i hate your team why do i love you

Dance/Music AU's
  • I’m a pole dance teacher and you show me up on your first day??
  • We met at a workshop and next year I switch instruments to play and learn with you. Turns out I’m terrible at it.
  • Your a street musician and everyday I pass by and pay you. Now your playing my favorite songs and looking at me funny? 
  • I hate any dance, but you love it and try to teach me. deAR GOD HOW DO LEGS WORK?
  • You play football and it’s homecoming as you go to the bench you hear me and my friend complain about how the players are ruining the marching band field. You agree??? 
  • Our dance team has a losing streak,but you’re at every competition??
  • Dear GOD why do you cheer so LOUD???


  • I march and you’re in color guard AND WHATEVER HAPPENS ON THE BAND BUS STAYS ON THE BAND BUS
  • We order too much after a big win and food isn’t allowed on the bus. So who’s bag is this going in?

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i cant believe no ones put cisco yet like

ikr??? damn also i see you found your magnus and alex icon which NICE

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS (INFINITY OUT OF TEN WOULD STAN FOREVER)

ship with: C I N D Y, cindy AND lisa, jax, wally, that thing he has with ray is adorable tbh, I R I S, rene and rory, why do i feel like i’m missing people

friendship them with: team flash, team legends sometimes, team arrow, literally anyone he interacts with because cisco could have chemistry with a rock he’s so good

general opinions: cisco is my pride, my joy, my light, my life, i love him more than anything and we’re all blessed he exists i love cisco so much i can’t say it enough

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hypnos and aphrodite!

hypnos: what is your most recent dream about?

I was a manager for shohoku bicycle team and was conversing with the team, because i’ve been rereading that manga series again lol

aphrodite: what do you love most about yourself?

this is probably the hardest question, and why i took so long answering these asks… I was raised to really hate everything about myself so really i can’t find anything to like, even after hours of thinking. I’d say… how i can take good care of my hands? lol i really dont know

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Lmao, I know I am beyond ugli with comparing 1D to kpop bc these are 2 diff worlds BUT another thing that pisses me off is how little effort 1D's team put into their MV's. Why do Koreans get aesthetic masterpieces such as MV to "Blood, Sweat & Tears" by BTS and we get some Steal My Girl "rAndOMnesS xDD" and History MV which is a montage 15 year old could do. FUCK YOU AND YOUR UN-CREATIVE, UNTALENTED ASS BEN WINSTON. I hope their MV's will get better in the future, ugh.

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Kpop also has a ton of gay ships. They do photo shoots and advertising with the gay ships all the time instead of trying to hate on the shippers. What can i say? The kids love the gay LOL

Oh yes, I agree it’s two complete different words, but it’s a good comparison because k-pop is not so popular with gp as EDM is for example, and Louis song could’ve been waaaay bigger if his team had done their job properly (first anon, your en Winston rage is amazing)

red and white in february

normal people: red and white, colours of valentines! showcasing my love and desire to my significant other!

me: red and white, memory of cheering for team canada in the winter olympics

Previously on Suits (Harvey and his feelings for Mike)
  • Harvey (season 1): I don't care about you, well, I do, but I can't let you know that I'm starting to fall in love with you.
  • Harvey (season 2): *stares at Rachel* Don't, just don't, ugh, why do you have so poor taste?
  • Harvey (season 3): I hate you! I love you! Now that we broke up, let's kiss and make up, and have the best sex that will blow your mind.
  • Harvey (season 4): Okay, so, we are in different teams, righ? How does that work? I mean, we still have our dates. And shit, Louis found about us...
  • Harvey (season 5): She who cannot be named left me, but I still have you and your... stupid hairstyle. Seriously Mike, and you still ask me if I love you. *hoe, don't do it... he did it*
  • Harvey (season 6): I'm fighting for you, idiot! I know you're scared, I'm scared too, okay? We will make it through... *psst* I miss you, but I know you know, the same way I know you do too.

“Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”

Word Count: 607

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Request: None! It was my choice!

 A/N: I don’t have any excuses for why I was gone for so long, but please do know that I love ya’ll!! EVEN ALL OF YOU WHO STUCK AROUND, ESPECIALLY YOU GUYS!! Now, because I’m a shit writer (excuse my profanity), please enjoy this drabble :)  xoxo - Your Writer

           “I swear! It’s like he hates me!” You exclaimed angrily as Sam helped you wash the dishes in the bunker. He was on washing duty and you were drying all of the dishes.

           Sam handed you a wet plate. “Y/N, I don’t think he hates you—”

           “Sam, he hasn’t said more than two words to me ever since you guys took me in.”

           Sam held the soapy sponge in his hand and gave you an indistinguishable look. You finished drying off the plate he had gave you, and when you realized he stopped, you looked up at him. You looked like an exasperated mess and by the way Sam was looking at you, you figured you were overreacting.

           You sighed, “I’m sorry. Let’s just get the dishes done.”

           You, Sam, and Dean were all seated at the library table after Sam decided to bust out the old movie reel. You and Sam were seated on one side of the table, while Dean was on the other side. It was an old silent movie that was boring you, but for Sam’s sake, you stayed to watch.

           Dean took a sip from his beer and Sam ate a handful of popcorn. Sam’s cellphone began ringing on the table and all of you jumped. Sam set his bowl of popcorn on the table, then snatched his phone up, “Crap, it’s the dry cleaners. I have to grab our stuff.”

           Sam got up and quickly walked down the steps into the main room that led out of the bunker. Dean returned back to watching the movie and shouted, “Make sure they didn’t wrinkle my shirt again!”

           Sam chuckled and yelled back, “Don’t worry, I will.” Then, he left.

           The tension in the room after Sam left was thick, and Dean cleared his throat. You sat for another minute in silence, before you decided to break the silence, “I’m sorry, Sam. This is really boring.”

           You looked over at Dean to see him trying to hide a smile as he sipped on his beer. Your jaw dropped and you couldn’t help but have a note of sarcasm hint your voice, “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”

           Dean met your gaze and the smile vanished, “Don’t get your hopes up, Kid.”

           “Come on! Admit it!” You teased, “I’m not all that bad..”

           “At this rate, you’re going to be ten times worse.”

           You laughed and turned around in your chair, grabbing a handful of popcorn that was beginning to get cold. You stuffed the handful in your mouth and Dean snorted, “Easy up there, Wilbur.” He then reached across the table and grabbed a handful of popcorn, stuffing the whole thing in his mouth.

           “Don-me-namen-me-afer-a-pig-Winchefer!” You mumbled around the mouthful of popcorn. You swallowed and pointed a finger at the chipmunk-looking man, “Especially from Charlotte’s Web.”

           Dean just rolled his eyes and after you two settled back into a comfortable silence, you were almost quite proud that you had somewhat started this quirky relationship with the Winchester. After twenty minutes of the both of you devouring the rest of Sam’s popcorn, the movie ended.

           Dean got up and downed the rest of his beer, before saying, “You aren’t so bad after all, Wilbur.” He then began walking down the hall towards the rooms. “Tell Sam I went to bed!”

           You gazed after him, knowing the stupid nickname was never going to die off.

           “How am I supposed to tell Sam about what happened to the popcorn?”

A/N: I’m only taking one more request!  

Sick of this shit

@dicapito Seriously? Why are you obsessed with BGWP? She’s a lovely person who I have been lucky enough to get to know a little bit through the Greene effect, outside of the negative bubble of tumblr, and I honestly can’t figure out how anyone could hate her at all especially not with the passion you appear to have. It’s really creepy the extent of your hatred for her and completely undeserving. Do you not have anything better to do with your life?

Something else I’ve been wondering for a while is who all these “victims” are that she supposedly is brainwashing? You seem to think she is some sort of almighty leader and her followers have no free will or ability to think for themselves. Which is total bullshit and I don’t like the way you try to demean and degrade me simply for knowing and liking a user on a website.

Oh and a quick reminder: THIS IS A WEBSITE NOT REAL LIFE. THESE ARE BLOGS ABOUT A FICTIONAL TV SHOW AND FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. Calm your shit with the accusations of bad parenting and calling social services.

You claim to be so concerned about her mental health but did you ever stop to think what all this bullying might be doing to her? How what you say might actual effect her? No of course you didn’t. That would be too human for you. Too kind. Not really your style.

Now that we’re on hiatus until October we should all be able to come on here to enjoy the pics, theories, gifs, and vids about the show we love. Surely she deserves that as much as anyone else in the fandom. She shouldn’t have to leave the fandom to get away from your bullshit.

Why are you so mad that she runs multiple blogs? Are you just annoyed that you unknowingly followed and enjoyed richonneinrhapsody? Are you scared you might be following more blogs run by her?

I know it doesn’t really matter what I post you’ll never give it up but maybe a few others will think twice before sending anon hate to anyone.

@bethgreenewarriorprincess I love you and will stand up for you whenever I need to because I’m sick of seeing the bullshit that you have to deal with xx

Why do people think Gimple isn’t clever/smart enough to pull off Beth returning??? Kirkman, absolutely not. That’s a given haha (sorry dude but I’ve heard about the plot & writing quality of your comics & just no). But Gimple…anything you want to say/think about the guy, go ahead, but you really can’t say he’s not a good writer/storyteller. Pretty sure all y’all loved season 4. That was Gimple. If TD is wrong, I may hate him forever and wish thousands of legos & barbie shoes (thanks @saywhatjenn) upon his bare feet, and even decide he is an asshole/fuckboy but I still can’t honestly say that he isn’t clever or smart. Also take a look at his resume. He’s worked on shows with some elaborate plots. The ‘not clever enough’ excuse has to go.