i hated everyone before it was mainstream

i feel like i need to get this off of my chest. 

@ everyone who hates ryan or talks bad about ryan because “he’s transphobic” because of the lyrics for time to dance

ryan wrote that song when he was a teenager. panic! became famous when he was 19, but time to dance was one of their very first demos, so who knows how long before that it was written. there also wasn’t as much mainstream talk or knowledge about lgbt+ topics back in the early 2000s. he was an immature, uneducated teenager who wrote a song about his favorite book and used the same phrasing found in the book. so many people hate him for that.

meanwhile, 30 year old brendon urie still performs the song and has never said anything against it, and y’all still worship him??? he could’ve completely stopped performing it as soon as ryan left the band but he kept singing it and he still sings at least part of it now. no one has ever said anything about that

whether you think the song is fine or you think it’s terrible, this fandom needs to stop hating/shaming ryan for things that brendon also does and no one cares when it’s him


I know it’s only April, but whatever time of year it is, someone, somewhere will need to hear this.

You are appreciated. By someone out there, you ARE. You might even be someone’s favorite person. Even if you don’t know anyone who expresses their love for you. What I’m trying to say is, no one on Earth is completely alone. Even people who don’t know you can care about you. There’s so many people you don’t know, so many friends to be made, so many people that could fall in love with you.

You might think of yourself as “undesirable” or “ugly”, but honey, everyone has a different idea of beauty. Even the mainstream idea of beauty changes over time. If you hate the way you look, take some time and try this crazy idea out.

Learn to love yourself.

There really is no better cure to self-loathing. And yes, it can be difficult, yes, it will take time, but be patient. Start romanticizing yourself. Make yourself your own hero. Create things. 

I used to absolutely hate the way I looked. I’d never known what it meant to love your appearance because before that, I was too young to care. I remember pretending I was happy with my appearance but randomly crying about it in private. I’m a pretty good actor sometimes. No one noticed. After a while I decided to cut my hair. This temporarily distressed me, but a year and a bit later, I’ve cut it in a similar style to that again. And now I’m staring at myself in the reflection of the computer monitor, unable to look away, because DAMN, I’m a cutie.

Basically, within this rant I just wanted to tell you that you are enough, and that you’re loved. There are people who don’t even know you who will love you in the future. 

As for your image, becoming a killjoy really helped for me. It’s a version of me that I love. But, it’s me. Just me.

Anyway, again, this was a MESS but I hope you found something in here that helps you. Your whole life can turn on a string of words.

-Rev C