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All these love triangles made me realize one thing: I need a Dean series, like real bad. Only Dean. Fully dedicated to Dean. All Dean. Everything that has to do with Dean.


Hmh yes, all of it. All of him.

No love triangles now, not at all. Not even to torture you… even if this pretty face is really asking for it. Look at him, he just wants the angst!

Even if he is so freaking adorable smiling. I mean, he’s adorable all the time but I’ll spare him the angst this time.

Whaaaat? Me about to write only fluff? ONLY FLUFF? Oh wow these exams DID mess up with me! Quick someone get my temperature, I must be sick. Alright, there will be action that’s for sure but Dean is going to be a puddle of protectiveness and cuteness. 

Oh and AU of course! I live for that! Bring the AU in!

I’m between detective and boss Dean. But there is also neighbor Dean there too and so many other versions if I look into it.

This fandom is so flipping sweet I instantly hated what I rushed to draw for my boys birthday and double rushed to doodles something slightly more tender. I hate ( love ) you all you talented bastards.

Not An Athlete (3/?) *Lance Tucker x Reader*

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Summary: You’re forced by your Athlete parents into taking a summer job, which becomes your full-time job as you balance university. Only the asshole you work for and help realises how much you do for him. He don’t like that, he don’t like you. Welcome to the world of Athletes, Lance Tucker is your tour guide. (I suck at summaries.)

Warnings: Explicit content, later on. Swearing, body shaming/ degrading language from Tucker. Asshole Tucker (I’m talking straight up rude.)

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Your mum once gave you advice, it wasn’t exactly handy advice at the time and you didn’t really understand why she gave it to you in the first place but you still took it in, still often think about it because it’s some good advice. She once told you that if you ever have an argument with your partner, you should go for a long drive, no destination and no one else just you. It’s meant to help clear your mind, let you drive your feelings out and really think about what was said and what you want to say. You’ve done that, many times, over mostly friends but it worked.

You can’t say it’s working well for Tucker. The closer you got to Las Vegas the angrier you become, the more irrational your thoughts got, you were white-knuckling the steering wheel as you glared at the welcome sign to Las Vegas. You have no idea, how in the hell, Lance got your number and what possessed him to phone you; doesn’t he have friends? A girlfriend? One of his booty-calls that could’ve picked him up?

You pulled up to Caesar Palace, it was a little much. The fountain, the valet that gave a judgemental look at your old Volvo. The outside, although grand, couldn’t compete with the interior design of the palace. The marble floors, the gold lining and decor, and the columns: it was breathtaking. You walked to the reception, oil paintings behind the gold-mirrored desk, everything just screamed pretentious but yet, it was impressive. You pulled the denim jacket you wore closer to your body, the woman grinning from ear-to-ear at you.

“Hello, welcome to Caesars Palace, what can I do for you this morning?” Her name tag stating that her name is Sara.

“Hey, I’m here to pick up a guest, I don’t know what room he is in or if he’s under his name,” she nodded as you looked utterly dumbfounded, “the name is Lance Tucker and he requested me for pick-up, for some reason.” She nodded as she typed onto a keyboard, looking at a screen.

She picked up a phone just beside her and dialled a number, grinning at you as she waited for whoever to pick up the phone, it’s a few short, awkward, seconds of silence. “Hello, Mr Tucker. This is reception calling, a guest is here for you, a young female.” You tap the counter absent-mindedly. “Should I send her up?” is the next question, “she said you were expecting her, okay, I’ll be sure to do so.” Sara puts the phone down, “he’s in one of our penthouse suites, in the Palace Tower, I’ll have someone escort you.”

You followed a young male, a bell-hop, through the building. You had only ever seen pictures of Caesars Palace, it was bigger than you expected, at every turn, there was something to look at and admire. Pools and spas, plus showrooms and obviously, casinos; no wonder Lance came all the way here. You were shown right to the door, where he swiped a keycard and let you in, telling you to enjoy your stay.

The penthouse, well, it was bigger than your entire apartment. It had a balcony the size of your kitchen, bigger from where you were standing. Black marble floors, the furniture looked brand new, and it had its own kitchen; not that you expected Lance to be cooking whilst here since they have Gordon Ramsay’s Bar & Grill. You could see it went off in three different directions; you looked down one hallway, seeing a door slightly ajar, hoping that Lance was somewhat decent you walked down towards it. 

You pushed the door open, it was dark with the shutters down and a body was laid in bed, you assumed it was Tucker. 

“Tucker, wake up!” You yelled and heard him grumble his reply, a muffled ‘fuck you’ being thrown in. “No, get the fuck up, I didn’t drive all the way here for you to treat me like shit. Get up now!” You flicked the light switch on, you could just see his brown, messy hair from under the plush duvets before you walked back out of the room calling his name again.

You sat on the barstool when Lance finally emerges, eyes still half shut and squinting against the bright lights, his hair a mess and only grey sweat pants that were hanging low on his hips; how the hell was they staying up was a good question. His eyebrows were furrowed as he looked at you, he blinked rapidly as he sat on the cream sofa.

“Why the fuck are you here?” He asked, voice still hoarse from just waking up and scratchy from whatever drinks he consumed last night when he texted you.

You sighed with annoyance. “Of course, drunk texts, I shouldn’t have bothered. You text me asking for me to come get you, you threatened my job.” He was still frowning before he sighed, head falling into his hands as his elbows rested on his knees. “Why did you call me? Don’t you have friends to come get you? Aren’t they here with you?” You glanced around, looking back at the hunched over Lance.

“You’d be the only one that would actually show up, you need your job,” he muttered, “it was an easy bribe.” He lifted his head, hands covering his mouth as he stared right at the blank flat screen TV. “I drank a lot last night.” He sighed to mostly himself.

You crossed your arms, “I’ll bite the bait,” he looked at you with an unreadable expression. “Why did you need me to come pick you up, you’re in Las Vegas, isn’t this your ideal hunting ground?” His lips curved up at that comment but set back into a frown; he slouched against the back of the sofa, arms crossing over his chest.

“…I came here for an event, it’s kind of a big deal but…” he trailed off, a look you haven’t ever seen on Lance before, well, he never really showed anything but a smirky confident idiot. This was different, by far, it was shyness and embarrassment. “My parents are here, celebrating my father, forty-six years of being in the sports industry.” An edge of bitterness harshened his words, he wasn’t looking at you but you could tell he felt vulnerable; exposing a side of him like this.

“Isn’t this meant to be a fun occasion? A party?” He rolled his steely blue eyes at you, chuckling lightly at that.

He shakes his head, “You haven’t met my parents. You hate me, you would loathe them, I can’t stand the bastard and my mum isn’t any better. I guess, last night it got to me.” It’s silent, “You should probably go. Before they get back, don’t speak of this, to anyone. Got it?” 

Before you can answer that the penthouse’s front door opens. A couple walks through, talking amongst themselves, the older male looks a little like Lance but the woman looked a little young to be his mother, maybe his sister? 

The male had slicked back, dark hair, and piercing, hooded eyes with a grey suit. He was old, obviously but he was tall and very lean, clearly he still kept in shape despite his age. The woman beside him was small, tanned and young, you could say, younger than you! She was skinny, really skinny but had great… assets. You weren’t one to judge but you felt insecure in front of this girl. 

Lance’s P.O.V

“Harry, you’re up.” Lance froze on the spot at the sound of his father’s voice, he glanced to you for a moment before turning swiftly around and meeting his father’s piercing gaze. “I’ve come to collect you for lunch, your mother has arrived and insisted we all gather,” he didn’t sound to keen on the idea, not that Lance was but, at least he could stand to be around his mother.

It takes a few seconds for Lance to remember how to speak, “Uhh yeah, it must’ve slipped my mind,” he runs a hand through his hair messily before turning back to you. “I was just saying goodbye to my…friend, then I’ll get dressed.” He nods for you to stand up, beckoning you quickly to the door before you could be roped into his messed up life.

“And here I thought you’ve changed,” Lance’s father began and made you stop in your tracks, Lance sighs heavily. “Why can’t you find a nice girl, instead of these groupies, life isn’t about alcohol and fucking, Harry.”

“Spare me the lecture, you’re the one that cheated, not mum.” Lance snapped back, “she isn’t a groupie either, she’s… working for me,” he doesn’t have to look at you to know how uncomfortable you are, he can feel it.

Harry Senior, shakes his head. “Hookers don’t work for you, Harry.” Lance hears you scoff at the mention of the word hooker, he wants to laugh, he’s been with and seen hookers; you were definitely not one of those.

“She’s not a hooker, babe.” Sabrina, his new wife smiles, “that’s his girlfriend, obviously. He didn’t want you to know, meeting the parents is always scary, look at how protective he got over her.” Lance watched as his dad’s posture changed, straightening his back as he glanced you over, analysing you and Lance didn’t like that.

“That’s quite the accusation, he hasn’t had a girlfriend in years, is she your girlfriend?” The stare he received after the question had Lance stammering for an answer, apparently, the word ‘no’ no longer existed.

“Yes, she is.” Lance found himself saying in a moment of weakness, “I…-” he’s cut off by his dad, who walks around him and to you, extending a hand your way.

“Harry Tucker, the third,” you look at Lance over his father’s shoulders with wide eyes, raised eyebrows and a look of shock. “This is my wife, Sabrina.”

Lance watches as you shake his dad’s hand in silence for a few seconds, “Uh-I’m Y/N Y/L/N.” His dad stares at Lance, as you hug Sabrina, his eyes are piercing through him almost. He recognised that look, the same look he received when he won that silver once; disappointment and disgust. You weren’t good enough for his son or maybe, that’s just how his dad looks at him, neither answer would surprise him. 

“You should accompany us to lunch,” Lance already begins to excuse you from that awkwardness, “nonsense, I insist. She must meet your mother, get dressed, we’re leaving in twenty minutes.” Harry nods before opening the door and leaving with Sabrina behind him.

It’s silent as Lance watches the door close, not really believing what had happened just now, it only becomes reality when you start yelling at him. He didn’t really have any excuse other than his dad scared the shit out of him, he could never form a sentence around him and he was always intimidated, even as a child; the way his dad would glare if he messed up, you’d think he would have become the perfect son.

“I don’t know what just happened,” Lance admitted quickly, “he’s just really intimidating sometimes, I couldn’t think and… you should’ve left when I told you to.”

Oh, so it’s my fault.” You asked, E/C eyes full of rage, “I didn’t come here to play your girlfriend, Lance, or should I say… Harry!” You poked his chest firmly, he slapped your hand away with a slight glare. “Fuck, Lance, I can’t stay here. I can’t have lunch and meet your parents, this is insane. You have, to tell the truth,” you panic to him.

Lance exhales slowly, biting his lip as he thinks everything over. “Okay, listen, I can’t tell my dad I lied. He’ll give me the lecture, it’s one weekend, one lunch. I’ll… pay you!”

“I’m not pretending to be your girlfriend, Lance Tucker.” He rolls his eyes, “you know how stupid this sounds? One day ago you couldn’t stand me, now I’m here being asked to be your fake girlfriend and get paid…this is ridiculous,” Lance crosses his arms and raises an eyebrow. “How much?”

“How much do you want?”

Lance watches as you debate a little with yourself. “I’ve got to buy new books, at least, four hundred dollars worth.” Lance frowns, “I don’t want to ask for too much and have you laugh at me for it.”

“I’ll round it up to five hundred, think of it has compensation. You don’t mention this to anyone, got it? Last I need is you running your mouth,” you shrug and Lance finally looks at you for real. You’re in a denim jacket plus blue skinny jeans, your hair up and hardly any make-up, you’re pretty but not dressed correctly. “You got clothes with you? Like a dress?” You shake your head and he sighs.

“What’s wrong with my outfit?” You place a hand on your hip jutting it out with a sour expression; your attitude was going to be a problem too but he couldn’t fix that. 

“Everything, you can’t have lunch with my mother and be dressed like that,” he walks off and towards his room. “I’ll have the hotel send something up, what’s your size?” He turns and looks at you, “nevermind, you’re like a ten. Do something with your hair,” he slips back into his room, hearing you follow behind him.


Lance paces in front of the walk-in wardrobe doors, hearing you grumble to yourself about the dress and him, mostly him. He hated that you were roped into this, his life, it was embarrassing and humiliating. He tried, so hard, to remove himself from his home life because of his father. The man was cold, cruel and manipulative, everything that Lance tried to not be but ended up being like his mother; competitive, in every sense of the word and egotistical.

Growing up with Harrison Tucker as a father was torture. Lance had to be like him, he had to be a great athlete, the best. Even that isn’t good enough; he wins one silver amongst his many golds and instantly he’s a failure.

“So, you’re name is Harry?” He hears your voice through the doors.

“Yeah, after my dad and his dad, and his dad before him.” Lance rolls his eyes, crossing his arms, “It’s like some stupid tradition, my middle name is Lancelot, my mother liked it and I decided since there’s already one Harry Tucker on the scene.” He explained leaning against the wall as he waited for you.

It’s a few silent seconds. “And the woman beside your dad… guessing, not your sister.”

He laughed loudly. “No, definitely not. My parents divorced when I was sixteen, he was messing around with a young gymnast, of age, not that it mattered. Anyway, Sabrina is his third or fourth wife. My mum always turns up to his awards because she thinks it’s important for us to still be a family, she’s twisted that way,” He shrugs to himself, “she was always better at business relationships than actual relationships; I rarely see her outside her office,” he trails off and stares at the wall ahead.

“That sounds rough,” he hears the doors slide open, “explains a lot about you, to be honest.” He rolls his eyes and glances at you, raising his eyebrows. “What’d ya think? Will this fool them now?”

Shamelessly he let his eyes trail over your body, he may still hate you, but he wasn’t one to pass up the opportunity of appreciating a female’s body. The bodycon dress was a royal blue, off the shoulder and mid-length, it fit you perfectly, a little too perfectly. When he, finally, let his eyes drift back to yours, you were glaring a little, only making his cocky grin grow.

“I’m setting rules,” he raised an eyebrow at that, “No getting too handsy; an arm around the waist is my limit, Tucker. I am not kissing you, ever, even being your fake girlfriend. Are we clear?” You asked sternly, he shrugged a shoulder in reply, “No, are we clear? I can leave, right now and not help you. I guess, your father already told your mother that you have a girlfriend, so are we clear?”

“Fucking Christ, we’re good. I don’t want to kiss you anyway, even faking it.” He watched as you rolled your E/C eyes at him, brushing a piece of Y/H/C hair behind your ear. “Let’s go, they’re waiting for us.”

He leads you out of the door and to the elevators, a nervous fluttering happening in his stomach. He always got like this when having to be around his parents, it was heightened a lot more with you next to him, having anyone meet his parents was sickening. He always avoided it, never told them when he had girlfriends because they’d run for the hills; if it wasn’t because of them getting fed up his arrogant ways, his parents would chase them off, for sure.  

“I’m nervous,” you admit to him and he scoffed, hiding his own behind the facade he built himself. “I’ve never had to meet someone’s parents before.” He frowned and looked down at you, you didn’t look at him, eyes remaining on the elevator doors. “It’s only for lunch, I’m actually a good actor, I got an A for theatre in school.” You mainly told yourself.

“Why are you doing this?” He asked abruptly, you finally looked up at him but the doors open before you can answer, people waiting for you to walk out. He sighs gently and escorts you through the crowd and towards the outside pool, where his parents are meeting for lunch.

The sun shines on the beautiful pool, people splashing and swimming around, more sunbathing on the loungers. His eyes land on a table by the bar, his father and mother sat, not talking as Sabrina yaps away about something uninteresting. His eyes connect with his mother’s, who smiles brightly and she hadn’t changed a day. She had aged, grey hairs that were mostly caused by the stress, blue eyes like his and an infectious smile- like yours- he shook that thought away.

“Lancelot,” she called and waved, standing up and walking to him. He met her with a hug, you trailing behind. “Look how you’ve grown,” she grinned looking at her son, “you look so handsome, of course, my genetics.” He chuckled at that, “I’m angry with you, by the way,” she tells him and he frowns. “I had to hear from your father that you’ve got a girlfriend! Hello, dear, I’m Erin.” He rolls his eyes as his mother pulls you in for a hug.

“Harry wasn’t supposed to meet her, she came as a last minute thing for me,” Lance explained, only being ignored as his mother fusses over you with a happy smile, taking your hand and leading you to the table. He trailed behind helping both, you and his mother, into chairs before sitting beside you.

It was awkward as his mother ordered more drinks, a sly comment of her drinking habits from his father, this was going to be the worst experience of his life. 

“So, how did you two meet? I want details.” His mother grins and Lance chokes a little on his drink, shit, he hadn’t thought about the questions she would ask.

(I had to cut this because it became too long, that’s why it ended kinda choppy. Anyway, I got this idea from my friend Amber, my original idea has altered, meaning instead of ten chapters it’s gonna be around twenty; thank her for that lol. Let me know what you think, so far. - Rosalee) 

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all might, thumbs up, at the camera: I think he’s warming up to me!

Silently Running

The reader is kicked out of the bunker by Dean but before she leaves she drops a bombshell on her now ex-boyfriend then disappears making his heart ache more at the costly mistake he had made.

Dean Winchester and Reader, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Jody Mills

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Warnings: Heartbreak, angst, fluff 

Silently Running Mike and the Mechanics

              “Dean please? Please don’t do this??” He sighed and rubbed his forehead. “You can’t be that stupid y/n! We’re done! I don’t want you here anymore!” I nodded and gave him a hard glare. “That’s fine Dean, but once I’ve packed and out that door don’t ever come find me!” I went down the hall and packed my bags. I came back out and set the bags by the stairway “You always promised me that you would never hurt me but this! This so much worse” I walked up the stairs and looked down one last time. “By the way Dean, I’m pregnant” After that I walked out of the door ignoring his screams.

              I was heartbroken and angry but I had a child to think of and I’ll be damned if Dean would take that happiness away from me. I decided to go north, Jody always offered a spare room if I needed it and that’s what I’m going to do. Just as I expected she was happy to have me but asked why I was up here, apparently Dean had called her in a panic and told her my secret. “Jody I’m pregnant and I will not raise my child in that. He told me to get the hell out of his bed, his bunker and his life.” She just held me as I cried, understanding what I was feeling.

              She got me settled and asked if I was hungry, I had to really think about it but in the end, I really wasn’t hungry. I decided to settle in for the night curled up in an old flannel of Dean’s. I missed him so much but he wanted me gone so I was gone. I fell asleep that night crying over the inconvenient situation I was in because the man I loved didn’t love me. I could hear fighting coming from the kitchen and as I started to wake up I knew those voices and I couldn’t be here. I quietly packed and snuck out of the window going to my vehicle and speeding off to see the boys running after me.

              I drove until I could no longer keep my eyes open properly, stopping at a motel for the night. Once I got settled I turned on my phone and saw multiple texts, voice mails and missed calls from Jody, Sam and Dean. I called Jody hoping I could convince her to keep the boys away from me and my child. “Jesus y/n, what the hell were you thinking?” I could feel the tears in my eyes softly falling down my cheek. “I won’t be there with them Jody, Dean told me what he wanted. He only cares about the baby anyway I wasn’t important enough to keep” I heard her sigh “Honey you know that’s not the case, now please come back” “I’m sorry Jody” I turned my phone off after that.

Jody POV

              After she hung up I was heartbroken, for her and for Dean. “Jody please tell me she’s coming back?” I placed my hand on his back and rubbed soothing circles. “I’m sorry kiddo, she’s not coming back” “What were you thinking Dean?” “I wasn’t thinking I was about to stop her but then she said she was pregnant and I tried to stop her but it was too late” I shook my head. “Do you think she’ll ever come back?” “I don’t know sweetie”

              I sent Dean to bed, seeing him so tired and sad hurt me more than anything. As soon as I knew he was asleep I walked back out to Sam to see him in the same shape as his brother. “What’s going on Sam?” He shook his head then ran his hands through his hair. “I don’t know what to do, I feel so lost. Y/n is the glue that holds us together and knowing she’s out there alone pregnant scares me.” “I know kiddo we’ll find her ok? And hopefully talk some sense into her” After that I sent him to bed too knowing he needed to rest.

Five Months Later

Reader POV

              I was exhausted but I had to keep myself moving, if I stayed in a place for too long the brothers would find me and that couldn’t happen. I found an abandoned house which wasn’t in the best shape but I didn’t have a choice. Well I did have a choice but that was taken away from me and I couldn’t go back. Cas would visit from time to time checking on the baby and even told me it was a girl. He tried very hard to get me to go back but he also understood my anger towards Dean.

              I knew I shouldn’t have stayed as long as I had, I got my car packed and went to get breakfast. This little one was like her dad in that respect, she was very active when it came to breakfast foods and burgers. I found a booth in the back so that I could be hidden. “Hi, I’m Susie what I can for you today?” “Pancakes with a side of bacon please? With a coke” “Sure thing honey” She grabbed my menu and put my order in, I knew caffeine wasn’t the best thing but it settled my queasy stomach.

              The time I was there, they weren’t busy but that was ok it gave me time to decide my next move. She served me my order and the little peanut started kicking and moving, I just smiled and rubbed the spot where she had just kicked. I ate in silence and enjoyed hearing the rain hit the roof, relaxing me more. I heard the bell above the door go off and saw the two men I was running from but they hadn’t seen me yet which was fine by me. Thank Chuck I was in a dark enough corner but as they sat in the booth in front of me I wondered if they had seen me.

              “I promise Dean, we’ll find her” “Thanks Sammy but she’s not going to be found, she’s using the skills we taught her. I just keep thinking that if I hadn’t opened my mouth that day she would be home with me planning the birth of our child not out there where every demon or monster could get her.” They put in their order as I was finishing my meal and I had no idea how to get away without being seen but thank goodness for hoodies. I grabbed the check and walked past them but Deans hand grabbed my wrist stopping me. “We knew you were there sweetheart”

              “Let me go Dean, this was your choice not mine” I truly hoped he could see the anger and sadness that had filled my eyes. “I’m so sorry baby please? I know I screwed up but please come back? I need you there and I want us to be a family.” I pulled my arm away and shook my head. “You don’t get a second chance Dean, just leave me be” I only got a few steps and realized that I couldn’t do this anymore. The running and hiding was wearing thin on me, I wanted my life back, my family back. I stood there trying to make up my mind. Feeling the tears fill my eyes, I didn’t want to be alone anymore but Dean broke my heart.

              I had to make a hard decision, and I did, I walked away. Dean needed to realize that consequences happen to bad decisions. I paid for my meal and walked out to my car, getting soaked from the hard rain, putting my forehead on the roof I let it out. I turned and slid down with the car, sobs leaving chest getting soaked as I let all of that sadness and anger I had carried so long. I saw two pairs of legs come into my sight but I didn’t have the energy to care. Sam squatted down in front of me and pushed the hood off my head, and realized I wasn’t in good shape.

              I looked up to Dean to see he was just as broken as I was, but he had no right. “I told you! I told you when I walk out that door to not find me! You made the decision so you deal with the consequences” He just pulled me into his arms and held me as I slapped his chest and tried to get away from him. He held me as I screamed and hit him, held me as my legs buckled underneath me cradling me in his arms as screamed cried into flannel. “You bastard! I hate you!” sobbing into his shirt he just held me through everything.

              “I know I have a lot to make up for, I’m sorry! I will never be sorrier about hurting you like that and breaking my promise to never hurt you, but please come back? I need you back we need you back” I sighed and slightly nodded my head. I didn’t want to go back but I wasn’t going to put my child in that situation any more even if I hated Dean.

Dean POV

              I felt her breathing even out, and knew she had fallen asleep. She was exhausted, and it was my fault she was in this condition. Sam put her belongings in the trunk while I put her in the back seat with a pillow and blanket I had brought from home so she would be comfortable when I got her back. This was the first time I actually got a good look at her and I was heartbroken at her state. She was pale with dark circles under her eyes, her hair was dull and oily and she was on the thinner side.

              We got on the road going home, so I could take care her and show her how much I loved her. “Just ask Sam” “What happened exactly?” I let out a sigh. “She was acting weird, like she was hiding something and of course I thought the worse thing possible. I was a real asshole to her and I will do everything in my power to get her back.” He patted me on the shoulder and put his headphones on falling asleep in the seat.

              It was still a few hours before we would reach home, so I decided to get a motel room for the night. “Sammy? You wanna get us two rooms for the night?” “I can do that” As he got out of the car I turned to see if y/n was awake. She had her eyes open watching me, then gave me a small smile. “Are you hungry? We just passed a diner a block away” “Yeah that sounds good.”  Sam got in and handed us our key and realized our rooms were right behind us. I shut off baby and got out, I helped y/n out and grabbed our bags from the trunk.

              We got settled into our room and she went to get a shower while I went to the diner for dinner. She told me what sounded good and I hoped it would be the start of something new.

Reader POV

              Taking a hot shower felt better than I could ever imagine, but I didn’t have any clean clothes so I stole dean’s undershirt and sweatpants until I could do some laundry. I got into bed and turned on the television to find an old western marathon and smiled. It was something that had gotten Dean and I together, westerns and action movies. I could feel her moving around and kicking, I started to sing ‘Stairway to Heaven’ by Led Zeppelin and she calmed down enough to make me smile.

              I heard the door open and saw Dean with Sam in tow, two bags full of Styrofoam containers. Dean just looked at me and gave me a small smile then going back to unpacking the bags handing out everyone’s orders. I tried to get up but had some issues with my five month belly it was harder to move when I needed to. He walked over food in hand, for me and for him. “Don’t worry about trying to get up ok? Anything you need you ask ok?” I gave him a lop-sided smile and nodded.

              I dug into the food and was extremely happy, well momma and baby. I finished the food and laid back against the headboard feeling better than I had in a long time but I was unsure about the future. Dean broke me, broke my heart and my spirit. How was I supposed to forgive him? He only came after me so he didn’t feel guilty. I watched both boys and saw they were in the shape I was in, maybe worse. I was so confused, I was so confused. I could feel a headache coming on so I got under the covers and snuggled into bed.

              I grabbed a pillow from under my head and put it against my stomach. I had read enough baby books to know it was better for the baby. I wanted to snuggle with Dean, I wanted to feel him holding me making me feel safe. My head was in a war with itself, throwing out pros and cons of going back with him. I could feel the tears building again as my body shook with silent sobs making me feel more broken and angrier at the situation.

              I watched Sam bid us goodnight and left, leaving Dean and I alone. He walked over and laid down next to me and saw the red puffy eyes. “God I’m so sorry!” His voice wavered. “I was so stupid to think that of you! Please? Just please come back? It’s not home without you there.” I could see the fear in his green eyes, the fear of me not wanting to go back. “Why Dean? Why? I need to know before we figure things out.” “You were acting so strange and I thought the worst.” “I would never Dean! Ever!” He nodded quickly and pulled me closer to him.

           “I know baby, I should have known that! Just please come back? I can’t sleep another night alone in our bed. I need you so much and I’m sorry it took me this long to realize that I’m nothing without you. You hold all of us together and without you, things are falling apart.” I started breathing heavily feeling the tears fill my eyes once again. He just held me, letting me get everything out.

              “If I come back with you, you’re gonna have a lot of ass kissing to do!” “Anything baby! I promise!” Then I smiled and nodded. “I’m coming home then.” He held me tightly and cried as he held me. It was then that I knew I was making the right decision. I love Dean and I knew sooner or later I would go home. He put a hand on my small bump and right then she decided to kick and his eyes widened at the amazing feeling.

              When we went back to the bunker both boys were smiling and happy. So now, we wait until baby Winchester makes her entrance to the world. While Dean and Sam went to get groceries and things we needed while I unpacked and put everything away. I went into the kitchen and put the tea kettle on the stove, hot chocolate sounded so good right now and I knew that was my peanut craving it and I just smiled. I heard the bunker door open and knew my boys were home, I walked out to see them carrying multiple brown bags filled to the top.

              “What did you guys get?” They didn’t say anything they just pulled out various snacks, vitamins and books. “We wanted to make sure we were prepared.” “I’m sure you guys want to know what we’re having” “Actually I want to show you something.” He pulled me with him and I had a feeling Castiel had told him already. He opened the door and I gasped, there was a purple room with everything a little girl would ever need. “Dean…” “Oh my god Dean this is beautiful.”

              I heard the tea kettle going off and Dean just smiled then kissing me. He put his forehead to mine then feeling something weird on my finger, only to see an engagement ring resting on my finger. “Please tell me you’ll be my wife? So I can spend the rest of my life making up for my stupidity and love you with every part of my being.” “Yes Dean, yes I will marry you!”

              After that things were smooth sailing and the next four months flew by planning the arrival of your daughter. The closer it had gotten to my due date the boys called other hunters to take the more serious cases and I was happy they had come to that conclusion all on their own. I had gotten to the point of not wanting to be pregnant anymore. I loved my pregnancy but I just wanted my little girl in my arms.  It was two in the morning when I had gotten up for the hundredth time to pee but this time is when my water broke and I was ecstatic.

              “Dean! It’s time!” He shot out of bed falling on the floor and I just giggled at him until a contraction had hit then it wasn’t funny anymore. There was rushing and panic but I was able to reign that in and get to the hospital. It was six hours of contractions when we heard the cries or our little girl. They placed her on my chest and I just cooed looked at her seeing her bright green eyes and blonde hair. “I’m so proud of you y/n, you were amazing!”

              They cleaned her up and brought her back over to me in a pink bundle and place her back in my arms. She was beautiful and both of us never knew how amazing this little girl was and would be. “Welcome to the world Lily Rae” Dean got into the bed next to me pulling me to his side and kissing the side of my head. “Thank you so much y/n! You’ll never know how much I love you and Lily!” We stayed that way for a while, just watching her snuggled in bed together.

Okay, soooooo….. real sad thought here, just been chatting with my friend about the clip and this happened. If Farah and Todd do actually rescue Dirk, he’s not going to believe it’s them, he’ll probably think it’s just another dream and not really try to escape, all the while they’re doing everything in their power to get Dirk’s ass out the door to freedom!!! 

I hate you so much
So why is it
That whenever I see you
You make me feel these stupid emotions
My heart beating
My mind racing
My eyes searching
My palms sweating
My legs trembling
You are so oblivious to what you’re doing to me
I hate you so much
—  hate you
| Y

Me: I love Joji and trust him with all my heart despite never having met him

Also me: Joji,,, I fucking hate you,,, I don’t trust a word you say,,, bread eating bastard

Love Me Not

King George x Female Reader


Word Count: 3663

Request: Hey there! I wanted to ask for a King George X Reader in which the reader is a princess in an arranged marriage with George but she hates him. But then she sees the soft side of him and falls in love. (LOVE YOUR WRITING BTW)

A/N: Wow this was a fun trope to write. Disclaimer: this takes place in a not real country, because then I can make up the politics and trade deals to my digression.

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