i hate your team why do i love you


Pairing: Scott x Reader


Could you do one for Scott? Maybe about him and the reader fangirling over Captain and then they just casually decide to go out or something?

Scott has created a chatroom.

Scott has invited Y/N.


Scott: Cap invited me to train with him. You jelly?

Y/N: He invited me to train with him too! You’re not so special, Lang.


Y/N: Scott. That’s a bit creepy, don’t you think?

Scott: Oh. I… I didn’t think so, but now that you mention it…

Y/N: I’m going to have to let Steve know.

Scott: Wait, Y/N, no, please!

Y/N: He’s not going to approve.


Y/N: I’m messing with you, lol.

Scott: I was shaking!



Y/N: We’re so getting kicked off the team if he finds out about our lil club.

Scott: Like that would stop us from stanning him.

Scott: you when you see Cap


Y/N: A rare pic of me trying to stop you from doing something stupid when Steve acknowledges your presence.


Phil has joined the chat.

Phil: Hello, amateurs.

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Rotten Judgement - part 6

AU!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Hercules!AU After selling your soul to save your lover’s life, you become one of the Lord of the Underworld’s slave. Bucky is obsessed with one thing: collecting hearts. But why?

Word Count:2,052

Warnings: the usual + Torture, Blood, Death

A/N: I hate warnings, they spoil all the fun… Sorry, I don’t know what’s going on in my brain, but I enjoy drama lol Enjoy, lovely cupcakes :)

Rotten Judgement - Masterpage

Two weeks after you last saw Bucky, you were getting ready for your meeting with Sam and his team when you heard a lot of giggling and chattering in the hallway. You rolled your eyes, recognizing the voice of the two Furies.

“What do you want?” you asked defensively as you swung the door open.

“Missed us?”

Wanda pressed her cheek against Nat’s and they both gave you their best innocent smile. When you didn’t answer, they bat their eyelashes at you.

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Dance/Music AU's
  • I’m a pole dance teacher and you show me up on your first day??
  • We met at a workshop and next year I switch instruments to play and learn with you. Turns out I’m terrible at it.
  • Your a street musician and everyday I pass by and pay you. Now your playing my favorite songs and looking at me funny? 
  • I hate any dance, but you love it and try to teach me. deAR GOD HOW DO LEGS WORK?
  • You play football and it’s homecoming as you go to the bench you hear me and my friend complain about how the players are ruining the marching band field. You agree??? 
  • Our dance team has a losing streak,but you’re at every competition??
  • Dear GOD why do you cheer so LOUD???


  • I march and you’re in color guard AND WHATEVER HAPPENS ON THE BAND BUS STAYS ON THE BAND BUS
  • We order too much after a big win and food isn’t allowed on the bus. So who’s bag is this going in?
Don’t Say Anything (part 4)

Summary: You finally decide to tell Bucky that you’ve been in love with him since the day you met but what happens when you walk in on him with a girl? And not just any girl; Natasha.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: ye good ol’ angst

A/N: Welpsssss ‘Don’t Say Anything’ won over ‘Tainted Love’ I’m sooorrryyyyyy. Anyways, I hope ya enjoy! Will edit lateeerrrrr

Two weeks have flown by since the day at the zoo and you’ve kept your distance from both Bucky and Nat. You didn’t completely shut them out, just anytime they wanted to do something with you, you’d make up some believable excuse.

You spent most of your time in your room being a depressed fish, the other members of the team coming to check up on you every now and then. It sucked. Why must feelings exist?

“Hey kiddo,” you can hear Tony say from the other side of the door.

“Come in.” you sigh, laying on your side, wrapped up like a burrito. You feel like trash and you look like trash.

The door opens and Tony frowns. “Dinners ready. You’re eating with us. I won’t take no for an answer.”


“I won’t take no for an answer.” he repeats.

You sigh. “Why do you hate me so much.”

“I don’t hate you, I love you which is why I’m making you come out and eat with us.” he gives you a small smile. “Come on, I’m tired of seeing you so sad. You hardly come out of your room now, what’s going on?”

He shuts the door and sits down on the floor in front of you.


“If it wasn’t nothing I wouldn’t be sitting in here with you right now, so tell me.”

“I just - I don’t want to talk about it.” you shut your eyes. “Please don’t make me talk about it.”

The last part came out as a whimper and it made Tony frown even more. He moved the blanket from your head and threaded his fingers into your hair. “I won’t make you talk about it. But just know that I’m here if you want to talk. I won’t judge you or anything.”

You hum as he scratched your head softly. “You’re such a dad.”

Tony chuckled. “A good looking dad, right?”

“You wish.” you scoffed.

Tony smiled and stood up from the floor, removing his hand from your head in the process and causing you to open your eyes. “Come on, I’ll even serve you your plate.”

“Is this a trick?” you question.

“I know, I know, I’m actually being nice for once, call the police.” he playfully rolled his eyes. You laugh and sit up, wrapping your little blanket over your head. You follow Tony into the kitchen where everyone was, talking and what not. No one had sat down at the table yet so you make your way over to a chair and sit down, clutching your blanket tighter to your body.

Bucky and Natasha were sitting on the couch only a few feet away, sitting ever so close to each other. You wanted to go back to your room. You wanted to be anywhere but here - anywhere as long as those two weren’t there. Your heart was broken enough.

“Alright you little assholes, come sit down, dinners ready!” Sam announced. Bucky and Nat look over their shoulders and when Bucky sees you he stands up, quickly making his way over to you to claim the seat beside you. You don’t look at him. You can’t. But you know he’s looking at you.

Natasha sits down in front of you and you want to melt into a puddle. How are you supposed to survive this dinner with Bucky next to you and Natasha in front of you? Does the world really hate you that much?

You watch everyone serve themselves, talking about god knows what, you’re tuning everyone out. You just want to get this over and done with so that you can go back to your room and wrap yourself up into a burrito again. Tony places a plate in front of you, telling you to eat and you sigh.

While everyone seemed to be engaged in a conversation about something, you stay quiet, eating your food. As if the gods above didn’t want it to go that way, Bucky leans in towards you.

“What’s going on, baby doll?” he says for only you to hear.

“Nothing, why?” you respond, continuing to pick at your food.

“I feel like I haven’t seen you in weeks, Y/N. Are you purposely ignoring me?”

“I’ve been busy, James.” you sigh.

“So you are ignoring.” he nods. “That’s just great.”

You roll your eyes. “Not everything is about you, Bucky.”

“It’s the guy huh? The one you like?”

He’s looking at you and god do you want to look at him too. But you can’t or else you’ll break down and you can’t break down. Not in front of everyone. Not during dinner.

Bucky scoffed. “I can’t believe you’re still sulking about this asshole, Y/N.”

“You don’t understand, Bucky.” you try to remain calm. “I’ve liked this guy for years. It’s gonna take a while till I’m over him.”

“Will you just tell me who he is? I just wanna talk to him.” he says and you shut your eyes.

“Can we just not talk about it, please?” again, you whimper. Bucky feels a bit of anger towards this guy.

“Alright, we won’t talk about it, for now.” he nods. “On another note, Nat and I have an announcement.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah so say tuned.” he then cleared his throat. “Guys, Nat and I have something to say.” and it was quiet. They all looked at Bucky, waiting for him to go on. He looks at Nat and smiles. “We wanted to tell you guys when we were all together.” Bucky licks his lips. “Nat and I are dating.”

And just like that, you lost all hope. You felt sick. You didn’t want to be there anymore. You didn’t want to be that close to Bucky or that close to Natasha. Congratulations went around as well as “finally!” and you felt even more sick.

You quickly stand up, grabbing everyone’s attention before muttering something about not feeling good. Without waiting for a response from someone, you make a beeline for your room, shutting the door and rushing into the bathroom. You hold onto the sides of the sink and breathe. In and out, in and out. You splash some water on your face and take a deep breath.

You should have just stayed in your room. Why didn’t you just stay in your room? You can’t get hurt in your room, your room loves you. Chewing on your bottom lip, you exit the bathroom, being startled by Wanda who was sitting down on your bed.

“Shit Wanda, you scared me.” you breathe out, clutching your chest. “What are you doing here?”

“It’s Bucky.” she says. Your blood runs cold.


“The guy you like, it’s Bucky.” she spoke and your eyes swell with tears.

“How did you find out?”

Wanda stands up. “Please don’t be mad at me.” she says. “After you ran off, I knew something was wrong. I hate seeing you so sad and broken, Y/N. You’re my best friend. So I.. Listened in on your thoughts.”

“That’s an invasion of my privacy, Wanda!” your tears fall from your eyes.

“I know but I wasn’t going to sit around and watch you be sad, Y/N. You were never going to tell me any of this. I want to help because I hate seeing you sad.” she responds. Your lip quivers.

“I don’t know what to do.” you cry, eyes blurring with tears. Wanda engulfs you. “Why am I not good enough? Is there something wrong with me? Am I not attractive? I’ve been there for him since day one, Wanda. I thought he liked me, at least a little bit. But of course, he likes Nat. Everyone does. I was so stupid to think that-”

“Hey, hey, hey, don’t talk like that.” she tells you. “Don’t do this to yourself, Y/N. Don’t put yourself down. There’s someone out there who’s dying to be with you, you just have to wait it out. Don’t let this affect the rest of your life.”

You hold back a sob. “I hate feeling this way. Everything hurts.”

“I know.” she sighs, rubbing your back. “I know.”

The two of you stay like that for a bit while you calm down. It seems like all you’ve been doing is crying. You hate it. Suddenly your door opens, standing there is Bucky, a worried look etched on his face.

A/N: I know these parts are really short but just bear with me okay? Anyways, tell me what ya think.


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Scorpius chats with Ron
  • Rose invited Scorpius over for the afternoon one summer to have dinner with them, but Ron insisted on having a chat with him because he thought they were dating, even though Rose insisted that they were not. So, Scorpius sat down and talked to Ron and...
  • Ron: What’s your full name?
  • Scorpius: Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy. Some people call me Scorp.
  • Ron: I hear you tease Rose sometimes.
  • Scorpius: Um... *rubs the back of his neck* I used to in first to third year, but we're friends now. I promise I won't do it anymore. Posie- I mean, Rose- is so funny when she's angry, that's all.
  • Ron: So, Scorpius, you’re how old now? *looking gruff and like he’ll shoot Scorpius*
  • Scorpius: Fourteen, sir.
  • Ron: Fourth year, hm?
  • Scorpius: Yep. Same year as Rose. OWLs will be next year, so I’m pretty nervous. I know Posie will do well though, she’s brilliant.
  • Ron: Yes, well, she’s her mother’s daughter. *chuckles* What’s your favourite subject?
  • Scorpius: Potions, because Dad taught me. But Charms is fun when Posie helps me out.
  • Ron: What do you want to be when you grow up?
  • Scorpius: Maybe a Professor. I love Hogwarts. I'm not as good at it, but I think that I’d like to teach Transfiguration though, it’s so cool. McGonagall’s my favourite teacher.
  • Ron: I see. And what about your father and mother, do you get along with them?
  • Scorpius: Well- this is rare, but it happens - Dad loses his temper. He’ll snap at me and Mum. Mum annoys me from time to time. She’s a stickler for dressing up and being clean and all that.
  • Ron: My mum was like that and now my wife is too. Terrible fate, I’ve got.
  • Hermione: I HEARD THAT!
  • Scorpius: *laughs*
  • Ron: You like Wizard chess?
  • Scorpius: Yes, Al and I play all the time in the Slytherin common room.
  • Ron: Really? *chuckles* Reminds me of me and Harry. And what about Quidditch? Do you play?
  • Scorpius: No, sir. I like to watch, though. James is really good and so is that Zabini bloke from my house. And I really love the Chud-
  • Ron: *screams at him and flails his arms* CHUDLEY CANONS?!
  • Scorpius: *looking scared* Uh... y-yeah... it’s my... um...favourite team. Why? Is... is that bad? I'm s-sorry.
  • Ron: *shakes his hand* Welcome to the family!
  • Scorpius: What? But I’m...
  • Ron: My son!
  • Hugo: DAD?!
  • Ron: You Puddlemore supporter!
  • Scorpius: Puddlemore? Hugo, are you off your rockers?
  • Ron: I love this one. I love him. *hugs Scorpius*
  • Scorpius: But sir, Rose and I aren’t even dating. She’s my friend.
  • Ron: What do you think of her?
  • Scorpius: Well... she’s respectable and funny and kind and brave and... *blushes just a bit* maybe a teensy bit pretty?
  • Ron: ROSE!
  • Rose: Yes, Dad? Is dinner ready? I was just working on my History of Magic assignment and I-
  • Ron: You marry this one, okay? *pats him on the back and squeals* He likes Chudley Canons!
  • Rose: What?!
  • Scorpius: What?!
  • Ron: I give up all the things I said about you never marrying a Malfoy. Just go ahead, fall in love! *pushes him towards her* So long as he keeps loving Chudleys. Say, what was your favourite game?
  • Scorpius: But sir...?
  • Ron: *grinning like a fool* Which one? Come on, then.
  • Scorpius: 1988 Winter Games. I saw it on tape with Dad.
  • Ron: I’m calling Draco on the pellyphone to arrange a marriage.
  • Hermione: What? Ron, you can’t! Rose needs to make her own choices. Plus, you hated the Malfoys, why do you change your mind over a Quidditch team?
  • Rose: Dad, I don't want to have an arranged marriage!
  • Ron: *ignoring them* Hello, Malfoy? I’d like to ask a favour...
  • Rose: Um... sorry, my family’s crazy. *blushing*
  • Scorpius: Yep, I can see that. I don’t mind. *smiles at her*
Best Thugisa Lines

Nagisa: “What’s up, sluts! Guess who just got outta prison!”

Makoto & Haru: “Nagisa?”

Nagisa: “Yeah~”


Makoto: “Nagisa, he just called you a loser”

Nagisa: “Ayo, homebody look like shark-week I ain’t messin’ with that”


Haru: “It all feels like a dream…”

Makoto: “It wasn’t a dream! We got arrested for trespassing. We went to Jail!”

Nagisa: ”Nah man, we went to holding. There a big~ difference”

Haru: “Whatever…”

Makoto: “No whatever, we only got out because Nagisa’s friend paid bail”

Nagisa: “Oh Yeah~. Now we owe Easter Dave a favor, that is not a position you wanna be in”


Nagisa: “Ayo, waduup Jaws”

Rin: “Shut up, and why are you naked?”

Nagisa: “I’m Naked?”


Nagisa: “Look. All I’m sayin’ is we’ve done all the work. The least you could do is; is go down to 7/11 and get us some slushies and a carton of cigarettes”

Miho: “Nagisa. If I get out of this chair I guarantee, you’ll end up in one with wheels”

Nagisa: “Okay. I’ll admit, I’m a little threatened. Dang”


Nagisa: “Oh, Hey it’s Gou. How many guys d’you pair up in head on the way here. Also come help with the pool”

Gou: Nine. And F**k That”

Nagisa: “What is it with all these people and wrecking ma game today”


Makoto: “They’re so fast!”

Nagisa: “Rin’s pullin’ ahead though. I think. I Rin the jet plane

firing out unicorns or the gun with my mother’s face”


Makoto: “C’mon Haru, you can do me. It, it. You can do it”

Nagisa: “I heard that one”

Makoto: “Shut up! You’re High as Balls”

Nagisa: “Ha, yeah I am”


Nagisa: “Hey yo, you tell that story how Haru lost that race”

Makoto: “Nagisa! He’s right there!”

Nagisa: “Nah, Nah. Homebody’s pulling a rain man right now he can’t hear me. Check this, Check this. *Ghostly Voice* Haru~ we’re not getting a Season two~”

Haru: *Ignores*

Nagisa: “See!”


Rei: “-and my stop is coming up in 3.34 seconds, so you you’d make the pitch, real quick”

Nagisa: “Alright, so swim Team, right?”

*Bell goes Rei leaves*

Nagisa: “Hey, wait. I was actually gonna ask you what size colour you wear, c’mon let me get them digits baby”


Rei: “I am now going to walk away. Do not follow”

Nagisa: “I hate it when you leave but I love~ watchin’ you go”


Makoto: “Why don’t you just be yourself, and tell him how you feel”

Nagisa: “Thanks for the lesson, Boy Meets World. How’s your repressed love-life doin’?”

Makoto: “I don’t know Nagisa, How’s your mother’s drinking problem?”

Nagisa: “Below the belt Makoto”


Nagisa: “Hold it Mister. I’mma have to pull you over for excceding recommended Hotness”

Rei: “Why are you here?”


Nagisa: “Why he touchin’ ma man? Where he goin’ with ma man!”


Nagisa: “So all I gotta do is Kill all these other guys, and you give me a scholarship for ma painting”

Bear: “Ooh, boo, boo, boo. That’s pretty much it, but they can’t prove you did it”

Nagisa: “Can’t prove nothin’ if they all dead”

Bear: “That’s not quite the same thing”

Nagisa: “Okay, so which are you, are the most annoying”

Student 1: “These thug antics, are not welcome in a school environment”

Nagisa: “Hey, we got a volunteer”

*Back to Coach and Nagisa*

“Yeah it didn’t work out… For them”


Makoto: “Hey Nagisa. Did you catch Breaking bad last night?”

Nagisa: “Nah man, I lived that shit”

Makoto: “Hey Nagisa. Did you see Teen Wolf last night?”

Nagisa: “You know I did. Derek Looking Fine~”

Makoto: “Hell Yes, son”

Nagisa: “Please don’t do that”


Nagisa: “C’mon let’s wrap this up. I don’t like being alone up here”

Makoto: “Why? ‘Cause if this was a horror movie you’d die first?”

Nagisa: “Why~?”

Makoto: “Y’know…”



Makoto: “This job sucks~”

Nagisa: “You sucks!”
Makoto: “Oh, eat me”


Nagisa: “-and now it’s time to play Japan’s favourite game-show: ‘IS MAKOTO AN IDIOT!”


Nagisa: “Hey, here’s your Bitch board.”

Rei: “Kick Board

Nagisa: “Fairy Floater”

Rei: “Nagisa”

Nagisa: “Sissy swimmer”

Rei: “Nagisa!”

Nagisa: “Fine, Fine. Crybaby kickboard”

Rei: “That was a stretch”

Nagisa: “Look! It can’t all be ‘A’ material, Okay!”


Nagisa: “Haru and Makoto? Dead? Let me tell you somethin’. Those two are literally impossible to kill. To prove a theory, I one time tried to just straight-up shoot ‘em with a real-ass gun. The bullet missed, ricocheted off a frying pan on the wall, and broke open a cabinet full o’ bottles which I then tripped on and fell over. Hurt my pride more than anything… 'cept my tailbone, which I bruised. Did you know that the scientific term for “tailbone” is “coccyx”? Hehe… that’s funny. Anyway, I don’t remember why I was talking about this - they’re probably fine”


Nagisa: “Hey! Tweedledee & Tweedledumb-ass”


Makoto: “Don’t worry guys, It’s probably just a typo”

Nagisa: “Yeah, like Haru would know the difference”


Haru: “Hey, Nagisa, I think I see the Police over there”

Nagisa: “Aaah~!”


Nagisa: “It’s fine baby, if you get scared you can hold my hand”

Rei: “I am not, frightened!”

Nagisa: “Yeah, and Makoto’s love life it’s pathetic”

Makoto: “It’s true…”

Haru: “What?”

Nagisa: “Exaclty”


Nagisa: “Now, Let’s make like Scooby Doo and find some clues”

Makoto: “Hey Nagisa, that rhythmed”

Nagisa: Shut up, Makoto”


Nagisa: “Alright, Shaggy and Scooby, you take the sinks. I’ll check the cabinets and Velma; you get the spooky lookin’ fridge”


Nagisa: “…Because only Velma would say ‘Dubious Device’. Velma gets the spooky fridge”

Makoto: “Who are you Nagisa, Freddy?”

Nagisa: “Bitch, I’m Daphne”


Nagisa: “You’re so cut when you never shut up. Now shut up and open the fidge”

Makoto: “Nagisa, how many time have it told you street-sharks don’t exist”

Nagisa: “Then explain Rin”

Makoto: “Fair Point”


Nagisa: “He [Rei] can do everything but swim. Like the opposite of Haru. Nega-Haru!”

Haru: “The sunken depths of the screeching horde-“

Makoto: “Cut it out! He’s had enough!”


Might do Haru next.

I Love You

Request: Hello! Could you write a peter x reader fic where the reader is one of the avengers and she and peter are best friends and she’s like really sassy/spicy and doesn’t like to show too much emotion? They go to a mission and she does something wrong and civilians get hurt. When they get back to the avengers tower she starts crying and tries to hide it because she doesn’t want to “seem weak”, but Peter tries to comfort her and confesses his feelings for her and just lots of fluff at the end❤ thank u❤ 

Warnings: None.


Originally posted by sincerelysaraahh

“Yeah, nothing’s going to go wrong. Don’t worry about it.” You said to Steve as you finished the last of your juice. “Oh, and look who decided to show up!” You made sarcastic jazz hands when Tony came in the room.

“Must we bring this one?” Tony pointed to you.


“Hey!” You slapped Steve’s shoulder.

Peter watched you longingly from the hall before realizing how creepy he was being.“Hey guys,” He said as he walked into the kitchen.

You nodded toward him in acknowledgement.

Oh what a sight this was, everyone was suited up in their fancy costumes and eating scrambled eggs.

“Maybe I should start a webpage. People would kill to see pictures of this.” you thought out loud.

Natasha cringed, “Y/N, I swear to god, if I find any pictures of Iron Man in his underwear…”

“Good point.”


“Over there!” Peter yelled at you through his spider-man mask.You turned around and saw what looked like some sort of rocket ship, and it was headed straight toward you and the team. Not to mention the rest of the civilians who had gotten caught up in the mess. You used your powers to move it across the sky, until it landed somewhere unexpected.
An entire bottom half of the building blew up. And it was all your fault. There must have been hundreds of people in that building; and it was crumbling down in front of you.
You gasped and took a step back.

“Y/N!” Peter ran over to you to make sure you were alright. “Are you okay?!” He seemed to be completely ignoring what had just happened.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” You lied.

He led you back to the helicopter, and you went home.


“And that takes us to Frosty’s lot, where Y/N Y/L/N reportedly killed s-” Tony turned the TV off from the loving room.

You took a deep breath as you poured yourself a glass of juice.

“Hey,” Peter came around the corner. “You sure you’re okay?” He out his hand on your shoulder. You turned your back to him so he couldn’t see the tears that were welling up in your eyes, and nodded.

He took your hand and turned you around so he could see your face.

“Y/N. It’s not your fault..”

“But it is, it’s all my fault… And now I’m crying like a four year old…”

“Y/N..” He hugged you. You sniffled into his shoulder, regretting everything.

“Nobody likes me anyway, and now even the public hates me. They think I’m a monster.”

“What do you mean nobody likes you?”

You shrugged and looked around. You never thought anyone on the team really cared about you, it seemed like they just kept you around because your powers were useful.

“Y/N, look at me,” He took you by the shoulders, “Nobody hates you. Everyone makes mistakes. And, I don’t know why you think the team doesn’t like you Y/N, they love you, you’re part of their family, -I love you.”

“W-what?” You looked at him seriously.

“I love you.” He took your hand.

For the first time, you really felt loved. Sure, your parents loved you. But, for some reason they thought only having one child meant they only had to be there half the time. They seemed relieved when you had told them you were leaving for the Stark internship.

You decided to act on your heart, not your head. Something you hadn’t done in a while. You leaned in and kissed him.

He was completely shocked, but then kissed you right back.



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my team: okay but what the fuck

High School Sweethearts

Author: Juju

Pairing: Shawn Mendes x Reader

Warnings: Reader can sing but it’s like barely talked about, a shit ton of fluff you might suffocate, and editing

Summary: You and Shawn have been together since the start of high school after a life long friendship. When Shawn came to fame, you asked him to keep you a secret for the time being as you were not ready for the spotlight. Now that high school’s over, you reconsider and Shawn surprises you.

Word Count: 2.8k….I have a problem

A/N: Let’s imagine that the reader’s parents are always super busy and they let her do whatever she wants ok?


“Bye Mrs. Mendes! See you tonight!” You yelled as you and Shawn left the Mendes residence. You were going to drop Shawn off at a radio interview after picking up Aaliyah. 

“Bye Y/N, Shawn! See you at dinner!” Shawn’s mother called from somewhere inside the house.

“You’re never going to call her Karen, are you?” Scoffed Shawn as he got into the jeep.

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Derek’s Birthday Girl

gif is not mine

Pairing: Derek Morgan x Reader

Word Count: 1,285

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This was requested by an anon! I hope you guys enjoy this! I wanna write more CM, so definitely send some requests my way!! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

It was that time of year again for you; your birthday.  You didn’t like celebrating your birthday.  When you were a kid you had terrible birthdays, even your teenage birthdays were a wreck.  You stopped commemorating your birthday once you turned eighteen.  Derek made the mistake of making a big deal out of your birthday.  That was a mistake he never made again.

Even though he knew about your hatred for your own birthday, he still wanted you to feel special.  He wasn’t planning anything extravagant like he had the first time.  This time he was going to act as if today was normal, but show you that he still knew what today was.

Derek walked into the bullpen and placed a cup of coffee down on your desk.  He pressed a kiss to your forehead before he walked over to his own desk.  The agent winked at you as he took a sip of his coffee.

You raised an eyebrow, bringing the cup to your lips.  The coffee was unusually sweet.  You usually drank french vanilla coffee, but this was much sweeter.  You liked it nevertheless, but you couldn’t put a finger on the taste.  Regardless it brought a smile to your face.

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Request:   R=what reader is saying P=What pietro is saying 3 R 4 or 8 for O 5 R 7 R 14 P 34 R Plot=Pietro break up with reader for her “Saftey” by saying mean stuff to her to make sure she won’t want him back but I want a happy ending

Pairing: Pietro x reader

Summary:  3: “ Leave me alone. “  4: “ I don’t love you anymore. ”   5: “ Why do you hate me? ” 8: “ I don’t need you anymore. ”  7: “ I thought you loved me. ”  14: “ You’re a disappointment. ”  34: “ I don’t deserve to be loved. ”

 from the angst list, I wasn’t quite sure what this was asking, so I hope I did the request justice! the reader is like Tony’s assistant

Words Count 1131


Warnings: Language, Pietro being a dick

     It had started with a fight. You and Pietro fought sometimes as all couples do, but this time it was different. This time his words were filled with low blows and spite, every word felt like a knife brushing against your skin. 

    You knew by the time you got on the Quinjet after the latest mission that this fight was going to be a big one. During this mission you were supposed to stay on the Jet as backup but as the mission quickly flew south, you jumped out and joined the fray. While you were trying to help Natasha with a group of hydra agents, a stray bullet flew your way and would have probably killed you if it hadn’t been for Pietro. He swooped you right before it could, the bullet grazing his back instead. You could tell by the deafening silence afterwards that He was upset with you. Once you get to the tower, you both make your way to an empty conference room, that’s where this fight started.

      “God (y/n)! Are you even fucking listening to me?” His shouts bring you back to the moment. He’s too close for comfort in this situation, you knew he would never hurt you but the sight of your boyfriend’s rage contorted face was starting to scare you.

    “I am but I don’t understand why you’re so upset!” You yell back. “I was helping you guys! You needed me out there weather you want to admit it or not!”

    “No we didn’t! (Y/n) you are the least competent person on the team!  You’re a charity case! You’re only here because Tony doesn’t want to admit that his so called prodigy is more of a liability than the hulk! You’re a disappointment to this team I can’t actually believe they haven’t benched you yet!”

    Your eyes start to tear up, “God, why do you hate me? What have I done to you! We were fine this morning before the mission, hell you told me you loved me. I thought you loved me, why are you saying these things to me?” By now you’re full blown crying and Pietro won’t look you in the eyes.

    “No (y/n). I don’t love you anymore. You were just a fling I let go on for too long. We’re done. I don’t need a liability following me around all the time, I’ll send your stuff back to your room later today.” He said. He takes one more look at you and speeds out of the room, out of your life.

~2 Months Later~

    After that day, you packed up your stuff and moved out of the tower. You were still a part of the Avengers but staying in the tower and watching him speed around the compound with a new girl on his arm every day became to much to handle. Now you lived in a loft style apartment in the city with a great view.  It was almost midnight and you were curled up on the couch with a glass of wine and reading a book. You were about to turn out the light and head to bed when you heard a crash outside your door. It made you jump, but you paid no mind and headed to the kitchen to put away your dishes when you hear a low moan from your door.

    “Princessa..” the voice mumbled.

    Startled, you make your way to the door cautiously. There was only one person in this world that called you that and you didn’t know if you wanted to face them. You opened the door to see a barely conscious Pietro collapsed beside your door. He looks up at you and smiles the biggest you had ever seen.

    “Princessa! I found you! I miss you so much! where did you go?” He slurs out.

    He was obviously drunk, so in order to save yourself from complaints from your neighbors you drag him inside.

    “I’ve been here Piet, you knew I was moving.” You grunt out, struggling to get him onto your couch

   “But why? I needed you?” he mumbles like a child. You set him on the couch but before you could even drape a blanket on him, he was fast asleep.

    “Funny, because I don’t need you anymore.” You say then head to your bed, it was too late for this and you knew you would have to deal with him in the morning.

    Morning comes and you slowly wake up feeling warm. You felt tightly tucked into something, it was like a space heater. You open your eyes to see warm yellow light filling your room.you sigh and try to sit up but something was holding you down. You look over your shoulder only to see a sleepy Pietro holding you close, his face buried in your back much like a child would hold a stuffed bear. With a grunt, you shove his sleeping body off of you and onto the floor.

    “What the hell!” He yells.

    “Exactly! Why the hell were you in my bed! It’s one thing to interrupt my night with drunken stupidity but it’s another to take advantage of my kindness!” You yell at him.

    “Princessa-” He starts.

    “No! Don’t princess me Piet! You need to leave and leave me alone! You’ve done enough damage”

    “ Please! Listen to me! God knows I don’t deserve it but (y/n) without you I’m miserable.” He explains.

    “Yeah you looked miserable with all of those girls clinging to you in the compound, it looked tough.” you say sarcastically

    “(y/n) please. I- I know I was wrong but I thought I was protecting you. When I saw that bullet coming towards you I’ve never felt so scared, my body went numb and all that I could think of was protecting you. Now that I think about it I was protecting myself from you than protecting you from me when I tried to leave you. I thought it was better to let you hate me and get hurt than it was to lose you while I still loved you. God I love you! And I know I don’t deserve to be loved especially by you after everything I said, but I will never stop loving you.” Pietro slowly gets quieter with each word until he’s just whispering to me.

    “Piet..” you say, closing the gap between you two. “Pietro I love you too, but I don’t know if  I can forgive you.”

  “It’s okay, let’s just take it slowly” He mutters. He grasps your chin and looks deep into your eyes before kissing you, sealing a silent promise between the two of you. A promise of love, a promise of caring and above all, a promise to never leave one another again.

Caplan’s Christmas Challenge

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Dear Montreal Canadiens,

Still doesn’t feel like it’s real. I thought we were going to win this game and bring it back to Montreal for game 7 and win the series. This series was so fun to watch. Both teams were so evenly matched. Radu, you had a wonderful season buddy I hope you stay in Montreal next season. Great cellies. Gally, I know this season was a hard one with the broken finger in the same spot from last season but you always play with such passion and heart. When you’re not on the ice, we miss that. Lehky, my Finnish rookie, you have been a pleasant surprise this season. You’re only going to get better next season. This season started as typical Habs fashion, winning and setting a franchise record. Can you believe it? The oldest hockey team has a set a franchise record after more than 100 years after its existence. Then things started to go downhill but we didn’t have a repeat of last season because we got rid of Therrien. Marc Bergevin you knew your job is more precious than your bff. We stumbled a bit because Claude was adjusting to the system but once we got going, we were a better team in March than October. Pleky this season was a rough one but hopefully this playoffs rejuvenated you. Chucky you are such a ray of sunshine. Just wished you played more at centre. Webs, we still miss PK and he will forever remain in our hearts but you are such a calming and reassuring presence for this team. You lead the league in PPGs with 12. Patches, O capitaine again delivering another 30-goal season. Why do people not appreciate you? You are such a great leader. Al Montoya I hated the fact that Therrien humiliated you in the Columbus where we lost 10-0. You were such a great addition to this team. Love how we lost a game 10-0 and also we won a game 10-1. I saved the MVP for last because there are simply no words to describe how much I love and appreciate you Pricey. Honestly constantly bailing your team’s asses day in and night out. I have no idea what the identity of this team will be without you. Carrying this team on your shoulders to the playoffs and still giving them a chance to comeback. You don’t deserve this BS. Still processing the loss but I believe with Claude we will come back next season stronger and better. Still my ride of die team and will be for the rest of my life. #GoHabsGo. Is it October yet?

Lots of Love,

A Habs fan

dracolucivs  asked:

19 w/ drarry pls 💕

Thank you so much! 

My writing

Prompt List

19 - “We all know you love me”

Fuck Quidditch training.

(Especially the fourth one in the same week, and in the sodding rain, that even magic couldn’t keep away from pouring into your eyes.)

But above all, without a single doubt, fuck Draco Malfoy.

“No!” Screeched Ginny from atop her broom, her voice so shrill Harry was worried for a second she was going to get all the windows in the school to break apart. “Get your slimy teammates of the field, Malfoy, we booked the pitch -”

“If you were making a joke of us being “slimy” snakes, you’re wrong.” Malfoy just answered, standing in the middle of the field as if it was his goddamn kingdom, his hands on his thighs and a smirk playing on his lips. “Snakes aren’t slimy, they’re quite the opposite -”

“Shut up!” Harry shouted, and flew down with so much speed and force even Malfoy jumped back a little. “Listen to her, Malfoy,” he snapped, his face only inches away from Malfoy’s now, “and get your team off the field. We have it until 9, you and your git friends can train after we’re done.”

“What, and train when the weather’s even worse than this? We’ve got a match, too, this weekend, Scarhead.”

“Don’t call me Scarhead.”

“Oh, what?” Malfoy grinned, his teeth flashing in the early dark. “You’d rather I call you loverboy?”

As if Malfoy had flipped a switch, everything in Harry flared hot.

Praying to whatever magic god wizards prayed to Harry cleared his throat, looked around to be sure that no one had heard him, and said, “Don’t you dare bring that up -”

“Why not?” Malfoy was standing up on his toes now to look Harry in the eye. “You didn’t seem to mind last night.”

“Malfoy -”

“You’re blushing.”

“Am not.” And even if he was, he was the last person to admit that. “We made a deal, Malfoy, to not speak about it outside of the -”

“Room of Requirement. I am aware.” Malfoy shrugged, still smiling. (Harry fought the urge to whack him with his broom, if he weren’t sitting on it.) “I am also aware that you’re being a huge git, and I am going to use this until you let us use the other side of the field. Or d’you rather have me turning around and tell my team what really kept you up all night -”

No!” Harry jumped down from his broom, and pinched Malfoy in the chest. “I’ll hex you if you do.”

“No, you won’t.”

“And why not? I have hexed you in the past, Malfoy, just because we had sex doesn’t mean I’m don’t hate you.”

Malfoy rolled his eyes theatrically. “We all know you love me, Potter. But really, it’s your choice… let us play Quidditch, or I’ll tell that lovely Weaslette what name you’ve been screaming out in pleasure -”

“Alright! Alright!” Harry jumped up, his hands in the air as if Malfoy was holding him at gunpoint. “Fine. Just… piss off now, alright?”

“That’s all you needed to say.” Malfoy mounted his broom - way more elegant than was legally possible, in Harry’s opinion - and then suddenly turned around again. “Oh, and Potter?”


“I’ll see you at 10.”

With that he flew back to his team, leaving a very confused Harry behind, trying not to stare at Malfoy’s arse too obviously.

“Mate?” Ron suddenly said, dooming up beside Harry. “What do you have planned at ten with Malfoy? Are you going to duel?”

Harry’s face grew hot again. “It’s probably going to take me all night.”

Diabolik lovers ''character private interview'' Ayato Sakamaki ~translation~

*this translation was made by @rkyt1965 (spanish-english)*

‘Ore-Sama will take all your first times’

First question: Why do you name yourself “Ore-Sama”?

Ah? ‘Cause Ore-Sama is Ore-Sama (Ore-Sama is the best), there’s nothing Ayato-Sama can’t do

Oi, don’t ask something so obvious

If you have enough time to ask these obvius things, why don’t you have Ore-Sama fun?… …

If it’s with your blood, so you can do it. Oi, hurry up. I won’t wait forever

Second question: Which of your 2 brothers do you like the most?

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The batgirls like to troll
  • Tim: Okay, mission plan. We get in, we get out, we keep it simple. Got it?
  • Stephanie: Yeah, we know how this goes. *points to Tim* You're the brains and *points to Cass* she's the brawn.
  • Cassandra: *nods*
  • Tim: Then what are you?
  • Steph: The BEAUTY, duh! Not to mention a great personality. *poses*
  • Tim: ...What are you doing?
  • Steph: Even the corners have eyes. Pretend there's cameras.
  • Cass: *poses beside her*
  • Steph: Ooh, selfie! *takes out cell and snaps a shot together*
  • Cass: *looks at photo* We look bomb-diggity hot.
  • Steph: I know, your ass looks fantastic.
  • Cass: Well, they don't call it gor-ge-ass for nothing.
  • Tim: This is why I hate teaming up with you.

I’ve just got home and scrolled through my dash a bit and I’ve seen some absolute shite on here this evening, and let me tell you I am PISSED.

I’ve dealt with some crap recently that I haven’t spoken about but when I see a friend of mine getting shit I am not going to just keep quiet. I’ve seen the crap @aarondingel has received in her ask box for the sole reason that she has been promoting the fact that the actor of her fave character is up for some awards, and seriously…..WTF?? To the person giving her grief, or anyone who feels the need to try to shame people for loving their faves; can you all seriously stop for a second and think about just how pathetic and stupid you are being???


1) you don’t chose your fave. your fave choses you.

2) if somebody loves a character or actor more than another character or actor, who the fuck cares????? like…..seriously???? what an absolutely STUPID thing to be upset about????? you do realise that these characters are FICTIONAL. they can mean the world to us, we can love them with all of our hearts, but loving a fictional person who may be problematic in some ways is nOT THE EQUIVILENT OF LOVING A REAL, HORRIBLE PERSON. get upset about people voting for fucking Donald Trump, or those weridos that say they stan serial killers. GETTING UPSET ABOUT SOMEBODY LOVING A CHARACTER IS R I D I C U L O U S !!!!

3) why does the fact that someone/some people, like a character more than your favourite character, affect you so much?? maybe you don’t understand how or why someone prefers person A over person B, but how does that affect YOUR enjoyment of person B????? like……why

4) grow the fuck up????? not everything has to be a competition??? not everyone has to choose teams, choose a side, choose one half of a popular ship to “stan” over the other. but if they do….so fucking what?? again, wHY DOES THIS BOTHER YOU??? just enjoy your favourite, engage in actual ADULT DISCUSSION perhaps, or, you know, maybe you could just not bombard people’s ask boxes with hate about their fave and just, you know, shut the fuck up???

I’m obviously talking about Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden but this applies to everyone and everything, really. in this particular case, for me personally, i love both characters equally, and i have never felt the need to chose one over the other, because they’re both so different??? i loved Robert for over 10 YEARS before Robron were even a thing, and Aaron for most of the years Robert was off screen, so like…..I don’t feel like I “stan” one more than the other. i enjoy them both equally, or in different ways, at different times?

but if people have a slight preference to one over the other, for whatever reason - maybe they relate to one more than the other, or maybe they just, i don’t know, ENJOY THE CHARACTER MORE, like…..who cares??? LET THEM LIVE?? LET THEM ENJOY THEIR FAVOURITES WITHOUT GIVING THEM GRIEF ABOUT IT???

nobody is doing wrong for loving Robert more than Aaron or Aaron more than Robert??? as long as nobody is being a fucking dick about it then who actually cares????

i know there are apparently a group of people, the “antis”, who’s main hobby is apparently to drag Robert instead of talking about the people they do actually like, and I know there’s a bunch of weirdos on the likes of DS who refuse to even mention Aaron’s name (because apparently they’re all 5 years old???) and like…..how embarrassing. but you know, let those people just be creepy and pathetic. they can do what they like as long as they keep it out of people’s faces, and out of people’s inboxes, because that just crosses the line from being lame as fuck for focussing so much on characters they supposedly hate, into just being an absolute fucking attention seeking dickhead who gets their jollies from antagonising people and trying to make them feel bad for the characters they love.

the moral of this post is; if you’re considering giving someone grief, or hate, or trying to make them feel bad for loving their fave: don’t. because you won’t change their minds, literally N O B O D Y is going to read some badly written ask from some faceless and nameless troll and suddenly be like “OMG YOU’RE RIGHT, I DON’T LIKE THIS CHARACTER ANYMORE, I HATE THEM!!!” you are just wasting literally everyone’s time???

maybe concentrate on the characters YOU love, instead of getting your knickers in a twist about who somebody else loves or choses to support. 

or, if you happen to see this and think about giving one of my friends shit, how about you come to me instead. 

Feeling Forgotten From Long Ago Part 2

This here is part 2 to my Rossi x reader fic Feeling Forgotten From Long Ago. @ohmypageet and a couple of anons requested this sequel. It’s been awhile since I’ve written rossi x reader so it may be a bit rough but I think that i’m quite pleased with how it came out. Also, I may or may not have written this at 1 in the morning so I apologize for any mistakes I may have missed. Please enjoy :)

After what happened you’re left all confused, etc and you’re not quite sure what to do anymore. The team protects and sides with you, but you begin to contemplate transferring. Meanwhile, Rossi defends you against Strauss and eventually realizes he is still in love with you and thus breaks up with her, but can he win you back? ooohWEEoooh

Part 1 can be found HERE

Originally posted by exonev

Things were different after the…slap. At first, everybody was shocked. You didn’t generally go around slapping people, but once you explained your reasoning, the team gravitated toward you as if to protect you as the deflected their malevolent glares toward Rossi and his new lover.

At first, you enjoyed the criticism directed toward Rossi. He deserved it after all. He had broken your heart, and so you would be lying if you said it didn’t feel just a little bit nice to see his choices bite him in the ass. But after a couple of weeks of it all, it started to just feel… rude.

The entire situation was crudely similar to a daily game of middle school dodgeball.

Gathered around a conference table in some humid, nondescript police station, tasks would inevitably have to be divided and glares would inevitably be distributed in your ex’s direction.

“Y/n and I can go back and recanvas the first crime scene, ask around some more,” Rossi offered, doing his best to ignore the dirty glares of his teammates.

“No, no, I’ll go with y/n.” Morgan hurried to say. Emily made a similar comment, JJ took a step toward you, and Rossi frowned at the way his coworkers had treated him. He hadn’t expected the team to so readily take your side, hadn’t intended to hurt you as bad as he had apparently done.

Even Hotch, one of Rossi’s oldest confidants, took your side, “I think it would be best if you stayed here at the station and coordinated for the rest of us, Dave.”

And thus, the David Rossi was forced to submit to the mob of profilers that all believed he had wholly hurt their friend. The worst part? He had hurt their friend, and he was starting to regret it.

The worst part of choosing Strauss wasn’t the way he was treated at work, though. It was the nights. Oh, the nights. It was in the dark of night when Rossi really felt his mistakes illuminated, his blunders cruelly highlighted by the way darkness and silence fell simultaneous and left him to brew dangerously.

“Erin?” He said as he shut the door behind him, “Are you here? I’m back from the case?”

It had been one of the hard ones. All the cases were difficult. In their line of work, that was a given. But every once in awhile they would get a case that felt impossible and evil and so fatally trying that it challenged the team and all their abilities, leaving them exhausted beyond comprehension. It had been one of those cases.

All he wanted was to collapse onto the nearest surface and just breathe again, but Erin was waiting for him in the dining room, a dry smirk reaching her lips, “Welcome back, Dave.”

“Today was the worst day.” He deadpanned, hoping she would bite, allow him to vent the way he always did when she ranted about bureaucracy or sexism or some combination of the two.

She didn’t respond the way he had hoped, just tilted her head and nodded as if she understood completely, “That sucks. Did y/n slap anybody else today?” She nodded for a second, “Could you set the table for us? I’ll get some wine.”

Rossi sighed, not in the mood to sit down and eat and mindlessly chatter over candlelight. He weighed the idea of defending you. After you had struck her in front of all of her suboordinates, Strauss often acted unnecessarily cruel when it came to your character. He was too exhausted to spark a battle he always somehow lost. He did what he was asked to do nonetheless. He wandered after Strauss into the kitchen where she had already grabbed the plates, turning to hand them to him.

He reached out to grab him and it had never been more shockingly clear how much he missed you. Strauss was standing there, grinning placidly with two glasses of wine at the ready. It was good and all, lots of men would love to be in his place, but all Rossi really wanted was to be somewhere with you, quietly destressing as the pair of you talked about your days, especially the bad ones.

His hands wrapped around the plates, Rossi froze, “I’m breaking up with you, Erin.” He said, feeling more clearheaded than he had in weeks.


“I’m breaking up with you. Goodbye.” He set the plates down and turned on his heels.

It was cruel and impersonal and so painfully sudden, without explanation, he knew all this, but he couldn’t stand himself being in her presence and pining after his ex, after you. Rossi shut the door behind him just as a strangled mixture of a gasp and a sob jumped off of Erin’s lips. He didn’t hear it. He was already halfway to his car.

After the hardest cases, you were always too highstrung to go directly back home, and so you usually lingered back at the office, alone with the sound of vacuum cleaners on other floors and fax machines whirring messages from other time zones. It was a calm and decisive environment, placid in its routine.

You settled in at your desk, stacks and stack of paperwork were typically spread out like blueprints across the surface. On this particular day, however, there was one single sheet. A transfer request.

You hadn’t marked it yet, hadn’t decided if it was worth the drastic measures, but you were leaning towards a yes. You hated the way the others were treating your ex. You hadn’t minded at first, but it got tiring and rude after awhile and you had started to pity the man for the treatment he was receiving. You didn’t want to be the cause of such unhappiness, not when you were so regrettably unhappy as well.

For as much as you hated David Rossi for breaking your heart, you were still in love with him, and you hated that fact more than you hated the man himself. You hated the way his absence and betrayal made you feel like fire had become of your veins.

You were stuck. Stuck between miserably leaving a place that you loved and staying someplace where you made somebody that you loved miserable. You were trapped.

And you didn’t even notice when you were no longer alone, too mesmerized by the conundrum the paper before you had set out.

“Y/n? Y/n?” Rossi repeated from across the office, exhausted, dejected, and oh-so in love with you, “Y/n?” You didn’t notice, didn’t hear, and Rossi felt like his world was crumbling. He crossed the room in a matter of steps, moving his hand to your shoulder, “Y/n?”

You shuddered at the touch, and reluctantly looked up, tears had long ago begun to well in your eyes, an exhausting combination of frustration and anger and yes, a little love as well.

“What do you want, Rossi?” Your voice rasped out, harsh among the silence of the office.

His eyes flickered down to the transfer papers laid out across your desk and his stomach dropped like an elevator in an abandoned building that had finally had enough, “Don’t leave.” He begged, voice soft yet hardened, miserable.

“Why not?” And the honesty of the phrase was nearly unbearable, but you struggled on, “For what I did, I could literally get fired at any moment. Strauss hates me. You hate me. I’m tearing the team apart. It’s not worth it anymore, is it?”

“No, no, no, no, no” Rossi whispered, shaking his head fervently as he lowers himself down to his knees, “Y/n, I broke up with Erin. I couldn’t take it anymore. I just…” He paused, making sure he was looking you in the eyes before finishing, “I’m still in love with you.”

Your intake of breath was sharp and the world slowed down, before you slapped him, then soothed the blow with a kiss, long and hard and slow, “Dammit, David Rossi. I hate how much I love you.”

Because you do. God, do you love him. He hurt you, he hurt you bad. And somehow he still managed to be the constant center of your thoughts.

The two of you sat there for a long time in silence, a somehow simultaneously hopeful and hopeless silence, foreheads pressed together. Your tears dried and his grip loosened on your knees while he remained on the ground. You listened to your breath even out and synchronize with his, a familiar rhythm that you found disturbingly quickly.

You let him hold your hand as the pair of you sat like that and he calmly began padding circles against the heel of your palm, calm undulations of relaxation.

“It’s late.” He eventually whispered reluctantly.

You nodded, “Walk me to my car?”

There was that David Rossi Grin that you had known and loved.

And so you walked down together, and you let him hold your hand in the elevator where it’s quiet and the lights seem harsher and begging for something to be said. Out of nowhere, Rossi starts to laugh.

“What are you laughing about?”

“Well,” He paused, considering whether or not to continue, “I just think it’s kinda funny how you seem to have a slapping problem. It’s okay, we’ll work on that.”

You rolled your eyes at him and allowed the awkward silence to resume.

“I hope you know we’re starting over. Completely.” You said eventually, needing to fill that void. You glanced over at him to find him watching you before you continued, “Tonight, I’m going to my place and you’re going to yours and tomorrow you will take me out on a proper date and we will talk about what… we are.”

“I know.” He said, simple and honest. The elevator doors opened and the two of you stepped out, started walking.

“We’ll get back to how we used to be. We will. But, David, you’re going to have to wait. Goodnight, David.”

Before he could say anything else, you pressed a gentle kiss to his cheek and got into your car.

David Rossi watched as you started your car. The taillights glowed brightly beneath the stone blanket of the parking garage, the sole source of light as you often were to him. Staring was all that Rossi could manage to do as he racked his brain in an attempt to figure out why exactly he had let you go in the first place and how the hell he ever thought you weren’t absolutely worth the world.


Next part written by @cecygee

You weren’t sure how you hadn’t cracked yet. You had been with your kidnapper for three days now. Three very long days. You always knew finding the victim always took time, but why were you still stuck here? Why were you still alive? In the three days with your kidnapper, you had cleaned every room in his house, cooked every meal for him, and washed all of his clothes. He had made you his servant, but it was probably what kept you alive for so long.
He constantly called you his good girl which never failed to disgust you. You constantly were being told what to do and when to do it, and it was frustrating you.
You missed your home. You wanted to be back home with Joelle. You missed date nights with Derek. He always made it a habit to take you out whenever he was home from a case. You missed going out for drinks with the team. Garcia would always give you the dirt on Derek while he was away. You knew how much the team meant to him, and you could happily say they meant a lot to you as well. You were waiting for the day Hotch would man up and finally ask your best friend out. You missed your small family so much.
Tears came to your eyes the more you thought of the people you missed. The more you thought of home, the more you wanted to go back. You know your kidnapper chose you because of the way you look. By now you know the team will have realized this as well. You knew they would find you, but you were getting desperate to escape.
The door to your room opens and your kidnapper enters the room. You quickly wipe your face to hide your tears, but he’d already noticed.
“Why are you crying?” He snaps.
“I’m sorry sir, I just miss going outside. I miss the flowers. I work with them everyday and I miss them, sir.” You explain quickly. Fear laces your body since you are unsure if he will accept your apology.
“Do you hate it here?” He snarls.
“No sir. I love it here. You take good care of me sir. I just miss my flowers.” You answer, your voice slightly trembling.
“You only miss your flowers? Not that man I used to see you with. He always left you alone didn’t he? Making you wait for him everyday?” He asks in a condescending tone.
“No sir. I don’t miss him at all, he always left me, but you never do. You always come back and take care of me. I love my flowers though sir. They never let me down like he always did.” You answer him. You hate talking bad about Derek, but you don’t want to anger your kidnapper.
“If I take you to see flowers, will you be a good girl for sir?”
“Of course, I will sir.” You answer excitedly. You might be able to go outside again. It had been to long since you were last out and you missed it.
“You do anything I don’t like, and I’ll have to kill you, understand?” He replies.
“Yes sir, I understand.” You say.
He nods and grabs your right arm. He pulls you through the long hallway, and past the living room. You had never been allowed to walk out the second door that was in the living room. You were finally going to see what was beyond that door. You go out the door and into another hallway. At the end of this hallway was another door. He opens the door and the bright light blinds you for a moment.
You feel the fresh air hit your face the moment you step out. You smile widely, happy to be out again. You look around the area and you see you are in a small backyard that leads into the forest. You look around and see the garden full of pink marigolds. You smile widely and can’t help but put your hands up and do a small twirl.
“That’s enough.” You hear his gruff voice.
You sigh sadly, but know better than to argue so you answer, “Yes sir.”
He roughly grabs your arms once more and takes you back into your room. He locks you in once more, but you let out a small smile in accomplishment. He let you out today, and soon you might have the opportunity to escape his clutches.

red and white in february

normal people: red and white, colours of valentines! showcasing my love and desire to my significant other!

me: red and white, memory of cheering for team canada in the winter olympics