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Not An Athlete (3/?) *Lance Tucker x Reader*

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Summary: You’re forced by your Athlete parents into taking a summer job, which becomes your full-time job as you balance university. Only the asshole you work for and help realises how much you do for him. He don’t like that, he don’t like you. Welcome to the world of Athletes, Lance Tucker is your tour guide. (I suck at summaries.)

Warnings: Explicit content, later on. Swearing, body shaming/ degrading language from Tucker. Asshole Tucker (I’m talking straight up rude.)

Part One - Part Two

Your mum once gave you advice, it wasn’t exactly handy advice at the time and you didn’t really understand why she gave it to you in the first place but you still took it in, still often think about it because it’s some good advice. She once told you that if you ever have an argument with your partner, you should go for a long drive, no destination and no one else just you. It’s meant to help clear your mind, let you drive your feelings out and really think about what was said and what you want to say. You’ve done that, many times, over mostly friends but it worked.

You can’t say it’s working well for Tucker. The closer you got to Las Vegas the angrier you become, the more irrational your thoughts got, you were white-knuckling the steering wheel as you glared at the welcome sign to Las Vegas. You have no idea, how in the hell, Lance got your number and what possessed him to phone you; doesn’t he have friends? A girlfriend? One of his booty-calls that could’ve picked him up?

You pulled up to Caesar Palace, it was a little much. The fountain, the valet that gave a judgemental look at your old Volvo. The outside, although grand, couldn’t compete with the interior design of the palace. The marble floors, the gold lining and decor, and the columns: it was breathtaking. You walked to the reception, oil paintings behind the gold-mirrored desk, everything just screamed pretentious but yet, it was impressive. You pulled the denim jacket you wore closer to your body, the woman grinning from ear-to-ear at you.

“Hello, welcome to Caesars Palace, what can I do for you this morning?” Her name tag stating that her name is Sara.

“Hey, I’m here to pick up a guest, I don’t know what room he is in or if he’s under his name,” she nodded as you looked utterly dumbfounded, “the name is Lance Tucker and he requested me for pick-up, for some reason.” She nodded as she typed onto a keyboard, looking at a screen.

She picked up a phone just beside her and dialled a number, grinning at you as she waited for whoever to pick up the phone, it’s a few short, awkward, seconds of silence. “Hello, Mr Tucker. This is reception calling, a guest is here for you, a young female.” You tap the counter absent-mindedly. “Should I send her up?” is the next question, “she said you were expecting her, okay, I’ll be sure to do so.” Sara puts the phone down, “he’s in one of our penthouse suites, in the Palace Tower, I’ll have someone escort you.”

You followed a young male, a bell-hop, through the building. You had only ever seen pictures of Caesars Palace, it was bigger than you expected, at every turn, there was something to look at and admire. Pools and spas, plus showrooms and obviously, casinos; no wonder Lance came all the way here. You were shown right to the door, where he swiped a keycard and let you in, telling you to enjoy your stay.

The penthouse, well, it was bigger than your entire apartment. It had a balcony the size of your kitchen, bigger from where you were standing. Black marble floors, the furniture looked brand new, and it had its own kitchen; not that you expected Lance to be cooking whilst here since they have Gordon Ramsay’s Bar & Grill. You could see it went off in three different directions; you looked down one hallway, seeing a door slightly ajar, hoping that Lance was somewhat decent you walked down towards it. 

You pushed the door open, it was dark with the shutters down and a body was laid in bed, you assumed it was Tucker. 

“Tucker, wake up!” You yelled and heard him grumble his reply, a muffled ‘fuck you’ being thrown in. “No, get the fuck up, I didn’t drive all the way here for you to treat me like shit. Get up now!” You flicked the light switch on, you could just see his brown, messy hair from under the plush duvets before you walked back out of the room calling his name again.

You sat on the barstool when Lance finally emerges, eyes still half shut and squinting against the bright lights, his hair a mess and only grey sweat pants that were hanging low on his hips; how the hell was they staying up was a good question. His eyebrows were furrowed as he looked at you, he blinked rapidly as he sat on the cream sofa.

“Why the fuck are you here?” He asked, voice still hoarse from just waking up and scratchy from whatever drinks he consumed last night when he texted you.

You sighed with annoyance. “Of course, drunk texts, I shouldn’t have bothered. You text me asking for me to come get you, you threatened my job.” He was still frowning before he sighed, head falling into his hands as his elbows rested on his knees. “Why did you call me? Don’t you have friends to come get you? Aren’t they here with you?” You glanced around, looking back at the hunched over Lance.

“You’d be the only one that would actually show up, you need your job,” he muttered, “it was an easy bribe.” He lifted his head, hands covering his mouth as he stared right at the blank flat screen TV. “I drank a lot last night.” He sighed to mostly himself.

You crossed your arms, “I’ll bite the bait,” he looked at you with an unreadable expression. “Why did you need me to come pick you up, you’re in Las Vegas, isn’t this your ideal hunting ground?” His lips curved up at that comment but set back into a frown; he slouched against the back of the sofa, arms crossing over his chest.

“…I came here for an event, it’s kind of a big deal but…” he trailed off, a look you haven’t ever seen on Lance before, well, he never really showed anything but a smirky confident idiot. This was different, by far, it was shyness and embarrassment. “My parents are here, celebrating my father, forty-six years of being in the sports industry.” An edge of bitterness harshened his words, he wasn’t looking at you but you could tell he felt vulnerable; exposing a side of him like this.

“Isn’t this meant to be a fun occasion? A party?” He rolled his steely blue eyes at you, chuckling lightly at that.

He shakes his head, “You haven’t met my parents. You hate me, you would loathe them, I can’t stand the bastard and my mum isn’t any better. I guess, last night it got to me.” It’s silent, “You should probably go. Before they get back, don’t speak of this, to anyone. Got it?” 

Before you can answer that the penthouse’s front door opens. A couple walks through, talking amongst themselves, the older male looks a little like Lance but the woman looked a little young to be his mother, maybe his sister? 

The male had slicked back, dark hair, and piercing, hooded eyes with a grey suit. He was old, obviously but he was tall and very lean, clearly he still kept in shape despite his age. The woman beside him was small, tanned and young, you could say, younger than you! She was skinny, really skinny but had great… assets. You weren’t one to judge but you felt insecure in front of this girl. 

Lance’s P.O.V

“Harry, you’re up.” Lance froze on the spot at the sound of his father’s voice, he glanced to you for a moment before turning swiftly around and meeting his father’s piercing gaze. “I’ve come to collect you for lunch, your mother has arrived and insisted we all gather,” he didn’t sound to keen on the idea, not that Lance was but, at least he could stand to be around his mother.

It takes a few seconds for Lance to remember how to speak, “Uhh yeah, it must’ve slipped my mind,” he runs a hand through his hair messily before turning back to you. “I was just saying goodbye to my…friend, then I’ll get dressed.” He nods for you to stand up, beckoning you quickly to the door before you could be roped into his messed up life.

“And here I thought you’ve changed,” Lance’s father began and made you stop in your tracks, Lance sighs heavily. “Why can’t you find a nice girl, instead of these groupies, life isn’t about alcohol and fucking, Harry.”

“Spare me the lecture, you’re the one that cheated, not mum.” Lance snapped back, “she isn’t a groupie either, she’s… working for me,” he doesn’t have to look at you to know how uncomfortable you are, he can feel it.

Harry Senior, shakes his head. “Hookers don’t work for you, Harry.” Lance hears you scoff at the mention of the word hooker, he wants to laugh, he’s been with and seen hookers; you were definitely not one of those.

“She’s not a hooker, babe.” Sabrina, his new wife smiles, “that’s his girlfriend, obviously. He didn’t want you to know, meeting the parents is always scary, look at how protective he got over her.” Lance watched as his dad’s posture changed, straightening his back as he glanced you over, analysing you and Lance didn’t like that.

“That’s quite the accusation, he hasn’t had a girlfriend in years, is she your girlfriend?” The stare he received after the question had Lance stammering for an answer, apparently, the word ‘no’ no longer existed.

“Yes, she is.” Lance found himself saying in a moment of weakness, “I…-” he’s cut off by his dad, who walks around him and to you, extending a hand your way.

“Harry Tucker, the third,” you look at Lance over his father’s shoulders with wide eyes, raised eyebrows and a look of shock. “This is my wife, Sabrina.”

Lance watches as you shake his dad’s hand in silence for a few seconds, “Uh-I’m Y/N Y/L/N.” His dad stares at Lance, as you hug Sabrina, his eyes are piercing through him almost. He recognised that look, the same look he received when he won that silver once; disappointment and disgust. You weren’t good enough for his son or maybe, that’s just how his dad looks at him, neither answer would surprise him. 

“You should accompany us to lunch,” Lance already begins to excuse you from that awkwardness, “nonsense, I insist. She must meet your mother, get dressed, we’re leaving in twenty minutes.” Harry nods before opening the door and leaving with Sabrina behind him.

It’s silent as Lance watches the door close, not really believing what had happened just now, it only becomes reality when you start yelling at him. He didn’t really have any excuse other than his dad scared the shit out of him, he could never form a sentence around him and he was always intimidated, even as a child; the way his dad would glare if he messed up, you’d think he would have become the perfect son.

“I don’t know what just happened,” Lance admitted quickly, “he’s just really intimidating sometimes, I couldn’t think and… you should’ve left when I told you to.”

Oh, so it’s my fault.” You asked, E/C eyes full of rage, “I didn’t come here to play your girlfriend, Lance, or should I say… Harry!” You poked his chest firmly, he slapped your hand away with a slight glare. “Fuck, Lance, I can’t stay here. I can’t have lunch and meet your parents, this is insane. You have, to tell the truth,” you panic to him.

Lance exhales slowly, biting his lip as he thinks everything over. “Okay, listen, I can’t tell my dad I lied. He’ll give me the lecture, it’s one weekend, one lunch. I’ll… pay you!”

“I’m not pretending to be your girlfriend, Lance Tucker.” He rolls his eyes, “you know how stupid this sounds? One day ago you couldn’t stand me, now I’m here being asked to be your fake girlfriend and get paid…this is ridiculous,” Lance crosses his arms and raises an eyebrow. “How much?”

“How much do you want?”

Lance watches as you debate a little with yourself. “I’ve got to buy new books, at least, four hundred dollars worth.” Lance frowns, “I don’t want to ask for too much and have you laugh at me for it.”

“I’ll round it up to five hundred, think of it has compensation. You don’t mention this to anyone, got it? Last I need is you running your mouth,” you shrug and Lance finally looks at you for real. You’re in a denim jacket plus blue skinny jeans, your hair up and hardly any make-up, you’re pretty but not dressed correctly. “You got clothes with you? Like a dress?” You shake your head and he sighs.

“What’s wrong with my outfit?” You place a hand on your hip jutting it out with a sour expression; your attitude was going to be a problem too but he couldn’t fix that. 

“Everything, you can’t have lunch with my mother and be dressed like that,” he walks off and towards his room. “I’ll have the hotel send something up, what’s your size?” He turns and looks at you, “nevermind, you’re like a ten. Do something with your hair,” he slips back into his room, hearing you follow behind him.


Lance paces in front of the walk-in wardrobe doors, hearing you grumble to yourself about the dress and him, mostly him. He hated that you were roped into this, his life, it was embarrassing and humiliating. He tried, so hard, to remove himself from his home life because of his father. The man was cold, cruel and manipulative, everything that Lance tried to not be but ended up being like his mother; competitive, in every sense of the word and egotistical.

Growing up with Harrison Tucker as a father was torture. Lance had to be like him, he had to be a great athlete, the best. Even that isn’t good enough; he wins one silver amongst his many golds and instantly he’s a failure.

“So, you’re name is Harry?” He hears your voice through the doors.

“Yeah, after my dad and his dad, and his dad before him.” Lance rolls his eyes, crossing his arms, “It’s like some stupid tradition, my middle name is Lancelot, my mother liked it and I decided since there’s already one Harry Tucker on the scene.” He explained leaning against the wall as he waited for you.

It’s a few silent seconds. “And the woman beside your dad… guessing, not your sister.”

He laughed loudly. “No, definitely not. My parents divorced when I was sixteen, he was messing around with a young gymnast, of age, not that it mattered. Anyway, Sabrina is his third or fourth wife. My mum always turns up to his awards because she thinks it’s important for us to still be a family, she’s twisted that way,” He shrugs to himself, “she was always better at business relationships than actual relationships; I rarely see her outside her office,” he trails off and stares at the wall ahead.

“That sounds rough,” he hears the doors slide open, “explains a lot about you, to be honest.” He rolls his eyes and glances at you, raising his eyebrows. “What’d ya think? Will this fool them now?”

Shamelessly he let his eyes trail over your body, he may still hate you, but he wasn’t one to pass up the opportunity of appreciating a female’s body. The bodycon dress was a royal blue, off the shoulder and mid-length, it fit you perfectly, a little too perfectly. When he, finally, let his eyes drift back to yours, you were glaring a little, only making his cocky grin grow.

“I’m setting rules,” he raised an eyebrow at that, “No getting too handsy; an arm around the waist is my limit, Tucker. I am not kissing you, ever, even being your fake girlfriend. Are we clear?” You asked sternly, he shrugged a shoulder in reply, “No, are we clear? I can leave, right now and not help you. I guess, your father already told your mother that you have a girlfriend, so are we clear?”

“Fucking Christ, we’re good. I don’t want to kiss you anyway, even faking it.” He watched as you rolled your E/C eyes at him, brushing a piece of Y/H/C hair behind your ear. “Let’s go, they’re waiting for us.”

He leads you out of the door and to the elevators, a nervous fluttering happening in his stomach. He always got like this when having to be around his parents, it was heightened a lot more with you next to him, having anyone meet his parents was sickening. He always avoided it, never told them when he had girlfriends because they’d run for the hills; if it wasn’t because of them getting fed up his arrogant ways, his parents would chase them off, for sure.  

“I’m nervous,” you admit to him and he scoffed, hiding his own behind the facade he built himself. “I’ve never had to meet someone’s parents before.” He frowned and looked down at you, you didn’t look at him, eyes remaining on the elevator doors. “It’s only for lunch, I’m actually a good actor, I got an A for theatre in school.” You mainly told yourself.

“Why are you doing this?” He asked abruptly, you finally looked up at him but the doors open before you can answer, people waiting for you to walk out. He sighs gently and escorts you through the crowd and towards the outside pool, where his parents are meeting for lunch.

The sun shines on the beautiful pool, people splashing and swimming around, more sunbathing on the loungers. His eyes land on a table by the bar, his father and mother sat, not talking as Sabrina yaps away about something uninteresting. His eyes connect with his mother’s, who smiles brightly and she hadn’t changed a day. She had aged, grey hairs that were mostly caused by the stress, blue eyes like his and an infectious smile- like yours- he shook that thought away.

“Lancelot,” she called and waved, standing up and walking to him. He met her with a hug, you trailing behind. “Look how you’ve grown,” she grinned looking at her son, “you look so handsome, of course, my genetics.” He chuckled at that, “I’m angry with you, by the way,” she tells him and he frowns. “I had to hear from your father that you’ve got a girlfriend! Hello, dear, I’m Erin.” He rolls his eyes as his mother pulls you in for a hug.

“Harry wasn’t supposed to meet her, she came as a last minute thing for me,” Lance explained, only being ignored as his mother fusses over you with a happy smile, taking your hand and leading you to the table. He trailed behind helping both, you and his mother, into chairs before sitting beside you.

It was awkward as his mother ordered more drinks, a sly comment of her drinking habits from his father, this was going to be the worst experience of his life. 

“So, how did you two meet? I want details.” His mother grins and Lance chokes a little on his drink, shit, he hadn’t thought about the questions she would ask.

(I had to cut this because it became too long, that’s why it ended kinda choppy. Anyway, I got this idea from my friend Amber, my original idea has altered, meaning instead of ten chapters it’s gonna be around twenty; thank her for that lol. Let me know what you think, so far. - Rosalee) 

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fuckin tell me my wife, an ace, doesn’t face the same issues I, a pan, face. Fucking tell me it right to my goddamn face you little fucker. How you ace discourse shitstains treat her sexuality is easily on par with the shit other sexualities face. You are the attackers now. You are the queerphobic beasts. You are the a b u s e r s.
I will fight you worthless bastards in your own front yards. Don’t you ever tell me my goddamn best friend ain’t LGBT. Shes queer, and so am I. And I’ll kick your acephobic ass.

Love Me Not

King George x Female Reader


Word Count: 3663

Request: Hey there! I wanted to ask for a King George X Reader in which the reader is a princess in an arranged marriage with George but she hates him. But then she sees the soft side of him and falls in love. (LOVE YOUR WRITING BTW)

A/N: Wow this was a fun trope to write. Disclaimer: this takes place in a not real country, because then I can make up the politics and trade deals to my digression.

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Dropping by pt 4

Helping hunters with research and patching them up brings them to your house at all hours of the day & night. But what happens when your close friends , the Winchesters, are the ones showing up? What happens when a certain Winchester crawls into bed with you ?
 Warnings : swearing, flirting, slight smut.

Pairings :  Dean x reader

   You wake up to the sound of your shower the next morning. You know it’s Dean in there, mainly because Sam uses the guest one. Letting out a yawn you roll yourself around your bed, trying to wake yourself up . You end up laying where Dean had slept, his scent still lingering. A plan shoots in your head, ,making you fly out of bed. He did say he’d get me in the shower one day , time to play. You are dead set on sticking to this game until either A.) Dean doesnt want to play anymore. Or B) You figure out if this really is just a game for him. No feelings behind it.

   You slowly walk into your bathroom, stripping off your tee & underwear . You pull the shower curtain back ,and step into the shower. Deans eyes lock on yours, but neither of you break the silence. You step as close as you can to him, bringing you flush against him. You keep eye contact with him while he shoots you a “ What the hell are you up to ?” look. You pull your bottom lip between your teeth , as you reach behind him to grab the shampoo off the shelf. “ Hope you don’t mind Dean, just figured i’d save some water.” You toss his own words at him effortlessly. He doesnt reply, just watches as you wash your hair. He stays quiet through everything, until you start with the body wash . You squeeze a giant glob in your hand, and start lathering your body . You start at your neck, sliding your hands over your breasts. You see Deans lips part, and you know your getting to him. Go hard or go home , right?   You start massaging your breasts with the body wash , until your hands glide down to the curve of your hips . You turn yourself so your back is to Dean, and start lathering your butt. You start at the bottom of your butt cheeks, lifting them so they bounce, then move to cover the rest. You hear groans escape Deans mouth ,that’s when you know you’ve got him. You turn back around, showing an innocent smile , while you wash the suds off your body . Deans cock looks painfully hard, & its driving you insane not touching him in some way or having him touch you. “ What’s wrong Dean? You haven’t said a word to me” You pout , he looks in your eyes before he speaks. “ I meant what I said last night, i’m sorry . But im not losing this game.”.” I hate you . You step closer to him again, placing your hands on his waist. “ Are you sure about that?” You ask , you move your hand down to his erection, swiping your finger over the slit. He lets out a whimper, as you start moving your hand at a steady pace along his cock.“ You could fuck me right now Dean, hold me against the wall and pound into me. You could feel my breasts bounce against you , and my pussy tightening around your dick . Like it did last night. Didn’t you like how I felt for those couple seconds last night D?” You whisper In his ear before you lick a line down his neck. By now you have him pushed against the wall in your shower, his head leaning back against it. “ Well Dean, didnt you?” You ask “ Of course I did Y/n, you felt so good wrapped around me like that .” You feel his dick start to twitch , so you let it go. You hear him let out a frustrated sigh , earning a giggle from you . “ You’re not winning this Dean.”  As you’re about to step out of the shower, Dean pulls you back in. Your back slaps against his chest, making you release a squeak. Dean chuckles, and places his head on your shoulder. “ Looks like you weren’t fast enough sweetheart” He holds you against him with one hand on your waist, while the other goes to your chest. He rolls your right nipple between his fingers. He switches off , toying with your left nipple next. Your head is resting back against his shoulders as you bite down on your lip. He moves both hands to your waist now , and whirls you around to face him. His green eyes are blown black with lust, and cheeks flushed. You’re pretty positive you  look the exact same. You can feel your wetness between your legs, but try to ignore it. Dean holds his gaze on you as he backs you up against the shower wall .When your back hits the wall, he cages you in with his arms. He moves closer , and begins kissing from your earlobe, down your neck until he hits your chest. He swirls his tongue around your nipple , starting to suck on it while his hand kneads at your other breast. Loud whimpers are pouring out of your mouth as he switches back and forth between your boobs.  I could probably just get off from him doing this. holy Hell.   Dean moves along from your chest, kissing down your stomach until he reaches the apex of your thighs. He’s down on his knees infront of you ,and you are praying he stops there.  If his mouth goes any further, I’m done for  . This is so not fair.   Dean grabs behind your knee, lifting your leg to place it over his shoulder.  Well, that’s it.  You put both hands in his hair , but you cant decide if your going to pull him closer, or push him away .  Before you decide, his tongue is on you. He lightly licks through your slit, pulling a loud gasp from you. He looks up  to send you a classic Dean smirk, then dives in. He harshly sucks at your clit, making you tug at his hair. You can feel him moan against you, and it only turns you on even more. His tongue is relentless against your pussy , as he licks and sucks at it . Alternating between the two , then adding his fingers. He thrusts two of his fingers into you at almost a violent pace, your body reacts by arching away from the wall , pushing his face deeper into you. “ Dean , don’t stop ” You whimper out, he complies, he brings you to the edge of an orgasm. Then abruptly pulls away . You slump against the wall, out of breath . Dean stands back up , turning the cold shower off. You stay quiet as you catch your breath, but he’s still watching you.   What a bastard. I hate this fucking game.  You send him a smug smile, and get out of the shower. You both wrap towels around your bodies , but before he walks out of the bathroom, you grab his hand. I wonder how he’ll react to more intimate things .   You pull him towards you , into a passionate ,slow kiss.  You feel the butterflies in your stomach start to flutter like crazy . He doesn’t resist, just melts his lips against yours as they slowly move together. You have one hand laced in his hair, and the other resting on his chest. He pulls your closer to him to deepen the kiss. You lick at his bottom lip, asking for entrance, and he grants it . The kiss is slow, deep and passionate ; how you imagine people in love kiss . When the kiss ends, you pull away ,but not far . You keep your lips close to his, and nudge your nose against his . He smiles, letting out a light chuckle.  “ What was that for Princess?” he asks, his lips barely graze yours as he speaks. “ Just because. "  He smiles even brighter.   Well, that went better than expected.  You never thought Dean would be okay with such an intimate kiss. It wasn’t hot & fast like the other times you’ve kisses recently. This was different, you kissed him as if all your feelings for him were being revealed within the actual kiss. He didn’t pull away like you thought he’d do, he put back just as much effort. Which makes you think maybe this is more than a game to him. You decide to keep doing things like that, things that could be considered more intimate than sex.  Hopefully this works.

   A  couple days pass,   & the game continues between the two of you. After the kiss in your bathroom, you gave in & told Sam whats been happening. He responded with a grin & , ” I told you so" . But you explained your new plan, about doing all the intimate gestures to see how Dean responds. Sam just stuck by his idea that Dean does have feelings for you , just that you are both idiots. You haven’t tried anything intimate with Dean yet, but that’s changing today .

   You wake up to Deans arm draped over your waist, just like every morning the past week. Usually you either start your game & tease him , or just get out of bed . Today , you’re switching it up a bit. You turn yourself over, so you’re facing him , & plant a kiss on his nose. Dean scrunches his face, but begins to wake up. You continue planting kisses on various spots on his face, until you reach his lips. When you make it to his plush, pink lips you leave a lingering kiss. He grunts, but as you pull away , his lips chase after yours. You feel yourself blushing at his action . You kiss him again, slow & passionate like the one in your bathroom. His lips are molded to yours, slowly moving in sync. You part from his lips to catch your breath , Dean has a smile on his face . You can’t help but smile back , “ Goodmorning D .” You whisper. You lean up , giving his lips a quick peck  . You adjust yourself so you’re nuzzling into his chest . He just pulls your body into his, leaving a gentle kiss on your head. 

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     “ Mmm I could get use to this. ” he grumbled quietly. But you still catch It.  A smile blooms across your face at the thought of waking up to Dean like this everyday . A knock on your door rips you out of your day dream .  “ Come in , ” you mumble, neither of you move away from the position you’re in. Sam walks in, taking In the sight before him. He chuckles, before speaking. “ As much as I hate to break this up , I think we need to go back to the bunker today Dean.” Your eyes shoot open, you lean up to look at Dean .He’s glaring at Sam, with an agitated look on his face. “ And why do you think that Sammy?"  he asks, his voice was laced with annoyance & sleepiness. You feel your heart drop at the thought of them leaving you again .


  "  We’ve been here a week , don’t you think Y/n is getting sick of us ? Plus I found us a hunt closer to home. ”For Christ sakes Sam, you just had to look for a hunt.  “ I’m not sick of either of you” You squeak out. Both brothers laugh , but you feel Dean take in a deep breath .  You hold your breath, waiting for his answer even though you already know it. “ Alright Sammy, lets pack and get on the road. "  You shut your eyes tight, hoping Deans going to say he’s kidding. But he doesn’t.  You push yourself away from Dean , and get out of bed. You send Sam a sad smile as you pass him and step towards your bathroom.  You shut the door behind you, locking it, and slide down until your sitting against It.   You didn’t consider what would happen when they left. You weren’t completely clueless though, you knew they were going to leave eventually. You just wanted it to be after you figured Dean out.  It takes you a couple minutes to collect yourself, but you finally make your way back out to your room.  When you do ,Dean is sitting on the edge of your bed, dressed already , with his head in his hands.  You move yourself in front of him , and clear your throat. ” I think Sammy’s waiting for you D. “  The faster he leaves, maybe the less painful itll be for me.  He looks up, showing you the look of confliction on his faces. He pulls your body to him, laying his faces against your stomach . You run your fingers through his hair &play with it.   You can feel your eyes start to tear up .

 How did we go from playing around to this? 

  You never like being apart from the boys in the first place, but now it was for an entirely different reason. Dean pulls his head back to look at you .  ” You gotta go D, there’s a hunt, that means there is people that need saving. That’s where you & moose come in.“ You try to lighten the mood, and succeed. Dean smiles and laughs. He stands up, hands still on your waist . You feel his hands leave your waist, and you take it as your cue to move, but you’re wrong. Dean moves his hands to cup your face, bringing it to his for an earth shattering kiss. His warm lips are melting to yours as they dance together in the most perfect way . Your hands are fisted in the sides of his shirt, trying to bring him as close to you as possible. The kiss never turns fast, it stays slow and gentle. You feel yourself pouring your emotions into it again, but this time you feel like Deans copying the action .  You both pull away , chests heaving for air. He slowly tucks back a piece of your hair that managed to fall in your face .

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” Dean are you ready ?“ You hear Sam call from the hall, Dean slowly moves away from you . He doesn’t make eye contact, just grabs his bag and walks out.  You follow him to the front room where Sam is waiting. Sam pulls you into a suffocating hug, leaving a kiss on your head as you struggle against him.” Jesus Christ Sammy, are you trying to kill me!?“ You exclaim as he lets you go. He lets out a snort, & ruffles your hair.” We’ll keep in touch y/n .Stay out of trouble.“ He points his finger at you . You roll your eyes ,” Okay Dad, “ As he walks away you can see his shoulders shaking from laughter.  You turn to face Dean next. You can see a shift in his body , he wasn’t relaxed how he was just a few minutes ago. His shoulders are tense again, and his lips are in a tight line.  Back in hunter mode, of course.  ” Bye Deano . “ You say shyly . You fidget with your hands, not knowing what to do . Dean moves forward, gives you a quick hug,then leaves. A permanent frown forms on your face.” See ya around Kiddo" He says over his shoulder. You flinch at the nickname. His voice was stoic, there was humor, no emotion. That’s when you knew, it  was just a game fore him after all. Silly me. You watch as the Impala disappears down your street, silent tears rolling down your cheeks.

     About a week has gone since the boys left, no word from either of them . You’re life went back to normal , dealing with other hunters, researching and patching up . Dean was on your mind more than you like to admit, but you can’t help it.

        It was a quiet day , you spent most of last night helping a hunter look for ways to take a clan of demons. You’re tired, but don’t want to sleep . You decide to make a trip into town for a booze run .It only took about 20minutes until you are already almost back home, when you turn onto your street , you see 3 men, walking around the perimeter of your house.That’s weird, I didn’t get a call that anyone was coming.  You pull up to your house, but not in the driveway  . You have a sinking feeling in your stomach that the men waiting for you aren’t hunters. The one standing in front of your garage connects his gaze with yours, his eyes flash black. You step on the gas pedal, high tailing it out of there.    What the hell is happening, how did they find me ?  You had your house warded, Castiel wouldn’t of even been able to find it if he didn’t already know where you live. So how did they ? You start to panic ,trying to decide to who call. The first person in your mind is Dean, but your pride wont let you. Not after the way his demeanor seemed to change when they left , you don’t want to be anywhere near him.   You come up with the perfect person to call  . You call Garth first, so he can let the other hunters know you aren’t able to help them for the time being. Then you make the important call.The phone rings 4 times before they pick up ,“ y/n? it’s been a while ! “ Hearing the sweet voice calms your nerves. ” Hey Jody , I’ve got a situation ..“

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God damn it. I was minding my business in a craft store and smacked in the face with the chalkboard section having Bad Wolf left scattered in the aisle. I can’t escape you Dr. Who fucks even in the middle of God forsaken strip mall art shop. Is there anywhere you are not? How do fandoms keep escaping the internet and finding me irl.

STUDY BUDDY // masterlist

Request: Could you maybe write a little short one shot of Kylo helping you, his study buddy, with homework? And he is actually just doing it to spend time with you and legit has no clue how to do the work 😂 thanks I love you and I’m on part 27 of soul mate RN and I’m dying

A/N: Sorry this one took so long! I jump around from requests and don’t do them in order….I really want them to come out good and write them when an idea hits. Thanks for the request anon and I hope you survived Soul Mate!

Warning: None

Word Count: 1.3K+

College was possibly the only schooling you looked forward to most of your life. It wasn’t like you hated school, you just weren’t a big fan of the long and early hours and daily homework’s along with the scheduling. Possibly why college wasn’t so bad on you. Although many people scared you about how tough it’d be throughout your high school years, it ended up not being as bad.

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Dress Pt.1 (Laf x Reader)

Word Count: 1,828

Warnings: Swear words, Kinda Angst

Author’s Note: This is my first fic, so tell me how it is! Also let me know if you want a part 2 because I have plans of where I want this to go. Enjoy!

Part 2

“Y/N are you here?” you were snapped out of your day dream by Alexander waving his ink stained hands in front of your face. “Hmmm” you said shoving his hands out of your face. You were sitting at a table in your university’s library staring at a special someone. “I can’t believe you like him” Alexander said once you turned to face him. “What do you mean?” “Well, it’s so obvious that you like Thomas Y/N. What do you see in that bastard anyways?” He scoffed. You looked down at your textbook to hide the blush that had begun to rise to your cheeks. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, just tutor me Alex. I don’t even know why I decided to take this damn history class, I don’t even need it for my major…” you mumbled to no one in particular. “Let me remind you, you took the class because THOMAS was in it.” Alex hissed. “You know what Alex just shut up and teach me history.” you said turning to a blank page in your notebook.

You settled with your group of friends at a picnic table outside your university’s entrance for lunch. “Mon ami, you haven’t touched your food. Are you alright?” Lafayette asked with a concerned look on his face. “Yeah Y/N, you look sick” John chimed in. “Wow thanks guys, I’m just tired.” you mumbled into your sandwich. “She is sick, LOOOOVVEE SICKKKKK” Alexander sang. “WHAT NO WAY!” Hercules said with his mouth full. Just as Alex opened his mouth to tell the guys who you had been mooning over, you shoved your fingers into his mouth. “AGgghgh” Alex said as he spit out your fingers. You gave him the finger and leaned in to whisper in his ear: “you say the name and I’ll have you de-balled by tomorrow”. You leaned out with a pleasant smile on your face while Alex’s facial expression was that of absolute horror. “Awww, come on Y/N. Tell us we won’t tell anyone. We’ll help you!” John said enthusiastically. Hercules was eagerly nodding his head while Alex and Lafayette silently ate their soups with smirks on their faces. You made the motion of locking your mouth shut and throwing away the key. Thankfully the conversation shifted to French homework. Since you didn’t take French you occupied yourself on your phone looking at the news. Once the boys saw you dazed, Alex said “il est le bâtard qui porte velours pourpre” (it’s the bastard who wears purple velvet). “Quelle!” Lafayette gasped. He whispered the name to John who passed it onto Hercules. Once everyone knew, they stared intently at you. Feeling as if laser beams were going through you, you looked up to see the boys looking at you smirking. “ALEX… I swear to god…” you began before you were cut off by Lafayette who said: “Mon ami, we all know, it’s ok. Besides we’ll help you get that bastard.” “I hate you guys, you know that?” you mumbled looking at your hands. “There he is!” Herc said as you saw Thomas and James walk out of Thomas’s black Audi. You groaned as they nudged you and ‘oohh’ed. You expected all of that to come out of them “THOMAS” Lafayette called out. You shot your head up and looked at Lafayette with a face of shock. You, however, weren’t expecting that. Thomas hated all the boys except Lafayette, but it was ok because the feeling was mutual. He and James made their way over to your table. You began to panick. You had just admired him from afar, never actually talking to him. Heck you didn’t even know if he knew your name. You hurried to busy yourself with your phone. “Hey Laf” Thomas said with a smile. “Alex, John, Herc” he added on much less enthusiastically. All three of them responded with a head nod. “Oh, and hello, who is this pretty lady whom you’ve managed to snatch.” Thomas said smoothly. There was a reason he was known as a ladies man on campus. You stumbled and couldn’t form words in your head when Alex elbowed you in the stomach. “oh , um I’m Y/N” you said blushing, avoiding his eyes. Thomas gave a laugh as he nodded. “See you guys around” Thomas said over his shoulder as he began to walk into campus. You groaned and put your head down on the table. “That was embarrassing” you said to the table. “What? He was totally into you Y/N” John said. “Yeah, he called you a pretty lady” Herc laughed. “No, he does that to everyone” you replied still not being able to lift yourself off of the table. “Well I just got a text from him asking me for your number…” Laf taunted. “What!” you jerked your head off of the table. “Yup” he nodded typing furiously onto his iphone. A few minutes later you received a message from a new number.

Thomas: Hey Y/N, this may seem sudden, but you’re absolutely gorgeous. Was wondering if you were free friday night?

“Guys, guys, guys… HE JUST ASKED ME OUT…” you basically screamed at them in shock. “QUELLE?” Laf said with just as much shock. The other boys had their jaws on the floor. “You guys are going to help me whether you like it or not. You dragged me into this mess…” you said smiling as you daydreamed of Friday night gathering your belongings back into your backpack. You quickly typed a response back to Thomas

Y/N: I just so happen to be free Friday. :)

Thomas: Alright I’ll pick you up at 7 babe

“BABE. HE CALLED ME BABE.” you screamed. The boys looked at you as you had a mini celebratory dance party. “Ok so for your first date you should definitely not go dancing” Alex teased. You playfully punched him in the arm daydreaming of Friday.


Thomas smirked at his phone showing it to James. “See? I told you I can get any girl.” he said arrogantly. Just moments ago, James had bet Thomas that he couldn’t get the shy Y/N to go out with him. Thomas put his hand in front of James, notioning for him to pay up. “Hold on, if you go on the date I’ll double the money” James said. Thomas thought about going on a date with you. He never thought much of you, but decided he would go just for the food. “Fine” Thomas said, shaking James’s hand.


Friday Night

“Should I wear this one or this one?” you asked the boys as you had an assortment of dresses lying on your dorm room floor. You didn’t know why you had bothered asking them as they were no help. You turned to Hercules, who was majoring in fashion design. “C’mon Herc, you’re studying this shit. Help a sister out.” you whined. He looked thoughtfully at your assortment of dresses. “The black one” he simply stated. You looked at him surprised. “Are you sure? I mean it’s a bit fancy…” and by a bit fancy you meant really fancy. It was a tight fitting knee length dress with a plunging neckline and a bare back. “You asked for the fashion major’s opinion and you got it” Herc said shrugging. You sighed and headed into the closet to go change. Once you managed to get the dress on, you stepped out and sat on the bed to put on your mary jane high heels. You slowly sat up and cleared your throat for the boys’ attention. They all looked up, and shock filled their eyes. “Dayum Y/N, get some” John said. Alex gave a whistle, and Herc smirked and said: “told ya”. Lafayette just stiffened, lying on your floor with this jaw on the floor. You looked at him and he seemed to snap out of it, he blushed and sheepishly looked at the floor. Alex saw the situation. “Well I guess your date is here” Alex said pushing you out of your dorm room. The black Audi was parked out front. You gave another look in the mirror. “How do I look?” you asked one last time. “I dunno, Laf what do you think” Alex asked smirking. Laf began to stutter and look flushed. “You look um, great, beautiful actually mon amou- ami. Ami” Laf managed to get out. You blushed at the compliment, looking up at Lafayette. Wow those eyes, you’d never noticed how entrancing his eyes were… you could get lost in those forever. Your eyes trailed down Lafayette’s face. As they landed on his lips you thought: ‘I wonder what it would feel like to have those on mine?’. Alex cleared his throat and you were snapped out of your thoughts. Oh my god, did you just think of kissing your best friend when you were going out with your crush? What had gotten into you? You had never noticed Laf in that way before. You decided not to think about your previous thoughts and to just have a good time with Thomas. It was what you always wanted. Right? You and Laf quickly looked away. “Well, I’d better get going…” you said as you headed for the door. “Be safe” Herc said. “And call us if that bastard tries to do something you’re not comfortable with” Alex added nudging you to the door. You smiled and walked out to the black Audi. As soon as you walked out of your dorm, the three boys all faced Lafayette and said “Spill”

“Wow so you’ve liked her this whole time?” John asked Lafayette. He begrudgingly nodded. “Then why’d you help her get with Thomas?” Alex asked. “Because I thought if Y/N started seeing someone else, I could move on. I’m not supposed to like her, you’re not supposed to love your best friend. We all see how it ends up in movies and books. I would rather be just friends than risk everything for my stupid feelings. But tonight when I saw her wearing that dress, I couldn’t help but think that I made a mistake. She should be wearing that dress for our first date, not for Thomas. I should be the one picking her up, and complimenting her on how good she looks. But she’s always wanted to go out with Thomas and if I get to see her happy, I’ll be happy…” Laf began to ramble when Alex cut in. “Did you just say you love Y/N?” “What? No!” Laf quickly responded. “No you did” all the boys responded. Lafayette just shook his head and looked out the window.


Thomas waited outside your dorm building as you hurried your way out. ‘This better be worth the money’ Thomas thought as he sat in his car. As he saw your figure approaching, he got out to open the passenger door for you. When you got closer he took a good look at you. ‘Shit’ he thought. ‘Y/N’s really hot’.

Redemption -- Draco Malfoy x Reader

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Summary: Sequel to ‘Traitors.’

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Author’s Note: This can be read as a stand-alone fic, but there is a preceding oneshot called Traitors. Check it out if you want, but it’s not entirely necessary. 

It had finally come to this. You were trapped against a wall, a Death Eater’s wand aimed straight at your heart. Evil eyes leered through the eyeholes of his mask, and a crooked yellow smile was widely spread across his face. He was tauntingly twirling your fallen wand in his hand. “Shame you have to die so young,” he drawled, though a flash of hungry excitement flashed in his eyes.

You swallowed hard, but refused to appear weak to this man. You expected an end like this. After all, you were fighting in a war. Death is a 40/60 chance in this fight, and in your current situation, the chances of survival were dwindling into single digits.

But you had fought a good fight up until this point, right? You Stupefied quite a number of Death Eaters on the way here, even put a good Bat-Bogey Hex on an unfortunate one. You did your part, which was to back up Harry. And now you were going to die for it. All in a day’s work, right?

If only you could get your mind to think that way.

You watched him raise his wand high, lips poised to form the dreaded words. You squeezed your eyes shut, waiting for the last spell you’ll ever hear in this life. But it didn’t come just yet. Instead, you heard rushed footsteps stop abruptly, followed by the Death Eater calling out, “Well, well, if it isn’t Lucius’s boy.”

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Before He Cheats.

(Can you do an imagine with either Tig or Happy based on the song Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood.)

Right now he’s probably slow dancing With a bleached-blond tramp And she’s probably getting frisky Right now, he’s probably buying Her some fruity little drink ‘Cause she can’t shoot whiskey

Right now, he’s probably up behind her With a pool stick Showing her how to shoot a combo And he don’t know

You sat on the other side of the bar with your best friend, Emily, sipping from your glass of whiskey and your eyes fixated on Tig in front of you. He didn’t know you were here, he’d left you at home after telling you some bullshit story about attending to club business. It had been happening most night for the last month, ever since Donna had been murdered, and you had finally paid attention to Emily’s accusations about Tig cheating on you. You’d been together for over three years, accepting the fact that he’d sleep with other girls on runs but he’d always reassured you that he would never sleep with someone else. He’d told you he loved you but that was clearly bullshit. You tipped your head back and downed your whiskey, beckoning the bartender over to you in order to refill your glass. You were beyond furious and the only thing stopping you from storming over to the blonde he was with and punching her was the fact you didn’t want to get sent to prison for aggravated assault.

“I’m really sorry he’s done this to you, Y/N,” Emily sighed, reaching out to touch your arm but clearly thinking better of it when she saw the anger burning in your Y/E/C eyes. “Do you want to go over and say something? We’ve been sat here in this dark corner well over an hour.”

“No, if I go near them then I’m gonna end up shoving that pool cue where the sun don’t shine,” You growled in reply, necking your drink and motioning for the bartender to just leave the bottle. “In fact I have a better idea. I’m going to make sure he never cheats on another girl ever again.”

“What are you going to do? Y/N, don’t forget that he’s the Sergeant-At-Arms of the Sons Of Anarchy. He could kill you if you piss him off too much,” Emily fretted, following your gaze to where Tig had now approached the bar with the girl and was buying her a Pina Colada. Of course she had to have a fruity drink, buying a girl whiskey would just remind him of you.

“They don’t kill women, Em, not even if they get pissed off at them,” You shrugged, knowing full well she was referring to the rumours that Donna Winston had been killed by one of the MC members rather than a niner. “He ain’t gonna be happy when he sees what I’m gonna to do to his beloved truck though.”

I dug my key into the side Of his pretty little souped-up 4 wheel drive Carved my name into his leather seat I took a Louisville slugger to both head lights Slashed a hole in all 4 tires And maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats

Climbing off the bar stool, you proceeded to push your way through the crowd of drunken people towards the exit. Emily quickly followed, her dark hair flowing behind her as she struggled to keep up with your long strides. Tig didn’t notice you passing behind him, his ice blue eyes focused on the blonde he was determined to sleep with before returning to the bed you shared later that night. After stepping outside you pulled your keys from your pocket, approaching the right side of Tig’s truck and proceeding to carve your name into the expensive paint job he’d had done a few days before. Emily protested behind you, telling you just to confront him rather than destroy the vehicle he loved so much. You let out a harsh laugh and wrenched the door open, retrieving the knife from under the seat and neatly carved your name into the soft leather he’d spent so much money on.

“Seriously, Y/N, are you sure you’re not going too far here?” Emily whimpered, glancing over her shoulder at the entrance to the karaoke before returning back to look at you and widen her dark eyes in disbelief. “Girl, you can’t seriously think slashing his tires is a good idea!”

“You’re right, it’s a fucking excellent idea. It means the guys will have to come pick him up and my brother will see how much of a piece of shit Tig really is,” You spat, stabbing the knife into the last tire and smiling at the hiss of air that filled your ears as the wheel began to deflate.

“We’re talking about Happy Lowman here, he’ll turn Tig into a new smiley tattoo on his stomach as soon as he finds out Tig looked at another girl, never mind cheated on you,” She laughed, folding her arms across the chest and shaking her head when she saw you retrieve the baseball bat from the back seat that Opie’s son, Kenny, had left there.

“Fucking. Cheating. Bastard. I. Fucking. Hate. You!” You growled as you swung the bat at the head lights, going on to bring it down onto the bonnet and leave dents in the sheet of metal.

Right now, she’s probably up singing some White-trash version of Shania karaoke Right now, she’s probably saying, “I’m drunk” And he’s a thinking that he’s gonna get lucky

Right now, he’s probably dabbing on 3 dollars Worth of that bathroom Polo Oh and he don’t know

You threw the bat on the floor and linked your arm with Emily’s, leading her back towards the bar with a smile spread across your face. Tig was nowhere to be seen when you entered the smokey room, but the blonde was up on the stage and belting out ‘Any Man Of Mine’ by Shania Twain. Emily couldn’t help but laugh next to you, tugging you towards the bar where the bartender immediately poured you a glass of whiskey and handed Emily another Cosmopolitan. You felt an overwhelming sense of relief course through your veins, glad that Tig would pay for breaking your heart. Nobody cheated on a Lowman and got away with it, not even another member of the club like Alexander Trager.

“Tig’s gonna be so pissed when he finds out what you did to his truck,” Emily smirked, sipping at her brightly coloured drink as you flipped through the contacts in your phone. “Y/N, what are you doing? You’re not ringing Happy, are you?”

“Oh no, I’m ringing someone that can piss Tig off easier than anyone else I’ve ever met,” You shot her a mischievous look, pressing the call button when you found who you were looking for and brought the cell phone to your ear.

The dial tone echoed for a couple of minutes, your eyes rolling at Kozik’s inability to answer his phone quickly. You knew that the best way to get at Tig was by getting it on with the one guy he hated more than anything in the world. It would probably be considered petty by anyone who was an outsider on the situation but your anger blindsighted you from any rational thinking. In that moment all you wanted to do was make Tig feel as shit as he’d made you feel, show him just how bad it felt to have someone you loved cheat on you. Tig passed behind you without noticing you and Emily were there, the smell of cheap aftershave filling your nostrils and you knew instantly that he’d paid a visit to one of the cheap vending machines in the men’s room. The only reason you knew this was because he’d done the exact same thing the first time you’d met and the pair of you’d ended up sleeping together that night.

“If it’s not the love of my life, my reason for breathing, the only thing that makes me happy to wake up every morning,” Kozik cried dramatically when he finally answered, your eyes rolling at the blonde’s stupidity. “What can I do for you on this fine evening, mini Lowman?”

“How would you feel about coming down to Dave’s Karaoke Bar and teaching Tig a little lesson?” You purred, knowing full well that he’d go along with it if it meant that it would wind Tig up, the fact you were a part of it was just a bonus for him.

“I’ll be there in twenty, sweetheart. I’ll text you when I’m outside and we can walk in together, make sure he doesn’t see you before then,” Kozik told you, ending the call before you could reply and leaving you sat there grinning deviously at your best friend.

That I dug my key into the side Of his pretty little souped-up 4 wheel drive Carved my name into his leather seat I took a Louisville slugger to both head lights Slashed a hole in all 4 tires And maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats

I might’ve saved a little trouble for the next girl ‘Cause the next time that he cheats Oh, you know it won’t be on me! No, not on me

“Hey Y/N, might I say that you are looking particularly hot tonight. If you’re single now, does this mean that we can finally have that pleasure filled night that I dream about so much?” Kozik called once he stepped off his bike, greeting you with a tight hug and a gentle kiss on top of your head.

“One day you’re gonna get an Old Lady and she’s not going to appreciate the fact you’re flirting with me all the time,” You smirked, stepping away from him and pointing to Tig’s truck. “Do you like the renovations I did on his truck?”

“It’s a work of art, my love,” Kozik chuckled, leaning forwards to see your name neatly carved into the beige leather. “Writing your name is a particularly nice addition, you know he’s gonna flip after how much he spent so much on it.”

The pair of you laughed as you made your way into the building, Kozik’s arm wrapped firmly around your waist and your head resting against his shoulder. You’d filled Emily in on your plan when you’d been waiting for Kozik to arrive, which meant that when she caught sight of you walk in, she yelled your name loudly to attract Tig’s attention. You waved at your best friend like you’d hadn’t spent most of the night with her, Kozik leaning down whisper in your ear that Tig wasn’t looking. You turned to face Kozik, his blue eyes meeting your own Y/E/C ones in an attempt to resemble all those cheesy romance movies the pair of you had watched together in the past. It wasn’t well known that Kozik was a big fan of romantic movies, in fact you were fairly sure that you were the only one that knew his favourite movie of all time was Titanic, having watched it with him a hundred times and laughed at the fact he cried every time.

“Then let’s make him really fucking jealous, get everyone staring at us. Come on,” You urged, grabbing his hand and pulling him into the middle of the dance floor that was overflowing with people. “We need to step this shit up, let’s dance like it’s your patch-in party all over again.”

“Baby, I thought we’d never be able to reenact that night again. Remind me to hit you up if I ever need to make someone jealous,” Kozik whispered once you turned away from him, his hot breath on your neck as you grinded on him.

“It ain’t happening, Blondie. This is a one time thing that works out for the both of us, you get to piss Tig off and I can teach him a lesson,” You replied honestly, dropping down quickly so you were crouching before pushing yourself against Kozik’s body as you slowly stood back up.

“Then I’m going to go all out,” He groaned, his hard-on pressing into your backside as you swayed your hips before he span you round so you were facing him. “If Happy asks then I had no say in the matter, you blackmailed me into doing this.”

You nodded slowly and grinding your hips against his own, his hands resting firmly on your ass as he leaned down to press his lips against yours. A small groan rumbled in his chest when you responded eagerly to the kiss, feeling nothing but platonic love got the man as the pair of you battled for dominance with your tongues. You continued to grind up against him during the kiss, swinging your hips in time to the music until Kozik was wrenched away from you by Tig. You opened your eyes to see Tig looking furious, squaring up to Herman who was just laughing in his face. Trust Kozik to laugh at a time like this, he often joked that Tig was a pussy whenever you’d been alone with him in the past but you had seen the pair of them fight and Kozik had already lost. Anger began to bubble inside you after you caught sight of the blonde girl leaning against the bar watching the whole interaction, causing you to step forwards and separate the two men that looked as though they were ready to hit each other.

“No!” You snapped at Tig, rounding on the curly haired man and barely acknowledging the fact that Kozik was snickering behind you at Tig’s slightly fearful expression. “If you get to fool around with people then so do I, or were you under the impression that you’re allowed to sleep with other girls and I have to remain faithful?”

“Babe, it’s not what it looks like,” Tig protested, stepping forward to try and touch you but recoiling after you practically growled at him. “She’s just a friend, you know I’d never do that to you!”

“You’re full of shit, you asshole. I’ve been here all night, don’t think I haven’t seen you trying to get in her pants since you walked through the door. Not to mention you reek of cheap aftershave, you’re pathetic, you know that?” You hissed, removing the chunk of leather you’d cut out of his car and dropping it into his hand.

“What the fuck is this? Wait… you didn’t,” He gaped, rushing out of the bar with both you and Kozik following before stopping short when he caught sight of his damaged car. “You fucking ruined my truck? Why the hell would you do this?”

“You’re kidding, right? This is what you get when you go fucking sluts behind my back, you piece of shit! Maybe next time you’ll think before you cheat!” You screamed, Kozik’s arms wrapping around you to hold you back when he saw that you were itching to punch Tig in the face.

“Cheat again? Wait, you think we’re going to stay together after you did all this to my truck?” He laughed harshly, whipping round to face you and tugging at his curls in an attempt to calm down. “You’re fucking nuts, you know that?”

“Oh baby, you wish. I meant when you go get yourself a new little girlfriend in a week or so, she’s gonna see my name carved into your seat and realise how disgusting you really are,” You cackled, gently taking Kozik’s hand and leading him over to where his bike was parked next to Tig’s truck.

You kicked the passenger door hard before climbing onto Kozik’s bike, leaving an impressive sized dent which angered Tig even more. You flipped him off with your middle finger before wrapping your arms around Kozik’s waist, resting your head against his back and feeling the vibrations against your cheek from Kozik’s uncontrollable laughter. He flicked the ignition and the bike roared to life, Tig staring at you as both you and Kozik rode out of the lot without a care in the world. As you rode through the streets of Lodi in the direction of Tacoma, only two things ran through your mind. The first was that Happy was going to lose his shit when he found out what happened, he’d yell at Tig for cheating on you and then at you and Kozik for what you had done that night. The second was a more satisfying thought. Tug had finally been taught a lesson for what he’d done, and maybe now he’d think before he cheated on any girls he dated in the future.

‘Cause I dug my key into the side Of his pretty little souped-up 4 wheel drive Carved my name into his leather seat I took a Louisville slugger to both head lights Slashed a hole in all 4 tires Maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats Oh, maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats Oh, before he cheats

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