerfully reaching under the table to grab his gift. He opened it and was amazed by the drawing you had made him. It was a drawing of you and him sitting on the front steps of the bunker from a picture Dean had taken. “Holy crap Y/N/N, this is amazing, is this why you’ve been locked up in your room so much?” “Yep, along with Uncle Dean and Cas’.” Dean and Cas came in at different times not much later. You had draw Dean the Impala, and Cas a drawing of a picture you took of a bee on a flower.

One day at about 10 am none of the boys had seen you outside so Dean went to see if you had slept in, which you would do on occasion if you had stayed up drawing or reading late. When he walked into your room, you and all of your belongings were gone.

@winchesters-favorite-girl @percussiongirl2017

I never realized how much I would miss him until we stopped talking. When I first met him I hated him because he was a preppy, rich kid who didn’t have any morals, or so it seemed. It just took him time to become aware with (hopefully) my help. And athough, I didn’t teach him everything I could have, I know he’s come a long way from where here was. But, he also thought me how to be confident, how to form relationships, and most of all how to love. We would talk every single day, and yet that was not enough for him to stay in my life 😔

Okay, I’ve received a whole lot of anon hate during this match as if I am personally responsible for how this team plays and as if I can actually personally talk to Lucho.

We all know I love Lucho and that will never fade. But what gives you (the anon/anons) the right to come onto my blog and insult me, hmm? Just because I love him? Just because I like him?

I have defended him, but I have also criticized him. I believe his cycle is ending and he won’t be head coach. I think that’s the right thing for him and for the club. I haven’t denied that he shouldn’t be our coach next season. I have only said that it doesn’t seem likely that he would be sacked this season so I will love and be angry at him for the rest of the season, and that is within my right.

But come on my blog and say shit to me anonymously because of that? Like excuse me? I don’t know him personally and never said I did. So excuse me!

Complain and criticize him all you want. Fine, I get that. I will join you. But how dare you disrespect me because I still love him? Like what even?

Disagree with my liking him, fine.
But disrespect me and send me hate filled words because of it? Fuck you.

This is the only response you’ll get.

ugh, this smear campaign has been tailored so well to each of the boys, it’s kind of sad and very scary. i mean. 

louis is gay, a very (com)passionate and individualistic person, “hey, let’s give him a thousand girlfriends, a baby he can’t make himself give a crap about /despite/ wanting/loving kids, and make him void of a personality outside of relationships! great idea!”

and harry, also not straight, very loving, proud of who he is and his boyband history, “let’s make him the marriage destroying womanzier despite his deeply romantic and tender soul, let’s make him hate everything he’s screamed he’s proud of! nice!!!!!!!”

and zayn??? before he left the band. yeah i know people have mixed feelings on him but he was (is, depending on who you talk to) part of it too like “hey we’ve got this muslim man who’s very proud of an outspoken about his heritage/culture where he comes from, let’s make him one of the catholic boys, but not only that, let’s make him have no voice! whatsoever! ten people have heard him talk maybe once in their entire life! *boardroom breaks into applause*”

and the people who come up with these ideas.. they just have bulletpoints for how to dictate and control and /hurt/  and they just go home and go sleep and wake up the next morning knowing they are ruining people and it’s just a typical tuesday! like. that’s awful man. these boys… have been through some Real Hell. and every time – FOR SEVEN YEARS – they have looked at the press and have seen themselves as the antithesis of what they are like.. that gets you crazy jacked up bruh