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Little Storm Cloud

Title: Little Storm Cloud

Characters: Sam, Dean, and Reader (friends) 

Warning: adorable Winchester cuddles

A/N: I’m a grumpy little storm cloud today, just in a funk I guess. I also don’t feel like paying attention in class so I wrote this instead :) Enjoy!

Today had just been crappy from the second you got up. You’d stubbed your toe on the bedroom door. Your shower was twice as long because your mind kept wondering making you forget if you’d shampooed your hair. The boys had eaten the rest of your favorite cereal. It was just a shit day all around

Slamming your bedroom door, you stomped to the kitchen grumbling under your breath about having to go on a ridiculously long walk just to get a snack. Walking into the kitchen your hands balled into fists at the leftover food on the counter from lunch.

“Seriously!? Does no one in this godforsaken place know how to put food away!”

Opening the kitchen cabinet to grab a Tupperware you pulled one and the avalanche of plastic hit your face. “God fucking damnit!!” you start slamming things, jamming the mess of Tupperware back into the cabinet, slamming it shut.

“Woah, Y/N, what did the Tupperware do you to?”

“Shut up Sam,” you snapped, running your hands over your face. “UGH I hate today! Everything is so stupid!” Sam just stared as you stomp past him heading for your room.

Groaning you roll over in bed when you hear a knock on your door.

“Y/N? Can I come in?”

“Leave me alone Sam. I’m not in the mood to talk.”

“I know, I just brought you some blankets.” Hesitantly pushing open the door Sam walked to the side of your bed, covering you gently with your favorite blankets.

“Thanks Sam,” you mumbled as he walks out.

“Any time.”

When Dean got home he walked around the library looking for you when Sam came back from a run. “Where’s Y/N? I thought she was making dinner for us?”

“Yeah I wouldn’t mention that to her, I can make us something.”

“Why what’s wrong with Y/N?”

“She’s a little pissed off storm cloud at the moment. I’d stay out of her way if I were you.”

Dean thought for a minute before heading to his room.

He knocked twice on your door, not waiting for an answer when he came in.

“Go away Dean, I don’t want to talk to anyone.”

“Good thing we aren’t going to talk then. Scoot over.” Dean shoved at you, laughing as you lazily swatted back at him.

“Knock it off asshat! This is my bed!”

“Don’t get your panties in a wad, sheesh.” Dean put his favorite mix CD in your stereo and then fit himself behind you on your bed, burying himself under your covers and pulling you in tight to him.

The two of you laid there, and at some point you drifted off in his arms.

When you woke up Sam had wedged his way in bed too. Sam sat with his back against your headboard and your head was using his thigh as a pillow, one of his hands reached down to hold yours. Dean had an arm draped over you and was nuzzling into your neck.

“Guys, guys what are you doing?” Both of the boys wiped their eyes, stretching as woke up. “What’s with the cuddle puddle in my bed?”

“You were a storm cloud,” Sam yawned.

“Yeah, the only way to cure the grumpy storm cloud is to cuddle the grump out of you.” Dean laughed as he stretched out his arms.

“What? I was not!” The boys laughed and Sam pulled you tight to his chest.

“Y/N, you almost started world war three with the Tupperware. You were a little angry storm could.”

“Don’t worry,” Dean pressed a kiss into your temple, “we still love you though.”

Sam pressed a kiss into the top of your head. “We love our little storm cloud.” 


Request: Hi! I was wondering if you could do a fluffy one shot with Kylo and a sick reader where he takes care of her and cuddles her :)

A/N: I got this done so quick bc I was in the biggest of moods to write fluff and like 90% of my requests are anything but so thank you, anon! Enjoy!

Warning: None

Word Count: 2.3K+

The excitement of moving off of the Finalizer and onto Starkiller Base had become a faint memory. At first, you were more than thrilled to be surrounded by nature and not open space. Sure, seeing nothing but stars was quite pleasant, but you grew to feel a bit of cabin fever when all you ever saw was stars.

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Steve x reader

Word count:1631

Authors note-okay this isn’t the best thing but I just have a huge righters block so feel free to send request!


You laughed at the joke that Clint just said “Oh Clint you I love you but your jokes are horrible.”

“Yeah imagine having to put up with that all day.” Nat walked up to the two of you and gave him a kiss and sat on his lap.

You giggled as you stare at the two of them, you shipped them hardcore and everyone knew that.

“Y/N sweetie I love you but you really need to get a boyfriend.” Nat told you as you rolled your eyes at them.

“Why? I’m a strong independent woman who don’t need no man.” You stated now it was their turn to roll their eyes.

“We invited Steve to join us for dinner.” Clint smirked as they both knew about your massive crush on the super soldier.

You eyes widened and your cheeks quickly heated “What? Why would you guys do that?” You said getting nervous over Steve.

“Because the last time I checked this is our floor and who wouldn’t want to eat with that piece of a hunk that was carved by god himself.” Nat laughed as she quoted you in the last part.

Clint chuckled and you threw him a glare “What? I too think he is a hunk that was carved by god himself.”

You buried your face in your hands “Ugh I hate you guys.” You mumbled as there were a knock at the door.

“Oooh who could that be? Oh how I wonder?” Nat got up from Clint’s lap.

“I hate you.” You told the both of them “I mean yeah I like St-”

“Hi guys.” Steve’s booming voice was heard.

“Oh hi Steve.” You gave him a huge smile.

“Hi cap, should we eat?”Clint asked.

Both Steve and you smiled as Clint and Natasha were in the kitchen both of you sat down at table next to each other.

“Soo.”He dragged the ‘o’ “Who do you like? I mean you don’t have to answer I just overheard you talking.”

You blushed a deep red “Oh I..I was saying how much I like dog’s if not love.”You tried to give him a smile.

“Oh I like dogs too I actually want to get one but with this job I think it will be hard.” He gave you a genuine smile.

 You chuckled but before you could answer Clint interrupted you.

“What are you lovebirds talking about?” He smirked at your direction which caused you to throw him a glare.

“Lovebirds?” Steve blushed as he threw Clint and Natasha a questioning look.

Nat took a seat next to Clint which was across from you and answered him.

“I just love the thought of the both of you together.” You kicked under the table in hopes that she would shut up but that didn’t stop her.”Don’t you find her attractive Steve?”She questioned him as you all started to eat.

Steve stayed quiet for a few seconds and that was eating you alive until he spoke up “I think she is very beautiful.” He spoke up very confident over his answer.

You blushed for what felt like the hundredth time tonight and Nat threw you a smile that basically told you ‘I told you so.’

The rest of the night was filled with laughter and smiles and all you could think was that Steve called  you beautiful, the four of you were sitting around the couch just talking when Nat got up and said she wanted more wine so you told her that you’d go with her.

“Hey could you bring a couple more beers darling.” Clint called from the kitchen.

“Sure,you want anything stronger Steve?” She yelled from the kitchen.

“No thank you nothing gets me drunk.” He sounded sad over that.

As Nat opened up a new bottle of wine she looked over at you,”So are you going to tell him?”

You gave a weird look”What do you mean?”

“You know what I mean,when are you going to tell Steve that you like him.” She smiled over at you.

“Nat.”You swatted her arm “He’s right in that other room he could hear us and I’m not telling him he doesn’t like me.”

By then you already had your stuff but you stayed there to talk for a few minutes,”He told you that he thought that you were beautiful so just go for it.”

“Nat I’m not doing that he said I was pretty that was all.” You sighed “He’s Captain fricken America.”

“Just go for it.” She winked and walked out the kitchen, she was  right you never took right when it came to your personal life you never took risk so you thought that you’ll do it…maybe.

The night when on until you decided to go to your room “Guys I think it’s my time to go,thank you for the nice time.” You got up from your seat and went to say bye to the three of them.

Steve quickly got up from his seat and spoke up as well,”I think I’ll head out as well, thank you for having me .” He shook both of there hands.

“Bye guys have a nice night.” Clint smiled at the two of you.

As you were walking away Nat called “Y/N!” You turned around to look at her she mouthed ‘Tell him’ and you just rolled your eyes and waved her off.

As the both of you waited for the elevator Steve turned to you “Would you like me to walk you to your room?” He questioned giving you a smile.

“Yeah that would be nice thanks Cap.”

You guys go into the elevator and it was quite for next couple of second until you both spoke up at the same time.

“Thank you for saying I was be-”

“Would you like to go on a dat-”

You both laughed and he told you to go on.

“I was just saying thank you for calling be beautiful you’re not bad yourself.” You smirked at him.

He blushed and looked down “Thank you Y/N.”

“So you were saying.” You lifted your brow at the super soldier as you step out of the elevator and walked to your room.

“Oh yeah I was saying if you’d like to catch up go for some lunch tomorrow?” He asked as you stopped at your door.

“I’m busy tomorrow afternoon.”You told him

His smile fell “O-Oh that’s okay I mean it was just lunch no big deal.” He started to walk away.

As he turned around you grabbed his wrist “Steve I said I was busy in the afternoon, so how about dinner instead?”

His smile returned again “Yeah dinner I’d like that, how about seven does that work for you?”

“That would be perfect Steve.” You told him as you entered your room “Would you like to come in?”

“I don’t I should really let you sleep.” He scratched his neck.

You chuckled “Get in here Steve.” You motioned with your head “Would you like anything to drink?”

“Water is fine thank you.” He awkwardly stood by the door.

You let out a laugh on how awkward Steve is.

“Steve relax you’ve been here a thousand times.” You told him as you handed him a glass of water.

“Yeah but never alone it’s always with someone else.” He took a drink from his water.

“Well sit.” You patted the spot next to you he walked over and sat down “That’s good you know, that we are alone because I don’t think that I would be able to tell you this and maybe the wine helped a bit.” You braced yourself on what you were going to say next.

“Go ahead Y/N.” He gave a nice warm smile.

“I like you.” You told him “Like a lot and it’s okay if you don’t like me I just wanted to tell you because you’ve made me feel like I was a teenage girl again,all soft and mushy in the inside,it makes me sick to be honest.I’m never the one to express my feelings so that I’m telling you it’s a huge thing but I just wanted to tell you that.” You looked over at him.

He stayed silent and you wanted to yell at him to speak or do something but he didn’t at least not for a while.

“I like you too doll and I think it was pretty obvious I mean everyone always told me how you never figured it out was beyond them since I was always talking about you or how I looked at you a certain way. Trust me I felt like you would find out and you’d move out of the tower and never speak to me again and that would of really mess me up but I’m happy that you spoke up.” He was now facing you.

You both stayed quiet for a couple of second until you both started to lean in as you lips were about to touch Steve whispered against your lips.

“May I?”

You didn’t respond instead you closed the space between the two of you and kissed and I was one hell of a kiss filled with sparks and lust and you felt like you had a thousands butterflies flying around your stomach.

“Wow.” You were both stunned as you pulled away.

“So how about a date?”Steve questioned nervously even after that kiss.

And you giggling didn’t help that “Steve were going on a date tomorrow, remember?”

He chuckled “Oh yeah I forgot wait I was never aware it was a date.” He lifted his brow at you.

“Well it was.” You leaned over for another kiss which he was glad about.